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Ultimate Web Design: ClickFunnels demo with Brian McFarlane

I’ve got Brian McFarland, brian is part of the pro group and he’s been using this quite a bit recently. So brian has very kindly agreed to give us a bit of a whistle-stop tour, so we’re going to be looking at what it does and input.

More importantly, where and when you might use this okay, so Brian thank thank you again for taking the time to show us around good afternoon been hi, so I’m just what I wanted to do. First. Do is just wait to give you an overview of why why I chose click models and why I think it’s the best choice for for what we do. Obviously, for the business that I’m in, I have to produce a lot of landing pages for clients.

I’r not particularly I’m marketing savvy, but i’m not particularly a good programmer. So that’s not really in my skill set, so I started to look for solutions out there. That would allow me to quickly put up professional landing pages without having to do any heavy programming, and that wasn’t necessarily the case with applications like unbalanced and landing pages. And you know when you want to be able to adjust an element on the page and with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor.

Most of these applications did had limitations on what you could do with them and didn’t allow for an intuitive interface that you could easily just create things. So with that being said on, what I wanted to do is take you through a live sample of a real client that I have right now that we have created a simple two-step landing page for so with that said, this is the interface for a click funnels.

The main dashboard, where all your accounts would be held for this particular account. I believe they currently sell it for ninety seven dollars a month as as of this date, you’ll have up to ten thousand visits with the accounts. You can create up to 40 pages and you can create up to 10 funnels with this particular account. Okay, so that’s one likes a maximum of 40 pages, 10 fun or 10 funnels right.

Ten thousand visits a month exactly, and I think they obviously have a tiered stressing model that you can obviously go to the click funnels com website and and obviously, at the end of this session Ben, can give you a link to that and that will you know, Take you there to get information on on the pricing structure if you’re, if you’re interested in pursuing this later yeah. So with that being said, so, let’s just have a quick look at one of the existing funnels that I’ve set up.

Just to give you an overview of the capabilities, so this is a simple opt-in with a Thank You page, follow up and in this interface you can see quickly below that. You have the overall and obviously, this campaign just started on october. Third, and actually we’re not even it’s not officially started, we’ve got the landing page setup we’re in the approval stage with the client and as soon as the client signs off on this particular landing page that i’m showing you then we’ll be able to activate the adwords Campaign for it and obviously do some split testing so, as you can see, we’re just testing it right now and we’ve already got an eight point: three percent conversion rate showing up and you can set up split testing with this.

So I haven’t really created one, but you can hear you’ve got an email component here, so you can set up your email marketing and you can connect it to applications like MailChimp plan fusion soft many, many of the the applications that use to having integration away and The major bonus for me is the ability to post the to WordPress to be able to take my landing pages and once you click here, it’s going to create an iframe, and then you just simply take this iframe and copy and paste it into your text.

Tab landing page and that will automatically create it. Obviously I’ll tell you guys a little bit later on in this article. The process that I use to get around a workaround that click funnels has in place where you have to create a custom white page to support your I frame, which I find again as it’s a technical difficulty that some people will encounter. That may cause some grief that I’ve found to work around.

So so that’s it I mean that’s and then now if we want to start editing this actual page, normally what we would do is we from the start. We would just simply create a funnel and would give us a standard design and then what i’ve done here is i’ve gone in and added in a specific elements. So I put in the logo of the client, which is here it’s just a question of just going into the editor and uploading the image just as simple as this upload image of, and once you up click on upload.

The image you’ll see that you’ll have a list of images here and then you just add the image to to the the page, and it will show up in the background here or sorry. The local show up here and then go so. The other element that I put in for this particular campaign was provided by service called call rail, which is a trackable whole number. The beauty of this is call rail, gives you up to 10 local call numbers.

You can also get a 1-800 number with their service. It works in both Canada and the United States um. I know that that for Ben is me being in the UK. I’r not sure if call rail provides service, but there are some web services available in the UK if you’re in the UK, but essentially the beauty of this car rail allows you to create an embeddable tracking ode in the settings of your website. That will enable you to track this in Google Analytics if you set up goals for phone calls, and we also will set up a goal for tracking the the thank you page.

