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How to create and run successful YouTube and Facebook ads – J.R. Fisher

This is jr. Fisher and I am joined by the beautiful and talented Jessica. We have a incredible session today. It looks like it’s going to be a full house, so you know if you’re logged in you want to stay logged in don’t downsize your window or go surfing around the web. It’s turn everything off.

For you know. 35. 45 minutes we’re going to give you some stuff, that’s going to make you money, and then you can go back to social media and phone calls and all that stuff. Just just turn it off right now, just take a break. If you do log out or get logged out, I will warn you. Somebody else can get your spot, you won’t be able to get back in and that’s not cool. We don’t want that to happen. So I’ll be careful.

I’r trying to reach in with something here. Okay, all right guys, so let’s get started we’re going to be talking about SEO today really cool subject – and you know it was like the thing ten years ago, when I got into it and then social media kind of took over and kind of fell by the Wayside and that’s a shame because if you don’t do this SEO stuff you’re missing out on traffic, you know, can you get on the first page? Well, I’m going to give you an example of that today.

If you can get on the first page or not, and I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done, no BS, it’s live stuff. I actually recorded myself doing it yesterday and I’m going to have it in this session today and then by the end of the session you’re going to know how to do it too. So that’s pretty awesome so how to use SEO to get traffic to your site and by the way I want to make sure betting hear me that was dumb.

Why should I ask that in the very beginning, but tight in that comment section who you are where you’re from what the weather is, what time it is whatever it is just so I know you can hear me here. I don’t want to be talking to just Jessica, though I don’t mind talking to her. The whole idea was to train you guys so just type in that section there, the comments section this is private. To understand that all your comments are going to be anonymous.

I’ve turned it off, so it’s not public so that people can ask whatever they want and just type in their your name where you’re from I see Wow looks like Bob. I think that says Bob from Arkansas, I see Tina in New York City. It looks like Omar is in Singapore, God, shin-chan ear, can’t quite pronounce that looks like in the UK Jessica who do you see on your side Kevin? What’s going on buddy in LA you’re, not far from me, I’m in San, Diego, hey Scotty! What’s up bud, I see you out there a lot good to see you, man Linda in Sarasota Florida.

My daughter lives down there. Now she lives in Tampa a matter of fact. She’s going to have. She got pregnant and she’s already got a two-year-old and she is pregnant with twins how about that guys? She’s got twins on the way she already had one kid she’s going to add two more to it. My dogs going crazy here, her doorbell just went off and she knows the ring doorbell, so she’s going crazy over that all right.

So let’s jump right into this and see what we got going on. Okay, what is SEO? Let’s define it first, so we can kind of see what SEO is all about, and you know why we do this stuff. I mean, what’s the point in even doing it right, so SEO is defined as search engine optimization. Well, what does that mean? It’s the process of getting traffic from the free or organic or editorial or natural search results on search engines.

So, basically, when somebody types something into a search engine, the results that come back are pages that have SEO done to them, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that today, we’re going to use a wordpress site as an example, but you know we Do it in magenta, oh and you can do it in Shopify or wherever you, but first I. What I would like to do is I want to go through the best practices and we’re going to start with titles.

Now the title when you type into the search engine will show this to you in a second, but the title is the first thing you see in them below that’s the description on your titles. We want to make sure your title should be written like this. It should be like the primary keywords and then secondary keywords, matter of fact, my wife’s doing a blog now on YouTube, and we were just discussing that she’s going to have her primary keywords and then your secondary keywords, and then, after that you can put the brand.

You could put your name if somebody’s searching for you on YouTube. You know you can put your name and then that way, your articles, your blog, will come up. You want to avoid duplicates. Duplicates, will not be any good it used to be years ago. You could put like you know: hot rod, cars, hot rod, cars, hot rod, cars and the more times it appeared. Then the search engines would make it come to the top and now what they do.

Is they penalize you for that? So you don’t want to put duplicates in there, okay duplicates or a no. No, it should be between 55 and 60 characters. This has been going around for years. Some people say 70, some people say 59, but I say 55 to 60 would be a safe one and then below that you’re going to have your descriptions and your best practices for descriptions are number one. Your description should be compelling and interesting.

So your your description really is a. I guess. It’s like a way of selling them to click on that site. It should say something that’s going to make them want to click on the site. You want to once again avoid duplicates. Duplicates no longer. Do you any good, just put it in there one time now that doesn’t mean that you can’t have you know hot rod, cars in your title and a hot rod, cars in your description.

You can do that, and that is advisable, but you don’t want to have like hot rod, cars. You know several times in your description: that’s not what you’re going for it should be between 155 and that should say 160. It says 60 155 in 160 characters including spaces and do not use any quotations or anything that is non alpha characters Google’s gotten really sensitive. To this I mean I ran an ad the other day and I had capitalized a word and that had got disapproved because I capitalize the whole word.

They they won’t. Even let you do that so don’t mess around with any of that. He won’t even show, and in some cases they won’t bring back your page because of that, so you don’t want to do that. You can’t you can’t game it anymore, that’s all over with all right. So what we’re going to do now is I’ve recorded me going in here doing some of this and showing you some of this, so I’m going to start that now we’re going to have a question-and-answer in the end.

So in the meantime, if you want to type in your comments and your questions, you can do so in that comment. Section Jessica – and I is going to be monitoring that, but let’s jump right in here and take a look at what all this stuff is. Okay, so let’s talk about what these meta titles are and meta descriptions are. These are things that you’re actually putting into your website on the back end, and I’m going to show you how to do that in just a second.

But what I want to do is I want to point them out to you in a Google search, so you can see what they look like. So if I wanted what would somebody search for best barbecue rib recipe? So obviously, if I type this in that’s what I want, I want that to come back as a search result. So immediately you can see recipes and if you notice these ones here, food network’s got – and this is pickle – this one right here – okay.

So this is one of the first results here, best barbecue ribs and it looks like there’s a article because they do give preference to articles. So this is obviously a recipe of barbecue ribs, but I want to look at how they optimized it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go in here, we’re going to view the page source and we’re going to search it by hitting ctrl F and we’re going to do title.

Okay and let’s see what we’ve got here, we may have to get a lot of titles in here 147, but I want to find the title for those are all header titles there. It is so here’s the title best, barbecue ribs ever recipe and if you notice I typed in best barbecue ribs, this is Katie Lee Food Network title, so it it really work. Well, let me do description real quick, so I can kind of show you and I can’t type alright it.

Let’s get to the actual description there. It is description, meta name, description’ content get best, BBQ ribs ever recipe from Food Network. Okay, so you know they’ve really. Optimized this well, and if I go back here when I look at that results, it says best BBQ ribs ever recipe Katie Lee Food Network. So if you look at this right here guys, this is the meta title here: okay, now they’ve actually got their recipes showing up because I got picked, but the description comes just below it here.

So, in this case here you’ve got the actual title they throw in the website right below it, so you can see where you’re going now they didn’t used to do that and you can see most of the most of the recipe time is relaxing all the ribs. Follow along so what what this is is. This is your meta title. This is your description. This is your meta title. This is your description in all these cases here. So that’s what you have to optimize for now: let’s move on and actually look at one of our web pages, so you can see how we have optimized it for our survival fav food brand, okay guys! So here I am at Google and you know.

Obviously, we want our products to come up when people search for them, but we don’t want to optimize to general. So I’m going to give you a couple of examples here, at least so can meats that are for survival purposes primarily now, some people will actually buy our canned meats and they’re not buying up that, but because they’re just good quality and they eat them. Let me give you an example: so I’m going to type in canned meat, okay and we’re going to see what we get now, if I just type in canned meat you’re going to see that you know we don’t show up anywhere in here.

Okay, because we’re not optimized for canned meat or optimized for survival, so if I put can meet survival, so you see what we get ah number one result here is our product there. It is on Amazon, so we got three million six hundred thousand results. So that’s something it’s pretty hard to get at the top of the list for that, but let’s see how what we did there. We are at Amazon, okay, so we’re not freeze-dried and we can click on it there and go to that product and sure enough.

There’s our product, so we are on the first page of Google, so let’s look down a little bit further. Look at this. The the next thing I see is one of our retailers here this is survival warehouse and they sell our products and there’s our products. Ok, very good, so let’s look a little further and then we’re in here. We are the third result out of three million six hundred thousand, and if you go to our link there, that’s our web page you’re, going to find there.

We are there’s our candies and that is literally the category on our website that we’ve optimized now the way you can tell this is I’m going to go into the source code view page source code and I’m going to actually let you see how we’ve optimized this So the way you go about this is you go into the source code. I know there’s a lot of jumbled bunch of coding stuff in here and I’m not into lists either, but they did have to learn it so on a keyboard of an apple, it’s command.

F – and it brings up this little search here and I think it’s ctrl on Windows – I haven’t used Windows in 70 years, so I couldn’t tell you, but the first thing we’re going to do. Is we look for title okay? So when I type in title here and I hit enter it’s going to pull up the title when I type in title here is going to pull up the title now, if you notice on here the title is canned meats. Okay, so that’s pretty you know.

That’s pretty on for that and the reasons canned meats is because that is that category, so that short title actually got me there. Now, if you look below title you’re going to see description, best, survival, food storage, best camping food and supplies, and that’s right there, so you can see that and you can actually search this. If you want to do description – and you could do it that way too and use the description because the next one here we go there, we go.

That’s the first one. We had their best survival food storage, so we can see that that is actually working for us, which is pretty cool. Now, let’s try something else. Let’s go back and let’s say we were looking for it particular say: we wan na can need survival chicken, let’s say because we do chicken, pork, beef, turkey and ground beef and look at that chicken. So ours comes up number one and that’s out of eight million results.

Amazon’s got this first spot in the second spot. Survival warehouse looks like this other guy here, so I will sell it on. We have a lot of retailers and then we’re right here so we’re on the first page here and we’re on the first page here now. If you look at this, it says mixed case full case 12 cans hundred and eight servings quick overview mixed case can meet food storage. 28. Ounce cans includes three beef, chicken, turkey, okay and then down.

Here it’s got chicken beef turkey. So we pretty much own. This page here, if they’re searching for any type of canned meat, let’s change this to pork, see what we get, and it looks like this guy here to the article on our product here and if we scroll down there Amazon. It’s got one case here: let’s see, if that’s us and sure enough, it is us, there’s our product and let’s see what else we can find here: amazon canned meats, there’s a mixed variety.

That is us, that’s our sample pack and if we go back one more time, I just want to see how were ranking on this page you’re going to. I want to show you that this stuff actually works. If you do it properly survival Sullivan’s there and he sells our products and there we are again canned pork, food storage, survival, K. Food y-serve allocate food for survival, cave canned, food storage meat, each of our invisible trunk table.

So that was a little too long of a description there, but, as you can see, we pretty much on this page here, so this stuff does work if you put it in correctly. Okay, so now that we’ve shown you some of the search results you can get by, you know going to Google and all that the next important thing is how the heck do you do it? I mean how do you put these titles and these descriptions and all this stuff, then what do you use now? What I’ve done is I’ve logged into one of my wordpress websites? This is one where you know I sell courses and training and that type of thing – and it has a blog on it – article blog, actually and actually there’s some written blogs in here too.

But what I want to do is I want to show you exactly how to put this stuff in and exactly how you should go about it. So you get the kind of results we get now. The first thing you’re going to need to do is you’re going to need to go over here to plugins and I’m going to click on plugins, and it’s going to show all my plugins. I want to show you the SEO plug-in that we use. So let me scroll on down here and here it is right here it’s called SEO ultimate, so you can search SEO ultimate when you’re installing plugins, and let me show you how to do that real quick here.

If I wanted to add a new one, I would just go here and then what I’m going to do is type in SEO ultimate and it should locate that thing for me, alrighty, so a whole bunch in here guys. So you want to make sure you get the right one, because, oh my goodness, you get the wrong thing. It’s not good! Okay, I will find it there. It is SEO ultimate. This is the one we have here. This one here is kind of an older one, but it works well for us, we use it.

It is free. There are more out there that you know cost you money or that you know aren’t free. So you know you can pick what everyone that’s the one. We have in here it doesn’t holder one so anyhow, what we’ve done is we’ve installed it and if we go to our plugins right here once again, I showed you where it was at you scroll down here, one more time get down there. I go past it. If I knew my alphabet, that would probably be a lot easier, so there it is SEO ultimate and we probably should change this one to a newer one, because this hasn’t been updated in a long time.

But it’s working so we’re not going to worry about it. Right now, so the next thing we’re going to do is we need to optimize something. So I’m going to come over here to my posts and let’s see here what we’ve got for post, I’m going to go all post and I’m going to pick this first one here a best way to make money from home. So we’re going to pick on this one here, so we click on that one now, when you’ve installed this plug-in, it’s going to give you this area right down here, which is your search engine listing.

So this particular one here is called. What are we talking about here? We are talking about best ways to make money at home. So what I do is I go to another tool I have now. I have a program called tube buddy installed on my youtube blog and it’s really cool, because what it does is it not only lets you know what the big searches are, because a lot of people say well. I want to get the search terms that have big searches.

That’s all I care about is big searches, but that’s not necessarily going to help you out. You need something, that’s more weighted, because what you want is you want something that has search term that doesn’t have a whole lot of competition so to buddy lets you do all that together. So if I click on to buddy here and I go to keyword Explorer, so I can type in here basically what my title was best way to make money from home, okay and then I hit enter now what it says.

This is actually a poor search term, because why the competition competition is so great. So what we want to do is you could do little things in here. You could put best ways, you know and that’s going to change it a little bit, not didn’t change it at all. Actually, you could change money to income. Ah, look what that idea that took it from a five to a thirty five, because it looks at all these weights here.

So we may want to change that whole thing to best way, best ways to make money or make income from home or from working at home as soon as that does see, we were at a thirty five right now with some of this proves it too. That’s a seven, so we don’t want that. Okay, we just want at home that’s much better and you could just try little things like we could try at home. So let me try at home, which is poor, so we were to go back to from and we’re at thirty five.

Thirty fives, not bad. You know, that’s that’s fair! They’re, saying that’s fair! I mean ideally you’d like to be in the green over here, but you can’t always do that and we could also change income to cash, see what that does poor again. So it’s income income is our term, so we’ve got that pretty much optimized now so we know that’s the term we want. So then we’re going to go back over to our wordpress whoops and get back to the right page.

Here we go back to our blog here and we’re going to type that in as our title, okay best ways to make money from home – and I may put in here simple steps because understand this – is what somebody’s going to see oops. This is what somebody’s going to see when they’re searching – and this comes up so we want them to read that and go yeah. That’s for me. So let me just clear this up like this best, okay, now down here in the description now, if you notice, I got forty nine characters.

