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I want to give you a shortcut on how to get cited in to ABC CBS, NBC and fox. These are the most recognized networks, and so these are the websites you want to be on once you’re on these websites. You can use these logos in all of your marketing. That’s will do for you when you click the button below to claim your spot in this special program.

The real value you get from Authority is real dollars. This is because we give you guaranteed placement in all four of the major networks and then you’ll have the ability to use those logos on your website, your social media sites, your business cards and all of your marketing. This Authority influences buying decisions both online and offline, because just about every person looking to do business with, you is going to Google you and look you up the beauty of this.

Is it’s easier to make money by getting more out of the exposure here already getting? Then going out and getting more exposure, we do all the work for you. It will be done in one to two weeks and you get guaranteed media placement now, but you’ll benefit forever. That’s the payoff for a one-time investment so who needs this Authority the most any and every business, whether you’re, a restaurant realtor, an author, a speaker, a coach, a small business owner once you’re a cited author, you benefit by becoming a quoted, expert and you’ll, be able To use that quote and authority in all of your marketing you’ll be able to use the media logo stating as seen on, and this is something your competition doesn’t have so you’re.

Now the perceived trusted authority in your niche they’re going to choose you when you have this Authority and that’s what we do for you. We give you guaranteed placement into all for the major network and when you act now as a bonus, will even add the logos to your profile picture for you just like you see here on this photo. So it’s a complete done-for-you program, there’s so many uses for this Media Authority.

You could put it in your LinkedIn profile. Your Facebook profile photos on your website, your brochures, advertisements, business cards, newsletters, storefront anywhere and everywhere, and it’s not just any placement. You’re getting you’ll be included in a press release as a top recommended business or or a professional with a quote. This is exactly what it will look like when we get you into the major media.

This will be on all four of those major media network websites. Now a common question is: are these citations real? The answer is absolutely yes: the citations appear on the major media networks website and are one hundred percent legit we’ll provide you with links and screenshots. So you can have proof. Should anyone ever questioned you about your citation? Now you may be wondering, but wait what about saturation if I can just pay and get into the media? Doesn’t that somehow water, this down or dilute this or what? If everybody, was able to do this? Well, that’s not a problem, because not everybody knows about this.

You do and you’re taking action today by clicking the buy button below and that’s what’s going to give you the edge over your competition. Now, let’s be clear that this media citation is a conversion strategy, it’s about getting more people to choose you we’re getting you quoted on to the major media networks, websites and that’s going to make it more likely to get potential clients to choose you you’re not going To get a ton of traffic and exposure from this, I’m being very upfront and honest with you, this is a conversion strategy, not a backlink strategy or traffic generation strategy.

What this can also lead to, though, is having a major media now, seeing you no longer as a risk, they’re now going to be more likely to choose you for the interviews, articles and quotes, and that’s where you can get even more media exposure. So this is your way of getting into the inner circle and having this lead to more media exposure and traffic down the road noted author and speaker, greg wells has used this exact Media Authority strategy to catapult his business.

Greg says – and I quote this is how I went on – to get featured on CNN Wall Street Journal TV radio magazines become a speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences and get a best-selling book deal with Jack Canfield. All because I paid to play and got these media citations, so I want you to think about what it’s costing you right now to have some of these people that are looking at you choose not to do business with you, if just one or two of these People or customers chose you because of this Media Authority this month.

How much would that put into your bottom line right now, and it’s not just for this month, it’s every month for the rest of your life, that you’ll be getting these benefits, so act now. Click the button below you’ll get guaranteed placements to all four of these major media networks. It’ll take only about five minutes to give us the information we need to get started. We do all the work will add the logos to your picture and we’ll have everything done for you within 10 business days and you’ll now be a cited Authority in your area of expertise able to use all four of these major media logos.

So click the button below now and you’ll be glad you did


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