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The Global Marketing Mix – Internationalisation – Global Marketing

As marketers, we talk about making decisions about an organization’s global marketing mix, in other words, to what degree the marketing mix should be standardized or adapted. However, before we start, let us list the learning goals for this article. Firstly, the goal is to understand the connection between choice of the global marketing mix and the rest of the internationalization process.

Secondly, we will gain an understanding of what it means to standardize or adapt an organization’s marketing mix and why an organization might be motivated to strive for a high degree of standardization. Thirdly, we will learn how to evaluate different factors that can help an organization decide. The most suitable degree of standardization or adaptation of the different elements of the marketing mix.

So let us begin so. How is the choice of the global marketing mix connected to the rest of the internationalization process when an organization goes for marketing their products and services? Only on the home market to also target one or several foreign markets, we talk about an organization’s internationalization process. The internationalization process starts with a choice of which foreign markets target.

We call this the market selection process. Secondly, we would decide on how to organize our entry to the foreign market. We would evaluate different factors and subsequently we will decide on which intra mode to use and ultimately, we would define our marketing mix the four or the 7ps for the foreign markets. The marketing mix we use on the foreign markets may vary to the one we use on the home market and we would address different factors that influence our choice regarding standardization and adaptation of the marketing mix.

Choice of the global marketing mix is what we’ll address in this article. So when deciding on the global marketing mix, what does standardization and adaptation actually mean and what might motivate an organization to strive for a move in either direction? Let us use an example. This French business produces French cakes and desserts in these modern production facilities, well-educated confectioner’s, develop recipes and create delicious cakes and desserts ready to be sold and distributed to cake, loving customers, the products, the cakes and desserts are typically French in style and tastes.

They are frozen immediately after production and then sold and distributed to organizational customers, a variety of catering companies, restaurants and cafes. Around France. They have developed a price structure which includes a specified discount system with lower prices at higher volume orders they attract new and retain existing customers through a range of promotional activities. Some of these are key account management.

They attend trade shows and they supply their customers with in-store point-of-sale materials, where relevant. If French cakes were to copy this exact setup off the four PS in France when entering a foreign market, for example the UK, we would call this a complete standardization of the marketing mix. If to the other extreme, they were to enter the UK with a different marketing mix, a different product sold through different distribution, blogs at different prices and supported by a different set of promotional activities.

Then this would constitute a complete adaptation of the marketing mix. However, it is unlikely that companies will end up at either of these two extremes. It is more likely that an adaptation of some of the elements in the marketing mix will take place and that others will remain the same. Therefore, marketers will most often talk about the degree of or different elements of adaptation or standardization of the marketing mix.

So why might French cakes be motivated to achieve a high degree of standardization? Entering new markets is a costly affair, both with regards to actual monetary costs and human resources involved, but it is also time consuming, and this will increase the company’s time to market and delay their internationalization process. Therefore, most organizations are naturally motivated towards achieving some degree of standardization.

Simply in order to minimize these types of costs. We have now established an understanding of the connection between the choice of global marketing mix and the rest of the internationalization process, and we understand what it means to standardize or adapt an organization’s marketing mix for foreign markets, and subsequently we have talked about why an organization Might be motivated to strive for some degree of standardization, so let us move on so what might impact French cake’s choice of a suitable degree of standardization or adaptation of the marketing mix when entering the UK market? Let us look at some of the factors that would speak for a move toward standardization and then as some factors which might indicate that some level of adaptation would be suitable.

Let us look at some other factors which would indicate the standardization of all or parts of the marketing mix could be suitable for French cakes when entering the British market. First of all, we will look at the level of globalization of the market that French cakes operates. On research has shown that the British consumers have different needs and values, and so therefore, this does not call for a high level of standardization.

For example, we would recommend that the product, the cakes and desserts be adapted slightly to suit the British consumers tastes. Some of the larger change of restaurants have a global presence and use centralized purchasing processes. This would indicate that French cakes would benefit by having a centralized approach to part of their sales organization in order to respond to these types of customers.

Secondly, we will look at the globalization of the industry, which French cakes operates in if an organization has high research and development costs. This is often the case when operating in technology heavy industries. They are usually very motivated to recuperate these costs as quickly as possible. They would therefore be keen to standardize their marketing mix and thereby be able to enter many countries quickly and achieve high volume sales.

