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How to create Facebook Ads for musicians & artists (LIVE SCREEN STEP-BY-STEP)

My name is Cass. I run digital marketing campaigns in the e-commerce in the entertainment field, mostly and really stay in the service business. All over. My goal is to literally show people in each individual sector how to run ads, my speciality being that I am also music, present professional running a music management company. How artists actually run Facebook ads on the actual content when they turn promote it? If they got release albums single article whatever I will be going through the step by steps that I actually do my creation process, how actually, where I get my data from, why do I do this objective? What I do this, why do that? You listen and see everything.

There is nothing on YouTube at the moment. That’s a seek aid for artists. I thought you know why not let me offer some value and give somebody some give. Oh, you guys, should I say some insight onto how you do it right now on the screen, when my clients she’s an amazing R & B singer, I’m going to be using her account as a demo just to show you how the process would work when you Set yours up: if you don’t actually have a facebook business manager, I can’t if you use some boost the boost button order or the promote button on Instagram or Facebook.

Please guys stop its. This is the only way I advise anybody to do Facebook ads, because the reason why, when you’re doing the boost and you’re not getting all the data back as much as you can on this – and they are guys everything 80 % of my ads. Unless I’m testing that new interests are only going to be data-driven, they’re only going to be stuff that, as she works I’ll, never ever do ad, just picking something out the sky and being okay, this should work.

No, we don’t do that, so one be showing you. It’s how you can use real data you might would have received. You do have Spotify analytics where you can see all your list so for that or even if you can do from Instagram anyway, where you actually have there, we wait your top see at least your top five places. So what you want to do this is the I’m home screen. So at the moment we’ve only spent in for today six pound, twenty nine and look at the different we’ve reached three point: seven: nine we’ve reached half a million people and nineteen thousand first engagements.

This is obviously a bit more advanced, an aspect of using things that look like audiences, where I might make another article of, but this is how cost-effective one and face, whereas can actually be so what you want to do when that’s all sword and if you haven’t Created a business I believe I said earlier, I haven’t created face of business manager, account I’ll put like a link in the bio where you can go through the step by step.

Easy process just obviously create one and stuff like that, but ok we first run do is once asked you say assume: your accounts are sorted. What you want to do, let’s go to the top, which says business manager or these these three menu dashes. You want to click that normally this whole menu isn’t open. You want to click all tools and then you click Add manager. I’ve already opened up on this tab here, so it’s ready for you guys, but obviously, at the moment we have.

We have one active ad received 259 likes and look how much we spent guys. You’ve only spent one pound 61 out 15. So this is obviously how cost-effective running ads actually is. If you know what you’re doing I’m going to give you the basis of how I learned and how I started first, one is successful ads. Well, yes, free things, you consider this campaigns, there’s ad sets and then there’s ads. Let me close this.

You don’t need this anymore campaigns ad sets and then ads campaigns is basically what your objective is that what you want achieved you want to achieve more engagement, you wan na achieve more article views. You want to achieve traffic to a certain website or any of those type of things. There’s all these different ways how you can use different campaigns ad sets is literally the audience so, where they’re, from the interests, their age and also that includes the budget.

How much you wan na spend and also includes I’m the placement, so it’s on Facebook feed is on instagram. Feed is an interim story. There are some things in AD itself, pretty self-explanatory. What the audience actually sees. So first, we want to do. Let’s just assume that you have nothing here, so there’s no I’d say whatsoever. You want a quick click. Sorry create now takes you to this screen. This screen shows you.

What actual object is you wan na do imma keep this very, very traumatic. If you did not that long as you guys can crack on as quick as possible, but for artists for me anything to do music, you know stuff, I would say huge traffic engagement. Article views maybe lead generations. It depends on that to campaign, but everything else. I’ve. Never personally use for music artists. I wouldn’t this is a bit too broad brand awareness and reach, but you want to be a bit more specific recording that you actually want people to do, because Facebook has a whole lot of day and how people behave on their platform.

So on this actual campaign, I wan na use engagement, use engagement because it’s one of the cheapest objectives and also you get two for two for both, let’s say yeah teen, for once. Let’s say I am. I want, from a music article, provide the article views then Montori the people that will see it. People that overtly read articles on Facebook, engagement, the fact that they reading it and further they’re commenting and liking.

I get that extra blast prosperous. So what you want to do now is engagements click. You scroll down, change the post engagement class on the add with the previous added prior when it was on Facebook like we want to do, is name it. So let’s say the record is called the records cold winter. Why do I always leave the name of the objective? Next, I never just leave it just winter black, because later on, when I have lows different ads, I know echo.

