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SEO For Beginners 2017 – How to Rank High In Google – WordPress Yoast SEO Tutorial

So, let’s get started to get started open your dashboard in a new in a new tab and now again we have to install a new plugin for this, so how our plugins click on add new and in your search for Yoast.

Okay, here it is Yoast SEO by Yoast. This is by far the best plug-in, for you know SEO, as you can see, more than 13,000 people have rated and that it is a five-star five-star rated product, five-star rated plug-in and more than 1 million active installs. At present, so this is an amazing plugin, no doubt so. Just click on install now now click on activate. Ok. Now again, you will see a new thing, a new tab, oh yah, which says SEO just click on that.

Ok, here it is it’s. It says zero problems, which is fine notification, not needed right down. Just click on general here you’ll get an option called open. The configuration wizard click on that now you have two options. You have to select this one configure Yoast SEO in a few step now here, the environment, you have to select the environment, three options: production staging development development is when the site is running locally for development purposes.

Staging is a copy of side used for testing purposes and production and the site is life with the real traffic. So our website is at production stage, so select production click on next now you have to select the type of the website, whether it is a blogging website, whether it is a webshop web shop is basically ecommerce website. So we have to select the webshop click on next, whether it’s a company or a person.

Ours is a company, we’ll select log, toad incorporation. You have to choose an image: a company logo, let’s select any image, a short image. If you have okay, this one select your logo, your company logo, click on choose an image. Click on next now put in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever you using Google+ or YouTube URL, and don’t don’t ever underestimate any of these steps? Don’t think? Oh man! This is not important.

Our facebook URL is not important now this is not important. This is really important. All these steps that are over here, it is not like you know they have just given you some random. These things are really important. I it is really connected to the SEO stuff, so make sure you put all your url, so you, okay now after you do so click on next, then it is post type visibility. The first one is, the post type post should be visible or hidden means the post type, which is post, which is basically our blocks, whether you want a visible or hide them on.

You know, search engine, so obviously we want it to be visible. But what should be there for your pages, whether you want to show your pages on search engines or not? For example, we created about this Contact Us page, so obviously we want them to be visible on search engines. If you want, you can also make visible for media. You can also hide them. If you have any products. Here is the main thing products we want this to be visible.

Okay, this is the main thing make sure it is visible for products. The most important thing. Okay, so once you have done this setting click on next okay, so it asks whether it has multiple authors does. Or will your site have multiple authors? If you think yes in the future, you have more author, then select yes. If no, then, no, then click on next. Okay, now you have to get Google authentication code.

So just click on this ok select your account. Click on allow just copy this code paste it over here now click on next and now you have to select the separator, for example, come back to your website and here at the top you see the title which says ecommerce website address in this separator is a Pipe – and you can select this big so on so let’s select this one, the small and click on next, you can have any kind of separator.

It’s just separates your website name with the product name or page name whatever. It is now click on next now you can sign up for the newsletter. If you want, you know, if you don’t, then just click on next. Ok, now you have some options. Basically, it is just you know some ads from Yoast. If you want to upgrade to premium, you can click on this. If you want to learn how to write copy that rank, you know whatever it is.

You have different courses, free courses, I guess on YouTube, so you can read those articles if you want, after that, just click on next. It says your turn Nate. You have done it. So click on close now come back over here in the webmaster tool, and here we have to add a Google search console so just open new tab or search for Google console. Ok search for Google search console! Ok! Fine! Now here you will see this link.

Google Webmaster Tools, click on that okay, now here, if the you’re upset and obviously wants you’re upset because we haven’t created that so click on add a property and just copy your website link paste it over here, click on add: okay. Now we have different options through which you know you can a connect. Your ghost from this Google search console with this one. No, so you have many different options.

Just click on the first one, HTML tag, the most easy one now here, you’ll see something called content. Is equal to then quotations under quotations? You have some code to you have to just copy those code which is under quotation, but I think you cannot copy when you click on that everything is selected. So just do one thing: copy everything open, a new tab, paste that way your and from here you will be able to copy this portion so just copy this push in which is under content.

Click on control C come back for you paste it over your click. On Save Changes, okay, once you do so again, come back, oh you’re on the console page and click on verify. Okay, so it should say this message. Congratulations. You have successfully verified your ownership of your website and you will see your website link over here. So we have successfully done that the most important thing this was the most important step.

Now, let’s see how to set up or how to increase the search engine optimization of our products, for that how our products, click on add product all products now select any one of the product. For example, let’s select this one men’s blue shorts live now scroll down. Now here, you’ll see one new box over here, which is Yoast SEO. Ok, you’re, getting a snippet preview of how your product or how your link for this product will look like on Google.

Ok, you can select mobile, so this is how it will look on mobile. You select that top. This is. How do we look on desktop now to select one focus? Keyword basically focused keyword should be like you know. Let me show you, for example, it is men’s. Blue shorts live, so what you can select is blue short sleeve. This might be, this can be your focus keyword. So now you have this, you know analysis section where you have different dots, red dot, orange dot, a green dot.

Basically, we have to turn all this thing into green dot so be here. We have turned two things into green dot. The first one is focused, keywords appears in the URL for this page. What does this mean? We have selected a focus keyword over here, and this is the URL of our of our page of our product. So, as you can see, blue short-sleeve is there. This is a focus keyword, it is present in the permalink, so that is what it means.

Okay and second, was, is you have never used? This focus keyword before very good? This is basically because this is the first product on which we are working for SEO. Optimization. Now, let’s see other thing now, this one, which is a red dot, it says no meta description has been specified. Search engines will display copy from the page instead, okay, so what you can do is just click on this edit snippet and you can have meta description, just copy something from your and paste it over here.

Okay, when it turns red, it means that you have. You have to decrease the size for this okay, okay, so this is how this is the length of Meta Description that you should have now. As you can see, the Meta Description is available. I and you can see it on the snippet preview. Okay, once you do so click on close snippet editor. Now we have the third thing. Also green, which says the length of the Meta Description is sufficient.

Now, let’s see the net nada dot, which we have to work on, the focus keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy makes your topics clear immediately: okay, so basically the focus keyword should be available on over here. Okay, so let’s add anywhere over here and obviously it should make sense, I’m just showing you for the sake of showing, but you have to see. Where does this thing fit and it should make sense, the sentence should make sense.

Okay, so that we have put this thing or your now again, we have turned one more thing, Green, which is very, very awesome. We are going good now again this a red dot which says a Meta Description has been specified, but it does not contain the focus keyword. So this is our focus keyword. We did enter a meta description, but it doesn’t have the focus keyword. So, let’s replace this thing with our focus: keyword, okay, put a full-stop at the end, click on close snippet, editor and now boom.

We have five green dots, so we are really going good. It says no internal links appear in this page. Consider adding some as appropriate. So what this means is, you know you have to link something to your to your page. Internal link. Internal link is basically when you click on that link, it will redirect you to different page or different product which is available on your own website. Okay on the same website – or I know external link are basically when you click on that link.

You will be redirected to another website, so that is internal and external link. So how to do that, for example, here it is written typewriter, so you can select this. You can a you have insert or edit link click on that and you can paste a URL okay. So, let’s add this URL domain website URL and click on apply. Okay, now we have added an internal link on this website and again now we see six different, green dots, which is awesome.

The keyword density is 0.4 percent, which is too low. The focus keyword was found one time. Okay, so basically, what it means is the focus keyword should be no available at several places. For example, let’s add all yours now we have to then we can add over here. We have three. Now, let’s again come back now, it has. The keyword density is now 10.1 %. So out of this content, one person content can has our focus keyword, which is very fine, which is very good.

Now, let’s see this thing, this orange marks, which says that okay, fine, it is good, but it is not best. You have to turn this thing into green, which is the best practice with best SEO practice. So, let’s we don’t want good. We want the best so we’ll turn all these things also into green. The next thing is the text contains 267 words this slightly below the recommend recommended minimum of 300 words add a bit more copy.

Okay, so we have to add some more text over here. So just copy this thing again paste it over here now again come back okay now it says the text contains 370 words to 74 volts, which is above the minimum of 300 words. So again we have a new success. Now, let’s move on to another point, it says the images of this page are missing, alt attributes. So basically what it means is, you know, let’s see, let’s, let’s see we have an image over here.

So, let’s click on this image, and here besides image, you have caption all text description, so you have a title which is good. You also have to have a caption, so basically caption you might have seen in different news ma news websites. If you have seen when you have an image like this, for example, this is the image the Indy caption in below this image. It will be written. This is a beautiful girl or she is Taylor, super she’s, so on and so forth.

So that is what a caption is, which says you about this image. Okay, so you have to put a caption for this image, so this image is selected and make sure you do this for all the images which you have used in your website, then there is alt text you. What is an alt text? Suppose someone is using a very slow Internet and what happens is you know? While is visiting your website? The image doesn’t load because he is using a very slow Internet.

So, instead of this image, he will see this text, so image won’t be shown, but he will see some text so that is alt text. Now you have to write some description about this image, so you can write some description about this image. Okay, so make sure you select all these images and you fill everything title caption alt text, description. Okay, once you do so click on set product image. Now again, that thing has turned green, which is again awesome.

Okay, where is it yeah here? It is the images on the page contains alt attributes with the focus keyword. So this is awesome now here it is no output. Outbound link appears, as I said, we have to kind of link. We have already had an inbound link. Now, let’s have an outbound link. Okay, so let’s select some something some you know some word house and let’s link it to outbound. For example, let’s select this word, click on link and let’s link this to wordpress.

Org. Don’t just link you to any random website, make sure you’re linking to a very strong website. WordPress.Org is a very strong website. You can link it to YouTube or so on. You can, for example, suppose you are talking about your product and you want to say that you know what I have a article on this product, so you can read that article on YouTube and you can give that link. So basically, your this link will redirect to YouTube, which is a very strong website, so make sure you, you know, have a mumbling for a very strong website, not just a mini XYZ website.

Okay, now come down and only one thing is left now. The SEO title is too short, use the space to add variation or create compelling call-to-action copy okay. So this is the title now again: click on edit snippet, okay, so basically it is at present everything is set to you know everything is set to default, which is the first. The title will be there. Then page name will be there. Then date will be there and then site name will be there.

You can have you know a custom title. For example, let’s have this title: you know click on this title and add something more best short or best blue shirt, because you want to use this terms again and again best blue short, sleeves sorry shirt available in the market. Okay, so this title does make sense and it is also bigger just keep it this to available. Basically, you have to turn this thing into green.

