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Magnet Fishing UK – Another Magnet Recovery

Alex has been magnet. Fishing behind us under that bridge he’s got is a magnet stuck, so I thought would bring the snorkels new wetsuit out, and so you can find it so we’re for start. The company that’s provided the gear for me to use is a unique year, so we’ve got a full first snorkel got a waterproof phone case in a hydration backpack go back into the bag.

There charlie front end of it. Scaffolding comes sizes, bridge, yeah, Oasis, guys magnet stuck, so I have to go in the water for it don’t know, as I do business to be continued, so got me falling the keys and this waterproof pouch and good thing about. You can still use your phone through. The case that’s pretty cool, just because uh, when I’m in that water, are you cold? Oh she’s, a bit cold playing the road.

You have two going on come here. I’m okay involve not EQ rope. How big pretty much above it I mean. We was not much left on that he’s, probably about leave you tight in there. Yeah yeah maybe find out I’m thinking fast from across. They can get back. If you want, I yeah yeah yeah I’ll stay. Close, No crazy alex is just in the water on the edge you’re going to come further down and then or check it out yeah, and then we can try and pull it from a different angle.

Yep fail one: what will you found what you found just really stretchy Rondon and we got it she’ll respond. Well he’s cool yeah mine did that on one side, yeah yeah, I do what a mute dick yeah. I see the air what proof on cash. What bed Marsha on the outside easy just like twist: bucks, gemma crimeans, it’s actually 100 yep, totally dry, yeah yeah, it’s job nice to get and Alex is magnet back, so we’re going to do best.

Magnet fishing because we read not to be super, find, if not see you later,

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