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Eamil marketing se paise kaise kamate hai | how to do email marketing 🔥🔥

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Mujika be Lladro cookie yeah up case at mirror relationship Ali Baba Yaga hung over your relation, have wood strong by Allah. Please, let me know in the comments key of cacao. Suture is Q, parameter common with you without looking me, rather yeah in nine Cabiria, my relation but audiences up local, to whichever I will look you’ve already many 100k Amelia 50g collect earlier, but which is opening me.

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So such a Paragon theory – hey Aki, do single ta, you guys agar, aapke, paas, very targeted email have got a chi audience kid. You audience activate too often a email send cannot start Cody Asche a survey, my autoresponder Buu saga, so stay up to sixty nine point. Nine dollar cut on snap of Harwood Pullman got ta, have fun on email, automation, landing phase and a lot of things, social proof or floating articles boho strategies, those primal, nothingham buisnesses 69 for $ 9.

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This is the product which can give you a lot of value, not of money and lot of help. Then we’ll all absent by Karenia or a business I give a nigga, but yet now other activities PCB or company say email reader who yeah easily collector on the target in air to go at least waste of money and waste of time to other arco. Welled up you to the email collectors man at their canoes Carollo, which provide guru or on silicon camilo after each email, but of eight email.

I got up a gmail fake dollar be spent, go to 70 rupees to up co-written 39 rupees deceptor on Ruth. Her email came a basque another octopus, 10,000, well targeted email, a to her emails up of 40 acts, return mils of time when of 8 email, epj $ 8. These spent go to two guys. He born body marketer, but of course it is even cook collect monicker line up who emails bitch key of not relation, maintain curtain ahead.

Then a path cell command business is all about relation again up relations. I see men in nature to say Sikhism who carefully in any got to email, collect cognitive which mean anyone else. Please guys its patron of focus, kiss outcome guru, because it’s a lot big, big big for hot body market. These guys, who curse kiss at camper or the cushion at which is accurate, timeline may occur via Instagram me.

Whatever time / attack, guru or map Wisconsin, any question might even be pushy or optimally. Instagram all only care the mixture of inside of them when you fall over because I being a boy, sorry content, washi market me camera or a category get the onion cursor to see you next time. Bye, bye, Jay,


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How to Buy Emails for Your Email List ✉

How do you do that? One way that a lot of articles out there will tell you to do it is to go. Ask your family and your friends to join your list. That’s fine! If that’s the way you want to do it, but most of the time they will be on your list just to make you feel good about numbers.

How would you like to put emails on your list with potential prospects, so I’m going to show you how to do that today? Yes, it is a way of purchasing them, but it’s not just purchasing a list of names. There is these people will opt in to your email list according to what you have to offer and I’ll show you that today, first of all, before we get started, my name is Vanessa D Brule, and on my blog I will help you to earn money.

Save time and find balance in the process today, we’re going to talk about buying email addresses, so you can start building your email list and start making some money first before we start with that, I want to go over the email list just to make sure you Understand what it is and why it’s so important – and I keep on emphasizing this because I heard about email lists when I first started my business and I was one of those people that sat back and said I don’t need that.

I don’t need to do that. I don’t want to send emails to people I just don’t want to, and it wasn’t until I was probably too long before I start at my list and realized. That was a big mistake not to do even though I kept hearing how important it was. So I’m going to tell you again how important this is: it’s probably the most important part of your business. Let’s go over how you build it and then we’ll talk about why it’s so important and then I’ll show you how you can build it by buying some addresses all right.

First of all, you have a free thing that you’re going to offer a lot of times. People will offer a checklist or a PDF or an e-book a course. I think courses are one of the best things that you can offer that I notice I get most of my results from offering free courses, so the bigger that free thing is the better, and this is why it needs to be bigger, because the online marketing industry Is becoming more competitive and I’m not saying don’t do it, but you got ta out, give everybody else so think of it.

That way, what can I give that’s better than what so-and-so is giving so people will click my link instead, when you offer that free thing you’re offering it on your platform, my platform is youtube. That’s my number one platform, so I usually offer my free thing in my links on my YouTube chat: YouTube articles not every time, but probably a good percentage of the time if you’re using Facebook Instagram whatever that other platform is that you’re using that’s how you bring Traffic into the free thing now you’re going to have them land on a landing page, I use clickfunnels for my landing page.

I always have my link below if you ever want to check that out and on that landing page before they get the free thing. They have to give me their email address and their name when they click it. It triggers a little a little trigger on there. That tells them to go to my autoresponder and I send them an email and give them the free thing. Now. What is the autoresponder? An autoresponder is like your mailman and mine is active campaign and I have that trigger that.

