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Does Email Marketing Work? – How YOU Can Make Money With Email Marketing in 2018

I know a lot of people bash on email, marketing, sex and there are some things that suck about it.

When it’s just boring, you know people, I tend to gloss over emails all the time. Unless I get somebody who I’ve like looked at their stuff before – and I know it’s going to be valuable – I tend to just scroll right by and maybe you’re in the same boat. But if we’re in affiliate marketing, we want people to open that email. We want people to click the offers that we have in those emails, so it’s important that we make sure to do this alright.

So how can we do that right? Well, that’s what we’re going to do in this article! So, looking over my notes here and one of the most important things that you can do with affiliate marketing and email marketing – and I just on Google here we’re going to we’re going to Google email marketing we’re going to we’re going to figure this out right now. Okay, it’s going to be a ten hour, article ten hour course email marketing.

I hope you guys brought your popcorn we’re just going to go right into it. I’r just messing with you guys we’re actually going to abandon this. I just open Google just for fun. So what we’re going to do here is I’ve got you know what does this get response open here and I blanked this out just because you know whatever privacy and I wanted to show you guys this one is really cool. I know if you’re using MailChimp, you don’t get this if you’re using Aweber, you don’t necessarily get this.

This is very powerful. I like get response for this reason. You can create sequences and automation, automation, sequences and you can also create flows. So it’s very good. It’s very useful, I’m a visual person, so I like being able to see everything. So it’s super important now the key is to look at this from a big scale right. You look at something like this. Your your your user, your buyer, whoever’s on your list, looks at this and they go I’m bored right and that’s totally fine, totally understandable in this day and age, we’re very visual.

We need, we need stimulus. We need something right in words. Just they don’t do you? Justice sometimes so the first thing number one step number one rule number one don’t talk about rule number one, but the first rule is going to be. We want to diversify the content in the emails and what I mean is essentially we don’t want to just send text emails cuz that gets boring they’re, going to see your name they’re, going to see our email and they’re going to be like yeah, yeah nah.

Don’t care and then your stuff doesn’t get read. You know the first one. The gas is like a huge opening, writes and then it just steadily declines because people get bored and that’s fine. So here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to diversify the content and what that means is pretty much we’re going to switch it up. We’re going to have some. You know the Welcome, that’s just text sure and then, let’s see number two.

Let’s say you know: email number, two, whatever. Maybe we waited a switch it up by day two. Maybe we do let’s say a article. We linked out to a article on YouTube. We go ahead, you know stoked to have you learn whatever you trying to think. Let’s get specific, let’s get specific on a niche. Okay, let’s say we’re doing. You know birthday party supplies right like house, you know that was a terrible niche.

I can’t even think of anything. Oh man, okay, let’s say we go into loan advice like like. Oh you great to have you, you know, checking out loan. Alright, I’m going to quit, be asking you guys, I’m I I do have some in law of attraction. So I’m just going to talk about what I know. I think this will work better for all of us here, so a lot of attraction. For example. What I do is you know the first one that welcome, and then I lead them with a little bit of bait at the bottom, and I go, you know so excited to have you.

You know start your journey. You know be on the lookout for for the upcoming emails for our upcoming. You know, updates on tips or whatever. It is just kind of something something to get them to consider the possibility that we’re going to send them more emails. So that opens the door you want to have the door open, because if you shut the door on that first email and you go – you know great to have you here thanks for signing up, but you don’t do anything with it.

They’re like okay – and they forget about you, but if you, oh hey, you know be on the lookout for our upcoming emails or we’re going to be sending you even more tips this week and they’ll. Don’t know to expect you and that’s very important so make sure they keep that in mind. Now, with the variety let’s say, we send them to a article. We go. We go hey on on your journey on your journey to self-discovery, and your journey of you know, starting to attract more things into your life, more positive things into your life.

I found this article that I wanted to share with you that has to do with the law of attraction. Let’s say, and then they you know it’s it, one it’s relevant and two we make it sound exciting. We go. You know a lot of a lot of our a lot of our friends, a lot of a lot of my clients. A lot of my customers have been raving about this article and and how it totally shifted their perspective. You know change their lives like we kind of want to.