Okay. Now click on close now, as you can see, everything is turned to green. Now it says SEO thing is good, but readability, it needs improvement, because you know all these words. I don’t know which language is this, so you have to use basic English language and you have to use some really basic words. You don’t have to use some tough words. Basically, you have to have the description wherein everyone can read something easily.

Even a school guy can understand what you’re talking about. So if you do so, after that, your readable readability will increase okay, once you are done with all the changes, click on update and you have successfully posted and increased the SEO power of this product. Now your product become really strong. Seo is very, very, very important. Companies charge thousands of dollars just for making this thing the same, they use the same plugin, and this is how they will do everything and they charge a lot of money for that.

So after reading this tutorial, I hope you guys how you get a lot of help, and this tutorial helps you and you are saving indirectly you’re saving a lot of money. So just for this, I hope you guys will give a 5-star rating to this course, because I have used – and I have put in a lot of efforts in making these goals, and I’m also providing these bonus lectures to you, which will be very beneficial for you.

Not only for this website but for any website which you make in future, so I hope you are so I hope you guys have enjoyed this lecture. Take care and I’ll see you guys in the next lecture, probably the last lecture. Okay, so see you soon,


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SEO for Beginners – How to Rank in Search

And the most trusted for searches related to Your products or business, So those two things, Relevance and trust – is What Google’s looking for to determine? Which which Websites, it should rank on the first page, And so when I say Google, just so you know, I’m going to be using that interchangeably for all search engines. Because 167 billion searches happen on Google a month. That’s a ton. Most searches happen on Google right Right, so I’m just going to Use, Google interchangeably, I mean it is the 167 billion Pound gorilla in the room, so we’re just going to go with it.

I’m scared All right so SEO, like Why why is it important? Why should we invest our time? Energy and money into it So search engines, they’re The new Yellow Pages: This is where people go to find answers Billions upon billions of Searches are happening each month and many of those are for Your products and services, So, if you’re not showing up On the search results, page you’re missing out on a Huge untapped potential of all these customers, Who, literally, are typing your products into the search? Bar wanting to purchase 88 % of people, research Before they buy and they’re-, where do they research [ Nealey ], That’s huge Google, so you need to just- It’s just plain and simple: You need to be there So, instead of me telling You, let me just show you, Let’s go check out a Search result right now, Cool: let’s do it All right, so we’re going to Break down the different pieces of SEO by going to the Search results page itself: Okay, So, let’s dive into it, So let’s go to Google.

Com and What’s an example business that we should look into [ Nealey, ] Um: let’s try, lawyers [, Morgan, ], Laywers, ahh, That business of yours is getting big time: huh [ Nealey ], Something like that. [ Morgan, ], Yeah, Phoenix Arizona, you need a lawyer now So lawyer, Phoenix Arizona. So what I just typed into The search bar is known as the search query and this Is a phrase or a question that you are looking for answers for This can contain your Keywords, for example, lawyer, is a keyword and Phoenix Arizona is probably a keyword.

So now, let’s look at the Three different pieces of the search engine results, page Also known as the SERP Okay, so these first two sections Right here these are the ads paid ads and normally You can tell because they have a little ad flag right there. So you can see there are two ads here and then, if we scroll down to The next section this is the local map listing sections, So these are local businesses.

Only so if you serve a national audience or you Don’t have a physical location that you serve, then you Aren’t going to show here The way that you appear Here is you have to have great SEO on your website? And you also have to have an optimized Google, My Business profile, And you can see that only a Few businesses appear here so there’s usually three. This is known as the local three pack And then occasionally there’d be an ad, So this is an example of Someone who’s paying to appear in the local listings and Then these three below it are the ones that are naturally Organically showing up here, which Google has deemed For Phoenix Arizona, these are the best three.

You can click on more places. And that’s going to bring you a wider map of all the Different local lawyers, So you can see quite a few And then you can dig into their Google My Business profile from there, So here’s an example of one So the next and last piece at the bottom. These are the organic results. This is where you want to be Because, unlike the paid ads, you have to pay to play for those.

So once your ad budget is Out poof you’re gone you’re no longer there, But with these you prove to Google over time that you’re the most relevant and The most trusted answer and then you’re going to stay Here, for a long long time, as long as you continue To show Google that you’re better than your competition And people love these A lot of people while ads are affective, we’re kind of trained to Just skip over the ads and go straight down: To the organic results, and so so many people will Just hop down right here and they’ll click and find their lawyer, So I wan na go back to the Top and I wan na talk about keywords and keyword.

Competitiveness because keywords are things which We’ll be talking about, you need to put all across your website. It’s these search terms. That people are looking for, and so you need to make Sure that you have that on your website as well Um, however, some are much More competitive than others, So if you look at lawyer, Phoenix Arizona, there’s about 32 million results, It’s pretty broad Phoenix is a pretty big city.

If we change it to something. That’s less competitive, let’s say a dog grooming- Dog groomer Phoenix Arizona, only 2.3 million results So clearly less competitive business. So there’s not as much competition there, which is great if you’re a Dog groomer cause. That means you have a- if you’re Doing the right SEO it’s going to be easier to Appear on the first page for that search term, Unlike lawyers, where They put a lot of money into advertising.

It’s a very Very very competitive space. There are people, always Fighting for those top spots, Should we only put short keywords: Is there anything else we can use So initially, no With Google. You need to start Small with they’re called long-tail keywords, so They’re they’re keywords with three four: five: Six words altogether um, because you need to prove your authority in the small, less competitive Spaces before Google is going to realize that you Should be ranking for these more broad terms, So for this example, If I’m a dog groomer, let’s say I specialize in poodle grooming, So we’re going to change It to poodle, groomer, Phoenix Arizona And you can see the Competitiveness there’s only 300 thousand search.

Results, so this is great because there’s not as many People who put poodle grooming on their websites, and so for me this is a great opportunity. For me to start building that authority with Google, So remember if I’m a dog Groomer and you go to my website and there’s absolutely Nothing about dog grooming, it’s just my name. My phone Number and maybe a photo Google’s going to look at that and think this doesn’t talk anything about It’s not relevant Yeah.

It’s not relevant. So this person must not be great for this keyword: They’re, probably not a dog groomer at all, So our job is to go and make Sure that all the content on our website is relevant, To those keywords, All right, so you’re Telling me all I need to do is update just a little bit. Of content on my website, Not exactly so remember, That we’re doing this not only for our users, So they have information, but for Google, Okay, So and Google wants our Websites to be structured in a very particular way right.

Ultimately, it’s a robot That’s scanning the backend of our website, so the Backend data of the website, Google wants to make sure that We have it formatted in a way that it can easily read and Know what our website is about, So these are things like Our H1 tag, our meta data meta descriptions which I’m going to go into right now to show you where this is [: Nealey ] Awesome. Let’s see it [ Morgan ]! So for Since we’re here on this poodle grooming website, Let’s go to this one Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting: [ Nealey ], I’m all about rhyming, [, Morgan ]! It’s a nice! Looking Website it has great colors great branding, but the problem is Google doesn’t see any of that.

This is what they see Boom. [ Nealey ]. That’s gross [, Morgan ]! That’s not that pretty And end users, your customers, If this was your way that your website was presented, they would get nothing from this However, this is exactly what Google looks at when they’re Wanting to rank a website All right, so you’re Telling me that I have to know how to code to do that. Not necessarily because Modern day website builders already have this built in here.

You can see with this website. They’re actually using a plugin for WordPress Called “ All in One SEO”, Where you just put it in and It just makes it super easy for you, as a non-technical. User to update all of these SEO elements, which is awesome So as part of this, you need To have your meta title, so this is basically the title: Of each part of your website that when you go back to the Search engine results page you, this is what will show up So for this example.

They set their meta title for Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting And then you can also see right, Here the meta description they get to choose what that is All right. So that’s the basics of SEO. The search engine results page Everything on your website. We just talked about everything on-site that you need to do to your Website so now, let’s talk about the things off-site. Okay, That shows Google that you’re The most trusted answer for search results.

All right so explain trust A little bit more for us Yeah, so I have an analogy. So let’s say that you get a call one day and it’s from a fifth grader And the fifth grader says: “: Hey Morgan is the best basketball player in the entire world..”. Are you going to believe him? Probably not. I think you paid him Right all right now. What If Kobe Bryant LeBron James and Michael Jordan, called you up and said, “ Hey, I’ve got the scoop.

On this new player, Morgan She’s, the best basketball Player in the entire world.”. What would you say to that? Would you believe them? Oh absolutely Yeah They have authority, They have authority, so you will trust their opinion. And it’s the same thing with Google: The way that Google can Tell if your website, if it should trust your Website cause again, we could toot our own horn all day long, And we see this all the time.

People say: “ best dog, groomer, In Phoenix Arizona,,” right, Like people love to toot their own horn, but with Google [ Nealey ] Self-proclaimed. It needs that authority. From other people and that’s where backlinks come in And so backlinks are Links on other websites that point back to your Website and Google uses this as an indicator to see Oh okay, this is actually a really good website. Other people are talking about it Now with backlinks.

It’s Quality over quantity, You don’t just want to go on. The internet and go put your you know, go on every comment. Every YouTube comment, like just put your website everywhere, cause that’s going to look spammy Google’s not going to like that. It wants really high quality. The Michael Jordan’s, if you will, What is one thing they can do right now, The biggest thing that you Can do that will give you so much bang for your buck is to put content on your website.

Especially content that has your keywords To determine those keywords: You should probably… What are the products and Services that you offer or what are the products And services that you want your customers to know about, For example, using the dog Groomer in Phoenix Arizona – maybe is there certain types, Of grooming that you do that you’re really well known for Let’s say you’re the best Darn toy poodle groomer this side of the Mississippi, ( laughs, ).

Okay, You should have a separate Page with content on it about that specific Service that you offer So that’s what I recommend Go make sure your page Just has tons of content so that way, when users and Ultimately, Google look at it, they know exactly what You’re about and then Google will start ranking you All right guys. I hope you Found this beginner’s guide to SEO helpful and that These are actionable things that you can start doing now.

So that way, your customers can start finding your business online If you’re going to get started. And you found this helpful, let us know in the comments: Below the number one thing you learned about SEO today Awesome and make sure You like this article, subscribe to the blog And if you wan na see these articles first ring that bell, But this has been The Journey Signing off.