It tells it to put it onto my email list, put it into active campaign, and then there is a sequence of emails that I’ve already built. That will go out to that person. This is where sales are made. I don’t know if you’ve already tried to spam. Most people have in the beginning, they’re so excited about their product and their new business that they start telling everybody on Facebook and on Instagram hey.

You know I’ve got this great shake, that’s going to help you lose weight and you’re so excited about it, and you know it works, but just putting it out there and telling people they’re not going to buy it they’re going to go. That’s annoying. Why are you putting this on Facebook? That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to communicate and have relationships with my friends not to be sold things and that’s why that doesn’t work and that’s why that’s called spamming.

I think we all have done that in the beginning, especially because we were so excited not because we were trying to spam, but the right way to do it is to give something for free. So if you have health and fitness, you could give a checklist of some ways to help improve your list. Maybe ways to change your mindset. Maybe you wrote a little ebook that you wanted to give them and get them on through your autoresponder onto that email list, and this is where the money is made.

You are warming them up and getting them to know you and then every once in a while. You’ll offer something and they get to know you they’re opening up your emails and they’ll say you know what I really like this person I’ve connected with them, I’m going to try that shape that she was talking about now. Look, it took a lot longer to get there, but that’s how it works. Now, how am I going to get email addresses on my email list? I’r brand new and it’s so frustrating all right.

Now, I’m going to show you this. Is you and you have your new autoresponder set up and you’ve got your sequence in there and you’ve been giving away the free thing, and maybe you’ve got about five people on it? Maybe a fifty maybe of a hundred, but you know you’re, just starting. It’s new – and here is we’re just going to say Joe over here Joe – can be a girl’s name or a boy’s name right, Joe how’s.

That and Joe has been at this for a very very long time and Joe has a huge list. Joe has been very successful in his or her business. Joe has over two hundred thousand emails, maybe five hundred thousand. Who knows how many but Joe decided I have been selling through my email list, but now my list is so big. I’r going to start sharing my lists so that other people can take advantage of the names that I have on there, but I’m going to charge them a fee.

So joe says I’ll tell you what I will sell you for every click that you get. I will charge you fifty five cents and these prices are usually roughly forty cents to like 80 cents. I’ve seen right now, but Joe’s going to charge you fifty five cents for every person that clicks. You were email now, you’re saying thinking. What do you mean? Okay? So you’re going to tell Joe here I have here’s my website or here’s my product or here’s my funnel page, here’s the free thing, I’m giving away.

Will you please run my ad, I’m going to say ad or my email through your list and I’m going to buy a hundred clicks from you, so that would be fifty five dollars and Joe’s takes your fifty five dollars. Joe runs your ad or your email lit a little email, whatever it is through his list or her list and once there’s a hundred clicks, because you paid four hundred the run will stop and then right away.

I did this the first time I did this. Oh, my gosh, it was back within 20 minutes. It was that fast. It was extremely fast. I thought it was going to take two or three days and boom. It came right back in so out of those hundred clicks. A good average is about thirty percent. If 30 percent of those people now that’s good, I’m just giving you numbers every list is different. If you can get thirty percent of those people to opt-in to your list and then you’ve done well, if you get 20 percent fine, you might say well I’ll.

Try! Somebody else maybe joe’s list isn’t working for me. So I’m going to go to somebody else. Maybe you find somebody where you’re getting 40 percent and go hey and now I’m going to buy 500. Will you do it again, so you have to go in I’m going to give you a link below it says, buy email, lists below, there’s a link and you go into that site and you can find different people that are selling ads on their big long list And you can go in there and find the right person for you pay attention.

Some of them might say. I specialize in health and fitness, or I specialize or in online marketing they’re, going to tell you what kind of list they have. Some of them are called tier 1, the, where they’re, basically from European nations and from the United States and Australia, and some so pay attention to the details, there’s a link below, but that how you buy emails for your email list. As far as do I recommend it or do I not it’s really up to you, you will go in and you will see articles that say absolutely do not do that and other people say you know what it’s a great way to build your list.

So you really have to decide for yourself. Yes, I did. I have done it to help build my list when it was small and I got anywhere from 20 % to 40 % opt-ins on my lists. But I will say that when it is more encouraging to send emails out to 200 people than it is to five people – and it just makes you feel like you’re, reaching more people, it honestly is up to you, but I wanted to show you how to do It why people do it and there you go the mechanics if this was helpful, give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions, go ahead and put them in the comments and in the meantime I will see you on the next article thanks for reading.



