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Toxic Instagram Influencer Habits That Need to Change… #Askjadeshow Season 2

My biggest tip is: how can you engage with people unusual marketing strategies? You probably never heard of hey guys. What’s up, my name is Jade and today you’re reading a article where I asked for your deepest darkest questions about social media, mister me2 marketing, let’s get into it. Basically I’ve been seeing a trend online where people eat food in front of the camera.

Now I know people get really uncomfortable when I do that on my blog they’re, like Jade Weis. Is my content? Well, listen! Sarah! Okay! I am bored of reading the same old tips and tricks about how to grow my Instagram. So that’s why I thought I don’t combine my two favorite things in the world: marketing strategies and cooking to make a cooking with Jade cue, the intro welcome to cooking with Jay.

While we talk about those three topics, alright guys buckle up grab a snack. Oh wait! You could cook with me because today, on the menu we have shamrock shake healthy version. I know st. Patrick’s Day is coming up, so I thought why not make a green, healthy, smoothie? Okay, I’ve been really into cooking. You guys saw my last episode and I literally almost burnt the kitchen, so it’s going to be really good for yesterday, we’re not only going to make something tasty we’re also going to taste tested.

I have my mom with me. That’s going to maybe tell us if it’s okay but under, and we’re also just going to answer your questions, call guys up and do this. At the same time, all right grab a snack grab a beverage and, let’s get started. Hi you’re on the ask. Jade show hi, what’s your name and where you from? What’s up, oh my gosh, I’m so excited. What’s your can I help you help? Okay, so how to reach 16 and 26 year olds and just kind of reach, a specific target group, you know what’s holding you back like, I feel like you know how to make the content.

So you know: what’s the one thing you feel like you’re missing, there’s another thing: marketing yourself and just putting yourself out there and getting those followers like. Let’s, let’s go from the top, you make relatable content for a younger audience. Have you ever thought that a 16 or 26 year old, maybe made their Facebook count in 2010 when they were 13 line that or 20? What I’ve had a lot of times? Is that a lot of people forget to consider that on Facebook I’m technically 27, like I’m technically 50 years old, I’m so sorry, seventeen right, maybe do you think maybe say the audience is like lying their age or you feel like you’re, still not getting the right Enough target demographic blog Scottie: you want Jessica that goes to high school or call it okay, yeah yeah.

So I want you to know: let’s go back to the table both like you know, Gen, Z or millennial, so like how do you find your favorite influencers? Where do you go to find them, so you, like skincare? Why is that you have bad skin recently or super hormonal? So let’s go back so someone who’s younger, maybe needs to find skin care tips. So you go on hashtags. Do you go on YouTube as well or no okay? I hate just call myself Gen Z, but people who are gems II.

They don’t they hate being bombarded with ads like you can’t like their photo and they come back as gen Z, hates it when you like. Just kind of go up to them right there, like they cringe if you like for like or follow so off the bat. You know that doesn’t work right people, it doesn’t work like that. The only way you said to get someone like us to care is, if we manually search it. So are you making manually searchable content, for example, what I would do if you want to make searchable content? What I would do is kind of use keywords that are popular.

So if it’s Seoul Korean fashion, that’s possible, use that in the title and then make a article around it. I don’t know if you realize but photos aren’t where gen z kind of migrated towards what I would say is people can discover you for your articles or helpful content and then they, like you for your selfies and content. Are you primarily posting selfies? You do a lot of just random lifestyle, so it’s one day putting sweet self photo another.

It’s like actual sonic got it yeah, so right so that the thing Gen Z just like he doesn’t give a shit and they move so fast when we scroll. I can’t I hate referring myself to Jessie, but you know I mean it’s like I feel so old, but I’m like literally that so yeah I mean maybe be baby. This is what I recommend if you are ever, can hear us on how to read your reach or 16 to 26 year old audience. All you have to do is realize that we fucking hate getting bombarded.

