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Podcasting Tips for Beginners

He lives under a rock 165 million. People have listened to a podcast at least once Yeah, and around, like 32 % of Americans, are actually Tuned into a monthly podcast, So Nealy are you like One of those 165 million people listening to podcast, I’m actually listening.

To some right now, That’s ridiculous, Anyways Nealey. What podcast are you stoked on tuned into currently Right? I listen to a ton, but probably the most recent is Smart. Passive Income by Patt Flynn talks about all things, just business and smart passive income. All right, you are such a nerd, So I’m listening to a pretty cool podcast, its called Ain’t That Swell its a surfing podcast Get it. I hate it (, both laugh ), No, its great.

They talk to like surfers that are professionals they’re competing. They also just have like Self deprecating jokes: They also talk about just all things surf. So it’s great for me. When I’m not in the water and in between work and commuting, Also another thing that comes to mind access to new audiences, that’s actually one of the main motivation for why I want to do a podcast with Nealey’cause. Like this YouTube thing, you know its doing well its taking off but think about the Audience we could reach The new audience.

She’s been asking me for months With a podcast With a podcast, but it could also help you just better understand. Your target audience and we all like businesses, we all make money right. This could actually help you make money, so maybe you’re thinking About starting a podcast or if you already have one, maybe its time to start Monetizing it right ( money flying ), Because the competition out there for ears is getting fierce, so you’re going to need some best practices.

So let’s go over them right now. So the first step that you wan na take is actually make a plan. And define your goals So, for example, I mentioned, I listened to Ain’t That Swell the reason why I listen to that is’cause I wan na learn. More about surfing, You know, get in on the end, get barreled on the facts, but also, if you’re thinking, About starting a podcast, what is your expertise? What could you share And define that goal? What are you going to give the people Give the people what they want right And, following up with your expertise, you got ta pick a topic and you have to stick with it: People listen to podcast, For a specific reason, That’s a really good point Right.

So whatever your expertise is, keep it along that niche, keep it focused Yeah. So there’s a theme Yeah! Absolutely People want that they want to tune in maybe that monthly podcast that they’re always listening to, because they want to get scared with a spooky murder story So also when thinking about making a plan, its really critical to think about what format do you want this To be in and there’s a few ways, you could do this Think about the podcast.

You listen to the one that comes to mind right away, Obvious one: a monologue, — Right You’ve got to have the Right personality for it, but its just you sharing your expertise, take away the stage, Yeah, sometimes its easier to do, right’cause its just you with your topic, Yeah and your time, So there’s also interviews. Those are great. I find Those to be super engaging more so than the monologue Like, for example, love, Howard Stern.

I think his interview, Capabilities are awesome, got ta, give a little credit To the guest as well, I mean he has on the most fascinating, interesting people that he interviews, But you haven’t been on there yet Aw Nealey, There’s also a third form. Narrative love a good story. It does take a lot more work, but there’s some really Great stories out there that people are tuning into. I know we were talking about one recently Yeah one of my favorites Is Welcome to Night Vale, its just an incredible podcast that follows that narrative style So next step we’re going to talk about Branding your podcast, but first you got ta, come up with a name So important.

I was thinking about doing one for our business called Coffee and Kickflips got the perfect one. You ready, Uh sort of, Let’s go ( Emma laughs, ) Drop in with Emma Okay, not bad. I like it. I like it -You like that Dropped in So its like the skating reference I was kind of like do. I go with the coffee reference or both, but you don’t Wan na keep it too long, Yeah it works. You know I used to have a podcast in the past Seriously Seriously.

What was the name Craft Thinking? We basically drank a Different beer, every episode and talked about business. Ah, that’s so cool! Ah Get it Get it That’s cooler than mine, Okay, cool! So does that mean You had a website, then — Yeah for your podcast. I did Nice. I went the hard route And had a WordPress site, it was a little bit more difficult for those of you that aren’t tech savvy or just don’t want to Spend time managing it, there are tons of podcast hosts out there that are pretty inexpensive, that make it easy.

Just To upload your audio and its live for the world, So next up think about Your equipment right And what goes into choosing The recording equipment Ask yourself a few questions Number one: where are you going to record Yeah Two, How many people are actually going to be on your podcast And then three? What’s your budget Right, these things can get costly or it can be pretty inexpensive. Now, you’re.

Also going to want to think about the mic, you wan na use the two most popular Especially for beginners are the Blue Yeti Mic and the Rode Mics make it super easy to get started and almost anyone can use them All right. So when it Comes to actually producing your podcast there’s some great tips. First off just know. The first time is going To be awkward right But don’t read a script, you don’t wan na sound like a robot Right.

It does help to Have like bullet points of what you’re going to talk about Use those as conversation guides, not as exactly what you’re going to say Totally and also I Do this on my webinars, like no one can actually See me doing my webinars, I don’t do article, but I imagine that my audience can see me And that actually helps me to be more animated and Bring my voice to life and really add extra annunciation, etc, And I move my hands a lot.

So another thing: when thinking About producing a podcast running an interview and my favorite interviews, they’re the ones you can tell the host did their research like their questions are quality. You can always tell when someone has it And those are the most Engaging for me to read so when you do an interview, prep ahead, trust your gut and do your research so that you are asking Very quality questions that are engaging for your Audience to listen to So you’ve got your podcast all recorded, and now you have to edit it.

There are two thought: Processes you can do here, You can either leave as is, and just give the people everything or you can edit And now, if you’re going to be editing, you can use software like Audacity its a free, open source platform –. Oh, I’ve heard of that one Or GarageBand is a Native platform for Macs its what most beginners start to use when they are creating Their first podcast So when it comes to actually Publishing your podcast you’ll wan na submit your Podcast feed over to iTunes for apple users and Stitcher for android, Yeah and Spotify has also been one of the recent ones to let a lot of people onto the platform’cause they’re really trying to promote podcast too Yeah.

I just started to dabble with that. I noticed it recently. I was like oh there’s podcast on here too Right. I love Spotify. Now each of those platforms will have their own requirements and things that you need to do when you’re submitting such as, like your image, Size for your podcast art and then the audio quality itself Also fun fact: you can upload it to YouTube Yeah its just another source to distribute your content for someone that likes to really just read versus listen.

Now your success with your podcast is totally up to you. Yeah podcasting does take some time and effort, but it is totally worth it If you think podcasting Would be a good move for you go for it Comment below. Let us know, Like this article be sure to share it, Subscribe to our blog and ring that bell to see these episodes first. This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time.


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