In our example, French cakes does not have high R & D costs, so this will not be the most significant factor for them to consider when evaluating standardization potential. Thirdly, we would look at the globalization of the competition in addition to some local competitors. French cakes also face some larger competitors who supply the larger restaurant change on the British market. These competitors have a global presence and a relatively high level of standardization.

This indicates that French cake should also consider a standardized approach in some aspects of their marketing mix. An internal factor which could indicate standardization potential, French cakes, competitive advantage of the French market is their ability to quickly respond to changes in market needs due to their close cooperation with the distribution network. This also has potential on the British market, but will take time to establish in order to do this successfully.

We could, for example, advise French cakes to standardize certain elements of their sales and data collection processes. Moving on to some factors which would favor an adaptation of the marketing mix, firstly, some local market conditions: research has shown that there are significant socio cultural, economic and political differences, and that consumer needs differ from France. This would therefore favor an adaptation of the marketing mix.

Secondly, the presence of some local competitors would also favor an adaptation in order to compete. French cakes have identified both local and global competitors on the market. Therefore, some adaptation is recommended for parts of this target group. Thirdly, if legal conditions were very different to the home market, this would speak in favor of adaptation. Currently, many laws are the same due to both countries.

Membership of the you, however, due to brexit this might change in the future. If French cakes product was a service or carried large elements of service, this would indicate a move towards adaptation due to local staff being involved in producing the service like it would have been the case with, for example, a hair salon. However, French cakes offering is focused on a physical product, namely the cakes and desserts.

In summary, we have suggested that some elements of the marketing mix, namely place and promotion, would be suitable for a degree of standardization in order to compete with international competitors and adjust to the large restaurant chains purchasing processes. We have suggested that French cake standardized their sales processes. An option would be to standardize their key account management function and to standardize some data collection processes.

This way they will have the possibility of gaining close relationships with the distributors, enabling them to respond faster to market trends. We also uncovered a great need for adaptation, since French cakes also choose to distribute through smaller and independent restaurants and catering businesses, we suggest that they adapt their approach to these in order to compete with local competition. We also suggest an adaptation of the actual products.

The cakes and desserts due to social, cultural and economic differences, both the products, price levels and promotional activities should be adapted to suit the local market needs in cooperation with French cakes. We would now move on to plan these standardizations and adaptations in much more detail, thereby providing them with a ready to launch marketing plan. However, such level of detail will not be carried out in this short introduction article.

In summary, we have now obtained an understanding of what it means to standardize or adapt an organization’s, global marketing mix and the connection to the rest of the internationalization process. And finally, we have gained knowledge of how an evaluation can be carried out. Would you like to learn more about standardization or adaptation of the global marketing mix, the internationalization process and global marketing in general, then I recommend that you read global marketing 7th edition by Sven Hollander.

If you would like to learn more about defining the marketing mix in general, then I recommend that you read my for introduction articles addressing each of the four piece of the marketing six. You will find these articles on my youtube blog, my name is Tina Wade. Thank you for reading

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THE TRUTH… How Much Should I Charge as an Influencer & Make More Money

You guys need to deserve a lot more and to date, we’re going to go over how to price yourself as an influencer, because you eunuch left your points bitch, but I have my money right. If you wan na learn how to price yourself as an influencer in 2018, all I got ta do is keep on reading. But what’s up you guys, my name is Shane and welcome back to my blog Dave, we’re going over the highly highly requested topic of how to charge money as an influencer.

Actually, this is a sequel to a article back three days ago about how to work with a brand and how to work with an influencer. There today is pricing specific, and I am so excited to dive right in make sure you don’t miss a single minute of this article at the very end, I’ll be giving away a DM script, what to say to brands and even your own guide. It’s going to get little bit of background, my name is Jade and I am an entrepreneur and I’m here to help you grow on social media and it’s important to actually make money and monetize.

So you guys get the coins you deserve biggest problem ever is the fact that influencers don’t know how to price themselves they’re literally giving away their surface their work, and you guys deserve a lot more than what you do. I just literally care about you guys so much so. This is why I’m bringing justice to this topic, if you’re an influencer and struggling too precious up, and you want to know more make sure you give this article a like and subscribe to my blog.

I’d really appreciate it and hey: it really mean a lot back to the article we’re going to drive right into the formula I made for you guys at a brick ever you variable down. This is not some BS, this social Bluebook or any website. That’s going to tell you how much you’re worth so ops, I call it. The social Bluebook you’ve been raving it to me in the comment section. Someone was requesting me to take a look.

