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How Backlinks Help In SEO Services?

It benefits an organization if it is rightly done if backlinks are coming from good supposed sites, and also your website is back linked by reputed sites. Then it’s always a subject. Backlinks are the major factors in evaluating the importance of your site by search engines. As an initial read, the keyboard ranking will be very high, but later on, the ranking may fall down if the work is not proper.

So it really matters to be a great backlink. Expert external links are far more beneficial for ranking the website over its internal links. It’s like what others say about. You is more important than what you yourself see, whereas internal links are incredibly useful for lowering your bounce rate and keeping the reader engaged on your web pages. You


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3 Proven Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Okay, so comment below. Let me know what specific challenges do you guys have with bounce rates? Why do you guys think your bounce rates are extremely low and for those of you that don’t know what bounce rates are I’ll walk you through an event, but I want you to comment below first, let me know what bounce rates you guys are getting. How are you dealing with it? What are the challenges associated with it? What are your measures you’re putting in place, so, let’s get into it, my bounce rate is high.

How can I bring it down now bounce rate? For those who don’t know it’s essentially, when someone lands on a specific page on your website, one page, how many other pages do they visit before they bounce off? So, let’s say: there’s a hundred people that go on your home page. If a hundred people go on your home page and then 50 people decide to go on your about page or your contact page or any other page on your website and the other 50 don’t and they go on the home page and they leave immediately.

That’s your bounce rate. You have 50 % bounce rate. At that point, 150 people decided to visit your home page and they decided to go to other pages. The other p50 people decided they’d go to your home page that aren’t interested and then it bounced off. Now, the way that we’ll be able to decrease your bounce rate is a few factors. The first thing is you want to make sure that, whatever page that you on there’s three core dollars that you have you have that page specifically the copy the design? How does that resonate with the audience that you’re going for which goes in the second one, the audience? We want to make sure that the audience that you’re driving to your specific type of content, your website matches with what you have on there.

You want to have a lot of values that you set up on the home page. You want to share what audience you’re going for. You want to have copy that communicates with the problems that your target audience is experiencing. The third one that’s important, is you want to make sure that all the content you create? It has a sound like everybody else, so you want to sound different. You want to be unique in a specific way, because if you’re not unique or you don’t have polarity and you sound like everybody else, no one’s going to pay attention to whatever it is that you have on your website.

So you want to have a specific type of different types of polar polarity on there. Those are the three factors there doesn’t matter. What page you have on your website? Whatever bounce rate, it is to universal principles that you should keep in mind Organic traffic things that people continuously visit. You know your email list that you collect your message list or texting list: Google, organic search on Google or Bing.

Those specific ones are always going to have a less bounce rate because they usually found you based on intent or they’ve, been on your list, so they’re more likely to engage with your content and consuming because they basically raised their hand and said hey. I, like your content, I’m searching for you or I’ve already started the communication process with you. The second thing is paid traffic, social advertising native advertising.

Any advertising type of traffic will always have a significantly higher bounce rate, because there are people that are cold right, cold audience. Kalani’s basically means that they have absolutely no knowledge about who you are they don’t care about you? They don’t know who you what you represents. Why they should even pay attention to you so when they go on their website, naturally, they’re not going to care, and so that’s what your bouncer would be significantly higher, and that makes the reason why your content needs to be even more compelling for them to engage.

So, for example, internally, what we’re doing here is I’ve got three articles here on YouTube: the one with the eight-figure webinar, where I’m sharing with you the approach that we used to generate eight figures for clients. The second article is how to generating your next hundred thousand visitors and the third article is related to how to generate thousands of leads, or at least start the conversation.

With your specific target audience. Those three articles are the most popular on YouTube. There’s a long-form post on my website and what the article is on there and we’re using the traffic accelerator process, which is in another article that I’ll share with you. The basically generate hundreds of thousands of traffic without waiting on Google SEO that takes months to years, and even if you just started your business yesterday, so you’re able to actually go on there, you can put the traffic there.

We use basic social advertising, the amplify content. We put those people onto that specific pages and we’re noticing that the bounce was between thirty to forty percent and we get about four to four to five hundred visitors every single week on that specific type of content. When we have a fine and we’re not paying a lot of money on it too, so that’s one of the things, but that we can focus on now organically.

The bounce rate is like ten fifteen twenty percent, so it’s even lower. Now you might not think like hey, you know it’s just five, ten percent. What makes a difference right, but when you add it up when you’re, getting like hundreds of thousands of visitors, that five percent represents like five thousand people, so that’s a ton of people within your target audience. So again, those are the things that I’m just sharing with you, the from our experience of what we deal with what how we do it to be able to measure bounce rate, how to be able to increase your which time on-site, which is important your average time On site, and also the amount of pages that people visit and decrease your bounce rate, you want to look at those three specific numbers: your average time on site.

How long does the average person, when they visit your business online, stay there and engage with you? How many other pages do they visit when they visit that one page, if they’re only visiting one page? That means it’s bad. You want them to visit multiple different pages. You want to have they’re having such a time very long and then the bounce rate. As you pointed out, you want something very, very low.

