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B2B Procurement Market Overview By Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go from Distribution Summit 2019

He actually has a proven track record as an entrepreneur. Wait, your turn all right. You can come up, but he’s done all sort of stuff building all these tech technology, businesses that focus on client success, innovation, you wouldn’t know it to look at him, but he helps organizations of all sizes just adapt to you know the technology is changing and all The different things that are evolving welcome be co-founder, I’m sorry founding partner and CEO, a punch-out to go one of our gold sponsors Brady Berman.

Thank you test, test test, guys, hear me: okay, all right! Thank you all right how we doing b2b conference, if you’re here for a b2b conference, stand up if you’re here for a b2b conference stand up. If you’re here for a b2b conference stand up, I must be at the wrong place. Come on come on, come on! Come on this is I’m the last one you like I put up with me. For I don’t know three hours, it’s going to be worth every minute, all right, everybody standing up! That’s nice ever put your right foot out, put your right foot in and just shake it all about.

You do the Hokey Pokey! You turn yourself around and that’s what it’s all about right, I’ll feel a little better. You don’t look, really excited I’m going to get. You excited soon, all right learning a lot right. I’ve taken a couple notes. I feel very honored to be here with you today. We’ve traveled from the long distant area of Virginia this morning brought some team members who have probably hand at one of these to each one of you right.

Everybody got one. If you don’t, please put your hand up so there’s a couple of trends that I think that we’re all noticing you have a couple of different, distinct blogs. You have your direct-to-consumer. Perhaps you have your direct b2b right. Just to kind of comment be to be. You know, organizations that find a part need it. No real relationship, and now you have your relationship driven b2b, blog right, the relationship driven, b2b blog becomes more complex.

You may need to have approvals and different mechanisms on your e-commerce application that provide the means. For the end, users, within an organization to add items to the cart but ultimately have a layer of approval right and then there’s another one, there’s this eprocurement blog. If any of you have heard of a procurement, see a couple head-shaking, he procurement happens all around us. It’s really wild every plate in this building actually came through our system.

We didn’t sell it. We just worked for the company that sells to all the Hilton’s Hilton, for instance, uses a platform called Bourke Street when they want to purchase goods and services. They use bird street Hilton, all the brands use it and the same thing holds true and really any organization, so the e-procurement sector is a massive opportunity for you, and I want to educate you on it now all right, everybody feeling better.

We need to do hokey-pokey again, so the fastest-growing b2b blog is e-procurement 37 % growth per year. It’s insane and we’ll talk a little bit more about this. Our agenda is going to be. If you can keep up with me, walking back and forth. I apologize our agenda is uh. What is the procurement, the e-procurement market overview, how destructor abuse l within procurement? What is the punch out? It’s not a article game punch out to go overview, a live action, kind of demonstration.

It’s not really going to be live. I got some screenshots to show you, though, and then we’ll have some Q & A right and then we’ll be closer to cocktail hour, sound good, all right. So, let’s start off with you know. What is the procurement? I gave you a little scenario of the Hilton, so any procurement systems are widely leveraged by organizations around the world. These eprocurement systems provide the great means for organizations to automate the procure-to-pay process.

Increase visibility into the organization spend increase contract compliance, connect and drive, spend to preferred suppliers achieve proper approvals, bla bla, bla, bla, bla, ultimately transacting with suppliers that are allowed to be transacted with across an organization. I’r not here to sell you on any procurement system at all. I’r not here to sell you on anything, I’m trying to educate you help.

You understand why these platforms are used, why they exist and why more organizations around the world are using these systems. So if we look at the landscape ten years ago, so actually let me back up a little bit 20 years ago, when I was seven years old, I started a web development and marketing company to build a lot of commerce applications for b2c and b2b. As I’ve been deeply entrenched, since I was seven ten years ago, when I was seventeen, one of our customers was a small hardware company in in Richmond Virginia, their largest customer was a state of Virginia State.

Virginia told this customer told our customer company called Harper Hardware. You either need to be able to integrate with our procurement system, which is called Arriba, so we’re not going to be able to do business with you we’re going to go to Grainger, there’s somebody else. We value the relationship with you, but you have to do this. So we went out and did this integration for them and lost our butts.

I was talking somebody else about yeah, there’s about some time to get ahead in life. Did the integration took us about six months? It was brutal and I like things that are brutal right. So I continued to do more brutal integrations, but back then all we really had was like a RIBA. An Oracle which is I procurement, is what the procurement components called. Everybody knows s ap the actual procurement components called SRM supplier relationship manager, PeopleSoft Oracle, product and then comes along like Koopa and Jagger.

There are literally hundreds of e procurement systems being used around the world today. Now we’re supporting organizations in 45 countries and have connected. I think to a hundred and cost 160 different procurement systems. What’s really important about this. This slide here is based upon the customers that you’re selling to some of these providers that you see on this on this plethora of NASCAR slide deck of evolution of e procurement systems.

Many of them are niche providers. Like I mentioned bird Street, I’m not even sure if they’re on there focuses on hospitality, Jagger was formerly called syquest focused on higher education. Esm used to be called east school mall focused on on k12, so what’s happening is that more and more organism or more procurement systems are coming to market, usually in a niche focused areas right because in business it’s usually nice to be able to be in some Form of a niche right, but then they get bigger and they broaden their horizons and they change their name, but these are very important things to think about.

So if one of your customers says hey, we have this arriba thing. Oh, I know what that is, that goofball of it that b2b conference told me all about it right if somebody mentions Jagger well now you know it’s probably you know higher ed. Maybe it’s you know the Ohio State or whatever the case may be a lot of e-procurement systems out there and they’re growing rapidly. We see new e-procurement systems, it feels like daily, so the b2b procurement market overview so actually related to procurement.

So 50 % of companies already leverage some form of procurement system. They may not leverage it well, but they’re getting their start to get better 33 % plan to implement a procurement technologies. It’s happened again all around us. Nobody really knows about it, but it’s about understanding your customers right. This is just another blog right. You have your direct b2b, you have your may be targeted Facebook, social media campaigns for your direct customers, and now you have this other blog of e-procurement right and it’s a very important one to pay attention to, because it’s only growing right.

The b2b train has left the station was a cool thing. I heard the other day. It’s pretty good way, if you think about it right, so the time is now to start understanding this landscape right. So these light ride to put a lot of words up here, because I feel like that, maybe confuses people more and maybe look a little better. I was clean now, so the most useful features are these customized product and price of display.

So these eprocurement systems are glorified marketplaces for an organization right. The load product data into these II procurement systems they’ll be able to access vendors through various means, but we’ll talk about a few minutes. Do all the kind of sourcing and compliance all the cool stuff. Have you guys ever provided like an excel sheet to your customers for them to load into there? I got one laughing over here.

It’s fun right, yeah! So that’s just one of the things so and and and make a note of that. The customers today that you are providing those excel sheets of data to write those down because there’s become your first targets, but ultimately the e-procurement is going to be growing. We all know this number X, se was nine trillion this morning, ten trillion six trillion two trillion. Three trillion six point: seven trillion bifrost and so whatever it’s growing way faster than b2c right and it’s a great opportunity.

I was talking to a gentleman earlier if you think about b2b and b2c right b2c 10 year 20 years ago. Again, when I was 7 was a different world right, but today you’re facing the same challenges you’re facing the same challenges that you that organizations face 20 years ago in a different environment right b2b is a much more complex space, many more blogs, but the markets going To continue to grow so I’ll, give you these silly crazy numbers.

So these marketplaces again, I’m going to show you sample of one here in a minute. There’s two general ways that you as a distributor or a seller in our world. We call it can provide your customers with products hosted catalogues. These are excel sheets. Ariba is one of the larger players, so they and they call they’re, hosted catalogs sip catalogs CIF. Anybody ever heard of one of those again they’re, not fun.

So these are again kind of static files. Nothing real-time about it. You’re here to do more with your b2b commerce application, static files do nothing for you. They do provide some value to your customers because it gets your products in their marketplace right. Sometimes you do a little bit of both have kind of hosted and punchouts, but the static file business is not a fun business that most organizations are getting away from that because it’s it’s a dependency on them to manage the content as well as you, and it’s Not an interest experience right, it’s you may have all this beautiful data right.

We’ve talked about enrichment of data right, utilizing your data automating with pins and all this cool stuff right and then you go to a hosted catalog and it’s five columns of data and then a strip out two of them and they’ll have two carbons right. It’s not a good experience, so, with punch out catalogs punch out catalogs allow these organizations that are leveraging these eprocurement systems like Arriba and Koopa, to access your actual ecommerce application.

They become on single click within an applicant within these procurement systems. They get authenticated from that system directly into your e-commerce system right. So now, if you have cloris right, if you have all that real-time, this of inventory and pricing availability offering the whole nine yards, it’s no longer a static process. It’s a living! Breathing commerce component! That’s now entrenched within your buyers, a procurement system right it has that dynamic, the real timeless of things, the ability to have configurable types of products.

You may have specific types of bundles. You provide some of your customers and then you have your other abilities like upselling and cross-selling, and you know all the great things that you have again talking about: the enrichment of data, the MSDS files, the user guides all the relevant information. All the things that you guys are working really hard to do to differentiate yourselves from competitors.

You can make that available to your customers through these procurement blogs, with a hosted catalog again. It’s it’s aggregating product data from all types of different approved vendors within a procurement world, and it becomes this very static, terrible-looking situation, where, with punch out it’s it’s them actually authenticating and using your e-commerce application that you are investing in right – and this is just it Again, another little blog that you need to be aware of so the actual punch out process.

I talked about a moment ago again, the users logs into the procurement system right they can access vendors through various ways in different procurement systems. But ultimately, you end up with some real estate I’ll show you what that looks like in a minute on single click. The user gets authenticated again into your e-commerce application. You probably have customers that get different pricing and offering right.