It’s basically a way for an influencer to find their price, see how much it’s actually accurate. So I have actually never done this, so I kind of got an account. It’s my values uh two hundred fifty six dollars per upload – oh god, okay, they um hold up. I’m not sure where they’re getting this math, I mean I dropped out of school and I’m pretty sure, there’s a difference between each brand. I think this is a great start, but um um I charge a little bit more.

I’m going to give you guys a lot of context, so when I look at a website like social Bluebook and you guys aren’t using it, I think it’s your 8 start, but some of you actually have true or social book. The social Bluebook doesn’t tell you is how to actually map it out per brand and what they can afford. Maybe in sally gummy bears can’t afford to under fifty six dollars per post, but nike can there’s difference between each company because there’s a different value for each company.

We’re going to skirt this away jump right into what I mean. If you have a scale, it’s going to be a company owned by Sally Johnson. Now this is going to be a corporation like Nike they’re, not going to hire some snappy rapping influencer to be their NASA turn. What I’m talking about is when you get to a larger corporation, the value of an influencer is much more heavy, you’re, more selective and it’s a huge risk for them.

If they don’t take this into account, I will link below a article of how to price yourself by future. What it’s basically saying is because it’s a higher risk, you can charge more because a brand doesn’t want to mess up when your branding on products on pages. Maybe it’s a collaboration for a product, especially when they put your name on a product. It costs a lot of money to make. Therefore, they’re willing to spend more on you, because if there’s more value to you, you guys going to see it depends per brand and a lot of people just don’t know the value they don’t know their value.

They don’t have brands value, and this is why I created a freaking equation for and now I’m going to show you guys the magic formula, it’s not much magic. It’s very simple! You want to find your KPI. Your KPI is typically your true fans. The number of people that actually listen so when I think about true fans, I’m going to write TF, my handwriting is very bad, I’m really apologizing, but what I think about true fans.

I think these are the people that take action. You guys are curious. What’s a true fan, there are people on your Instagram lives, they’re people that literally comment back when you ask them they’re people that buy your product when you say swipe up it’s the people that move when you say not just alike, not just comment, they take action. They listen to you and they actually value your words and thoughts.

This is a hard number to interpret as long as you know the range it’s it’s a good amount. A lot of people do think that their likes and followers are true fans. That’s not the case. True fans are people that would literally cut their arm off to meet you the way you measure, that is, the average amount of people that really circulate and listen to you money and listen to what you say in for product.

Take it and I’m going to teach you guys how to really find her true fans, but I kind of want to lay out the formula first, you know. So what you do is take the KPI. You multiply it by the average customer value. Go on the company’s website, you want to work with whether it’s like Nike Lululemon, how much they charge for product is that $ 10 per bottle? Is that $ 5.00 for shirt, it’s more valuable to them? They’re a bigger company? The value part is this: AC T stands for sales they make over orders.

So how many orders are they going to make in the value of the lifetime art? Is it going to be a subscription model so every month they buy it? Therefore, you can multiply by 12 for a year subscription, there’s more value. If your customer has a longevity now, you don’t actually have to do this much math. I would just start with the average cost, but if you really want to go in depth, add the value piece and you can charge a lot more.

Social Bluebook is not going to do this for you now you want to take whatever that number is and divide it over ten, because what you’re doing is the number of true fans times the number of sales you generate equals, how much total sales you’re going to Bring but keep in mind, there’s going to be fees, they have to get the product. So the only way a really healthy range for a brand to say yes for it to make sense economically, is over ten, because most marketing budgets are 10 % of the revenue.

So that means, if you have 10 to fans and the product costs 100 bucks for maybe a longevity of a year 10 times that you know you know, that’s $ 1,000. You can chop chop to divide it over 10. You can now charge around $ 100. You want to make a range say: 50. 150, when you put yourself in a range instead of saying you’re starting fee, you get people to be curious and work with the brand and kind of collaborate on what they can afford.

You actually going to help the brand. The brand needs you, so why don’t you help different? A lot of people think I need the brand. No, it’s the opposite as an influencer. The brand needs you to be an affiliate to be an advocate of the product. That was a lot of work. I hope this was helpful. It’s very short now I want to show you guys. I use the strategy in conjunction with my DM script, host the stay of script, awhile back on my youtube blog, but you guys have been using it and getting results check out.

You guys this works, it’s just a number game. If you have someone or a brand that says you’re too expensive and you do the math for them and you use the script, you got a move on. They this works and the reason why you can get the deagle is because it’s a numbers game. You don’t want to just narrow down to one company. You want to work with. That’s not how it works. That’s how I’m going to pay the bills you want to actually work with a lot of people.