You want to decrease that over time because, as you scale, the more traffic that you have, it makes a big difference when you have five percent of ten thousand five percent of a hundred thousand, it’s just even more people that are bouncing off. So you always want to focus on decreasing it by building the resonance to your content. So thanks reading that I want you to comment below. Let me know: what’s one inside you’ve got from this like this article, they also make sure you hit that subscribe button and also the bell icon.

So you have future articles just like this to help you grow your business, online or entrepreneurial advice. Thanks


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3 Critical Metrics to Follow With Google Analytics

With the analytics In a week, I check our analytics On our site all the time, but I feel like I’m just sort of Poking around and sometimes I ’ ll – find a nugget Or things like that, but I do feel intimidated. Because it’s such a you know versus something: Like a Facebook, where you’re just guided Through creating an ad In analytics, it’s like you’re in A fighter cockpit in a way right, There’s a lot more stuff.

Going on there, So I think what people Are really interested in are sort of systems That you know “ Here’s how you do A 10-point check on your analytics.” or something like that. Can you talk a little bit? About your framework, when it comes to actually Setting up analytics and what are Some of the key metrics that people need to be focusing on If there are any Yeah sure So, first of all, what we got to do, Is make sure that Google Analytics is tracking correctly When we do install the code? We do some initial testing, we go ahead.

We visit from mobile phones from the desktop To see, does it get the country? Does it get the divide? Does it get all that kind of stuff After we enable The eCommerce tracking, which is not enabled – and I don’t really know why But you have to do that manually. There are a few things: Really really simple things that no one has to be Really intimidated by these First of all, Conversion Rate, Super important We have to know How many people, out of a hundred and because some of the people? That might read the interview, are not really tech savvy or don’t really know.

What a Conversion Rate is Conversion rate is what the amount The percentage of the people that they get to convert, What does convert mean They get to do a sale, They get to buy something From our websites and we’re talking, About the eCommerce, So is it 1 % Like 1 out of 100 people, Two out of 100, One of the simple things that you can do, If you have 1 % Conversion Rate, which is an okay Conversion Rate, It’s sort of like the industry baseline In a way right, -It’s an industry baseline, let’s say -Yeah, I know those sort of things You get.

One person Out of a hundred people, but you paid for those A hundred people to come into your store and you get 1 % Conversion Rate. What, if you look At your numbers – and you figured your website – In that way, you get a 2 %, I won’t go into 5 % or 10 % Literally with just that move the amount of money That you are getting into your revenue simply by one thing, So Conversion Rate Is super important? The other super important thing is Average Order Value or AOV So AOV.

Why? Because, if I get an average On a customer, let’s say he buys something: Which is $ 20 every customer, and even if I can give That $ 25 or $ 30 literally, I don’t have to change anything else. In my whole other strategy, I’m spending the exact same money, but I’m getting more From every customer Conversion rate, Super important Average Order Value Super important, Then there are more technical stuff that they don’t have to be.

Super intimidating, so one of them Is Bounce Rate I will stick To those three, obviously, there are way more But I don’t want to over complicate it So Conversion Rate Average Order Value and Bound Rate. So what is Bounce Rate How quickly people bounce They get off your website? As soon as they see it, The Bounce Rate is measured. By a percentage, The biggest the percentage The worse, our stores are performing An average in the industry.

Let’s say it’s 65 % to 70 %, but still it means that 70 % of the people Were just paid with Facebook Ads with Google Ads Or whatever that is, They just came to our website. And they didn’t even spend more than one second In our store, So even if you get an average Of let’s say, of 80 %, which means 80 % of Google Didn’t even see your landing page, You get it down to 75 % Even 70 % even lower, it means that you start making More more and more money for every visitor and potential customer That visits your store, It doesn’t really have to be intimidating.

If you translate everything to money. Then it becomes way easier Way: sexier And those three metrics are the key ones. That people need to be looking at. I think that’s a really valid point. I don’t know that You’re the biggest Marvel movie fan. But if you have to be an Avenger Which one might you choose? Probably I would be Doctor Strange, I like to think of myself, like The geek I am, and the nerd I am When people go out, And have fun and they party I go work.

Or read webinars or look at things: I could change in the store, somehow we can make More things, I think, I’m living Like Doctor Strange People call me The Mr. Google Analytics -Doctor Analytics -Doctor Analytics Doctor analytics, So that’s one of the things That I really really enjoy because I said Google Analytics Is not sexy but making money is, and I like making money 100 %. Very nice, thank you for coming Awesome.

Thank you, Yeah. I really look forward. I should announce also, I think it is clear. But Doctor Analytics will be a part of the upcoming Ecommerce All Stars Secrets course our free-mini course That we’ll be putting out for the world to learn the core skills that they need. To grow an extra-ordinary business They’ll learn how to get by That’s the beauty of this course You’re going to learn. How to get started? What mindset you need to have And some of the core skills, but we’re also going to be providing A lot of things that will allow you to truly take it to the next level.

And really have an untapped mindset. That’s the thing I’m noticing From all of these interviews And frankly, all of the people Of the world who are making headlines for good and for bad Is that they have this unbridled will They are not small thinkers right? They are people That are able to look an opportunity and really think big about it. I think that’s what runs Through this whole course, and I’m really excited To be putting it on, I’m excited to be a part of it Guys I’ll make analytics sexy.

I promise Okay I’ll try my best Nice, very good. Well, thanks again, -Awesome -Alright -Thanks -Cheers