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Asia Pacific Master Blogging Challenge

I have spent my entire adult life in universities on four continents. I might add that that is only a very, very small consolation with that confession. I’ve got to say that in all of my years in universities, I have never seen this morning all of these together. I have never seen anything to tell you the truth quite like what we are about to do.

It promises to be a unique, innovative, challenging spectacular. We’ve never done before we’re not quite sure. What’s going to happen, I encourage you to break out the laptop or your phones or follow along pay attention and that we’re going to try and put on a show that we are calling the asian-pacific master blogging challenge 2011. This is a first for us for the a new camera, but I think it’s probably actually at first to stop.

This is something that nobody has really tried before and we’re going to do our best to make it work and we’re delighted that all of you can join us for this challenge. So this is the first time and I’ve got to say. I’r absolutely delighted that we have four master bloggers here with us who will be struggling for. I understand for that, and any of the Australians in the audience will know that that lives, map probe a delicious Kristensen and he’s joined here by George Boleyn, Paris and the other guy, who are the three posts of Australia’s most popular television show.

And for the past couple of years, this show MasterChef has taken Australia by storm every winter, and it is, I guess, with that, show in mind’s, drawing on its potency, its popularity that we came up with this idea of a master blogging challenge millions of Australia tune In to read MasterChef it’s on pretty much every night of the week, and I should note that occasionally I can be counted among their number, so I know that the most popular part of MasterChef is something called the Mystery Box challenge.

And today, as you all saw, we we had the privilege of our Dean, professor Andrew McIntyre, unveiling our master chef and its ingredients are laid out there on the table in front of us. We have just to remind you, a map of the world in Burmese, a Southeast Asian specialist, the Ken tongs wickets, our swords with extra pineapple, some photocopy data from the deans library and, in particular, issue to know that that data is from a cool title: braising, China, Global challenges and opportunities: we have a 1985 edition of culture shock the Philippines.

We have a royal wedding, Camilla BT tower for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and we, of course have an a staff of the year, so our master bloggers, drawing on that this mystery box will be encouraged to draw inspiration from at least three of those ingredients. When they’re coming up with their blogs but realizes all have to make use of the facade being part of that, there are no rules. This is no-holds-barred blog.

They are encouraged to use their creativity. Are they to really challenge themselves and challenge us with the best blogs that they can come with? So I should get down to introducing our master belong challenges fresh from the hallowed halls of Columbia University. In the United States we have East Asia forum blog wizard, dr. Shiro, Armstrong Shiro is a research fellow. We have college with expertise in economics and international finance, as well as the politics of the asia-pacific region.

He is also the co-founder of the Eastern Bloc. He brings years of lobbying experience to the table, then in the red corner we have Cynthia Stanton, whose baby diplomatic editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and a community is she’s. A veteran journalist she’s, currently completing a PhD in our College. Cynthia warns me that she has never written a blog, not so, ladies and gentlemen and Cynthia. Let’s see what she’s got we have Brando Bell.

He writes the camera column for the interpreter, which is the blog of the law institute for international policy based in Sydney. Grain was the ABC Southeast Asia. Radio correspondent in Singapore has done several stints as the camera based Foreign Affairs and defense. Correspondent for radio Australia he’s been all over the place in his very long and distinguished journalistic career, discovered the Falklands War cruising the beach in Thailand and the Philippines banking after the pro-democracy movement, and also the return of Hong Kong, China.

He blogs pretty much every week of the year, so Cynthia and Shiro read out Walker, who is the associate dean of the college of agent in the Pacific for the past ten years, he’s worked on a wide swing of issues surrounding rural development, resource management and modernization. In northern Thailand, andrew is the co-founder of the a New Zealand dollar blog and logs pretty much every day. I was down a lot of a betting shop this morning word on the street and not hoping to heat to my depression.

