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Set Up eCommerce Shipping | GoDaddy

Up with Free Shipping, which is a great way to entice customers to buy more of your products, But if free shipping doesn ’ t make sense. For your business, you ’ ve, got options From your GoDaddy account click your online Store to open this page Click Manage Store.

Then click Set Up Shipping Methods To change totally free shipping to free based On a minimum purchase click Edit Here, ’ s where you specify the terms Your customers will see what ’ s in this first Field so be sure it ’ s. Accurate Fill in the dollar amounts in the second and Third fields, If you ship internationally, you can even Specify where your new shipping method applies, Just click Edit and then click in the textbox To display the list of countries you can choose from Be sure to click Save when you have finished Customizing your free shipping option, But what, if you don ’ t want to offer free Shipping of any kind Or you want to offer customers more than one Shipping method, No problem Back on this page click, Remove to delete Your Free Shipping option or click Add Shipping to review and setup other methods.

Basic shipping methods include Free—, which you ’ re, now an expert on— Flat Rate and Weight-based Or you can opt for carrier-calculated shipping. Through the US postal service and UPS To set up any of these methods, just click Its Add button and complete the user-friendly steps. If you need assistance setting up shipping Through the US, postal service or UPS click, any Learn, more link and a helpful page on the carrier.

’ s website will open on a new tab in your browser. Remember each time you ’ re, finished, setting up a shipping method, click Save to add the method. To your store, When you ’ re, ready to unveil your new shipping method to customers, click Website and then click Publish


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How to Make a Blog on WordPress

In luck, that’s Actually, what we’re going to cover here today on The Journey All right Alex now with Building your first blog, you really have to figure out what do you actually wan na write about, So my greatest passion is food Eating it Yeah eating it talking about it, seeing it whatever Right on.

So that’s a Good thing to blog about, there are tons of food bloggers out there. Hopefully you’ll get some free food out there. Absolutely I mean that’s what I’m hoping for, but once you figure that out you wan na really figure. Out who your audience is, who do you wan na serve? So is there a type of food That you like to blog about, I would say, probably Just a new up-and-coming restaurants in the area, So your audience is more.

The Trendier people, the foodies, The Millennials The Millennials like us, So that’s super important to figure out what your actual blog is going to be about and who your audience is because you have to be Targeted with your message, If you try to serve everyone, you actually end up serving no one. It’s like trying to boil the ocean, you just can’t. Do it All right. The next thing, To really think about is understanding why you Actually want to start this blog’cause there’s a lot of work involved so Alex.

Why do you want To start this blog Well, I just love to write So it’s a great outlet for some creativity and also just to you, Know try new food options. I dig it. I dig it So now that you have Those questions answered the next part of really starting. Your blog is figuring out what the The name of it is going to be, and the branding Now do you have an idea of What your name is going to be?’cause, I have an idea Yeah.

What do you think I should name my blog, So I already checked the domain name. Alexeatsfood.Com is available. It’s perfect So the blog Alex eats food right. So I think that’s What we’re going to make today So with that name, if you’re struggling on trying to figure out What your own name is, we got a article up here on naming that’ll definitely help you out, But to carry on with that. The next portion of it comes branding.

Your brand is Literally, every single aspect of your blog, That’s the the way you talk on It that’s the images you use the text, the font, literally everything, so you wan na try to keep that consistent. The more consistent you Are with your branding, the more people are easily Able to recognize you right like if you see Like GoDaddy’s color, the green and orange you Instantly think GoDaddy or like the red and yellow Colors, do you think of McDonald’s Mcdonald’s right Alex eats food Alex eats food.

Look at that All right, so the last thing You need to ask yourself before you actually start going: Into building the website is figuring out, do you want just a blog, or do you want a full-on Website with the blog included so Alex, which one do you want, I think I want to keep it Simple, just do the blog for now so that way I can still Focus on all the food eating Right, like super important Yeah So we’re going to go Ahead and show you guys a quick demo, let’s go check it out, All right Alex so we’re About to make your blog here, I’m going to take you through Actually, installing WordPress on a hosting account There’s a difference between wordpress.

Com hosting and Self hosted WordPress Now for most business owners. I would definitely recommend a self hosted WordPress. This is basically you going to a hosting Provider buying hosting and installing WordPress on top of it Sounds like a lot of work. But it’s actually pretty easy to do so check it out. So inside a cPanel most providers Have it you’re going to look for a thing called Installatron? There’s lots of apps to choose from you! Click WordPress Install this application, then it’s going to give you a Lot of different options: We have our domain name, Here, alexeatsfood.

Com directory leave blank you don’t Wan na, like slash something just wanted the domain. You have the username and password here, your Email, you can update that as you need to, And then you click install at the bottom Wow. Okay, easy enough! All right! So you’ve never built a WordPress site before right. Right So brand-new, so the cool Thing about WordPress is that you can access It literally anywhere you want to So where’s kind of your Favorite places to work I like to write on my blog Whenever I’m, you know at home, At home, Yeah Just chilling out Yeah I, like coffee shops, Right And we’re working there So I can access it there, which is cool, so you Go to your domain name and then forward.

Slash WP, dash admin, it’ll be a login screen. I’r Cheating and doing like a little one, click login here inside of cPanel. So now there’s a get started: wizard we’re going to skip past that Just because you may not have that get starting wizard With your hosting provider, so I’ll hit, no thanks, So this is WordPress. It can Seem overwhelming there’s lots of stuff here to choose from, but I think the very first thing that we Need to do is choose a theme for your site.

Okay, So a theme is basically Like how you want your site to look, feel and function, Okay, Are there different things? That I can choose from There are tons, so you go To appearance and themes you have some default ones here I would recommend installing your own [ Alex ], Okay, [ Nealey ], But I’m going to have You kinda choose your own, we’re going to go to the most popular here and we’ll just tell me when I’ll, let you pick whatever one you want [ Alex ].

I like this one [, Nealey ], all right, so [ Alex ] Welcome to Sydney [ Nealey ], we’re going To Sydney, let’s do it so you mouse over, it click install! So then, once it’s installed, You click activate and then you’ve just installed a theme. [ Alex ], Okay, Super simple, all right, so After themes, we want to kind of check out some plugins, so plugins are basically little add-ons to your website.

Okay, So you can literally do Almost anything with the plug-in there’s that old phrase There’s a plug-in for that. We actually made a article On our favorite plugins, You wan na check it out, but I’ll show you how to install a plug-in. It’s pretty much the same. As installing a theme So plugins add new and then It’s going to show you some of the featured plugins here then we’re going to go to Popular I’ll, let you kinda check it out.

So, let’s check out, we Definitely want people to find your website, so We’ll install Yoast SEO here and just like that. We’re Going to click install So once you do install Again same thing activate and then that plug-in is done All right. So that’s installing A plug-in super simple, but let’s get to the real Meat of making your blog and that’s the post. So what do you wan na Make a post right now: Yeah: let’s do it Cool.

So where does a place that you recently ate at, or maybe your Favorite place in Austin: Let’s go with Hopdoddy great burgers, So super simple mouse Over posts and go add new, then we’re going to go to the editor, and this is going to be where you can basically start writing all your content. So how do you spell Hopdoddy? Is it Hop Hit daddy (, laughs, ) I can’t type Hopdoddy Cool Hopdoddy, exactly as it sounds, So you put your title here, you can add all your content.

