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Does Email Marketing Work? – How YOU Can Make Money With Email Marketing in 2018

I know a lot of people bash on email, marketing, sex and there are some things that suck about it.

When it’s just boring, you know people, I tend to gloss over emails all the time. Unless I get somebody who I’ve like looked at their stuff before – and I know it’s going to be valuable – I tend to just scroll right by and maybe you’re in the same boat. But if we’re in affiliate marketing, we want people to open that email. We want people to click the offers that we have in those emails, so it’s important that we make sure to do this alright.

So how can we do that right? Well, that’s what we’re going to do in this article! So, looking over my notes here and one of the most important things that you can do with affiliate marketing and email marketing – and I just on Google here we’re going to we’re going to Google email marketing we’re going to we’re going to figure this out right now. Okay, it’s going to be a ten hour, article ten hour course email marketing.

I hope you guys brought your popcorn we’re just going to go right into it. I’r just messing with you guys we’re actually going to abandon this. I just open Google just for fun. So what we’re going to do here is I’ve got you know what does this get response open here and I blanked this out just because you know whatever privacy and I wanted to show you guys this one is really cool. I know if you’re using MailChimp, you don’t get this if you’re using Aweber, you don’t necessarily get this.

This is very powerful. I like get response for this reason. You can create sequences and automation, automation, sequences and you can also create flows. So it’s very good. It’s very useful, I’m a visual person, so I like being able to see everything. So it’s super important now the key is to look at this from a big scale right. You look at something like this. Your your your user, your buyer, whoever’s on your list, looks at this and they go I’m bored right and that’s totally fine, totally understandable in this day and age, we’re very visual.

We need, we need stimulus. We need something right in words. Just they don’t do you? Justice sometimes so the first thing number one step number one rule number one don’t talk about rule number one, but the first rule is going to be. We want to diversify the content in the emails and what I mean is essentially we don’t want to just send text emails cuz that gets boring they’re, going to see your name they’re, going to see our email and they’re going to be like yeah, yeah nah.

Don’t care and then your stuff doesn’t get read. You know the first one. The gas is like a huge opening, writes and then it just steadily declines because people get bored and that’s fine. So here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to diversify the content and what that means is pretty much we’re going to switch it up. We’re going to have some. You know the Welcome, that’s just text sure and then, let’s see number two.

Let’s say you know: email number, two, whatever. Maybe we waited a switch it up by day two. Maybe we do let’s say a article. We linked out to a article on YouTube. We go ahead, you know stoked to have you learn whatever you trying to think. Let’s get specific, let’s get specific on a niche. Okay, let’s say we’re doing. You know birthday party supplies right like house, you know that was a terrible niche.

I can’t even think of anything. Oh man, okay, let’s say we go into loan advice like like. Oh you great to have you, you know, checking out loan. Alright, I’m going to quit, be asking you guys, I’m I I do have some in law of attraction. So I’m just going to talk about what I know. I think this will work better for all of us here, so a lot of attraction. For example. What I do is you know the first one that welcome, and then I lead them with a little bit of bait at the bottom, and I go, you know so excited to have you.

You know start your journey. You know be on the lookout for for the upcoming emails for our upcoming. You know, updates on tips or whatever. It is just kind of something something to get them to consider the possibility that we’re going to send them more emails. So that opens the door you want to have the door open, because if you shut the door on that first email and you go – you know great to have you here thanks for signing up, but you don’t do anything with it.

They’re like okay – and they forget about you, but if you, oh hey, you know be on the lookout for our upcoming emails or we’re going to be sending you even more tips this week and they’ll. Don’t know to expect you and that’s very important so make sure they keep that in mind. Now, with the variety let’s say, we send them to a article. We go. We go hey on on your journey on your journey to self-discovery, and your journey of you know, starting to attract more things into your life, more positive things into your life.

I found this article that I wanted to share with you that has to do with the law of attraction. Let’s say, and then they you know it’s it, one it’s relevant and two we make it sound exciting. We go. You know a lot of a lot of our a lot of our friends, a lot of a lot of my clients. A lot of my customers have been raving about this article and and how it totally shifted their perspective. You know change their lives like we kind of want to.

You know up up the up the excitement up the the enthusiasm a little bit, because we want these people to be excited to read our emails and to click our links and, if we’re just boring, why would they click your link? Why would they Hey click this article? It’s really cool, you know have a great day like garbage. We we want top tier. If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it right if we’re going to spend the time to do the emails, we got to do them right.

So it’s very important that we won’t switch it up. Do it do a article amp it up, get it get the person excited to click on the article? Why should they click on it? Give them a reason to now step number three. We can link them out to articles and as a as a two tier kind of thing, we can link them to articles that may be on your website. Let’s say you have a very specific niche website and you have an article and then at the bottom of the article.

Let’s say you have a link, you know click here to learn more and let’s say that link goes to your affiliate sales page or something like that. You know the article page even better. We want these things to link together and become very cohesive, so where everything is just running correctly, so we can do articles, we get new articles, we can do images, we can just do like. What do you call those like an imager, imager, folder kind of thing? You know hey check out these really cool, inspiring images or check out the images that we that we added to our Facebook page.

That’s what I do you know go, give them a reason to interact with different parts of your brand. Even if it’s not your actual brand, if it’s like your Shopify brand or if it’s you’re, sorry, if it’s your affiliate marketing brand, you know – and you have a Facebook page for them – send them to that Facebook page but make it clear what the context is so Make sure that you’re saying, oh, be sure to check out our Facebook page where we just add: it’s really awesome images, you know and then give them a reason to click but switch it up.