Have your PR list I’ll, get a lot of people and get a lot of options. You’d never want to depend on one person to grow your brand. If you have this influence or guide, I actually made a PDF version of it. All you got to do is click the link below there’s going to be a facebook messenger exclusive chat where I will send it to you, and my team will respond. If you have questions now, the way this is going to work is you’re, going to select your free training, it’s absolutely free, and then you can go select the one you want, which is going to be more sale and make sure you just check out the description Box, if you’d like one-on-one coaching, I do help influence there’s one on one.

Just let me know what you need, I’m so thankful you’re here, I’m finally bringing light to this subject, because no one’s frickin doing it right. It’s telling everyone to use this website to guess, to estimate no honey. You were with so much it’ll, be so much more valuable to a company, not because you’re making money off of them. It’s because you care about your true fans. Now, if you want to learn how to make true fans, I will link a article how to get followers and bring with you real community in that will be in this description.

That will be in the description box. But for now that was my article for today. Shout out to the comet way this post to be featured next up is, if you want to be the next one up winner, all I going to do it’s kind of below. Let me know your thoughts um. I love you guys so much literally I’m working on so many things and you guys freaking rock. I love you guys so so much catch you guys in the next one goodbye

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5 SUPERCARS that will cost you more than you think & Why!

But I thought what could be potentially interesting is talking about the five worst supercars or luxury cars you could buy right now. Now I do want to say that in general, basically, any car right now is a van idea.

The market is kind of so all over. The place that I don’t think buying a car in general right now is a bad idea, but if you were to buy a car, these five would probably be the worst now. Basically, what we’re going to be talking about here is depreciations cars that you could buy. That would basically just be a bad Buy and why they would be a bad buy. Depreciation, obviously, is the difference between.

When you buy the car the value it loses as soon as you put a few miles on it. One of the kings of this is the first car we’re going to be talking about right now. He Bentley Mulsanne speed kind of arrival to the rolls-royce phantom, its Bentley’s biggest most luxurious car, slightly pumped up version or the base Mulsanne, and it comes in we’re going to be talking euros, your European prices, because that’s what most of them are for sale.

It comes in list price at three hundred and seventy four thousand euros, which is a lot of money now, once you actually spec these, they run more like four hundred and twenty thousand euros, because the spec goes very, very fast loads of expensive options on these to The average price – let’s say around four hundred and twenty thousand euros so much money. Now these things tend to depreciate like a rock, which is why we’re speaking about it here, not many people a can afford them.

If they can, it seems that most people kind of tend to go for the rolls-royce phantom, which is a great car, there’s, actually nothing wrong with the Bentley Mulsanne speed. I’Ve never driven one myself, but I’ve been inside one. I think they look cool and I’m sure they’re super comfortable fantastic. I know they drink quite a bit of fuel over all. There’S nothing wrong with it. It’S just the supply is not particularly limited, but there isn’t a huge demand for these cars and seeing as they depreciate so much you can pick them up relatively speaking, comparing to the list price fairly cheap.

None of these cars – you can ever pick up for cheap. Realistically, but that means that why would you go buy a brand new one where you can pick one up for half the price? Only a few months later, an example I went on a website and found a car for sale for a hundred and fifty eight thousand eight hundred euros. This car had just under ten thousand miles, so fourteen thousand kilometers, which is mind-blowing, I mean obviously, that still ton of money for a luxury car of this type, obviously, but that we calculated brings you to 16 euros per kilometer.

I mean what that means, for example, for me to drive to the airport, would cost me in depreciation by kilometres alone, over 200 euros every time I go to the airport and then another 200 to come back 400 euros just to do the airport run because of The amount of depreciation per kilometer, it’s mind, blowing and let alone a car. That’S got 60,000 kilometers 70,000 kilometers on the clock. Cause people often drive these quite a bit.

So the fact that you can find quite a few for sales secondhand, because when they came out, people were buying them more than today, yet they still kept they’re kind of ludicrous list. Price means that these are the first in our list in terms of cars. To probably avoid especially right now, second on the list is the new BMW, m8 grand coupe, a a 617 horsepower four-door version of the kind of latest greatest from BMW, their top of the range luxury car four doors back seats, 617 horsepower from a v8 engine.