Look at all this great content content. I’r writing. This is really great content, I’m just the best here all the words Guys, my blog is going to Be a lot better than this Super hot fire all right and then so. This is what was called The Gutenberg editor now it’s just really Called the page editor, You can add all your stuff Here so, as you see, I just started typing there’s this Little plus guy right here and you can add even more content.

So maybe you want to start adding pictures of your restaurant or the Restaurants to eat at rather or the food you eat, you do so here and just add your image and then you can choose from the media library. Okay, I don’t have anything the media library, No Hopdoddy picture, so I’m going to grab just A picture of a burger just for example’s sake when you are at Pexel.Com And just type in burgers see what pops up [ Alex ], And these are All free images right, [, Nealey, ], Yes, these are all free images makes it super helpful, especially If maybe you’re not doing food reviews, but you Have to have the image maybe seen some cool stock photos.

[ Alex ] Yeah, absolutely [, Nealey ]. This all look Delicious and I’m hungry all right, so I’m going to Download this really quick Cool, what’s cool about pexels too, is that these photographers are Giving their photos for free, if you want to support them, you can donate or follow them on Instagram, which is pretty cool. Very cool A little kick back there and then, once you have your image: You’re going to upload it, there then add your alt text, so alt text is basically What Google can read’cause Google can’t Understand when actual images, so we have to tell it so Super awesome, burgers And then select, and then we have our post and then, as you see here, we installed Yoast SEO.

So there’s a little section to update your search engine. Title search engine descriptions all that good Stuff And now last, but not Least, one of the more important things to think about with your post is to have a featured image. Basically, so when you have your site right and it’s not just text You have that little image there to capture it. Okay Make sure you’re on the document. Tab go down to featured Image set featured image and I’m going to be lazy and Just choose the same image: [ Alex ] Burgers all over the place, [ Nealey ], burgers, burgers burgers and then, when you’re done, you can publish or if you say, you’ve created A bunch of content, you don’t want them all published at Once you can actually schedule it right here, [ Alex ], Oh nice, [, Nealey, ], So publish when do you want this to publish [ Alex ] On Friday? [ Nealey ] Friday, all right! So let’s check it out all right.

So obviously the title we’re going to have to update a little bit. ( laughs, ) [ Alex ]. That’s not me! [ Nealey ], But then here’s Here’s, your blog post, so the feature image always shows first and then your content, And then your feature image, you have comment boxes, so your visitors can go and add. Their own two cents or say that is a super awesome burger, I’m just super hungry now, but let’s check out a couple other places on WordPress [ Alex ]; Okay, All right, so I’m going to Show you guys widgets And what exactly do widgets do? Widgets are a WordPress’ best friend, So on your blog post, you saw That there was that sidebar with not a lot of real content, which is kind of default generic stuff.

So if you go to appearances, And then widgets, this is basically all this content you can have on your sidebar and on your footer. Some themes may give you More options for sidebars, especially if you have Woocommerce, you could have the sidebar just for your blog post. You don’t want your blog post Just have like products you wan na have post, but you Want your products to show other related products, things like that.

Got it [ Nealey ], So you can Easily just get rid of stuff, you don’t want by clicking and dragging and then something else To really check out is the the customize tab. Most themes, especially the Free themes will have all the options to really Design and style your site right there, I’m just just Going to give you a quick overview of what this looks like, So this Sydney theme has a ton of options, so I was actually a little surprised.

You can’t have all your stuff Here, it’s your site, title your header area, things like That your homepage settings, so this is super important, so You’re going to have your latest posts show up, So let’s go ahead and go back all right. So let’s check out your website So again just click the my Blog that little shortcut to get to your website [ Alex ] Nice. So why does It say create your menu here in the top right corner, Because we need to Create a new menu here so that menus can be your navigation.

So, like your home links, Your about contact all that good stuff, You either click it there. If You’re on the front of site or if you’re in the Dashboard its appearance and then menus. You can Add your stuff here so it looks like we have Menu already kind of created, we have home and then sample page. I don’t want sample page to Show up so I’m going to go ahead and just remove that And then go ahead and click create menu and once you do you’ll See at the bottom here it shows menu settings So you can auto add pages so, as you add like “, an about” or “ contact” things it’ll automatically come here, so you don’t have to and then Display location primary menu is so it will actually appear up there.

[ Alex ], Okay, [ Nealey ]. So if we go primary, Menu and save and now check out the site, it’ll show home [ Alex ], Okay, [ Nealey ], just like that, then We have your awesome, Hopdoddy post with all this randomness Grand in hello world right there then default post there. So what does it mean when it says uncategorized right there? I almost forgot so Every post has a category, so you could have like burger restaurants or you can have ice cream places whatever you want it to be So by default.

WordPress Doesn’t know what to put so it’s going to have an uncategorized category, so you go to post categories. And then just click quick edit, we’re going to just type in burgers here, make it nice and simple But as you add posts, you can add content here. For categories or inside the post itself, [ Alex ] Okay, so now one of the issues with Having a blog is potentially the amount a spam you might get, there are BOTS out there that Just go out and just basically add just nonsense posts Trying to get links back to their site, So how do I avoid that? So there’s a few things you can do so most of the time WordPress Will come pre-installed with the plug-in called Akismet Anti-Spam? You can sign up and do that.

Otherwise you can do Like a captcha plug-in that make sure that they’re, an Actual person on your website and commenting plugins like Disqus, which is like facebook Login or Twitter login is definitely good to help Prevent some of that stuff too So earlier you showed me That SEO plug-in you know how do I make sure that my Content is going to be seen Yeah, let’s actually check out Yoast. So if you go over to your Page we wan na go back to edit it again, So you can either click Directly on it or click edit here so under Yoast, It’s going to give you a lot of recommendations and Things like that, like again, I have nonsense here.

Just For the sake of this you’re, the writer I’r going to, let you create here Will work the magic later, But it’ll take a little snippet Here for you, so by default it’s going to have title page. Separator and site title so you can get rid of this and do Hopdoddy. My favorite burger place. Review or whatever you want it to be, [ Alex ], Okay, [ Nealey ]. It’s going to give You a little kind of wheel, the more content, the Better see it goes to green [, Alex ] Wow green is good [, Nealey, ], Basically and It’s going to give you a little snippet of how it’s going to Look on search engines.

You want a lot of content. That’s attention-grabbing and has kind of your focus keyword, so your focus key would Really be like Hopdoddy review, you wan na make sure You have that in there And then your Meta Description, Like it says, please provide a meta description by Adding a snippet below, basically it’s a quick little Snippet of what someone’s going to get out of your content, if they read it, you wan na keep It engaging but again make sure you have whatever your Focus word is, for you, it’ll, be a hopdoddy review, so have that somewhere in there as a business owner your page, your post, You’ll wan na make sure that you have some type of focus word for that page, whether it’s a review or An “ about us” or a service and include it in your Description and your title And then you can kind of go Down, there’s SEO analysis.