I think Tom you mentioned you have a thousand products you’re going to add, maybe ten thousand more or something you probably have different customers that may only purchase three hundred products at these particular prices. Another customer purchases 2,700 products right so using your e-commerce infrastructure. Again, if you have there’s real-time hooks with cloris or whatever your integration is between your ERP and your commerce, application, which is a no-brainer by the way it looks really cool.

He didn’t pay me to say that use it right, but ultimately a user gets to the e-commerce application, they’re building a car, they’re doing cool stuff they’re doing a lot of chat. I can’t find his product. I think there was you earlier right right, I’ll show you something a minute. You know they’re, building a cart, they’re doing everything I do. They were looking at their order. History, they’re picking up a quote.

You all have to have quotes Tom. Put that on your roadmap. Got to get quotes up. They’re, quoting is a big big thing, because you want to utilize the commerce experience drive. Sales through commerce doesn’t have to be outside of the world. Ultimately, they add items to their cart all right once they get to the shopping, cart. Page they’re not proceeding through our normal checkout they’re, going to band in the cart crazy right, they’re, going to transfer that car back into their procurement system right goes back as a requisition.

Once it gets approved, that’s what a purchase order gets then right now you got the deal. You could do the work you get paid. Everybody’s happy automate it right. How many of you are getting orders with junk SKUs? You ever get orders junk SKUs. Just one. Are you the only one getting orders enrichment of data, utilizing the data right? No more junk orders we all like orders right, but if you get an order with a junk SKU for $ 65 and a cost, your company’s $ 65 to process an order? Well, you haven’t really yielded anything right, so enrichment of data, all right so enhancing business values to punch out, gives you exact sis to your customers.

Access to the latest products and product information from your catalog take advantage of contract compliant pricing order, build those configurable products right we have. I was telling somebody we have a customer that has 66 billion products. I forgot how many zeros it’s a lot. I don’t know it’s like the hardest products that configure its nuts and bolts, and it shouldn’t be that hard. I wouldn’t think, but I guess it’s pretty hard, but it you know you have to be a major engineer, but ultimately these configurable elements are very important to many of your businesses, easily again kind of create, there’s requisitions and streamline the purchasing right.

How we streamlining the purchasing, we got good data right, you’re, getting orders with good data because they derived from your commerce experience in real time, dry, purchasing compliance to and control spending across the organization across their organization. It’s a win for you as well, because again you’re getting good data you’re, getting orders all right. This is on that document. So I’ll spare you this keep that.

So again, when I was 17 years old and we did our first punch-out integration, we realized that needed to be an easier way right. We came up with this far-fetched idea. That’s today is supporting tens of thousands of integration points around the world of this adaptable technology. This kind of paypal of the b2b II procurement space, this solution that could be leveraged by companies of all types using any type of infrastructure.

They want we’re very much agnostic right. So that’s how we go to market we’re able to work with Sachin at big commerce right DC cap with any of the platforms are using, and this is important, because Commerce is an evolutionary process right. What you can afford today, or can do today, may be vastly different a year two or three down the road. Continuity is a big important piece of what we do at punch-out to go by being able to support our customers and bring value to helping them leverage.

Whatever best in breed commerce technologies, they have right here, they’re leveraging. This is our nascar slide deck and it’s not a bragging deck. The sheer volume of the nuances that you guys have imagine the nuances that all these other companies have. This crazy nuances and many of these companies are at the elementary stage of understanding this eat procurement space as well, but again, it’s the fastest growing b2b blog that there is this e-procurement space.

Every company has their own different commerce technologies right. So Lowe’s is a homegrown system, moving to a hybrid WebSphere model and other zones. I think Oracle. Something and worth is Magento and you know there’s a big commerce up there, there’s all types of stuff again helping companies leverage whatever they want. These integrations are nice. Is anybody ever done an EDI integration, you undo two more right yeah.

What if you wanted to do? One more that’d be pretty cool right. So that’s what I this, this landscape, that we work in it’s very complex, so a lot of different procurement systems that I mentioned, I think a hundred fifty or sixty that we connect to today. They all use standards right EDI is a standard C XML. Another standard buzzword – they all use them on standardized and, what’s worse, is each system that supports that standard of C XML and enforces as a standard.

The actual buying organization on those procurement system has their own unique requirements right. So you end up with a lot of kind of bespoke integrations and this diagram does it. It gets purely chaotic, but we come in and we paint this pretty picture and we deliver on the ability that we can connect your commerce technologies. Your commerce technologies me and your big commerce, your Magento, whatever you’re, using right to your customers on any procurement system, no matter what it may be, any we do that very well.

We actually never lost a customer. I’r pretty excited about that. That’s cuz! I talked to that talk, um and dad I’m just kidding so benefit to be procurement. I think you know this is a really important is for your customers. It’s enhancing the shopping experience. It’s streamlining the order process reducing the cycle times. Lowering procurement cost increasing order, accuracy, invoicing, automation, all these cool things right.

You want to do the same, so that’s a win for you as well you’re going to expand your sales reach. I guarantee it or I’ll, buy you a beer for Mom or Oh drink product pricing availability, it’s a very sticky blog and all these years of doing these integrations. Since we were so seventeen, I could probably count on two hands. How many integrations got turned off and it was probably due to some type of acquisition or something it’s a very sticky blog now, once you’re in there you’re you’re pretty much in there, unless you wouldn’t really screw it up, and it’s a relationship blog right.

I always say it’s a good old boy or good old girl Network right. It really is it’s. The relationships are really important. All right, so I was going to do a live demo, but I didn’t have the ability, so I grabbed some screenshots. So this is a procurement system called Koopa they’re, probably the fastest-growing procurement system on the market. It’s used by, like Tesla, is going commerce with Tesla’s or sales forces or vc8 animal hospitals or all across the map.

Airbus whatever. So this is VCA. Vca is a large animal hospital group. I think they have 800 locations in North America, they bought Koopa and they actually just like we kind of do for suppliers. We do for buyers as well, so they bought Koopa and they put punch-out to go between Koopa and all of their key vendors. I think ninety-four percent of their spend is going through technology so of those 800 locations.

When anytime, anybody needs to buy anything, they must go to Koopa. They can’t just get in their car and go to Lowe’s and go to Staples they. They have to use these systems it’s the way it works. So what do we see here? It’s it’s! It’s a marketplace: it’s it’s their internal purchasing engine. This is these procurement systems are bolt ons to larger erps like an S, AP, ERP or Oracle. Whatever the case may be, in this case, they’re homegrown, but ultimately it’s a bolt on and it just does a better job of everything vendor related.

You are a vendor, the distributor seller right, I know so. I just grew up the words here. It’s amazing, you go to certain places and you guys say bars and this things – and you know everybody’s in different world, but I think you guys are all distributors, but in our world you’re sellers or the vendor right. So, within these procurement systems the end user, if they want to buy anything, they have to go through here.

So it says: what do you need? It’s pretty cool good, a little opening right. So I need gloves, that’s cool. So all this is fed. What you’re, seeing here in this internal market place by hosted catalog files? This is not the experience right. It’s not the e-commerce experience, there’s often a very healthy mix of hosted catalogs and these kind of punch out catalogs. But what we see here is this right.

So can anybody point out anything that’s wrong like there’s like that’s not like today’s world of Commerce, like anybody see anything silly about this experience, I’ll give you a hint sighs all right like there’s, no configurable elements right, it’s antiquated there’s! Maybe there needs to be an MSDS on this or a user guide. Here’s how you put the glove on. I don’t know it can’t exist right so with punch out over here on the right hand, side we have shop online.

These are their punch out vendors. These are the vendors that they use punch out with again on single click, an end user can access any one of these vendors through punch off. So I am going to magically select CDW boom. That’s cool right! What’s that we do it again, mmm all right! So now we are authenticated into the CDW application. There’s my guy! That’s my Account Manager, hey Glen. I got a question for you right so now I see that they have quotes again really important or I can shop right.

So you know HP workstation, it’s not configurable, but that’s. Ok. What do we have here, but we don’t have that static? Look. We don’t have that cheesy whatever and we got Glenn down here on the left-hand corner. Saying hey I’m here to help you write your chat. Cdw the Grainger’s right, I think you heard the statistic earlier: who was it that said eighty percent or something was it great? These companies have just crushed this eprocurement space.

It’s been a huge blog for them right and it’s and that’s why they come up with that number and it’s a different type of dynamic right. You same thing like with the thermo Fisher or some of these other kind of marketplace types of concepts. They go after these procurement blogs. It’s it’s not a reactive blog like if I talked earlier remember about my hardware company in Richmond Virginia. They were reactive right, we’re finding more companies now starting to get more proactive right.

So these companies like this, have been very much proactive, which is why they’ve seen so much growth and b2b right the same thing that Amazon is trying to do, but ultimately we’re on this e-commerce site. It’s a much more enriched experience underneath there’s way more pictures, we’re not limited to one picture. Somebody else talked about get good pictures on your websites. Obviously very important.

Don’t use a cookie cutter product data, you have enriched the product data, but it creates a good experience and then you can have the little. You know the HP expert guy there to talk to. I think his name was Glenn. I don’t know, but ultimately we can add the item to our cart and again, the biggest difference is: is that we’re not proceeding through our normal checkout right? What we can do, maybe I remember we’re going to carry that shopping.

Cart back over the procurement system right. Why is that? We got ta, take it through approvals right, so now we transferred it back. Just like that BAM I didn’t have to click as thought about is, like my Alexa Alexa flip, the page um, but now so we plugged in you know where. So all the ship twos right 800 locations – I mentioned they all live in the procurement system. This is now and it’s it seems weird, because the users now had it items to the cart.

They brought it back now, they’re going to tell you where they want it, which seems weird right, but this is how the process works. So I’ve decided I want to send it to Cincinnati Ohio. I can look at this beautiful data right. It’s not junk data. It’s clean data and then, ultimately I can submit it for approval now. I can also go and shop from other vendors as well. I can go and punch out the staples and add some staples.

