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Email Marketing – 12 Best Practices

I’r going to assume you know what email marketing is and you’re frustrated. You’ve been sending out sequences and you’re just not sure why people are not opening up your emails, and these are 12 different practices, check them off, make sure you’re doing these 12 and then you should see your email open rates go up if not double number one Is make sure you keep your list cleaned out if you keep sending emails to people who are not opening them, it kind of goes it’s kind of like an algorithm, and the autoresponder is picking up on that, so that they’re, just assuming that what you’re sending isn’t Going to get opened so you’re kind of hurting yourself by continuously sending the people that aren’t interested in what you have and you know not.

Everybody wants the information. You have that’s just a fact of life and by keeping them on your list. Another problem is you’re paying for those emails that are going out after you start getting into the thousands, and your numbers keep getting bigger your fee for the autoresponder goes up according to how much you use it, and if you’re sending out thousands of emails that nobody’s Opening then it’s really just waste of money as well, so you really want to have them removed completely and clean it up now.

One way you can do that in active campaign is active campaign actually will track the emails that don’t open up and it will actually remove them. If you ask it to so, that’s another feature of active campaign that it will automatically do it. Some Auto casado responders require you to go in and take them out by hand and it’s much more cumbersome and time-consuming. So that is a nice feature in the tracking part of active campaign.

Now, let’s look at number two. You want to make sure you don’t over. Deliver and what I mean by that is some people in email marketing say: oh, you should get yourself in front of everybody every single day and you know keep on emailing every single day. If you do, that, think of yourself there’s been people, I’m sure that if he mailed you every single day, you really get tired of seeing their name pop-up.

I had one person that was emailing me and I actually enjoyed their content. I was opening it, but then it was every single day, so it wasn’t a treat anymore. It was like another email. So if you just send two to three times a week and and be a little bit inconsistent, then people go oh there’s an email. I was looking for one I’d really enjoy their content. I pretty much have mine set up to where every 10 days I send roughly four.

So it is probably two to three week. It comes out that way, five every two weeks so, but I’m not consistent in and how many days I skip, I kind of mix it up a little bit, but just stay in front of them, but don’t be in front of them so much that they start Ignoring you and they feel like you’re annoying and number three again do not send the email every day, so I just talked about being in front of them every day and now you want to be consistent, so you want to send emails, but not every day.

Alright number four do not email on weekends. If you start tracking and looking at the algorithms and and your analytics of your emails, you’re going to notice that most people do not open them on the weekends Friday Saturday, Sunday pretty much skip those three days and only send between 11:30 to about 2:30 Monday through Thursday you’ll find that those are the best times that people will open up their emails and, if you think about it, that’s when people are usually at work and they’re, you know they’ve got the work done: they’re sittin there, maybe they’re getting ready to go to lunch And they’ll start checking their emails and there you are don’t sell in every mean email.

This is number five out of 12. If you sell something in every single email again, I’ve had people. I’ve enjoyed their content, but then it was like okay. What are you trying to sell me and if people you know spread that out, there’s the 80/20 rule if 80 percent of the time you’re just sending content good, valuable content, 20 % of the time you’re trying to offer them a tool or sell them. Something then you’ll find that that’s a good balance number six make sure you segment and tag your emails.

And what do I mean by this, even though you might not understand how to use it or how it’s going to benefit you right I’ll, do it anyway and down the road it’s going to help you. So let’s say I send out a lead, magnet and in that lead magnet I am in health and fitness and maybe in this particular lead magnet. I started talking about lifting weights. Maybe it was something I hadn’t been talking about.

I was into nutrition and shakes and maybe just getting out and exercising and moving well all of a sudden, I started talking about weight, lifts or not weight lifting but lifting weights as part of the routine, and so I sent out a free lead, magnet on how To gradually increase the level of your weights – and here are some simple, routine workouts to do – and people got the free lead, magnet they. They were added to my list.

Well, I can tag them weights and later maybe I come across something else. Maybe I want to pull those people that were interested in the weights and send them just specific information like a campaign and not part of the continuous email sequence and campaigns are more like special groups of emails. That are more specific and I can pull them really fast. These are all the people that liked to talk about weights and here’s a new workout program that I actually found that I could offer to them and sell to them as an affiliate program, so tag them segment them based on interests based on why they’re getting on Your list, so, even though everybody on my list might be interested in starting a business, not every single person per se might want to start an affiliate marketing business.

Maybe some of them are interested in my email, marketing and and maybe some other things that all businesses need, but I can tag them the people that specifically want affiliate marketing. I can cater to them a little bit in more depth than the people that wanted. Some of the other information – if that makes sense, alright number 7, ask questions so that you get responses in your email. It actually increases deliverability.

So if I ask people specific questions and they respond, that’s kind of like having engagement on social media, if you think about it, when you post on Facebook and people respond – and you have all that engagement, your ratings kind of go up. Well, it works’we an email when you’re responding and engaging that kind of puts you up a little bit and you’ll get those emails. We’ll definitely go, have more deliverability rates in into the email boxes.

All right number, eight use stories and the reason you want to use stories is you want people to get to know you and your stories and how they relate to different, analogies and things that you’re telling people don’t always want to just be talked to, and you Know if I, if I wrote an email to you and said, oh, I love these weights and this is a routine I started doing you got to try it as opposed to telling the story of how you know.

