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HostingCon 2016: Ecwid – Democratizing E-Commerce for Small Businesses

You live from the show floor at hosting con 2016 in the Big Easy of New Orleans Louisiana, and I’m here with mr. Jim O’Hara. Jim is the president of Ecuador, okay, so how is the show going for you? Well so far, it’s going very well as always, there’s great content in all the sessions and it’s obviously all the right people and the hosting business are here very good.

So lots of networking then lots of networking morning noon and night outstanding. So you know I sought you guys out because you have a tiki tent of sorts in in your booth and it’s exceedingly inviting. So that’s what brought me to you, but so are for our viewers that don’t already know about equid. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do yeah well, first of all, thanks for coming by you got it and the reason we have the surf theme.

Yes, each theme in our booth is that we’re based in San Diego California and nice they’re right here. It is very nice and we’re two blocks away from the beach at our office, but also gives us the opportunity to kind of show a little bit about what we do as a business. And the idea is that our booth is a surf shop and the surf shop, like a lot of small business, could have a physical storefront as well as an online store and also can sell in person on the go anywhere on the beach for exam.

I love it. I absolutely love it and equity is an e-commerce solution that plugs into point-of-sale systems at the physical store and also ties into other, like like a square point-of-sale system, but also to the square reader that you can plug into your smartphone and sell from anywhere in person. As well, that’s all synchronized with your online site. So your inventory, your customer information, your product information is always synchronized and where the rubber meets the road in sales, that’s fantastic, exactly sell anywhere anytime.

That is really great. So what is the latest and greatest coming out of the newsroom over there adequate? Well, just that is and multi-blog commerce is, what do they call it, but consumers want to buy anywhere anytime and kind of in the overworld. Everybody expects to have instantaneous access to whatever product they want and in our case we support small businesses. So we give small businesses the ability to have kind of big retailer reach so brother, it’s in their store, whether it’s on line at their online store or anywhere on the go.

A small business now can have this functionality like a target or walmart and have access give consumers access any time to buy their products anywhere fantastic. That is really really cool. Jim. Thank you very much for joining us thanks for your time. I appreciate it. You got it and thank you, viewers for reading JSA TV, we’ll see you soon.

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