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SEO For Beginners 2017 – How to Rank High In Google – WordPress Yoast SEO Tutorial

So, let’s get started to get started open your dashboard in a new in a new tab and now again we have to install a new plugin for this, so how our plugins click on add new and in your search for Yoast.

Okay, here it is Yoast SEO by Yoast. This is by far the best plug-in, for you know SEO, as you can see, more than 13,000 people have rated and that it is a five-star five-star rated product, five-star rated plug-in and more than 1 million active installs. At present, so this is an amazing plugin, no doubt so. Just click on install now now click on activate. Ok. Now again, you will see a new thing, a new tab, oh yah, which says SEO just click on that.

Ok, here it is it’s. It says zero problems, which is fine notification, not needed right down. Just click on general here you’ll get an option called open. The configuration wizard click on that now you have two options. You have to select this one configure Yoast SEO in a few step now here, the environment, you have to select the environment, three options: production staging development development is when the site is running locally for development purposes.

Staging is a copy of side used for testing purposes and production and the site is life with the real traffic. So our website is at production stage, so select production click on next now you have to select the type of the website, whether it is a blogging website, whether it is a webshop web shop is basically ecommerce website. So we have to select the webshop click on next, whether it’s a company or a person.

Ours is a company, we’ll select log, toad incorporation. You have to choose an image: a company logo, let’s select any image, a short image. If you have okay, this one select your logo, your company logo, click on choose an image. Click on next now put in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever you using Google+ or YouTube URL, and don’t don’t ever underestimate any of these steps? Don’t think? Oh man! This is not important.

Our facebook URL is not important now this is not important. This is really important. All these steps that are over here, it is not like you know they have just given you some random. These things are really important. I it is really connected to the SEO stuff, so make sure you put all your url, so you, okay now after you do so click on next, then it is post type visibility. The first one is, the post type post should be visible or hidden means the post type, which is post, which is basically our blocks, whether you want a visible or hide them on.

You know, search engine, so obviously we want it to be visible. But what should be there for your pages, whether you want to show your pages on search engines or not? For example, we created about this Contact Us page, so obviously we want them to be visible on search engines. If you want, you can also make visible for media. You can also hide them. If you have any products. Here is the main thing products we want this to be visible.

Okay, this is the main thing make sure it is visible for products. The most important thing. Okay, so once you have done this setting click on next okay, so it asks whether it has multiple authors does. Or will your site have multiple authors? If you think yes in the future, you have more author, then select yes. If no, then, no, then click on next. Okay, now you have to get Google authentication code.

So just click on this ok select your account. Click on allow just copy this code paste it over here now click on next and now you have to select the separator, for example, come back to your website and here at the top you see the title which says ecommerce website address in this separator is a Pipe – and you can select this big so on so let’s select this one, the small and click on next, you can have any kind of separator.

It’s just separates your website name with the product name or page name whatever. It is now click on next now you can sign up for the newsletter. If you want, you know, if you don’t, then just click on next. Ok, now you have some options. Basically, it is just you know some ads from Yoast. If you want to upgrade to premium, you can click on this. If you want to learn how to write copy that rank, you know whatever it is.

You have different courses, free courses, I guess on YouTube, so you can read those articles if you want, after that, just click on next. It says your turn Nate. You have done it. So click on close now come back over here in the webmaster tool, and here we have to add a Google search console so just open new tab or search for Google console. Ok search for Google search console! Ok! Fine! Now here you will see this link.

Google Webmaster Tools, click on that okay, now here, if the you’re upset and obviously wants you’re upset because we haven’t created that so click on add a property and just copy your website link paste it over here, click on add: okay. Now we have different options through which you know you can a connect. Your ghost from this Google search console with this one. No, so you have many different options.

Just click on the first one, HTML tag, the most easy one now here, you’ll see something called content. Is equal to then quotations under quotations? You have some code to you have to just copy those code which is under quotation, but I think you cannot copy when you click on that everything is selected. So just do one thing: copy everything open, a new tab, paste that way your and from here you will be able to copy this portion so just copy this push in which is under content.