I got tired of just walking every day. I wanted to up it a little bit and I felt like I was too old, but I started out with two pounds and I even sat in my chair and you know tell a funny story. I mean: could you imagine someone sitting in a chair with two pound weights? It’s it’s kind of a visual, that’s ridiculous, because two pounds are not much, but it happens, and actually I did do that but um and then how I built all the way up to twelve pounds and I feel so much stronger.

And it took me this much time, but you can tell that story and and tell these success that went with it and then people were like wow. If she can do that, and she wasn’t embarrassed to start with two pounds and sitting in a chair, then that’s something I can do so tell a story and it just makes it more relatable number nine and you will hope that one day you will have this Problem but warm up the IP, and what does that mean? If you have a list of emails like a hundred thousand, you cannot send all hundred thousand emails at once.

It’ll, look like spam and autoresponders do not like them. So one of the things you can do is send out your emails in 5000 increments, so you might send them out every so many minutes or every so much time in between and just kind of warm it up, and then that way it doesn’t look like spam. Now I know some people when they start getting those huge numbers, they will actually go out and use two different autoresponders just in case one shuts down.

They always have the other one that will keep working, because the the bread-and-butter of your business is you in a list. I just got an email from somebody that an influencer I’m on their email list, and they just mentioned how they just lost their account on Facebook. It was shut down, 25,000 people were following them on there and it just got shut down out of the blue, but they have an email list.

So you have to make sure you build this email list now you might say well what if the autoresponder gets shut down? Well, it can, but you can also export those email names. Every so often make sure you export your list and you keep that in a safe place and if it does get shut down, you have that list. You can import it into another autoresponder and that’s how you own it number 10 make sure people can unsubscribe to your list and what and I know legally, you have to do that.

But have you ever tried to unsubscribe to somebody’s list only to find out they’re still sending you emails? I can name somebody right now. I know I’m on their list like four times I’ve readed them I’ve. It’s an influencer. I’ve signed up for a couple things and I noticed every single time. I click a button icon the list new again, even though I keep using the same email address. So I’m sure if I unsubscribe I’m going to have to unsubscribe two or three more times so make sure your button works and make sure that people aren’t getting duplicated into your list.

My list I have it set up where they can only come in once under one email and the system will pick it up if it’s a duplicate so that they won’t be on several lists all right number. Eleven, we have two left make sure you always have a call to action. Now you might say: well, you just told me not to sell something. Every time will call to action doesn’t mean to always sell something. Your call to action can be hey click, this link.

If you would like to try this autoresponder, which I do have a link below so there’s your call to action. I could also be promoting my new Facebook group click. The link call to action I could promote. I could ask a question and ask you to respond to something: that’s a call to action, so see how the call to action does not have to be selling something, but I’m asking you to do something. I could just simply ask you: hey, give me a thumbs up if this was helpful or make a comment in the chat, the the comments below and let me know what you think those are call to actions subscribe to.

My blog, that’s a call to action. I hope you heard all of those I just gave you about six call to actions pick one at least alright number 12. This is the last one, and this is what is really important, especially if you’re new don’t use swipe files now. What does that mean? If you signed up to become an affiliate marketer when you go to clickbank, and you find that item that you want to sell, they give you all their files like swipe files and emails like that.

You can just take them and copy and paste them in and it sounds enticing and it sounds wonderful when you’re new because you’re like I don’t know what to do. But if you use exactly what they give you it’s called a swipe file. Then so is everybody else and it’s going to be picked up as spam, because a lot of people are using that same one and even if it doesn’t get picked up, it doesn’t really say who you are.

So, let’s say you did five emails. We call the soap opera sequence when you’re introducing yourself and warming up to your audience, those first few emails and then all of a sudden. You have a swipe file and it totally does not represent who you are they’re, not using the same language, they’re, not using the same vocabulary or anything, and it just really throws things off. What I suggest you do is look at that file.

Take it and edit it, you can still take that information, use it as a guide and make it become you put yourself in there. You could even start it out with a story and that really warms up your audience and lets them see that you’re consistent in your emails, so I just gave you 12 different ways that you could best practices for your email. Hopefully, one of those will be something you weren’t doing and you can start using that back best practice and get those emails to get open.

You already heard all of my call to actions give me the thumbs up the subscribe all that stuff, but um. You know how it works I do have. This is my real collection. I do have some playlists about email, marketing and I’ve got the link below if you’re, really digging in and trying to get your email marketing up and running. I have some articles that I made, and I put them together in an ending list.

Playlist and the link is below so definitely check that out. So that’ll help you with them with your email list.


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Designing Blog Elements in Canva

My own personal branding and I wan na incorporate that into my blog, but you know on a budget but by myself, Yeah,’cause, we’re ballin’ on a budget Of course. So I’m going to show You how to actually make different blog elements using Canva here on The Journey, So when building your brand and building, whether it’s for personal or for business and designing these elements, it’s important to be consistent with it.

Because if you start Throwing out one design and then in a week later, You have another design, People don’t know really who You are or what to follow, So it’s important keep that on track Yeah. So let me go ahead and Show you a quick demo of how to actually make Those blog elements using Canva, absolutely free, Sounds good Cool All right, so you told Me you wan na really like elevate your brand and start creating your Own branded content, So we’re going to use Canva for that.

I love Canva, just because Of its ease of use, Anyone can go in and edit it I mean. I know Photoshop and All these advanced things, but Canva just makes it That much easier and faster to actually create this content. So what we’re actually going to create today is basically your featured images, we’re going to make them A little bit more branded and a little bit more elevated make them stand out a little bit.