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How to Search Keywords for SEO (For Beginners)

I’m going to give you a couple of tools to use that are either really very economical or free, as you build your business you’re going to want to get more tools that are that do more.

But in the beginning, when you’re trying to learn one of the things everybody doesn’t want to do is put out a lot of money because you’re not sure and totally understand that we’ve all been there after a while you’re like boy, I wish that’s what I was Spending but we’re going to talk about that today, but I want to give you an understanding of what search engine optimization is when you post a YouTube article notice: how, when you go to search for something you see four or five right there on that first page, They have certain keywords: those people that created those articles.

They did some research, probably more elaborate than what I’m going to show you today, but again, this is for beginners and they place them on their YouTube article, I’m going to show you where they go. Those are the keywords that will come up in the Google search. So when Google’s has somebody come in and says, I want a recipe for meatballs. As an example notice, you get a whole bunch of them. Well, how does that one recipe get to the top? They are pretty knowledgeable on how to do the keyword search so today we’re not going to be at that level, but I’m going to hope that you understand it and you can start practicing searching and getting that into your YouTube.

The kind of marketing that you’re doing when you use YouTube is search research base. People are looking for you and that’s what I love about YouTube and that’s why I promote YouTube and that’s how I’m doing my entire business? If you don’t like to make articles – or you don’t feel like this – is the way to go, then you’re, the person that needs to be on Instagram or Facebook, where you’re out socializing, engaging and maybe buying ads and pop in your articles and stuff right in people’s Faces so there’s two different ways of doing marketing.

This is more researched based. People are looking for you and you need to do certain things so that they find you. So that’s the key, my blog. I want to welcome you here, I’m here to help you earn money, save time and find balance in your life. That’s basically the three areas that all of my articles will be in, but everything works together. Yes, you want to earn money, but you don’t want to sacrifice your family in the process.

I know a lot of people will get on this computer or on their phone for hours and hours and hours and just totally ignore the rest of your life and no amount of money. No amount of success is worth sacrificing what you have today, so you have to find that balance, and I highly recommend that so, if you’re, that person that you sit here for hours and hours and hours stop doing that, find a way to balance.

All of that and schedule it out and that’s a whole nother article, but I just wanted to put that plug in there now. Here are three tips before I go into the free tools that I have for you, one of the things that you want to think about when looking for keywords remember people are looking for. You pretend that you’re that person and you’re searching what kind of phrases would you put in there, like my husband searches, all the time he’s in construction, I’m going to use him as an example, because he is on here constantly searching for article how-to articles.

The other day he was trying to fix something in the tractor. I can’t remember what or whatever he was fixing, but he did a search. The truck might have had a problem leaking oil. I’m just going to use simple things. I understand, but you know he had to put in the truck what type of truck the problem leaking oil. Then all these articles pop up, then he might start bringing that search into more details as he gets more information.

But that’s what your people are doing when they’re looking for you. So let’s say your businesses and health and fitness, but just saying people don’t go in and search. I want to be healthy or I want to be fit. Typically, they might say: how can I lose weight? How can I lose weight after 50? How what exercises can I do 10 minutes a day? Do you see what I’m saying so what would you search for to look for you? So that’s what you want to start thinking about number two: is you need to eliminate? Stop words? Stop words are usually common words like the it then words that are very, very, very common.

You want to try not to put them in your search, because Google will kind of ignore it. If that makes sense, so have some keywords: exercise in 10 minutes or 10 minute exercises would be better. You don’t have that word in there, so think about that. If you’re looking for stop words, do a google search and find it and you can find a whole list of them and if I think of it after I get done the article, maybe I’ll look for that for you so and then, when you’re, using keywords on Your articles, when I first started, I found out how to put the default keywords in there and I’m going to show you that today, real quick on the description – and I did have that in a couple articles before this in this series.

But I want to go over it again in case you’re, coming in in the middle you’ll, find that default thing you’re like oh I’m, going to put on my keywords in there and then just leave it. You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to keep using the same keywords on every single article. Now I put my name on every single article and I also put life Y. So that’s the name of my company life, wise, calm and I’ll just put life wise in there, because those are two key words that identify me and what will happen is Google will see those key words and then pop up.

You know how, when you’re reading a article it pops up off to the side, read this article next. Well, if your names in there and that keyword that identifies you or your business, then they’re going to pop up more often I’ve experimented with it and it works. But the rest of the keywords: change them up, make them applicable to the article that you’re making, even though most of it like email, marketing, let’s say you’re doing a series on that yeah a lot of it’s the same.

But then it’s not because every one of your topics are different and I’m going to show you a simple way for beginners to find all that. Alright, let’s go ahead and get started. I want you to download a free keyword, search tool. Again, it’s going to be as good as some of the ones that you have to pay more money for probably not. But it’s a good way to get. You started and get you in the habit of looking for keywords, because when you’re new you’re going to look at, you know you’re going to be introduced to all these fancy.

You know analytics and things like that. That will help your that your YouTube articles be seeing more, but it’s when you get too much information thrown at you. It starts to make your head explode. So I’m going to give this show this to you. It’s free, it’s simple and it helps you to start understanding and from there start researching for others. Other tools, this one is called keywords everywhere and it’s a Chrome extension you can see right here.

It’s popping up keywords. Let me give you an example: I’m going to research ten minute exercises, I’m putting it in my google search, I’m looking for ten minute exercises, oh look, it says it even brings it down. Do I just want ten minute exercises, or do I want them for seniors, or do I want exercises that are going to help me with back pain? Let’s do ten minute exercises for back pain, so I’m in health and fitness.

Maybe this is a niche that I can kind of be more targeted and you’re going to look over here to the I’m going to move this over over here to the right and see that, let’s do it this way there you go there, you go! Okay, look over here to the right. These are my related keywords that that pop up now, this volume says back pain, exercises over 8,000 searches are done per month. Looking for that, that’s a lot! Some people are looking just for yoga 8000 searches.

You might want to come down here now. The higher that number is the more competition you’re going to have in trying to get in there with all those big gurus that already have a site. That’s very popular you’re not going to get on the first page, but if you go down here to where it says back pain exercise articles only 260 people are looking for that. That’s kind of more of a sweet spot. I would say anything like 250 to 600.

In that area, is what you want to look for use that kind of a keyword back pain, exercise articles. So, yes, people are looking, but that’s going to make you pop up. People are looking for that specifically, so that’s what keywords everywhere does this tool? Alright? So how do you get it you’re going to go to the Chrome Web Store? I just type that in – and this comes up and you’re going to go down here, where it says Chrome extension and then the next page pops up now it says keywords everywhere: that’s the search that you want to put in.

I already have it on my computer. So I’m going to show you what it looks like: how do you find it you’re going to go up here next to your name, all the way at the top? There’s three little dots. Let me pull this down, so you can see it there. You go see this three little dots, I’m going to open that and then right here where it says, find more tools. Go there okay and then it says extensions, all of the extensions that you have are listed here and I’m showing this to you, because if you’re just building your business, you’re, probably going crazy downloading all the free stuff everybody’s, giving you not really sure what everything is For and you’re like, oh my gosh they’re, all over my at the top of my toolbar, and I don’t want them all there, that’s how you can turn them on and off.

So when you go in here like I found this really cool one, it’s called font face, ninja, I’m not using it all the time. So I just leave it turned off, but keywords everywhere. I do use all the time, so it’s turned on. You just hit this little button and it turns it on and off and right here you can find details about your Chrome extension and here you can remove it. So I’m pointing those little tips out, because I want you to make sure.

Maybe you went to add it and you couldn’t find it. It may be that you already have it there so keywords everywhere. That’s what it does you just go into your URL address bar type in your search, and that will let you know what good keyword searches are. So if those numbers are super low, then it may not be a keyword that you want to use if it comes up zero nobody’s searching for that. You remember the three tips you want to use keywords that people are looking for all right, so vid IQ is another one that I want you to download.

So you have one way of getting free keyword to just use that way you want. This is another way that IQ actually is a a Chrome extension, and it goes right into your YouTube. So when you go to uploaded and you’re trying to fill everything out, this will actually give you some suggestions. Now. Vid IQ has different tiers of pricing when you first start out, you might just want to get started for free, and I think it’s neat that they let people start for free because they understand that when you’re new, you don’t need all the fancy stuff right.

I went ahead after maybe a month or so I went ahead and upgraded mine to the pro and I think it came out to like ninety dollars a year and I love it. I’m already getting to the point now, though, where I might go up to the boost and it comes out to thirty-nine dollars a month. There’s no way. I would have paid that when I first started so I’m not recommending you do that, get the free one and when you see what it does and you want a little bit more then move it up now.

What does vid IQ? Do I’m going to give you an example we’re going to go into my youtube account, and this is a article that I made called seven paying high paying jobs online work from home. Now when I uploaded it, I remember I have my list of keywords. I went and did some searching, but I can also pick up some keywords from here: three things you want to do, and I talked about this when you upload a article there’s there’s another in my playlist, make sure you click that I have a whole playlist for Youtube beginners all this beginning level, stuff for beginners.

So if you’re, not a beginner, don’t read it, but one of the things I talk about is part of SEO search. Is you want to have your title and then you want to put your title as the first right up here. The first thing in your description and then you also want that title to be the first word in your tags. So that is a keyword search. They all match three times: that’s getting picked up by Google, you want them to match.

Now. I’ve gone back and after I learned that I had made some articles where they weren’t matching and you go back and edit them and fix them and keep getting better. So that’s what I love, love love about YouTube. I don’t lose my content. I can go back in and make it better. I can make the SEO better and things like that. So that’s that’s one of the neat things about this. You can go in and change.

Your thumbnails, if you want, if you decide that, are not the ones you want, but how did I get all of my tags? Well, one of the things I did is I have vid IQ in here and see right here right here, vid IQ on my program that I have gave me three high li searched keywords: work from home, make money online work from home jobs. Now, there’s two other ways that you can get more one. You can go find a article that ranked really high and landed on the first page.

When you did the search you can open up their article and see what their keywords are. Vid IQ will allow you to do that. You can go in and see what the keywords are from other people. Now you can copy them, but I would not recommend using every single one that they use because then you’re you’re going to mess up. You don’t want anything to be copied like that. You wanted to. I take them and I put them down into my OneNote.