This is the winner engagement. This might be the winner article views. This might be because you wan na get a habit of testing different stuff just to see what really works of you. So then there you go when I engagement click continue, and this is the ad set. This is the actual audience now, like I said before, we work on stuff that we have data for one and a or driven ad is probably your your safest way, not to waste your money, because it’s there that you have received evil from Spotify or from Instagram And eggs or Facebook analytics whatever Oh Google Analytics like all this stuff, is solely based on real data that you have obtained.

So what I’d say you guys can do? It’s called your Facebook, not Facebook, sorry, Spotify, analytics so see. This is a disease one. It’s the type of status at the moment last 28 days make sure it’s reason, don’t do it since the star, maybe seven days. It depends if you’ve had like a burst like a show normally 28 days, because you only the most recent time P. But I listen to music Beauty 2015. Some of people might have even not used, they might use tidal, they might use something else, so they might just they might not be your demographic anymore.

So keep a reason I wan na. Do you want to keep in consideration this part Mercedes gender, to show you the gender splits, and then it shows you that age? You want to keep that in mind for later on, and then you can see, see the location, Sochi, United States, UK, Germany, cetera cetera. So she all the monthly listeners, and then it shows you to see its cities now always guys what I person doing, advise you guys to do.

Make sure that you guys pick your top five to ten cities when you’re running ads reason. Why I do. That is because those are not only your most high listeners listeners, but it’s like if, let’s say how thick your speaking is, if Paris’s third part doesn’t work as well as I want, and let’s say, I’m doing top five, I can just go down like a cool. Take prayer self the ad set, then we do Los Angeles that doesn’t work then I use to them then so on and so forth, because you don’t know, you will never ever know how your fans or your audiences are going to respond to something.

So you always want to make sure that you’re a step ahead of them doing that, knowing that before you spent your money where it should actually be going. So what I do I let you just drag this and copy. Let’s see top five, it’s top six early into it. Why not and then simply copy paste, that’s command C or control C. I believe I’m using this in ages, but I believe that is, but I’m going to go to spreadsheet or already copy.

This prior aren’t ready for the article, but you want to go to a spreadsheet. You want to go to a Google Doc or any type of copy and paste notepad or ever you use unless you just copy and paste, and then we want to do you want to highlight the city. So sorry, this one here, sorry sirens. Distract me apologize, I’m going to copy your top six and go straight back onto Facebook and then what you wan na do before you add it onto here guys you want to change this change.

The people who live in this location like another little nugget, you don’t. I leave it evarin in this location, because everyone’s location would be way too broad. An aspect of every location could not necessarily mean they’re from London. They could be people that was visit. You know people that was just on just stopping by for like a day or two. You want to make sure there’s people that live in this location.

Let’s take a United Kingdom, then this copy that in Sydney so Papa, then you wan na do select cities, towns, match vacations double-check the same place. So it’s a pod, yeah yeah good at six locations and they go. We have a location, so our top six places was mentioned before about look-alike and custom. Oh nice is this: where you do might do another article depending on the response, and if people need a bit more help, that’s a bit more advanced, but let’s just keep it very basics.

You guys can get get yourself a very good introduction to how to do it: okay, cool so on the right issue, issue the potential reach, how many people actually are in this set audience and show you the estimate. These just estimate based on Facebook, state and stuff, like that, what you want to do is here is the age you wan na go back onto Spotfire scroll back up to age, which is here and then see where the highest ages.

So it looks like it’s from 18 to about 34, so you want to do. It should go back to Facebook and do 18 to take for them, but they’re driven ads always work the best it’s. Our 55 million has gone down to 28 million, so we wan na. Do you wan na progressively carry your audience to the they already have and then mix. It depends on actual record kinda feeling right making a record that you only want to share women or, if you’re, like I said, I swear your music only case that women or only case the guys or whatever, then obviously it’s up to you cuz.

I don’t know what music you guys are making, but you do also do have the option. I’m languages I would leave, because music is very, very it’s. A universal language mean itself if you’re like trying to sell a certain product or your. You need people that you to read that your caption or whatever, then you might want to change that, but I would leave that blank and then here you go. The talk in this is where you can pick what type of interests you want to put this ad.

In front of Maron addicts been R & B singer, I’m obviously going to go with R & B acts, so she has 1.6 million users on Facebook and Instagram. So I click on that and on my 28 milk goes down to this. Obviously, some go down to that. Whilst we add more people, you’ll see it obviously rise up, but you can do if you don’t know what or who else to pick. But you just wanted more of idea, click suggestions.