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Email Marketing: How To Grow Your Email List From 0-1000+ Subscribers (GROW 3 ASSETS AT SAME TIME!)

In the morning, you grab your computer, your laptop your iPad Pro your surface pearl. Whatever you use to do your daily work on you type out a quick 200 to 500 word email. You send that out to your list and within minutes you start to see sales rolling in for your products and your services right, and that is the beauty of having an email list, is it’s kind of like being able to write yourself a check every single day Or whenever you want, whenever you hit the send button? Okay, so an email list, it’s one of your most powerful acids and I don’t care how many people say: it’s dead or email is dying.

It’s not dying, it is like the it’s like your identity on the internet. Everybody has an email that they check pretty much on the daily. So I want to show you in this article one of the most important aspects about having an email list and that is being able to build and grow that list. So, as you see on the screen here, this is active campaign. This is the email service provider that we use. We have.

We just started growing this list at the end of February of this year, February, 2020. So near the end of the month. We started growing this list and we have three thousand four hundred and twenty subscribers. After just a few months, it’s it’s July, ok, so Ron, you know four and a half months, or so we were able to grow it to three thousand four hundred and twenty subscribers. Now this is a pretty small list right.

This is relatively. If you ask anyone like an internet marketing or digital marketing bill, they’ll say this is a small list and it is but it’s a it doesn’t need to be huge for you to rake in big-time profits. If you have like an engaged list – and you have good products and services, so I’m going to show you here. This is our stripe account. In the month of June, we generated twenty two thousand five hundred and nine dollars and sixty cents – and we just launched this this business in at the end of February as well, when we launched this this email list, and this isn’t including PayPal.

So we have another. Seven thousand dollars, or so in PayPal from the month of June, so this is closer. The amount that we’ve generated in June was closer to thirty thousand dollars, just under thirty thousand dollars from a three thousand four hundred and twenty person list. Okay, so that’s around almost ten ten dollars per subscriber on our list right. This is an insanely, powerful tool that you have more acid that you have now.

What I’m going to show you that’s different in this article is the way that I personally am growing my list and works especially well. If you are a content creator or info publisher or you create any kind of content and you’re you’re you’re, putting a price tag on and you’re selling info products or courses or ebooks or whatever it is, this is going to work, especially well for you, okay. So what I have here is a strategy for, if you don’t have any email list, yet we’re going to help you change that and show you how to go from zero to a thousand subscribers on your email list.

If you already have a thousand subscribers, I’m going to tell you how to go from a thousand to ten thousand. If you want right using the strategy that I’m using right now day in and day out to grow my list. Okay and it’s very simple: there’s it starts with a traffic source. I personally love YouTube, because once you create a article, it can be viewed for years and you don’t really have to touch it just get to put into the algorithm the search engines on YouTube and people can view it every single day for years and years and Years to come, okay, so you create it once and it’s kind of like this acid that continues to live over time and generate you more views and traffic and leads over time.

So my traffic source, my favorite one, is YouTube. You can use whatever you want we’re going to drive them to a niche specific Facebook group. I want to show you what that looks like and I’m going to show you why that’s so powerful and then from the Facebook group going to drive them to our email list. Okay, now the reason I do it this way is it’s helping me grow three different assets all at once, right, it’s kind of like killing three birds with one stone, I’m growing my youtube blog, I’m growing my facebook group and then I’m growing my email list, all At the same time, or that, so I love this strategy here that I’m using so I’m going to show you what this looks like.

This is a YouTube article July 8th. This is I’m actually filming this in July 8th. I just posted this article today and, as you can see in the description, there’s a link to join my free Facebook group on starting a six-figure online service business. Okay, now that’s! This is a completely different conversation: how to start a Facebook group. But if you want to start a Facebook group, a quick tip is make sure that you have a very specific outcome or a reason to join the group right.

So if someone wants to start a six-figure online service, business they’re going to join this group right and that’s what this group is for, I also have here in the comments I pinned comment on every article that says like this article. I do live trainings like this into my free face for a group join here, and they just click on this and what happens is they’re going to see a page that says join this group, we’re going to click join and it’s going to show them here.

Different questions that they need to fill out to join the group. Ok, so these are the three questions that I asked upon joining the first one is a segmentation, a qualification question, so it asked what’s up what type of a business do you run and who do you serve, and this helps me get a feel of the person In their background, if they have any business experience, they’ll say here: why are you running a successful agency or I run a successful consultancy whatever they run and they’ll talk about the niche that they work with? Ok, so this is kind of a segmentation qualification question to help me know who exactly is joining the group.