I open them up and then I’ll pick a few of them. Another thing that I do, and I pick the ones that rank high, see these little numbers that are next to them, that’s their ranking, so you want the high ranking ones now, you’re, probably saying well what is all of this that, unfortunately, is not from vid IQ That is actually from tube buddy now you’re, probably saying well, why do you have both because I’m still trying to figure out which one I like better so I’m using the lowest program on both you don’t have to do that, but right now what made me go To two buddy was, if you have less than a thousand subscribers, it’s only 450 a month.

So I thought. Oh, that’s perfect. That gives me an opportunity to go in and see which one I like better. Of course, I’m going to go out and read lots of articles about how other people that are using both of them have compared them and then eventually, when I increase the program that I want to use, I’m going to go one way or the other, because obviously I’m not going to pay for two at that price, but again there’s another option: I’ve got a link below for vid IQ.

I’ve got a Bink link below for two buddy and then there’s a link below for my playlist, so that you can see some other beginner YouTube article articles that will help you out, but the one thing I like about to buddy is right here. It gives me a big list right and I can go up here like once. I put my first one in that’s the same as my title. I can go right here, work to where it says, suggest it, and it’s going to give me a list of suggested tags and I can go in there and just click them and add them.

So I typically, I use all three ways I honestly go out and look at somebody else. That’s got high ranking what did they use and then I look at my suggested tags from two buddy and I use look at the suggested tags from vid IQ. I always add my name and I always add, lifeWise the name of my business, so those are two tips as well. You can see here. I still had more. I could have added, but again at the time that I did it for some reason.

I picked what I picked: I’m not going to change it today, but you can pick the ones that apply to your article. You don’t have to pick every one. You only get to pick 500 characters so once you hit that hit that the the system will, let you know see right here where it says: 491 out of 500. There was a while there that I heard people saying: oh you don’t need a lot in there as long as you get the good ones.

My philosophy is, if you have 500 characters, get as close as you can. I also recommend long tail searches. Most people don’t just say nutrition, most people, don’t just say exercise they’ll, say lower back pain, exercises for older people or lower back pain, yoga for diabetes or something like that they’re, usually more detailed than just saying exercises. That’s just my philosophy, so I tend to put some long ones in there.

If I can all right, that’s all I have for today. I hope that was helpful, for you make sure you add that free vid IQ the free Chrome extension for keywords everywhere. It doesn’t cost you anything and I believe too buddy has a free, free 30-day trial, so go ahead and put that one in as well figure out which one’s best for you after that, there’s a whole bunch of different tools out there that you do pay monthly Fees for and then you can decide what’s right for you as you build your business and you start understanding what it is you’re looking for thumbs up if this was helpful.

Definitely in the comments, if you have any questions, ask – and I will do my best to answer them for you all right until I see on the next article, have a good one.


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8 SEO Tips for Your Website

Nowhere And so SEO stands for. Search Engine Optimization and it’s work that you do To make sure that you prove to Google and other search Engines you’re the best So for SEO. I like to use the analogy of all the work that you need to do is like a 1,000 piece puzzle And you and all of your competitors. You all have the same puzzle and we’re trying to prove To Google who’s the best which one of these puzzles Is the most complete My puzzle’s best? Definitely the best Yours is definitely the best.

We know that Does Google know that We shall find out Right But the thing is not Everyone has all 1,000 pieces, Some people are new, Some people have been Doing it for a long time, and Google doesn’t necessarily care that you have all the pieces in The thing that Google cares about is that you have more than the next guy. You could have maybe 10 pieces and if you’re in not a very Competitive space then yeah you’re going to appear on the first page, So these eight tips that We’re going to talk about are going to help you to Start putting those pieces in to get started on your SEO.

Journey for local businesses Perfect. So, let’s jump into the tips. What’s tip number one Tip number one for local businesses: Everybody needs this. Is you need to create or claim your Google My Business Profile, Google, My Business? Is this Tool that Google has created that allows users to see all Of your business information in one place, We did a article all about This so go check it out, so you can deep dive, but basically, if you don’t have a profile, You need to go, create one and, if you haven’t claimed your profile, meaning that your profile exists.

But you didn’t necessarily do It or some user created that you need to claim it. So that you can update it with all the right information Right, You need to make sure It’s in your control, Don’t let it out to the World for anyone to add It’s yours, So tip number two is that you need to optimize your profiles, It’s great to have it created, but if you don’t have all the information that Google is looking for, then they’re not going to recommend your business over someone else.

So that means having your Business name correct your address: your phone number, your hours of operation, Those are the basics that most people do, but optimizing it really Means going a level below that so adding photographs, adding your logo adding pictures of your building, so that was when people are Actually going to your business, they know what it looks like If you’re a restaurant include pictures of dishes.

And what you’re known for so that way, people have Lots more information when they’re, looking at your Google, My Business page, So those are the key things That you need to do to optimize If there’s reviews that are outstanding, you need to respond to All of those reviews You need to encourage your Customers to go and leave reviews, because that also plays a part In how you’re going to rank against other local business profiles, All right, Morgan What’s tip number three Tip number three: is you Need to add your business to relevant business directories.

These are other sites. That their main business is promoting other Businesses like yourself, and so you need to make Sure that your business, not only is there but the Information is correct and the great thing It’s an easy back link. Absolutely So it really helps with your SEO to make Sure that your business anywhere people are looking At these business directories, your business shows up All right, which brings Us to tip number four Tip number four is to Add your business address to your website.

It sounds pretty plain and simple, but a lot of websites don’t have that So again to increase your rankings. This is one thing that not Only Google is looking for, but your users, if they’re wanting to visit your business, they want to have the address. Very prominently placed So put it in the footer. Have a separate page about your location, Just make sure that it’s there Visible and very prominent All right so should We put a Google Maps thing on the site too.

Yeah that helps That’s. Visual People can click it. They can see exactly where you’re located the cross streets. So that’s Always helpful as well so just make sure that you actually have the address called out. And written out next to that Perfect, which brings us to tip number five, What’s tip number five, Make sure that your NAP is consistent across the web. What’s NAP, Name I like naps, I mean well ( laughter, ) Name address phone number, So you need to make sure That those three things are consistently formatted everywhere, So pick one and then Update it on your website, [ Nealey ], Stick with it, Update it on your Google, My Business and then update it anywhere.

Else where your website appears, If you don’t own those websites, Email, the owner and say: “: Hey: can you update this?” And most likely they will but just make sure it’s Consistent everywhere Perfect To number six, what do we got? You need to update your home, page’s, meta, title and meta description, The meta title and meta Description are things on your website that you control how your website shows Up on the search results, So whatever the meta title, Is that’s what will appear on the search engine results page and then the little description below This is a great opportunity for you to let your clients Know what you’re about So, if you are a coffee shop in Seattle, maybe you should have That, in your meta, title and description Put your location, Put more information about your business.

So that way, your users Know what you’re about Right and most website builders or applications that you use have a section for you. To add a meta title, a meta keyword and meta descriptions. If you don’t know how to go. In the backend and do it, which most of us don’t want to right So if you need help just contact, whoever you’re Hosting your site with They’ll, probably be able to help you get that information there.

Because if you don’t set anything Google will just assume Whatever it wants to put there – and it may not always be relevant to what you want to Invoke to your audience All right Morgan! What do We got for tip number seven Tip number. Seven is just to make sure that all of your other Seo elements are in place Make sure that you have great Content on your website Make sure that your Source code is formatted in the way that Google likes to see it, Make sure that you have a great number of high-quality backlinks that are pointing back to your site.

All of this will help with your local SEO. We actually did an entire article. All about the basics of SEO check it out right here, So it’s super relevant to make sure your site is structured in a Way that Google basically wants so on your site, those H1 Tags, like you mentioned it’s basically, a code On the site that says “, This is my most relevant Tag line,”, if you will So only one H1 tag per site.

Images are super important. Because Google cannot read images, but it can read text. So that’s that little description there Most website, builders or Applications, like Word Press, has a place for you to add those All right. Morgan, we’re On the very last tip, It’s been an incredible Journey # thejourney. What is tip number eight Tip number. Eight is To consider launching paid ads or Google guarantee, So if you’re not getting The results fast enough or the traction that you need Using steps one through seven and appearing in the organic sections, then this is where paid ads and the Google guarantee comes in, So you can consider doing these things Paid ads.

Obviously, it’s pay to play Whoop. You appear right at the Top of the search result, It’s amazing, but once Your ad budget is gone. You no longer appear there, But people click on the ads, They’re very effective. So I love paid ads. It gets you right to the top, but I’m not really familiar. With what Google guarantee is Give us the low down, So the Google guarantee Is basically paid ads supercharged, So you could pay.

Anyone really can pay to have their business. Appear in the paid ads, but the Google guarantee Takes it to the next level, where, if someone purchases the service through the Google guarantee And they’re not happy, they can get their money. Back, which is really awesome, So it’s Google vetting certain businesses and making sure that they Provide a great experience, There’s extra levels, you Have to do to qualify for the Google guarantee, but it’s really great and Stands out in the search results and people love it All right guys.

Those were our eight quick tips to help improve your local SEO. I hope you liked it I liked it Did you like it. Loved it, I thought you would Make sure you like this article Comment below on just Something you learned today Subscribe Ring the bell, so you Know when these articles are coming at your first, This has been The Journey. And we are signing off


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How To Rank No.1 On youtube | Learn Youtube SEO Step by Step Tutorial [SEO]

Martin training in this article, I’m explaining about YouTube optimization, so we learn till now how to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter Linkedin. At the same time, we can get traffic from YouTube too. So yes, I made a blog. The intention of making this blog is student need backup classes most of the time some people might not understand in the class, or else they can’t remember it.

For their reason, I made a article so slowly my views are getting more. Even it it’s reaching the global audience so then I started making more articles in this. So what is the benefit I got with this YouTube see almost all the topics I’m chilling over here. So if anybody searched Oh DMT here, you can come back to my blog right. So recently we discussed the Borland in sales navigator that also abroad here.

So when I’m uploading the article so I’ll be uploading a title in description right, you can see the option. I gave a link to my website, so someone click they’re. Coming to my website, 7 % of my traffic is coming from a YouTube blog. That is very good monthly. Five people are enrolling for our online courses only because of the YouTube blog, so obviously it is exceeded. If I go for Google Ads, we are investing more than ten thousand rupees on Google ads, but here I’m investing my time.

That’s it and I’m getting a very good traffic because of this traffic is increasing. Obviously, you will perform well so from the past six months, I’m not investing any month on Google Ads our social media, marketing free of cost organically, either from direct web site SEO, or else because of the YouTube SEO. My traffic is increasing so that much of powerful YouTube, optimization and one more thing is global audience, apart from students, enrollment and reading clients.