I can go punch out to err gas and add some helium for tonight’s party or whatever the case may be, but ultimately I could submit it for approval right, which will send the purchase orders out to the various vendors for them to be able to then fulfill. All right and buy pizzas for the office right, good stuff, so how’s this little pointer work. This is tricky. I’r screwed push a button, alright cool, so mmm b2b storefront right, that’s your Magento’s, whatever, whatever use them for commerce, big commerce, Oh ERP! This is your ERP.

On the right hand, side right whatever that may be p21, whatever the case may be, that automation is really important right for pushing up product and pricing and all that good stuff. But, more importantly, when you get orders right. So, even though, in in the e-procurement space, everything is derived from external applications, it still could be driven through the commerce blog, and this is really becoming even more important for large companies.

I was, I was up in Philly talking to one of the largest medical device companies in the world and they want to make sure that they can even get EDI orders back through commerce. Edi has been seen as this kind of siloed world, but it’s really a commerce, it’s really commerce technology, so you can drive more through commerce. You mentioned, I think, ten percent of your businesses through commerce. Do you have any EDI? No it’s, but if you did it probably wouldn’t be part of that ten percent right.

You wouldn’t think about it that way, but it really should be going through commerce, so that need to go over direct, your ERP, who else was doing EDI? Are you guys running that through commerce or just directly, to your ERP yeah, so you lose some visibility? You don’t really know where that’s that’s that, where you guys are probably all kind of commerce professionals in your organization, your measured about your measured for what you accomplished to commerce right.

You might look at this about trying to receive orders and so forth and transact through commerce, rather than directly with your ERP, especially if your commerce component is connected to your ERP right becomes more modular right, which is important so that the workflow was is the top Left is we started at Koopa, we clicked on CDW, with through Alexa right, no just kidding click through CDW. We got authenticated to the store right, CDW’s application, we’re serving up the product and pricing for VCA.

In that scenario, we added that HP product right. If we had a question, we could talk to Glenn that was cool in the live chat. We transferred that cart back over to Koopa. On the left hand, side right again, we can go shop for helium. We can do whatever we want, but ultimately again submit for Peter for the PIO and get approval and then that pio gets sent back and that completes the status. So it’s not an abandoned cart.

Maybe it’s like a pending cart or something of that nature. Anybody any questions of this kind of workflow like will we just step through just make any sense? Does anybody have any advice for me to give anybody some type of elevator speech next time, I’m in the elevator? What do you do? I work on a computer huh tall building yeah exactly right. If anybody has any advice on that, I don’t really love to hear it alright.

So what kind of questions do we have? It’s is your mind. Blown here is uh. You guys feeling all right yeah. Well again, so only approved vendors are made accessible, yeah, so we’re logged in as P odigo, that’s our little acronym and then we clicked on CDW and that click we’re all we’re kind of through the browser you know i’ll fennec ate it in the VCAs b2b account Right so there’s like a handshake between punch out to go and CDW says: hey welcome, VCI in your application.

Yes, sir, I would shop what percentage do you think of b2b commerce is going through eprocurement right now and where’s that headed yeah? I got that data. Oh Mexican, right here I was just looking at the report and just came out. I think it’s a 10 percent, so they said so. This is a b2b online. They put out a report. Ten percent on supplier website growth, but I think it’s it’s 37 percent growth across the e-procurement Channel.

It’s it’s very tricky right, so you know for Grainger it might be 50 percent of their business. Remember, 50 percent of companies are using e-procurement systems. They may not be using them well, but it’s going to vary it’s going to vary based on you know your relationship, you have with the customer, and you know they’re kind of the volume right now is coffee procurement, a large percentage yeah.

Let me get to be good one second yeah, so this was mapping out the 10 million dollar number and to attend trillion-dollar number, I’m sorry. So in of the 10 trillion and employees on supplier websites again related to be to be kind of the suppliers, you know the employees of an organization, 954 billion SAS eprocurement systems outside of a network, 834 billion, a procurement of services outside of a net 185 billion.

So it’s over a trillion through procurement. The the weird thing about the report, though it is, is that it segments EDI networks where, in essence, a lot of these like Arriba’s and different platforms are also EDI networks. Edi networks can consist of four point. Seven trillion of the ten trillion dollar number and 218 billion was handled at travel and strip clubs, but it’s really going to vary, but this this article is actually really well well done.

It’s is on b2b e-commerce, world digital commerce, 360. They do a good job of covering b2b good question. Yes, sir, if I’m ear gas and I want to be part of the VCA yeah. What’s what does that relationship? Look like how do how does air gas go about being one of those logos, yeah so they’re in a pretty good position, because then I really have kind of one competitor right, so they have the relationship.

This space again is good old boy, girl, girl network, its relationship driven. You have to win the loyalty, the love when they evaluate your capabilities, as you know, for commerce right, I think when you, when you start looking at landing a larger accounts, you’re going to go through this RFP process. It’s going to ask you if you’re capable of doing these particular types of things right so for air gas, they already have the relationship, but they have to have the relationship you can’t just go enter on into a network right.

You have to have a relationship or find a way to one of those relationships and they may start through our of pees right with organizations or Mississippi Valley, municipalities or organization. You know, like VCAs of the world that you might sell to, and maybe just maybe BCAAs your customer and maybe only for the store, so somehow our buying through through you. You know because they’re close by that becomes a much larger opportunity for you to go to VCA procurements, say: hey, we’ve been supporting because they’re new to eat procurement right, so we just launched them like six months ago.

So there could be orders that are happening outside the procurement blog that they’re going to be wanting to rein in right that there might be greater opportunities for you to go to procurement of these order to not only sell to that subset of locations. But now to a broader network right we see that a lot see a lot with like promo. We see a lot in all industries really, but hopefully that answer your question.

Sir. Thank you more questions for Brady. Oh we’ve got one in the back for a couple. People on Koopa yeah: how does the pricing work cuz this Jordan gets a different price than that one? Okay, so not my project that punch on the go pricing, but how does your pricing right right, yeah so remember? So, what’s your e-commerce application? Okay! So there’s a handshake that has to happen between the procurement system.

So again, when we talk about standards, a lot of these systems have unstandardized approaches, but there’s some form of relevant data. That’s happening on click, so when they click to access your store, we might be getting a Duns number or some type of from or to identity like we’re going to be getting some form of information, so that your ecommerce application can’t properly authenticate the user to reflect The correct offering every integration yeah, it’s yeah, it’s through the browser but yeah, but it’s posting data, it’s a great question and that’s another another thing too: it’s if you do again one integration with VCA and at Koopa and then now you got Tesla.

It’s a completely separate engagement. It doesn’t matter that you’ve connected to that Koopa right, even though coop is a SAS based eprocurement system, it’s a completely separate engagement, you’re networking with Tesla’s any procurement team and they have their own rules and so forth. But does that answer your question ma’am it does and and then just to pick up on once somebody else said is I just go to Koopa, but I have to be an approved vendor.

Can I go out there and like post Here I am. Does anybody want to approve me so what a lot of I think the view on that document there. It talks about maybe a little bit of uncovering how your customers like to purchase from their suppliers right. So if you know like those companies that you might be uploading product data to right, those are your first ones. I think you think about going to and saying hey what procurement system are you guys using we’d like to move away from this? Providing you an excel sheet and offer our technology’s right, your gross sales would be good and it makes easier for them.

Um it’s a tough network. It really is again very much relationship driven with the CW’s and Granger’s do. Is they go to all the procurement events right? They have some form of blog manager, of a procurement that is going to these events establishing their relationships, the guy from Amazon. I think his name was a lawyer day he’s like seven foot. Nine he’s really tall dude right, so he goes to every show and he talks to everybody trying to take your business right, but they’re, really just after tail spend you know tail spend is like the the small spend the the products.

They think that a VCA can’t purchase right from others if that makes sense, but it’s a tough network right and it’s not like you, you said it and, and it’s all gold right, it’s it’s a it needs strict focus, but these companies that are going to do These types of integrations with you, if you’re not getting a multitude of orders every day, then there’s a problem right. So it’s it’s not going to be.

I’r going to order for me today and maybe I’ll order from you next week, you are going to be an approved vendor if you can make your way to one of these networks right. If you follow up with us, follow up with me afterwards, we have some other good content with names of eprocurement systems, anything that becomes a little tricky too so, for instance, like Duke University uses Jagger, but if you ask anybody a Duke how they you know where They’re doing a purchaser from they’re going to say I used by a Duke what the hell’s the underlying application is.

You know Jack. If you ask me by a VC a what do you guys use, I use auto right. That’s what they’ve called it! What the heck is all right, that’s a coupon right, but it’s sometimes can be a little tricky navigate. But again, that’s why it takes this focus but don’t lose out on us right and don’t don’t pick yourselves in the butt. If you can’t make your way immediately, it takes a little time, a little dedication, a little focus and it will pay.

I promise you, it’s the fastest-growing blog, be too big, no problem any other questions. I think I’ve over overstayed. My welcome here. Yeah. Oh we’re yanking! You off give it a go for Brady


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How to Accept Credit Cards on Website – Stripe Payment Gateway Setup WooCommerce WordPress Websites

Now I have two thoughts. You have to create an e-commerce website now this in this article I’ll show you how you can accept the payment on your own website, because if earlier we were using PayPal in PayPal, what happens is when the user or the customer wants to make payment? They have to go to PayPal to make the payment, but today I’ll show you how you can accept payment on your own website.

Okay, so the user can make payment through credit card or debit card on your own website. They don’t have to go to some third party website. First, let’s understand the difference and let’s use this website as a demo. App. Sorry, if you don’t know how to create this ecommerce website, if you are interested in how to create a ecommerce website from scratch you very easily, then there is a link given in the article description below you can follow that link.