These things are really really cool. I think they look great they’ll perform fantastically and there is nothing again particularly wrong with the car mechanically they’re popular. They come from a German brand. You know they’re not going to break down, but yes again, there is no limit in terms of the supply of them, and people are buying them up quite a bit, which means that you’re going to be getting more and more good deals on them.

These start at 170 thousand euros around about there. Obviously once you’ve put a spec on them. If you’ve got a heavily Spectre, when you can be running around two hundred thousand euros personally, I don’t really see them holding above to be a hundred thousand euro mark for much longer than twelve months. I think they’ll be kind of coming down around a hundred thousand euros in that time, especially the ones of heavy mileage that makes them a pretty risky car to buy, because at that price range you’re going to be losing about fifty percent of the car within 12 Months, probably one to avoid think the coupe A’s would hold better, but the grand coupe age is from the fact that there’s less demand for them, people aren’t as interested in having them, but they’re still running a similar list price.

It just makes it a slightly more risky car to buy I’ve heard rumors of dealerships already offering really good deals on these knocking massive sums, like twenty thirty thousand euros off the price of the car, just to kind of get rid of them. So that’s never good. When dealerships are sitting on stocks, especially after Corona, what we’re going through now, I think the market for these BMWs go way down, but in 12 months I think it would be a great buy, but right now new I’d stay.

What can I just point out as well? This is just from me kind of geeking out on my computer. I’M no expert. This is from talking to friends. I had a conversation with some of the other youtubers. You know we I spoke to James spoke to Paul. I spoke to Sam spoke to Shmi and we all had a conversation, and these are kind of some of the cars that we thought would probably be the ones you shouldn’t really look at right now.

Now the next one is going to be fairly controversial because it is brand new. The McLaren, 765 LT MacLaren’s obviously have a reputation for depreciation. Now we all know that the 720s kind of shot down by 70s is now. You can find them for around 80 thousand pounds and the 600 LT even came flying down and the 675lt, which originally went up in value, came shooting. Now that is again down to the fact that McLaren are supplying so many different models, so many different cars so quickly and bunched together.

So there’s constantly kind of a new car coming out, and that means that the value of the ones that are currently for sale isn’t really holding that much and dealerships are indeed sitting on stock. Now this is probably the greatest supercar, arguably for sale. Right now I mean, I think, the 720 s of the stock 720s is the best all-round supercar money can buy. The 765 LT is just going to be an improved, more beefed up version of that so definitely warrants a higher list price, but is it going to be able to keep its value? I’M not sure rumor.

Has it it’s not particularly hard to get your hands on one which is never positive and it kind of arrived at the wrong timing, which obviously no one could plan with all of us being locked away in quarantine? For a few weeks, no one has been able to purchase any of these cars, so there’s going to be a big stock sat and the dealerships, and obviously also quite a few cancelled orders that usually results in dealerships giving good prices on cars, and that drops the Second-Hand value of them now just for examples sake.

The list price of these is listed at 350, eight thousand dollars, which is obviously a lot of money where you can already find a normal seven 20s for one hundred and ninety four thousand euros with only 7,000 kilometers. On line now, obviously, it’s going to be a completely different car, much much better to drive, but is it going to warrant being cost almost double of what you can get a secondhand 720’s? For I don’t know because once you spec these out they’re going to be close to the 400,000 euro mark again, it cut.

It kind of kills me to say this because I’m such a huge fan of the car – and I think McLaren are incredible car makers and if you the money and you want to go spec your own one, why not? If you know that the depreciation is going to be there, but I just like everyone to have all the information at least the way I see it and the way that I’ve maybe learnt about this over the years. So I think that the 765 LT is going to be hit pretty hard by a depreciation, maybe not in the first six months, but at least in the next year, you’ll be able to fix them up for a pretty good, buy spec dependent, of course.

So that’s another one that potentially right now I would maybe just not pull the trigger on this one’s going to be controversial. The Ferrari 488 pista this one is all the wrong way round so effectively when they came out. It was such a high demand for these, and you couldn’t get your hands on one, so they were selling for way over. They were selling for up to 100,000 over the list price. The list price is around 219 1000 euros without options very quickly.

That kind of jumps up with Ferraris so not actually a crazy list price for what it is, and the mid-engine v8 limited edition Ferraris have always kind of held quite well the Scuderia, the four five eight speciality Challenge Stradale. However, this is the first one with a twin turbocharged engine which for purists were other people who usually will drive the price of these cars up. It’S not the best.

