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How To Install Google Analytics Code To Tracking Links

So if you haven’t done that already, please read the article on adding it to the tracking code section once you get there you’re going to go ahead and create a tracking link like how you would do if any other link. My good thing with, like all the links that we have regardless, if it’s like the Amazon or, if you’re doing any URL, I’m going to be able to hook up your Google Analytics, account to basically get more data right.

And if you didn’t know the Google Analytics. Having that hooked up to your links will allow you to get more steps, unlike the location, demographic of the user, then like compared to a Facebook pixel, you can read more about that. Just by looking up like Google Analytics like the data behind it, it’s super powerful, but you know back to the main topic review is: how do I add it right so say: you’re using the supreme URL you’re going to go ahead and fill out the information.

Like usual for any of your stuff, but here in the tracking code, section you’re just going to go ahead and choose the drop down from Google Analytics and that’s all you have to do to add to Google Analytics tutor account if you’re confused on how to even Get back this to show up here under tracking codes, make sure you read the article, how to add your Google Analytics tracking code through here and that article will go over all those steps, but, like always, I’m Anthony, if you guys have any questions.

Just let me know in the comments or just contact the support at it. So find me, and I mean cool, see you guys.


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3 Critical Metrics to Follow With Google Analytics

With the analytics In a week, I check our analytics On our site all the time, but I feel like I’m just sort of Poking around and sometimes I ’ ll – find a nugget Or things like that, but I do feel intimidated. Because it’s such a you know versus something: Like a Facebook, where you’re just guided Through creating an ad In analytics, it’s like you’re in A fighter cockpit in a way right, There’s a lot more stuff.

Going on there, So I think what people Are really interested in are sort of systems That you know “ Here’s how you do A 10-point check on your analytics.” or something like that. Can you talk a little bit? About your framework, when it comes to actually Setting up analytics and what are Some of the key metrics that people need to be focusing on If there are any Yeah sure So, first of all, what we got to do, Is make sure that Google Analytics is tracking correctly When we do install the code? We do some initial testing, we go ahead.

We visit from mobile phones from the desktop To see, does it get the country? Does it get the divide? Does it get all that kind of stuff After we enable The eCommerce tracking, which is not enabled – and I don’t really know why But you have to do that manually. There are a few things: Really really simple things that no one has to be Really intimidated by these First of all, Conversion Rate, Super important We have to know How many people, out of a hundred and because some of the people? That might read the interview, are not really tech savvy or don’t really know.

What a Conversion Rate is Conversion rate is what the amount The percentage of the people that they get to convert, What does convert mean They get to do a sale, They get to buy something From our websites and we’re talking, About the eCommerce, So is it 1 % Like 1 out of 100 people, Two out of 100, One of the simple things that you can do, If you have 1 % Conversion Rate, which is an okay Conversion Rate, It’s sort of like the industry baseline In a way right, -It’s an industry baseline, let’s say -Yeah, I know those sort of things You get.

One person Out of a hundred people, but you paid for those A hundred people to come into your store and you get 1 % Conversion Rate. What, if you look At your numbers – and you figured your website – In that way, you get a 2 %, I won’t go into 5 % or 10 % Literally with just that move the amount of money That you are getting into your revenue simply by one thing, So Conversion Rate Is super important? The other super important thing is Average Order Value or AOV So AOV.

Why? Because, if I get an average On a customer, let’s say he buys something: Which is $ 20 every customer, and even if I can give That $ 25 or $ 30 literally, I don’t have to change anything else. In my whole other strategy, I’m spending the exact same money, but I’m getting more From every customer Conversion rate, Super important Average Order Value Super important, Then there are more technical stuff that they don’t have to be.

Super intimidating, so one of them Is Bounce Rate I will stick To those three, obviously, there are way more But I don’t want to over complicate it So Conversion Rate Average Order Value and Bound Rate. So what is Bounce Rate How quickly people bounce They get off your website? As soon as they see it, The Bounce Rate is measured. By a percentage, The biggest the percentage The worse, our stores are performing An average in the industry.

Let’s say it’s 65 % to 70 %, but still it means that 70 % of the people Were just paid with Facebook Ads with Google Ads Or whatever that is, They just came to our website. And they didn’t even spend more than one second In our store, So even if you get an average Of let’s say, of 80 %, which means 80 % of Google Didn’t even see your landing page, You get it down to 75 % Even 70 % even lower, it means that you start making More more and more money for every visitor and potential customer That visits your store, It doesn’t really have to be intimidating.

If you translate everything to money. Then it becomes way easier Way: sexier And those three metrics are the key ones. That people need to be looking at. I think that’s a really valid point. I don’t know that You’re the biggest Marvel movie fan. But if you have to be an Avenger Which one might you choose? Probably I would be Doctor Strange, I like to think of myself, like The geek I am, and the nerd I am When people go out, And have fun and they party I go work.

Or read webinars or look at things: I could change in the store, somehow we can make More things, I think, I’m living Like Doctor Strange People call me The Mr. Google Analytics -Doctor Analytics -Doctor Analytics Doctor analytics, So that’s one of the things That I really really enjoy because I said Google Analytics Is not sexy but making money is, and I like making money 100 %. Very nice, thank you for coming Awesome.