It’s going to give you a lot of information and you can just Go down the rabbit hole or just clicking all this stuff I’ll leave that for another article. Actually, we did a article on SEO if you wan na check it out right here, [ Alex ] Whoa. So why Does it say not secure there in the top left corner [ Nealey ], Because Technically, it’s not secure, so really I mean it’s Secure, like the information on there is fine, but with WordPress you have that WP dash admin where you log in Right, so it’s not secure! So if you enter in your Username, your password that information is sent over Plaintext on the Internet, So if there’s a man in the Middle attacks someone’s, what’s called sniffing, Captures that information it’s out there super yeah its rough Super important, if you have like a type of shop where you are Taking credit card information or just personal information, So that can be easily fixed.

By getting an SSL certificate, so if you do enter user name, And password it’s sent over the internet so I’ll jumbled up. So even if someone grabs It they have no idea what the heck it means. Okay And then on top of just Really just safety and security. You always want to make Backups, especially with a blog and you’re constantly adding stuff, are you planning to post How many times a week or how many times a month, I’m planning on posting Probably about once a week: Okay, so that’s like 52 posts a year! So if something were To happen to your site, all those posts are gone So make sure you have some Type of backup service, most hosting providers, will Have something for you or you can find something third-party, but it’s always easier to do.

With your hosting provider, since it’s all usually automated But you want to protect all this time invested into this project, make sure it’s just not gone in the blink of an eye. Right All right, so these are Just the basics of building your first blog there again There’s lots of options to kind of go through and make it your own like. We still need to Update the the title, and then it comes with navigation colors things like that at least This has a solid foundation for you to build your first site and then from here it’s Just exploring that’s kind of the fun of WordPress There’s so much to explore, so you can never stop learning Perfect.

Well, thanks for all the help, and let us know in the comments below what articles you guys want to See and be sure, while you’re down there make sure you like the article and subscribe to our blog as well. This is The Journey we’ll see you next time.

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How to use GoCentral Online Appointments | GoDaddy

This tool allows your site visitors to schedule. Appointments for the services you offer right from your website, saving you time that would Otherwise be spent taking calls and managing your calendar To get started. Add an appointments section To your website Click the green plus symbol where you want To add the section and choose appointments from the list: Next select “ online appointments ” in The sidebar and click “ manage appointments, ” to set up the types of services your customers, And clients can book Click on “ start setup, ” to set your availability.

You can choose which days of the week and Which hours you ’ ll, be open for appointments Clicking the plus symbol. Will let you set More than one time slot per day, For example, you can exclude the time you Would use for a lunch break each day? Click “ Next ” to set up your services. Here you can create categories for your services, For example, while setting up a website for Music, lessons you can create categories for voice and piano.

Lessons Then give the service a name: price duration, And give it a description, You also have the option of choosing whether Your customers will come to your business or, if you come to them, If you are planning an event that will have Multiple attendees, such as a class you can choose “ group ” rather than “ individual, ” Under “ service type, ” Choosing this option will then allow you to Set the maximum number of people that can come to your event.

You can create as many categories and services As your business needs, Once you ’ re done, setting up services for Bookings enter your email address and mobile phone number to receive email and SMS notifications. About new bookings and enter your business address, so your customers can find you. Finally, you can choose to require full or Partial payment at the time of booking or select to have your customers pay you in person.

If you choose to require payment up front, You ’ ll need to enter your Square account credentials, so your site can collect payments. During the scheduling process, Now your customers can schedule appointments. With you conveniently from your website From here, you can view your appointments. Create or edit your services view your customers, ’ info and update any settings, including availability, Payments and syncing an external calendar


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How to Use YouTube for Successful Digital Marketing

What’s that, On average YouTube has over 1 billion mobile views a day and on top of that 300 hours worth of article Uploaded in a minute That is incredible, sounds Like a ton of competition, but you can break through, But let’s talk about why Youtube is so important, starting with why we should use YouTube.

Video content is effective, I mean I’m sure you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter Whatever you use you’re scrolling along You’re on YouTube right now On YouTube and you’ve caught a article and you get lost in it right. You spend two three 15. 20 Hours, whatever you’re doing The rabbit hole And you’re reading that content, So you already know article is effective, So what’s also cool about YouTube, it helps you build a community And think about it when it Comes to marketing your brand! If you get a large group behind you, that’s sustainable for more success.

Growing, more word-of-mouth! Growing, your business And another thing to keep In mind about YouTube, they are really all about the Subscribe that is key to growing your community, so, while you’re at it go ahead and subscribe to our blog By publishing quality articles really interacting with your followers, it’s really going to foster that community that you were Talking about and make them eager to Wan na share your articles with people that they know And having a loyal audience provides unlimited opportunities to grow and market your products And Emma you talked about mobile in the very beginning.

With that incredible stat YouTube is mobile-friendly. So all those articles look great on mobile And, if you’re not producing Content for that platform, you’re alienating a large population, So I know you’re Asking yourself at home: how do you make money on YouTube? Have you ever heard of the Youtube Partner Program Back in January of 2018 They changed their policy and the policy was all about how you actually can Earn revenue on YouTube Yeah and it’s important to note that you actually have to apply to be a part of this Program and be accepted, So not only is there An application for this, but there’s also a minimum with who is eligible for this as well.

So let’s go through that, Starting with ensuring that you follow the program’s guidelines that you live in a certain country and your blog has over 4,000 public read hours in the last 12 months Also have more than 1,000 subscribers and make sure your account Is linked to Google AdSense, So let’s talk about AdSense and how you can actually Earn money with it So YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and AdSense is a product of Google? That’s how it allows you To make money on YouTube, So these are the ads That pop up on your article, It’s estimated that creators can make anywhere from $ 3 to $ 10 per 1,000 viewer engagements So with some simple math.

If you have 10,000 views on your articles, you can make at least $ 300, Okay, so Nealey. What About YouTube Premium, Because they’re not being shown ads, so if they’re not being shown ads, how is anyone making money Yeah that makes sense? So YouTube actually gives a percentage to those creators based on things like read: Time and viewer engagement, So I would add the Channel Membership feature – and this is a great way to Offer incentives and rewards for people who are tuning In to your blog or becoming a monthly Viewer or subscriber Yeah, it’s just like Patreon.

Basically, So you can also sell products. From your Merchandise Shelf, So if you live in one of The approved countries and have over 10,000 subscribers you can show up to 12 products from your Teespring merch page. Also, I’d recommend enabling The Super Chat function,’cause. What it allows users to do is have their actual Comments pinned to the top, which is pretty cool, Yeah, it’s just like Twitch.

You can also produce sponsored articles Now. What this is is Another brand or company paying you to promote Them on your own article, much like a micro-celebrity Yeah totally and be sure To follow the FTC guidelines and think about your Audience keep them in mind. You don’t wan na just go promotion, crazy,,’cause! Then, if you’re just constantly promoting your content, you’re going to maybe lose That engagement with them So keep them in mind.

They’re Following you for a reason, stick with that, what is it? That they would wan na see What a lot of other Youtubers are doing now on top of all this or, if they don’t even Meet those requirements to join the program, for example, is they’ll, sell their own stuff, They may link off to their own, say, Etsy store or WordPress site or whatever they’re selling Their eCommerce items on and then just promote those So Emma.

If you had your Own YouTube, blog and you were going to sell Something what would that be Jokes, You’re, not getting any money, ( laughs, )! Well, I’m thinking about when you sell on YouTube. I have, for example, a lot of cool vintage pieces, but do you do that on YouTube? Would I showcase the Vintage pieces that I have in a YouTube article and sell it Well for a lot of people, you’re directing them.