I have thought you know in detail, for, for there is a four hour long tutorial you can read that tutorial. You’ll learn everything from scratch: how to create an e-commerce website. Okay, now let me go to the shop page. So, let’s add some product in our card. For example, suppose you want to add this thing this helmet? How are this and click on Add to Cart now, as you can see, we have something in add in our cart.

So let’s click on View cart. So this is the product in our cart. Now, if you want to make payment, what do you do? You click on proceed to checkout and we have this PayPal option over here. So now, let’s see this is the website on which we are nitro, dot, Nisha, calm, and when we want to make payment through PayPal, we select PayPal. We click on proceed to PayPal. Now, as you can see, it has redirected me to paypal.

Com not on my website. Even if I want to make payment through credit card or debit card, I will have to use PayPal. Ok, now I don’t say: PayPal is bad or something like that. Paypal is really really amazing. I personally use it, but the thing is now: oh, this thing doesn’t work. Ok, if you’re creating our e-commerce website, you should you have some better option. That is what I am showing you today.

Ok now, this is what happens when you use PayPal. Now, let’s come back, let’s come back again now, instead of PayPal, you can use stripe okay. Now, when you use stripe, as you can see, if we have the credit card details over here, the user can put in that credit card or debit card details over here. Okay, this is just demo card. Okay, so don’t use this card and they can put all this information over here and click on place order.

Okay, it is taking some time, it is analyzing it. As you can see. Thank you. Your order has been received, so we, the user or the you have already received an order. Okay, the the customer didn’t have to go to some third party website to make the payment now today I’ll show you how you can set up this thing so to do so. Come back to your dashboard now to use this thing first, we need a plug-in called stripe.

So, from the left hand side you will see this plugins how our plugins and click on add new. Now, in the search plug-in the stripe in stripe as STR IPE now, when you do, when you do so, you get many different plugins called stripe. Now the one which you have to install is this one: Moo commerce, stripe payment gateway by mu commerce. Ok, it has got around 300,000 active installs, so this is the one that you have to install so here, you’ll get one button like this install now.

Click on that Install Now button then activate this plug-in. Okay, once you activate this plug-in from the left hand, side how our commerce and click on settings now click on checkout. Now you should see one more option over here called stripe like this one. Here we have stripe. Click on stripe now make sure you take mark this enable stripe and in the title we have credit card or stripe. Now we don’t want this title.

We will just use credit card or debit card. Ok, ok, pay with your credit card wire stripe. So again, we don’t need good, while stripe just type in pay with your credit card or debit card. Now I have enabled test mode because I don’t want to make any real payment. So if you, let me show you how to set this thing. First, go to strike calm and make a free account. It is really easy and very simple to create an account.

I have already done that. As you can see, I have made one hundred and fifty dollars sale. This is obviously test sale. So what I’ll do now? I will go to developers and under developers you have API keys. Now, I’m at present. As I said you I’m using the test mode, I’m not using the live mode. That’s why I am getting this thing over here. So when I click on this, I have publishable key and secret key so copy.

This publishable key from here come back to your website and paste it over here, after that, we have secret key copied from here and paste it over here. Okay, now, after that, I don’t have to do anything, just click on Save Changes and once your website is life, make sure you first activate your account. Okay, how you do that, however, this and click on this link, which says activate to your account and follow the process? Okay, this is only for you know when you are in the production stages and you still want to check whether everything is working, fine or not, but when your website is live, first, activate your account.

I am doing this because I don’t want to make any real payment. Okay, I just want to show you guys so once you do so, you will have this option. Let’s come back, okay, okay, we don’t have anything because we have made a successful payment. Let’s try again, let’s try this. Let’s add this thing to cart. Let’s add this product as well, so we have two products in our cart. Let’s cut this thing when I hover this, as you can see, we have two products.

Let’s click on checkout now, as you can see, it doesn’t say stripe. Now it is saying credit card or debit card. Now we can just enter your debit card details. In fact, this is just a demo card number. You can use this card number. 4. 4. 4. All this for 2 and after that, you can put any month expiry date any month and any year and any CVC number and click on place order. Ok, the order amount was 2834, as you can see over here.

As you can see the total among 2834 pumps, the order is made. We have all these details over here now when you come back to this website and go to your home page. As you can see, my balance has now gone to $ 4,000 and I can see that we have made six successful payments and if you want to see this thing in detail, you can click on developers and click on events. Now you can see the successful payment was made for two thousand eight hundred and thirty four dollars.

Okay, so this is how we accept debit card and credit card payment on your website. I hope this short tutorial was helpful for you guys if it was helpful, then make sure you subscribe to my blog and also click on that Pelican, so that you don’t miss any future articles. If you have any doubt any queries, any questions for me leave them in the comment section below thanks a lot for reading guys see you soon.


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How to Find the Perfect and Most Profitable Niche for Your DropShipping Website Business 2018

Com and welcome to another amazing article in this article, we’ll see the process of choosing the right and the perfect niche for your dropshipping website business. Now, choosing the right niche for your website is very, very crucial in drop shipping business. This is really important and at the same time, it is really difficult as well. Ok, so in this article we’ll try to see how you can select a perfect niche for your website, so this is about some tips and tricks that can help you to select the right niche.

Ok, so let’s get started and before proceeding further make sure you guys subscribe to my blog and also click on that Pelican so that it don’t miss any future articles with that being said, let’s get started, so the first step is doing some initial research. Ok, so we can browse some really popular stores like Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress, and we can see what are the products that are most popular in this week or in this month.

What are the products that are selling a lot and so on? So let me give you three different websites that you can go and you can see a half of how your product, what product you can choose and some ideas about your niche. So the first and the most important one is Aliexpress. So what you can do? Don’t type in Aliexpress, calm type in best-selling taught Aliexpress calm. So once you type in that, you will be redirected to this section now, as you can see over here, we’ll see top-selling products over here, and this is the first one, the tempered glass for iPhone X and, as you can see the price over years, not even $ 1 per pack, it is not per piece, it is per pad and it has sold more than 70-thousand in the last week on just in seven days, it has sold 70 thousands, and you can see some many different products over like this Sami phone.

These bracelets and so on, and these are really selling well like you know. We have 28,000 per week and 25,000 sales per week and so on or if you have decided to go with a certain category. For example, if you have decided to go only with men, category or kids, category baby, category health and beauty category, you can select the product or you can see the product according to your category, for example, here we have health and beauty.

So, let’s click on the this category. Now, if you see or you see the products which are most selling in this category – like I don’t know this girl stuff, all these things. Okay, oh I don’t know all this work, these things at this brush. They do make up with and all this things so nail polish and so on. So you can sell these products. You can see that these perks are really selling well okay, so these are the so once you see these products, you get a better idea.

Okay, fine! So I can sell this. I can get into this niche and so on. Okay, so you can get the idea from this website. You have different categories. This is kids and baby. You have these things, you know you can see, the price is very low and they are selling really well. So this is the first website that you can go to best selling dot, Aliexpress calm, the second website there you can that you can go to amazon.

Com. Slash best sellers: okay: now I am into baby sections, so let’s just go to best seller section, alright, so here we have first, we have toys and games, and you will see these. This is the number one thing under toys and games this USB charger. I guess, and we have some different games than here – electronics, and these are the different things that are selling most in this category – camera article games, whatever category you want to again, if you want to go to baby’s category, you can select from here the baby category And here you can see these things are really selling well, for example, if you cou this is bottlebrush and it is selling at four dollars.

So you can select these things if you’re going into baby category, you can select these things like this baby banana infant training, toothbrush and so on. Now there are many different products. This will give you a very no nice idea about what you can choose. What products you want to sell and whether, if you want to sell the baby category, whether there are many different products available or not, so that will give you a very good idea.

Okay, so this was the second website. The third website is ebay.Com. Slash deals so here you will see the top selling products, the top selling deals on ebay again many different products over here you can see the featured deals. You can see the trending deals that are going. You can see the category or the tech category fashion, category home-and-garden sports category and other categories; okay, so let’s click on this fashion, category and under fashion category, because fashion category is a very big category.

So you can’t you can’t just you know, focus on one fashion. Category, that is a very big category drop shipping business is all about selecting a niche and going as narrow as possible. Okay, so under fashion you can go for reades. Okay, so you will see these different reades are really selling well. So you get a better idea about what kind of reades to sell and so on, okay, so this was the initial research.

This is going to be your first step. Okay, to do some initial research. There are many more websites and many more places to go that you can search for, but these are the top three places that you can go and see. What are the different products available? You’ll get a better idea about your niche okay. Now this was the first step initial search. Now, let’s go to the next step. Now next step we have to see is whether this product is trending or not.

Whether people are looking for this product on internet or not so the best place to see that is google.Com, slash trends or you can type in trends. Com strength start google.Com. Okay, when you do so you’ll be landed on this page now, once you have selected some product from your, for example, you have selected something from here, then you can see and search that product over here to see whether the product which you have selected is trending Or not whether people are looking for all that product on the internet or not, for example, we can search for something like let’s search for cat, just let’s first search for cat okay, now, as you can see, it is a very stable trend.

Okay, we don’t see any town, many any high. Now this is for past 12 months now we can see past five years. So, let’s see now, if you see past five years also, that trend is very, you know it’s just table, so we what you can do. We can just change this thing and we can go into more narrow niche, so we can select like your cat pajamas. Maybe let’s say select this one now, as you can see, this is a better one.

Okay, in five years you can see there is some hike. Oh okay, in this year we see some hike, so you can see the trends whether these products are training or not, and you can also see the category the country which is interested in this product. Okay, so suppose you are selling to you’re planning to you, know, sell all the care products like cat, pajamas cat cap and all those different cat, hoodie and so on.

So you can target this country here. You see the number one country searching for these kind of thing is UK, so you can target UK okay and you see some related topic so you’re like grumpy cat shirt, clothing under cat okay. Here we have Reis related queries and so on just make sure whatever you’re selecting whatever product you have selected, you see a nice stable thing or your stable trend or a upward trend.