I should and will put more up here, but I said let me do that right now: simple steps, anyone and okay. So now I’m in 63, so you want to get as close to the 70 as possible, not go over it. The reason you don’t want to go over is because it won’t show there’s no point so you’re typing in words for no reason nobody’s going to see them. So here we may put in here learn you can see. I can’t type. I still can’t that’s my big thing.

I could never type the simple and easy ways to make money and a large, and I can be a little bit more wordy here. Income from home, okay and I’ve got 81 characters. Follow these steps to instant success and I’m at 120 Kip, the secrets will say now: Oh one over looking at one over. So what could I do? I could change this to an and symbol that puts me at 139, so you can see what I’ve done here and I’m going to copy this here, I’m going to change the title of this particular.

You know that there and I’m going to probably change so I’m going to change this right here, two best ways to make income from home, simple steps. Anyone can do and the reason being is: that’s that’s more optimized, okay. So I’m going to go ahead and update this now and I’m going to show you how to actually updates live. Now you remember, we just now typed in this title and we typed in this description, so we’re going to actually go to the page now, and this is the actual page or this particular article resides and I’m going to open up the page source and I’m going To look for the title, which is command F and put title in there and, as you can see, it’s already there best ways to make income from home simple steps anyone can do.

This is what Google is looking for. So let me do description here and now and there’s my description. Learn the simple steps and easy ways who this is top. So we want to correct that to make money, and then this ampere sign is going to come up here and that that’ll say and a large income. This is just the way the coding does this. So let me go ahead and fix that thing. It’s always a good idea to go back and check what you typed, especially if you can’t type like me, so I’m going to go down here and says the top and it should say to here we go and don’t forget you always want to click.

This update right here too and don’t forget to put in your categories here, and I have a bunch of different categories here, so I’m going to also add this a couple different categories, I’m going to add it to let’s see here, lifestyle and online business. I think those fit pretty well I’m going to update then now every website is going to be different. As far as where you’re going to put this, you know, Shopify has their spot.

WordPress you’ve got to do a plug in and put in their spot. We have a Magento site, also in a Magento site, its built into it. So you know they have a spot for you to put in your meta titles and tags, but guys this is so important if you’re, if you’re posting stuff online and you’re failing – and I mean you are failing – you are failing to put in the the title and Description – and I just noticed one other thing – that’s 142 characters, that’s 140 and I said you’ll waste them.

So look at that. The good path learn the secrets. 135. Now we’re good. But if you’re not putting these titles description, there nobody’s ever going to find it just not the only way they would ever find. It is if you gave them the link and they went to it so you’re never going to be able to get additional people to your website, because it’s not searchable, you know, Google doesn’t have a way to show them a result.

If there is no result, it’s just it can’t be done now. You saw them instantly. These meta tags and descriptions were on my site and that’s great, it won’t instantly be on Google. The page has to actually get indexed, the spiders have to crawl it. They have to find it and it takes time, so you want to get these on your web pages as soon as possible, because this is the way that you’re going to be able to build your audiences through doing things just like this.

Okay guys, this is our obviously inner circle call now every now and then I will invite you know a few people in our call that are not inner circle members and you are welcome to ask questions. Also. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t ask questions if you’re not an inner circle, member though the audience is 95 % inner circle people. So if you’re in our inner circle you get access, obviously to all my courses, you get you know some one-on-one coaching.

You can submit stuff to me when I’ll show you what, but more importantly, you’re more likely to succeed. I mean, if you think about it, I’ve sold stuff online and I share the information with you of what works. So obviously, that’s going to help you plus the fact that you’re around all these other people that are doing the same thing and it’s just it’s a really good circle of people. So you know you want to check out junior inner circle, dot-com /and role, there’s a free article there.

It will tell you about the inner circle. What it contains, what you get you get 46 thousand dollars worth of free training and software in there. Then you have access to all this. That’s pretty amazing, just really for a few hundred bucks. So you really ought to check that out. If you’re, not a member and you’ve been sitting back and you’ve been thinking. Oh, my gosh, you know at some point I’m going to do that.

I’r sorry! This is the time really! You know if you keep waiting. What it’s doing is the money that you would be earning you’re losing every single month at this point because you’re just waiting, you know so don’t wait. Let’s move on here a little bit. I do want to go over which you can submit inner circle. You can submit ads landing pages sites, products, pricing, funnels any of your email subject, lines and the ideas, frustrations, failures, successes all these things can be submitted to us and we can help you out with them.

We actually have forms where you actually fill out. Those forms and submit that stuff, so that’s pretty cool. You can do that. That’s all part of the inner circle, of course, if you’re not part of the inner circle, you can’t do that. But if you are you’ll have access to that the best software I recommend to anybody out there is Cara. I do have a affiliate link here on the screen. I would highly suggest if you’re starting your business, to start with cart row.

I don’t get much from them if somebody buys it or anything like that, but I just know it’s going to be it’s it’s just so much easier for you because it’s like eight softwares and one you don’t have to buy membership sites. You don’t have to buy email providers, you don’t buy sales pages or funnel pages or click funnels or any of that stuff. It’s all built into Karcher. So I do recommend it and you know, like I said you get a one dollar free trial at bi, t dot, ly forward, slash cartridge upper case junior, so that’s my little commercial for Carter, but they’re really good.

I build all my stuff in there. So, let’s get into some questions now I know Jessica said there was a couple people already posting questions, I’m not going to be able to get to everybody’s question guys if you’re in the inner circle. Obviously, you can submit it to me and I’ll still answer you guys if you’re not in the inner circle, you will have to put it in that comment section there. Nobody sees your questions.

This is all anonymous. We have tons of questions in there right now. I know you can’t see them, that’s because the block, so you can’t see them but Jessica. Can you hit me with a couple of those questions? What we’ve got going on? Okay, that’s another tool. I have called keywords everywhere. You can google keywords everywhere. It’s a free! Google extension and what it does is it will let you know the amount of traffic.

That’s searching those keywords and it gives you suggestions and it tells you the cost of buying those keywords. If you’re running Google Ads that’s a great tool, I use it all the time. I love it because I’ll start typing something in and I think it’s like the best and then it’ll do a drop-down it’ll show you there’s a whole lot better so and what it’s based on is it’s based on actual searches on Google.

So it’s not like them. Saying this might be good, it’s literally what people have already searched for so I’ll. Let you know that so that’s keywords everywhere: free google extension. I highly recommend it. Okay, I’m sorry about that. So when we do the page source we’re going to control and then click right click, and when we do that, that’s on a Mac, control, right click and what that will do is it brings up a little box.

And let me actually show you that Christine you know one second hang on hang on, hang on, that’s not the window! I want. We just want a Google window, don’t we so go to this one here and we’ll type in I don’t know groceries. Okay, so we’re going to pull up some pages here and let me find a page that is actually a really real grocery store. Mmm, it’s heard of integral grocery store. Think about three pages in here: okay, groceries, apparel! The heck is that every dollar I’m able to pull up this page here, so this is a web page for it to have shown up in any search results.

I already know it has a meta title and, as I meta tag, if I control right click it this little box comes up here. You say that box and you have choices here. Reload save as print cast translate to English. I think it is analyze this page or view page source, that’s the one you want when I click on that. That’s going to open another tab next to it, and it’s going to bring up this page here, which is all but just stuff 1, and then what I do is I hit command, F, 1 Apple and I’ll put entitled okay, and if you notice below that it Just pulled up this here title lesson: 1: how to save $ 100 or more to grocery store title.

Ok below that. It’s got description at the end of the month, despite the lack of food and frig the grocery budget, blah blah blah blah blah. So if you notice that information is going to be, where is it in the search results exactly this right here lesson one had to say so what they’ve done is they’ve gone in there and they put in the title like I said, and then they here’s their Description right here and they’ve optimized, this pretty well, you know they got on.

I think the third page, something like that. So that’s all there is to that simple, simple, simple, good question: a really good question, because I didn’t know that it’ll be any unfamiliar all right. Let’s get back to Shaq here, Shaq wants to dance for you guys and so does the kitty can what else you got there Jessica? You know. Tags are a funny thing there it’s been going around for years. I think you should do him.

There was some talk that Google wasn’t using tags anymore, because people were overloading him, so they didn’t do it, but some of the search engines do – and I didn’t know everything you’re right Sean, but I would I would recommend, having your tags in there yeah. I think it’s a good thing. I have a tool called tube buddy and man they’re really important on YouTube. So yeah I would add tags. Definitely, yes, backlinks are another thing altogether and I could do a whole.

You know a training session on that and I might but we’re just covering the SEO today, and what Sean is talking about. Byuk links is where you know: you’ll have an article in another page, that’s related to yours and there’ll be a link, and when somebody clicks on it it comes over to your page or vice versa. You know you can have back links to other people’s page with your page. So that’s what a backlink is, and you know when you get into backlinks.

I don’t want to get too much on a tangent here, but when you get into backlinks they have to do with how related it is the authority of that page, in other words, how? Well, it’s trust if it was like a government page or something like that, then it’s going to have higher authority how many of these backlinks you have so just there’s a whole lot of training going on on that, but yeah backlinks is another way that you can Do you know, search engine Linda’s sizes is really good techniques and tools that work and are essential things well.

Thank you so much Linda. I appreciate that very much. Yes, it’s it’s good stuff and it actually does work, as I showed you with our page, we’re on number one out of eight million, so we did okay. Next, what do you do on Windows? What do you mean? What do you do? Do you want to Google? It for you get, you know any of these things. You could pretty much Google, you know, I think it’s command or couldn’t know it’s command on Apple, I’m not quite sure what it is on Windows.

Jessica’s checking that for you right now. I have another person in here saying: do we have to do SEO? No, you do not. It is not necessary. If you don’t want free traffic, you do not need to do SEO and somebody else is Bob saying it’s very time consuming. It is, but it’s there forever so once you’ve done it, you’ve done it. You know, and if you’ve got like three or four hundred pages, I get that that can be kind of daunting.

But what you want to do is, you know, like I told Jessica, I’m sure, she’s doing everyday working on our site. You know she does a few pages every single day and this gets in there and does a title. Does a description and it moves on through day, so you don’t you Ori. If you’ve got a whole weekend, you could just sit down and do your whole site. You know and just get it done and remember every time you add a page to SEO it and if you notice, like we had even SEO to our blog or excuse me, our blog, our categories, so that when we searched you know canned meat survival, it pulled Up our category of KM meats, so it’s not just the actual product page! You want also SEO.

You know your your categories of stuff on your page, that’s super important and Jessica, probably at time for one or two more questions over there. Oh you’re, trying to find have some fun view page source windows, okay, she’s. Looking for that, all right guys, I’m probably going to wind this down, and I really appreciate you guys showing up. I appreciate you being here. If you haven’t joined the inner circle, I highly recommend it if you want to move forward much faster, its Junior inner circle, comm /and role, in addition to that, if you’re, not a member of the art of e-commerce success Jessica, can you put the link to the Art of e-commerce success, that is, my Facebook group, if you’re, not a member of it, she’s going to put that in there.

I also have a book that shows you how to find products to sell online and if she would put that in that comment section also, that would be awesome so that you guys have that, and I think I could be wrong. I think that’s junior fisher book good night back on junior fisher book.Com. So that’s that’s a pretty cool thing. I also am working a lot on my youtube blog now. I would really appreciate, if you guys, and i’m going to downsize this for one second here, to find my youtube blog and I’d really appreciate it.

If you guys would subscribe to that blog. That would mean a lot to me. So let me tell you what that blog is and plus and plus and plus you’re, going to get a bunch of cool articles that you can read, which is a nice thing right and there’s my blog right there and we’ve got a little over two thousand subscribers To this blog already, so I’m going to put this link in our stuff here so that you guys can see, or can I put it in there? Oh, yes, messages! We get this in here, guys, one second, so there’s the link to my youtube blog.

If you would, if you would please go to that, I would really appreciate that, and you know subscribe to that blog like it read some articles just go through and binge this week and turn off Netflix and binge read my blog there’s a lot of good training. There and Netflix is going to take your money in my articles, are going to show you how to make money so just go. Do it go, do it go, do it important stuff, hey guys, I appreciate you showing up today it’s been an awesome day and I hope you have a great weekend if you’ve got spare time this weekend, a little work into your business don’t sit around all weekend.

The weekends are where your business is going to be made if you’re working a job during the week Jessica. You got the kind words or words of encouragement to these folks. Well so, on a PC you right-click ticket. What a PC you right! Click, ok, ctrl, F! Christine is how you actually pull up that search box, control, control, control, control. Alright, just got any cool words for the weekend. That’s going to motivate them and change their lives.

She started a new YouTube blog, a DIY blog. She also has what is she? What is your blog for pet parenting, which is teaching you add up the older pet and you going to put that in the comments too yeah yeah she’s, going to put that in there check that out. If you’ve got a pet she’s, an awesome awesome, awesome, dog trainer she’s got a really good group on Facebook. You can also join and what’s that group called the art of pet parenting, so you may want to check that out the art of pet guarantee.

You want to see some a Jessica stuff, she’s, pretty amazing, there’s some really cool stuff out there. I think you guys would enjoy it and she’s going to put those links in there and we’re still trying to figure out our lunch. We have not figured out our lunch yet heavily. We’ve got to figure that out she wants to go to a chain place. I don’t know, I don’t know, that’s a tough one man. We had we’re in San Diego with all these great restaurants.

You go to a chain place, that’s really tough! I think I think so what are your words of encouragement outside of head on over to your new blog head on over to your stuff? No, not an ad but words of encouragement, practice, patience, practice, common patience and you know that’s really good. I read the other day: people like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, and these people we were just just incredibly successful, the one trait that they all have.

Is they don’t get bugged over things? Do little things bug you to little things get underneath your skin do little things irritate you if so you’re preventing your own success. Imagine if you didn’t, let things bother you how much you would move forward and I can’t count how many times I’ve been working on something for a half-hour hour to three hours and I lose it and I used to get really mad about it.

And now I’m like yeah, I lost it, got to go back, got ta start again and if you can work on that attitude and it doesn’t come easy for anybody, don’t come easy for me. You know I get irritated, but if you can develop that – and you can work on that, that is one trait that is, you know almost found in all these super successful people. Is they don’t flip out? They just you know they go well. Okay, move on next, so that’s what you got to really do to be really successful, which god I got it got to develop that attitude.

So I would say: do that this weekend, important stuff, good advice, Jessica! Alright, you guys have a great weekend and we’ll talk to you real soon. You don’t think about my guys. Talk to you later, hey thanks for reading my article, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and click that little bell right there. So you can be notified every time. I do a new article also click on one of those articles.