Off to another source, Now some people will do That for affiliate marketing – maybe they have affiliates with Amazon and they say “ Cool. Here’s All the equipment I used to create this article,” and link off. Oh, that makes sense. Okay, Or here’s some cool swag of my shirt with my face on it, whatever that looks like For sale, You can use those other revenue, Streams to get that money, So speaking of making money on YouTube, I know I like to think about.

How to make more money so we’re going to talk about Branding marketing and SEO to help you make more money on YouTube Yeah, so getting into Those programs are nice, but you really wan na create a sustainable income and Revenue streams right So let’s talk through a Couple ways to do that: Let’s do it So first off you wan na think about how can you build an engaged following build your audience right And a lot of times I think of first, what’s going to make them unsubscribe just to keep in mind, don’t do That, but also how frequent you should post, I give the same advice with social media.

If you’re only posting Once every three months I’m going to unfollow you There’s nothing there. You got ta, give me something of value. You got ta, keep me tuned in And so think about the frequency and what you’re putting out there when it comes to building your audience, You will also wan na optimize. Your article and your blog, So this is everything From the logo you use that header, you use that trailer, that 30 60 basically ad spot to promote you and your business.

When someone comes to your blog, the titles, you use It’s going to take a lot of research, but it’s definitely worth it because these first impressions last Yeah and it’s so meticulous right. I mean think about how Much time we’ve spent just on the thumbnails, with our articles Too long, Too long I’d also encourage you to think about how to market your brand and your article off of YouTube so cross-promote.

One thing we do is we Take the YouTube articles and we cross-promote them Over to Facebook or Instagram Yeah, we’ll maybe get A condensed version since Instagram takes a minute and says link in the bio Right change the link Links off back to YouTube where they can see the entire article and, if they’re, not a Subscriber they can subscribe, But we would recommend not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So don’t make YouTube your only thing. Remember: MySpace and Vine They’re gone. What happens if YouTube is gone? It’s not likely, but it’s really good to Diversify your attention on all these different Platforms just in case So while these tips Have definitely taught you how to be successful on YouTube. I got ta be honest with you. We have only scratched the surface so be sure to subscribe. To take a deeper dive on YouTube and other platforms, That’s a wrap Like this article.

Add your comments below This. Is The Journey We’ll see you next time,

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What Is a CMS? Which One Should You Use for Your Website?

” All right, so today, We have a special guest Alycia from Sucuri. Thank you so much for coming on today. Yeah thanks, I’m happy to be here Awesome, so we’re Talking about what is a CMS and which one should you Use for your website, Can you tell us a little Bit about what a CMS is So CMS stands for. Content management system and it’s basically an easier way to put pages, live on your Website or blog post manage your image media Library all that kinda stuff Awesome and now, let’s Go over the top three CMSs, I’m going to be a little bit! Biased in this episode, That’s my disclaimer right there, I’m going to start with WordPress WordPress is the most popular Content management system out there today powers Over 1/3 of the internet, It has tons of plug-ins tons of options and it’s pretty resourceful And probably my favorite Reason for why I use WordPress is the community behind it.

They’re such a large community that that just all comes Together, there’s meetups, there’s wordcamps and everyone just helps each other out For sure, and I mean with 40,000 plugins almost like you, have no end to the kind of functionality you can add to your CMS Absolutely. So what are some other CMSs that we can possibly use For sure, yeah,,’cause everybody’s heard of WordPress, so Yeah Drupal is another very popular one.

It’s been described to me as Kinda, like a Swiss cheese, you need to be a bit more Technical to use Drupal, but it does have a lot Of different features compared to WordPress, it has A different user experience and ultimately it’s been Used for a lot of things like government websites, And that kinda thing because of its ability to be a little more secure in some areas: yeah Yeah and it’s definitely One not for like the smaller business type sites as Enterprise or large Corporation type sites right, Yeah, yeah for sure Yeah Joomla – is another really Popular one as well, It’s got a really good.

Community – and it’s got, I think, the second highest Market share after WordPress, Although WordPress is Like 30 % – and I think, like It’s, a giant Joomla’s like 6 %, so just A little bit of a gap there between the top two but Joomla’s, also a really awesome CMS to use You wan na make sure that you’re using the most latest version. If possible, There are two active versions: Available that you can use Yeah, you definitely wan na stay on the most recent branch.

Of any CMS, if possible, Yeah that’s just a best practice there. All right. Let’s talk! About really figuring out, which one should you use right Like what are some of the first Steps we wan na think about. Definitely you wan na Make sure that you know what your requirements Are for your website, So how does it need to Be for your users to use! How are you going to go about? Actually creating posts and what are the processes that you’re going to use as part of that And then once you have all that you can kinda look at each CMS and see what are the extensions and Themes that are available And see if they’ll match the Requirements that you have for your website, That makes sense and It all comes down to figuring out what’s right for you Like, I will stand by WordPress all day, but WordPress may not be Right for your situations, Figuring out those requirements, With those applications are super important, Yeah and usually a Lot of the CMS websites have a great community Because they are open-source, So tell us a little about open-source Yeah for sure.

So all Those top three CMSs they’re open-source they’re, also free, which is very important, Open-source, basically Means that the source code used to build WordPress Or Drupal or Joomal, it’s all open and available, and anybody can contribute to it as well Right on So that just means it’s Constantly being improved by the community and the Community’s also checking to make sure that, what’s Being added is secure All right, so we want our Website to look good right, So is that something to think About when we’re choosing what platform we use and how easy it is to create those sites Totally so different themes will have different attributes like They may have a sidebar on the left or the right, Or they may be all one column in a never-ending scrolling website.

Different themes will Allow you to accomplish, maybe what you need by Having custom backgrounds or custom menus, so you Wan na look at the options for your theme and you also don’t wan na discount like premium themes, A lot of premium themes out, there will add extra functionality, So you’re, essentially Paying for the theme, even though the CMS is free, That’s an awesome option. There’s premium plug-ins as well, Depending on what you Need the default themes that come with it are Sometimes a little restrictive, so you wan na take a look at What the default themes are: Try some different free themes and see what the options are to get your site to look.

The way you want it to Yeah and what was kind Of controversial at first in WordPress and 5.0 remember Gutenberg, Oh yeah, Gutenberg is essentially The new WordPress editor, The whole point is to kinda mirror the printing press of just Blocks and everything else, Yeah, what you see is what you get So as you’re typing — Whizzy, wig, Yeah whizzy wig, Thank you So as you’re typing Yeah, you see exactly what you would see on the website, So that comes default by WordPress.

It has made the experience. Especially for first-time users easier to create, Then there are page Builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder or WPBakery Builder, that makes that user-experience A little bit easier, If you’re going on the WordPress realm and really want something: That’s pretty customizable, you don’t have to be a Web developer or guru to build that website For sure CMSs are having to Make things a little easier, You know, there’s a lot of Different places out there that are creating website builders that are super easy for people to use, and so it’s helpful for These open-source CMSs to make the user-experience a little easier All right.