Is that dr., Andrew Walker? Is the favorite so again, let’s see what he’s got if you would like to follow along with us, there are plenty different ways: you can do it at this particular moment in time you can get onto the blog site a specific week. Slash challenge should do the trick. You can also get to us through the longer URL or you can load us up through Twitter, etc, etc. I’r going to be moving around the room once our master bloggers get down to business.

I’ll have a mine. I very much encourage you to ask questions, get involved, make comments. All of this is going to be happening up on with this screen. What happens other screen up here? Where there’ll be other things flicking through? You should prove to be really quite exciting, as I said to start, we’ve never done this before nobody’s ever done this before. So, let’s just see how we go master bloggers, we had a 40 minute clock.

You have your mystery box. There are a range of ingredients for you to choose from, you need to choose at least three and everybody has to use the Asahi beer. Those are the only rules. The 2011 Asian Pacific master bottle challenge starts now. Nicholson is a comment already on the blog. There is Andrew there are two comments: okay, we’ll get to the commenting they’re just about to get our started with what is going to be 40 minutes of blogging, we’re going to pull everything up on the screen here so that we can see what is going on On each of their own screens – and I should say in front of everyone that Glen LeBaron serves a special menopause, fathers weren’t getting his setup his feet of mighty wizard, and I reckon two balls.

Yes, I do. You know how really good Christians come on. Okay, it is hot and inherently tu-95ms anyone that is this. Like a desert, it doesn’t have a license, get a quick update from our four masts models. You can see what they getting out to be on the screen, the toggle, through the illustration that yeah rock words have about ushiro binary yeah, pretty good on reading its weight about. I can thank you special right hand.

You will see it as always with these things. This is actually another computer. That’s interested and I’ll bring it in time, it’s all in the way that you’ve constructed and so you’re sitting here, incredibly Remington and as I always do, and I brought over all the the cabin every and when I finished my scene, it’s a paper off to that Big blood like that Cynthia’s like okay, alright, wonderful! We look forward to to what you’re coming up with.

I see already that you’re you’re playing around with the metaphors from the mystery by where’d you get paid when you can pay by the way with you actually produce the woman’s when you get paid by the word between, I suppose now, you’re allowed to do Mexican waves. No, we need a bit of cheering my work. You’ve got to be you’ve got to get into this sort of raaaaah change. Events hey come on to the Sydney Cricket Ground, okay with the one and the four pick all the back, get to chat chickens.

Okay, so we’re kicking along we’ve got the timer set. Now it’s counting down thirty minutes to go. I’r asked the bloggers power button and think of it as a specific guidance on uploading photos with this particular blogging platform, not every blogging platforms the same. This is fine too, because there’s nothing that takes all day or a great deal of resources or extra. It can be something that can be almost done in your spare time.

Any other memories we’ve got one. I won’t give him he’s going to have something to put into the me just the city, everyone from the audience. Okay, I think the Asahi should be the top prize. Put some. So do you just have any publishers? I don’t need to do okay, so we have a question: what is flaming full and you can okay repeat help with the help of the spelling side screen we have so he has promised his old school type either side.

The side of this way ended up. There is used to be banging out short paragraphs and then up for the world to decide what you hold out short paragraphs in the whatever you’d like to do to participate in this. I think one of the nice things about Maurice that conversation Shiro has a feel the heavy wooden behind the audience is one. Oh hang on 20 minutes I’d tell him to shut up 23 minutes on the clock now, just over 22 minutes on the clock so time for our bloggers to be pulling things together.

I know that sure kicking things off his list of things, mystery box ingredients most emotional, that he gets his freedom from the mystery box, and then you also need to speak aside and be in these challenges all about stop. This was certainly not easy when you’re doing a private, a wide audience hey what was booked on. I think, what’s going on, read these people. I just want the back of the two now table of massive waters, just like Peter and Cynthia’s work Mississippi.

The first ever walk and head where Cynthia was invited to be involved in the challenge. She insisted she never done before, and I said, is he here at least wonderful news? Someone who’s ever before? I think shows that this is something which you can do do quickly. You can do for the very first time like this. How do I fight it at least one great in Healthways myself as I’ve written? When I get a lot, I find that people eat a lot of a lot of America.