There keep reading on my blog


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๐Ÿ“ก๐Ÿ“ฒ๐Ÿ’ปDigital Marketing course for beginners – Part 1 of 4

That’s where the money is. That’s where the money is because that’s where the economy is going right now in this article, I’m going to share with you some digital marketing skills. Okay, there are four of these articles. They all go together. I want you to read all over this part. 1 part 2, part 3 and part 4, and it’s going to walk you through all.

You need to know for doing digital marketing courses. Okay. So this is a great setup, you’re really going to like it’s easy to follow but make sure you go through the entire four article series. This is article 1. Don’t forget: there’s 2 3 & 4. Now, let’s get going so you can make some money online. Hey! I’r jr. Fish I’ve been selling online since 2009. I’ve sold millions of dollars of both digital and physical products, and this is your blog.

Yes, it is because I make these articles to help you out to help. You start run and grow online businesses don’t forget to subscribe. There hit that subscribe button. Next to it. The Bell hit the bell ring the bell. Why? Well, because that way, I cannotify you every single time. I do a article you don’t miss out on a single thing: you’re notified you’re special, your VIP you’re part of the Fisher family.

You know you want that. Alright, let’s get going here. Let’s talk about digital marketing and this is really going to make it so simple for you so easy for you you’re going to get it. So, let’s get going ciao digital marketing. Really it’s just a new fancy buzzword! Ok! This has been going on for a long time. How long you say? Well, you know, I guess it’s since the 90s – maybe the 1990s nope I’m going to go back even further, like I’m going to go back real far like over a hundred years ago, digital marketing and you’re saying wait.

Junior there was no internet, I’m aware, but let me talk to you about something yeah, I’m going to put up on the screen, the first digital marketer in history. You know who this guy is. Do you recognize him? His name is Mark honey. I was going to try to pronounce his first name. I just not good at that white mark honey yeah. In 1896 he was the first human to demonstrate a public transmission of a wireless signal.

This dude he invented the radio now as soon as he did. This, of course everybody started doing it. They all started figured out. They started doing Morse code signals. Now it took another 10 years for the radio to really reach the general public, but it didn’t take long for the creators to figure out. They could use it to sell stuff. The first live broadcast was from an opera performance at the Met.

Now guess what happened right after that people bought tickets, digital marketing and digital marketing was born now they didn’t call it that back then, but that’s certainly what it was now, but you’re a little bit surprised. I didn’t mention cell phones, I didn’t mention Facebook ads or Google ads or u2 ads or any of that stuff, because digital marketing has nothing to do with the internet. If you’re, if you’re wondering what digital marketing really is, it’s just advertising.

That’s delivered through a digital blog, that’s it it’s that simple! Now, certainly you know social media and mobile applications and YouTube, and Facebook and Twitter are all digital platforms, but that isn’t what defines digital marketing? Basically you could you could narrow it down to digital marketing? Is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices? Now get a ask yourself, a question: why is digital marketing so important? Why is it so important you remember billboards those things alongside the highway? I do.

Does anybody look at those anymore? I don’t think they do, I remember being on car trips as a kid with my family and we would drive down to Florida. We had a camper and we would try to find someplace to eat and when we were trying to find someplace to eat. My dad would say to me we’ll check for billboards and we’ll see what’s coming up, and that was the way we got our information. You know once I saw a billboard for McDonald’s, but I saw a billboard for Stuckey’s or whatever it was, or a barbecue joint I’d say: oh look, four miles, there’s going to be a barbecue place and then there’d be another billboard.

It would say three miles. Barbecue place and then it would say, a half a mile barbecue place and we knew to get off at that exit nowadays. What do we do? We grab our phone, we go to Yelp, we go to Google, we type in restaurants. We finally closest places around and we go there. Do those billboards persuade us to do anything anymore? I don’t think so. I don’t think anybody’s looking at him, because most of people drive down the interest rate, although they’re not supposed to be are looking at their phones.

They’re, actually looking at their phones, I mean, if you just stand by an interstate and read people drive by you’ll, find a lot of people looking at their phone. Now, it’s dangerous you shouldn’t. Do it bad thing to do, but I promise you they’re not looking at billboards and even if they do think about this guy’s, if they see a billboard and they go okay, there’s a McDonald’s at the next intersection, I’m going to go there.

How does McDonald’s know that that billboard worked? They don’t is the answer so they’re not effective either. Now the truth is they’re still billboards out there and they’re, probably all around your house – and I bet you don’t even know what they say, because you don’t look at them, but there’s still people wasting money on billboards. Amazing. In some studies it’s been proven that 94 % of the people driving down the road are on their cellphone dangerous.

Now it’s going to get worse and I’ll. Tell you why it’s going to get worse because we’re going to have self-driving cars, you know, Elon Musk is working on this now, and some of these cars are actually on the roads right now and they’re going to get more and more intuitive. I think they’re really going to make the road safer, because I’ve seen how some people driving just my neighborhood but they’re, going to be out there.

So if the car is going to be doing more of the task for you, I guarantee you that those people’s attention is going to be elsewhere and it’s not going to be on the road. It’s not going to be on the billboards. That’s for sure. So what does this mean for you? This means that you need to learn digital marketing, there’s a huge market there guys and a lot of people are going to say. I just don’t understand that.

I don’t know it, but somebody like you is going to learn it. You’re going to read my articles you’re going to learn how to do this stuff you’re going to make money. Now I’ve been to a lot of meetings and the internet has really changed lives. It really has – and I know, there’s there’s some people. I talked to that. It hasn’t changed their lives and it’s a shame because they’ll say well, I’m not into all that technical stuff, I’m not online, I’m not on Facebook.

I don’t put my credit card online. I don’t do any of that, and it’s really just sheer ignorance, because technology is here to help you. Okay, if you don’t use technology, you have a decided disadvantage over the rest of the world because it automates things for them. You may not like certain things about it. I know I’ve had a lot of customers that are survival, food come and say. Well, I don’t want to put my credit card on online.

I’d rather call you, so they call us and I go online and I put their credit card because that’s how we have to do it. Your credit card is going online. You’ve got to understand that your credit cards going online, okay and what’s more dangerous, putting it online on a secure site like ours or handing it to a waitress in arrest, stron, and let them see your credit card numbers where they could jot down everything and use It within the next hour I mean they literally, could guys.

So if you’re handing out your credit card number to strangers in a restaurant, why would you not put it online on a secure site where nobody can see it? It just makes no sense to me. So this technology thing this digital marketing thing is an opportunity for you to make a tremendous amount of money. If you are the early adopters, okay and you may say: well, it’s too late, there’s already people to know how to do that.

There’s not enough people that know how to do that. Trust me. If I talked to friends and family members, I would bet 99 % of them. Don’t know what I know about it and ten years ago I didn’t know that I just learned it, so you can too so follow-through. I want you to go through all four of these articles. The next article I’m going to cover the skills that you’re going to need the things that you’re going to need to learn.

You know honestly. Internet marketing, digital marketing is the reason that there are 25 year old people who can sit on their couch in their living room and make two million dollars a year. Yeah there’s people doing that. Okay and if you’re not looking at that going. Why not me, then? You’re missing the boat and I don’t care how old you are. I don’t care if you’re 18, I don’t care if you’re 80. Anybody can learn this stuff guys it’s not that hard.

It’s just the fear of not knowing just just dive in read all four of these articles. Four in a row, this is the first one there’s going to be three more and I’m going to jump into the skills you’re going to need in the next one and you’re going to love us you’re, going to come out of this you’re going to be motivated. You’re going to want to do this stuff, you couldn’t want to make money. I really appreciate you listening to this article, don’t forget to subscribe.

There’s a big subscribe button down. There, don’t miss it! Okay, so I hope I’ve got you convinced in this article. I hope I’ve got you convinced to want to learn if I can get you convinced in this article, the other three articles going to be really easy, because it’s going to be all the knowledge that you need simple right. I really appreciate you reading this article. Don’t forget to subscribe hit that big subscribe button down there and they’ll they’ll notification really important if you subscribe and you don’t turn on the bell and turn on all notifications, it won’t let you know that I’ve done a article and you’re going to miss out you’re Going to miss this stuff, I don’t want to see you miss it.

Okay, guys you’ll be part of the VIP group, the Fisher family. Okay, don’t forget to put comments. Like I said in the beginning of this article, this blog is not my blog. I don’t own it, okay, you do you put comments there. You tell me what you want to see articles made on and then I do it. So you actually control the direction of this blog. With your comments, if you don’t comment, I don’t know, and you don’t get what you want.

I want that to happen. That’s not good! Thank you. So much for listening, don’t forget to give me a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you don’t like it, either way. Put a comment down there. Let me know what you’re working on and I will see you in the next article


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How to Buy Emails for Your Email List โœ‰

How do you do that? One way that a lot of articles out there will tell you to do it is to go. Ask your family and your friends to join your list. That’s fine! If that’s the way you want to do it, but most of the time they will be on your list just to make you feel good about numbers.

How would you like to put emails on your list with potential prospects, so I’m going to show you how to do that today? Yes, it is a way of purchasing them, but it’s not just purchasing a list of names. There is these people will opt in to your email list according to what you have to offer and I’ll show you that today, first of all, before we get started, my name is Vanessa D Brule, and on my blog I will help you to earn money.

Save time and find balance in the process today, we’re going to talk about buying email addresses, so you can start building your email list and start making some money first before we start with that, I want to go over the email list just to make sure you Understand what it is and why it’s so important – and I keep on emphasizing this because I heard about email lists when I first started my business and I was one of those people that sat back and said I don’t need that.

I don’t need to do that. I don’t want to send emails to people I just don’t want to, and it wasn’t until I was probably too long before I start at my list and realized. That was a big mistake not to do even though I kept hearing how important it was. So I’m going to tell you again how important this is: it’s probably the most important part of your business. Let’s go over how you build it and then we’ll talk about why it’s so important and then I’ll show you how you can build it by buying some addresses all right.

First of all, you have a free thing that you’re going to offer a lot of times. People will offer a checklist or a PDF or an e-book a course. I think courses are one of the best things that you can offer that I notice I get most of my results from offering free courses, so the bigger that free thing is the better, and this is why it needs to be bigger, because the online marketing industry Is becoming more competitive and I’m not saying don’t do it, but you got ta out, give everybody else so think of it.

That way, what can I give that’s better than what so-and-so is giving so people will click my link instead, when you offer that free thing you’re offering it on your platform, my platform is youtube. That’s my number one platform, so I usually offer my free thing in my links on my YouTube chat: YouTube articles not every time, but probably a good percentage of the time if you’re using Facebook Instagram whatever that other platform is that you’re using that’s how you bring Traffic into the free thing now you’re going to have them land on a landing page, I use clickfunnels for my landing page.

I always have my link below if you ever want to check that out and on that landing page before they get the free thing. They have to give me their email address and their name when they click it. It triggers a little a little trigger on there. That tells them to go to my autoresponder and I send them an email and give them the free thing. Now. What is the autoresponder? An autoresponder is like your mailman and mine is active campaign and I have that trigger that.

It tells it to put it onto my email list, put it into active campaign, and then there is a sequence of emails that I’ve already built. That will go out to that person. This is where sales are made. I don’t know if you’ve already tried to spam. Most people have in the beginning, they’re so excited about their product and their new business that they start telling everybody on Facebook and on Instagram hey.

You know I’ve got this great shake, that’s going to help you lose weight and you’re so excited about it, and you know it works, but just putting it out there and telling people they’re not going to buy it they’re going to go. That’s annoying. Why are you putting this on Facebook? That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to communicate and have relationships with my friends not to be sold things and that’s why that doesn’t work and that’s why that’s called spamming.

I think we all have done that in the beginning, especially because we were so excited not because we were trying to spam, but the right way to do it is to give something for free. So if you have health and fitness, you could give a checklist of some ways to help improve your list. Maybe ways to change your mindset. Maybe you wrote a little ebook that you wanted to give them and get them on through your autoresponder onto that email list, and this is where the money is made.

You are warming them up and getting them to know you and then every once in a while. You’ll offer something and they get to know you they’re opening up your emails and they’ll say you know what I really like this person I’ve connected with them, I’m going to try that shape that she was talking about now. Look, it took a lot longer to get there, but that’s how it works. Now, how am I going to get email addresses on my email list? I’r brand new and it’s so frustrating all right.

Now, I’m going to show you this. Is you and you have your new autoresponder set up and you’ve got your sequence in there and you’ve been giving away the free thing, and maybe you’ve got about five people on it? Maybe a fifty maybe of a hundred, but you know you’re, just starting. It’s new – and here is we’re just going to say Joe over here Joe – can be a girl’s name or a boy’s name right, Joe how’s.

That and Joe has been at this for a very very long time and Joe has a huge list. Joe has been very successful in his or her business. Joe has over two hundred thousand emails, maybe five hundred thousand. Who knows how many but Joe decided I have been selling through my email list, but now my list is so big. I’r going to start sharing my lists so that other people can take advantage of the names that I have on there, but I’m going to charge them a fee.

So joe says I’ll tell you what I will sell you for every click that you get. I will charge you fifty five cents and these prices are usually roughly forty cents to like 80 cents. I’ve seen right now, but Joe’s going to charge you fifty five cents for every person that clicks. You were email now, you’re saying thinking. What do you mean? Okay? So you’re going to tell Joe here I have here’s my website or here’s my product or here’s my funnel page, here’s the free thing, I’m giving away.

Will you please run my ad, I’m going to say ad or my email through your list and I’m going to buy a hundred clicks from you, so that would be fifty five dollars and Joe’s takes your fifty five dollars. Joe runs your ad or your email lit a little email, whatever it is through his list or her list and once there’s a hundred clicks, because you paid four hundred the run will stop and then right away.

I did this the first time I did this. Oh, my gosh, it was back within 20 minutes. It was that fast. It was extremely fast. I thought it was going to take two or three days and boom. It came right back in so out of those hundred clicks. A good average is about thirty percent. If 30 percent of those people now that’s good, I’m just giving you numbers every list is different. If you can get thirty percent of those people to opt-in to your list and then you’ve done well, if you get 20 percent fine, you might say well I’ll.

Try! Somebody else maybe joe’s list isn’t working for me. So I’m going to go to somebody else. Maybe you find somebody where you’re getting 40 percent and go hey and now I’m going to buy 500. Will you do it again, so you have to go in I’m going to give you a link below it says, buy email, lists below, there’s a link and you go into that site and you can find different people that are selling ads on their big long list And you can go in there and find the right person for you pay attention.