It is absolutely stunning it is. I’Ve actually been lucky enough to drive one of these. It is such a great car to drive so much power so complete in the same way as the 765 LT would be. It is just an incredible car, so there’s nothing to fault it in terms of a mechanical object. However, they’re making quite a few of them, 3500 units made and we’re not even sure if that’s including the spiders, so there’s quite a few of them when you compare to specialities or to screw rears.

So when at first they were very hard to get your hands on at the moment, it’s actually not that hard. There are quite a few for sale on the second-hand market, and dealerships are actually building up quite a bit of a stock with them. So you can get some fairly decent deals for them, and a lot of cancelled orders actually came in on those cars as soon as they kind of started. Turning so they went up and they kind of appreciated at first then hit a bit of a roof, and now they’ve been coming back down so that you can buy them for list or under list price.

Just about. We managed to find an example of basically a brand new car for sale for three hundred and five thousand euros. It’S got a pretty heavy spec on it, so that actually puts it under list price, because this car with the spec it’s got, would have been around the three hundred twenty thousand euro mark. So it shows that when they did appreciate right now we’re on a downward curve and I think the current situation, the current car market is not going to help that.

So that’s one that could potentially fool people and you wouldn’t be expected to go down because it’s a limited edition 4-iron because there was so much hype about them at first. But right now it’s one of the cars which is actually dropping in price, the fastest and the more and more we come up for sale and more. There are available, the more dealerships are giving good prices on them, and the more people stack miles on them and more that price is going to shoot down.

I mean the biggest telling thing is that for five x, specialities actually cost more than pistas. Today, even though the cars older all the technology and definitely doesn’t perform quite as much it’s just what the purists want and there are less available. So therefore, the 488 pista another one that’s going to have to make this list the last one, and I don’t. This may get some stick, and this is the one which is kind of a bit of a shot in the dark, because we don’t really know if the Aston Martin valhalla there.

No I’ve definitely not said that right. It’S a tricky one same hyper car from Aston. Martin, we’re not entirely sure when they’ll come, we’ve been waiting for news on the Valkyrie. It’S bigger brother for wild bites are going to be around a million pounds. 986 horsepower 500 units made worldwide and a v6, a race-inspired, v6 stunning car, again sure will be great. To drive, won’t be able to fault it.

It’S kind of inspired by the Valkyrie. But what bothers me with this one, a lot more, is the fact that there is a Valkyrie there. So if you’re going for the hyper cars and a lot of these people, who actually have the money to put a million euros or a million pounds into a car, usually will have a few hyper cars or what I’ve bought a few things are and therefore will Have potentially already got a Valkyrie, so it’s kind of not quite the top of the range of what Aston offers and that can often knock a little bit off the price there.

But then what scares me a lot more is the fact that the vanquish concept which they revealed at the same time, it’s a very similar looking car, which is going to come in for basically a quarter of the price which is fairly terrifying, because if I have That kind of money – and I bought a million euro hyper car and there was a version for court of the price which looked very similar. I wouldn’t feel too confident the numbers 500, even though that’s very little, not that limited and Aston Martin.

Unlike Ferrari, you kind of have an ongoing thing with these hyper cars haven’t quite built up that order book of clients that are willing to spend a million pounds on one of their cars. So I’m not sure that they’re going to be able to really get rid of all 500 straightaway and again. That then leads us to the problem of there being a higher supply. Then there is the and that car potentially coming down, especially when you consider that if you’re spending a ton of money on an aston hyper car, why don’t you just go for the Valkyrie, even though it’s a lot more money? A lot of these people doesn’t actually make a huge difference there.

So, that’s why I see that, actually, sadly, being a hyper car that could potentially drop down and maybe hover around the half, a million six hundred thousand pound mark, which is still a ton of money when you put a million in of taking almost a half a Million pound hit, so that’s a car that I would actually stay away from. I am fully aware that none of us are probably in a state of being able to buy any of these cars right now is not the right time to do it.

This may be a completely irrelevant article, but it was something I was looking into. I find really interesting to find the deals which are good deals, but also what do we steer away from? Why, and when can we find those characteristics in other cars, because the more you learn about the ones that are going down, the more you’re likely to find out which ones are going to go up in the future? Let me know if you found this interesting comment down below.

If you want another one of these articles, we can do five more super cars, five more normal cars, five more luxury cars, whatever you prefer also while we’re at it. If you haven’t hit the subscribe button down below, 73 % of you are still not subscribed very easy, just press that button and the little bell right next to it and we’ll be seeing you for another article very soon, thanks guys Cheers and ba ba

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