You know up up the up the excitement up the the enthusiasm a little bit, because we want these people to be excited to read our emails and to click our links and, if we’re just boring, why would they click your link? Why would they Hey click this article? It’s really cool, you know have a great day like garbage. We we want top tier. If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it right if we’re going to spend the time to do the emails, we got to do them right.

So it’s very important that we won’t switch it up. Do it do a article amp it up, get it get the person excited to click on the article? Why should they click on it? Give them a reason to now step number three. We can link them out to articles and as a as a two tier kind of thing, we can link them to articles that may be on your website. Let’s say you have a very specific niche website and you have an article and then at the bottom of the article.

Let’s say you have a link, you know click here to learn more and let’s say that link goes to your affiliate sales page or something like that. You know the article page even better. We want these things to link together and become very cohesive, so where everything is just running correctly, so we can do articles, we get new articles, we can do images, we can just do like. What do you call those like an imager, imager, folder kind of thing? You know hey check out these really cool, inspiring images or check out the images that we that we added to our Facebook page.

That’s what I do you know go, give them a reason to interact with different parts of your brand. Even if it’s not your actual brand, if it’s like your Shopify brand or if it’s you’re, sorry, if it’s your affiliate marketing brand, you know – and you have a Facebook page for them – send them to that Facebook page but make it clear what the context is so Make sure that you’re saying, oh, be sure to check out our Facebook page where we just add: it’s really awesome images, you know and then give them a reason to click but switch it up.

That’s what I’m saying the whole thing is just to really give some some variety. So let’s say you send one two three right, and maybe you wait a day and then maybe you go here and and and on this one you’ll you’ll pitch them. You know your! You do value value and then let’s say let’s say we throw them a picture right and we go hey. You know. I hope you like the article from yesterday on like today today.

I wanted to share this really awesome program with you. It’s how it’s changed. It’s changed the game for so many of my clients, and you know so many clients thanked me for sharing this with them like. Have you ever felt like there’s something you’re missing out on her? You know if you’re doing a tool you can be like you ever feel. Like you just can’t figure, you know, email marketing out, you ever feel like you can’t figure out how to grow your Instagram account.

You ever feel like you’re, just missing out on on a hidden secret. Well, you’re, not alone data data, dot it up, and you you just you entice them. You make it so they want to click that link that they, by the end of the thing that they’re just like I got ta click this link. I can’t I can’t afford not to so you you, the goal here, you guys, don’t notice. Is you get better at it? As you start getting used to a niche, you get better understanding what that person on the other side wants, and that’s super key.

So you know that’s going to be the overall first tip, and I know that was super extensive and hopefully you got some notes taking on that one, because there were some nuggets in there if you didn’t, if you didn’t catch them. So I’m looking over my notes here now. The second thing, I’m going to say we’re going to say, step number: two: is you guys you guys don’t want to nuke your list and what I mean by that is, I know a lot of people who get somebody on a list and they’re like.

Oh, I didn’t sell them the first time so day, 0 welcome sure here’s your opted day, 1 pitch day 2 pitch day 3 pitch today for pitch day 5 pitch pitch pitch pitch to the point where the person that you know has his email account has either One already unsubscribed or two they’re, just not even going to bother opening your emails, are going directly to spam. So it’s very, very important that you don’t nuke your list, it’s in the pitch after pitch after pitch, because that is going to get you nowhere.

It’s going to absolutely nuke destroy, make your list or thoughts. Don’t do this or do but heat my warning, because that’s what’s going to happen now, step 3. What we’re going to go with is just a little there’s going to be a short bit you’re going to want to leave what I call little interest sprinkles at the end of each email and what I mean by that is you’re going to want to lure them. In to the next email you’re going to want to wrap up that email and be like you know, for example, if you’re doing something like meditation or just the whole law of attraction, thing you’ll end it with something like PS.