Don’t select a product that is showing a downward trend. Okay, we don’t want to do that, okay, so the next step. The first step was initial research. First, do some research and select a product and the second step? What was this one? Whatever product? You are selected in the first step, search for the trend, search, whether that product is trending, whether the product is going upwards or it is gone, doing going downwards or it is a stable product.

Okay. Now, let’s move on to the third step now in the third step, we have to see the competition. Of course, it is almost impossible to find a popular niche with a good trend, but without competition, so before launching Yahoo dropshipping, where a website store, it is strongly recommended that you search for similar web stores on the Internet. If you find several popular websites offering the same products, especially with good prices with competitive prices, you should probably think about finding another niche and product which are generally harder to find.

Obviously, there is no point in creating another generic shoes, car parts or gardening stores. It is better to take a narrow niche and try to be creative. There are many different reasons or many different benefits. You can see also going narrow to select a narrow niche. The first is when you, when you narrow your niche, you get a better understanding about what you’re going to sell. Okay. The second thing is that it’s easier to rank higher in search engines results for research items, because if your website is only about particular thing like we have seen in the previous examples, cat necklace cat pajamas cat shirts, then it is very easy or not very easy.

But a competitor comparatively more easy for you to rank higher in you know, search results, then the third one is due to your speciality. People will be ready to come to you again and again, because you’re the one in their mind: okay, so because you’re pro your website, your stool is all surrounding all this cat thing. Whoever loves this cat thing. They will remember your website, okay, so this website was good.

It was selling all the products that I am interested in and they will remember your website for a long time. It is really helpful. The fourth thing is that it is always easier to focus on one audience and plan your marketing strategy. Okay, so you can its. It explains the point that you have a very limited audience and you can focus on them and you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Now the fourth step is to see whether the product that your that you have selected is in stock or not whether the product that you have selected has different varieties or not, okay, because we don’t want to end up selling only cat caps.

Ok, our website selling only cat caps. That would be not a very good idea. We want to, I know, expand that a bit okay. So we suppose we have selected this cat or maybe some different thing like sonic people like sonic, so now, sonic cap, sonic curve, short sonic, hoodies and so on. So once you have selected that product you can go to Aliexpress Kong, because that is the most famous strong shaking website, okay, and by the way, if you want to learn how to create a drop shipping website step-by-step, you can see a link in the article description Below click on that link, there is our three hours long article step-by-step.

You can create your own drop shipping website from scratch. Okay, so suppose you have selected some product category, what you can do you can come to Aliexpress and search for that, for example, let’s search for cat – and if you see over here, the cat category has around 2 million results, which is a very good thing, which Means that this thing has a lot of products: okay, we have different cat styling, your cat eyeglass, I glasses cat toy cat, bad cat, t-shirt and so on.

Cat ring cat socks. So there is a lot of variety and lot of products available for this particular niche or this particular category. So this is another step to check the stock to check the results to check the you know: different varieties and different products available. Now, once you have checked the different stocks available after that, what we can do, we have to compare the price because see whatever price.

Whatever product you are going to sell, that product is probably you know, it will be available on maybe Amazon and so on. So you have to see the price if the product which is which you know importing from Aliexpress is $ 10 and Amazon is also selling that product on $ 10. Then why will anyone come to your website to purchase this same product for the same price, so that is not going to do so? What we have to do we have to select for we have to now.

The next step is to see the price difference. Okay, so first, let’s go to Amazon and let’s search for something called cat necklace. Okay. Now, if you see oh, you are there many cat necklaces available and the price you can see: 26 dollars $ 24. Okay and these things are also having no decent ratings. So our product that you are going to search on Aliexpress has to be honest at a lower price. So let’s come over here, let’s search for cat necklace again all right! So if you see over here, we have a better necklaces over here.

Okay and the price is also so much diff. In fact, if you see this one now, this is the exact thing that we’ve searched all year. Okay, as you can see, this is the exact necklace. This is $ 26 and you’re. Getting this thing on Aliexpress for around $ 2? Okay, so this is a very good sign that okay, fine, so you can sell this product easily for 1020 dollars, okay, because it is selling for $ 26 on Amazon.

You can easily sell this for $ 15. On your website, so you’re getting a very nice marching on this product, so the next step that this step in this type you have to select, and you have to search for the pricing. The pricing of your product has to be, you know, very competitive with Amazon, because people don’t want to go to Amazon and see okay, I am getting the same product at a lower price because at the end of the day, people are seeing the price okay.

So this is also very crucial step now. The last step is to see the Keyword planner. So what you can do you can open a new tab and type in keyword. Planner, okay, go to Google type in keyword planner. You will see this. This link add word, link, advert or google.Com click on that link and, let’s start using keyword, planner all right guys. Now, as you can see, this is how it will look and obviously first it will ask you to create a website or to create an account on Adwords.

So you can do that easily within few minutes. I have already done that. So if you go to this thing here, you’ll see this go to link click on, go to and search for keyword. Planner over here you’ll see this keyword, planner click on keyword planner. Now, here you have to enter that keyword so that you can see what is the monthly search? What is the monthly number of people who are searching on Google for this product, for example, if you search for cat? Obviously this is a very huge, very common keyword, so it will have a lot.

As you can see, it is around 1 million to 10 million people are monthly searching for you know cat kind of thing, and if you go in more detail like let select cat, maybe necklace, let’s see cat Nicholas, let’s go to get results. Okay. Now, as you can see, around ten thousand people are searching for this produc product cat necklace cat jewelry cash pendant. Then you have different things over here.

Okay, so these this is the number of people you can see. The competition is quite high over here. You can see the paid over here all these things. Okay, so, basically, here you have to see the number of people that are searching for your product and that should be a decent amount of people. Okay, a decent amount of people should be looking for your product. On Google, okay now, obviously there is a better way to market your product.

People are really running good and they are getting a very better and positive results on Facebook, marketing, Facebook, strategic marketing. If I get a chance, I may create a article on how to you know, run different Facebook ad campaigns and how to target people for your drop shipping business. If I get a time in the future, I will try to create a article on that. Okay, but here you can see the what are the amount of people, monthly search, competition and the price for this one.

Okay, guys. I think this is it for this article and there could be many more tips and tricks like don’t try to sell products like glass and so on, for because your product is ultimately getting imported from China and you don’t want any. You know product like that. That will get you into problem. Okay, so product is getting imported from China to maybe India, UK and that product. If it is a glass thing glass, there very high chance that they’re very high chances that it may get broken and so on, and also try to avoid products like knife and so on, because in custom you might see some problem.

Okay, because safer knife is imported from China to some country and I’ve. That country has some rules against that. Then you could be a problem. You could be in a problem: okay, so avoid using these kind of product on on your drop shipping business website. Okay, alright guys, so this is it for this article. I hope you guys find this article helpful hope this tips and tricks helped you guys to search your perfect niche.

Okay, if you, if you find this article helpful, give a thumbs up to this article. If you have any doubt any questions, any comments, any queries, any suggestions for me leave them in the comment section below and don’t forget to click on that red, subscribe button and also click on that pelican, so that you don’t miss any future articles with. That being said, thanks a lot for reading guys see you soon.


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HostingCon 2016: Ecwid – Democratizing E-Commerce for Small Businesses

You live from the show floor at hosting con 2016 in the Big Easy of New Orleans Louisiana, and I’m here with mr. Jim O’Hara. Jim is the president of Ecuador, okay, so how is the show going for you? Well so far, it’s going very well as always, there’s great content in all the sessions and it’s obviously all the right people and the hosting business are here very good.

So lots of networking then lots of networking morning noon and night outstanding. So you know I sought you guys out because you have a tiki tent of sorts in in your booth and it’s exceedingly inviting. So that’s what brought me to you, but so are for our viewers that don’t already know about equid. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do yeah well, first of all, thanks for coming by you got it and the reason we have the surf theme.

Yes, each theme in our booth is that we’re based in San Diego California and nice they’re right here. It is very nice and we’re two blocks away from the beach at our office, but also gives us the opportunity to kind of show a little bit about what we do as a business. And the idea is that our booth is a surf shop and the surf shop, like a lot of small business, could have a physical storefront as well as an online store and also can sell in person on the go anywhere on the beach for exam.

I love it. I absolutely love it and equity is an e-commerce solution that plugs into point-of-sale systems at the physical store and also ties into other, like like a square point-of-sale system, but also to the square reader that you can plug into your smartphone and sell from anywhere in person. As well, that’s all synchronized with your online site. So your inventory, your customer information, your product information is always synchronized and where the rubber meets the road in sales, that’s fantastic, exactly sell anywhere anytime.

That is really great. So what is the latest and greatest coming out of the newsroom over there adequate? Well, just that is and multi-blog commerce is, what do they call it, but consumers want to buy anywhere anytime and kind of in the overworld. Everybody expects to have instantaneous access to whatever product they want and in our case we support small businesses. So we give small businesses the ability to have kind of big retailer reach so brother, it’s in their store, whether it’s on line at their online store or anywhere on the go.

A small business now can have this functionality like a target or walmart and have access give consumers access any time to buy their products anywhere fantastic. That is really really cool. Jim. Thank you very much for joining us thanks for your time. I appreciate it. You got it and thank you, viewers for reading JSA TV, we’ll see you soon.

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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How to Select the Right Keywords I Free Google Adwords Training

So there are tools available to find appropriate keywords. There’s a lot of different tools online that you can use. Google has what’s called their keyword planner. It’s right in Google’s under tools and settings here you come over here to planning and you can use the keyword planner and you can find keyword and AD group ideas.

You can get suggested budgets and you can find you know, search volume and forecast as well. So a lot of times we’ll be searching for a specific keyword or we’ll think. Oh, look. This keywords going to generates a lot of results. It gets a lot of activity, but then later we find out like the search volume, there’s some very low. So you can get all this information using the Google Keyword, planner right under tools and settings here.