That is part of this form. So that’s the beauty of that on all these. Every single field – that’s here, is editable, so if you go into other applications like leadpages, some areas are very fixed. You can’t adjust anything. You can’t change the color of a background. You can’t change an icon. It has very granular detail if you’re not happy with this. If I want to change this specific color of the button to my particular branded of color, I can do so in this case um for the client.

They wanted the headboard, which is in the background here they wanted to be the same color as the text. So what did I do? I just took a sampling of that color and couldn’t adjusted the the aesthetic so that it it matched up with the brand aesthetic. Oh, that’s, actually a really good design. Point barn. You know too there’s something that I’ll very often do is actually start with a photo. If I’m trying to pick a color scheme for my scene, if I want to customize it, if I’ve got the photo, then I will first look at that at that main cover photo to try and pick out a few colors and if you’ve got photoshop, you can Pixelh8 your image in photoshop and it’ll actually reduce it to a certain number of squares.

That’s a really nice neat little trick yeah and what are the issues that I ran into, which was a little bit of a technical glitch with this particular platform was example: i’m editing this button and see this area here where it says scroll option. I wanted to see it’s got a drop-down menu of the actions that you want, so I wanted this particular this particular button. Instead of going through to the form or the pop-up, I decided that I just wanted to scroll to the opt-in area, which is further up on the page.

So I saved it and then, if I go into preview here – and I loaded up my page, if I scroll down to where this is – let me just go out so you can see. This is how the page would actually look to the viewers. So if I go down i’ll just click on this and you can see, the scrolling effect is not happening. It’s not when I click on this. It should just simply scroll up to this position and allow me to fill in the form.

So there are a few little bugs. Obviously, on the software is not absolutely perfect, but it’s getting really close and those those little bugs um, you know just put in a ticket for them and they seem to get resolved they’re pretty good. At responding on. I put in a ticket this morning and they already you know they. They responded and I expect to get an answer tomorrow on resolving that unless you and obviously you know if I was a programmer, I could go in and probably fix that little that little issue um pretty easily, but I’m not.

But I was just thinking won’t link to be patient yeah. If one thing you might try is literally just just put in a pound sign on its own, as as the link that may that may work, you’d have to do that in the editor basic. It’s really interested in this editor because there’s there’s a kind of general rule that the more control and flexibility you have, the more complexity. You you, you know it comes along with it and therefore the bigger the learning curve.

Now, what we’re finding is that the very best products or platforms or editors that we’re finding now they don’t seem to suffer as much as you know, some of the other ones who user interfaces are so well designed that it really doesn’t feel like. There’s any learning curve at all. I’ve certainly found that, because I haven’t used this one, but I’ve used thrive. Content builder recently, which – and you know very, very much a fan of and in oblique, but what’s interesting about clickfunnels, I think compared to particularly leadpages, is, I think you alluded to earlier on league pitchers.

Doesn’t let you insert your own stuff, your own content in there? It gives you a template and you can edit the content, but you can’t add new stuff in there so well. This is it like, if you want to add visual elements, if you want to change the background color of something, if you want to brand it or make it your own leadpages makes it that process more difficult, because they only give you a certain level of flexibility.

Unbound gives you flexibility, but requires YouTube to have at least a strong knowledge in HTML and CSS, and to enable YouTube to do customization the difference with clickfunnels is it gives the user the layman, the person who is just just new to this. This, like myself, of working with these kind of applications, a very easy intuitive way to build a professional in landing page without you know, without bleeding about it, and the other aspect here is it give someone like yourself and who has 25 years experience the ability to Um to do very micro changes yeah and be able to if you do things that yeah yeah, if you want it, I mean I, when I I completely redid the whole web design from scratch theme the other weekend and that literally has 20 lines of CSS.

That’s the only custom CSS that I’ve done so the bottom line is that, even if you do have the skills – and you are capable of doing this detailed customization, do you even need to yeah? I have those skills and I really don’t tend to use those skills. If I can avoid using it, so yeah very, very impressive on this, so what are we looking at now, so we wanted to talk briefly about integration with third-party software um.