The second thing is, is my lead magnet, so is that it says, enter your email only if you want or five-step winning formula that took us from 0 to 7 clients in 30 days, it’s a cheat sheet, so they put in their email address and I’m going To show you why this is awesome, just a second and the last question is: how did you find this so it could be. I have different sources of traffic LinkedIn. I have Facebook search.

I have my youtube blog. I have my email list from four previous subscribers right, so I want to know where they’re coming from most people. Eighty percent of people will come from my youtube articles. So that’s how I’m focusing extra hard on creating those YouTube articles. So we have the qualification question here. We have the question that gets them. It gives them the lead, magnet if they’re interested and grabs their email address, and then it asks them where they came from.

How did they find this? So I know the referral source? Okay, so why is this so awesome? Well, first, off I’m making one article per week, one or two articles per week that that grows my YouTube blog right. I have nine thousand nine point, five, four subscribers right now and it drives them to my it grows. My blog, of course, but it drives them to my Facebook group right they join my facebook group.

I think we have how many people do. We have two thousand eight hundred eleven members right now and it also grabs their email address right. You just saw it ask them for their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, so I grabbed their email address from there. They get put into this sequence here. This is an automated campaign where they often you can see here s FD s, Facebook group lead magnet optin, they get tagged for this, lead, magnet opt-in and they get put into an email nurturing sequence, a welcome sequence right.

So first they get their cheat sheet and then they get a series of different emails. That’s designed to sell my products, I have a front end offer that’s an e-book called six-figure drop servicing and I sell that e-book through these emails right. So I have seven different emails that go out that pitches them or offers them my ebook. I think it’s, oh, it’s eight different emails that goes out, okay or actually nine here so see, as you can see quite a few emails that go out and nurtures them and and introduces them to myself and my brand and who I am and what I do And of course, it’s trying to get the sale for my e-book getting them to become a go from being a prospect to a customer okay.

So what is going on here? Why is this so powerful, especially if you’re an info publisher, you’re selling, any kind of ebooks or courses or you’re selling services as well? This could work very well for services, I’m actually rolling this out for for my agency, email marketing services. So what’s happening again, we have the YouTube blog source of traffic right. I just post a article every week and it has links to join my facebook group in the description and the comments they join.

My facebook group they give me their email address. They tell me who they are. I get to see exactly who’s joining my group and be unable to segment them based on their experience level from there they get put into my email list. Here they get put into a sequence. That’s automatically designed to turn them from a prospect into a paying customer on my front end offer and from there my email list grows.

I have around 20 people that join my email list every single day from this automated campaign, okay, so gross every single day. Around 20 people join my email list from this little sequence here: right: YouTube: article niche Facebook group email us at growth bar around 17 to 20 people every single day. Now the other powerful thing, the reason I’m able to generate so many sales is, as you can see here every day I am posting, I’m posting, let’s see if we can jump in here, I’m posting an email right, so seven, seven eight, which is today, I posted One I missed yesterday because L is on the road, but basically every single day, I’m posting an email right.

I’r writing up a very short. You know these are not very long. Emails I’ll show you this one real, quick, okay, this is less. I think this one was around 150 words or self K, so you can see very short, not long emails. They don’t need to be very long. I like to keep it within 200 to 500 words, and I send this out, try to send it out every single day. Bren! That’s! This is what generates you sales so, as you saw earlier 3400.

Oh, I just got a subscriber just now: 3421 subscribers on my email list was generating 30,000 dollars per month around nine to ten dollars per email subscriber okay. So if you can actually implement this right, have a traffic source again, I like YouTube. I recommend YouTube if you’re comfortable with growing your blog, and it helps in so many different ways other than just growing your email. Let’s try to build your brand, your authority.

It of course, helps you to get sales if you’re, offering good products and services, but you’re also able to use it to siphon traffic into your Facebook group and your email list as well and grow all these three platforms and these three assets all at once. Okay, so if you’re looking to get your first 0 to 1000 email list, subscribers try to strategy out. Okay, have a traffic source again, I recommend YouTube, but if you want to use LinkedIn and to a lead, magnet or just go straight to your Facebook group, that’s fine as well, but this is the strategy that I’m using here to grow all three of these platforms.

All at once YouTube to niche specific Facebook group to an email list and from there I’m emailing daily different offers and different products and services that I have ok. So I hope this was helpful for you guys if it was giving me a like. If you have any questions comment below this is only about growing your email list. I will have more articles in the future about writing the actual emails and setting up automations and setting up sequences.