So another thing we probably have to think about. Is the hosting requirements We’re going to need for our applications? Talk us through a little Bit of what that looks like For sure, so most of These are running on PHP, so you want the most Updated version of PHP, especially if you want The latest features and to make sure that you’re Getting those security updates? Yes, So that’s really important.

A lot of hosting companies will offer one-click Install for most of these major CMS applications, Some hosting companies Especially when I first started creating websites – and I Was on a super budget, but also a very secure host, it took me a long time. It took me like three days to install WordPress and they have a famous 5-minute install You wan na look and see, and maybe talk to your hosting company.

About what the options are for getting this CMS Installed on your server Right,,’cause, taking three Days to get a website going just the beginning is not Something you wan na do There’s a lot of places out there that will do managed hosting Especially with WordPress There’s managed WordPress that has just already automatically installed some extra security features And then what most people End up going with is like a cPanel type Hosting Since it does have that one-click install with Installatron or Softaculous, Whatever they’re, using Totally Couple of clicks of a button and then it’s there, You can start building and Designing, however, you want All right, so the real Reason I brought you on to this.

Episode is really talking about security with CMSs They’re open-source. You Constantly have to update them, so there’s lots of things. That we need to really think about to make sure Our stuff’s protected Totally well with It being open-source not only are all the good People contributing code, but all the bad people can Also, look at that code as well and find vulnerabilities. So that’s something that a lot of people are concerned about.

Especially with WordPress being so popular, it is a large target. The CMS itself is actually quite secure because there’s a great Community checking things out. You wan na make sure that you’re Not installing more plug-ins than you need Trying to make sure that you’re keeping everything up to date. If you have a managed solution, They’ll, do it for you, Which is awesome. Yup, You wan na make sure That you have something some kind of security plug-in That’s monitoring your site, letting you know if there is A problem that they detect There are some that can also Add features for protection like adding Two-Factor Authentication, which is a second password on your phone that you need to enter in Order to get into your website There’s all kinds of Cool security, plug-ins security utilities that You can use with your CMS Yeah, I know with WordPress the top security plug-ins That come to mind, of course, Sucuri has This security plug-in, but there’s also Wordfence And then with having an SSL on your site, super important just to Encrypt that password,’cause, you have to login The beauty with CMSs that You can access them anywhere right, Yup, So you wan na make sure that wherever you’re accessing’em Your password isn’t being sniffed out by someone in the middle Yeah.

You wan na, be careful. You don’t wan na. Maybe do It in like an airport or coffee shop, Wi-Fi Unless you’re using a VPN.’Cause, if you are sitting There on public, Wi-Fi and there’s a hacker sitting next to you, they could sniff your password As you’re typing it in And then the next thing you know, there’s a bunch of spam pages on your site that you need to deal with. So what about firewall? I’ve heard that it should be important.

Should be added to the site, What’s the validity with that? Definitely one of the nice things about a website firewall Is that it will virtually patch your CMS? So if There is a security issue, essentially the firewall’s Taking care of that, It surrounds your website. And if somebody’s trying to exploit a vulnerable Plug-In on your site, the firewall will catch. That attempt and block it They’ll see a blocking page.

Meanwhile, all of your legitimate Visitors are being sped-up because of the global Network of the firewall and content delivery network, So we’ve figured out what Cms we’re wanting to use We’ve got it installed, how Do we go about documentation, learning the program itself? There are some awesome Resources out there, You talked about WordPress WPBeginner has some awesome? Training guides and tutorials There’s an awesome community.

For all of these CMSs, with very active, like support forums, That’s a great way to go about it And then, obviously, if you have a developer, Or something like that, that’s helping you get some customization. They can usually help you. You wan na make sure that You’re documenting everything as part of your website as well, so It’s just going to help you Later on down the line, if you know you have a List of all the users, all the plug-ins and that kind of stuff and you’re keeping that up-to-date Yeah, especially if you Have people on your team that needs to access the site, Giving them documentation on What they should be accessing, what they shouldn’t be, because sometimes the wrong click can Make just chaos happen Totally and good user passwords making sure that you’ve Got the right role levels assigned to your users? Whether they’re just an editor or author or contributor Right Those roles are usually built into the CMS to allow you to make Sure they can only access what they should be allowed to access.

You only wan na grant admin privileges to somebody for as long as they need it, and that kind of thing Now, with this website, I know many of the entrepreneurs or even solopreneurs out there with their stuff, has Many hats to wear right, Sometimes maintaining it, isn’t always something that they have time for Yeah. It may not be top of mind Right. What should we be? Doing with those updates Yeah, definitely I would say that it’s very important to make sure that you always retain Access to your property, your web property, So I’ve seen cases where a developer will leave a client and Leave with the passwords and then you can’t get Into your hosting account, or you can’t into WordPress, It’s not ideal, so make sure you always have access to those things And make sure that you’re just practicing safe security practices.

Throughout all of it Right on and with WordPress and Joomla everything else, we Talked about it earlier, make sure you’re at least going in there every now and then to update It to the next latest version: It’s not only for performance, but it is for security Yeah for sure I mean with some CMSs there might be different branches that are still being actively developed So having a firewall That can virtually patch and make sure if there Are any vulnerabilities you have a little bit of an extra window.

‘Cause whenever there’s a Security update released, the hackers are looking going. “: Okay, here’s the old file; “, here’s the new file; oh look: “! There’s the security flaw!”, So it can be –. Then send all our bots out Totally it can a matter of minutes hours after a security patch is released before there’s active attacks in the wild So definitely update your Sites as soon as possible, Auto-updates are amazing, WordPress has auto-updates on most hosts, Yeah and or you can hire developers like most designers or Developers will have like a website care plan, so you Can them just do it for you, If you’re using WordPress, Godaddy ProSites or ManageWP has the one-click updates.

So you can update all your Plug-Ins and your themes, You even have a safe update option. So what it does is It’ll update your site, take a snapshot of before and after and make sure they’re all the same. And if there’s an issue It’ll retract, back to it It’s a free option for you Yeah, that’s perfect! You hit on a good point, It’s not a set it and forget. It thing with a website: You need to make sure that You’re maintaining it And that it’s part of your business, it’s how your business looks.

So you should definitely Make sure that you have some kind of plan for keeping It up-to-date and maintained All right. The last point that we should really talk about is really your time and investment with the CMS of your choice. Talk us through a little Bit of that about that For sure we’ll you Wan na go in and realize that it’s going to take you Time to setup all the pages that you want Right: It may take you time to find the right plug-ins, so you wan na kinda think through whether You want to hire somebody or get some help with that To find the functionality and the look and feel that you’re after Definitely budget when It comes to free CMSs.

Well, you don’t have to pay for the CMS. So that’s helpful Right! But it’s customization and security and all Those things that you definitely wan na consider as part of the whole package of having a website On-going costs for domain WHOIS privacy, SSL certificates, Right firewall, All that kind of stuff, All that good things Totally yeah, there’s A lot of accessories that go on with having a website, So you wan na figure like I said at the beginning what those requirements are And then make sure you have a plan for how you’re going to budget and the timelines around When you wan na launch Perfect and with Drupal And Joomla they are, they do have that smaller market share, So there’s really specific requirements of when you wan na use those applications.