We might have a little Extra bonuses at the end too Perfect, But I see these burgers Like Whataburger review, the In-n-out review Hopdddy All these different things We wan na go ahead, get in Canva and check this out, You can get there by just By going to Canva.Com but right in the top there Where it says design anything we’re just going to type Blog and see what pops up, We have blog banner and blog graphic, So I’m probably going to Use just the blog banner, So it’s not as big or This image right here, they’re, not that big, we Want them kind of small and choose blog banner And what’s cool about this Especially, if you don’t have that design eye is, it gives you tons of templates to start from So earlier you were telling Me some of your colors are those green colors right, [ Alex ] Right, [ Nealey ], So you can see here.

There’s not a lot of green and that’s okay, You’re going to be able Edit all of this content, So I’m going to let you kind of go ahead and tell me which style you wan na use. Let’s choose The Art, Exhibit one [ Nealey ] All right, so you Chose the art exhibit template. I like it We’re going to go ahead and edit it and make it kind of your own. So we obviously don’t Want the art exhibit Let’s check out, let’s do one of your most recent reviews, which is WHATABURGER review and then “ All about Their burgers and fries.

” A little bit there [ Alex ] Yeah, [, Nealey ]. So what’s cool About this is this font might not be your font In the upper left. You can actually go ahead and change that and it’s linked up with Google fonts. So anything on google Fonts, which is usually what most websites use what your brand uses you can add here. So, let’s scroll through And find your brand, So I know you liked Poppins So we’re going to go ahead and use Poppins right here, So Poppins’ bold.

So we’ve got that Whataburger review and maybe we don’t want this Whatever this background is it’s kind of blurry, Let’s go ahead and add in a burger, So we’re just going to pick a burger’cause. I don’t want to go to your website, I’m a little lazy, I’m going to go ahead. And search photos and just type burgers, I wan na keep it free and then search. So all these burgers are absolutely free. I can go ahead.

Add it On here, just like that And wallah We’ve got a Whataburger review all about their burgers All right. So that’s Just the basics of Canva, using the templates adding The background image adding some text change the font. Were there any other elements. You really wan na add to this image. I’r not really sure What kind Of options am I looking at All right, so, let’s just check it out. So, on the left hand, side, we’ve got different options and we’re going to go to elements.

Elements are just different. Images ingredients and all these other things inside of Canva that you can use So I wan na talk about grids for a second Grids are basically –. Let me just throw that on there. They looks like a little cloud and some grass and stuff right, But this is really for, if You wan na add an image here without having to style it yourself, It’s really great for templates. So if I had that post there And then I wanted to add another picture of a burger right here.

It throws it in just like that. So then, if I have another image, I could just put it right on top and then the template Changes with that image Super helpful when you’re Making your blog post, you don’t have to always going to edit it and style it move it around. Those little things help out tremendously. So, let’s move on We’ve got different shapes could add different Shapes on your website style, however, you want move it around.

Just like ( beat box music ), But you go ahead and change the Colors right at the top left, You said your colors are Greens, so I make that green green again. Maybe we want this kind of. I don’t know just randomly up here. Why not we’re just going with it And then, if you don’t want It there like, I, don’t You can just hit, delete and it’s gone So there’s all sorts of different icons and different elements you can have.

If I search burger, for example, I can probably find a Lot of different burgers. Remember you wan na click on that free icon. We’re try to do this for free [, Alex ], Absolutely [, Nealey ]! I really like This little guy right here That is only works. You Can’t see the content Cool, maybe that works But yeah. There’s lots of Different things, you can do You just search in the Top left under elements, if you wan na, add your Text you can do so there You wan na, add a different background.

You can go through all your uploads, I’m not going to go through uploads and you’ll, see all my randomness And then you can categorize your stuff by folders and things like that. So then, when you’re done, you would just choose download. So let’s download this bad guy and then go over to your website. Go to your Whataburger review, Let’s edit, that post! Let’s change this image upload ours! So once it’s uploaded, remember that all text Is super important WHATABURGER REVIEW Juicy burger posts for the caption and then select and update.

So now we can go back to our website. [ Alex ] Looks so much better. [ Nealey ] We have that Whataburger review is they can see that super quick and easy? Not everyone likes to read these. They, like flip through the images they’ll see that image and they’ll also see The Whataburger review So now, what’s super cool When it comes to Canva, if you end up upgrading To their premium license is the ability to resize your content, you’ve already created.

So if you say you wanted The same type of template on social media’cause Branding is super important. It’s super important to be consistent. You can easily resize this To say an Instagram post Click resize at the top search Instagram Instagram post copy & resize, and then it threw it together. And an Instagram post, You might need to update some of the different elements if needed, but it makes it super simple to really have your brand everywhere.

[ Alex ] Right. So that was awesome. What else can I do in Canva for my blog [ Nealey ]? Yes, so what a lot Of people will do in Canva, especially on a blog, is Create their own custom ads So those little things that will end up on the widget sidebar. So let’s go back to canva’s home and then we’re just going to Search Ads see what pops up, So we have a Facebook Ad That’s a little too wide a leaderboard Ad large Rectangle and a medium rectangle, You should probably just Do a medium rectangle, keep it simple, And then we have all of This different content, We kind of wan na, keep it consistent to the look and feel That we had with this So let’s actually just Do this from scratch? So when you go to elements I’m going to throw in this grid, keep it easy on us right.