But yes, this is a very powerful strategy. If you actually implement it, it’s not a get-rich-quick overnight thing I never post get-rich-quick overnight stuff, but it’s very, very powerful, as you saw that I showed you in this article so grow all these try to sell yo you’ll grow 3 different assets all at once. If you copy it exactly how I’m doing it here and future articles I’ll show you more on actually writing the emails than sending up automations and setting up sequences okay.

So that’s it for this article I’ll see you guys on the next one.


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How to Make an Opt-In Form for Your Email Marketing

They can Just sign up right there, you can have it at the end of your post. You can have it in your Social media profiles – Really, you can put it Anywhere that there’s a link, So I heard that you can buy A list of email addresses: Is that really the best practice Yeah? That’s a no We’ve all been added to lists where you get these Emails and you’re like who the heck is this from That’s true: That’s a one-way ticket to spamville.

So don’t do that. Don’t be that person. The easiest way is just To give your readers the opportunity to sign up and then they’ll enjoy the Content that you’re sending and most likely read it Now. I know I’m already a part of a lot of different email lists and I wouldn’t really Wan na join another one. So what do you do to make someone Or entice them to sign up Yeah. Obviously your Fans are going to join’cause, they want your content, but some of your readers and fans may need a little extra incentive and that’s where an Opt-In incentive comes in So this can be anything where hey sign up and You get this freebie or you get my checklist on How to be more productive things like that, Just give them something that Encourages them to to sign up so that way, they’re not just Signing up for another list And a lot of times you Will have people sign in get the little freebie and Bounce and unsubscribe, But a lot of the time you Will have people who will stay And if you have great content, They’re going to stick around and that’s more opportunity for you to market you and your business As you’ve often heard content is king.

So now Morgan, you have Your email subscribers, but now how do you keep them Yeah, so you wan na make sure number one is that you have a really eye-catching subject line. I think one of the easiest way to do this is to throw an emoji in there, because when I see that Those emails stand out And don’t just go. Emoji crazy’cause, that’s a little too much, but you wan na have just a little emoji, just get a little color a little pop and then also have a subject line that really says ooh.

I need To click that I want that, So yes, content is king, and so you wan na make sure that content is super relevant to your audience. They signed up and they wan na stick around for what they signed up for That’s what they’re expecting. So if you have a newsletter that has the top five articles of the week and then you change it up on Them and you’re just saying hey: this is what I did today and here’s a vlog about my life.

You may find people who Aren’t really into that, because they actually really liked your top five articles of the week So make sure that your content is relevant and really driving to not Only what your users want, but also what you want for your business. This is a huge opportunity to convert these users Into paying customers so you’re going to have to balance that And another way to get people To opt-in to your email list is to have subscriber-only perks.

I know I’m a part of some email list where you get first chance at merchandise or opportunities to see different articles before everybody else does, and it kinda makes you feel special Part of the cool kids club Exactly And the next thing is: don’t Email, your subscribers everyday [, Morgan ]! No, You don’t wan na be that one That floods, everyone’s email, We know who you are company X, (, laughs, ), Unsubscribe So make sure to space it out and give your subscribers a Breather every now and then So guys you need to get started.

Creating your opt-in, And your email list now It is so important, Even if you don’t have a product, yet you have people who will be following you and you want to start creating And building that list, even if your product is a year out so that way when it is ready to launch boom, you have an Instant base of customers that you can now sell to Don’t wait, And I know it’s a lot of work in coming up with these emails and I’m already doing social media, I’m already doing blog Posts but make the time It doesn’t have to be like we said.

Definitely don’t do once a day. It doesn’t even have to be weekly just find a nice cadence, so you can start getting People on your list and giving them some value All right guys, I hope You enjoyed this article on what is an opt-in form and how to effectively use It in your email, marketing And I’m curious. Let me know what are Those companies or people that any time they send you an email, you click it and you check it out, Comment below And make sure that you, like this article, Subscribe to our blog And also ring the bell.

So you know when we have new fresh Content coming out, This is “ The Journey” Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time,


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How To Do Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketing! (Step By Step)

Here with Eric Ellis jr. Dot-com and have you been struggling with email marketing, or are you trying to figure out how to get started? Have you been running email, marketing campaigns, but your emails haven’t been converting? You haven’t been getting cells. This article is going to show you step by step, how you can write a converting email and, more importantly, the steps necessary to actually convert your emails into dollar dollar bills stay tuned guys the fortune is in the follow.

