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Magnet Fishing UK – Another Magnet Recovery

Alex has been magnet. Fishing behind us under that bridge he’s got is a magnet stuck, so I thought would bring the snorkels new wetsuit out, and so you can find it so we’re for start. The company that’s provided the gear for me to use is a unique year, so we’ve got a full first snorkel got a waterproof phone case in a hydration backpack go back into the bag.

There charlie front end of it. Scaffolding comes sizes, bridge, yeah, Oasis, guys magnet stuck, so I have to go in the water for it don’t know, as I do business to be continued, so got me falling the keys and this waterproof pouch and good thing about. You can still use your phone through. The case that’s pretty cool, just because uh, when I’m in that water, are you cold? Oh she’s, a bit cold playing the road.

You have two going on come here. I’m okay involve not EQ rope. How big pretty much above it I mean. We was not much left on that he’s, probably about leave you tight in there. Yeah yeah maybe find out I’m thinking fast from across. They can get back. If you want, I yeah yeah yeah I’ll stay. Close, No crazy alex is just in the water on the edge you’re going to come further down and then or check it out yeah, and then we can try and pull it from a different angle.

Yep fail one: what will you found what you found just really stretchy Rondon and we got it she’ll respond. Well he’s cool yeah mine did that on one side, yeah yeah, I do what a mute dick yeah. I see the air what proof on cash. What bed Marsha on the outside easy just like twist: bucks, gemma crimeans, it’s actually 100 yep, totally dry, yeah yeah, it’s job nice to get and Alex is magnet back, so we’re going to do best.

Magnet fishing because we read not to be super, find, if not see you later,

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Magnet Fishing Accident With My Camera Gear

I don’t know how he comes up with these ideas, for the brilliant, so alex has been having some good finds as well, so they so you can get the best find of the day. I mean this bridge never seen that bridge before the pretty much twists and then the boss can get past interesting yeah. Let’s see what can find some fisherman’s got set to code, they got a piece of steel, no numbers breath going to do stunts for us right over that canal.

Yeah, I’m going to jump the canal and often the kids are sniffing that one Wow alex has found the biggest thing so far. Retro car radio Cadell. I think I’m going to use your single cider for a bit, so I can find I need to have you on, though it’s one of the question hooks what they did right and it’s not weigh you down, Wow, okay, that Wow never swimming like that. I’ve only seen the silver ones, Brad found a little more bike Alex.

You got your nook, yeah yeah on this ruse. Don’t you found right, yeah move up down the barrier would come back to bite. What shows up the next one you would have gone down drops with the bomb in a bit got bike. Is awesome, don’t get the bike yeah one. Second guy got tango book yeah mice, to get it out. Okay, nice-looking bike as well. You know Alex winks, it was a like a cash box on top of the fence, so we’re trying to go back in the area.

Besides that hook Wow, the Lord will lift you up with that. It’s a beast, oh! This is going on. It beat us to, it is, beat us to the knife, I’m not bitter about it at all. You know yep clickbait, clickbait, it’s a rubber, dagger yeah. It’s quite a view. The other photos are safe, go Destin, so ain’t just me with camera issues. Today, Oh going again, yeah well you’ve moved over to us dealing here and left this tripod and it’s fallen in the water.

Oh no! Well, then it’s like the same price as my lens man. I’d say, feel sorry for you, but I’m in the same boat. So me and they drastic you go dude go fund me, so we can both get some cameras because if we’ve knackered ass today, I’m not seeing anybody capacity come here Nick no way just it’s not Doronin it might, it might be all right once its track. That’s that’s minging man, I’m good! Thank you! Okay, Brooke coffee’s, prepared nice looking snake by our camera, no need a microphone wait.

If you just broke your microphone as well and the whole setup, my phone will be dad’s cameras for water. Well, yeah. It’s been a good day but bad day what we got a day, all right, that’s it! So there’s no more magnet fishing now from either of us yeah. I promise to steal Bloods ending, because I can’t and sea will laugh II but really inside would die. So is all our finds look at all this. Looking at all, even a tripod.

Look at all that man, we got bikes, wheelchairs, gas, canisters more stuff over there, more bikes and Moe bakes wherever that is there is we got just loads? That’s an old-school chopper here loads of stuff man. I think it’s like the biggest whole life ever we’ve ever found. So I’ll call it that now we’ve got the phone of scrap guy you whatever it is to live like golden

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