Some of them might say. I specialize in health and fitness, or I specialize or in online marketing they’re, going to tell you what kind of list they have. Some of them are called tier 1, the, where they’re, basically from European nations and from the United States and Australia, and some so pay attention to the details, there’s a link below, but that how you buy emails for your email list. As far as do I recommend it or do I not it’s really up to you, you will go in and you will see articles that say absolutely do not do that and other people say you know what it’s a great way to build your list.

So you really have to decide for yourself. Yes, I did. I have done it to help build my list when it was small and I got anywhere from 20 % to 40 % opt-ins on my lists. But I will say that when it is more encouraging to send emails out to 200 people than it is to five people – and it just makes you feel like you’re, reaching more people, it honestly is up to you, but I wanted to show you how to do It why people do it and there you go the mechanics if this was helpful, give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions, go ahead and put them in the comments and in the meantime I will see you on the next article thanks for reading.



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How to grow your business with digital marketing?

You see i’m 4 ๋งž์•„ ์ฑ… ๋‚˜์˜ค์ง€๋งŒ ํ•ด์ค˜์š”, we 2 ๋ญ ์ฒซ ์„œ๋ฌด ๋งŒ๋“ฆ ๋งŒ๋“ฌ, ์—ฐ์Šตํ•ด, ์Šคํ”„ ํ•˜์‹  of science in ๋“œ, ์ฃผ๊ณ , ๋ญ, ์–ด์ผ€, ์ฑ…, ์“ฐ๊ณ , ๋น„์ŠคํŠธ, ์ง€๊ธˆ, ๋ญ, ์–ด์ผ€, ์ฑ™ 1์ง‘ ์œ ๋จธ ๊ณ„์ธต sus, ๋ฒค์ฆˆ, ๋‚˜, ์ฑ…, ๋ฉ‹, ์ด, ์ค‘, 2, ๋ณด์กฐ ๋ฉ”์ดํฌ์—…, ๋ญ, ์–ด๋–ป๊ฒŒ๋“ , ์–‘, ์Œ“์—ฌ์„œ, ๋นต ํŒจ์…˜์†Œํ˜ธ version ์“ฑ์‹น ์Œค ๋œฏ๊ธฐ๊ณ , ๋ญ, ์–ด์ผ€, ์ฑ”ํ”„, regen ์ , who ์—๋„ˆ์ง€ binder and at home.

So, who sees you should ์Ÿ ๊ฐ€์ˆ˜ ์ค‘ ๊ด€๊ณ„์— ์žˆ์ง€๋งŒ ๋ฒ„์Šค๋ฐ์ด ์‹œ๋ถ„ํ•  ์‹ , ์…ฐํ”„ ํ”Œ๋Ÿฌ์Šค, explicit ํ…Œ์ŠคํŠธ, ๋งŒํผ ๋ฐ”, ์ค€ ์‘ฅ๊ณผ ๊ฐ‘์ฃผ, my order to srs ๋„‰๋„‰ํ•˜์ง€๋งŒ ์›ฌ ์Š˜ ํ›„ ์ œ์••ํ•œ, ์Šคํ‚ฌ๋“ค๋กœ r, ์ง„๊ธ‰ ์ฃผ๋ฉด์„œ ํ•ฉ์‚ฐํ•ด ๋ฝ ๋ฉ”๋””์นด ์ˆ˜๋งˆ ๋ฏธ์นด๋ฏธ ์—†๋‹ค ์Œ์žฅ, ๋‚ณ์•˜์–ด์š”, ๋น„์œˆ ๋ผ์ด์‹ , dg ๋ฃจ๋จธ, ๊นจ์ง„, ๋ฌด์•…, ์‡ผํ•‘ bodies of rotor sister ๋งคํŠธ ๋” ์˜ค๋ฅด์ง€, ์•Š, ๋”ฅ์”จ, ์ฃผ๋จน์—, ์ง•์กฐ, ์šฐ๋ถ„ํˆฌ, ์ž…์‚ฌ, ์ด์Šˆ, ๋ง˜๋“ค, ์ข€, ์–ด๋–ป๊ฒŒ, ์ข€, ํˆฌ์ž์—, ๊ทธ๋‚ , ์“ฐ์ง„, ์–ด๋•Œ์š”, ์œ„ํ˜‘, ๋œ, ๋‚ด, ๋ณด์ง€, ์•ž์—, ๋’ค๋„, ๋ญ, ๋ฒ ํŒ…, ๋ถ€์—Œ, ์จ๋ชจ, ๋ ŒํŠธ, ๋ Œ์น˜, porter, 2a, ๋ชจ์€ ์”ฉ 3์ฃผ ํ’€๊นŒ ์‹ ์–ด, ์ฃผ๋ฌด, ์™ผ, ํฌํ•ญ, ๊ทธ๋„, ๊ฐ„ํŒ, ํ–ˆ์–ด, ๋ผ๋Š”, ์ผœ์„œ: 2๋ฒˆ 1 2 ๋ ์Œˆ ์‹ธ ์ง€์Šคํƒ€, ํ’ˆ 2๋…„ ๋ญ๋‹ค ์šฐ์Šค ๋‹ค์Œ ์“ฐ์ง€๋„, ๋จน๊ฒ ์ง€ ๋ชจ์•„, ์—†์ด 5 ๋ฐ์Ž„ ํŒ€์˜ ๋‚š์•„, ์ด, ์Š˜, ๋”, ๋ฐ์ด, ๊ทธ๋Ÿผ, ๊ทธ, ์•„ํ‹ธ๋ผ, 2์‹ ๋„์‹œ, ์–ดํ”Œ๋กœ, l, ์ˆ˜ 3, t-pain ๋œจ์ง€๋งŒ ์จํ”Œ, ํ…, ๋“ฑ, ํ‚ค์œ„, ๋‚ ๊นŒ, 20๋…„, ๋Ÿฐ์ง€ ์ œ์ฃผ๋„, ๋งˆ์ผ€ํŒ…, ์˜ค์‹ญ์‹œ์˜ค, [, ๋ฐ•์ˆ˜, ], ์œผ, [ ์Œ์•… ]

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3 Critical Metrics to Follow With Google Analytics

With the analytics In a week, I check our analytics On our site all the time, but I feel like I’m just sort of Poking around and sometimes I โ€™ ll – find a nugget Or things like that, but I do feel intimidated. Because it’s such a you know versus something: Like a Facebook, where you’re just guided Through creating an ad In analytics, it’s like you’re in A fighter cockpit in a way right, There’s a lot more stuff.

Going on there, So I think what people Are really interested in are sort of systems That you know “ Here’s how you do A 10-point check on your analytics.” or something like that. Can you talk a little bit? About your framework, when it comes to actually Setting up analytics and what are Some of the key metrics that people need to be focusing on If there are any Yeah sure So, first of all, what we got to do, Is make sure that Google Analytics is tracking correctly When we do install the code? We do some initial testing, we go ahead.

We visit from mobile phones from the desktop To see, does it get the country? Does it get the divide? Does it get all that kind of stuff After we enable The eCommerce tracking, which is not enabled – and I don’t really know why But you have to do that manually. There are a few things: Really really simple things that no one has to be Really intimidated by these First of all, Conversion Rate, Super important We have to know How many people, out of a hundred and because some of the people? That might read the interview, are not really tech savvy or don’t really know.

What a Conversion Rate is Conversion rate is what the amount The percentage of the people that they get to convert, What does convert mean They get to do a sale, They get to buy something From our websites and we’re talking, About the eCommerce, So is it 1 % Like 1 out of 100 people, Two out of 100, One of the simple things that you can do, If you have 1 % Conversion Rate, which is an okay Conversion Rate, It’s sort of like the industry baseline In a way right, -It’s an industry baseline, let’s say -Yeah, I know those sort of things You get.

One person Out of a hundred people, but you paid for those A hundred people to come into your store and you get 1 % Conversion Rate. What, if you look At your numbers – and you figured your website – In that way, you get a 2 %, I won’t go into 5 % or 10 % Literally with just that move the amount of money That you are getting into your revenue simply by one thing, So Conversion Rate Is super important? The other super important thing is Average Order Value or AOV So AOV.

Why? Because, if I get an average On a customer, let’s say he buys something: Which is $ 20 every customer, and even if I can give That $ 25 or $ 30 literally, I don’t have to change anything else. In my whole other strategy, I’m spending the exact same money, but I’m getting more From every customer Conversion rate, Super important Average Order Value Super important, Then there are more technical stuff that they don’t have to be.

Super intimidating, so one of them Is Bounce Rate I will stick To those three, obviously, there are way more But I don’t want to over complicate it So Conversion Rate Average Order Value and Bound Rate. So what is Bounce Rate How quickly people bounce They get off your website? As soon as they see it, The Bounce Rate is measured. By a percentage, The biggest the percentage The worse, our stores are performing An average in the industry.

Let’s say it’s 65 % to 70 %, but still it means that 70 % of the people Were just paid with Facebook Ads with Google Ads Or whatever that is, They just came to our website. And they didn’t even spend more than one second In our store, So even if you get an average Of let’s say, of 80 %, which means 80 % of Google Didn’t even see your landing page, You get it down to 75 % Even 70 % even lower, it means that you start making More more and more money for every visitor and potential customer That visits your store, It doesn’t really have to be intimidating.

If you translate everything to money. Then it becomes way easier Way: sexier And those three metrics are the key ones. That people need to be looking at. I think that’s a really valid point. I don’t know that You’re the biggest Marvel movie fan. But if you have to be an Avenger Which one might you choose? Probably I would be Doctor Strange, I like to think of myself, like The geek I am, and the nerd I am When people go out, And have fun and they party I go work.

Or read webinars or look at things: I could change in the store, somehow we can make More things, I think, I’m living Like Doctor Strange People call me The Mr. Google Analytics -Doctor Analytics -Doctor Analytics Doctor analytics, So that’s one of the things That I really really enjoy because I said Google Analytics Is not sexy but making money is, and I like making money 100 %. Very nice, thank you for coming Awesome.

Thank you, Yeah. I really look forward. I should announce also, I think it is clear. But Doctor Analytics will be a part of the upcoming Ecommerce All Stars Secrets course our free-mini course That we’ll be putting out for the world to learn the core skills that they need. To grow an extra-ordinary business They’ll learn how to get by That’s the beauty of this course You’re going to learn. How to get started? What mindset you need to have And some of the core skills, but we’re also going to be providing A lot of things that will allow you to truly take it to the next level.

And really have an untapped mindset. That’s the thing I’m noticing From all of these interviews And frankly, all of the people Of the world who are making headlines for good and for bad Is that they have this unbridled will They are not small thinkers right? They are people That are able to look an opportunity and really think big about it. I think that’s what runs Through this whole course, and I’m really excited To be putting it on, I’m excited to be a part of it Guys I’ll make analytics sexy.

I promise Okay I’ll try my best Nice, very good. Well, thanks again, -Awesome -Alright -Thanks -Cheers


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How to Use Email Marketing with Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Now, if you’re not already using email, you’re making a huge mistake, and in this very article I’m going to walk you through all of the basics as to how you can implement it and why it’s so important to have it implement it onto your store.

So with that being said, be sure to go ahead and stick through this entire article, because it’s going to be value, packed with a ton of content and walking you, through literally every single step on how to successfully set up email marketing for your store and making More money from your customers and also increasing longevity of your brand and the value of your customers over longer periods of time.

So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and get started right now, alright, guys, first and foremost, I want to walk you through a few of the principles as to why and how email is so important and how it should be incorporated into your store to align With your brand and ensure that you’re doing things at the right way and not diluting your email list, killing your conversions and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your ad spend now just like many of the drop shippers, all of us are going out There and spending a good amount of money on advertising to go ahead and get traffic to our stores.

Now, if you’re not utilizing automated email on the back end for all that traffic, that comes through your store, then quite frankly, you’re wasting a ton of money on what you went ahead and acquired now. Yes, you have all that data from your advertising, but, quite frankly, you also have these emails, whether it’s through abandoned carts or purchases, that you can leverage to increase your sales on your store with absolute ease.

So with that being said, I’m going to walk you guys through the principles as to how all of this works and the basic automated funnels that you can go ahead and set up to make sure that you’re not doing this day in and day out and breaking Your back trying to make sure that your emails are up to point when all this could very well be automated a lot of people, overcomplicate, email marketing. Quite frankly, it’s one of the biggest mistakes to go ahead and look away from it.

Just because you think it’s complicated because in this article I’m going to even give you my free email templates that you can plug and play to make sure that you’re doing this all properly. So before we get started into post, purchase, email and those kinds of email processes make sure you go ahead and drop an insightful comment below to be eligible for a free 30-minute consultation call I’ll, be revealing the winner in the next article.

That is going to be coming out next week. Now, the winner of that free consultation call. There will be one lucky winner that will be announced in next week’s article and once they go ahead and get announced, I will go ahead and contact them and then we’ll book that 30-minute consultation goal to go over and review any part of your shopify drop shipping Business so with that being said, let’s go ahead and move forward into post purchase processes, and now what I want to talk about right here is the importance of setting up emails after a customer purchases, an item from your store now, whether they had a purchase of You know five dollars or all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

You want to make them feel welcomed and build that connection now. Email marketing is one of the most important touch points that you should be incorporating into your business, because there are a lot of things that you can go ahead and do through the post purchase process. You do things such as educate them on the product that they just purchased, give them some sort of tutorial on how to use it and build up that perceives value and excite them to actually receive their order.

Second, you can also reduce their buyer’s remorse. I know that there’s a lot of people reading this article right now or I’ve done it myself, I’ll confess to it. There have been plenty of times where I’ve purchased something online and then a few days later, I’m wondering did I really need this or should I have really purchased this, and what you can do here is send those post purchase emails to begin to inform them and Let them know rest assured that their products on the way and that’s what they should be excited for it or even offer them a discount or welcome to your community by giving them some sort of education or value to your actual business.

Now this can be any sort of medium of content, maybe a article, a blog post, a tutorial on how to use your products and so on so forth to make sure that they actually feel welcomed and that they’re actually building a connection with your brand. Now. This is going to allow you to go ahead and build the longevity of your brand and gain a higher LTV out of your customers, which is a lifetime value of your customers, meaning that there’s a higher chance that they’ll come back and purchase more products from your Store, rather than just that, simple one-time sale and that’s one of the big advantages that we have over people that are selling on Amazon is that you could simply go ahead and find one customer that could purchase from you over and over again.

Whereas Amazon, you don’t get to build that relationship in connection with your customers and build a brand that is to last a long time. You can only live off of one-off sales for so long and supplementing your sales with repeat. Customers is one of the most valuable things that you can do to build a real sustainable business online. So, second, we’re going to talk about abandoned cart emails, which is how you can go ahead and regain lost sales if you’re, just letting your abandoned, cart, sit there or you’re.