As of now, how couple of claims from US and UK these people by seeing my articles only they come back to me now, I’m giving services to them so one company, I’m running their Google ads, two companies SEO and one more company completely still mapping am taking Care of so you one can earn money with the YouTube blog by ads, so how to earn money through ads that a separate topic again I’ll, be explaining in the next article, but as of now how to get traffic to the website.

And what are the optimization techniques, so someone searching on YouTube: how to make your article on top next right-hand side installations? How to make appear? There are some options anyway, that we got ta learn. Okay, so first of all, you should have a YouTube blog how to create YouTube blog. So as of now, I log in with my gmail account by default. Your gmail account is your YouTube blog, but if you want to create a separate account, a separate blog also, you can create a separate blog.

So this is my blog by default with that only it’s created if you want – and you see how multiple blogs also. So this German people asked the question how many blogs I can create, so it’s not about how many you create how much you’re working on the particular blog is very important, so no need of create multiple blog stay with one blog and perform well. If you have a team, then go for another blog to create it.

So as of now, I’m sticking to this blog only odl de challenge. So once you have a blog start uploading the article here there is an option called upload article click on this and upload. Your file, now you might be having a article already whether you captured from a fool or it’s a screen. Recording and number things are there. As of now, what I’m using yes, many people are asking me questions how you are recording the articles, so when it comes to, as of known, I’m training this on Zoom Zoom Zoom automatic, have a recording option anyway.

Apart from that, there are scheme screen. Recording softwares, are there like one is loom. Loom is very good. One and second is nch article capture, because the two software’s free of cost are, you can record your screen and if you want to can show your face also both are possible and article will be downloaded. You can upload right one thing again telling whenever you uploading the article don’t take another article YouTube algorithm works in such a way that, if is a copy content immediately, they will block you anyway.

Okay, once you upload the article as of no, I don’t have any article, that’s not showing I’m showing the previous one. It will ask you a title and description, so do a proper keyword, research we discussed in SEO hope your keyword, research, do a proper keyword, research and whatever the keyword have a more search volume use the title in the description, so title should be hundred car. The clearly mentioned utilize, the 100 characters and description.

Yes, Linda description. We can write up to 5,000 characters. You can write many people in the description they just use social media links only you are limiting your SEO. If you do that. Well, try to write a lengthy article. Now you might be having question who will read the lane? They are DL, we’re not writing for the audience waiting for the alligator comes like crawlers, so for them you write. There are some people who will be reading the descriptions.

Also, they might not read the lengthy description and it will not appear also, but if you observe the first, three lines will be observed. These people can see this. If they click on show more, then they see the remaining things also, but first three lines are important. Whatever you want to convey, a message immediately convey a message now in the first three lines, what I want to convey is if they want to access.

My articles requests for eLearning, or else they can offer my online training or else in there from Hyderabad. They can join my classroom training. Well, so I’m immediately conveying message when I started my youtube blog. I was not explaining this thing, so the in roles were very less. Whenever I started asking these things, joinings are being increased, it should always take acknowledgement. Then only people and whatever I observed, is when are people reading my article, I’m asking them 90 % of the articles.

I never ask them to subscribe, my blog, but when I I started asking them to subscribe, the blogs automatically subscribes or have been increased. We people are busy reading, the article is are going somewhere else, so, if you ask them, definitely they will subscribe is ask them to like share and subscribe to the blog, so that will go catchy. Okay, so give a proper title and description, and here keywords also can use previously.

There was a separate option called keywords. Now there is no separate options here tax, so I’m using like Lincoln Navigator, yes relevant to your article, only give the tags not more than that. One these will all will help you to come on top, so I’m showing you one article how to create Twitter ads. So as of now it’s coming on a third most of the time again, it depends on the place the rank will change in US UK.

I’m coming second, some time and first also I’m coming that’s why I got 11,000 views for this, so this is called YouTube SEO how it is performing if you want to become on top what you have to do it first proper title, description and relevant keywords. This thing one thing and what all the other factors, so everybody do the same thing anyway. By observing the computers they can give a proper title description tags.

What else you can do it so you’re? A tube ranking also depends on how many people reading the article retention time retention time means how long they reading the article. So this article is about 16 minutes. If more people are reading for one minute and the quitting means they didn’t like the article most of the people are going for more than 10 minutes means they like the article, and it takes 50 % of the people.

Reading 15 minutes means it’s a great article anyway, based on the YouTube algorithm set in such a way that this is a good article, so automatically your rankings will improve. Next thing is how many people are liking, how many people disliking? Obviously, a ratio is good here anyway, 95 % people liking. So this is also good sign. Next, these comments – people are calming commenting on this. Article means they are engaging.

They are very much interested so based on all these factors, you have a very good chance of becoming at the top. First is title description tags how much time they reading, whether they like liking or disliking, and so even some people share it also, and what are the comments in making based on all these things, you know YouTube SEO is or form. If you want to know Yuri Vasu is working or not, there are some tools also, so I I downloaded one tool called yesterday.

Only I downloaded Felicia’s few buddy. This is the software I’m using as of now. This is free of first, maybe, after that they will be asking the money. So whenever you install this as a browser extension, it will come like this and they showing the summary of this blog. This article total views 12000 told comments, 52 likes and dislikes SEO performance. One of 20 suggested articles are from this creator.

This article stacks up there five times in the title and description, this UV search results. That means where this is appearing. You don’t have to go to youtube and search where it is upgrading. If you click on this, it will tell you what are your rankings also see when I come down this? The tags are used. Someone typing Twitter is coming in a sixth position: Hotel campaign, fifth, twenty twenty nineteen like this side, showing the SEO also next, how many Facebook lights? What are the points this way? Try to do it upwards up, puts on reddit, so it is important that it should have an account on reddit, so I don’t have I’ll be creating soon anyway, and every time I will be sharing out of this.

If people are uploading on the reddit also, that is one plus point for you. First, first of all, you should share it on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. These three things I did on Facebook and Twitter, but up ready to haven’t done so one find anyway. So next time I will try to do it anyway. Now mentions on Twitter six people of mentioned. Let me click on this, so that I’ll see who have mentioned my articles so lead base USA and eagle these two people.

I, like a YouTube article about Twitter ads and this guy directly shaded, so other people, like the article, that’s Marissa Maugeri. I never ask them anyway, so if many people are sharing like this, that is good for you now. These are the points thumbnails yes, thumbnails are very important, based on thumbnails, only people choose whether to click on or not, because someone searched you coming on a third position.

Let me show that also so, even though I’m coming on a third position, if they feel that the thumbnail is good, they like you to click on that, and I think that mine is coming on the top my thumb dollies. That is a possibility. They will not click on my article so trying to create a good thumbnail. I the end of this class, I’m going to show you about the thumbnails. Also, so best practice is saying.

Thumbnail should be good. It should be shade on Twitter comment window. So if any one comment is there try to win it? I already pinned the comment how to win the comment. So, first of all, why am commenting? There is a possibility. People might be missing my description here. So the same thing I’m pushing over here and click on that and there is an option. Actually, if I am the blog owner, I can show you so this is the comment: have an option to unpin are open so that it always be on the top? That is called pinning next then info cards added info cards and end screen.

So recently, I’m making some articles in such a way that see this article. This is about Twitter all right. Let me go for the performance Neverland dinner, so you can see this info cards after some time. She’ll give you a message: if you click on that, maybe call to action will come so if you click on that it will go to my website. So this option will be there on when you uploading a YouTube article.

There is an option, see end screen and info cards. So what kind of info cards you can add so add a card? You can add a article or playlist. You can promote your blog. You can do a poll, or else you can give a link, can give a link like I’m, giving a link to my website link URL, then, okay, he rolled a website a cell next to the approved website. Only can do it anyway, when you creating a blog. You can claim it then car title yes now you can also mention when it should come.

I want to come at this time. Fourth minute, that’s it! It is done. This is called a card for Twitter. At the time I haven’t added now for every article, I’m adding next is in the screen when you reading my articles when you try to read this ad sales navigator. Yes, at the end of the article, it will give you some sedation anyway, I will be suggesting to read my playlist or else read another article, so that customers spend more time on the blog yeah.

Initially, I’m asking the guy to click here and go that for me, so these are all YouTube: optimization techniques, so ender screen and info cards like the on Facebook combined hardened. This is also one segment you know, so when people are commenting, if they use heart symbol, people are using imaging, but if any people are using heart symbol, that is also one kind of a suo point anyway. Captions added, I don’t know what is this caption anyway? Let me research what it is, so these are all the points guys.

So, whenever you’re doing yes, any ideas guys so have a good title description, use, proper tags and use proper thumbnail at the same time, use info cards and end screen. At the same time, you only share it on Facebook, Twitter and reddit, and apart from that, make article properly so that if customers spend more time on it, that is good for you and if the light that’s more like, if the commenting then automatically your article will Be coming on the top, so even as of now many people will be coming on the top.

If you qualify all these things, there is a possibility can overcome them. You will be coming on the top, so this is how YouTube search comes. Second thing how my articles will be appearing on the suggestion. This is the suggestion we use first of all, try to understand how what kind of articles will be coming on the suggested articles. It depends on the people who reading the each so now I’m spending time on this article right hand side.

This is my suggested articles previously, what kind of articles I’ve readed? What kind of articles I light and to which blog I subscribed. Based on that, my suggested articles will be coming okay, so I’ve already subscribed to free blog thanks the reason their articles are coming, maybe based on my interest. Also, it is showing that’s why it’s always important that other people should subscribe to your blog, and you should always try to increase the subscribers ratio.

Then automatically your articles will be appearing on the right side. If, if any of you, if you already subscribe to my blog when you’re reading my articles, definitely my articles, any one of article might be the suggested article. It depends on the user interest, whether they suggested or not, subscribed or not, or whether they’re liking the articles or not. Based on that, first articles will come next YouTube home page see.

This is YouTube home page how to make your article on the YouTube home page again. This is not in your hand anyway, depends on the YouTube algorithm, see I’m reading this guy article, so this guy is very talented. Actually, at 14 years of age is predicting the future. You know the astrology he already predicted about the coronavirus, so I’m telling rate that the parents, the way they taught all the skins anyway.