If you, if you’ve ever been one wanting to start meditating you’re, going to want to see our neck you’re going to want to check you’re going to want to be on the lookout for our next email because we’re including a surprise gift for you, you know something Like that something that gets an idea like like, oh like what could it be, you know and and then they’re going to see your email, oh the gift, you know and they it’ll it’ll kind of tie, everything together and then at the very end you know you Can be like, like Oh heads up, you know tomorrow tomorrow, going to be sharing with you this article with a really cool secret that you may not have known about blank that you may not have known about.

You know attracting wealth that you may not have known about growing your account that you may not have known about um. You know getting banned on Instagram whatever it is. You know you just figure out what that curiosity sprinkle is with that interest sprinkle and add it to the bottom, so it ties it in and they’re like you know, it’s like when you read a good show and they end on a cliffhanger and you’re, just like You’re reading you’re reading you’re reading and then it’s almost over and you’re like huh and then something happens and you’re just you’re on the edge of your seat and then all of a sudden.

It’s just credits in your sleep, no they’re really going to end it like that. Damn you know and you get all excited because you’re like dude, I got ta catch. The next episode. Like I’m, I’m invested. You know I’m curious as to what the heck they’re going to do in the next episode and you’re just you’re ready because you’re like dude. I can’t wait for this to come out. You know after after Wednesday’s episode like what’s going to happen, you know, and you you want your emails to kind of be like that.

Actually, in this book called calm secrets, Russell Brunson talks about that. You know he talks about it kind of like the the email, soap opera series or the daily Seinfeld series, I think, is what it’s called. You know it’s right here in like secret: six to eight, the or sorry seven, eight, the soap opera sequence in the daily Seinfeld sequence. Is it’s very much showing up and and the soap opera sequences is kind of like the show, and you connect your emails a bit by bit.

So if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that, I highly recommend, if you’re doing marketing check out this book very very valuable, like you won’t get everything out of the first read you’re going to want to read this and have it with you. It’s like a Bible. It’s really good, so highly recommend that if you guys haven’t tried clickfunnels I’ll leave I’ll leave a trial in the description below and you guys can go check it out if you want to but yeah guys.

This is we’re going to leave this off so overall switch. It up have some variety in your emails step. Two is going to be: don’t nuke your list step. Three is going to be, have some some interest or some curiosity sprinkles at the bottom of every email. So it keeps it leading in and you’ll keep your list engaged and that’s what’s super important, so you guys got some value out of this be sure to subscribe it that red button, if you have already subscribed you talking to you you’re awesome, and I appreciate you And you can just smash that like button and both of you guys can go ahead and leave comments below and let me know what you guys want to see more of because we are taking the affiliate marketing world by storm.

We are growing, I’m doing coaching and we are killing it so be sure to join the group below also because that’s growing at a pretty fast pace. So on that note guys, you guys definitely got some value out of this and it’s been awesome and it’s been real and I will see you guys on the next one. You


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Email Marketing – 12 Best Practices

I’r going to assume you know what email marketing is and you’re frustrated. You’ve been sending out sequences and you’re just not sure why people are not opening up your emails, and these are 12 different practices, check them off, make sure you’re doing these 12 and then you should see your email open rates go up if not double number one Is make sure you keep your list cleaned out if you keep sending emails to people who are not opening them, it kind of goes it’s kind of like an algorithm, and the autoresponder is picking up on that, so that they’re, just assuming that what you’re sending isn’t Going to get opened so you’re kind of hurting yourself by continuously sending the people that aren’t interested in what you have and you know not.

Everybody wants the information. You have that’s just a fact of life and by keeping them on your list. Another problem is you’re paying for those emails that are going out after you start getting into the thousands, and your numbers keep getting bigger your fee for the autoresponder goes up according to how much you use it, and if you’re sending out thousands of emails that nobody’s Opening then it’s really just waste of money as well, so you really want to have them removed completely and clean it up now.

One way you can do that in active campaign is active campaign actually will track the emails that don’t open up and it will actually remove them. If you ask it to so, that’s another feature of active campaign that it will automatically do it. Some Auto casado responders require you to go in and take them out by hand and it’s much more cumbersome and time-consuming. So that is a nice feature in the tracking part of active campaign.