The only way is to make searchable content, and how do you do that pick? A keyword, use ubersuggest and play around with making articles less pictures for discovery, and then maybe they can fall in. Let’s go back to your goal. You want to track more jay-z. So do you care if your favorite influence our talks about too many things there you go, so you can only do what you just said right there, because I think I’ve become super important.

The answer is, I don’t know, I’m not really a genie. I sing is to start with one. You can always add on that’s why I would recommend okay, alright, alright thanks so much for be on the show. I love you so much and hope every day. Alright guys that was really fun, be you’re, so sweet, I’m sure. So what I was just doing, we’re making a smoothie I put in here ice frozen banana avocado and spinach and mint mami.

Think it’s a little good. It looks appetizing. I don’t have enough milk. So, let’s see we have enough milk father, you guys, if you’re so far, I’m enjoying this article make sure you give this article a like and subscribe, and comment below what recipe I should make next. This is way too boring and healthy. Maybe we should spice it up a bit and by liking this article, you, let me know that you like it, because if you don’t fuckin like it, I’m not going to make it because that’s it guys! No empathy super important.

Oh shit, there’s still a banana inside. Let’s give a taste test, there’s literally still putting it inside. Oh so we have our smoothie, I like to top it off with some cacao, nibs and then we’re going to go to the next phone call. Cacao. Nibs are super high in antioxidants and it tastes like chocolate. So so I’m going to be sipping this throughout the article and so alright Cole number two hello hi.

What’s your name, my gosh beautiful, do you feel like no one’s engaging with you, because maybe in India, it’s just not they don’t want to support as much your content. How do I get people to engage when people don’t right? So here’s the thing I think, there’s a few flaws. Why do you think that? Why should people care to give a comment like? Why is it so important because think about like this there’s so many people, I’m following your falling, probably wanted people on Instagram? When you comment on someone like when you personally comment someone’s picture, why do you comment? Okay? So let’s go from there? You can’t because it’s relatable to do everything right.

I post my pictures as well like I get likes, but not as much and I don’t get comments from people I don’t know, I won’t engage with them and build a relationship there. I think it’s not important for you to think about how to get people to engage with you. My biggest tip is: how can you engage with people? How can you be the one that’s going out there because here’s the truth, have you tried to comment on other people’s photos that, like your photo, is like when your followers kind of like, engage or like a photo? You kind of DM them and say hey thanks.

So much for liking, like are you being the ones that are engaging with them, rather than expecting for them to engage with you, so you get likes, but you don’t get comments so have you DM the people who liked your photo thanks so much for liking? My photo, if there’s anything, I can do to make better content. Let me know alright, try it out. I just think that why why should people care, but honestly sometimes I feel like I have a big stick up my butt and I’m thinking I’m the best.

When really people are busy – and I just want to say hey – you don’t have to comment, because my personal thoughts are: why don’t you reach out to them and if they kind of come back to you, then you can see them comment more frequently. Try that try! It out try it out, do yeah me if it works, and I hope you have a great day, as you guys might know, I’m so obsessed with my data like to the point where I announce noises every time I wake up like Chevalley.

Did I love you? Should well, my problem is when you think people don’t age with you don’t be in that mindset, engage with people first and then they’ll come to you. Why should people give a shit when they’re so busy? And second, I just feel like we’re moving away from a connected economy, and what does that mean so I’ll, maybe make a whole article about this if you’re more and more interesting a comment is such a one-way interaction right like when you comment someone’s photo? It’s like you, don’t really get that love or that kind of communication back, but I think we’re now migrating tourists and it’s instead of being connected or followed we’re going to have more conversations so DMS, you know a little weak phone, calling your followers like this.

It’s going to give you so much more of that engagement. I think so much of our corruption or our minds are thinking that engagement or comments. It’s not comments are literally it’s just a one-way wall, and it’s just boosting your ego at that point right. If you truly want to build account that inspires and influences people, you would go out there and have that conversation. You have a two-way relationship.