Those developers that you hire for Drupal or Joomla might cost more than a WordPress designer as well For sure yeah, and you wan na make sure that you’re really looking at the work that the developer has done and make sure that it Matches what you’re, after There’s lots of great Websites out there that you know can tell you more About how to pick a developer depending on what you’re after Well? Thank you so much for Coming out on the show today and helping us figuring Out what a CMS is why we should use one You’ve been awesome Thanks my pleasure.

Well, if you liked this article go ahead and smash that, like button, add a comment below on Something that you’ve learned and subscribe to this blog and ring that bell, if you’d like to see these episodes first, This is “ The Journey.,” we’ll see you next time.


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What Is Web Hosting? Explained Simply | GoDaddy

Your website’s files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet. These large high-powered computers are Called web servers Website hosts are companies that physically house several web servers in one location or what is sometimes referred to as a data center.

In addition to housing, the web servers website hosts provide the software security support and bandwidth that connects your website to the internet. Think of a website hosting company like a shopping center that contains several individual stores. If you want to open a store at the shopping center, you can lease space in it and set up shop Just like a shopping center website. Hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers where you can store your website files and make them available for visitors to view on the Internet To accommodate a wide variety of websites and customer needs.

There are a variety of hosting solutions. Hosting solutions are broadly categorized, based on the amount of server space you need for your website files and the monthly amount of bandwidth your site consumes. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data being transferred or the amount of resource usage. Your website requires Consider your shop again…. Suppose you sell only handmade bracelets, you have a small unique product offering, so you don’t need nor want to lease the same amount of space as a big department store.

Instead, you could lease a smaller store in the shopping center. That gives you just enough space for your goods and costs less money. Additionally, because you’re a small shop, you don’t need a lot of extra technology or staff to help you sell your product, like a department store requires Between you and your mobile payment device. You have plenty of bandwidth to take care of your customers and don’t need to buy any extra technology or hire more employees, Make sense Beyond server space and bandwidth.

There are other things to consider when selecting a hosting solution. Your budget ease of use or complexity of solution, the level of flexibility or customization. The solution allows, as well as privacy and security features. Godaddy offers a variety hosting solutions To determine which hosting solution is best for you. Please visit GoDaddy.Com and click Hosting


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How to Start a Service Business

Let’s go Hey, I’m Emma your GoDaddy Guide and today, I’m super excited to be joined with my co-host, Justin Nealey, Hey Justin! What’s up What up? How are you, What are we going to talk about today, Starting a service business, Exactly We’re talking about starting Your service business, I’m already dying to Know where do you begin?’Cause there’s a lot of things.

That I’m sure you have to do, but what’s first and foremost, Right and you have to take That first step of really figuring out what you want: You want your business to be Right, You can’t just go. I want to Be a service-based business! Well, what do you want to do If you want it to be something that you’re actually passionate about, because you’re going to Get a lot of the things that you don’t want to do like the admin or just the run-around.

And if it’s not something You’re really passionate about it’s not going to last. I love the passion component To me if you’re doing something that you’re passionate about you’re, going to give it your all your 110 % Right, absolutely You’re going to do the best work Right. It’s your! Why It’s? Why you do what you do Yeah? So what do you need? Where do you start So probably step one just to make sure that you’re productive is to buy a computer If you don’t have one, If you read this on a computer, then just disregard this Move on to step two, but That’s going to be step one.

What about a smartphone, though I feel like I do everything On my smartphone, You can do a lot absolutely, but it’s all about being productive. You can flip to different tabs. Go to different screens. Do a bunch of stuff that You potentially couldn’t do or if you have to go and type everything out on a smartphone. It’s going to take you a lot. Longer than on a computer, It’s good to have both, though That’s a good point.

Okay, so you have a computer got it Then. What’s next, I’m thinking social media, but that’s just’cause. I’r Obsessed with it domain, where do you go from there? So probably the next Step is to figure out what your name is and buy a domain name and get your social media handles. We’ve got a couple of articles. That we talked about really diving into Instagram Twitter and Facebook in the links or descriptions below As soon as you have that Domain then you need a website.

Social media is great, but you can’t always control social media. Do you remember Vine (, laughs, ), Yeah Yeah? It was a super popular platform Right. What happened to Vine Everyone invested all their time and it’s gone So all those followers went with it And with your website, it’s there to help. You generate Leads and you control it and it’s there for as long as you want it, And then you piggyback into social Another thing, I’m so just wrapped up! In the digital world, — Absolutely, But I was at a trade, show recently walking the floor.

Networking and I forgot my business cards And it’s easy to do’cause. I do so much in the digital world Right, But I got by, but I just am curious as a small business owner and the local heroes listening in are business cards still An important thing, Absolutely it’s absolutely relevant. In fact, I got a business card today and it blew my mind. The quality of it Right. Look at that Super cool There’s even a texture with the font It’s something tactile and if you’re on the go, sometimes you may not Remember the domain name or the handle, or things like that, but that business card is just something to really make yourself stand out, Especially if you got a cool one like that.

That’s different It’s a cool one. It helps you out. Did you want it back? I mean I might ( laughter ), We’ll get it later. I didn’t even notice you Put it in your pocket Yeah thanks Some place, you can get business cards. There’s places like Moo.Com, that’s pretty cool, There’s Vista Print They’ve been around forever, We talk about Canva a lot. You can create your own Business card on there They can print it off for you.

What do you use? I use Canva’cause I like to really design every part of it and there’s a couple of templates, but to each their own. Now, when it comes to Getting your actual work done, I imagine you need to have what An office space work space Space in your home, It’s going to vary right. Is that important? It’s somewhat important! It depends on what type Of service you provide, If you don’t ever really Talk to someone face-to-face, you don’t need an office, but if you want to be able To have meetings with people things like that, you don’t have to invest.

In an office space, There are a ton of just co-working spaces popping up all over the country. Some are free, some are Freemiums some are paid, It just depends on what the budget is, but with those co-working spaces. What I love about it is it’s Not only a place to work, but it’s a place to –, Free coffee, There’s, free coffee, too (, laughter, ), There’s coffee and Kick Flips, but it’s a great place to network And you get all these Like-Minded people around you that you can just piggyback ideas off of or find just complimentary businesses That maybe I’m a web designer right And you’re working there and You’re, a graphic designer You start sending me web design leads, I start sending you graphic design leads and your service just builds.

And builds and builds Or work at home Have a little office space. Something that’s just yours, free of distractions. I know I’m like a squirrel. I just get distracted all day, Just I’m working and Then Netflix will pop on and my dog runs by and I get distracted so what I like to do, Is go to a coffee shop and drink coffee, (, laughs, )! I love the working at home, It’s not for everybody, but — Not for everyone.

It is if you like to work in your PJs. That’s how I do my webinars ( laughter, ), Okay! So one more question: for you All right: How do you stay productive doing this? Oh, that’s! Tough! It really depends on the type of service business you provide. There’s not one answer fits all, but I’ll go over. Some of the Things that helps most people First off. You need some Type of productivity suite Most popular out there are Google Suite with all their Google Docs Sheets all that good stuff and then Microsoft Office.

I would almost caution people to have basically get a second number And what I mean by that is not going and getting another phone Right. There’s lots of digital services, where you can basically have Another number on your phone so that way people aren’t Calling you on your mobile line and you’re like is this personal. Is this business And then it gets confusing Separate the two Absolutely and then you Don’t answer like a weirdo like hey, this is Nealey’s Web Design and it’s your mom right.