Now, let’s look at number two. You want to make sure you don’t over. Deliver and what I mean by that is some people in email marketing say: oh, you should get yourself in front of everybody every single day and you know keep on emailing every single day. If you do, that, think of yourself there’s been people, I’m sure that if he mailed you every single day, you really get tired of seeing their name pop-up.

I had one person that was emailing me and I actually enjoyed their content. I was opening it, but then it was every single day, so it wasn’t a treat anymore. It was like another email. So if you just send two to three times a week and and be a little bit inconsistent, then people go oh there’s an email. I was looking for one I’d really enjoy their content. I pretty much have mine set up to where every 10 days I send roughly four.

So it is probably two to three week. It comes out that way, five every two weeks so, but I’m not consistent in and how many days I skip, I kind of mix it up a little bit, but just stay in front of them, but don’t be in front of them so much that they start Ignoring you and they feel like you’re annoying and number three again do not send the email every day, so I just talked about being in front of them every day and now you want to be consistent, so you want to send emails, but not every day.

Alright number four do not email on weekends. If you start tracking and looking at the algorithms and and your analytics of your emails, you’re going to notice that most people do not open them on the weekends Friday Saturday, Sunday pretty much skip those three days and only send between 11:30 to about 2:30 Monday through Thursday you’ll find that those are the best times that people will open up their emails and, if you think about it, that’s when people are usually at work and they’re, you know they’ve got the work done: they’re sittin there, maybe they’re getting ready to go to lunch And they’ll start checking their emails and there you are don’t sell in every mean email.

This is number five out of 12. If you sell something in every single email again, I’ve had people. I’ve enjoyed their content, but then it was like okay. What are you trying to sell me and if people you know spread that out, there’s the 80/20 rule if 80 percent of the time you’re just sending content good, valuable content, 20 % of the time you’re trying to offer them a tool or sell them. Something then you’ll find that that’s a good balance number six make sure you segment and tag your emails.

And what do I mean by this, even though you might not understand how to use it or how it’s going to benefit you right I’ll, do it anyway and down the road it’s going to help you. So let’s say I send out a lead, magnet and in that lead magnet I am in health and fitness and maybe in this particular lead magnet. I started talking about lifting weights. Maybe it was something I hadn’t been talking about.

I was into nutrition and shakes and maybe just getting out and exercising and moving well all of a sudden, I started talking about weight, lifts or not weight lifting but lifting weights as part of the routine, and so I sent out a free lead, magnet on how To gradually increase the level of your weights – and here are some simple, routine workouts to do – and people got the free lead, magnet they. They were added to my list.

Well, I can tag them weights and later maybe I come across something else. Maybe I want to pull those people that were interested in the weights and send them just specific information like a campaign and not part of the continuous email sequence and campaigns are more like special groups of emails. That are more specific and I can pull them really fast. These are all the people that liked to talk about weights and here’s a new workout program that I actually found that I could offer to them and sell to them as an affiliate program, so tag them segment them based on interests based on why they’re getting on Your list, so, even though everybody on my list might be interested in starting a business, not every single person per se might want to start an affiliate marketing business.

Maybe some of them are interested in my email, marketing and and maybe some other things that all businesses need, but I can tag them the people that specifically want affiliate marketing. I can cater to them a little bit in more depth than the people that wanted. Some of the other information – if that makes sense, alright number 7, ask questions so that you get responses in your email. It actually increases deliverability.

So if I ask people specific questions and they respond, that’s kind of like having engagement on social media, if you think about it, when you post on Facebook and people respond – and you have all that engagement, your ratings kind of go up. Well, it works’we an email when you’re responding and engaging that kind of puts you up a little bit and you’ll get those emails. We’ll definitely go, have more deliverability rates in into the email boxes.

All right number, eight use stories and the reason you want to use stories is you want people to get to know you and your stories and how they relate to different, analogies and things that you’re telling people don’t always want to just be talked to, and you Know if I, if I wrote an email to you and said, oh, I love these weights and this is a routine I started doing you got to try it as opposed to telling the story of how you know.