So these days, I’m reading this guy article – that’s why most of his articles are coming on the home page, so it depends on the user. Second thing is articles which have more views that is also possibility of coming over here. So initially few articles YouTube automatically. Do it, anyway, YouTube works in such a way that you consistently making the articles youtube want to apprise you in such a way that sometimes directly on the home home pre-lit will try to show you so that that guy will get more views.

Okay, second thing is what kind of articles to subscribe that they also come. It doesn’t mean that all of his articles will come on home for it. One or two articles will come over here for the articles, which are reviewed by more people. Also, there is a possibility, it will come here, so that is about the home newsfeed and one more thing is you already subscribe to the blog and that guy is going live? Is this guy’s bringing in now so 90 %? You have a chance that you’ll be coming on.

The homie straight next is trending how to make our article on the trending. So most of the trending articles. Other current topics, mostly the trailers teasers movie stuff – will come. But apart from that, what is the current trending? As of now, Khurrana pandemic is a trending one. If you make a article on that, you have a very good chance, but see most of the telugu blogs they’re making lot of money because of the trending topics, some people not even maintaining ethics anyway, they give a nice captions over here and the money money that Second thing, anyway, but if you make a article on the current two topic and use a proper title description in the caption, there is a possibility.

He will become an attorney. If you are in the trending means, obviously see you 18 hours ago. He made the article around seven likes: twenty thousand views, we six use 1 million views, but mine is about online distal margin training. I can make a article on the coronavirus right, so what I get I can make a article on Facebook, Google machine that Google have released some algorithm, definitely immediately.

I have to make the article then load the world. There is a possibility. So definitely what are the niche you selected? There is a possibility, some training of the Chile come you make a article on that one. There is a possibility. You turning one day you come an attending, you will get lot of use. This is another one. So we learn about how to make your YouTube on top and one second guys so how to make your Ichiban top, how to be in your suggested articles and how we come on our home newsfeed, and what is this trending will don’t? Ok, now, let’s go for the my youtube blog and once you’ve done everything how to analyze your YouTube and with that how to improve your performance.

Yes, so once I log in these are the analytics anyway, so how the articles are performing I’m showing. So when comes to LinkedIn sales navigator, this is the view son. These are the comments. Next comments are very important whenever you go to comments, try to reply back to them, so I say some rule about YouTube spokes on three C’s like and telling you like. If you keep on regularly uploading articles, then people connect it to your article and they start conversation now see they started the conversation, so she said something and she asked him to make a article which I spoke in the 1933 minute I liquid to that.

Maybe I spoke about big strategies. I haven’t made a article be making a article now I have to comment her that sure so they started a conversation, so I’m participating the conversation, I’m replying back to them again. The comment I’ll reply back in such a way. They will connect to my blog at me, then, on the long run, there is a possibility of a conversion conversion like maybe they purchase my learning or less.

They may join my online course, or else they refer someone else to my blog anyway. So conversation Connect and conversion. So every comment you after the playback: ok, next initially, when you come back, you go to the dashboard to show you the performance bind. These are my subscribers by a 3-1 and yes these days. It’s not performing well because of the coronavirus. People are not spending more time on the education, because not going to they’re not going to offices just spending a lot of time on Netflix and Amazon tribe, that’s second reading, but before that they used to participate.

Well. Last 28 days analytics the same last 28 days. I got 181 subscribers and views 10,000 read time how much time they spent on my blog 921 hours, so nearly thousand odds, and what is the revenue? I got it anyway. So you guys my revenue as of now is very less anyway, but there are some youtuber who is earning around 40 to 50 lakhs of fish, but they subscribers are more it. So don’t start your YouTube blog for the sake of earning money.

So start your YouTube. Blog for the knowledge and increase the followers anyway. So what am I decorate down the line? 2 to 3 years, you’ll earn more money. There is a possibility if your content is good within one hour, we’ll become famous anyway. So when it comes to blog, like me, educational, it will be very slower, but it will be consistent once it will reach the some point. The income will be very consistent, so this is the initial stage.

It is stuff anyway, once I crossed some 10,000 subscribers, the revenue will be very good anyway again how much money will be getting how to increase the revenue. That is a I’ll make a big, separate article on that right, and you mentioned that you are having twelve thousand eight hundred thirty one subscriber. So do you get the email ids? Also, those subscribers that you can utilize that, while doing email, marketing or any other kind of power.

Yes, no, no, you don’t get any email. Ids of them. You will come to know who have subscribed to you, but good thing about you do is YouTube. Will do email marketing for you whenever you you make a article people ask you to subscribe and click on the bell icon right. If they click on the bell icon means. So there will be a bell icon right. So when you click on the bell icon, you are agreeing that I am ready to take.

Is a notification so YouTube automatically send them notification at the same time they will send a mail or so that Subash Mangalam have made a article. Something on that. So YouTube automatically do email marketing for you. But if you have 5000 subscribers for the 5000 people, it might not send but 50 to 60 percent of people. It will send a notification, but you don’t get any email address of them right now how to see yeah.

So I have seen so many trailers that are launching that in few minutes in just one letter to which they get thousands of likes and views, so there is any paid beta as we can get and immediate. He was on TV, do see why they getting thousands of his because he their subscribers also if they have already 10 million a subscriber simulated they’ll, be getting a notification so genuinely also they’ll be hitting the likes and comments you don’t have to doubt about it, but Some people they hire some external agencies who will like and comment also that is possible anyway.

So you is not that much of smart to find out them, but as a beginner, you can’t recruit them even right, so you don’t have to go the techniques. Once your revenue is good still, it’s not a good thing anyway. Let the real people like and comment instead of you freaking all this thing. Yes, some people are doing in such a way that they hire some agencies. Who will do likes and comments by seeing the car comments, you will understand whether it is genuine or fake, but the people who have more than million subscribers automatically within one minute deliberating abuse.

Now, once you upload a article how to see the’no lytx, so I made a article about how to get thousand subscribers and photos and read hours. I’m clicking on this, the particular article and there is an option of analytics. So he understood that 187 views happen and people have spent 18 hours 18 hours on this and estimated revenue as point to do, and subscribers show especially with this article, I haven’t, got any subscriber, so you will come to know whether you got subscribers or not.

Also audience retention time. This is very important anyway. So initially 80 people some people 84. Some people started anyway, but slowly come down. 9 % of the people were there till last time. Okay next is well damn activity. Last 48 hours, the people readed and fail. It is appeared on YouTube features, blog pages YouTube search, 20 % of the people, external direct are unknown. This is the traffic sources and you got any comments you can check it over here see this symbol.

If you get. This is also one kind of SEO factor now. Let me take the best article so how it performs I’m going to show you the scroll down to analytics yeah. The complete analytics is around and in the last 28 days, blog got 10,000 views and read time how many subscribers and what is the revenue subscribers ratio? Also, you can see this 6th April 11. Subscribers 52 subscribers, when comes to revenue 1.

2 $ 7 1.8 dollars every day. This is the revenue, and here are top articles which are working. This is the article server thing so as of now, this article is working well for 92 views in the past 28 hours. Let me check this article I am seeing analytics if you see total 6.9 k views for this article and 22 24. Subscribers came for this. That’s good, actually, with one article again, 24. Subscribers means more articles more subscribers in next.

Let me show one more article which got huge subscribers. Yes, so there is a article called Google AdWords tutorial step by step and this article I got more subscribers. Let me go back that Lambo into that article. This is the article this gave me more subscribers till now: Google Ads tutorial for beginners last time. Yes, so twenty five thousand views I got it and what time only for this article people have spent 2.

5 k hours and how many subscribers I got is 569 subscribers. I bought it so if you want to earn money with the YouTube blog, the rule you to POTUS minimum, we should have a thousand subscribers and they should have spent four thousand hours in one year. So with one article only I got 569 subscribers and 2.5 k. So almost same like this, if one per article making, I will be qualified for this most of the blogs like who are talking about trending topics movies.

This is very less for them anyway, but educational trainings. This is good. Actually so when you want to start YouTube blog these, this very helpful for you, so you don’t have to worry that other weather. I will be getting thousand subscribers of not forget about it. Keep on making the articles. There is a possibility, one article might be giving more subscriber for you and more read hours also so after checking the analytics why analytics are very important after finding the analytics.

What I observe is bacon done SEO. People are spending more time on the Google lights and social media, so now I’ll make a decision right. If I make 10 articles, I want to make 6 to 7 meters on Google ads and social media remaining is su Andhra many things, because people searching more of that one. That’s why once you make the article analytics are very important, so these are all options you can check for right conclusion: YouTube is a powerful platform to bring traffic these days.

People don’t have a time to read your blog, very less people, but if the article is there and if the article is very interesting, they’ll try to spoil and if they read the article there is a possibility that remember the brand one day they will convert for You ok, that’s it guys any questions on this till now about YouTube, optimization, so no pushing yes, yes! So alright and I’ve been thinking to run a YouTube blog right, but I have conclusion of the ideal, like I’m inspired by the other YouTube blog called Horace traders, and I want to make it in Telugu like for they do movies.

So is there any show? If I take that Johannes Troy, Glaus or HCC, it’s not a problem, you can take any so b6. Telugu is a blog anyway. People up, we fight they’ll, go also. They have a copyright on the v6, not on this. So it’s not a problem anyway, but anyway to be in a safe side. If you believe in your content, why don’t you go with a new name? You don’t have to yeah, but the content is similar to them, like the take-up pickup of it a movie and they troll that movie and yeah that everything the most of the people doing anyway.

You also do the same thing, but when it comes to title you can go with a different title anyway. Maybe there is a possibility, you will get more success than him. Okay! Thank you very much. If you have one second, one, second right guys. Thank you very much. If you have any question put in a comment section, thank you.


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How to Align Your Keywords and Business Goals

We are building her keyword, seed list, we’ve got it all together. We’ve got it categorized documented and now we’re going to pull things full circle, we’re going to align them to business goals because Amy. It is not enough to just spend this time searching finding all these keywords: jotting them down, categorizing them if they’re not aligned to goes, you really want to achieve or website goals, and the other reason you want to do.

This is also because you want to identify any opportunities or gaps for keywords that you need to maybe include in some of your content right. That makes sense absolutely now. I did ask you to do a little bit of prep before you came so. Could you maybe give me an idea of some of your business goals sure so my monthly Instagram goal is to increase my followers by 100. Okay and I’m wanting to have four new coaching clients per month, okay for people signing on for packages and then increase my email list by 10.