Sending basic Shopify generated, abandoned, cart, emails you’re, simply not doing enough and not trying enough to actually regain that sale. Now, some people maybe didn’t want to pay shipping, or they got distracted and didn’t get to complete their order whatever it may be. You want to make sure that that is a personalized email, making sure that they are ready to go ahead and close that sale and the best and easiest way possible.

So in this article, once we go ahead and jump into my computer, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to set up a successful, abandoned, cart funnel, which is going to be super super important for people that are losing sales on the checkout page. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now. We’re also going to be diving, some other fundamentals, in addition to the stuff that we just talked about, such as sending flash broadcast emails to make sure that you’re spiking up your sales on times that are potentially down for your ads and also how to go ahead.

And set up dynamic, high converting emails, rather than generic emails that you may send every other day and stuff that might break your back because, quite frankly, all of this should be automated. You shouldn’t be going into your Shopify dashboard, pulling out your customers and sending them emails through your personal email account every day, because it’s just stupid and it’s wasting your time and money.

This should be automated stuff that is literally plug-and-play, so that once customers go through your funnels and go through your store that you have everything set up to maximize the value of every single store visitor with your business. So without any further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, so I could walk you through setting all this up right now so before we dive into my computer, don’t forget to drop that insightful comment to be eligible for a 30 minute.

Free consultation call and also there’s a bunch of free tools and resources in the description below that you should 100 % referred to it’s going to be super helpful for you guys and your businesses. So let’s go ahead and dive into my computer right now, all right guys! As you can see, we are now inside of my computer, and this is the dashboard of mail funnels. The automated email funnel app for Shopify all right.

So me and my team went ahead and made this application for the sole purpose of making email marketing easy and also since I’m presenting it to you today, I wanted to give you guys access to a 14-day, a trial which you can get down in the description Below and you can go ahead and give us a world go ahead and give it a test drive and if it works for your business, I guarantee it’ll pay for itself and more.

And if you don’t like it, you can literally cancel within the first 14 days of signing up for that free trial without ever being billed a single penny. So let me walk you guys through this entire platform, real quick and let you know exactly how to use it: how to set up these automated set-and-forget email funnels. So, as you can see, if you’re on the dashboard right now – and this is just a dummy account that I’m going to be walking you through so over here, you can see our weekly report, everything that’s going on with the app and we’re going to go ahead And start building out automated email funnels.

So let’s go to our funnel builder here to get started, and let me show you exactly what we’re going to be building our funnels around so over here we could just name this. You know test funnel one and then just give it a random description wherever you want, but most importantly, we want to focus on the triggers. So this is what starts an email sequence for your customers, based on the actions that you’re taking within your store.

So we have product purchase, we have product refund and also cart abandonment. These are the three primary ones that we have right now and also in the coming week. We’re going to be able to go ahead and send emails and create new triggers based on newsletters and also the minimum amount of money that certain customers have spent on your store or the LTV of your customers. So, for example, if someone has spent over a hundred dollars on your store and the entire duration of them being an existing customer, then they’re going to be put into a unique email series themselves.

And, of course, you could go ahead and customize that amount to set up to whatever you want to be able to be essentially a value threshold that will go ahead and send these customers an email based on what they’re doing, and you can go ahead and mark It to them accordingly, so for this example, we’re going to go ahead and just do a basic cart, abandonment, email and you could go ahead and even move forward with actually segmenting that specific, funnel with the specific products that you want, the funnel to be built for, But in this case we’re going to go ahead and do any product and we’re going to create a new email list so that we know every one that goes out and abandons cart is going to be on their own email list in our store.

So with that being said, we have that set up now we want to go ahead and build an email for that funnel. So let’s go ahead and build our drag-and-drop email with mail funnel. So this going to be our AC number one round description. You forgot this for the subject and then we’re going to go ahead and move forward with actually building this actual template now believe it or not. This is super easy for you to go ahead and do because we have all these pre-built content templates for you to actually work off of if you’ve never built good, looking emails or emails in general before so with that you can go ahead and check out our Dump for you email templates, we have a abandoned, cart, template right here, a post purchase and also a refund template, and that’s for, like all of our three basic triggers, and also in addition to that.

You have all these other categories that you can go ahead and check out to build the emails you desire, but, most importantly, one of my favorite ones that we have is the dynamic cart. So when we go ahead and plug this into our actual email template. This is going to adhere to whatever your customers are engaging with, so whatever products were in your customers. Cart, it’s literally going to pull the first three items that were in their cart and then plug them into this email, with the specific variance, the quantity that they had selected and more and then also at the bottom of this email.

It has a dynamic button over here and then also in this sub headline here that will direct them back to their actual checkout page with all of their shipping information all of the products in their cart and the variance already fulfilled in there, rather than bringing them Back to the actual website, or back to the cart page and everything is already pre fulfilled, reducing the hoops to jump through for your customers and also increasing your conversion rate on these emails into actual sales for your store.

So this placeholder right here is actually going to pull the first product image listed and Shopify for your product, so they’ll be reminded of exactly what’s in their cart: it’ll pull the product name, the variant, the color and the quantity or whatever options that you have for That specific product and actually go ahead and give them that button so, rather than leaving guys with just this template and all these placeholders, I want to show you guys how this actually looks in real life action.

So I’m going to go ahead and send a test email to myself here and you guys can do this if you have an account as well so literally just go to this little drop down menu and you do send test email. So you can go ahead and see what your emails look like before you start sending them to your customers. So we simply just go ahead and select any random product on our store and then we’re going to go ahead and send it to ourself.

So we’re going to send it to mail funnels at gmail.Com. This is just a junk email. Don’t send any emails here. Our real email address, if you wan na contact us, is support at fungals. Calm so be sure to go ahead and do that rather than spam. This email address cuz, you won’t get a response so over here we have this email that just came in and it says you forgot this for the subject and then right there.

We have our actual template here for the email address. So this is our dynamic. Cart. Template and both this link right here and the button at the bottom of the screen, will take them back to their checkout page. Alright. So with that, that is exactly what our dynamic cart template looks like, and if you wanted to go ahead and enhance it or add stuff around it, you could literally drag and drop whatever you desire below or above it or even within it.

So let’s say you wanted to go ahead and add an extra image somewhere, for example, and maybe show an entire collection. You could go ahead and add that at the bottom of your email, so that’s just a simple example of how to go ahead and build an email on mail funnels and then you can go ahead and simply plug it into your funnels here. So, let’s go ahead into our abandoned, cart, funnel and we’re going to add our first action to our email sequence.

So we’ll simply just label this, you know follow up number one, and then we select our email template, which is our EC one, that we just created and we’re going to go ahead and send this 10 minutes after someone abandons cart and we simply connect the nodes Right here and press save – and next thing you know people are able to go ahead and get this email on complete auto-pilot without you ever having to dive into your store and send some generic email that doesn’t convert or really adhere to what your customers been doing.

In their activity on your store, so with that being said, this is literally just a simple one: email sequence for your abandoned, cart. Funnel. Of course, you can add a bunch more after this literally, you could build out a seven or ten or 14-day sequence after this very first email and make sure that you’re doing your best to regain sales without being too spammy and making sure that you’re actually engaging With your customers – and you can do this with post-purchase emails, abandon cart, emails or refunds, and then soon to be in our next update in the coming week, is going to be newsletters and value-based triggers for your email funnel.

So all of this is extremely powerful for you to go ahead and move forward with, and actually once you sign up for mail funnels, you get our complete email templates for every single sequence that we offer on the platform so that you can go ahead and start Building your funnels, let me copy and paste our actual ad copy into your templates to make sure that you have everything set up in a matter of minutes.

So with that being said guys, it’s super easy to go ahead and get started with this platform. So if you’re, not utilizing email, you’re, simply just making a huge mistake and leaving all of this extra money and sales on the table and with mail funnels, we want to make things as easy to use as possible and also super affordable. Other platforms go out there and charge a significant amount for their services.

Meanwhile, this is going to cover all of your basic needs and it’s super super affordable and we even give you that free trial to get started so moving forward with all of these different types of funnels that you can go and create. Of course, we have our post purchase, email sequences and our wind back campaigns for refunds, so with post purchase sequences, we would want to go ahead and build out stuff that is going to increase.

Customer loyalty get them back to your store to spend more money, and also, if you wanted to, you, could offer them incentives to come back such as discounts. So this is a great way to really build out the longevity of your email list and if you wanted to go ahead and send them updates at any given time with mail funnels, you can go ahead and send a broadcast to any list that you desire. So let’s say you don’t have any emails on your store, nothing that’s gone through your funnels! Then.

If you wanted to go ahead, you can literally just export your leads from Shopify by pressing Shopify customers and you could add all of your emails from Shopify right into mail funnels with a literal single click of a button. And if you don’t want to do that, you could literally go ahead and import a list of leads through a CSV which is an Excel or numbers file and import. Those leads right here through our CSV importer, and if you wanted to take your leads out of mail funnels, you can export it through the CSV exporter.

So with that being said, super-easy, if you have an existing email list, this is your gokรป way to increase your sales instantly. So let’s say on Tuesdays: your ads don’t perform as well, and you want to go ahead and send out an email blast to all your existing subscribers to keep your sales up. You can do that by literally importing your leads and sending them a flash sale or some sort of broadcast, depending on what kind of promotion you would want to do.

Maybe you want to do 30 % off site-wide or give them a coupon code to go ahead and do something or a buy one get one promo whatever you want to do. You can literally adhere to whatever you want, build an email within five minutes or less with our drag-and-drop builder and send it out through our broadcasting capabilities with Mal funnels, because we don’t limit your email sending here. So with that being said guys, it’s you easy to go ahead and build out broadcast and then also you get all of your analytics for every broadcast, such as the amount of people that clicked opened and received your actual emails, and we even give you in-depth analytics After you send them for those of you that are sending those bigger broadcasts, so with that being said, guys be sure to go ahead and try out mail funnels for 14 days for a hundred percent free.

All you have to do is go down to the description below and you can sign up for your free trial or will instantly send you your free email, templates, the plug and play and start building out your funnels and also you’ll start making money on your store. That you wouldn’t have had before, if you didn’t, have these built out the generic emails that Shopify sends out with your abandoned cart. Emails are really not good and don’t convert very well in comparison to something that’s personalized and completely dynamic, based on what your customers are doing and you can add whatever content below or above it, and fully build out that email.

How you want it to look so with that being said guys, it is super easy to get started and also you could start rolling out these funnels for your win back campaigns and if you want those free email templates, so you don’t have to go through the Process of trying to think what to put into your emails, you can literally follow our hand, guided templates once you go ahead and sign up, it’s the first thing that we send you in that very welcome email with your login credentials.

So if you do enjoy mail phones and it’s something that you’re interested in or you simply enjoyed this article be sure to drop it. An insightful comment down below give me some feedback. Let me know what you’re thinking we’ve made some massive changes to this platform in the past few months and pretty much revamp everything from the inside out by way of our team and infrastructure, to make sure that our emails are sending better than ever and also our Services are more reliable than ever and brand-new support staff to go ahead and make sure that you guys have all of your needs covered at any given time.

Also, if you guys want to see more of the intricate details of the actual emails being put together step-by-step or you want to go ahead and see more email, marketing information just like this go ahead and drop a comment down below, and let me know what you Guys want to see next out of the blog, and, if you enjoyed this article, do not forget to go ahead and smash that, like button, we have a ton of free resources in the description below, for you guys to access at any given moment, such as our Free course, our free accelerator program application, that’s still open for a very limited amount of time and then also our mail funnels free trial, where you get 14 days of free email sending and those done for you, email templates, so without any further ado, Anthony Matt Sloan.

Here signing off on this article, let me know what you guys want to see next on the blog drop a comment down, and let me know what you guys want to see. Also you’ll automatically be qualified for the free consultation called giveaway, so I’ll be seeing you guys in the next article


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Google Analytics – How It Can Help Improve Your Business

So I talked a lot about with my clients, the smart objectives. So this is objectives for your business or for your website or anything what you do in life, which is so the smart objectives are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound.

So in regards to Google Analytics the important one is M for measurable. So there’s no point in having a website out there. If we’re not actually learning about whether that website is working for us, you could have 10,000 visitors coming to your website. But if you don’t know that 10,000 visitors who come to your website and be what those visitors are doing when they get to your website, there is absolutely no point in having a website at all.

It’s just of no use to your business, so I would thoroughly and encourage you whether it’s Google Analytics or any other stats tool and to have a a tool on there, which is grabbing those stats for you. So you can learn about your audience and how better to engage them. One of the first benefits of installing Google Analytics on on your website is actually its influence. It has on how your your website gets indexed, so if you’re using analytics and Google automatically knows that you’ve added a page to your to your website so and how it does this is when that page goes live you go and look at it.

It triggers Google Analytics and to load, and then it says oh well, this is a new page. I need to add it into my index unless you’ve switched it off using the robots and txt file. What this means is so Google also has a an automatic submission tool, so you have to manually sorry not on automatic and manual submission tools. You have to go and submit your your web pages manually. This just takes that that take takes out that extra step, so so long as you’re using Google Analytics.

Google knows, and whenever you add a new website web page to your website and it’ll index it within I’ve, seen it happen with the matter of hours 24 hours evening. The second tip which I’ve got is about understanding your visitors. So the key thing about the visitors to your website is looking at the they used to be called unique visitors, but it’s now sessions. They introduced that within the last sort of twelve months people used to talk about hits now hits could mean that you can load up a single webpage, but there could be a hit for every image that loads on that page and for the JavaScript in for the Style sheets – and things like that, so one webpage could generate 50 hits.

So that’s why we’re really interested in unique visitors or sessions to the website, because these are individual, unique people who are visiting your website. And this means that you can average that that data out over a period of time and see how many individual people are coming to your website and interacting with it over a and you know a minute-by-minute. If you want to get real-time information, but probably most people look at their stats on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and this just allows you to give benchmarks and what those benchmarks allow you to do is that if all of a sudden, you see a dip In your website traffic, you can react to it so if, for example, you’ve uploaded a page of content which violates Google’s Terms and additions, for example, so they’re no longer listing your page and search engine, you can react to it D list that page go and tell Google about it and hopefully get that traffic back up because don’t forget nowadays, most people to validate a business they’ll go and have a look at their website.

If your website’s not being indexed in Google they’re, not going to be able to find you equally. If most of your website, traffic is driven through organic and search engine results, and your website disappears off planet you’re going to lose that business, your business could go under so keeping an eye on how your website is performing. If you start to see it tail off, you can react and hopefully and build that traffic back up to where it was before.