He bites I do now. This is my first day of law what you know, what do I want it to be about and, and then I said well, my favorite blogs in the world around the world. The one question that I really like to our sins. He is what angry, when you’ve got this amazing choice out there for the internet, whole world or service website and new sites and writers. You know what the best riders screaming and I really listened to you know to to find out.

There were also at least of all masteries, without showing all very different. I go to together online and this holy company owned by traditional. We drove over you guys and – and you know, five seconds – kitchens are what really jakey boy. I researched japan-china translations for this song. Don’t for that absolutely marry me: okay, so she’s going to the music bit of Google, but I think is cording the blogging world so steps in the algorithm, hopefully driving towards this water, sweep its art through recycling and use the same picture and link to the post.

Well, yeah, okay. Secondly, let’s see other comments from the further down the line. Right now have you finally, arts, enhancement, okay, good, alright, so great frames will be very relaxed. We have some comments that have we have. We have the guy who seems right about new powers for back masters. When you read, what have you do they think that see second forum have to get updated, you want people coming back and being age and just one you guys probably checked out the webpage or seen a few magazines flooding them.

We do try to write from research and link back to the research. Most of that was they will go through a peer review and editorial process we’ve. Quite often they they need to do research, and the idea is to try to communicate in these 30 page three separate pages in the Sun of policymakers over. You know everyone for next year and what about you grade? How often do you think you need to blog on the interpreter to keep people interested? I will see it as a set.

My mental frame is actually it’s a it’s a tough life, so it’s whether on whenever I run a role of a bit of carbon paper. Now I think the beauty of this of the web is that when there are when, whenever you every minute is a deadline, there’s actually no bit so your father, you feel, like I mean that’s the great freedom. I find it much more, liberating I the decades. I actually had to to deal with this man is wearing a half-hour TV for that had to be filled in an alley.

Radio button this stuff is great because if every month a deadline, then there’s nothing. Ok, great thanks! Thanks great, I think those are some really insightful inside there and based on a very long and distinguished career and the surrounding journals. Looking not change the rules and everything’s better every minute. Would you like to shout out in the side? Can we gone to Tom? We have a back seat.

We’ve got some on the screen here. Some instant and immediate commentary on the Twitter thing, Andrew constant and consistent blogging indicator. I suppose as much as this mustard water challenge is somewhat artificial. In our show there are so many replies that happens. Journalists and others – and they are engaged with much much wider audiences – that we can register in from election years, talk to students in seminars or writing academic papers or books, and that’s one of the challenges into something that we run and really we used to have meetings.

Saying this way and we selling each other and talking to my own law two years ago, I didn’t talk to any pockets in my high school, so I don’t mean most of all kinds. Today, yeah actually doing the bank blocks from a message that what you are whatever you want, you both show your packages in and oh no, no, sir or not you choose to do this to final score in the same block of you prefer kind of personal as A trivia question we have some devices saying, I think it’s a different sort of approach and I think that that moni’s we’ve seen personal stuff need to anybody other than a trained for.

I think thanks Andrew I just might us. She refers Weaver’s walls Network when he said you for not really. No, we keep that it’s a little dry in that sense, but I’m a strategy – and you know we have a good picture sometimes but intelligent. You know from the national revolution and the other, but you know I have ideas or funny restaurants here in there thanks for that, your leave the audience wondering whether you yourself had a personal blog, perhaps Bobby, may help you achieve back and forward.

We have variable on the top now. If there are any final comments from vendors, we just might wait for customers to wrap things up. They have screenings here. My first tennis lesson and I just entered Wimbledon. It is a headline provocative headline: we’ve got the Great Hall which seems to be emerging quickly. I know that he has changed his headline, yeah any thoughts on the headline ground. It’s just such a great headline.