[ Alex ] Yeah [ Nealey ], And then you had Your recipe book right, What was the recipe book about? [ Alex ] Taco, Tuesday recipes [, Nealey ], All right. So this whole Ad is going to be about your Taco Tuesday recipe book. So I wan na search for a taco image, Which one looks good to you: [ Alex ], All of them, (, laughs, ), [, Nealey, ] You’re, not wrong; [ Alex ]. Let’s do the One with the limes yeah [ Nealey, ], Perfect All right now I want to Make this a little darker just so that the white Will contrast on it, You do so with the adjust at the top.

Now I wan na add some text in Taco, Tuesday Recipes and that’s obviously way too big, not the font. We want And not in the colors, So we wanted Poppins’cause, it’s poppin’, (, laughs, ), I’m real corny, guys All right. We also wan na change the color. I didn’t change. All of it All right go back to Poppins Poppins Poppins Poppins. There we go All right and then we Wan na change the color make that white we wan na change the size.

That’s way too big That looks good, And now with this I don’t really want That extra space there, it’s kind of too much You can go over to spacing And then go to line height and then shrink or expand this as needed All right, so we got Taco Tuesday recipes, Let’s check on the other posts, so we make this consistent. All right! We’ve got these Little white lines here so, let’s make sure we have that It’s going to be over in elements and then shapes, I hope, Nope, I hope nope.

Oh, then, you go over two elements go down to lines That makes more sense And then also that white turn it around Got to shrink a little bit And then the regular Commands like CTRL, +, C CTRL, + V, things like that work here You hit CTRL + D. If you’re on a windows, computer or Command + D, it’ll duplicate it nice and easy for you And what’s cool about Canva is it kind of will make A little bit of a grid, so you can see it, it shows that it’s even With the other one, So you can throw that in there And now we have our Taco Tuesday Recipes.

Now, if there’s anything else, you wan na add you can always just kind of search, see what other things pop up. Maybe you wan na add Some random little tacos in the top left or on top Cool, and now once we have this we’re going to want to download that then go over to your website. Now we’re going to throw it Under the widget area, So we wan na go over to Your WordPress dashboard appearance and then widgets and then we wan na actually Add an image here So there’s an image on The left hand column just drag that right over I’m, going to put that above –.

Actually, let’s put it Below the recent posts, We don’t really wan na title and we just wan na upload that Taco Tuesday Recipe image Now what’s important, With some of these images that you throw on your Website in the bottom right, it’ll usually try to make It just the medium size Now our medium size is the full size, but for those you’re reading, if you have an image, you’re uploading make sure you put it on full size.

Otherwise, it’s going to Make it a lot smaller than it actually is, Let’s go add to widget save. If you wanted to link to your landing page that we created earlier, you can go ahead, do so there And then let’s check it out, It’s going to go to your website and then let’s check Your WHATABURGER REVIEW and then bam. We got your Taco Tuesday Recipes [ Alex ]. It looks good [ Nealey ]. So if someone click that it’ll go to your landing page, see all about your recipe book and then you’ve got it So Canva will let you really create almost anything you’re wanting to What I would recommend.

Is just going through all of the designs They have it right here. It’s like Canva print posters, logos, desktop Wallpaper blog banners Instagram Stories literally everything, But what I would highly Highly highly recommend is always keep your brand consistent. Now, there’s lots of templates to use and it sounds really cool. Don’t just go and start making all sorts of different stuff. It’s going to confuse your audience.

If you start doing that Perfect, do I think I’ve got it all I’m going to go home play with Canva, see what I can create. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever used, Canva before Yeah, and I really Hope this inspired you to really elevate your brand using Canva or whatever else you wan na, create it with You got some value out of this article. Make sure you smash that Like button, let us know, While you’re there Subscribe to our blogs, so you get this content first.

This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time.

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GetStencil Review ( Image Creation Tool for Social Media Marketers)

Doesn’t it just gives you an opportunity to compare the two systems, but today we’re only going to go over get stencil um. Basically, it’s a simple image creation tool for social media marketers now you might say, but I’m not a social media marketer.

I just want something to create my graphics when I post on Facebook, or when I post on Instagram or Pinterest, I I’m not really a marketer, but I have fun creating images and I’d like to look at the tool. This is for you as well now what I’m going to start out with today, I’m going to show you the pricing and then we’re going to go over the free review of the free product. Okay, because, in my opinion, I don’t care if you even know how to use something, you should always start with the free product before you put money out and make sure it’s what you want.

So let’s go over the pricing. Basically, you can see here I’m going to move this up a little bit free is over here on the left, and then you have your pro and then your unlimited any time. This is why I like to start out with free, because if I start out with the free product and then I know, I really am going to use it, and I want to upgrade – I always go with the annual fee because you save money that way.

If you go monthly you’re going to pay a little bit more, but that’s the way to go if you’re not sure, but I think you would be able to decide once you use it for free. But let’s go down a little bit. We’re going to go in the free account today, where you can only save ten images a month, so it absolutely is just a test product because, if you’re not in social media, marketing and you’re, just using it for fun, ten might be enough.

But definitely if you’re in social media marketing you’re wanted you’re going to want to be able to do 50 a month, which is a good. Almost two images per month, you’re limited to the photos, which is not a big deal because there’s so many in there you’re limited to icons but again, there’s a lot in there and I’ll show you all this. You can upload up to 50 images and over here you’re going to have you can upload as many as you want and you can create 10km since we’re going to go over that you can keep favourites and you can do ten Instagram posts per month.