In this case, what we’re trying to do is obviously um part of our process. If we were going back to the methodology that we are that you’re teaching been about circle review and about modern mantra, monitoring and iteration, we really want to understand and be able to track all of what we’re doing here. So google, google code, 44 tracking, this particular outcome – is that we want to do two things we want to set up a UTM code within Google Analytics it’ll enable us to track this, and we need to embed that tracking code directly in our Thank You page.

So that’s what I’ve done here! I’ve just simply copied and pasted this UTM code directly from my my Earl builder in Google Analytics, and I just simply copy and paste it in here and now I’m able to go into my google analytics and set up a trackable goal in there for the thank You page, and also for our call real account where we’re tracking the phone numbers the benefit to the user is that we can now create split testing where we can put two phone numbers up against each other.

Maybe um change up a particular headline or a particular statement that we’re making as a call to action and just test them against each other to see which one performs the other, but the beauty of that is you know if we, if we’re getting 15 calls from One end, and only two from the other: well maybe that adds outperforming the other one and we should we should not be spending as much money on those keywords for the poorly performing phone call add.

So so that’s the benefit of that and, as I said before, um if we were to look at email integration you can see here. I haven’t set up the thank you page to have an email integration because it’s not really the form. So, in order for me to do that, um, like example, if this was a form all I would have is I just go down to where my MailChimp account is – is previously set up here – click male chip list.

I want to add this list to my set to my list and I want to get in touch with list from Colin and now you can see I’m connected. So now it’s already connected to my mail chimp API. This took me to second, like you know, five seconds to do on the cliq funnel side and it the first time I did it in MailChimp. It took me about five minutes to get it set up with no experience at all and the next time I did.

It took me about two minutes to do. Yeah. I’ve done a similar thing recently, also with MailChimp and the the the integration. The ease of integration with these leading platforms is is really very easy nowadays, yeah there’s. No. You know like one of the things that I and this is even as much as maybe six months ago, you had to do all these special integrations. You had to build yet to be building and managing all these paid tools.

Outside of you know, you had to have a leadpages account. You had to have a MailChimp account. You had to have all these paid accounts, and now click funnels is giving you that ability to have a one-stop shop for all of your leadpages and the benefit. Here too, is you don’t even need a website anymore? You could run you could set up um here I’ll. Take you out to on. Let me just go back out here, okay, so it’s like that this was a lucky so short funnel just it was a squeeze page with a form and a sign up, but you’re, also tracking telephone conversions, which is really really important exactly so.

It it’ll support some much kind of longer or more complex types of funnels here, yeah and, and the big thing that people have to be aware of is that I think it’s close to sixty percent of all transactions or or related purchases of services or products are Now being done from mobile devices, so you just can’t ignore that market anymore. One of the and one of the caveats here is that they haven’t overcomplicated this I no and leadpages leadpages has a lot of choices right now and it’s it’s adding a layer of complexity to an application that doesn’t need to be complicated, and I think that’s the Big benefit of clip funnel, since they did really they really dumb down the process simplified.

How to set up your sales funnels right from the get-go and they’ve. Given you in there in this particular package that, given you an opt-in, lead funnel sales funnel a webinar funnel auto webinar, funnel membership funnel a launch funnel and a cut of the custom funnel now, if I’m, I think you have to upgrade to get access to the Custom cut off – i’m not mistaken, but let’s just look at at. Obviously, the process for something like you’re doing been where, where you’re getting people to become members of your of your tribe, there’s a simple registration signup form here that can be tied into stripe, account or paypal, and you have your membership area, so you can actually create A membership area from this is up this tool.

It’s it’s that it’s that straightforward and that can be done not in days or weeks, but in in an afternoon yeah. So it’s really yeah yeah. So it’s real! It’s really compress the amount of time and as if you’re a consultant, I mean as an example. I did this to page opt-in sales funnel for this client in Toronto and, let’s just say I mean I’m not going to give you the exact number I build. But what’s just saying you’d give him a number of you charge him five hundred dollars to build a landing page click funnels a cost to me is ninety seven dollars, and so I’m able to profit four hundred dollars for one hour of work.

That’s a pretty good return for me, yeah, I thought otherwise might have taken me two days yeah. If I had to home hand code that I’d be losing money, I would have to charge the client three times as much to to make to make that four hundred dollars back. So so a lot of benefits, very quick, simple, easy to use um. I can’t say enough positive things about it. The other positive thing and that’s something I should also raise is some.