I think it’ll be there for days when you, when you hit it the first time you don’t know asia-pacific master blogging challenge, as you would all by now appreciate, has been something of that experiment and before all the sins of how it all played out what I Might have to do is just to take a minute just all that deep breath and then we’re going to ask each of our master waters to talk through what they meant to do over the past week is for them as some of these successes, but they contribute To their work, but also a highlight in the issue is where they they ran into obstacles or perhaps where these didn’t go quite according to plan so help bloggers, but basically all got themselves set up and I think everybody’s blog posts down up on the website.

So those of you with a laptop or phone in front of yourself will be able to log in and have a look at. All of them do feel free to share your screen if that proves it easier than looking through things, but what we will do now. What’s that double up on both of the be screening, by the same time, who might start with in the mortise lock, which is happens right now, thanks to Ed wills when that begins in colleges decision its entrance block bloody academics, they’re going to be footnotes as well? Are we using the Harvard system and I’ll do something they have exchanged animations, which is okay? Thank you.

We’ll come back to you, those if you concentrated, run independent Rangers log in full, despite our sepia and weights, and hanging favorite experience of blogging for the very first time I usually have like very she that I really want to provide that and when you’re you know, Sort of a face under pressure and and having to you know, make things something that you haven’t really. You know time to finish our somewhere else, to sort of follow your and think you know what else is really bad.

It’s it’s very hard to do so. Cool credit, any people all the time, it’s easy and I would stretches up ever. I tried yet thanks again, those of you with screen in front of you can read through Cynthia’s, very first blog post. We just filed my first tennis lesson and I’ve just entered Wimbledon to scrutinize and digest that one, I’m sure I can t go okay. I don’t think the same. It’s hard to just blog with the timeline.

As we are, I mean when I want something. I do right around an issue that I want to write about. Maybe I’ll just read a paper or something I’ve written about before is in the news topic books, and I take it seriously. You know the data like this hard alien Shores on average. Probably the penny long time right so doing this in 40 minutes of pre Rises. I think I covered most of the elements flow more than half of the pineapple in there.

At the end I got this. You see that sexy picture from the BBC and to live with the ology, that’s about it! Thank you. I can’t thank you your own for those of you. You should be able to make that out there and still a somewhat busty silhouette against the Chinese flags. The BBC’s icon for that particular news story, and I was in fairly too great. I think I think she only curious about to to moderate some he’s learnt the first law blog, what section and Engram, and how did you find your your belonging today? Fine, I suppose I see I’ve spent many decades doing.

Radio and radio is proof positive of the line that ignorance is never any very and he talks through what you actually hit with with your approach to ignorance in journalism today, well when in doubt illiterate. So I started with a bit of an iteration and McKean: okay, wonderful, wonderful, all right! Well! That gives you all a bit of a flavor for how our different maths blogs done. We have some tweets up on the screen kudos to the Masters impressive, given agency, long johns, that’s as big as a question I want to come to that in about creating four or five at this time.

We just get some reactions from the audience, because I see people told the master of the publicity about what we’d never hear us is as stressful as anything. I don’t have a hundred and something people reading me the situation where we actually have our screen. They put up a screening for a hundred other people’s that are really good. That’s really quite confronting situation so kudos to everyone as someone who doesn’t follow many intent, watts or anything I wan na say congratulations to the organizers and the vlog is because you definitely excited me to kind of go out there and look it up because it seems To be really exciting thing, so thank you being involved in this.

To me, my mind, objective is just to save you, you can do it. You can involve something that difficult and my experience my friend to the students do is that a little bit tied up and Ryan block and they don’t work a short ball past? What about there see what comes back and all that gets people’s ideas down? Just just the responses you get, so I’m really really encouraging devices as an academic or as a student just making how the normal growing person funny get it doesn’t have to produce yeah as well researchers.

We probably know that if you publish a paper in a journal, you know it doesn’t be. The main reader may not read it five degrees. If you take the main points of findings, put it on a blog or online or link to too much beautiful on whether the mornings, you know you automatically get a thousand people having. So I think it’s definitely a good idea. It should be part of your outreach research. It’s a no-brainer thanks, you’re right yeah.