So, let’s review the four targeted keyword, matching options to control which queries trigger hats. There’s four keyword match types that are important for you to really understand. If you don’t understand the different types of keyword match types, then you will burn that budget. I’m telling you you will lose money, I’ve seen people, you know waste tens of thousands of dollars just because you know they didn’t understand the difference between broad match and exact match.

So, let’s review the differences between each one.


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How to write high converting landing page headlines like a pro – J.R. Fisher

These headlines, like a pro and get real results and more sales and we’re Starting right now, hey I’m J.R. Fisher. If you haven’t Already subscribed to my blog: do so right now go down there and hit that Subscribe button and don’t forget, you want to smash that Bell button and you Want to turn on all notifications, if you do that, I can tell you every single time: I do a new article, hey I’m J.

R. Fisher and on this blog all we do is talk. About starting running and growing your online business, now I’ve been selling Online since 2009 and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products, both Physical and digital – and I share with you all those techniques on this blog So you can get real results too. At the end of this article, I’m actually going to Give you a course it’s an e-commerce course and it’s a $ 97 course, but you can Get it absolutely free for a limited time, I’ll, put a link in the description See and grab that now, let’s talk about these headline things on your sales: Pages they’re super super important.

If you don’t do this right, if you don’t get This right, you don’t make any sales, but if you get it right, you can make a lot. Of sales and a lot of money, let’s get started, Now the one thing I do want to share with you is: we use a landing page. Builder, that is built within Kartra Kartra is our email provider, our Membership site our help desk site, it’s everything to us and if you’re Interested in a software like that they can do all this and help you make these Landing pages, I’m going to put a link in the description below look for the Kartra link and when you click on that link, it will take you to a article.

You don’t Have to opt-in, you don’t need a credit card, or any of that you can read the Article and it will show you all the things that Kartra does, including Building these landing pages and helping you have better headline: And you can also get a trial if you’re interested for $ 1. So if you want to try It out try it out for a buck. That’s our affiliate link below here’s. The really cool thing headlines are so super important and the fact is changing.

A headline can change your results: 10 to 30 percent, with just a simple headline: Change now, if you think about that, that’s a lot more sales, a lot more money, In your pocket so headlines are super super important and here’s. The cool Thing about changing your headline, it’s easy! It takes no time whatsoever to Actually, change a headline on a landing page. It’s one of the simplest things you Can do it doesn’t require any new design, it doesn’t require colors or images or Anything it’s just a headline.

Here’s the cool thing about headlines. It’s better! To copy then to create now, why do I say that? Well, because a lot of headlines can Be put into certain categories and they just seem to work an Israeli research Team actually took 200 of the top headlines and they found out that they All fell within about 6 different categories. So, if you do your headlines, And you put them into one of these categories: you’re likely to succeed now.

This is really good news for you, because you can basically take the same headline. That’s out there and just rework it a little bit and you could use it for your Business, you don’t have to come up with any new ideas or really creative ways to Do stuff you can just use what’s been working for years and years and years, Now, if you’re looking to kind of get unstuck, when your headlines, here’s five Places you can do it okay, so here’s the five basic proven conversion boosting Headline formulas: the first one is a testimonial okay, so you want to steal.

The perfect headline directly from your customers – mouth, that’s the best headline. Of all, is your customers, testimonial people believe in testimonials more than Any other thing that you could put on a page, the next one is the cliffhanger. You Want to give them a teaser, so you want to hold back the rest of the story to Get them to click, that’s a great headline, and it makes them want to Complete what they’ve already started number three is a value proposition here.

Is where you’re going to highlight how you uniquely solve a difficult customer Pain point, so the best thing to do is list out all the different pain points. That you’re going to have a whole bunch of headlines based on Those number four is called a listicle and basically it’s a hat or secret or a Promise of a simplistic way to fix things in a chaotic world and of course, The last one, we all know we all love, and that is the how-to.

So this get your Customers from point A to point B, with a simple step by step process: you’re Showing them how to complete how to do something: how to achieve something? How To headlines have been around for years and years, so let’s talk about each one: Individually, first off the first one is a testimonial and basically, as a Testimonial is just kind of reverse engineering what we already know so, if We see somebody else using a product and they’re getting results on it.

We tend to Attach our emotions to that particular person and how they got these results. And if we see several people got good results from a product, we’re much more Likely to buy it than anything else now. You’ve probably seen this in TV ads Newspaper ads radio ads, they almost always have a testimonial. If Somebody who’s used that product and got the results that you want to get. Okay, Here’s a good example right here: this is speaking to people suffering from Alcohol or substance abuse, who may not exactly want to admit equate yet: okay, Did rather be difficult, so instead joanna browsed through customer reviews, On amazon to finally land on the perfect headline variation, they switched gears From your addiction ends here to the new headline, if you think you need rehab and You do they saw 400 % more clicks with 20 %.

More leaves by changing that one Headline now we do see the most popular headlines over and over again and one of The first two words that works in most headlines is in this cliffhanger formula: Where it says this is this: is legion tably that something else is coming and If I say this is how or this is when – or this is what people are going to want to, Read that sentence a little bit further to find out what’s going on in to Complete that cliffhanger in their mind, okay, for example, here’s one of my Favorites right here, this stunning birth photo captures something that occurs in Less than one in 80,000 births, oh my gosh, the best headlines tend to be The most specific, when heightens with the realism and intrigue incorporating Body language like stunning birth photo and occurs in less than helps, reinforce.

The element of surprise, which is the perfect pattern interruption to halt Scanning multitasking or the readers from looking at other things, this also Further incorporates the quantitative numbers which we’ll explore more in Detail in the next section less than one in 80,000, my god that makes the headline Incredibly, irresistible now piggybacking on successful brands instantly. Add Credibility to the headline, while at the same time creating an open loop in the Back of your mind, that needs to find out how to emulate these successful brands.

Now we infuse the headline with curiosity rather than over by me. Language too many marketers rush into the sale in the headline before they’ve Generated sufficient reader interest, so the original headline here wasn’t bad Okay, improve your traffic and rankings with An SCO Moz probe membership, not bad. That was the old headline, but check out the New design headline right here with eBay, Disney and Marriott needed SEO help Here’s what they do, okay, so now what we’ve done is we’ve kind of fused, our Company with a big brand and if the big brands are doing it, maybe we should do It too, the next one, is the value proposition.

Now it could be something That really fixes a big thing in somebody’s life like losing money or Gaining money – or it could be a simple thing in their life like feeling better About themselves, the real trick is trying to figure out What the biggest problems and people’s lives are and you providing a product or Service that can make it quicker, better, faster or easier for them to fix that Problem now this isn’t a new thing.

This has been done for years and years and Years, remember, although these arguably most famous and successful headline, I Love this at 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new rolls-royce Comes from the electric clock: here’s an example right here of six different Pay-Per-Click headlines for a dentist marketing experience landed on one Winner that resulted in a seventy two point: seven, six, lift and conversion rate Dental plans for eight dollars and 33 cents a month that was short and to the Point and at the end of it it said acceptance guaranteed so that pretty Much covered all the problems that somebody would have another way of doing.

This is to stick out from all your competition, ignore the negatives and Actually go for the positive points. This is a great example of an ad here. It has A little fear in here, but it also says, hey: we can help you out. Breast cancer Screening, only 15 % of women live five plus years with late detection, get Screened so it’s quick and to the point headline formula number four: the Listicle people love lists.

If you could put a list in a headline and draw in Their attention you’ll definitely get clicks. By doing this particular method. Here’s a perfect example of a listicle that uses this particular technique from The Motley Fool in this particular one right here: they actually just call it Out middle-class millionaire makers, three stocks Wall, Street’s Too, rich to notice now, if you notice a lot of these lists that work out really Well or odd numbers, I’ve noticed that when I’m optimizing headlines and I’ll Put it into a headline optimizer, it’s the odd numbers that come up as Something that works, whether it’s three five, seven, nine eleven all those numbers Seem to work really well and they draw in people’s attention and it makes them Want to here’s an example right here: five Critical questions that will change your financial future, three stocks that will Help you retire rich and secure your future with nine rock-solid dividend.

Stocks, all of those use that odd number type of method, according to a study that Was conducted by Outbrain, they figured out that odd number listicles outperform Even number ones by as much as 20 %, also something you may not have noticed, but Having a colon in a headline can boost conversions by as much as nine percent Just adding a colon in the last headline formula number five is the how-to type Of headline how to headlines, adding how-to in front Of your headline can boost your conversions by as much as 17 %.

Now you Don’t have to take this too literally, you can actually remove the how to check Out these headlines here, number one businesses grow faster online number: two Online advertising that works number three get found faster number four Create a web page for your business: these are very simple type of headlines. But they work very well even with the help, but you could add that in there Here’s another example right here: control passionate about betting.

We are Variation make more money on your bets, get free betting tips, variation number Two stop losing money on your bets, get daily betting tips. Now these two Variations emphasize different things, the first is a benefit and the second is Less than version, but both or how to headline formats that still outperform The control variant by as much as 41 % and 11 % respectively, so you can see in All these headlines and all these types of headlines how all these changes can Make a major difference in your sales and profitability.

Try some of these out See how they work for you and let me know in the comments what worked: what Didn’t work, what kind of headlines are you using put those in the comments for Me now, if you enjoyed this article, I want you to subscribe. Click that button down There that subscribe button and don’t forget Bring the bell: you got to smash the bell notification. If you do that, then I can Notify you, if you turn on all notifications, there’s a second step to This you got to turn on all notifications and when you do that I’ll Email you every single time because you’re going to be on my VIP list and You’ll know about these articles before anybody else does pretty cool right now.

On top of that, as your bonus for reading this entire article, I want to Give you my e-commerce course valued at $ 97. Absolutely free! You don’t need to Buy anything you don’t need a credit card, you just click the link in the Description you’ll be taken there and you can just start learning all of this. Information, so I appreciate you listening to this article and I will see You in the next article, hey thanks for reading my article, don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog and click that little bell right there, so you can be Notified every time I do a new article also click on one of those articles.