So over here everything’s a little bit, you have more that you can do once you start paying for it. You have fonts that you can bring in watermarks logos, font uploads, which is I’ll go over, that a premium support a lot of programs. Do that if you have a pay more for a monthly fee, you’re going to get your support a lot faster? That’s just common! With most software tools, you can create up to 25 collections, keep up to 100 favorites and 25 Instagram posts per month, so okay, so that doesn’t mean anything until we get in there.

But I just wanted to show you that I’m getting I’m showing you the free program right now as opposed to the paid one. So when you log in you’re, going to go to get stencil calm and exactly like it sounds get stencil calm, it’s going to come in and it’s going to say you have ten images for the month. I already used one because I just wanted to review it. A little bit before we did this article, and this is what you’ll see you’re going to see some photos over here to the side and in the center.

This is the area where, when I move a photo over, this is where I’m going to do my work. Where I’m going to create my graphic image that I want to create – and over here you have different features right here – is your selection of photos that you can use now. If I open this up where the drop-down arrow is, I can get photos in different areas. I have nature up right now, but you can get patterns, people space and, as you can see, there’s a lot of choices here.

So even though it’s free, I’m just starting out, there’s plenty here that you can pull from okay. So that’s your feature! Your photos go to the next one, and this is templates, so you can even upload a template, that’s already there and maybe change the font. So let me show you as an example: there is a template, it’s going to load it over there. Unless you know this, one is not available, see they’re always going to be trying to get you to go up, so we’re just going to cancel we’re not going to upload.

But what happens is that template would show up and you could change the the quote or the message in the center. Okay, let’s go down a little bit further, there’s featured quotes, I’m going to go back to the top, I’m going to just kind of create as we go, but let’s go ahead and put a photo. Let’s use. Let’s see this one looks nice with the beach, so I’m going to put a photo. I just clicked it and there it is.

I have my photo that I’m going to use for the background. Well now I’m going to go down here to quotes. I can take one of these quotes that are here and click it and it automatically puts it on there. Now these are the featured quotes. If I go in, I could get a business quote. Friendship: let’s look at some business quotes, let’s assume you’re into social media, marketing, time, energy and focus. These are the resources at your disposal every each and every day ideas are like rabbits, you get a couple, learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen.

So obviously I don’t really have a business picture here. So let me see I’m going to do a quote that might have to do with motivation. Let’s see if there’s anything or inspiration, let’s look for an inspirational quote, I’m kind of inspired. When I look at that here, you go be present in all things and thankful for all things. So, let’s put that there, but there it goes. My quote, went right up there.

I have the person that said the quote. We always want to give credit where credit is due. Now, I’m not going to change anything just yet. I just want you to see that I can put that quote there now. If I keep going, I have an upload button where there’s a little cloud and earlier I just played around, and I found a couple of background images that I thought would look cute with quotes on them. I can upload those here and I believe in the free account you had a limit of 25 uploads or something like that.

But that’s plenty if you’re just playing around getting to know it. The next one is logos and watermarks, and you do have to have an upgrade. So if you have a certain watermark, some people will make their images and will put their business name on there or their own name to kind of take credit for what they’re creating, and it is also another way if other people share it. They’re sharing it with your name on it, so it’s actually a very smart way of getting your name out there.

So definitely, if you’re interested in that, then your want to upgrade but again in the beginning, maybe not necessary, and here’s where I had played around and I saved some images. So let’s say I make this image today and it’s something that I think that I’ll keep using then I’m going to save it in my file here now. If I decide, I don’t want something like this one here. I just click it and I can delete it.

So you don’t have to keep everything there forever. Alright, let’s go back over here. We had quotes now, let’s play around with what we have. What can I do this right now, my font? I can click the font or the message, the the text, and I can change it and I’m going to show you the biggest thing that gets stenciled does that canva does not, and otherwise I think they’re both pretty comparable. But in my opinion this is the one thing that I always want to do and I can’t with canva but I’ll show you in a moment all right.

So I have comic sans ms. If I just hit that top arrow, I can change my fun that easily just just go up and click and there’s tons of fonts in here so again in the pro account, if you want to upgrade, you can bring your own font in so, let’s say you’re Already doing social media, you have your own WordPress, you pretty much have branded yourself with a certain font, and it’s not here. Well, you can bring your own font in and then, when you click my fonts and you’ll just upload it, and it will always be here for you, so that is one nice feature, but if you, if it doesn’t matter to you, everything is right here now, I’m Going to add, there’s a bubblegum sans.

I, like the Comic Sans, I’m going to go back to that real, quick that look pretty good. It came up that way all right now. What can I do from there? I have my text size. I can make it really. Look how big I can go. You can’t go that big with canva canva is limited. I’ve seen people make thumbnails on their YouTube articles and you’ll see that there sometimes their font is huge. Now what I’m going to have to do since I made it big and made it small again, I’m going to have to put an enter in there there to do it to two lines.

So there we go. I can just that simply change my text. I can change the line, hi see how I can separate them or make them closer. I can put a shadow in there. Read the fun read how they they start getting a little bit of a shadow. They look like 3d, oh they’re, not getting much of one on this one. For some reason. I don’t know why, okay earlier when I did it, it kind of made a shadow, it might be because there’s too many too much text there, but I can make it bold.

I can make it italic, I can underline it. I can adjust it to the center to the side and then I can change the text color here now right now, it’s black black works. It’s fine, but let’s say I want to change it to red and it’s that simple go back to black outline. This is what lets I’m going to change the text color and I’m going to make it let’s say: yellow well, maybe not, let’s go yellow now read you can hardly see that.