I got tired of just walking every day. I wanted to up it a little bit and I felt like I was too old, but I started out with two pounds and I even sat in my chair and you know tell a funny story. I mean: could you imagine someone sitting in a chair with two pound weights? It’s it’s kind of a visual, that’s ridiculous, because two pounds are not much, but it happens, and actually I did do that but um and then how I built all the way up to twelve pounds and I feel so much stronger.

And it took me this much time, but you can tell that story and and tell these success that went with it and then people were like wow. If she can do that, and she wasn’t embarrassed to start with two pounds and sitting in a chair, then that’s something I can do so tell a story and it just makes it more relatable number nine and you will hope that one day you will have this Problem but warm up the IP, and what does that mean? If you have a list of emails like a hundred thousand, you cannot send all hundred thousand emails at once.

It’ll, look like spam and autoresponders do not like them. So one of the things you can do is send out your emails in 5000 increments, so you might send them out every so many minutes or every so much time in between and just kind of warm it up, and then that way it doesn’t look like spam. Now I know some people when they start getting those huge numbers, they will actually go out and use two different autoresponders just in case one shuts down.

They always have the other one that will keep working, because the the bread-and-butter of your business is you in a list. I just got an email from somebody that an influencer I’m on their email list, and they just mentioned how they just lost their account on Facebook. It was shut down, 25,000 people were following them on there and it just got shut down out of the blue, but they have an email list.

So you have to make sure you build this email list now you might say well what if the autoresponder gets shut down? Well, it can, but you can also export those email names. Every so often make sure you export your list and you keep that in a safe place and if it does get shut down, you have that list. You can import it into another autoresponder and that’s how you own it number 10 make sure people can unsubscribe to your list and what and I know legally, you have to do that.

But have you ever tried to unsubscribe to somebody’s list only to find out they’re still sending you emails? I can name somebody right now. I know I’m on their list like four times I’ve readed them I’ve. It’s an influencer. I’ve signed up for a couple things and I noticed every single time. I click a button icon the list new again, even though I keep using the same email address. So I’m sure if I unsubscribe I’m going to have to unsubscribe two or three more times so make sure your button works and make sure that people aren’t getting duplicated into your list.

My list I have it set up where they can only come in once under one email and the system will pick it up if it’s a duplicate so that they won’t be on several lists all right number. Eleven, we have two left make sure you always have a call to action. Now you might say: well, you just told me not to sell something. Every time will call to action doesn’t mean to always sell something. Your call to action can be hey click, this link.

If you would like to try this autoresponder, which I do have a link below so there’s your call to action. I could also be promoting my new Facebook group click. The link call to action I could promote. I could ask a question and ask you to respond to something: that’s a call to action, so see how the call to action does not have to be selling something, but I’m asking you to do something. I could just simply ask you: hey, give me a thumbs up if this was helpful or make a comment in the chat, the the comments below and let me know what you think those are call to actions subscribe to.

My blog, that’s a call to action. I hope you heard all of those I just gave you about six call to actions pick one at least alright number 12. This is the last one, and this is what is really important, especially if you’re new don’t use swipe files now. What does that mean? If you signed up to become an affiliate marketer when you go to clickbank, and you find that item that you want to sell, they give you all their files like swipe files and emails like that.

You can just take them and copy and paste them in and it sounds enticing and it sounds wonderful when you’re new because you’re like I don’t know what to do. But if you use exactly what they give you it’s called a swipe file. Then so is everybody else and it’s going to be picked up as spam, because a lot of people are using that same one and even if it doesn’t get picked up, it doesn’t really say who you are.

So, let’s say you did five emails. We call the soap opera sequence when you’re introducing yourself and warming up to your audience, those first few emails and then all of a sudden. You have a swipe file and it totally does not represent who you are they’re, not using the same language, they’re, not using the same vocabulary or anything, and it just really throws things off. What I suggest you do is look at that file.

Take it and edit it, you can still take that information, use it as a guide and make it become you put yourself in there. You could even start it out with a story and that really warms up your audience and lets them see that you’re consistent in your emails, so I just gave you 12 different ways that you could best practices for your email. Hopefully, one of those will be something you weren’t doing and you can start using that back best practice and get those emails to get open.