Click on control C come back for you paste it over your click. On Save Changes, okay, once you do so again, come back, oh you’re on the console page and click on verify. Okay, so it should say this message. Congratulations. You have successfully verified your ownership of your website and you will see your website link over here. So we have successfully done that the most important thing this was the most important step.

Now, let’s see how to set up or how to increase the search engine optimization of our products, for that how our products, click on add product all products now select any one of the product. For example, let’s select this one men’s blue shorts live now scroll down. Now here, you’ll see one new box over here, which is Yoast SEO. Ok, you’re, getting a snippet preview of how your product or how your link for this product will look like on Google.

Ok, you can select mobile, so this is how it will look on mobile. You select that top. This is. How do we look on desktop now to select one focus? Keyword basically focused keyword should be like you know. Let me show you, for example, it is men’s. Blue shorts live, so what you can select is blue short sleeve. This might be, this can be your focus keyword. So now you have this, you know analysis section where you have different dots, red dot, orange dot, a green dot.

Basically, we have to turn all this thing into green dot so be here. We have turned two things into green dot. The first one is focused, keywords appears in the URL for this page. What does this mean? We have selected a focus keyword over here, and this is the URL of our of our page of our product. So, as you can see, blue short-sleeve is there. This is a focus keyword, it is present in the permalink, so that is what it means.

Okay and second, was, is you have never used? This focus keyword before very good? This is basically because this is the first product on which we are working for SEO. Optimization. Now, let’s see other thing now, this one, which is a red dot, it says no meta description has been specified. Search engines will display copy from the page instead, okay, so what you can do is just click on this edit snippet and you can have meta description, just copy something from your and paste it over here.

Okay, when it turns red, it means that you have. You have to decrease the size for this okay, okay, so this is how this is the length of Meta Description that you should have now. As you can see, the Meta Description is available. I and you can see it on the snippet preview. Okay, once you do so click on close snippet editor. Now we have the third thing. Also green, which says the length of the Meta Description is sufficient.

Now, let’s see the net nada dot, which we have to work on, the focus keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy makes your topics clear immediately: okay, so basically the focus keyword should be available on over here. Okay, so let’s add anywhere over here and obviously it should make sense, I’m just showing you for the sake of showing, but you have to see. Where does this thing fit and it should make sense, the sentence should make sense.

Okay, so that we have put this thing or your now again, we have turned one more thing, Green, which is very, very awesome. We are going good now again this a red dot which says a Meta Description has been specified, but it does not contain the focus keyword. So this is our focus keyword. We did enter a meta description, but it doesn’t have the focus keyword. So, let’s replace this thing with our focus: keyword, okay, put a full-stop at the end, click on close snippet, editor and now boom.

We have five green dots, so we are really going good. It says no internal links appear in this page. Consider adding some as appropriate. So what this means is, you know you have to link something to your to your page. Internal link. Internal link is basically when you click on that link, it will redirect you to different page or different product which is available on your own website. Okay on the same website – or I know external link are basically when you click on that link.

You will be redirected to another website, so that is internal and external link. So how to do that, for example, here it is written typewriter, so you can select this. You can a you have insert or edit link click on that and you can paste a URL okay. So, let’s add this URL domain website URL and click on apply. Okay, now we have added an internal link on this website and again now we see six different, green dots, which is awesome.

The keyword density is 0.4 percent, which is too low. The focus keyword was found one time. Okay, so basically, what it means is the focus keyword should be no available at several places. For example, let’s add all yours now we have to then we can add over here. We have three. Now, let’s again come back now, it has. The keyword density is now 10.1 %. So out of this content, one person content can has our focus keyword, which is very fine, which is very good.

Now, let’s see this thing, this orange marks, which says that okay, fine, it is good, but it is not best. You have to turn this thing into green, which is the best practice with best SEO practice. So, let’s we don’t want good. We want the best so we’ll turn all these things also into green. The next thing is the text contains 267 words this slightly below the recommend recommended minimum of 300 words add a bit more copy.