You want to make it professional, so you have that difference. She’ll be happy to hear That you’re always working and working hard, (, laughs, ), She’s, so proud, (, laughter, ) And just separate your personal Life from your business’cause, otherwise it’s going to Start getting overwhelming, I say the same for social media. If you have a business, go And get a business page, Don’t use your personal page, Yeah Absolutely All right and then let’s Talk about getting paid, You’re a service business right, Oh right, yeah, You want to get paid You’re not doing this — That’s an important part of all this This is not just a hobby, Not just a hobby.

We all got bills, Yeah passion that pays Yes, lots of tools out there If you’re going in person, probably Square or something like that, so you got that little dongle and you can swipe that credit card. Venmo’s, probably my favorite just to read the comments. Personally, that people talk about, but quick and easy way to get paid, otherwise, there’s PayPal and Stripe for your website and things like that Sounds like a lot of options.

We got options All right, that’s a wrap. I want to thank my co-host. Justin for being here, It’s been awesome, You’re the expert, and we learned a lot about how to start your service business. But I’m sure you have questions so go ahead and drop them below and be sure to subscribe to our blog for more articles. Like this See ya, Bye


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How to Use Facebook for Your Online Business

What’s up, How are ya Good, No surprise we’re going to Dive into Facebook today The book face But I also ( laughing ) The face book. It is your favorite right, It is my favorite No well, I don’t like To choose favorites So we’re talking about Facebook for your business – Maybe I just have a personal page and I’ve decided – maybe it’s Time to create a business page for my business right, What are kind of the First, steps that I need to really think about Well you’re, already, Off to a great start, You wan na go to a business page And that’s really important.

Because then, you get the ability to track metrics and analytics So absolutely business. Page over personal page And then from there You wan na make sure you set up your profile. Get that profile photo. Usually your logo works great or maybe, if it’s your personal brand use a great headshot of yourself and then take that cover photo to really showcase your Products or your services and then from there make Sure all your information is up to date And that Is really important? Your hours, your website, Your phone number 100 % And make sure that lines up with your Google And your Yelp listings too Right I went into a coffee shop recently I Was in northern California, You drink a lot of coffee, ( laughing ), It’s true And the cashier was looking At me, like I don’t know like, maybe she wanted to rush me and I’m thinking they’re Open for two more hours, what’s the deal, ( laughing ) Sure enough, they were Closing in five minutes I go, but your Facebook says and I wanted to Go into my spiel like this, but I saved it got a quick Coffee to go fortunately, but that’s the whole point.

I left with a customer experience that wasn’t as ideal And then onto probably one of the largest most impactful components: content Right, always preach Quality over quantity Yeah, so you definitely Want to make sure you vary your content, So mix it up. You know you don’t Wan na become predictable; Okay, And you also don’t want to turn into just a business always talking about yourself right. It becomes so salesy.

When it’s always about me, me me So salesy me me me: yeah, Buy this, buy that Yeah sell, sell, sell; Rather you want to Tell tell tell Exactly ( laughing ) Throw something out there. That’s entertaining I mean social media is escapism. Oh yeah, Throw in a good laugh But also educate me, So I always tell my friends: That I follow my dentist on Facebook and they look At me, like I’m crazy, Why right What And it’s because my dentist Shares really educational tips and tricks like how to whiten my teeth without spending hundreds of dollars.

I saw also my yoga studio was just giving a friendly Reminder to stretch how to maintain the zen, which Is really important in life? Absolutely Also, sharing testimonials that you’ve already Received on Yelp and Google and turning it into a Facebook post Right repurpose that content Take that review. Let’s Say it went on about your your ice cream, you’re an ice cream shop, And the review goes on about How you have the best flavors, but the ultimate flavor Is definitely rocky road, Absolutely Yeah, it’s the best Hands down.

So you have that review that the customer went on About your rocky road ice cream and then use Canva or Something and in the background of that review and select A picture of the rocky road on a nice ice cream cone. It really brings it to life. For those of you that don’t know, Canva is a free website that Has all sorts of templates and kits and graphics For literally all things that you could possibly create Like social media templates, Facebook headers all that Good stuff and it’s free – I use it pretty religiously, Also article, So I’m a huge advocate, Of article I love article Just keep it on the shorter Side, attention spans are short Seems like under two minutes: Or so under three minutes Yeah.

Definitely I would even a minute is good and also doing behind the scenes footage. That’s one of my favorite things about following local businesses is like well, I wan na know how This all comes together And showcase your staff And also repurpose anything your customers take User generated content And I think what gets A lot of people hung up on, creating article is, maybe they don’t have a production set like we do right, (, laughing ) And that’s okay.

Our smart phones are Pretty darn good right, Yeah they’re, pretty smart, Take a article with your phone and even it doesn’t have To be the best quality Go behind the scenes. People like that story like to see the other side of things, and it really helps them. Relate to who you are as a business owner You’re, not just some faceless company. So next up we have these groups. Can you tell us a little Bit about what the Facebook groups are and how I can potentially leverage It as a business owner Yeah, so definitely Encourage you to pay attention to other like-minded Businesses, but also groups to piggy back off the Engagement, you already have, I will say, content is Where you wan na spend most of your time, but Groups can be an advantage to getting your business More exposure for sure, So next up we have advertising.

What do we do with the Paid advertising aspect Yeah, so it’s no secret. Facebook has gone on Record to say organic reach is on ( whistling ) the decline Don’t give up on it. Organic content is still Alive and well and breathing, but I think Facebook posts that you boost has a lot of potential and you Can reach a targeted audience, which is one of favorite things about it? You can start off with like five bucks and you can get in front Of a specific demographic age group, zip codes and That way, you know your post is going to reach the right people And with I would kinda Look at the post that maybe have done the best And then boost those and get those that reach out.

That’s a really good point. Thank you for bringing that up. It’s usually ( laughing ) Wait you’re the expert ( laughing ) I dabble So with Facebook. It’s you wan na go ahead and let the post that you’re Doing hang out organically for a little bit, Let it chill see how it Does garner some reach Now once it garners some Reach then boost it, That’s what we found to work best While a lot of people. I Speak to think, there’s no way to track this to ROI.

That’s a total myth. You can actually go ahead and look at it’s called your insights tab and it breaks down everything. You know what your audience is liking engaging with. Are they Clicking on the links, what time of day they’re doing this, and when you look at all of that and really understand it, the insights you can truly be informed about. Where do I go from here right Like? Where do I go from When it comes to which days work best to post, what Time of day works best Does my audience prefer The entertaining posts more than the educational And on which days And from there you can truly Come up with a great strategy, What happens if I’m not Getting maybe the engagement that I want? Are there any like, like Just great pro tips or boosts that I can do to help me.

Just skyrocket and get in front of those people Yes, Contests: Okay, how so So recently, I saw this cafe that had a special music guest coming in and they encouraged their Audience on the Facebook post, which is like promoting the music, Okay, yeah Comment below and tag a friend and then they’re going to do a random drawing, and it’s like two free Tickets to the show That quick little tag, A friend now becomes just free advertisement for you and it’s costing you a couple tickets or maybe a free, drink or free burger.