It shows you other things, so I would put 9 contemporary R & B, because it’s pretty large demographic, pretty large group and also it fits it crosses over a lot. And then, if I was to pick, I don’t know, let’s do TLC mara makes more like old-school nostalgic sounding music. So let’s do nice stuff. Let’s add our show and you don’t to do you don’t have you don’t pick too big of audience guys because you don’t want your budget to it depends what you do if you’re testing then bigger the better, if you’re being specific with Deyo you, don’t it too Big in my opinion anyway – and let’s add one more so these are your groups – Wow hope you can do another little nugget, let’s say, for example, I want to put this ad in front of people that use Spotify.

I’m running a stream now Spotify you’re, going to put it down in front of people that use diesel Apple musical title because they didn’t use the platform. So she uses its you system what you want to do, click narrow audience and then type Spotify say then. Now my 11 million has gone under 4.2 million, which is a good number to leave what you want to do now. The reason why I did that sorry is: I’m now telling Facebook Facebook put my ID in front of people that I can temporarily Kalani lure new TLC uh sure, but they must 100 % they must match.

They must like Spotify as well. So obviously, people that use, but if I was obviously on like Spotify, Oh people, that that are familiar with Spotfire they’re, going to not be like hesitant to like, like a wedding and stuff like that. Okay, so that’s your actual targeting also it what you want to do. You guys is. Maybe, when you have you start a new account that this right here, it’s going to be ticked, please guys on ticking Cohen, is ticked and make sure audience this big.

That’s basically Facebook’s base. This tech basically means okay. These are my five interests, but if you think you can find me, cheap engagement do so. That being said, that means your ad can be prefer in front of people that doesn’t really fit the actual sound or your article ever condition promote so make sure that’s an ticked. You can either save audience, say audience it’s great when it comes to like dealing with customized audiences LinkedIn with Facebook, pixels and and look like audiences.

So that’s another article, because it’s pretty extensive but I’ll leave that for now! Oh, you can save it. If you on a future use it of you wan na edit later on, like you know, let me try one of just men. I want to just women, see what that’s better, because, like I said earlier, you never know how your demographic is going to respond to your to your records. Okay, just scrolling down Oh Mac placements, edit placements – I always edit placements reason being if I my content is formatted for let’s say in it’s a story.

I don’t want to have like a square article on Instagram, because if I scroll down to in the story here you see the example they give you it’s obviously square. It’s not square. Sorry beg your pardon rectangle. You don’t want to have one that starts here and it’s all black you usually send up being messy. It’s. What you want to do is make sure that, whichever your actual ad looks like the size, every the resolution fits on the said platform.

So, let’s just keep it very, very basic: let’s just do Instagram feed I’m taking everything and I my 4.2 should drop so it’s down to 4.9, because obviously that was including Facebook users only server software face were has so we’re only doing on insta story in so Feed sorry scroll down mobile devices, of course, cuz it’s going to be nany my about based optimize, so post engagement. That means your ad is only going to be in front of its can be automatic.

People are going to like and comment and stuff like that. Impressions is more so how many times a screen. You don’t need that and then tell unique reach. I would leave that alone. Only honestly, if it’s an engagement, I just keep on posting giesemann. Realistically, the only things you change here is just two things, your budget and if, when it’s going to start off you’re leaving on an on for continuous time, so me personally, I like using lifetime budgets to be some.

I like using lifetime budgets, because if I try and system you know, I want to spend 300 a month. If I forget so, whatever reason turn it off and I leave on the daily Facebook isn’t going to tell me that hey your ad still on by the way so during lifetime budget is a very, very easy way to introduce yourself to just understanding how you should Budget your ads in the future, because, obviously it doesn’t matter if you’re, if you have a lot of money or if you don’t have a lot of money, you kind of s as much.

You do have a lot to invest in. You want to see how much certain amount of money it’s going to take you we’re going to do an ads, so, let’s just say, for example, clients use 200. Obviously, that’s going to drop because the more ad spend the more the bigger isn’t. Let’s say if I was do something: like 2 grand LC jumps up so yeah, let’s keep at 200 and guys another little nugget how office you want to make sure you guys leave with some from my value and little tricks always always always always always start your Ad from 12 a.

M. To 6 a reason why I say that it’s because, let’s say you’re doing a daily budget or 5-pound and you start to add 5 p.M. You’ve only got a couple of hours until the next day. So what face was going to do is going to try to push it out as much as you possibly can. Having in mind that every single time you know I don’t face work, there is going to be a learning process where Facebook needs to learn.

This needs to learn: okay, all these people and these demographics with these age or these genders, and these interests in these a good essay by our I’ve seen something longer. It depends on the actual audience, but I’d say always always do it in a night, because if you are running it, I live at 12 a.M. By the time people wake up. It’s only going to be optimized, your audience is already going to be learned and what type of stuff.