The third thing I want to talk about is and the different what a pageviews and fountain what constitutes the bounce rates? It’s a really common. I do a lot of workshops in this and it’s the most common question. What’s the bounce rate, so bounce is basically when somebody lands a new homepage and they leave without engaging with the site or basically doing anything, so they don’t scroll down. They don’t click on the link, they don’t read a article.

They don’t do anything and by default, that period of time is 30 minutes, and so, if somebody landing site doesn’t do anything with it for 30 minutes, then that’s considered to be a bounce. You can manipulate that. I think you can tell Google to reduce the bounce rate on your website if you want to, but typically if I mean, if they haven’t done anything in the first sort of 10, 20 30 seconds, probably unlikely to do anything with your website.

Anyway, so so Google displays this bounce rate metric and through analytics. The next thing I want to talk about is goal conversions and funnels so goal conversion. I talked about in a previous article about and the three things that happen within seven seconds. So the message you’ve got to get across is who we are, what you do and where do you want your customers to go to next so that where to next is and what we call a goal conversion? Ultimately, we want something to land on your website and either and pick up the phone or submit a contact form or buy products for me.

So so you can tell Google and Google Analytics what that goal. Conversion is so, let’s call it a contact form submission. The funnel is how they reached that point. So we create a funnel. A simple funnel might be land on the homepage. They go to the contact page and then they hit submit so there’s three steps in that. Funnel we want to and the way the reason why funnels are important is, it might be the let’s say you have thousand visitors to the website.

100 of them hit the contact button, but none of them have, and none of them are completing the goal. Well. Okay, now, what we can do is see where customers are dropping out at that funnel. Maybe we’ve got too many form fields in the contact or maybe the contact forms is broken, so this gives us an opportunity if we see that as a dropping out our particular points in that funnel that you’ve created for them.

You can react totally web developer to go in there and fix it. One thing which changed and quite dramatically probably about two or three years ago, with Google Analytics and another question which I started to get asked quite often was you can you can have a look at the keywords which people have put into Google and view those on On through analytics to see what keywords people have searched on in order to land on your website and there’s this one specific keyword that people started to realize was just gaining in popularity for every single website and it was something called not provided.

So I kid you not at the top of the list keywords on everybody’s google analytics and starting to become not provided, and now it accounts for about 90 % of keywords which people search on so now, people aren’t actually searching for the keywords not provided and ended Up on ending up on your website, the reason why it’s happening is because most search is now on Google and, if you look at on the URL and you’ll, see a little padlock icon and it will say HTTPS instead of HTTP, you know forward slash, Google com, So those searches people are doing being pushed through a secure, socket layer, HTTPS so through a secure layer and what Google does is it just obfuscates them? So you can’t actually see what those keywords are.

So it does that for privacy reasons to protect the person who’s browsing the web so now you’re getting loads of really useless information about keywords through Google Analytics, which is really frustrating so the workaround for it there is a workaround, it’s pretty straightforward! You can install something called Google Webmaster Tools onto your website and if you’ve got Google Webmaster Tools installed on your website and you can actually see what and searches are being carried out and resulting in your web page being delivered in the search results before people get To your website, through and through Google Webmaster Tools, so you’ve actually got access to that list of keywords and through another Google tool, it’s just really frustrating that you can’t see it through Google Analytics.

So that’s the Google not provided workaround and which there’s more information about it on my website or if you google, for it I’m sure you’ll be able to find a plethora of different tips how to work around it. So, just to summarise those key points, the reasons why Google Analytics is really important. So first it talks about smart objectives. Google Analytics allows you to measure the prompt to your website and happy for interacting with your website, and it has an immediate impact on how quickly can get pages indexed in Google search engine.

We can see how many unique visitors are coming to our websites and and measure that on a regular basis, we can have a look at bounce rates and see see whether people are landing on the page and how well they’re interacting on it and how many pages They’re actually viewing and finally, we look at goal. Conversions been creating funnels to track people right the way through to a call to action which we’ve created for them and at what point they’re dropping out of that process.

So I hope you found the article really helpful and thank you for reading. Don’t forget if you want to read more articles than please hit the subscribe button and if you’ve got any questions about this specific article, then please leave them in the comments box below I’d. Be more than happy to answer them!


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Beginners guide to email marketing in Kartra – Send Kartra email, step by step – J.R. Fisher

R. Fisher. I’ve been selling Online since 2009, I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of both digital and Physical products and I learned a few things along the way, as a matter of fact, I had my branded products on thousands of websites, including Walmart, so we’ve Done a lot of sales now, on this blog, what I basically do is, I just show you What we did to make these sales? Okay, so I teach you how to start run and grow.

Your online business – and I also want to give you another bonus in the Description below I have a $ 97 ecommerce course. You can get absolutely free. All You have to do, is click the link and read it no credit card required. Now I Want to hear, have you done any email marketing already put your comments. Below I want to hear what you’ve done, where you’ve done it, the results are Gotten, and also, if you have any questions, feel free to put those Questions in there I’ll be happy to answer them.

Alright, let’s get started. First thing you wouldn’t do if you’re brand new here is to subscribe to my Blog, ok, that’s super-important! You know if you haven’t subscribed yet You’re going to miss out on some really good stuff, so go down there hit that Subscribe button now, next to it, there’s a little bell: you want to click on it. We Rang the bell, and once you do, that, you want to turn on all notifications that Way, you become part of my family, the Fisher family, the VIP group.

That knows About these articles way before anybody else, because I can actually notify you When you do that super important all right, let’s jump right into this. Let’s Get into Kartra and let’s look at the way that we’re going to send emails. Inside a courtroom, I’m going to tell you I’ve been doing this since 2009. I’ve Used a lot of different pieces of software, then by far Kartra, does more For our business of anything else, when we switched over to character, we Actually cancelled eight different pieces of Software, because Kartra did all those things for us.

So if you’ve already got Kartra great, if you don’t there’s a link below you can read a article. It’s Free, you don’t need a credit card to read the article and once you’ve read The article, if you do want to get a trial of Kartra, you could actually get one for Just one dollar now before I started sending emails, I got Kartra all set up. And I’m going to tell you you want to do that. You know you want to.

You, know, set Up all your list in there, you want to establish your payment. Integrations. You Want to do all the stuff, then you need to do to set up your Kartra account. I’r Not covering that in this article we’re just covering emails, but I’m assuming That you’ve got all that done because you don’t want to send emails out if They click and they can’t go to a page and nothing works. Okay, so make sure you Get all that set up first now, once I did that, of course, I set up my pages where They could click on it and they actually goes to a page and there’s actually a Product there can they can actually buy that product, so you have to have that.

Done before you set up these emails because you’re going to have them, click and Go somewhere now now I say that, but that’s only if you built a big Kartra If you’re sending them to like a WordPress website or Magento or Shopify Then you don’t have to worry about that. You can just put that link in there and Send them to that page now you want to start with your leads. Okay, so before you Can even send an email and Kartra you need somebody to send it to somebody to Receive it, so you can upload those two Kartra and they have a little bit of A lag maybe a day or two before they’re actually going to approve them, but you can Just upload all your leads to Kartra and then don’t forget to tag them me.

They Even have different products, you have different businesses. I know I have a Couple different businesses in there, so we have those people categorized in There so the emails go out to the right people so make sure you’re setting up All your tags, you’ve tagged them properly, buyers, non-buyers people who Downloaded stuff, that’s like the thing, and you have all that set up first, that Way, you’ll have all that done.

When you go to send your email, you can send it. Based on those tags, cuz you’re going to need to do that now, if you need to Collect leads: you can also do that in Kartra, I’m not covering it in this article. I’r covered emails, but you can set up opt-in forms in Kartra and you can Actually start building your email list and once you build it and they opt-in in Kartra they automatically get put on list, so you don’t have to worry about That it’s an all maduk thing now before you send these Broadcasts before you send these emails make sure if you’re uploading, your own List then you do it at least a day or two in advance since they’re there, when You want to set it out because there is that lag before they actually go into The system now you may find this irritating and I get it, but it’s really Super important because Kartra is worried about deliverability and if they Don’t go through these lists and make sure they’re done properly.

Then your Emails aren’t going to get delivered, so we want to make sure that that is done. And they’re actually doing that for your benefit, I’m going to send a broadcast so The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go over to my campaign. So let’s Take a look at that real, quick, it’s on the left hand side and then you tap Campaigns at the very top of the page, and then you select broadcast below so You can see that there once on the correct page, I simply tap the green plus Button and that green plus button is going to be on every single one of your Kartra pages, when you’re starting out, so you know whether you’re building a Sales page whether you’re doing email sequences, whatever you’ll, always have That green plus button, so that’s where you want to start off there.

So then Kartra is going to take you to another page and it’s going to have your Automations, your send your schedule and all your finishes and all the things you Need to do let’s go over and take a look at that now I’m going to choose to send my Message through an actual email, you can also send it through an SMS, which means It’s going to go to people’s phones, you’re going to need to use something like Twilio Or next mo or troppo, or something like that and you’re going to have to Integrate it, if that’s what you’re going to do, the next part you’re going to come to Is the send from area? This is actually the email that they’re going to see that it Actually came from and should they respond, the laxing respond to this email.

Too, once you build your email list within Kartra, you can choose who it’s Going to go to you’re going to get this drop-down and you can choose, you know: All types of different things, if you don’t have your list really built that Much yet you want to send it to everybody in the database, then you’re Going to click and I’m going to show you on the screen here: real quick you’re going to Click where it says everybody in my database, but you can also click on, has Opened email has not opened email that type of thing now the cool thing is Kartra is actually going to tell you how many leads you selected once you did.

That so you’re going to know upfront how many people is going to go off to now. Here’s a screenshot of that it says five leads selected. Five emails filled in None of them are blocked and five total to sins. So before you send you’re going to Know how many emails going to actually go out now? The next thing you can do is A be split test, so you know you can have two different emails going out depending Upon what you want to send you know, maybe you want to test one message in One different message in the other one now will tell you when you’re, when You’re testing, you only want to test one variable, so maybe it’s the headline.

Because you’re trying to increase open rate, but the email is identical. If you If you change the headline and the email you’re not going to know, you know which Email is better if you have the same exact email in two different headlines: You’re going to know which headline got them to open it more than the other one. So make sure you do that now you can also toggle between basic and advanced Now, when you do that, that’s going to give you some different options that Don’t forget, you got ta, have links in those emails when you’re sending those Emails out the whole point is to get them to click and go somewhere and do Something whether it’s a download, whether it’s to read your blog, whether It’s to buy a product, so don’t forget to put those in every single email now, once You do about one email, then you do your other email, maybe changing the headline.

So that you can test the difference in those headlines now, if you go into the Advanced setting on these emails, you can actually change components like Templates for your emails in there in colors and backgrounds, and that type of Thing: here’s a screenshot of what that looks like and you see you have design Templates right there, you have full templates, my templates, so it gives you That added feature right there now here’s an example of one of the emails Here and some of the things that you can do with it and if you notice, you know, The font really stands out well here, because the background color is Different and you can do a lot more with it if you’re in the advanced now there Are schools of thought that say? Well, you know email should be basically should Look like every other email they get from their friends and that type of Thing we tend to use just black text on a white background and I’ll put some Images in there every now, but those seem to convert better for us.

Than anything else, these take a lot more time to build ones like this, but if That’s what you want to do. You can certainly do that in culture now, one Thing you want to be careful about, is don’t click the X or delete button, an Email editor, unlike building pages and other things, In Kartra, where you can just hit the go back button once you click, the lead is Gone, you can’t go back so you’re going to lose everything.

You worked on. I’ve Written my two e-mails: does that mean I can go ahead and send them now? No, not Quite because what we have to do now is decide what percent of these emails are? Going to go to one group versus the other group, the percent has to add up to 100 %, so you know, maybe you want 50/50 split. Maybe you’re really concerned that This one emails not going to do well, so you only want to put ten person in that Then you would put 90 percent the other one either way.

You’ve got to make that Decision at this point, what is the percentage of split now, if you’re, using Any type of dynamic variables – and what I mean by that is it changes each time an Email goes out, so I may have deer and then put it in first name right. There And it’s going to fill in John or Bob or Becky or whoever it is. When do you send Out your test, email, which you should every single time, it’s going to say, dear Test in that particular area right there, so keep that in mind now, once you play Around the park for a little bit and you see what an automation is you’re going to Understand that, but you got to get in there and kind of work with it a little Bit I know initially when I looked at it, I’m Like what the heck is that? What does that mean? But now I know it and I understand it so it just takes some time and don’t quit.

You know just keep working you’ll get this stuff. I know it seems foreign to You, but it only seems foreign to you cuz, you haven’t done it once you’ve done it. A few times it’s going to seem very commonplace, so number one I can set up. An automation to go out to people who have not opened my emails after a Hundred hours, okay, I can send them a whole different email that may make them More likely to open it, maybe I can change the subject line.

Do something Along those lines, so those automations are really helpful. For cleaning up your list and getting people to open your emails when they’re Not opening them now you can also break these into lists. So number two is: if a Lead has actually opened my email, I may add, Them to another list, because I know these people are interested in my Product or services now here’s an example right here: you don’t have to do.

This, but you probably should it’s a it’s a helpful way to further segment. Your Leads by setting up these automations, so you can see here. We’ve got a couple: Things set up early holiday, painting announcement within a hundred hours if You know the lead does not open that particular one then subscribe the lead. To the list ignored, email, okay and then we have some different emails that go Out on that, and then the second one says that lead opens email, early holiday, Painting announcement: okay, subscribe them to the list: open email, And then we can send them a different automation now, at this point, Everything’s set up, I can go ahead and get ready to send out my emails now.

The Cool thing with Kartra is: I can set it up to go out right now. I can schedule it. For another day now, keep in mind the way the time works in Kartra. It’s always Set on Eastern Standard Time, so if you’re in the West Coast like we are, we Are three hours behind them? So you know if I want to send an email at you know: 12:00 noon, I’m going to need to send it for 3:00 p.M. In the afternoon. It’s all going to be settled Eastern Time, so you can do that and the last Thing you can do is if you’re working on an email and you’re not ready to send it.

You want to do some more stuff to it. You can just save it as a draft. Now the cool Thing is once you’ve sent ten broadcast in Kartra. It will start to suggest to You the best time of day and week, a month of when to send out your emails. That’s a good overview on the emails. I will tell you there’s a lot more to Learn in Kartra, I have a lot of articles on this blog that are going to teach You those things, but that’s a good starter right.