New email addresses a month fantastic now, the first place I would go if I was looking to align with the goal of increasing Instagram followers is in your seed list, anything related to social media. Okay right, so let’s go back here. Competitor keywords: remember: when we search for hashtags right go to the hashtags, that you’ve got here right and even narrow it down to Instagram, specifically right.

If your goal is to increase your number of Instagram followers, then let’s focus on Instagram. You could search for ways to gain Instagram followers. I’ll bet, there’s a little bit of information out. There sure that’s a great idea cool, let’s move on to the next one: okay, okay! So for this bowl it’s clearly a business-related goal, so we definitely want to look at the business and industry keywords that are in your seedless right, we’re going to definitely find something there, but your target audience keyword list is really where we’re going to find the gold.

So go back to that one! Let’s go here, we’re going to look through all the keywords that we found around target audience, because it’s about gaining new clients right right, so we want to know what they were searching for. So I would look for words. Maybe that are associated with a sense of urgency, so finally Aimee we’re going to tackle the third goal that you’ve got here, which is increased email subscribers by 10 per month.

Yep awesome, it’s clearly a business goal. Let’s look at the business and industry keywords, kind of search through those what we have okay, let’s look at some target audience keywords: nothing’s, really standing out that matches up. You know this is a good one, because this means our strategy’s working because we’ve kind of identified a gap. I think right, I’m not really finding anything related to email subscriptions or how to do it or any of that in the seed list that we’ve built.

So far, okay, that’s alright! It just means this is an opportunity, a little bit of homework right um. Clearly this is a goal for you. I know I’m sure, that’s what you want to hear tiny bit, but it’s really just means. Go back maybe find some keywords that are related to people subscribing. You know growing subscribers increasing subscribers things like that. Just just see, if there’s anything and anything that we’ve done before just kind of rego through that process, see if any keywords related to this goal come up, because obviously you want to incorporate them right.

So, with everything ties together, you see in the big picture. Aimee. Absolutely that is so helpful. I’m so excited all right. Now we’re going to recap, because we’ve done a whole lot. Today, we’ve covered a bunch, so we went through some discovery and built you a keyword, seed list, awesome split it up into three categories: business and industry. Keywords: target audience, keywords, competitor keywords: we went and we documented a lot of things under each of those categories.

We’ve got this huge list going on and then we actually came back around looked at your business goals and aligned those keywords and phrases to your business goals. So you can actually, you know, improve some of that get found issue that so many small business owners have you’re out there. You’ve been working really hard. You’ve got a website. You want to grow your business. This is how you’re going to get there wonderful.

Thank you. So much for the help Emily Amy, it has been a pleasure working with you, I’m so happy that you just let your son, you open yourself up to this process. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and I know you were a little overwhelmed and it can come across that way, but that a lot okay we’re here to help. I want you to keep up the hard work and a good work. You’re doing awesome. Thank you. I want you guys to keep reading.

Thank you so much for joining us. My name is Emily. We’ll see you next time you you

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?


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YOUTUBE SEO 2020 IN TELUGU: How To Grow YouTube Channel Fast In 2020 Telugu – SEO TIPS 2020 Part-1

Today, what is SEO? Why should we need SEO the most important tool in SEO and requirements to do SEO guys so eat? Four topics could enjoy them on my article logarithm and then there are the next to be Doraemon.

Might a full cup practical, like a mixture, should be sunrise, so we assume or near the LH AI Lian element. So without any dealer, let’s dive into our content, guys first things: first, what is SEO SEO and again so s and as such a and an engine and moment optimization, so such engine optimization so pay run on this chick with a got to monarch articles lavalla on A blog post, called mana pushed me so check the got one ultimate, someone whatta, so Chara type of optimizations.

I came on alone my so Google s you only and you you to pursue on the and at the same time when it is just zero Instagram SEO a social media platform, disco, mnemonic e SC, one advice. So yes, Savoy, ancient a mana articles, new layer, mana potion II, such low can be Chargers numata, so Dean will have Monica. Until of so such I can be. Some Monica until have monter first and Ricky could reach openness, so you to block views, Paragon and damn money, key search engine I take sternum.

Is it HR cerveza? So me too, and I can now have articles you started this so na and antics you soon at it there. So I am opening my antics and murders on me and revision antics and a peachy, so analytics Nene in the chick just opened eyes only on Amanda. So, okay, you to Paragon in chapter bacillus net and then me, the blog purchase, volunteer and antics energy, Chara, important geyser, so analytics new Stacy hinges or a Swami and death.

Simple geysers of means. The end of week, corner of the an email update just goes on. Mata, so Monica, if you draw backs in the Covenant a so analytics, ROM monarchy, drawbacks unum on imported from so I in the condom analytics and a chick just collect both on so analytics me check just going to. Let me draw back then, tomorrow on it converting which are not a great which question matter so analytics choose not idea, so you comin on reach an uncle dump so reach and an Ambu change, erotic or Jewish Miro anymore traffic source matter.

So a traffic source, India and day Mii blog icky traffic, a comment so soon the energy up to normal. I saw a traffic source on anything, so he traffics also just not right a seventy six point: three percent from youtube search, so youtube search and a in leather, so Chara man, Dean a few dozen, such as northern children at each table tomorrow, mata so easy YouTube. Such an ID and a second whoa Jesse, 4.

8 % – Oh Jesse, says straight article, so Celeste rate articles me articles other style or rather than is a very article who just no no interest, no dojo but equal to Dundee youtube search. Nancy sound six point three percent of Mamata, so why should we do SEO and a simple race MonaVie? Do you to block country? So no matter so you can beat Ramallah a Madonna blog, keep views and a pollutant, Obata.

So mera blog articles from in our last to be registered, I their last demons back or at with a puto Connie, a village. It’s not a Tamiko how to get 0 to 2600 views in just in one month and October, at Alicia’s and also ID Diana key. Do you give one month the gap armata, so non approaches an YouTube’s has shown, or I can tomate emotion and I see so up on up 50 percentage of money. You took such a visa ready, but if Unni know you took that go to st various an inverter, so SEO is a sin when did shouldn’t knock across 6.

8 K views so more 4000 views more than usual and a Morgan, aku 2000 Eliza 3,000 views Jose, but He put in YouTube’s as well, yes in Theravada last, if Dante there’s another 4,000 views, a custodian, Omata Muhammad Arcana and at the same time readed him you’re ending one 99.5 more than usual and they’re not upon to me the cantaloupe, normally known as I’m going to Eat question matter, so you could today China s co-owner the empty important on a manicure to do so, no matter so now blog YouTube.

So a child are rapid together growth on day. So I dean, although Monica until have Monday view to stand, is the blog on the creature thigh guy, so he’s Anthea treasuring in and a youtube SEO chasing normal is organized mother. So he proved to listen on YouTube SEO in the coughs Rahman away, and the third thing is the important to Linnaeus you so important to ain t ante keyword, research, so keyword, research and any important and monetize so YouTube covers, will add to the blogging.

Now what you like both of Instagram SEO value survey, Mike cetera, whatever also so the languages are the Indian Ted keyword, research, so keyword, research, antonella’s, guessing someone who cut perfect tag data, so perfect tank and any other. So we can you to open this image up to hundred and a so you to blow consider other Sharma, ninja Sandeep look up specific tag with accelerometer. So me we don’t related tag in the veritatis on you know.

Even a nd YouTube SEO brother, so under G YouTube is for 2020 and such as Sarah Mota, so YouTube SEO 2020 and such as in Theravada valium is certainty, a language monkey language, that’s all money, Hindu, all Agra, petha language is right there on YouTube s. You on such a tomb on the Indian Telugu party on specific God, Telugu, and it takes just a murder. So tell you one take this. Imagine a DNA keyboard is a thunder guys.

So you take all the guys. Have someone on Cherokee word SATA to eSATA Mamata. So YouTube s you until you one document name Monica could soon be so easy intended to buddy so to buddy is nothing, but so I’m on a keyboard and edgy and tie it commanded to Sanada so eager to reach made such volume. So such volume under a Yenta Medusa Naru and competition soma competition at only so munching on the phone and a key warden, even OSU, okie related heh-heh on what is keyword, research, energy and he’s a car guy.

So cut-o cut-o guy got a charlatan Satyam on what on what a keyword, research law say for money, key search it upon this, so he pramana such result, Cowell and terminal in yes, I maintain mmm searching our anti-monarchy so guys, acquitted and Miko in Cuba. At a blog matter, how to grow YouTube blog fast in 2020, so each keyword, you decide Mero, so such one and you don’t even belong there and then with Anakin a little a pattering on the end.

Competition and a keyword can honest, you I recycle say: consume red, color Gandhi and a nd keyboard. Another customer ranks head very. Very key was fined up to numata, so it planning on keyboard is etc. So the in green see brief cabinet next to be know. It is optimum optimist, you over and say the next to preserve tano, but even I mean it is just basic say: there’s no, no matter so edu I see keyword research under so is the blog, an important role at the pleasures Nevada.

So a keyword, research at and key commas – no to send it. So what are the tools we need to do? Keyword, research, so keyword, research to get tools, Indy and death simple about Keokuk to lay the mannequin was never intended to buddy. So buddy indication. Someone take you to each other, so he keyword, research and, as the chase goes on matters of completion at lonely and keyword me and someone such as soon understand, Kathy key would be a to buddy in Native art Amata.

So you too, buddy unearthing, Miku, three versus another bay doors open this, so free relievers, neither Miku mostly Mary, any keywords: you Chantal almost took five to ten keywords, merely uses momentum me could 24 hours a queue, research timing, another I both no matter so may 10. Keywords: researchers in my mirror, next to be a key, were sitting me research at each other. All matter, only 10 keywords matter make me: research is a girl, so palomero blog keywords me, researchers, call antennae and requesting intent.

A DNA update just cognizer, so it to body. I never meet with Charlie use, felonious, okay, YouTube, blog Negro, just colander to button and Charlie use of geyser, so either especially my experience on water. So either guys we don’t anything. We do not smell like candy Shh, I’m going to go from blog at the subscript. Responding thank you for reading this article guys and J here.


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Multiple H1 Headings: How to Handle Them for SEO & Accessibility? #AskGoogleWebmasters

Today’s question is from Marcus Chaepelli Marcus is asking. Can we have a clear answer to the question how to handle headings and accessibility? I see a lot of multiple H1’s ( all, but one are usually hidden ) out there on the web. Everybody treats it differently and stuff like the tag. So this is a pretty common question and it’s pretty straightforward.