The reason why I wanted to do this is because I was creating my email marketing campaign and I decided why not share this, so I can go and give value to people because people might be struggling with in their email marketing. Let me ask you a question: um, have you heard of email marketing? Have you started to email marketing coming to one or two below coming up one below if you’ve heard of email, marketing khamenei two below if you’ve actually started implementing it into your business? Now the thing is, and also I’m going to want you to comment where you’re from so I want to see where people are viewing from, but more importantly, share this to your feed.

People who are in affiliate marketing can definitely bit benefit from this right now. Um, basically, what I use is I use Aweber Aweber is the software I use to actually create my emails to do my email marketing campaigns right, but I want to share with you guys a strategy um that not a lot of people are taking, that Vantage of When it comes to their email, marketing, business and I’ll try to make this as quick as possible right, but basically, if this is an email marketing tutorial to help, you crush it within your affiliate marketing business and how to increase your conversion.

So that way, you can crush it as an affiliate marketer. Now a lot of people who start doing email marketing the way that they’re taught is you get them through your sales funnel once you get them to yourselves when you capture that lead, then you follow up with them, and then you reintroduce them back into your sales. Page right was correct, however, when you’re introducing them to your sales page.

If all you’re doing is pitching your email list, you literally have no chance of succeeding as an affiliate marketer long term. The engagement on your list is going to go downhill now, if you have thousands of dollars that you’re spending per week – and you constantly – I have new people coming on your list – cool a lot of people do that, but at the end of the day, if you Want to start a long term, sustainable business with your affiliate, marketing, business or internet marketing business.

You want to make sure that you are simply providing value to your lists. Now what I mean by that people are going to be more engaging with your actual guys. All email marketing is for an email list. It’s a distribution blog, it’s a following! It’s another form of a following! Imagine if you had a large Instagram following and all you did was pitch people on it on an business opportunity or some sort of opportunity.

They’re eventually going to go ahead and your engagement is going to go out the window right. It’s the same thing with an email list: it’s a following. You have to keep them engaged. You have to keep them to where they like you and, more importantly, you want to build a list of people who know like and trust you, because people don’t buy stuff from people, they don’t know like and trust. So an example: I’m simply going to show you guys real time me.

Actually, I’m setting up my email follow-up series now, basically, you can do this for broadcast or you can do this with just regular follow-up series right now. What I do is, I simply search the web for valuable content that is congruent with the following that I’m building and will provide value to my list right now. People think it’s a waste of time, um, creating email, copy, write, writing emails and providing value because they’re like them.

If I create something like this, I’m not going to generate any income guys. One thing garyvee preaches is that majority of the moves that he makes us for 10 years ahead of time. It’s the same thing with email, marketing right make moves not for today, but for tomorrow. If you want a long-term, sustainable business, you have to provide value. It’s called the 8020 rule, 80 % by a 20 % pitch, so um guys.

You can do this anywhere, but one thing that I’m using is basically: where are we so click funnels? If you guys don’t know what click photos is, if you do know that it is great, they have a blog where they have podcasts and basically, what they do is they have valuable content within my niche, like ever in digging this amount of valuable. So what I’m going to do is I’m simply just scrolling down seeing what what people see value in right.

Now, if you look at this, I’m not look at this, but if we look, I was looking at a couple of articles that this article has 287 shares. Now, I’m not even going to read this article, but if you read what it says, assembly says how to scale your ads like purple. Now any of you reading this article who have started affiliate marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce, whatever it may be right and you failed in paid advertisement if you received an email right, I’m going to show you the headline, because all I’m doing is.

I did not listen to this podcast. This is simply the finding valuable content and I’m just going to go ahead and literally distribute this to my following. So my email list. Basically, I basically keep filling actually keep telling with paid ads, but I’m going to say tired of filling with paid ads, so a capturing headline. So basically, if you receive the email, one thing when it comes to your email marketing is that you’re competing.

If I was go to my email, I literally get about 50 emails a day. So with that being said, I do go through all my emails, my process of my emails that literally delete about 90 % of them and then about 10 % of them I’ll go ahead and save and then I’ll filter based off of the headlines. Whether I want to go through them or not so based off of your headline, it will be extremely crucial, now again share this feed, because somebody could benefit from this share.

This people want to learn about email marketing, even if you’re not doing affiliate marketing. You just want to learn how to follow up with leads, or you want to learn how to generate leads right, there’s going to be crucial for you guys, but so this is going to be cat eye capturing tired of filling with paid ads. That is when it comes to marketing negativity sales. Why do you think the media is always talking about negative negativity, negativity, negativity, negativity because people subconsciously rather listen to something negative than something positive.

