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Vegas Pro 15:How To Make Your Voice Sound Better! (POST-PRODUCTION)

You can go ahead and check it out. The link live in the description below it contains over hundred inspired transitions to step up your editing game. Make sure to check it out what’s up guys, Pruitt, it’s a brand new vegas pro audio editing tutorial and in this quick audio editing tutorial, i’m going to be showing you guys my voiceover audio settings along with which, how I edit my audio in vegas pro you Can use other softwares such as adobe, audition or audacity to edit your voiceovers now mind you if the audio has been recorded using a phone, the result won’t be as compelling as compared to if the audio was recorded with mic.

Now, before you go ahead and buy a mic, here’s the deal. If you have a vision for your blog only then you should go ahead and buy a mic. Otherwise, you should stick with your phone. The only drawback you will face if you edit, an audio recorded from your phone, would be. You will get a lot of background noises, and I have made a separate tutorial on how you can get rid of those annoying background.

Noises have a link it in the description below, so you can go ahead and check it out. Also, the audio which you will be urine right now is recorded from the blue Yeti USB microphone. Now, if you have a good budget, it is the best mic out there. I would highly recommend you to go ahead and check it out. Any good youtubers use this mic record their audios and without further ado. Let’s get started in order to pull this off.

You will require a third-party plugin, which is called auto-tune. I’ve already mentioned the installation steps in a previously recorded tutorial. I will link it in the description below, so you can go ahead and check it out now, for those of you guys, who already have the auto-tune plug-in installed on their PC, let’s get started here is a really quick comparison between the before and the after.

Pour what’s up guys, pirouette, it’s here with a brand new, wigs Pro editing tutorial and in this quick editing tutorial. What’s up guys spirits here with a brand new, wigs Pro editing tutorial and in this quick editing tutorial, you see! That’s such a big diff right there in this tutorial, not only I’m going to be showing you guys, my audio settings, but also how you can save these settings for future use.

Alright, let’s jump right into it, so you wan na click the FX icon on your audio clip, which should open up this particular tab. Now, if it doesn’t opens up this window, you can simply locate the all option from the menu on the left side like so, and you should get all of these plugins right here now from all of these plugins, the very first thing they are going to be: Adding is the express effects dynamics what this will do is it will basically increase the amplitude of our audio, followed by which, via will be adding the noise gate.

Now what this does is: it sets a threshold for the highest and the lowest volumes, so anything above the high threshold will be cancelled out along with anything below the low threshold. So it really helps to smooth out the audio and just give it an overall calm feeling to it once you’ve added the express effects. Noise gate add the track compressor and the auto tune plug-in like so once you have added all of these plugins press.

Ok, leave the auto-tune the way it is and switch to express effects, dynamics in your express effects, dynamics drop down this preset menu and choose the maximized volume preset. Let’s switch to Express effects noise gate in your. You want to reduce your threshold value down to minus 25 to 28 decrease your attack down to 1 annual release, all the way up to 5000 switch to the track, compressor plug-in and leave the input and the output gain the way they are decrease.

Your threshold down to minus 20 to 22, with your amount between 3 to 4, and the very last step is to check the smooth saturation and voila. That’s how I edit my voiceovers. Now, let’s take a quick preview of how the sounds, what guys, through where it’s here with a brand new wig Pro editing, tutorial and indeed definitely sounds a lot lot better. Now open up this Audio FX window again by clicking this icon once you do so select this eye, which says plug-in chain from your right-hand column, select, save as and let’s say I will call it boils over and press ok.

This will save it as a preset. So, the next time you want to add all of these effects to an audio to a voiceover. All you need to do. Let me just quickly delete all of these plugins. All you need to do is select this Audio FX icon, which should open up this window from this window. Select the FX packages folder and just choose the preset you just saved and add it to your clip like so and voila. That’s your preset right! There zero with the brand-new wig, is Pro editing tutorial and in so that’s it for this tutorial guys.

I hope you found this helpful if so make sure to smash that thumbs up button and subscribe. If you haven’t already like always pro skill checking out peace out. What’s up with you bitches smoking? That’s because we like they also on the book.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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