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How Double Opt-In Emails Help Your Business

Email marketing is so Important for your business, but in order for email marketing to work, you have to get people to sign up or opt-in for your list. We actually just did a article about that which you can check out right. Here, if you’re interested – but there are two types of opt-in ways – that a customer can join your list – Single opt-in and double opt-in, so we’re going to break those down So first off a single opt-in, Is where a customer only has to sign up once So you Can have your opt-in form on your website? All they have to put in is Their name and email address, They click submit Boom they’re on the list, One and done Double.

Opt-In is Basically, what it sounds The customer has to opt in twice, so they fill out that form and then they have to Go back to their email, They’ll get a confirmation. Email just making sure hey. Do you really wan na Be a part of this list and they have to click, submit again Well now, Morgan that Seems like a lot more work than the single opt-in and I know I’ve had to do it in the past. [ Morgan, ] Yeah.

So what are some pros? And cons, maybe of that Yeah. So some of the cons of a double opt-in is that there’s higher barriers to entry right, You’re going to have people who sign up and then they say uh That’s too much work Really not that much work, but you will have people That will fall off because they don’t want to – or maybe they forget or They have too many emails, it just gets lost so you’re, actually, probably Going to have less subscribers in the double opt-in, Versus the single opt-in Now with the single opt-in, You might have a lot of subscribers that you’re Not really interested in A lot of bots A lot of spam because Really anyone can sign up and there’s not a verification.

Process that happens So you’re saying possibly with the double opt-in. You have more relevant subscribers that actually wan na hear from you You’re going to have a More engaged audience It’s going to be smaller, but it’s going to be probably more targeted and people that are Really keenly interested in you and your message, So we’ve talked about the differences between single and double opt-in, but now that we have the double opt-in, how do you make sure that They go through all the steps and actually opt in Yeah, so the first Thing that you can do is on your website when They do that first part of the opt-in.

You can Just have it redirect to a page that says: hey You’re, almost there Hey, go check out your email to finish and do the last step. That will just be a reminder to them that oh yeah, I need To go do that right now, so it doesn’t get buried and lost, And I also see that as Another verification check say, for instance, someone Just throws your email in there, my wife and you Didn’t really wan na sign up for that email list? You Have to go into your email and actually hit that last confirmation, So the next step for the double opt-in after they’ve gone into the email, they’ve clicked submit They’ve done all these steps for you.

They want your stuff. Why don’t you just thank’em? Just have a thank you page Say hey. I know this was a lot of work. Maybe you don’t have to say that directly but just say thank you. This is going to be awesome. We’re on an amazing journey. Here in my email list, A little appreciation goes a long way So with email marketing you Do wan na give your subscribers the option of unsubscribing Oh yes, However, when they Click that unsubscribe take’em to another page and give’em some options.

You can have a one click Unsubscribe, where they just like the one click opt-in, they click and boom. They’re off your list, but you might want to Give them some options, like you said where hey Instead of getting every email, maybe you’re just getting my newsletter or maybe you’re, just getting Highlights once a month, People might actually be More inclined to do that because maybe you’re Sending too many emails – or maybe they just wanted this one thing, so that gives your customers options and keeps more people on your list.

Also, you can look at that data and realize what pieces of Your content are doing better than others and then Know to focus on those All right guys. Now we know the difference. Between a single opt-in and a double opt-in – and you know the pros and cons for both and what to do to Increase your subscribers, Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite to do? Do you like single opt-in, or do you like double opt-in, We’re going to battle it out And after you comment? Make sure you, like the article, Subscribe to our blog and ring the bell, so you know when we have new content comin’ out.

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Online Marketing

How to Make an Opt-In Form for Your Email Marketing

They can Just sign up right there, you can have it at the end of your post. You can have it in your Social media profiles – Really, you can put it Anywhere that there’s a link, So I heard that you can buy A list of email addresses: Is that really the best practice Yeah? That’s a no We’ve all been added to lists where you get these Emails and you’re like who the heck is this from That’s true: That’s a one-way ticket to spamville.

So don’t do that. Don’t be that person. The easiest way is just To give your readers the opportunity to sign up and then they’ll enjoy the Content that you’re sending and most likely read it Now. I know I’m already a part of a lot of different email lists and I wouldn’t really Wan na join another one. So what do you do to make someone Or entice them to sign up Yeah. Obviously your Fans are going to join’cause, they want your content, but some of your readers and fans may need a little extra incentive and that’s where an Opt-In incentive comes in So this can be anything where hey sign up and You get this freebie or you get my checklist on How to be more productive things like that, Just give them something that Encourages them to to sign up so that way, they’re not just Signing up for another list And a lot of times you Will have people sign in get the little freebie and Bounce and unsubscribe, But a lot of the time you Will have people who will stay And if you have great content, They’re going to stick around and that’s more opportunity for you to market you and your business As you’ve often heard content is king.

So now Morgan, you have Your email subscribers, but now how do you keep them Yeah, so you wan na make sure number one is that you have a really eye-catching subject line. I think one of the easiest way to do this is to throw an emoji in there, because when I see that Those emails stand out And don’t just go. Emoji crazy’cause, that’s a little too much, but you wan na have just a little emoji, just get a little color a little pop and then also have a subject line that really says ooh.

I need To click that I want that, So yes, content is king, and so you wan na make sure that content is super relevant to your audience. They signed up and they wan na stick around for what they signed up for That’s what they’re expecting. So if you have a newsletter that has the top five articles of the week and then you change it up on Them and you’re just saying hey: this is what I did today and here’s a vlog about my life.

You may find people who Aren’t really into that, because they actually really liked your top five articles of the week So make sure that your content is relevant and really driving to not Only what your users want, but also what you want for your business. This is a huge opportunity to convert these users Into paying customers so you’re going to have to balance that And another way to get people To opt-in to your email list is to have subscriber-only perks.

I know I’m a part of some email list where you get first chance at merchandise or opportunities to see different articles before everybody else does, and it kinda makes you feel special Part of the cool kids club Exactly And the next thing is: don’t Email, your subscribers everyday [, Morgan ]! No, You don’t wan na be that one That floods, everyone’s email, We know who you are company X, (, laughs, ), Unsubscribe So make sure to space it out and give your subscribers a Breather every now and then So guys you need to get started.

Creating your opt-in, And your email list now It is so important, Even if you don’t have a product, yet you have people who will be following you and you want to start creating And building that list, even if your product is a year out so that way when it is ready to launch boom, you have an Instant base of customers that you can now sell to Don’t wait, And I know it’s a lot of work in coming up with these emails and I’m already doing social media, I’m already doing blog Posts but make the time It doesn’t have to be like we said.

Definitely don’t do once a day. It doesn’t even have to be weekly just find a nice cadence, so you can start getting People on your list and giving them some value All right guys, I hope You enjoyed this article on what is an opt-in form and how to effectively use It in your email, marketing And I’m curious. Let me know what are Those companies or people that any time they send you an email, you click it and you check it out, Comment below And make sure that you, like this article, Subscribe to our blog And also ring the bell.

So you know when we have new fresh Content coming out, This is “ The Journey” Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time,