Unfortunately, right if I was to say, learn how to crush it with paid advertisement and compares them to tired of felling with paid ads, it’s not going to convert as high as as as high as this negative headline for the email now guys, just kind of recap: People are brand new to email, marketing. Basically, email marketing is simply following up with the leads that you generate from a sales funnel driving traffic, whether it’s paid or free traffic.

Once you generate those leads you’re going to follow up with them, not only with different offers. Right within your niche, so that way you can monetize that email list, but what I’m going over right now is how to ten times how to freakin crush it. How to increase your conversions in yourself, I believe it or not. People are probably thinking how do I increase my sales with certain sort of email copy, I’m actually going to break down this email copy, but no the main way to increase your sales is by building trust with your list building a relationship by sending them valuable content.

So, let’s eeeek this email copy. Yes, I did write this myself. No, I’m not a copywriter. However. I’ve been studying marketing sales and marketing for a long period of time. So I dunno what does selling what it does not sell. So, let’s break it down so pay for an Eric here. I’ve I’ve been there dot that dot. So that’s basically like a cliff cliff hanger. It gets people to keep on reading because subconsciously they’re like you’ve, been aware.

Eric now, obviously is congruent with this chart of filling with paid ads right. You tired now guys I speak very improper in my emails because I’m a regular person – and I don’t – I don’t – try to seem very Scelzi and like a robot right. Sometimes it’s an improper grammar and sometimes I’ll do curse right. You, tired of spending money and not getting a return on your investment question mark and also I’m basically um starting the pain right, hitting people with pain, tapping into people’s emotions.

People who have felt this before or tried as before, they’re going to go ahead and continue to read this and then I transition with relating with my reader right relating with my audience. I remember when I first started internet marketing. I spent and there’s a real-time guy. So I haven’t even edited it. I spent thousands of dollars without a single cent in return, so thousands of dollars on paid ads you because I’m streaming he’s going a little bit slow without a single cent in return, after failing so much and losing so much right again, I’m relating with them, I’m Hitting with that pain, I thought to myself now guys whether I was just to kind of give you guys um the the philosophy behind this.

The reason why you want to write a fantastic email copy for, if you’re, pitching a product or even if you’re pitching something for free, is because the better your email copy, the higher the conversions, the higher the conversions. That means the higher the higher your open rate with the headline or subject line, rather the higher your click-through rate, the better your email copy, the more people open your content, whether it’s free or, if you’re, pitching or promoting something and the better, your the more people That open it, the more people you’re going to establish the relationship with the more you’re going to build that core following and the more you’re going to be able to monetize.

So again, everything is long-term. Now um, I said after filming so much and losing so much. I thought to myself: what would a successful person do and guys telling a story engaging compelling right? The answer, dot dot, another cliffhanger get them to keep on reading, seek guidance from those who are freaking, crushing it Bryant here da-da-dah is a savage and paid per click. Advertising he spends in a day more than the average marketer will spend in their career on paid advertisement in this free podcast and I’m going to break down what.

While I’m boating some of his text in this free podcast. He unveils his secrets on his marketing strategies and how you can steal them for yourself. Absolutely free. Now, guys one of the most powerful words and marketing is the word free. It will increase your conversions by 10 to 20 to 30 percent, meaning when people read this engaging compelling, but also you’re using trigger words like free, which naturally is clicked.

Maybe people want to people like free shit, so take advantage of this by clicking here clicking here. Two actions within this short email there’s a lot of psychology behind this email and guys remember the long-term game just for me to simply build a relationship with my audience. When I build a relationship – and I provide value then when I refer something one of my affiliate marketing offers they’re going to be more inclined to buy, because they know me they like me.

They trust me right so before they find out how I said take advantage of this by clicking here before they find out how valuable this training truly is and take it down so guys. What this is, it’s called scarcity scarcity is fear of loss. I’r getting people to take advantage of what I’m offering, because I’m using the fear of loss for your technics people, don’t wan na miss out FOMO fear of missing out me saying that, though they’ll take it down, because it’s very valuable.

It’s going to increase the conversions, write more details here, your friend Eric Ellis jr.. So what I’m simply going to do right? You find any platforms, any type of podcast, whether you’re in health and wellness, whether you’re an internet marketing, whether you’re it doesn’t matter what the hell you’re offering fine. It’s called content marketing guys find valuable content simply use. Google find valuable content that will be congruent with your actual list and the following that you’re building for your affiliate, marketing or internet marketing business, and then what you do.