There you’ve got to start Sending emails you got to start making money now, if you enjoyed this article, do Me a favor subscribe below, if you haven’t done so, don’t forget turn on Notifications, click that bell and turn on all notifications. You’ve become parts The VIP people, that’s right, the Fisher family and you will be notified in Advance, I do a article or when I go live also Don’t forget to put your comments below what did you like about this article? Would You dislike about this article.

What do you want to know about? You got a question. I’ll be happy to answer it, for you put your comments below, don’t forget to Do that also, I have a three ninety seven dollar value, ecommerce course below all You have to do, is click and learn. You can get access to that and you don’t Even need a credit card, hey thanks for reading this article. I appreciate it and I’ll see you in the next one


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United Payment Services SecurePAY Overview

Repeat, customers can create a login and store their credit card online for future amazon, like one click checkout


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B2B Procurement Market Overview By Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go from Distribution Summit 2019

He actually has a proven track record as an entrepreneur. Wait, your turn all right. You can come up, but he’s done all sort of stuff building all these tech technology, businesses that focus on client success, innovation, you wouldn’t know it to look at him, but he helps organizations of all sizes just adapt to you know the technology is changing and all The different things that are evolving welcome be co-founder, I’m sorry founding partner and CEO, a punch-out to go one of our gold sponsors Brady Berman.

Thank you test, test test, guys, hear me: okay, all right! Thank you all right how we doing b2b conference, if you’re here for a b2b conference, stand up if you’re here for a b2b conference stand up. If you’re here for a b2b conference stand up, I must be at the wrong place. Come on come on, come on! Come on this is I’m the last one you like I put up with me. For I don’t know three hours, it’s going to be worth every minute, all right, everybody standing up! That’s nice ever put your right foot out, put your right foot in and just shake it all about.

You do the Hokey Pokey! You turn yourself around and that’s what it’s all about right, I’ll feel a little better. You don’t look, really excited I’m going to get. You excited soon, all right learning a lot right. I’ve taken a couple notes. I feel very honored to be here with you today. We’ve traveled from the long distant area of Virginia this morning brought some team members who have probably hand at one of these to each one of you right.

Everybody got one. If you don’t, please put your hand up so there’s a couple of trends that I think that we’re all noticing you have a couple of different, distinct blogs. You have your direct-to-consumer. Perhaps you have your direct b2b right. Just to kind of comment be to be. You know, organizations that find a part need it. No real relationship, and now you have your relationship driven b2b, blog right, the relationship driven, b2b blog becomes more complex.

You may need to have approvals and different mechanisms on your e-commerce application that provide the means. For the end, users, within an organization to add items to the cart but ultimately have a layer of approval right and then there’s another one, there’s this eprocurement blog. If any of you have heard of a procurement, see a couple head-shaking, he procurement happens all around us. It’s really wild every plate in this building actually came through our system.

We didn’t sell it. We just worked for the company that sells to all the Hilton’s Hilton, for instance, uses a platform called Bourke Street when they want to purchase goods and services. They use bird street Hilton, all the brands use it and the same thing holds true and really any organization, so the e-procurement sector is a massive opportunity for you, and I want to educate you on it now all right, everybody feeling better.

We need to do hokey-pokey again, so the fastest-growing b2b blog is e-procurement 37 % growth per year. It’s insane and we’ll talk a little bit more about this. Our agenda is going to be. If you can keep up with me, walking back and forth. I apologize our agenda is uh. What is the procurement, the e-procurement market overview, how destructor abuse l within procurement? What is the punch out? It’s not a article game punch out to go overview, a live action, kind of demonstration.

It’s not really going to be live. I got some screenshots to show you, though, and then we’ll have some Q & A right and then we’ll be closer to cocktail hour, sound good, all right. So, let’s start off with you know. What is the procurement? I gave you a little scenario of the Hilton, so any procurement systems are widely leveraged by organizations around the world. These eprocurement systems provide the great means for organizations to automate the procure-to-pay process.

Increase visibility into the organization spend increase contract compliance, connect and drive, spend to preferred suppliers achieve proper approvals, bla bla, bla, bla, bla, ultimately transacting with suppliers that are allowed to be transacted with across an organization. I’r not here to sell you on any procurement system at all. I’r not here to sell you on anything, I’m trying to educate you help.

You understand why these platforms are used, why they exist and why more organizations around the world are using these systems. So if we look at the landscape ten years ago, so actually let me back up a little bit 20 years ago, when I was seven years old, I started a web development and marketing company to build a lot of commerce applications for b2c and b2b. As I’ve been deeply entrenched, since I was seven ten years ago, when I was seventeen, one of our customers was a small hardware company in in Richmond Virginia, their largest customer was a state of Virginia State.

Virginia told this customer told our customer company called Harper Hardware. You either need to be able to integrate with our procurement system, which is called Arriba, so we’re not going to be able to do business with you we’re going to go to Grainger, there’s somebody else. We value the relationship with you, but you have to do this. So we went out and did this integration for them and lost our butts.

I was talking somebody else about yeah, there’s about some time to get ahead in life. Did the integration took us about six months? It was brutal and I like things that are brutal right. So I continued to do more brutal integrations, but back then all we really had was like a RIBA. An Oracle which is I procurement, is what the procurement components called. Everybody knows s ap the actual procurement components called SRM supplier relationship manager, PeopleSoft Oracle, product and then comes along like Koopa and Jagger.

There are literally hundreds of e procurement systems being used around the world today. Now we’re supporting organizations in 45 countries and have connected. I think to a hundred and cost 160 different procurement systems. What’s really important about this. This slide here is based upon the customers that you’re selling to some of these providers that you see on this on this plethora of NASCAR slide deck of evolution of e procurement systems.

Many of them are niche providers. Like I mentioned bird Street, I’m not even sure if they’re on there focuses on hospitality, Jagger was formerly called syquest focused on higher education. Esm used to be called east school mall focused on on k12, so what’s happening is that more and more organism or more procurement systems are coming to market, usually in a niche focused areas right because in business it’s usually nice to be able to be in some Form of a niche right, but then they get bigger and they broaden their horizons and they change their name, but these are very important things to think about.

So if one of your customers says hey, we have this arriba thing. Oh, I know what that is, that goofball of it that b2b conference told me all about it right if somebody mentions Jagger well now you know it’s probably you know higher ed. Maybe it’s you know the Ohio State or whatever the case may be a lot of e-procurement systems out there and they’re growing rapidly. We see new e-procurement systems, it feels like daily, so the b2b procurement market overview so actually related to procurement.

So 50 % of companies already leverage some form of procurement system. They may not leverage it well, but they’re getting their start to get better 33 % plan to implement a procurement technologies. It’s happened again all around us. Nobody really knows about it, but it’s about understanding your customers right. This is just another blog right. You have your direct b2b, you have your may be targeted Facebook, social media campaigns for your direct customers, and now you have this other blog of e-procurement right and it’s a very important one to pay attention to, because it’s only growing right.

The b2b train has left the station was a cool thing. I heard the other day. It’s pretty good way, if you think about it right, so the time is now to start understanding this landscape right. So these light ride to put a lot of words up here, because I feel like that, maybe confuses people more and maybe look a little better. I was clean now, so the most useful features are these customized product and price of display.

So these eprocurement systems are glorified marketplaces for an organization right. The load product data into these II procurement systems they’ll be able to access vendors through various means, but we’ll talk about a few minutes. Do all the kind of sourcing and compliance all the cool stuff. Have you guys ever provided like an excel sheet to your customers for them to load into there? I got one laughing over here.

It’s fun right, yeah! So that’s just one of the things so and and and make a note of that. The customers today that you are providing those excel sheets of data to write those down because there’s become your first targets, but ultimately the e-procurement is going to be growing. We all know this number X, se was nine trillion this morning, ten trillion six trillion two trillion. Three trillion six point: seven trillion bifrost and so whatever it’s growing way faster than b2c right and it’s a great opportunity.

I was talking to a gentleman earlier if you think about b2b and b2c right b2c 10 year 20 years ago. Again, when I was 7 was a different world right, but today you’re facing the same challenges you’re facing the same challenges that you that organizations face 20 years ago in a different environment right b2b is a much more complex space, many more blogs, but the markets going To continue to grow so I’ll, give you these silly crazy numbers.

So these marketplaces again, I’m going to show you sample of one here in a minute. There’s two general ways that you as a distributor or a seller in our world. We call it can provide your customers with products hosted catalogues. These are excel sheets. Ariba is one of the larger players, so they and they call they’re, hosted catalogs sip catalogs CIF. Anybody ever heard of one of those again they’re, not fun.

So these are again kind of static files. Nothing real-time about it. You’re here to do more with your b2b commerce application, static files do nothing for you. They do provide some value to your customers because it gets your products in their marketplace right. Sometimes you do a little bit of both have kind of hosted and punchouts, but the static file business is not a fun business that most organizations are getting away from that because it’s it’s a dependency on them to manage the content as well as you, and it’s Not an interest experience right, it’s you may have all this beautiful data right.

We’ve talked about enrichment of data right, utilizing your data automating with pins and all this cool stuff right and then you go to a hosted catalog and it’s five columns of data and then a strip out two of them and they’ll have two carbons right. It’s not a good experience, so, with punch out catalogs punch out catalogs allow these organizations that are leveraging these eprocurement systems like Arriba and Koopa, to access your actual ecommerce application.

They become on single click within an applicant within these procurement systems. They get authenticated from that system directly into your e-commerce system right. So now, if you have cloris right, if you have all that real-time, this of inventory and pricing availability offering the whole nine yards, it’s no longer a static process. It’s a living! Breathing commerce component! That’s now entrenched within your buyers, a procurement system right it has that dynamic, the real timeless of things, the ability to have configurable types of products.

You may have specific types of bundles. You provide some of your customers and then you have your other abilities like upselling and cross-selling, and you know all the great things that you have again talking about: the enrichment of data, the MSDS files, the user guides all the relevant information. All the things that you guys are working really hard to do to differentiate yourselves from competitors.

You can make that available to your customers through these procurement blogs, with a hosted catalog again. It’s it’s aggregating product data from all types of different approved vendors within a procurement world, and it becomes this very static, terrible-looking situation, where, with punch out it’s it’s them actually authenticating and using your e-commerce application that you are investing in right – and this is just it Again, another little blog that you need to be aware of so the actual punch out process.

I talked about a moment ago again, the users logs into the procurement system right they can access vendors through various ways in different procurement systems. But ultimately, you end up with some real estate I’ll show you what that looks like in a minute on single click. The user gets authenticated again into your e-commerce application. You probably have customers that get different pricing and offering right.

I think Tom you mentioned you have a thousand products you’re going to add, maybe ten thousand more or something you probably have different customers that may only purchase three hundred products at these particular prices. Another customer purchases 2,700 products right so using your e-commerce infrastructure. Again, if you have there’s real-time hooks with cloris or whatever your integration is between your ERP and your commerce, application, which is a no-brainer by the way it looks really cool.

He didn’t pay me to say that use it right, but ultimately a user gets to the e-commerce application, they’re building a car, they’re doing cool stuff they’re doing a lot of chat. I can’t find his product. I think there was you earlier right right, I’ll show you something a minute. You know they’re, building a cart, they’re doing everything I do. They were looking at their order. History, they’re picking up a quote.

You all have to have quotes Tom. Put that on your roadmap. Got to get quotes up. They’re, quoting is a big big thing, because you want to utilize the commerce experience drive. Sales through commerce doesn’t have to be outside of the world. Ultimately, they add items to their cart all right once they get to the shopping, cart. Page they’re not proceeding through our normal checkout they’re, going to band in the cart crazy right, they’re, going to transfer that car back into their procurement system right goes back as a requisition.

Once it gets approved, that’s what a purchase order gets then right now you got the deal. You could do the work you get paid. Everybody’s happy automate it right. How many of you are getting orders with junk SKUs? You ever get orders junk SKUs. Just one. Are you the only one getting orders enrichment of data, utilizing the data right? No more junk orders we all like orders right, but if you get an order with a junk SKU for $ 65 and a cost, your company’s $ 65 to process an order? Well, you haven’t really yielded anything right, so enrichment of data, all right so enhancing business values to punch out, gives you exact sis to your customers.

Access to the latest products and product information from your catalog take advantage of contract compliant pricing order, build those configurable products right we have. I was telling somebody we have a customer that has 66 billion products. I forgot how many zeros it’s a lot. I don’t know it’s like the hardest products that configure its nuts and bolts, and it shouldn’t be that hard. I wouldn’t think, but I guess it’s pretty hard, but it you know you have to be a major engineer, but ultimately these configurable elements are very important to many of your businesses, easily again kind of create, there’s requisitions and streamline the purchasing right.

How we streamlining the purchasing, we got good data right, you’re, getting orders with good data because they derived from your commerce experience in real time, dry, purchasing compliance to and control spending across the organization across their organization. It’s a win for you as well, because again you’re getting good data you’re, getting orders all right. This is on that document. So I’ll spare you this keep that.

So again, when I was 17 years old and we did our first punch-out integration, we realized that needed to be an easier way right. We came up with this far-fetched idea. That’s today is supporting tens of thousands of integration points around the world of this adaptable technology. This kind of paypal of the b2b II procurement space, this solution that could be leveraged by companies of all types using any type of infrastructure.

They want we’re very much agnostic right. So that’s how we go to market we’re able to work with Sachin at big commerce right DC cap with any of the platforms are using, and this is important, because Commerce is an evolutionary process right. What you can afford today, or can do today, may be vastly different a year two or three down the road. Continuity is a big important piece of what we do at punch-out to go by being able to support our customers and bring value to helping them leverage.

Whatever best in breed commerce technologies, they have right here, they’re leveraging. This is our nascar slide deck and it’s not a bragging deck. The sheer volume of the nuances that you guys have imagine the nuances that all these other companies have. This crazy nuances and many of these companies are at the elementary stage of understanding this eat procurement space as well, but again, it’s the fastest growing b2b blog that there is this e-procurement space.

Every company has their own different commerce technologies right. So Lowe’s is a homegrown system, moving to a hybrid WebSphere model and other zones. I think Oracle. Something and worth is Magento and you know there’s a big commerce up there, there’s all types of stuff again helping companies leverage whatever they want. These integrations are nice. Is anybody ever done an EDI integration, you undo two more right yeah.

What if you wanted to do? One more that’d be pretty cool right. So that’s what I this, this landscape, that we work in it’s very complex, so a lot of different procurement systems that I mentioned, I think a hundred fifty or sixty that we connect to today. They all use standards right EDI is a standard C XML. Another standard buzzword – they all use them on standardized and, what’s worse, is each system that supports that standard of C XML and enforces as a standard.