Well now I can outline it in black now. Look at that, how how much it pops that’s something you cannot do on canva if the person that introduced this program to me was pointing that out, because I saw one of their graphics and I thought oh, how did you do that, and that is pretty cool? How you can outline your text and then you can change your background color. If you want I’m going to leave the background the way it is now here, you can move things forward or you can move them back like right now.

My text is in the front, but when you’re starting to do like multiple layers and things, you can move things to the foreground and to the background, and things like that now I can duplicate this. If I want now, I’m finished with that part now, if I click again, I will get rid of that box now notice here, I’m inside of the text box. Okay. So if I click out that text box with all my features goes away now, I’m going to click on the graphic the photo and now I have filters and things I can add.

I can make it black and white, I can change it, and so I have lots of choices of how I can change that filter. I can make it blurry in the back. You know some people kind of blur the back out, see that and you can make it transparent, so lots of lots of different features on your background as well, you can lighten it, you can darken it. We can go back up here to the you know, so you can see there’s a color overlay if you want to put a color over it and you can choose over here.

So you can get a pretty fancy with this. You can make it horizontal vertical and if you want to upload a different background, you can upload right from here and then here you can make a resizable image. So why would I want to change my image? Well, maybe you don’t want the image to be the whole background. Maybe you just want it to be down like that, so you can play around and get really really creative.

With this, when you’re finished, you can save it now, that’s not something I would save. To be honest, I was just showing you what it did. I didn’t want to sit here and get creative but, like I said, my favorite feature is outlining the font and the fact that the font can be any size that I want. I really like that feature, so they have saved the image and I’ll notice. I’r down to 8, so I can only do 10 a month if I go with the free feature, but if you’re just looking at it to see, if it’s something you want, you can create 10 images and see how you like working it.

If it’s, if you’re using canva or a different program, you can kind of compare now what I’m going to do is download it and you can download it as a JPEG. You can ask for different dimensions. You can print it or just digital standard or maximum. Okay. So I’m going to cross that off and then here you have preview and share, you can preview it on a mobile preview. That’s what it looks like and that’s a desktop preview.

Now this is what’s cool too. What I really like about this is: you can hit Twitter over here and they’re going to resize it for Twitter. If you want to use it for Pinterest, see it resizes for there and then you can go ahead and post to your Pinterest account and go ahead and put it in here. You can pick the board. You want to put it on and post it directly, which is kind of cool. So if you are using Pinterest, I would highly recommend using this and again this one’s to Instagram.

The next one goes to buffer and then the last one is just share your image directly. So you have your own link. If you want to share it someplace else, so you have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and buffer. Alright. So there you go back to the pricing. I just wanted to show you: I have a link below if you want to check it out. It’s get stencil com, just in case you didn’t catch that and then, if you don’t want to do your own social media graphics, you can always hire it out to a freelancer.

Who can do it for you, I put a link below that. It says, hire a freelancer and just go to that site it’s and find somebody that can do it for you. A lot of people will hire social media managers. You don’t have to do it yourself. You really need to be looking at your business and figuring out what are the things that I’m going to do and what are the things that I want somebody else to do: you’re going to get to the point where you can’t do it all yourself, you’re going To find that you’re sitting on your computer 12 hours a day and not getting anything done so just gradually start deciding.

What can I hire out? What can I outsource and what can I do myself and that’s kind of what I do if it’s something I don’t like to do or I don’t feel comfortable doing then I outsource it and typically, if I enjoy doing it, I do it myself. So that’s kind of the the way I do it at this point, my business all right. I hope that was helpful. I did not put my little article up here today because I wanted you to see everything and not block anything, but thank you for coming and reading my article today.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I’m always here to help you earn money, save time and find balance in your life and in your business. So again, thank you for reading and be sure to subscribe. I am putting creating six articles a week right now, Monday through Saturday, so there’s lots of information. You can go and look at the playlists, I’m organizing things so that you can get to them quickly as well always welcome.

I always welcome your comments and anything if you have questions or anything, you want to see that you’re not seeing. Let me know, and I’ll do my best to get that information to you. Thanks

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THE TRUTH… How Much Should I Charge as an Influencer & Make More Money

You guys need to deserve a lot more and to date, we’re going to go over how to price yourself as an influencer, because you eunuch left your points bitch, but I have my money right. If you wan na learn how to price yourself as an influencer in 2018, all I got ta do is keep on reading. But what’s up you guys, my name is Shane and welcome back to my blog Dave, we’re going over the highly highly requested topic of how to charge money as an influencer.

Actually, this is a sequel to a article back three days ago about how to work with a brand and how to work with an influencer. There today is pricing specific, and I am so excited to dive right in make sure you don’t miss a single minute of this article at the very end, I’ll be giving away a DM script, what to say to brands and even your own guide. It’s going to get little bit of background, my name is Jade and I am an entrepreneur and I’m here to help you grow on social media and it’s important to actually make money and monetize.

So you guys get the coins you deserve biggest problem ever is the fact that influencers don’t know how to price themselves they’re literally giving away their surface their work, and you guys deserve a lot more than what you do. I just literally care about you guys so much so. This is why I’m bringing justice to this topic, if you’re an influencer and struggling too precious up, and you want to know more make sure you give this article a like and subscribe to my blog.