I think I’d agree with that. I think one of the stories that I like – and it reflects back, I suppose, on mine. While I think about writing – is about Remington’s. I love it, but people who think about typewriters as that process. One of my great favorite colonists, he’s gone by was a guy called James resident, who wrote for the New York Times and Reston was not writing his column for a month, because the New York Times was on strike and friend bumped into him in monuments.

Looking so absolutely the rift and lost and rest – and I thought came up with a classic journalist wine, which was how do I know where I feel until I see what I write and I think that’s what this is a woman thanks Ryan, we have actually usually This you only spend for everything I will inspired to come, but as any one of the lecturer well, then I said quite well, but I didn’t know how to do it and I see something with my body.

You see New Year’s and from there I don’t know, and I brightly and I’m who seem to be related whatever, and we were asked me in reading to my view. I live with him and boy. I see pieces like that, but really decide that we need private Morgan has again is another exercise, that is people rock among the admissible, and I mean, and now all these are can be other inside. Okay, any very final comments from the audience.

So it’s now is one of them. We have one over here. Yes, thank you, sons for Thursday, we’re making for lunch at 12:30 and in the meantime, we will have an opportunity to decide on the asia-pacific mascot of 2011 and will come to hell and his chest. So how do you know about putting ball ideas, my wire people, to do? I do right. Thank you. Something I think is some likely to be some interesting responses to that.

That will need to be briefed Andrew. I think the best insurance is to have IDC journals. Do you think that our academic shooting cautious about getting their ideas out colloquialism personally experience of recently taken that where you know you spend much higher than what your research and it means so much to you, you know what spoilers we share a lot of people and Aramis involved, okay, sure yeah, I’m also worried about people stealing my ears or anything anymore.

I mean the benefit of fire – is a cost. I think of getting your ideas out there quickly before anyone else, especially you know, starting a Malaysian city for something very possible that you’re working on or if you have a finding in science and then, if you put that up there, its first data, you know someone Copies sort of what about you great? Do you think that there are real risks here for academics, sort of the opportunities at my house yeah? I suppose there’s a when you’re talking about two different things I until you’re talking about research and you’re.

Talking about what you’d call publishing I mean, I think you’re, probably talking it to different parts of the field, and I I can. I think I can theoretically understand what you’re saying about the importance of the research. I suppose I come from a game where um you know one. One incident anecdote and two incidences are statistical evidence. So now it’s yet the the research side of what journalists do is sometimes not quite as rigorous as what you guys do, but the beauty I think of this sort of stuff is that you can actually publish as you go and actually make more plant, lay more Claim to the field as you’re going through it, and I would have thought from dealing with academic certainties of that issue.

Publishing in some ways might be a little less than it once was. You know you don’t necessarily have to do everything through peer review. You can actually put some stuff out there and it’s always amazing what you get back, that a real fun part I find is the starting point is what you put out there, but often the really interesting stuff is what you get back great thanks great. I think that’s a very nice note of which we will end our conversation with and waters, and there seem to be a range of twins that also come in here profound wisdom for brain.

What I think until I write and, of course this question that firing in our cities today who the game is that we know, is an opportunity to actually determine by both the agency master logger mm and the way that this works is that you can buy. That ring the number in question from or you can send an SMS with the to file. So that’s 96, the Cynthia 97 0 98 growing air through to the number on the screen.

I think this is Rick from Australia with both hands. You don’t believe the six month the lines add an additional while we’re doing that come on yeah yeah. So this is actually a tie. Election hang on where’s my invite we’re doing it to tie rules have showered themselves in. I think this is somewhat about which approach take affirmative to find impossible this, but if we all say, is an absolutely stellar effort by alcohol, master, martyrs and taking time out of their very busy schedules to be with us here today, and I think they all deserve A round of applause with their tiaras.

Thank you very much. The you guys thanks! Graham thank you. Thank you very much. They write names check that resonates. If Ignacio chela give me a wonderful voice, thank you for taking this seriously six people’s. I hope you enjoyed my animals.

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