The actual buying organization on those procurement system has their own unique requirements right. So you end up with a lot of kind of bespoke integrations and this diagram does it. It gets purely chaotic, but we come in and we paint this pretty picture and we deliver on the ability that we can connect your commerce technologies. Your commerce technologies me and your big commerce, your Magento, whatever you’re, using right to your customers on any procurement system, no matter what it may be, any we do that very well.

We actually never lost a customer. I’r pretty excited about that. That’s cuz! I talked to that talk, um and dad I’m just kidding so benefit to be procurement. I think you know this is a really important is for your customers. It’s enhancing the shopping experience. It’s streamlining the order process reducing the cycle times. Lowering procurement cost increasing order, accuracy, invoicing, automation, all these cool things right.

You want to do the same, so that’s a win for you as well you’re going to expand your sales reach. I guarantee it or I’ll, buy you a beer for Mom or Oh drink product pricing availability, it’s a very sticky blog and all these years of doing these integrations. Since we were so seventeen, I could probably count on two hands. How many integrations got turned off and it was probably due to some type of acquisition or something it’s a very sticky blog now, once you’re in there you’re you’re pretty much in there, unless you wouldn’t really screw it up, and it’s a relationship blog right.

I always say it’s a good old boy or good old girl Network right. It really is it’s. The relationships are really important. All right, so I was going to do a live demo, but I didn’t have the ability, so I grabbed some screenshots. So this is a procurement system called Koopa they’re, probably the fastest-growing procurement system on the market. It’s used by, like Tesla, is going commerce with Tesla’s or sales forces or vc8 animal hospitals or all across the map.

Airbus whatever. So this is VCA. Vca is a large animal hospital group. I think they have 800 locations in North America, they bought Koopa and they actually just like we kind of do for suppliers. We do for buyers as well, so they bought Koopa and they put punch-out to go between Koopa and all of their key vendors. I think ninety-four percent of their spend is going through technology so of those 800 locations.

When anytime, anybody needs to buy anything, they must go to Koopa. They can’t just get in their car and go to Lowe’s and go to Staples they. They have to use these systems it’s the way it works. So what do we see here? It’s it’s! It’s a marketplace: it’s it’s their internal purchasing engine. This is these procurement systems are bolt ons to larger erps like an S, AP, ERP or Oracle. Whatever the case may be, in this case, they’re homegrown, but ultimately it’s a bolt on and it just does a better job of everything vendor related.

You are a vendor, the distributor seller right, I know so. I just grew up the words here. It’s amazing, you go to certain places and you guys say bars and this things – and you know everybody’s in different world, but I think you guys are all distributors, but in our world you’re sellers or the vendor right. So, within these procurement systems the end user, if they want to buy anything, they have to go through here.

So it says: what do you need? It’s pretty cool good, a little opening right. So I need gloves, that’s cool. So all this is fed. What you’re, seeing here in this internal market place by hosted catalog files? This is not the experience right. It’s not the e-commerce experience, there’s often a very healthy mix of hosted catalogs and these kind of punch out catalogs. But what we see here is this right.

So can anybody point out anything that’s wrong like there’s like that’s not like today’s world of Commerce, like anybody see anything silly about this experience, I’ll give you a hint sighs all right like there’s, no configurable elements right, it’s antiquated there’s! Maybe there needs to be an MSDS on this or a user guide. Here’s how you put the glove on. I don’t know it can’t exist right so with punch out over here on the right hand, side we have shop online.

These are their punch out vendors. These are the vendors that they use punch out with again on single click, an end user can access any one of these vendors through punch off. So I am going to magically select CDW boom. That’s cool right! What’s that we do it again, mmm all right! So now we are authenticated into the CDW application. There’s my guy! That’s my Account Manager, hey Glen. I got a question for you right so now I see that they have quotes again really important or I can shop right.

So you know HP workstation, it’s not configurable, but that’s. Ok. What do we have here, but we don’t have that static? Look. We don’t have that cheesy whatever and we got Glenn down here on the left-hand corner. Saying hey I’m here to help you write your chat. Cdw the Grainger’s right, I think you heard the statistic earlier: who was it that said eighty percent or something was it great? These companies have just crushed this eprocurement space.

It’s been a huge blog for them right and it’s and that’s why they come up with that number and it’s a different type of dynamic right. You same thing like with the thermo Fisher or some of these other kind of marketplace types of concepts. They go after these procurement blogs. It’s it’s not a reactive blog like if I talked earlier remember about my hardware company in Richmond Virginia. They were reactive right, we’re finding more companies now starting to get more proactive right.

So these companies like this, have been very much proactive, which is why they’ve seen so much growth and b2b right the same thing that Amazon is trying to do, but ultimately we’re on this e-commerce site. It’s a much more enriched experience underneath there’s way more pictures, we’re not limited to one picture. Somebody else talked about get good pictures on your websites. Obviously very important.

Don’t use a cookie cutter product data, you have enriched the product data, but it creates a good experience and then you can have the little. You know the HP expert guy there to talk to. I think his name was Glenn. I don’t know, but ultimately we can add the item to our cart and again, the biggest difference is: is that we’re not proceeding through our normal checkout right? What we can do, maybe I remember we’re going to carry that shopping.

Cart back over the procurement system right. Why is that? We got ta, take it through approvals right, so now we transferred it back. Just like that BAM I didn’t have to click as thought about is, like my Alexa Alexa flip, the page um, but now so we plugged in you know where. So all the ship twos right 800 locations – I mentioned they all live in the procurement system. This is now and it’s it seems weird, because the users now had it items to the cart.

They brought it back now, they’re going to tell you where they want it, which seems weird right, but this is how the process works. So I’ve decided I want to send it to Cincinnati Ohio. I can look at this beautiful data right. It’s not junk data. It’s clean data and then, ultimately I can submit it for approval now. I can also go and shop from other vendors as well. I can go and punch out the staples and add some staples.

I can go punch out to err gas and add some helium for tonight’s party or whatever the case may be, but ultimately I could submit it for approval right, which will send the purchase orders out to the various vendors for them to be able to then fulfill. All right and buy pizzas for the office right, good stuff, so how’s this little pointer work. This is tricky. I’r screwed push a button, alright cool, so mmm b2b storefront right, that’s your Magento’s, whatever, whatever use them for commerce, big commerce, Oh ERP! This is your ERP.

On the right hand, side right whatever that may be p21, whatever the case may be, that automation is really important right for pushing up product and pricing and all that good stuff. But, more importantly, when you get orders right. So, even though, in in the e-procurement space, everything is derived from external applications, it still could be driven through the commerce blog, and this is really becoming even more important for large companies.

I was, I was up in Philly talking to one of the largest medical device companies in the world and they want to make sure that they can even get EDI orders back through commerce. Edi has been seen as this kind of siloed world, but it’s really a commerce, it’s really commerce technology, so you can drive more through commerce. You mentioned, I think, ten percent of your businesses through commerce. Do you have any EDI? No it’s, but if you did it probably wouldn’t be part of that ten percent right.

You wouldn’t think about it that way, but it really should be going through commerce, so that need to go over direct, your ERP, who else was doing EDI? Are you guys running that through commerce or just directly, to your ERP yeah, so you lose some visibility? You don’t really know where that’s that’s that, where you guys are probably all kind of commerce professionals in your organization, your measured about your measured for what you accomplished to commerce right.

You might look at this about trying to receive orders and so forth and transact through commerce, rather than directly with your ERP, especially if your commerce component is connected to your ERP right becomes more modular right, which is important so that the workflow was is the top Left is we started at Koopa, we clicked on CDW, with through Alexa right, no just kidding click through CDW. We got authenticated to the store right, CDW’s application, we’re serving up the product and pricing for VCA.

In that scenario, we added that HP product right. If we had a question, we could talk to Glenn that was cool in the live chat. We transferred that cart back over to Koopa. On the left hand, side right again, we can go shop for helium. We can do whatever we want, but ultimately again submit for Peter for the PIO and get approval and then that pio gets sent back and that completes the status. So it’s not an abandoned cart.

Maybe it’s like a pending cart or something of that nature. Anybody any questions of this kind of workflow like will we just step through just make any sense? Does anybody have any advice for me to give anybody some type of elevator speech next time, I’m in the elevator? What do you do? I work on a computer huh tall building yeah exactly right. If anybody has any advice on that, I don’t really love to hear it alright.

So what kind of questions do we have? It’s is your mind. Blown here is uh. You guys feeling all right yeah. Well again, so only approved vendors are made accessible, yeah, so we’re logged in as P odigo, that’s our little acronym and then we clicked on CDW and that click we’re all we’re kind of through the browser you know i’ll fennec ate it in the VCAs b2b account Right so there’s like a handshake between punch out to go and CDW says: hey welcome, VCI in your application.

Yes, sir, I would shop what percentage do you think of b2b commerce is going through eprocurement right now and where’s that headed yeah? I got that data. Oh Mexican, right here I was just looking at the report and just came out. I think it’s a 10 percent, so they said so. This is a b2b online. They put out a report. Ten percent on supplier website growth, but I think it’s it’s 37 percent growth across the e-procurement Channel.

It’s it’s very tricky right, so you know for Grainger it might be 50 percent of their business. Remember, 50 percent of companies are using e-procurement systems. They may not be using them well, but it’s going to vary it’s going to vary based on you know your relationship, you have with the customer, and you know they’re kind of the volume right now is coffee procurement, a large percentage yeah.

Let me get to be good one second yeah, so this was mapping out the 10 million dollar number and to attend trillion-dollar number, I’m sorry. So in of the 10 trillion and employees on supplier websites again related to be to be kind of the suppliers, you know the employees of an organization, 954 billion SAS eprocurement systems outside of a network, 834 billion, a procurement of services outside of a net 185 billion.

So it’s over a trillion through procurement. The the weird thing about the report, though it is, is that it segments EDI networks where, in essence, a lot of these like Arriba’s and different platforms are also EDI networks. Edi networks can consist of four point. Seven trillion of the ten trillion dollar number and 218 billion was handled at travel and strip clubs, but it’s really going to vary, but this this article is actually really well well done.

It’s is on b2b e-commerce, world digital commerce, 360. They do a good job of covering b2b good question. Yes, sir, if I’m ear gas and I want to be part of the VCA yeah. What’s what does that relationship? Look like how do how does air gas go about being one of those logos, yeah so they’re in a pretty good position, because then I really have kind of one competitor right, so they have the relationship.

This space again is good old boy, girl, girl network, its relationship driven. You have to win the loyalty, the love when they evaluate your capabilities, as you know, for commerce right, I think when you, when you start looking at landing a larger accounts, you’re going to go through this RFP process. It’s going to ask you if you’re capable of doing these particular types of things right so for air gas, they already have the relationship, but they have to have the relationship you can’t just go enter on into a network right.

You have to have a relationship or find a way to one of those relationships and they may start through our of pees right with organizations or Mississippi Valley, municipalities or organization. You know, like VCAs of the world that you might sell to, and maybe just maybe BCAAs your customer and maybe only for the store, so somehow our buying through through you. You know because they’re close by that becomes a much larger opportunity for you to go to VCA procurements, say: hey, we’ve been supporting because they’re new to eat procurement right, so we just launched them like six months ago.

So there could be orders that are happening outside the procurement blog that they’re going to be wanting to rein in right that there might be greater opportunities for you to go to procurement of these order to not only sell to that subset of locations. But now to a broader network right we see that a lot see a lot with like promo. We see a lot in all industries really, but hopefully that answer your question.

Sir. Thank you more questions for Brady. Oh we’ve got one in the back for a couple. People on Koopa yeah: how does the pricing work cuz this Jordan gets a different price than that one? Okay, so not my project that punch on the go pricing, but how does your pricing right right, yeah so remember? So, what’s your e-commerce application? Okay! So there’s a handshake that has to happen between the procurement system.

So again, when we talk about standards, a lot of these systems have unstandardized approaches, but there’s some form of relevant data. That’s happening on click, so when they click to access your store, we might be getting a Duns number or some type of from or to identity like we’re going to be getting some form of information, so that your ecommerce application can’t properly authenticate the user to reflect The correct offering every integration yeah, it’s yeah, it’s through the browser but yeah, but it’s posting data, it’s a great question and that’s another another thing too: it’s if you do again one integration with VCA and at Koopa and then now you got Tesla.

It’s a completely separate engagement. It doesn’t matter that you’ve connected to that Koopa right, even though coop is a SAS based eprocurement system, it’s a completely separate engagement, you’re networking with Tesla’s any procurement team and they have their own rules and so forth. But does that answer your question ma’am it does and and then just to pick up on once somebody else said is I just go to Koopa, but I have to be an approved vendor.

Can I go out there and like post Here I am. Does anybody want to approve me so what a lot of I think the view on that document there. It talks about maybe a little bit of uncovering how your customers like to purchase from their suppliers right. So if you know like those companies that you might be uploading product data to right, those are your first ones. I think you think about going to and saying hey what procurement system are you guys using we’d like to move away from this? Providing you an excel sheet and offer our technology’s right, your gross sales would be good and it makes easier for them.

Um it’s a tough network. It really is again very much relationship driven with the CW’s and Granger’s do. Is they go to all the procurement events right? They have some form of blog manager, of a procurement that is going to these events establishing their relationships, the guy from Amazon. I think his name was a lawyer day he’s like seven foot. Nine he’s really tall dude right, so he goes to every show and he talks to everybody trying to take your business right, but they’re, really just after tail spend you know tail spend is like the the small spend the the products.

They think that a VCA can’t purchase right from others if that makes sense, but it’s a tough network right and it’s not like you, you said it and, and it’s all gold right, it’s it’s a it needs strict focus, but these companies that are going to do These types of integrations with you, if you’re not getting a multitude of orders every day, then there’s a problem right. So it’s it’s not going to be.

I’r going to order for me today and maybe I’ll order from you next week, you are going to be an approved vendor if you can make your way to one of these networks right. If you follow up with us, follow up with me afterwards, we have some other good content with names of eprocurement systems, anything that becomes a little tricky too so, for instance, like Duke University uses Jagger, but if you ask anybody a Duke how they you know where They’re doing a purchaser from they’re going to say I used by a Duke what the hell’s the underlying application is.

You know Jack. If you ask me by a VC a what do you guys use, I use auto right. That’s what they’ve called it! What the heck is all right, that’s a coupon right, but it’s sometimes can be a little tricky navigate. But again, that’s why it takes this focus but don’t lose out on us right and don’t don’t pick yourselves in the butt. If you can’t make your way immediately, it takes a little time, a little dedication, a little focus and it will pay.

I promise you, it’s the fastest-growing blog, be too big, no problem any other questions. I think I’ve over overstayed. My welcome here. Yeah. Oh we’re yanking! You off give it a go for Brady