So let’s say I run it Saturday, 12 a.M. So you have a full month worth of posts of marketing. We can do. You can run as a schedule. Just in case, if you’re trying to catch people at work or if, if it’s like something tailored to people in school or if you’re doing like a school, I don’t know there’s obviously different, actually, because why you’d wan na do that. Personally, I didn’t run at all times: don’t really ever mess around with that just leave it, as is I wouldn’t done a couple of times and it does exist successful, but that’s only for very specific campaigns.

So now that’s all done. You have 3.9 million users audience. Sorry, you click continue now another nugget guys, like I said I wan na make sure you guys leave us some form of value. This is very, very, very important, conscious enough how important this is, because I messed up big time when I first saw dad’s face, but gives you two options. You can either create an ad or create an existing post use existing post.

Sorry always always use an existing post. The reason why I say this is because there’s many ads I’ve gotten a quarter of a million on that you will never ever see on anybody’s feed, because I did a create ad. The only time that is actually only ever active is when IG turned on that. Your ad itself, so my earlier days, I thought oh yeah. Of course I have to create in that yeah. I’ve got some Trinity why? Why would that sound ludicrous if you use existing post all the social proof, all the views, all the comments or the likes or the share not necessary shares class, obviously facing these stuff will always be there.

If I have to add – and I get a hundred thousand – which I normally do – I get a hundred thousand views on article after that ad is finished. It’s still going to be there, it’s not going to disappear. If I decree ad, as soon as I turn off the ad, it’s gone, so I would say you could either do it through. Here you could add manager and you click where’s. The posts page place underneath it and you can schedule it and do that type of stuff, but why I’d say just organically poster how you post anything and then later on you, let you do this.

Click on the Instagram account to make sure goes to this Instagram account. You select the post, you shouldn’t say Facebook page say Instagram. This is like a new update before whatever used to do that, it used to be like a drop-down menu. Click on add either way. Select post, where we doing this an Instagram. I believe this article. This is the article or has article right there and click continue.

Don’t happens. You see, obviously how it looks like on an insulin feed. Obviously, if you use more than one, it shows you more than one how it looks like you’re off you don’t have to add a caption, because the caption is default by whether you use prior then call to action call to action is literally where you want people To go to after they see that if they want to click on it with article views, you have like read more suffer that poor engagement, unfortunately engagement ads.

These are the only options they give you. I always just to learn more and then a comment, but what that’s our youtube link to this article is but let’s just type in YouTube: okay, the reason – and why would you want to keep that there? Oh? Why is she required? Because I know from somebody with that? An actual goal will be pointless if I was doing this ad and I wanted it to go YouTube to get more YouTube views.

If I wanted to also do Google AdWords, we saw see another ballgame, and so Google AdWords not your gig on YouTube, but then I want to do one on Facebook that sends people to youtube they subscribe. I couldn’t do it obviously learn more. I face a pixel. I will be doing a article on that because it’s super super important. The reason why I put a dive so calm, a little breakdown read your face. A pixel is my Facebook pixel, it’s a back encoding that you can literally copy and paste or code in.

If you are familiar with it, part of me, um I face a pixel is literally some code that facebook gives you that you can put in the back end of your website. What the Facebook pixel does is track people’s behavior. You can add individual custom pixels on on different pages like, for example, if one page, I have a show that I’m promoting and another page, I have a ap that I’m promoting another page. I have a competition, let’s say I think, he’s speaking I can put pics on each individual page and whilst people actually go on the actual page, the face of pizza will will knock down that this person went on it.

So you later, when I want something retargeting, I had some people that actually have engaged and about you paid attention to content or pay the things to a certain page on on the website. Then I can be talking them later on people hey and they’re not going to be. This is why sometimes you might be on a website. Let’s say something I was on Airbnb couple days ago, just looking around and then that’s, where being beat add a baby definitely uses facing pixels, because this little thing kid I have on my Google Chrome, it’s called a Facebook pixel helper.

You can download it from Google Chrome store where you literally any website go on. It tells me they have a pixel, not sound. Already cool I’ve got me under there. They are so regarding back to the actual tutorial. This is something that’s a bit more advanced because basic pixel ties into custom audiences that ties into look-alike audiences and that’s a whole nother realm, but this whole article that we’ve just sat in and all she works.

This is probably the easiest way that you guys can actually gain traction and getting real viewers, real engagement, real people that actually like your music to actually read music. Apart from that, I don’t think, there’s nothing else. Oh yeah! What you want to do. Click review make sure that you’ve named everything, because if you have more than one ad it could get confusing, because obviously Facebook doesn’t create separate names or separate ads and stuff like that, so you and EFC this cold winter.