I’d really appreciate it and hey: it really mean a lot back to the article we’re going to drive right into the formula I made for you guys at a brick ever you variable down. This is not some BS, this social Bluebook or any website. That’s going to tell you how much you’re worth so ops, I call it. The social Bluebook you’ve been raving it to me in the comment section. Someone was requesting me to take a look.

It’s basically a way for an influencer to find their price, see how much it’s actually accurate. So I have actually never done this, so I kind of got an account. It’s my values uh two hundred fifty six dollars per upload – oh god, okay, they um hold up. I’m not sure where they’re getting this math, I mean I dropped out of school and I’m pretty sure, there’s a difference between each brand. I think this is a great start, but um um I charge a little bit more.

I’m going to give you guys a lot of context, so when I look at a website like social Bluebook and you guys aren’t using it, I think it’s your 8 start, but some of you actually have true or social book. The social Bluebook doesn’t tell you is how to actually map it out per brand and what they can afford. Maybe in sally gummy bears can’t afford to under fifty six dollars per post, but nike can there’s difference between each company because there’s a different value for each company.

We’re going to skirt this away jump right into what I mean. If you have a scale, it’s going to be a company owned by Sally Johnson. Now this is going to be a corporation like Nike they’re, not going to hire some snappy rapping influencer to be their NASA turn. What I’m talking about is when you get to a larger corporation, the value of an influencer is much more heavy, you’re, more selective and it’s a huge risk for them.

If they don’t take this into account, I will link below a article of how to price yourself by future. What it’s basically saying is because it’s a higher risk, you can charge more because a brand doesn’t want to mess up when your branding on products on pages. Maybe it’s a collaboration for a product, especially when they put your name on a product. It costs a lot of money to make. Therefore, they’re willing to spend more on you, because if there’s more value to you, you guys going to see it depends per brand and a lot of people just don’t know the value they don’t know their value.

They don’t have brands value, and this is why I created a freaking equation for and now I’m going to show you guys the magic formula, it’s not much magic. It’s very simple! You want to find your KPI. Your KPI is typically your true fans. The number of people that actually listen so when I think about true fans, I’m going to write TF, my handwriting is very bad, I’m really apologizing, but what I think about true fans.

I think these are the people that take action. You guys are curious. What’s a true fan, there are people on your Instagram lives, they’re people that literally comment back when you ask them they’re people that buy your product when you say swipe up it’s the people that move when you say not just alike, not just comment, they take action. They listen to you and they actually value your words and thoughts.

This is a hard number to interpret as long as you know the range it’s it’s a good amount. A lot of people do think that their likes and followers are true fans. That’s not the case. True fans are people that would literally cut their arm off to meet you the way you measure, that is, the average amount of people that really circulate and listen to you money and listen to what you say in for product.

Take it and I’m going to teach you guys how to really find her true fans, but I kind of want to lay out the formula first, you know. So what you do is take the KPI. You multiply it by the average customer value. Go on the company’s website, you want to work with whether it’s like Nike Lululemon, how much they charge for product is that $ 10 per bottle? Is that $ 5.00 for shirt, it’s more valuable to them? They’re a bigger company? The value part is this: AC T stands for sales they make over orders.

So how many orders are they going to make in the value of the lifetime art? Is it going to be a subscription model so every month they buy it? Therefore, you can multiply by 12 for a year subscription, there’s more value. If your customer has a longevity now, you don’t actually have to do this much math. I would just start with the average cost, but if you really want to go in depth, add the value piece and you can charge a lot more.

Social Bluebook is not going to do this for you now you want to take whatever that number is and divide it over ten, because what you’re doing is the number of true fans times the number of sales you generate equals, how much total sales you’re going to Bring but keep in mind, there’s going to be fees, they have to get the product. So the only way a really healthy range for a brand to say yes for it to make sense economically, is over ten, because most marketing budgets are 10 % of the revenue.

So that means, if you have 10 to fans and the product costs 100 bucks for maybe a longevity of a year 10 times that you know you know, that’s $ 1,000. You can chop chop to divide it over 10. You can now charge around $ 100. You want to make a range say: 50. 150, when you put yourself in a range instead of saying you’re starting fee, you get people to be curious and work with the brand and kind of collaborate on what they can afford.

You actually going to help the brand. The brand needs you, so why don’t you help different? A lot of people think I need the brand. No, it’s the opposite as an influencer. The brand needs you to be an affiliate to be an advocate of the product. That was a lot of work. I hope this was helpful. It’s very short now I want to show you guys. I use the strategy in conjunction with my DM script, host the stay of script, awhile back on my youtube blog, but you guys have been using it and getting results check out.

You guys this works, it’s just a number game. If you have someone or a brand that says you’re too expensive and you do the math for them and you use the script, you got a move on. They this works and the reason why you can get the deagle is because it’s a numbers game. You don’t want to just narrow down to one company. You want to work with. That’s not how it works. That’s how I’m going to pay the bills you want to actually work with a lot of people.

Have your PR list I’ll, get a lot of people and get a lot of options. You’d never want to depend on one person to grow your brand. If you have this influence or guide, I actually made a PDF version of it. All you got to do is click the link below there’s going to be a facebook messenger exclusive chat where I will send it to you, and my team will respond. If you have questions now, the way this is going to work is you’re, going to select your free training, it’s absolutely free, and then you can go select the one you want, which is going to be more sale and make sure you just check out the description Box, if you’d like one-on-one coaching, I do help influence there’s one on one.