You already heard all of my call to actions give me the thumbs up the subscribe all that stuff, but um. You know how it works I do have. This is my real collection. I do have some playlists about email, marketing and I’ve got the link below if you’re, really digging in and trying to get your email marketing up and running. I have some articles that I made, and I put them together in an ending list.

Playlist and the link is below so definitely check that out. So that’ll help you with them with your email list.


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Proof My Weekly Email Marketing Strategy Works

Because I create this email every single week. I did a training on this I’ll put a link below. I did a live training. I screen share my computer and showed you exactly how I do it. Why I do it and answered a bunch of questions? So if you haven’t checked that out I’ll link it below, you can also start a free trial with constant contacts below. I think they give you three months off. I think they even have like a 30 % discount right now, so you get several months for free, plus a 30 % discount and all kinds of stuff so check that out as well, because that’s the very best system that I’ve found to do the weekly email.

It’s it’s very user friendly, but when I’m calling my past clients right now, these are people who I haven’t talked to in a long time. Some of these people haven’t talked to in in several years up to 5, 6, 7 or 8 10 years. I haven’t talked to some of these these clients, these past clients, acquaintances, people that might have shown property to never bought anything stuff like that. I’r just calling everyone from my past right now, I’m taking full advantage of this situation and just trying to make the best out of it and see what I could do to help people.

That’s the name of the game. So I’m loving this moment. I am to be honest with you really excited to get back to work. I’r excited to get back into the office, I’m excited for the market to come back full force. It’s not dead, I’m still selling a few things, but I can’t wait for it to be full force. But the point is: is that as I’m calling these past clients and acquaintances they, it sounds like there’s this feeling there’s this there’s this moment in the call where we feel like we just really really know each other, and it’s because they’ve been getting this weekly email And they know what I’ve been up to.

They know how consistent I am. They know how hardworking I am all these past clients are talking to me like I’m, their long-lost child or their best friend from high school and and that Effie that I always talked about that friend or family effect that you want to give people the weekly email Is doing it for me on a large level, I’m able to scale that I’m able to scale my business like this, because I create the email I hits in and it goes out to thousands of people and I can send it out to millions of people.

If I wanted to – and it doesn’t take any more effort – so this is a scalable effort, a scalable activity, that’s so powerful and when you do it the way, I do it and you actually create it every week. Instead of trying to do a drip campaign that has generic information on it, you know what really wins – and I’ve talked about this before what really wins on social media and emails, and any kind of content that you put out is originality and your two cents.

Your opinions stories inside information, that’s what people want, not the generic market information or you know the, how to’s and all this stuff they want real, authentic original content that comes out of your brain and your mind, and – and it comes to them in the form of Digital, it shows them who you really are and who are you and you’re? Somebody who really cares about them wants the best for them.

You want to help them through whatever it is that you’re they’re going through anyway. I just wanted to share with you how much power goes behind this weekly email and that benefits you in so many different ways. It takes your past clients and keeps them connected. It takes you, know, new people and shows them how hard-working and honest you are and dependable and consistent. It does so much for you and if you, if you lose connection with someone for a decade, but they still been getting the weekly emails, they still when you talk to them.

Ten years later, it still feels like you know, you never missed a beat you. It feels like you almost talked to him last month and what I love about the email part as opposed to social media, which I feel like you need to do both. But what I really love is the fact that the organic Reach is so high with social media you’re. Looking at you know, 10 % even 1 % on some some platforms – 1 % organic reach up to 25 %, probably as high as it gets, is about 25 % organic reach.

When you look at email, you’re, probably looking at 90 % organic reach, you know you got 10 % that might go to spam folder or something like that. But you have a huge huge advantage in the organic reach Department with email. That’s why I feel like email should be the foundation of your business and then build all the social medias and all the other different things on top of your email strategy. Anyway, I’m going to get back to work.