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Get VERIFIED on Instagram for FREE (Less than 5 Mins)

So clearly, things are going in the right direction. People are getting verified and this is in fact working so in just a second we’re going to dive into my computer. So I could walk you through the entire process on how to work on your verification and in addition to that, if you’re new to the blog welcome be sure to hit that subscribe button for daily content. Just like this article you’re reading right here.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started and walk you guys through exactly how to get started with verifying your Instagram account for 100 % free. So, as you can see, we are now inside of my computer and I’m going to walk you through how to get this verification alright. So the process is very, very simple, believe it or not, and on this screen right here, I’m going to pop up a little screen recording on how you can actually go through it inside of your settings in about 30 seconds or less and by the way, if You’re not following me yet make sure you go ahead and follow me at Toni mast official for some more content from yours truly but simply know.

If you go to your settings and then you scroll down to request verification and after pressing that you’re going to want to fill out, that form where you go ahead and enter your name and also a little bit about what your brand and what your account is About and filling in that proper category, so they know exactly what kind of verification you are applying for, in addition to a copy of your photo ID that will match your name now.

What is going to make sure that you actually get that Instagram blue tick and actually get it verified? Now, there’s a few general qualifications out there that instagrams going to be looking for because they don’t necessarily want to give everyone a verification check mark next, our name on Instagram because out simply dilute the purpose of it now. Instagram has this feature the verified? That’s actually you and that it’s not some fake account or someone trying to impersonate you or someone trying to scam someone, especially in the business realm.

So this blue tick is very, very important and can actually add a lot of value to your business. So with that being said, we want to go ahead and give us a shot. Now it’s not a hundred percent given that you’re going to actually get verified by filling out this application, so the general qualifications, first and foremost you’re going to want to have a significant amount of followers. If you don’t have any presence on Instagram, there’s going to be very little likelihood that you’ll actually get that verification, because if they started giving you a verification, blue ticks on everyone’s usernames, it’s really going to take away from the meaning of that all right.

So ideally you’re going to want to have at least twenty five or twenty thousand followers to try and get verified now. Yes, many people do not have that up with consistent content and stuff I’m going to touch on in a future article I’ll show you how to build out that viral content strategy to actually work your way to a larger following on Instagram, okay. So beyond having that significant amount of followers on Instagram, that’s not the only thing that necessarily cuts it you’re going to want to have a strong presence on other platforms outside of Instagram.

Now this could be YouTube. This could be twitch. This could be Facebook, whatever it may be. You’re also going to want to have these linked in your description and a little bit of a blurb about what you do inside of your bio, so that linking your description is very, very valuable when it comes to reassuring Instagram that you’re someone that deserves to be Verified on their platform, okay, in addition to that, something that can also help you and be in you know your corner to help you get that verification is publication or press coverage if you’re featured and on a specific website or a magazine, anything of the sort.

Your brand, being featured inside of a publication of some sort, is going to help you go ahead and get on Instagram side to go ahead and give you that blue tick. So with that, the bigger brand presence that you have overall, the easier is going to be to get verified as simple as that, the more you have in your corner, the better chances you’re going to get verified, and these are just a few general qualifications.

Another thing Instagram is typically going to look for is existing spoof or impersonating accounts of you or your brand that are already out there on the platform. So if there are people trying to take your username with maybe a period or an underscore in there and they’re trying to come off as your brand or your personal self, then instagrams going to be looking for that as well. Something that could work to your advantage is, if you actually have a copyright or trademark for your own business.

So, if someone’s trying to impersonate your business, for example, providing that and filling out this form that I’m going to show you guys on my screen right now is reporting to Instagram and having something on file that is also working or you such as you know, proof Of a trademark or proof of a copyright or concept that someone may have taken from you, so the intellectual property Instagram is not the best.

With these response rates, it is a free platform and it is not easy to go ahead and get a hold of them or going to Instagram representative. That’s going to really dive in there and do the hard work for you to make sure you’re in the right position. But having those other qualifications that we talked before such a significant amount of followers, strong presence on other platforms and even featured in publications or press coverage is going to work to your advantage.

So that’s something that you definitely want to have and if you don’t have it already start hustling and try your best to get out there as much as possible. So with that being said, entering your complaint or filing a report to Instagram is something that can also help you in either retaining a loss. Username, that’s someone maybe hacked you someones, trying to impersonate you and also something on file that will help you move in the right direction of getting verified, because it’s clear that people are trying to impersonate you or your brand or your business.

So with that being said, go ahead and drop a comment down below. Let me know if you guys actually get verified, it’s not the easiest process or not accepting everyone right now. It’s really tough to go ahead and get accepted, but having some of these qualifications and working on these qualifications will definitely help you for sure. So if you have that brand presence inside and outside of Instagram, it’s going to help your likelihood to actually get verified.

So go ahead, fill out your application, just like the process. I showed you before I’m going to show it again right here on my screen, the screen recording on exactly how to submit your application to get verified on Instagram, and you can literally do this right now takes you less than 30 seconds. So why not give it a shot, even if it’s not the best likelihood that you’ll actually get verified, it is definitely worth a shot if you’re in that reasonable range and could actually use that blue tick on your account.

So without any further ado, I’m going to wrap up this article right here. I hope you guys enjoyed it, took away some value or learn something new, be sure to go ahead and hit the like button down below and do not forget to subscribe for more information. Just like what we went over in this very article, in addition to more paid advertisers, Facebook Ads, Instagram, organic growth as well as going viral, and also, of course, ecommerce all right guys if you’re not signed up for that 7 day.

Free crash course go down to the description, but and sign up for the EECOM success blueprint today for 100 % free before we close the doors and actually start charging people for that very program, so that any further do I’m wrapping up this article and I’ll be Seeing you guys in the next one


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how to get fb to re activate your payment method

But that’s okay, and this is because this is a problem that I recently in the last couple of weeks really I have been dealing with and I am now going to show you behind the scenes of what transpired with these ads.

How much I spent on advertising a couple of different things and just to give you an idea of what it takes, sometimes to really make things happen, so let’s go back to 1st of May June 26. Alright. So between these two accounts, it’s almost fifteen thousand dollars. I spent on advertising this brought back in the return just over total over almost twenty thousand dollars. Okay – and this is from the first of May, until today, 26 June, his accounts actually got flagged on Facebook before they turn off the payment method.

So I can’t pay these bills anymore to use these accounts, so I’m working with Facebook to get these bills reactivated. These are payment methods reactivated, because Facebook has a security measure to disable your payment method. So when you’re trying to pay your bills, see how it says payment method declined, my credit card was maxed. I had to pay paid my bill off, so I can go ahead and make the next payment, but it now, when I click on, add new payment method.

It does not allow me to add a payment. Such payments disable we temporarily temporarily disable the Facebook payments. Please contact us to turn it back on so they’re, going to give you a little form that you got ta fill out and we’ll go through this form. Real quick and just so you guys, can see y’all know that we’ll go on this account lifetime. You can see where it’s bent over the lifetime so on this one, seven thousand three hundred sixty eight dollars on this account on this one campaign alone brought in foreign sales at a product that was around $ 30.

So if you do the math on that, you can see what that what that is about – and this one campaign was three thousand dollars. Okay, this one campaign a little a few thousand dollars, so this is a couple of different things cumulative. This is a winning campaign that I was running. This campaign was for my music. I spent fourteen hundred and twenty dollars building that up got 1.2 million engagements on that which is pretty cool.

We’ll talk about that in another article cuz, that’s some stuff! I want to share with you guys on how to get exposure. We’re going to talk about that. Okay, I mean you guys are going to see how I’m building up my like band and my music brand, and I’m going to share that with you. In other articles. This is mainly just to show you how to get your accounts. Reactivated after they’ve been deactivated um.

One thing to note: if Facebook ever Flags your account for policy violations, though it’s going to have a notice here. If it’s for policy violations nine times out of ten they’re, not going to you turn your account back on, you have to get into that account and I’ll show you how to there’s millions of different ways. Don’t freak out, don’t get married to it. It’s not as easy as just opening a new Facebook account, especially now, since all of this issue that Facebook had with privacy data and all that kind of stuff recently came up.

So it’s going to be a little more challenging, but we’ll walk I’ll, walk you through the steps and as long as you follow these guidelines, you should be able to be successful and avoid these pitfalls. But I’m sharing this with you, because this is challenges that I’ve had. So, let’s go to that forum, and this is the former hair disable payments and ads manager and we’ll just go through it step-by-step.

If you believe your app account has been disabled by mistake, please provide us more information, so we can investigate this issue. Is this your ad account? Always yes, advertiser ad account choose the ad account that you want all right, you’re going to have one probably or two and we’ll talk about that in a little more than other articles, the the type of payment method paper Facebook does accept paypal, because PayPal is one Of that Facebook’s first founding investors, Peter Thiel, gave Mark Zuckerberg half a million dollars to start Facebook.

So that’s why they accept that’s one of the muses why they accept paypal, our credit card, if you either or you can, if we’re, if you’re using both for payments, you can check both boxes, I’m going to go with credit card, because that’s what I use are You, the owner of the financial and trade off, I always yes, who’s, the owner of the financial instrument I file very redundant but always say me, yes, owners first and last name.

It’s always going to be your first and last name. Okay, it’s always going to be yours. Owner’s email address always use the email address that is associated with the Facebook account that you’re signed into okay. Briefly, this describe why you’re, using their payment method, isn’t that retarded for the Nasdaq the third time about that question. So I just say: I’m using my own: have you tried to purchase apps on Facebook? Yes, please provide a brief explanation of your current ad campaign.