Is you simply find that valuable concert literally just distribute it to your list? But I wanted to actually show you guys so we’re going to simply copy this right. I wanted to show you guys how you guys cuz it’s not just about providing value. You want people to actually click it to convert as well. So that’s where the email copy comes into place, and this is how you write fantastic email copy. You can write the same type of copy to actually sell something.

It’s going to increase conversions people buy stories right, people want to be entertained. So what I’m going to do is somebody with that blog I’m going to go ahead or podcast, rather so, where I have it black Shh, I’m simply just going to go ahead and post the URL for the blog for the podcast rather, but I missed it all. Will do to do you sorry for this part, because this is acting extremely slow clicking here you you we’re almost done, and I want to go and wrap this up.

By give you guys a call to action and again share this feed. Somebody can extremely benefit from learning about email, marketing and guys. The secret is one word value value value, even if you’re pitching somebody, you want to have a compelling email that provides value with an actual ad copy or not ad comfortably email copy, so basically just to wrap it up guys. What I did is simply created email copy found.

Well first, I found the content and found what I wanted to go ahead and distribute to my list. Once I found out what I wanted to distribute to my list, I wrote up email copy. I did not even listen to this podcast, but I know that it’s valuable because that’s 287 shares. Obviously, if other people are sharing it, it’s valuable content right, just to kind of give. You guys high insight on something that’s valuable and some of that’s not the more of the shares.

The more people are engaging with it, the better the content is, then, what I did is I wrote up email copy. I simply used a capturing headline to get people to increase the open rates I use. Cliffhangers are related with my reader. I basically use pain. It’s called the PS formula, past pain and agitation solution. The solut is what I’m offering, which is this podcast and I’m using scarcity, fear of loss to get people to take advantage and have multiple call to actions within my list.

Now I use the same formula and the same way to actually pitch products for refer products. Rather, with all my email marketing now, why is this crucial guys when you provide value to your list? I would simply save this. Come actually going to use this. You provide value to your list. You start to build a relationship with them. That’s how you build a core following literally you have to swallow the fact that 90 % of the people on your list will never buy a single product from you, but it’s that 10 %, that you build a relationship that are causally going to be opening up.

Your emails they’re going to be looking for your content and they’re going to be looking for what you’re referring that’s, where 90 % of your income will be that 90 % of your income is in the 10 %, so email marketing tutorial guys. You find valuable content. You distribute it write, compelling email copy and you freaking send it to your list and you do this, every other email, some emails. You should pitch your product, some emails.

You should just give them complete freaking value. Now, if you look somewhere at the top, the bottom right left, if you guys don’t have a cell phone a software or even if you don’t know how to create cells for us to actually capture leads. So that way you can start building a list. Is I’m going to go ahead and give you guys access? It’s called the simple affiliate funnel, which is basically right.

It’s going to go ahead and allow you guys to capture leads now. Let me see if I can actually pull this up for you guys. You OOP extremely still because I’m streaming, but basically what I’m trying to say is go ahead and click that link to get access to these simple affiliate funnel, which will allow you to basically basically start building a list. So you can go to simple affiliate, funnel calm and practicing.

What I’m preaching is going to go ahead and drive you to a sales funnel that I created and basically the same type of sales, funnel that I use for affiliate marketing you’re, going to be able to use the same type of sales, funnel that I created for Free yeah, it’s acting extreme, you still but go ahead and take immediate action. Please share this article with anybody. If you have a Facebook group share it with your people, share it with anybody who could write like get value from this now.

This is what the you’re going to get access to a page like this right put in your email and you’ll literally, have instant a download to this three-step sales funnel process, basically to where you can capture emails right. So that way you can actually do email marketing and then you can have a back-end offer to start growing, your business, your lists and your and your and your wealth right. Your income so up above this article down below somewhere on here, there’s a link that you can go in and get access to simple affiliate, funnel right and once you start building that list with simple affiliate funnel and by the way it’s a sales funnel template.

You’re going to be able to plug and play whatever your business opportunity is whatever your niche is, and then you start building a listing. You want to start doing these type of emails, whether you want to broadcast them or even set it up for your your following series to build that core audience by providing valuable content and increasing your conversions and your cells and your e-mail marketing business.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you guys, anybody who actually readed this all the way through and more importantly, I want to go ahead and thank you for tuning in, and, hopefully, you’ve gained value from this anybody. If one person is impacted from this content, I’ll be happy, if I can help one person generate one more sell or build their list or whatever that looks like that’s, why I’m doing this for it now, with that being said, grab access to the symbol, Affiliate funnel Start building a list and start freaking, crushing it in your affiliate marketing business