Our systems don’t have a problem when it comes to multiple H1 headings. On a page, That’s a fairly common pattern on the web. We use headings to better understand the context of different parts of a page Having clear semantically. Understandable headings is useful in understanding any given page. However, We have to work with the web as we find it and a lot of it isn’t semantically structured at all For users.

The difference is minimal. Both kinds of pages can be extremely relevant to a question that they have In turn. Our systems aren’t too picky and we’ll try to work with the HTML as we find it, be it one H1 heading multiple H1 headings or just styled pieces of text without semantic HTML at all. In Short, when thinking about this topic SEO shouldn’t be your primary objective. Instead think about your users, If you have ways of making your content accessible to them, be it by using multiple H1 headings or other standard HTML constructs, then that’s not going to get in the way of your SEO efforts.

I hope you found this answer useful And, if there’s anything else, we can answer for you. In short, article form, please send us your questions using the # AskGoogleWebmasters hashtag on Twitter, so that we can include them in one of the future articles To stay in the loop make sure to subscribe to the blog and see you next time.


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1 SEO tip that DOUBLES the size of your rankings (in 24 hrs)

How did you get noticed right, but when there’s a well there’s a way and in today’s article I’m going to show you a simple technique that will double up the size of your Google listings, which will make your business pop out in this crowded space.

The result, you’ll drive more clicks to your site, squeeze your competitors out and it will also prepare your business for the next marketing onslaught, also known as voice search, so stay tuned hi there. My name is luc de round the founder of ranking academy quote UK, where I talk about the best tools, tips and ways to promote your local business online step-by-step and things. I click on my blog.

I cover everything. Any local business owner needs to know from search engine optimization to social media. My goal is to help you thrive online, so you can drive more visitors to your business and ultimately make more money if you’re new here consider, subscribing and clicking on the bell bottom. So you don’t miss any of my new articles. One last thing don’t forget to check out the description below, which is where I put additional notes and links I referred to in this tutorial.

As the internet is continuously evolving and maturing. We are slowly moving away from conducting our searches in Google, from a string of keywords such as cheap tickets, rodeo Houston to a more natural language in the form of a question such as how much are tickets to the Houston Rodeo in their quest to remain the Number one search engine on the planet and to keep users on their site. Google has multiplied the number of results, which include direct answers to those questions in multiple formats.

Using featured snippets like this one, as well as a box called people also ask, but at the same time, Google has also given website owners the ability to enhance and expand the Google listing results with special features. Obviously, this is not new. You may have already come across results which display star ratings, for example, but now you can also integrate frequently asked question listings, which literally doubles up the size of your results.

Look at this example for one of my clients, who is an electrician and wanted to rank for the keyword, storage heater repair is result went from this to this. Let me show you how it’s done step number one identify the right content page for this to work. You need to identify a page from your website that ranks quite high in Google search engine results. It will not work with your home page. If you don’t know how go to uber suggest com type, your domain name in the search box, then press Enter.

Let’s use my electrician client as an example on the left-hand side, menu click on the top pages option. The top page is likely to be your home page, so ignore it. The pages below that, with the most estimated traffic, are likely to be the best candidates. Click on the view all drop down next to the page, which will show what keywords this page is ranking for. If the page ranks for keywords are positioned between 1 and 10, then you are good to go step.

Number 2 add relevant, frequently asked questions to the content of the page once you’ve identified, which content page is most appropriate, just add a list of ethic use to it. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your page with more relevant keywords and to answer some of the most common questions. Users may ask if you can’t think of any specific question to add, go to answer the public comm type, your keyword in the search box and click on the got a question button.

This will give you a list of the most popular questions. People ask about this topic to make it easier click on the data option above the graph. The other alternative is to use Google search for your keyword and check the results scroll down and find out. If there is a people, also ask for snippet results. There will be the most popular questions people ask in relation with this keyword. You can expand the box by clicking on the bottom question for more results.

Use these results as inspiration, don’t copy and paste once you’ve got your list. Just add it to your content pages. Like this, or even this, it doesn’t really matter step number 3. Add a structured data to your page, don’t panic! This is easy. Structured data is scored in a specific format written in such a way. That makes it easy for search engines to understand content search engines. Read the code and use it to display search results in a specific and much richer way like our FAQ.

The integration of this piece of code on your website is very easy head over to technical SEO. Comm slash tools, slash schema, markup generator from the drop-down select. The FAQ option, you should see a form with two fields. One is called question and the other is called answer just copy and paste your questions and answer from your content page using these fields to add a question. Simply click on the add question button.

You should see the code being automatically created on the right hand, side of your window once you’re done. Click on the G icon, located right above the code select the option Rech result test. This will open a Google testing page with the code you’ve just created automatically copied in a small window from there you can verify if the code you’ve created is valid, click on test code and your code will be analyzed.

You should now see a detected item called FAQ with a green tick. Next to it confirming your code is good, go back to the schema, markup generator tool and this time click on the blue copy icon. This should copy the code to your clipboard time to move on to step four step. Number four integrate the code to your page. All you need to do now is to copy and paste the structured data in the HTML code of your page, more specifically in what is called the head of the page.

I can’t cover all scenarios here because it would take too long, but if you are using WordPress here is how to do it. Download and install a plugin called header and footer script, locate the page where you’ve added your FAQ and click on edit scroll down. Until you see a box called insert script to head paste your script in there and save your page, every content management system will be different.

So if you are unsure how to add code to the head of the page, just refer to your provider and now for the last step step number five tell Google, the page has been updated. This is optional, but it will speed up the process for this step. You need to have a Google search console profile installed. If haven’t do it today, it’s essential to have, if you’re serious, about your online business and it’s free for those of you.

You do log into your Google search console profile copy. The web address on which you have added your epic use content and the code and paste it in the inspect. Any URL box field then hit the return key. You should see a box with the option. Request, indexing click on the link. This will submit a request to Google for the page to be crawled. Make sure you do this only once and then you’re done. That’s all I have for you today.

We’ve been this process for all your content pages and you will double the size of your presence in Google search results almost overnight. I did this on multiple pages, for one of my clients and some of his listings were updated within 24 hours. The others only took another couple of days. This is a simple technique with huge benefits, one of which, being your website content, showing in the answer.

Snippets of Google, which is used for voice search results, preparing your business for the next generation of search voice. So don’t miss out and start today, if you like this article, please give me a little thumbs up. Otherwise I’ll see you for another tutorial very soon: happy marketing,


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Google Keyword Planner SEO TOOL_Part-6_for ranking website and chennals_tutorial planet 2016

Essentially, this is a free tool. That’s going to give us almost all of the information we need to make informed decisions about which keywords are best for our business. So really we just want to go over there and I’m going to get you orientated show you the different features, keep in mind that this tool was built for Adwords and paid search.

So there’s some features there that aren’t going to be relevant to us and i’m going to point them out right so step one to using the google keyword. Planner tool is to get access to it, and in order to do that, you have to set up. Google adwords account again, that’s free and in order to find it, you can just type in the google keyword planner into the line. Little pop up just follow the prompts and set it up.

The only thing that I would point out is be careful when you’re choosing your currency, because you can’t change it once it’s set, so don’t make the mistake like I did. I set up my AdWords account when I was abroad and it set it up kind of automatically in the in the currency that I was in and I didn’t change it, and so I had to set up a new AdWords account. If I wanted to see it in a currency that I’m more familiar with, so I just set it up again in USD – I think that’s probably the best, and you know, especially if you’re selling, to a global audience.

It’s just a good reference point to have, but perhaps if your local business, you can just have it at in the currency of your particular country. So once you sign into AdWords you’re going to see this screen and then you can just go to tools and keyword. Planner and what you’re going to be presented with here is four different options. Three of them are really relevant to us, and the one that isn’t relevant is get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords.

That’s the feature, that’s specific, to add where and people who want to advertise without words. So let’s have a look at the first one. Really we just want to get orientated here and I’m just got a bit of an overview of what everything is. So here is where you can really enter in specific keywords. What I recommend doing is maybe putting in one two three try and be specific. If you put in something very broad like cars, all you’re going to see is really competitive.

Keywords for that, so you want to try and make it a specific I’m, essentially what you think people will be typing into Google. So another way to generate ideas is to put in your home page or a specific web page or blog article that you have and that will really throw up ideas for you. You know a great way to use. This section is to put in a high ranking competitor and see what keywords: people are typing into any land on that page.

Another thing you can do is use this product category section, so this will pull keywords from Google’s database and you can narrow it down. Quite a lot just to say: consumer electronics say gps navigation, DVS, GPS devices. So that’s just an example, but it shows you how deep you can kind of go into it. If you want great so once you have filled in one or all three of these sections. What you can do, then, is move on to targeting and you can target by location and language and if you want to add just on Google or Google and search partners.

So that’s its display network, including youtube. So I mean locations. You can get quite deep into it as well. You can then do specific countries or specific regions, and then language say: if you wanted to targus and say Brazil, then you can just put in Brazil there and on Portuguese, so there’s also options to customize your search. So you, and if you want to do average monthly searches, they say above a towson searches you put in there or say below 10,000.

You can put it in there as well suggested bid again. This is something that gives an indication of how well these keywords converse. So you might want to put it a suggested bid above say one or two dollars and then competition high medium low. Let’s go into that little bit more detail, then you can come back and change those settings if you want keyword, options is well. I’ve been kind to just leave these all off, where you can maybe narrow it, then, if you’re, finding that your search is that just to to me on related keywords, great so we’ve just finished, then the orientation of the first option within the keyword planner tool.

Let’s just quickly review the two other options and we’ll be able to get through these a lot quicker. This is the option to get search volume for list of keywords, so this is really a list of keywords that you already have, and then you want to determine the actual search volumes for them. So all you need to do is choose the file upload. Their and again you’ve got some of the options there for targeting great.

So, let’s look at the final option, which is multiple keyword lists, and this is probably the one I used less frequently, but it can be great for e-commerce because it really allows you to mash up a lot of different words and get a lot of different combinations. So what I’ve done in this example here is just really put in a couple of different colors, a couple of different brands and a couple of different products that they make really well.

We want to see a spark combination of those has the highest search volume. So, let’s have a look so red Knight, sneakers as the highest monthly searches in all locations, just 390 bike shorts as well through 90 and does be moved in you can see the least popular for average. Monthly searches is well. It goes down to rape. You mahadji search cats, less than 10 searches a month. That’s what that means.

If that’s a blank like that, so great that really wraps up our introduction orientation to the keyword, planner tool, you