If we switch over to the wordpress account, this is what you’re, seeing in the backend of WordPress. Obviously, um Ben has had previous articles on on on a theme and content builder that he is critical seems to be crazy about, and I can admit that I’m crazy about thrive themes, which the reason why I use this tool also is that that it has a Wysiwyg editor, but it also simplifies the process of integrating iframes into WordPress.

The problem with WordPress currently is when you import a an iframe into into the standard editing page of WordPress, you have to put it in this text box. You have to copy and paste your code in here and when you update it, it’s going to create a box within your page. That is looks more like a frame with a slider on it. So it really doesn’t look that pleasing to the eye. So when you look at uh, when you go into the content builder of thrive themes, you see a similar editor to what you have in clickfunnels, but the benefit here is, I can just put in a custom HTML code, which is here which will give me my.

I frame, and all I do is I just simply go into the iframe itself and add in more pixels to the height to adjust for that. This frame will fit properly and then I preview, the page and – and it looks great – you know it’s – it’s simple. It’s nice and clean, and it gives me all the elements are clearly defined and it and it works. So, as you can see, I mean I’m just doing a little test here, just to show you how nice this is working, I guess it will.

Let you specify where the fields are required, not – and you know, customers your error, messages and stuff like that. So there’s my thank you page right, mm-hm and and then everything is tracks. So if I go over to my MailChimp account and here’s my MailChimp account – and here is the subscriber Brian McFarlane who just came in from Tufts right, yeah yeah I’ll, just whisk as it’s meant it just works fluidly.

So so that’s it in a nutshell! And the nice thing about this is all you have to do is just go into your MailChimp account uh. You know maybe once a week and make sure that you know that things are coming in, as they are make sure that those emails are all forwarding to your clients or according to you and follow up with those leads and and said you know, and this client Is going to be selling a lot of real estate, fantastic, so yeah? Thank you so much for that Brian.

I think just to just to put this in some context, then, if you need a a funnel building, a squeeze funnel or not in fun or whatever I I would say this is a rip, a powerful, quite heavy weight tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to Use it looks very easy to integrate the visual editor. I love, I think its superior to leadpages visual editor by by a long way. It gives you a lot of flexibility.

It makes leadpages look like you’re kind of a quick, quick version of this, but I’m certainly very very impressed so and then you know under one hundred dollars a month each to use to set up. You know multiple funnels. I think this should be a should be a no-brainer for for many marketers you’re just got to just got to make sure you use it yeah and – and I just find like I do local pay-per-click advertising for small businesses and they all need a landing page so And they don’t have they don’t have a you know, a three thousand of five thousand dollar budget to build a website yeah, so they might just need to have an initial sales funnel for their business to get them started once you get them income coming in then They’re more likely to upgrade with you than to go somewhere else like to build they’ll, come back to me and say: okay, Brian you know are averaging really well we’re Jim we’re, making a reasonable amount of money.

We want to reinvest now. We want to upgrade we’d like to purchase a website from you, we’d like to purchase other services from you and as a consultant, it just makes my life a lot easier to be able to offer those things to people and, and that goes out to the tribe. That’s here, and also to the people who are business owners themselves, there’s only so many hours in the day and if you’re a business owner who works 12 to 14 hours a day on your business, you don’t want to be spending three days on building a landing Page, so if you have a spare hour at lunch, you can create a landing page for your business.

With this talk yeah, even if you’ve got the skills, maybe you don’t need them, you know they make some redundant and here’s what’s interesting. I mean you describe yourself as a a local pay-per-click specialist. You know so really what’s happening. It now is that we’re all becoming marketers and our job is to deliver marketing campaigns. You’ll hear this again and again: we’re delivering marketing campaigns, not websites website is just one piece and what what you’ve done here in minutes can replace a website.

You know a few years ago, people would have charged thousands literally thousands of dollars for what you’ve been able to do for under a hundred bucks in a couple of hours right, so yeah, garrick great tool definitely want to keep an eye on Brian. Thank you. So much again for your time, it’s been a really really enlightening. Thanks Teresa take care, everyone cheers bye, bye for now.


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