Exactly Or whatever you do, You could also ask a question: What is your “ go, to” order when You come into our restaurant Or, what’s you favorite thing on the menu and your favorite person to dine with, And so it’s your customers Spreading word of mouth about what’s great to eat So on Twitter and Instagram Hashtags are super relevant, but I don’t always see It as often on Facebook Are they a thing.

Absolutely I mean here’s the thing when it comes to using hashtags Whether it’s on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, Or if you’re just posting either way you got ta monitor it, because it’s going to be Different for each business, It doesn’t hurt to use Them just be mindful and use relevant, hashtags Perfect and probably only one or two Don’t go overboard. Just a few Yeah, you don’t need to go overboard.

This has been The Journey. Thank you. So much for reading Make sure to like and comment. Below subscribe to know when our next articles are coming atcha and we are signing off


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Set up payments in GoCentral Online Appointments | GoDaddy

You can change how you accept payments at Any point by clicking Settings in the top menu bar and then choosing Appointment Payments. You have the option to collect full or partial Payment at the time of booking or to accept payment in person You can set how much of a deposit you require.

If you accept partial payments, If you choose to require any payment up front, You ’ ll need to connect your Square account. Click on the green “ connect, ” button and You ’ ll, be prompted to enter your Square username and password. If you choose to collect in person, you can Keep track of payments by viewing the appointment on your calendar or from the profile of the Customer who booked your services


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Top Tips for Google My Business

This is mine. This is me, So if you don’t have a Google, My Business profile you’re, just not showing up for 90 % of the people out there who are searching It’s gone right, poof, Welcome to The Journey, I’m Nealey And I’m Morgan and today we’re going over the beginners guide to Google, My Business So Morgan. What is Google My Business? So Google, My Business or Gmb, as the experts call it yeah, throwing some acronyms at you Right, Google, My Business allows local consumers To find your business on Google Web Search and Google Maps, It’s a one stop shop for all Of your business information and users love it.

It’s visual! It’s tied to the map in the middle of the search. Results page it’s great. So when I do searches I usually see only three businesses pop up. Why is that? That is known as the Google, local three pack, Basically the best of the best businesses for that search, result The ones that have the Most optimized profiles the best of the best They show up. They only show three, Sometimes it’s three and an ad, but that’s how you get to be there.

You can click more results. And then you’ll see all of the Google My Business profiles for that search result but yeah, that’s the cream of the crop that show up in the local three pack [ Nealey ]. I dig it Awesome. So is this all Something you can show us Yeah, absolutely, let’s go check it out, Cool All right. So let’s take a look at Google, My Business in action. Let’s go to Google.Com to See what this looks like [, Nealey ], You should search How’Bout dog groomers [, Morgan, ], Dog, grooming, Okay, so let’s do a dog Groomer in Phoenix Arizona and see what shows up Perfect so the first Thing that you can see this is the local three pack that we talked about, which is the maps Google, based on these three Google, My Business profiles – these Google has indicated Are the most optimized the best answers for dog Groomer Phoenix Arizona Right on We have the Smelly Dog, Dog, Town, Pet Grooming and The Hairy Dog, So let’s jump into the first one to see.

What’s so great about this profile, [ Nealey ] Other than the name [ Morgan ] Other than the Name, it’s pretty darn good! So, as you can see right, Here The Smelly Dog they have optimized their Profile pretty pretty well, So they have their website link. They have directions because They have their address Hours of operation, all It says is open now an area of opportunity here. Is they could add full hours? So that way you can know well what, if I wan na go Tomorrow or on Saturday [ Nealey ] Right, when do they close? You don’t wan na go too late.

[ Morgan ] Right, [, Nealey ] and have to Go all the way back: [, Morgan, ], So they’re missing that which is fine, but that’s an Area of opportunity to fix You can also see that there are questions which people have asked. And then there’s answers in addition to lots and lots of photos about the business where it’s located. What it looks like inside Some examples of dog grooming and hair cuts and what to expect, if you were to take your dog here, That’s so important, especially just how the outside looks.

I don’t know how many Places I’ve driven past and it’s just a wild goose Chase trying to find it That makes it super easy for me, And the nice thing About Google, My Business in with the maps, particularly you, can see where this business shows up and maybe The Smelly Dog’s Too far away for you, so you can just click. On one of the websites, I like Hot Dogs and Cool Cats All Breeds Grooming. That seems more up my alley where I live and then you can click and you can see if this is The right business for you, So one other thing to point out we’ve been talking about.

You need to create your profile or claim your profile. Here’s an example right here: All it says, is dog grooming and there’s no information. It just has the location Most likely this was a user that just came in and said: hey I’ve had my dog groomed here, a grooming place exists but, as you can see, there’s no information. Other than the zip code, Literally nothing. So there is this button here that says own this business question mark you can click it and that’s how you can start the process to claim your profile.

If I were this dog Groomer, I would for sure do this right away because There’s so much information about my business – that’s not here, and people are looking for [ Nealey ] Right. If anyone goes and see that there their Going to think it doesn’t exist and their moving on. So that’s all I wanted to show you. I just wanted to give you visually what this looks like on. The search results page, so you can see what customers are seeing for your business when They search for you, So that was awesome.

Demo Thank you, but what about the audience at home? Why? Why should they set up A Google My Business account. It gives you so much more visibility to your local business, 90 % of the worldwide search. Traffic goes through Google, So if you don’t have a Google, My Business profile you’re, just not showing up for 90 90 % of the people out There, who are searching 90 % – it’s gone right. Poof and, like I said before, having A Google My Business profile, it really is a one stop.

Shop for your customers to learn everything about your business; Everything They love clicking on the pretty map and they Click on your business and they get your name Phone number address hours of operation, reviews star ratings and they can click and go to your website and check out photos of All your amazing products Right, it’s just it’s one link, but again they don’t Have to go any further cause all that information is there, And the last reason you should set it up is because can tap into Really cool analytics about people who are visiting your Google, My Business profile, I love analytics, but what What type of analytics, What can we see So it gives you information, About the number of people who are calling your Business from that link who are visiting your website all sorts of stuff, All right, so you have me sold.

How do we start So? The first thing you need to do is you need to create your Google, My Business profile, Go to Google.Com/business To create your profile or to claim your profile, because sometimes you’ll have a profile already created by other users, and you need to claim that to say “, Hey, I actually own this. This is mine,!” This is me And then on that you’re Going to put in some basic information about your website, the name phone number address, So the next step is, you need To optimize your profile, A lot of people fill in The basic information and go on their merry way and they don’t do anything else and Google doesn’t like that.

They wan na fully I don’t like that optimized profile. I know you don’t So optimizing. Your profile means going in adding photos of your business, putting your menu. If you have it, responding to reviews all sort of things to really Provide so much context and make that have tons of information. Also, if you have keywords, That you’re, trying to target on your website, For your businesses, you should probably sprinkle those in A little bit throughout Just a little bit Just a little little Taste of the keyword Right and that will help as well with SEO The more value you Can add to that profile to get people to actually stay and look around the better All right guys.

I hope you found this beginners guide to Google My Business helpful, so you can get started, Start getting lots of business Checkin’ out all those analytics All the good stuff Right and if you’ve created your Google, My Business Account or claimed it, let us know in the comments below Like this article, subscribe to the blog and ring that bell. If you Wan na see these articles first, This has been The Journey and we’re signing off.