Thank you, Yeah. I really look forward. I should announce also, I think it is clear. But Doctor Analytics will be a part of the upcoming Ecommerce All Stars Secrets course our free-mini course That we’ll be putting out for the world to learn the core skills that they need. To grow an extra-ordinary business They’ll learn how to get by That’s the beauty of this course You’re going to learn. How to get started? What mindset you need to have And some of the core skills, but we’re also going to be providing A lot of things that will allow you to truly take it to the next level.

And really have an untapped mindset. That’s the thing I’m noticing From all of these interviews And frankly, all of the people Of the world who are making headlines for good and for bad Is that they have this unbridled will They are not small thinkers right? They are people That are able to look an opportunity and really think big about it. I think that’s what runs Through this whole course, and I’m really excited To be putting it on, I’m excited to be a part of it Guys I’ll make analytics sexy.

I promise Okay I’ll try my best Nice, very good. Well, thanks again, -Awesome -Alright -Thanks -Cheers


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How To Use Google Analytics for your Business

What is it it’s a tracking token that you get to put on your website and then it gives you so much information about the people who are Coming to your website what pages they’re visiting when they’re, coming, how they’re coming and the best part about it? It’s free! I like free, All right so first step we’re going to to go google.

Com/analytics And then we need to sign Up for an Analytics account All right, so it’s going to bring You to this landing page Hit Sign Up, So we’re just going to name this one Morgan Test for my test website And then you can choose to share your data with a variety of things. I’r just going to click those Right now it’s up to you And then click Next, Since we’re setting This up for our website we’re going to click.

We want to measure web. The next thing that we Need to do is we need to put in all the information About our website, So we gave this account a name, and now we need to specifically Call the website name, So this website is called upskill.Life and we’re just going to use the Same thing, upskill.Life, This is actually one of Nealey’s accounts that we’re going to be setting up for him. I think it’s, the Beauty and Fitness So pick an industry category.

And then you can obviously put your Time Zone and then hit Create. So now that you’re account is set up the very first page that it Brings you is your Tracking ID. This is the most important step. Just because you created an account does not mean that suddenly, Google is going to start Tracking your website, You actually have to do something with the code that it generates So right here, very top front and center it let’s.

You know that this is your code, But you don’t just copy And paste this code, you actually need this Code all the way down here this script, So what you’re going to go? Do is you’re going to put that on your website. Every website is different. WordPress has areas that you can do it. Depending on your theme, you Might have to add a plugin, but it’s best to go and Look at your website’s documentation to see how to Add the Google Analytics’ code So after that than I’m good In theory, it may take 24 To 48 hours to propagate, so that’s why you can come Back here to the status just to keep, checking and Right now it says no data received, so we haven’t Put it on anything, but it will say you’re good.

I have a site, we can go. Into that has traffic and has the code it’s Been there for a long time, So let’s go check out. One of my other sites, So this main page, this Kind of gives you a snapshot of everything that you’re seeing So right. Now you can see that there’s one active user on this site. You can see over the past few days more or less what how many Users have been there page views, balance rate and Just some other statistics, where they’re coming by country, when are your hottest hours, So these are other reports that give you even more granular data about the people who are Coming to your website, So this first one is real-time.

So if you can click right here, you’ll see the number of people active on your site right now or Over the past 30 to 60 minutes, You can see where they’re coming from just one person has been To this site recently, but you can drill it Down based on location traffic sources, where They’re coming from, but what’s more important, Is your audience in general? Yes, you can see a snapshot in time, but I love to go to the audience tab and then go to overview where I can see over a longer period of time how many people have Been coming to my site, So the first thing that I like to do this is just showing the Past week that’s helpful, but I let’s go back in time.

Let’s just look at 2019 as a whole just to see [ Sam ] Yeah one week doesn’t give you a lot of information. [ Morgan, ] Yeah and you may Wan na just look at a quarter or a month, but you can See bigger trends over time, So the default it’s going. To default to users, I like to also look at page views, And then it also has some Other just high level statistics for this period, which is great, you can see the Total number of page views the average number of pages per session number of sessions and so on, how long they’re staying on average and then the bounce rate.

So the next big category, which is one that I love, is Acquisition. This is where are your Customers finding you And I always like to do Overview first because again it’s just the dashboard That has all of the metrics in one place and then, of course, you can always drill it down. This would be able To help you to redirect how you’re, using all of your time Like you, could get more On social, then you know where to spend more of your time And you know promoting your business Yeah or if you don’t Having many people coming organically, it’s probably an opportunity that you’re not ranking in search, And so you need to probably do more SEO.

Another category is Behavior So once they’re on your Website what are they doing So, let’s click on the Behavior Tab and go to the overview, So you can see – and we’ve kind of talked about these on the high level overview. You know what how many Pages, are they viewing the average page time bounce rate, but you can actually see Where they’re spending the majority of their Time on which pages, If you go right here to Behavior Flow, you can kind of see a mapping.

Of of how a customer is going through your website, As you get more familiar, With Google Analytics and you’re using it more And more for your business, there may be certain aspects: Of the different reports that you love seeing and Others that just aren’t really valuable to you, So you can go to the Customization section and then create custom. Dashboards and views so that way, when you log in you see the most important things and then you can go back.

To doing what you do best All right, that’s everything! Google Analytics, I hope you found it useful. Let me know in the comments below what you’re favorite piece of data is to track using Google Analytics I’m interested. Is it Page views is it users? Is it traffic sources? Let me know And make sure that you like subscribe and ring that bell. So You know when we have new content coming out. This is “.

The Journey” we’ll see you next time.