That’s what I’m saying the whole thing is just to really give some some variety. So let’s say you send one two three right, and maybe you wait a day and then maybe you go here and and and on this one you’ll you’ll pitch them. You know your! You do value value and then let’s say let’s say we throw them a picture right and we go hey. You know. I hope you like the article from yesterday on like today today.

I wanted to share this really awesome program with you. It’s how it’s changed. It’s changed the game for so many of my clients, and you know so many clients thanked me for sharing this with them like. Have you ever felt like there’s something you’re missing out on her? You know if you’re doing a tool you can be like you ever feel. Like you just can’t figure, you know, email marketing out, you ever feel like you can’t figure out how to grow your Instagram account.

You ever feel like you’re, just missing out on on a hidden secret. Well, you’re, not alone data data, dot it up, and you you just you entice them. You make it so they want to click that link that they, by the end of the thing that they’re just like I got ta click this link. I can’t I can’t afford not to so you you, the goal here, you guys, don’t notice. Is you get better at it? As you start getting used to a niche, you get better understanding what that person on the other side wants, and that’s super key.

So you know that’s going to be the overall first tip, and I know that was super extensive and hopefully you got some notes taking on that one, because there were some nuggets in there if you didn’t, if you didn’t catch them. So I’m looking over my notes here now. The second thing, I’m going to say we’re going to say, step number: two: is you guys you guys don’t want to nuke your list and what I mean by that is, I know a lot of people who get somebody on a list and they’re like.

Oh, I didn’t sell them the first time so day, 0 welcome sure here’s your opted day, 1 pitch day 2 pitch day 3 pitch today for pitch day 5 pitch pitch pitch pitch to the point where the person that you know has his email account has either One already unsubscribed or two they’re, just not even going to bother opening your emails, are going directly to spam. So it’s very, very important that you don’t nuke your list, it’s in the pitch after pitch after pitch, because that is going to get you nowhere.

It’s going to absolutely nuke destroy, make your list or thoughts. Don’t do this or do but heat my warning, because that’s what’s going to happen now, step 3. What we’re going to go with is just a little there’s going to be a short bit you’re going to want to leave what I call little interest sprinkles at the end of each email and what I mean by that is you’re going to want to lure them. In to the next email you’re going to want to wrap up that email and be like you know, for example, if you’re doing something like meditation or just the whole law of attraction, thing you’ll end it with something like PS.

If you, if you’ve ever been one wanting to start meditating you’re, going to want to see our neck you’re going to want to check you’re going to want to be on the lookout for our next email because we’re including a surprise gift for you, you know something Like that something that gets an idea like like, oh like what could it be, you know and and then they’re going to see your email, oh the gift, you know and they it’ll it’ll kind of tie, everything together and then at the very end you know you Can be like, like Oh heads up, you know tomorrow tomorrow, going to be sharing with you this article with a really cool secret that you may not have known about blank that you may not have known about.

You know attracting wealth that you may not have known about growing your account that you may not have known about um. You know getting banned on Instagram whatever it is. You know you just figure out what that curiosity sprinkle is with that interest sprinkle and add it to the bottom, so it ties it in and they’re like you know, it’s like when you read a good show and they end on a cliffhanger and you’re, just like You’re reading you’re reading you’re reading and then it’s almost over and you’re like huh and then something happens and you’re just you’re on the edge of your seat and then all of a sudden.

It’s just credits in your sleep, no they’re really going to end it like that. Damn you know and you get all excited because you’re like dude, I got ta catch. The next episode. Like I’m, I’m invested. You know I’m curious as to what the heck they’re going to do in the next episode and you’re just you’re ready because you’re like dude. I can’t wait for this to come out. You know after after Wednesday’s episode like what’s going to happen, you know, and you you want your emails to kind of be like that.

Actually, in this book called calm secrets, Russell Brunson talks about that. You know he talks about it kind of like the the email, soap opera series or the daily Seinfeld series, I think, is what it’s called. You know it’s right here in like secret: six to eight, the or sorry seven, eight, the soap opera sequence in the daily Seinfeld sequence. Is it’s very much showing up and and the soap opera sequences is kind of like the show, and you connect your emails a bit by bit.

So if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that, I highly recommend, if you’re doing marketing check out this book very very valuable, like you won’t get everything out of the first read you’re going to want to read this and have it with you. It’s like a Bible. It’s really good, so highly recommend that if you guys haven’t tried clickfunnels I’ll leave I’ll leave a trial in the description below and you guys can go check it out if you want to but yeah guys.

This is we’re going to leave this off so overall switch. It up have some variety in your emails step. Two is going to be: don’t nuke your list step. Three is going to be, have some some interest or some curiosity sprinkles at the bottom of every email. So it keeps it leading in and you’ll keep your list engaged and that’s what’s super important, so you guys got some value out of this be sure to subscribe it that red button, if you have already subscribed you talking to you you’re awesome, and I appreciate you And you can just smash that like button and both of you guys can go ahead and leave comments below and let me know what you guys want to see more of because we are taking the affiliate marketing world by storm.

We are growing, I’m doing coaching and we are killing it so be sure to join the group below also because that’s growing at a pretty fast pace. So on that note guys, you guys definitely got some value out of this and it’s been awesome and it’s been real and I will see you guys on the next one. You


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