Okay, so we have to add some more text over here. So just copy this thing again paste it over here now again come back okay now it says the text contains 370 words to 74 volts, which is above the minimum of 300 words. So again we have a new success. Now, let’s move on to another point, it says the images of this page are missing, alt attributes. So basically what it means is, you know, let’s see, let’s, let’s see we have an image over here.

So, let’s click on this image, and here besides image, you have caption all text description, so you have a title which is good. You also have to have a caption, so basically caption you might have seen in different news ma news websites. If you have seen when you have an image like this, for example, this is the image the Indy caption in below this image. It will be written. This is a beautiful girl or she is Taylor, super she’s, so on and so forth.

So that is what a caption is, which says you about this image. Okay, so you have to put a caption for this image, so this image is selected and make sure you do this for all the images which you have used in your website, then there is alt text you. What is an alt text? Suppose someone is using a very slow Internet and what happens is you know? While is visiting your website? The image doesn’t load because he is using a very slow Internet.

So, instead of this image, he will see this text, so image won’t be shown, but he will see some text so that is alt text. Now you have to write some description about this image, so you can write some description about this image. Okay, so make sure you select all these images and you fill everything title caption alt text, description. Okay, once you do so click on set product image. Now again, that thing has turned green, which is again awesome.

Okay, where is it yeah here? It is the images on the page contains alt attributes with the focus keyword. So this is awesome now here it is no output. Outbound link appears, as I said, we have to kind of link. We have already had an inbound link. Now, let’s have an outbound link. Okay, so let’s select some something some you know some word house and let’s link it to outbound. For example, let’s select this word, click on link and let’s link this to wordpress.

Org. Don’t just link you to any random website, make sure you’re linking to a very strong website. WordPress.Org is a very strong website. You can link it to YouTube or so on. You can, for example, suppose you are talking about your product and you want to say that you know what I have a article on this product, so you can read that article on YouTube and you can give that link. So basically, your this link will redirect to YouTube, which is a very strong website, so make sure you, you know, have a mumbling for a very strong website, not just a mini XYZ website.

Okay, now come down and only one thing is left now. The SEO title is too short, use the space to add variation or create compelling call-to-action copy okay. So this is the title now again: click on edit snippet, okay, so basically it is at present everything is set to you know everything is set to default, which is the first. The title will be there. Then page name will be there. Then date will be there and then site name will be there.

You can have you know a custom title. For example, let’s have this title: you know click on this title and add something more best short or best blue shirt, because you want to use this terms again and again best blue short, sleeves sorry shirt available in the market. Okay, so this title does make sense and it is also bigger just keep it this to available. Basically, you have to turn this thing into green.

Okay. Now click on close now, as you can see, everything is turned to green. Now it says SEO thing is good, but readability, it needs improvement, because you know all these words. I don’t know which language is this, so you have to use basic English language and you have to use some really basic words. You don’t have to use some tough words. Basically, you have to have the description wherein everyone can read something easily.

Even a school guy can understand what you’re talking about. So if you do so, after that, your readable readability will increase okay, once you are done with all the changes, click on update and you have successfully posted and increased the SEO power of this product. Now your product become really strong. Seo is very, very, very important. Companies charge thousands of dollars just for making this thing the same, they use the same plugin, and this is how they will do everything and they charge a lot of money for that.

So after reading this tutorial, I hope you guys how you get a lot of help, and this tutorial helps you and you are saving indirectly you’re saving a lot of money. So just for this, I hope you guys will give a 5-star rating to this course, because I have used – and I have put in a lot of efforts in making these goals, and I’m also providing these bonus lectures to you, which will be very beneficial for you.

Not only for this website but for any website which you make in future, so I hope you are so I hope you guys have enjoyed this lecture. Take care and I’ll see you guys in the next lecture, probably the last lecture. Okay, so see you soon,


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