I’r just wanted to share this with you for just a second I’m out here enjoying the it’s really nice today. It’s like 65 degrees, it’s really a beautiful day, and I’m just trying to take advantage of every little second of this opportunity and there’s always always always an opportunity. You just have to look at it the right way, so I hope you guys are taking advantage of it, and I hope that my articles and my content is really helping.

You understand what you need to be doing right now, what you should be thinking about and how to continue to thrive through this time and get ready for the rush. That’s going to happen on the other side anyway, we’ll see you guys on the next article. Let me know if there’s anything in the world, I can do for you and we’ll talk to you. Then let’s go


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How to Make an Opt-In Form for Your Email Marketing

They can Just sign up right there, you can have it at the end of your post. You can have it in your Social media profiles – Really, you can put it Anywhere that there’s a link, So I heard that you can buy A list of email addresses: Is that really the best practice Yeah? That’s a no We’ve all been added to lists where you get these Emails and you’re like who the heck is this from That’s true: That’s a one-way ticket to spamville.

So don’t do that. Don’t be that person. The easiest way is just To give your readers the opportunity to sign up and then they’ll enjoy the Content that you’re sending and most likely read it Now. I know I’m already a part of a lot of different email lists and I wouldn’t really Wan na join another one. So what do you do to make someone Or entice them to sign up Yeah. Obviously your Fans are going to join’cause, they want your content, but some of your readers and fans may need a little extra incentive and that’s where an Opt-In incentive comes in So this can be anything where hey sign up and You get this freebie or you get my checklist on How to be more productive things like that, Just give them something that Encourages them to to sign up so that way, they’re not just Signing up for another list And a lot of times you Will have people sign in get the little freebie and Bounce and unsubscribe, But a lot of the time you Will have people who will stay And if you have great content, They’re going to stick around and that’s more opportunity for you to market you and your business As you’ve often heard content is king.

So now Morgan, you have Your email subscribers, but now how do you keep them Yeah, so you wan na make sure number one is that you have a really eye-catching subject line. I think one of the easiest way to do this is to throw an emoji in there, because when I see that Those emails stand out And don’t just go. Emoji crazy’cause, that’s a little too much, but you wan na have just a little emoji, just get a little color a little pop and then also have a subject line that really says ooh.

I need To click that I want that, So yes, content is king, and so you wan na make sure that content is super relevant to your audience. They signed up and they wan na stick around for what they signed up for That’s what they’re expecting. So if you have a newsletter that has the top five articles of the week and then you change it up on Them and you’re just saying hey: this is what I did today and here’s a vlog about my life.

You may find people who Aren’t really into that, because they actually really liked your top five articles of the week So make sure that your content is relevant and really driving to not Only what your users want, but also what you want for your business. This is a huge opportunity to convert these users Into paying customers so you’re going to have to balance that And another way to get people To opt-in to your email list is to have subscriber-only perks.

I know I’m a part of some email list where you get first chance at merchandise or opportunities to see different articles before everybody else does, and it kinda makes you feel special Part of the cool kids club Exactly And the next thing is: don’t Email, your subscribers everyday [, Morgan ]! No, You don’t wan na be that one That floods, everyone’s email, We know who you are company X, (, laughs, ), Unsubscribe So make sure to space it out and give your subscribers a Breather every now and then So guys you need to get started.

Creating your opt-in, And your email list now It is so important, Even if you don’t have a product, yet you have people who will be following you and you want to start creating And building that list, even if your product is a year out so that way when it is ready to launch boom, you have an Instant base of customers that you can now sell to Don’t wait, And I know it’s a lot of work in coming up with these emails and I’m already doing social media, I’m already doing blog Posts but make the time It doesn’t have to be like we said.

Definitely don’t do once a day. It doesn’t even have to be weekly just find a nice cadence, so you can start getting People on your list and giving them some value All right guys, I hope You enjoyed this article on what is an opt-in form and how to effectively use It in your email, marketing And I’m curious. Let me know what are Those companies or people that any time they send you an email, you click it and you check it out, Comment below And make sure that you, like this article, Subscribe to our blog And also ring the bell.

So you know when we have new fresh Content coming out, This is “ The Journey” Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time,