Just let me know what you need, I’m so thankful you’re here, I’m finally bringing light to this subject, because no one’s frickin doing it right. It’s telling everyone to use this website to guess, to estimate no honey. You were with so much it’ll, be so much more valuable to a company, not because you’re making money off of them. It’s because you care about your true fans. Now, if you want to learn how to make true fans, I will link a article how to get followers and bring with you real community in that will be in this description.

That will be in the description box. But for now that was my article for today. Shout out to the comet way this post to be featured next up is, if you want to be the next one up winner, all I going to do it’s kind of below. Let me know your thoughts um. I love you guys so much literally I’m working on so many things and you guys freaking rock. I love you guys so so much catch you guys in the next one goodbye

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Graphic Design Tips for Digital Marketing and Social Media – the #weareslam show ep 3

Welcome to the we are slam, show a show where we share marketing trends, best practices and ideas to help your business grow, and today I have with me Whitney Brockman. She is our art director here at slam agency and today we’re going to share some tips and some best practices on how to design for digital. Yes, I’m very excited stuff, yeah yeah.

So this is the type of stuff that Whitney does day in and day out, for slam and for our clients, and so I’m really excited, because this is a this is going to be some good information that you can use immediately. You can take back to your teams to your agencies and you can you can get some good work done so Whitney welcome to the show Thanks. So today we’re talking about best practices for designing and digital, and more than anything, we have to realize that print and digital are two completely different things.

Print in many cases is still relevant, but most of the design work is going digital at this point. So let’s talk about like, what’s the one, the big thing that people should keep in mind so traditionally the clients that I’m working with have been more towards the print side of design, and it’s been interesting to have them translate what they’ve been doing in print to Digital because it is dramatically different, there are limitations.

There are, you know, restraints that you can’t necessarily it doesn’t translate in digital world and you really have to grab the attention of the viewer and when I am given tasks and projects to work on, I really have to think about the big picture so like what It what’s the goal who’s going to see this who’s this for and if it’s a campaign, when is it going to end, so I can figure out the best way to get the most attention and engagement right off the bat and that that big picture is important Because, with print you know like a magazine ad or something like that, you’re designing it, it’s going through several different stages of iterations of you know.

Process might take a few weeks or a month to design going back and forth with the client and then at some point in the future. Like you see it in a magazine and that’s that right yeah, you can’t, if you see it once, you can’t necessarily go back and find it through all your magazines, but on social media. It is interesting because if you remember an ad, you can easily go find it with a lot of campaigns, you’re going to have multiple ads on multiple platforms.

So you can do those ads targeting your audience, and you know they’re going to see that over and over again, which is really great and that’s why you have to think about the big picture. It’S not just one ad. It’S not going to just be there for just one person to see and with a print ad. Typically, you want to include as much information as you can in the ad. Typically, that’s what we see a lot of, but in digital, like you, said, think of the big picture like that.

Storyline is constantly happening across different blogs different times, and you have opportunities to communicate that message over time. You don’t have to do it all at once and because, most of the time, the ads going to click through to a page where you can put all the information you want, so the driving factor is you just have to make it look good. You have to make it different. You can take risks because it’s a digital platform.

It’S like I said it’s only going to live for a couple days. You can take risks, that’s what’s important and that’s that’s one of the advantages of digital is that you can try new things and because and because of that – or you can do that, because you have essentially instant feedback built into each of the Train of flexibility. Yes, so like we post something on Facebook and instantly, we know whether or not that design and that copy is engaging and whether it’s having the effect we want it to have easy, well easily trackable.

You know if, if you have one post that you post one day and it’s getting all this feedback a lot of likes and comments and shares, you know they were doing right. But then you maybe post something very similar with a different image and you can see that it’s not engaging and you really got to sit down and you know dissect that feedback and figure out what makes one post better than the other. And we are talking a little bit earlier about just like this traditional process, which typically, you know, takes time yes and the digital process, which, because of the nature of digital, we are able to create content today and post it today and get our feedback today, and Because of that, you, you mentioned earlier to be quick, like don’t sit on ideas, especially when they’re relevant you know in this world we have things going viral every day and and you can’t wait a week if something’s gone viral, if you want to jump on board, You got to get going and figure out the best way for your team, or you know yourself to manage your time and get what needs to get out as fast as you can and because you have a format or a blog, where things only last.

For a couple of days, it’s okay! If it’s not perfect, right right exactly and if you make a mistake, you can delete it, which is nice. You can re-edit re-upload, so um. I think the thing that drives the most results is taking those risks within the brand guidelines, of course, of course, stay on stay on bran, but take those right and within the blogs guidelines. That’S probably the final point that we mentioned is that yeah, you mentioned a little bit earlier about advertising on Facebook and the 20 % rule, but just in general, every network is going to have some sort of guidelines right.

So it’s become second nature for me because I do it so much, but if you aren’t aware of especially with Facebook guidelines for advertising, there’s a limit for the amount of words that you can have on an ad. So it’s you want to really have the strong imagery making sure that your ads are going to be the most boosted and going to reach the the biggest audience there you go so Whitney. Thank you for sharing with us on how to design for digital.

If you have questions about how you should be designing for digital or just about designing in this day and age period, Whitney is going to be answering your questions on this article. So leave a comment, a question right below this article and we nee we’ll get back to you with an answer right away. So thank you for reading. We’Ll see you next time. Thank you. Thanks for reading, if you like what you just readed subscribe, then hit that Bell you’ll be the first to be notified when new content goes live.

After that you can read more articles from slamming. We pick something we think you’ll love,