Think about that and marinate all right guys. We have one more caller. My mom is going to try my drink. Try it mom. Let me know how you feel it’s good. Oh you like it. Okay, you can have it. I love you mom. Some of you guys might know, but I’m currently visiting home. I go back and forward from LA to Portland Oregon. Let me know if you guys are at Portland or LA probably do more meetups in the future, but I loved talking with you guys, I’m thinking to really settle down an ally sometime this year.

I go back and forth because I’m 17 years old so like I, how do I say without being like a little bit, I’m still reliant on some things or my parents like car problems or insurance. So what I turn 18, you guys when I turn 18 we’re going to celebrate. I finally can book an apartment or a book hotel. I can drive a car. I can get my license like we’re going to have a big party. You guys, I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but you’re invited so make sure you subscribe.

If you want to be invited all right guys. So now we’re going to go to the third caller, wrap up this episode of cooking with Jade and make sure you stay to the very end, because I have a feeling that this is going to be really good all right, so we just talked about paid. Let’s talk about free options: if you want to get free options, what I would do is build an audience journey, so kind of start from the top like when you personally find your favorite artist.

How do you discover your favorite artists like? Where did you find your favorite musician? Okay, perfect, so there you go, there’s no way, I’m an artist. If you want more artist tips, I have a friend named Edgar Sandoval jr.. He has a youtube blog I’ll link it below guys if you’re reading. But I know that when he was telling me when he got on distributed like on when he got on, discover weekly or it’s all like algorithmic base.

So regardless you’re going to have to cold email sounds like to me awesome. And then you told me that when you find them on Spotify, then you kind of look them on Instagram. Is that the way he goes a brand journey? Yeah? Yes, so the brand journey is what you just said: it’s having the awareness converting them to the middle of the funnel, which is your Instagram and then converting them down even more and kind of being mindful of keeping one strategy at a time.

So when I say brand journey, I mean like literally building out of roadmap. What I would do is literally fake. Okay, go on like apples, screen, recording or like just go on your phone and just try to like mimic how people discover you so pretend like you’re like it’s your fan and you’re on Spotify, you find them. Then you click on their bio for the Instagram, because you love them so much and then you’re scrolling.

What do you look for so when you’re building your brand journey? It’s just keeping mine there’s like typically three touch points. When people discover you, awareness, consideration and conversion. So kind of recreating that, for your own brand, is super crucial to kind of keep in mind what your goal is for marketing when you’re building on your audience journey map. If I were someone who was on Spotify trying to find you, I would want to see more photos of herself, because I have that connection already now.

If your audience journey map is a shout out, then I want to see more like cover, so you got to be very careful because the answer is not what I think it’s what your audience thinks when they’re going on the page. What are they looking for? Typically, people who find you in a playlist they want to see who is who are you like? They don’t see the face right, you’re only listening to the voice, so maybe they want to see more of your personality and stories.

However, if you’re doing the shout out route, what I would say is like I want more of that cover I just signed up for because you’re good. So I would say here’s the thing there’s so many things you can do. What I would do is for one month at a time you pick one audience through an app and then use a be test. We gets the best result. Audience always wins, bro all right, I’m here thanks so much for calling in.

I hope this is helpful. Oh hi guys, so thanks so much for reading today’s episode, we had a little technical difficulties. I’m really sorry, if you want to be the next asteroid, show all I’m going to do is comment below, and I have sign ups in the description box. So shout out to the comment winner to comment on this post to be feature. The next episode, if you want to be a next comment winner comment below and let me know what I should cook next actually, please let me know what I should put in X because, as you can see, I would give it 5 out of 10 stars.

So would you give it mom 5 out of 10 stars? Ok, so we’re not doing so well I’ll, see you guys on episode, 2 for cooking with Jade and thanks so much for reading. I love you guys so much and peace

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