I am building up today. You might want to take notes on this, because this is what I tell them. This always works. I’m building up fans on my fan page to drive traffic to my e-commerce store period. That’s it! That’s all you need to put in that block. You can. You know vibrate on it, some more if you want, but that’s all I ever put on there and that’s usually works. Have you ever noticed? Have you noticed any irregular spend nope? Is the current location different from the billing country? No, your current location, if you’re, whatever country you’re in I’m in the United States, so it’s going to be United States billing, their payment billing method country, I’m in the United States to always make sure those two match.

If you’re using PayPal, it should be a problem. It’s a credit card same deal just make sure that they match these countries are different. Please explain why they are both the same and then they need a an ID of. Sometimes I use it usually in my passport. I upload my passport on here boom. I send that request in and that’s it that’s how you put your disable, add account request into Facebook and you give them a day or two, and usually they were they.

They they take a few hours honestly, sometimes to respond depending on what’s going on, they might respond within a few minutes and actually turn your your your payment payment manager back on. Sometimes it takes a few days. Sometimes they never respond. To always remember that you got to come back and do this. Okay, on your accounts now. The thing I want you to I want you to remember also is you’re the boss, okay you’re your own CEO.

So this is something that you have to take: control of. Every day, this has to be something on your list of priorities. What is getting in to your ads and looking at your ads every day, I’ve been running ads on Facebook since 2009. When I that’s, when I first started running ads on Facebook, I’ve been I’ve been running ads on Facebook for Shopify August September 11th will be three years since I’ve been primarily running ads for Shopify.

I’ve run ads for a host of different businesses, different ideas, different things and I hope to share some of these things that I’ve learned with you guys in this group. I know this is mainly about e-commerce, but I hope to actually be able to to explain to you how you can take this advertising information and shift it to anything that you want to do and allow you to be able to. You know have control of your income grow a successful business, take your own idea and take your idea and actually have your idea in making you money without having to go and slave working, for you know an hourly wage, so thanks for reading.

I hope this really helps if you guys know anybody that wants to learn how to do Shopify, we’re already at max for our beta testers for this group, meaning anybody else that wants to join this group they’re going to have to go through a sales page. There’s going to be an entry ticket, it’s going to be very low, mainly for a monthly subscription, really really low, because I want to do that. I want anybody to join, to really pay attention to the information and if sometimes you give people information for free and they don’t really pay any attention, so if they pay, if they pay for it, I I think they’re going to they’re going to better focus on The information – and it allows me to be able to do more for the group – you know, post, live events because I’m going to be putting this funds towards renting a hotel room.

You know help-help the members that come to meet with people in person to help them grow. Their accounts help people advertising it’s kind of like starting a fund to really help people that are in that really want to learn this and breakthrough to be able to do that. So we can all help each other grow, I’m willing to teach this stuff, and anybody. That’s really struggling that wants to learn and wants to take control, don’t be shy.

I mean I’ve invested in my education quite a bit.

Looking for a company that will have your back? Check out the video below:


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Keyword Traffic Research with the Google Keyword Tool

I also want to talk about what kind of traffic you can expect to get for a number one ranking in Google and also where you really should be looking for the majority of your traffic. It does probably not where you think so, as you can see here, I’ve got the the keyword tool page open and we’re going to go ahead and use coffee mugs for this.

For this demo before you do run any queries I suggest clicking. This only show ideas closely related to my search terms, box it’ll, give you much better results out of the gates and I like to search by local monthly search volume to begin with so real briefly, we’ve got all the keywords here. Obviously the competition in the Google ad network lets you know how many people are bidding for this keyword, the global monthly searches and the local monthly searches.

If you’re doing this for e-commerce, you’ll want to focus on the local monthly searches, those will be much more applicable. So the most important thing to understand, and probably the biggest mistake people make when using the keyword tool, is not understanding how match the different match types work and, as you can see, there’s three different types of matches: broad exact and phrase and the keyword tool defaults To broad, so broad match, like the name implies, is going to include pretty much anything related to your search terms, so for coffee mugs.

If somebody typed in what type of coffee should I put into my mugs, that would pop up, you know ignoring the fact. It’s a ridiculous search to begin with, but the two words don’t have to be next to each other. You know the order isn’t as important. I think it might, even if mugs was for some coffee was there that might show up as well. So it’s really going to give you a huge variety of different searches.

So broad, isn’t quite is isn’t real. Accurate. A phrase is much better and phrases going to only return, search, queries that use the phrase. Coffee mugs in that order. It’ll still return some extra things and some extra queries. So, for example, if someone typed in where, where can I buy coffee, mug or I hate coffee, mugs or my wife keeps hitting me with coffee mugs, you know any of those would pop up under you know.

Under phrase match, but it is a little more accurate, but but the best of all these is going to be exact match. An exact match like the name. A prize is only going to is only going to show search, queries or report search volume for the exact search, coffee mugs, and this is going to be usually what what I use and what I recommend using when you’re doing research, because it’s going to filter out A lot of that extraneous information, so we can see down here now: coffee, mugs, we’ve got you know: 12,000 local monthly searches and which is great.

So you might be thinking: oh, hey, 12,000, local monthly searches. If I’m number one for Google I’m going to get. You know I’m going to get almost all of those and as wonderful as that would be that’s just not the case, and the reason is because Google’s gotten more aggressive recently with their advertising here, I’ve got the the Google listings for coffee mugs and you can see Zazzle is, is the number one organic listing or than the number one non paid listing that Google at Google displays, but above them, they’ve got three ads here and you’ve also got this big side bar on the right with a bunch of pictures and paid advertisements, and So there’s a lot of you know, there’s a lot of stuff competing for that number.

One spot that’s paid advertisement, and I can tell you, based on a number of keywords, that my business is ranked number one for that. Based on the results, Google will show you in the keyword tool. You can. Probably you can you can plan on getting about thirty percent of the volume if you rank, if you have a number one ranking and that that’s a little squishy, it could range anywhere from thirty to fifty percent.

But 30 percent tends to be much to be much more accurate in my experience so out of 12,000 local monthly searches. If you have the number one ranking that Zazzle site, it’s probably only seeing four thousand people a month for this. So maybe you don’t just a few over. You know. Maybe one hundred twenty hundred thirty people a day which can be a little a little little depressing, but the good news is you’re not going to get the majority of your traffic from this.

This number one money term is what I refer to it. As you know, kind of your route term, where, where you’re going to get probably 80 to 90 percent of your traffic, is in the long tail of variations of that term. So, for example, we’ve got coffee mugs here, but listed below that. The second second highest volume query is personalized coffee, mugs with 3600 custom, coffee, mugs, travel, coffee, mugs, funny coffee mugs, and these are what I refer to as long tail variations or long tail keywords and they’re.

Just the root keyword, obviously with some additional modifiers on there and the thing that’s great about these long tail keywords is: is one they’re easier to rank for because not as many people are going after them and two they usually convert at a much higher rate than Kind of your primary primary keyword, because they’re more specific and if you serve up a page, that’s optimized for for that term, whether it’s travel, coffee, mug or you know, personalized coffee, mug you’ll be able to get a much higher conversion rate on there.

So this is where you’re going to get 80 to 90 % of your of your your traffic and when you’re researching a niche, be looking for lots of these variations in this coffee mug example. You know, we’ve got you know almost a dozen here with with more than 500 500 search terms, maybe more than that. So look for lots of variations in the long tail and also look for the search, the search phone. You want to make sure that it’s you’re always going to have it drop off.

You’re, never going to have or very infrequently are you’re going to have the long to variations have as much volume as your money or route keyword. But you want to see once you do get into those long to variations. They don’t drop off to significantly, and here there’s you know four coffee, mugs, it’s pretty decent you’ve got thirty. Six hundred twenty-nine hundred you know you’ve got about all looks like six or seven they’re in the thousand range and then we’ve got another dozen.

Probably you know in the four hundred to a thousand range, which is what I would call a deep niche. So that’s that’s a really encouraging sign. So let’s look at a different example: fishfinders I’ll sort, these by local monthly search volume, again we’re on exact match here and you can see fishfinders. It has about 2,400 exact matches per month and then we’ve got. We’ve got a few variations: we’ve got Eagle, fishfinders L’Orange fishfinders hummingbird fishfinders, but you know really only a couple in the just there’s three they’re in the thousand range and then we drop way off to three hundred and two hundred and by the time where a dozen Down or in the 100’s or even you know, ten down around the 100’s.

So this isn’t to say this mark would be awful, but I would I’d be a little leery of the fact that it’s not a deep market, there’s, not a lot of longtail variations, and so, instead of maybe getting you know, you know 80 to 90 % of Your ear keyword, traffic from longtail variations – this might be something where maybe it’s more like 65 to 75 percent. Again, these are ballpark numbers, but you do want to look look for those longtail variations, they’re, indicative of of good markets getting into and and indicative of, the possibility of a lot of your traffic coming from those longtail variations.

So three key takeaways for this article. The first is make sure you’re using phrase or even better exact match to get more precise results when you use the keyword tool. Secondly, just remember that when you are looking at those those money term volumes that you’re only going to get a fraction of those – and that’s even if you’ve got a number one listing in Google. So don’t don’t overestimate how much traffic you’ll get from those and finally make sure you’re.

Looking at how deep a niche is and looking for those longtail keywords, because the more you have of those and the less the volume drops off with those longtail keywords, the better chance, you have it getting a lot of traffic in that niche. It’s also a great strategy to pursue those longtail keywords in terms of SEO and marketing, because you’re going to be able to rank for those more easily will be less competition for them and they’ll convert better.

So if you have any questions about this article or about using the keyword tool in general love to answer them, they’ll do my best too. I just please leave them in the comment section below if you did enjoy this article and are interested in in learning more about niche evaluation, market research, ecommerce and how to start your own business or how to how to do research and improve your existing e-commerce business.

You want to check out my ebook profitable ecommerce, it’s a 55 page, really in-depth guide to to picking an e-commerce niche and starting an e-commerce business. You can get that for free at my website. Ecommerce fuel com, thanks for reading and hope to see your questions in the comments below