It’s on the engagement, let’s say that’s my age group. I might be a forward, slash spot fine top six and then I might add, the actual interest might be like this and then he be like winter article and then ready click confirm mostly confirm this. I’m going to need, add, could the snow and I’d read it running, I’m only using the tutorial click confirm this will pop up okay, so this will pop up and then you’ll see it went to engagement interview, take some time for Facebook to actually accept it and Actually have a live, especially if you got a new account, so if you are, how do you have a new account? Give it like a good hour or two just so before? Yes, you would wan na do it because I see the cause in the actual ad set.

Let me quickly show you go back in here. I can pick obviously when yeah she’s going to start. So obviously, if you did prior, I say yes, I do. I run this hall at 9 p.M. And I finish it by 9:30. It was still land when I need to do it, so she give me some time prior but yeah guys. That’s literally how you do Facebook ads for musicians and bands. They know this was helpful. Let me know if you guys need any more tips them.

You know if you want more content regarding pixels, look-alike audiences and stuff like that. But again, Facebook is such an amazing platform to use because it’s so cost effective. Google AdWords is an amazing platform as well. I might do a article on that, but Google AdWords are a bit more premium. I think, basically, because of how vast their search engine is and what they actually know, but um yeah any questions.

Let me know comments below. Let me know if you would want to know anything specific, but yeah

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Branding Messaging – Session 3 SMU101: Intro to Branding Unit

People in general don’t care about what you want to be. They simply walk through life and perceive things they don’t perceive you or your brand in a certain way, because they’re being difficult, they’re doing it because they’re humans and that’s what people do just like people make impressions on other people, so do companies.

It’s very tempting to try to be everything to everyone. You might make some sales in the short run by doing that, but in the long run you sacrifice the impression your brand makes on the collective consciousness of your potential customer base, but don’t panic just yet? There are things you can do to plant the seeds for how you want an audience to perceive your brand. That’s where brands messaging comes in by the end of this lecture, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of these two things.

The deeper understanding of what branding is all about and an understanding of how branding is the foundation for all commercial communication and marketing activity. In the second part, to this procession to lecture, we spent a significant amount of time covering the seven attributes that make a story and the six levels of meaning storytelling elements and levels of meaning have a direct impact on this lecture.

One of the first areas they have a direct correlation Jew is brand messaging continuity. Your brand messaging has to be congruent, in other words, the character of your brand, the personality of your brand, the protagonist, the bridge, the resolution, the attributes, the benefits, the value and the culture has to be consistent. In other words, these elements and levels of meaning have to have consistency without consistency, we saw the seeds of confusion in an audience’s mind and risk a negative impression of a brand brand message.

Consistency is an alignment of three factors who you are, who you say. You are and who an audience thinks you are in audiences, quite good at spotting gaps. So what’s an audience gap when companies say there’s something but act in a radically different way, for instance, a green company that gets caught illegally dumping waste. An example of this would be the Royal Caribbean cruise liner company, which got caught illegally dumping waste oil and hazardous chemicals in bays and along coastlines, in other words, an environment, environmentally sensitive and, in some cases protected areas.

Another example would be a reliable car model. That’s actually dangerous. The Toyota and General Motors scandals are classic examples of this. A last example would be a fair trade or ethical company that uses sweatshop labor. For instance, in 2007 the gap clothing company was caught using cheap child labor in India, which not only severely damaged the credibility of its ethical image. It prompted a fall in its stock market share price.

Your brand doesn’t even have to directly contradict it’s brown message to fall, afoul of your brand message itself and an audience’s perception of your brand. For instance, Walmart fell foul of public opinion when it was discovered that one of its suppliers use child labor and the manufacturing of goods for Walmart. In this instance, it was a Walmart. He used the child labor in the manufacturing of goods.

It was a supplier who provided goods to walmart. Nevertheless, Walmart’s reputation took a big hit, so it should come as no surprise that an audience perception gap can be incredibly harmful, make the relationship between who you are, who you say you are and how people perceive you as aligned and focused as possible. That’s what we mean by being brand congruent. We spent a little bit of time already talking about, what’s called the marketing mix and that’s where this particular slide comes into play all along the brand communication process, from concept to pitching marketing, to PR to social media.

To actually publishing contents, your message must be the same, or, to put it another way, the challenge that you’ll face is the perception that people will have of your brand. At the end of the day, perception is reality. One of the main things that we’re task but doing is to create the best perception through our brand messages, and by this I mean you want to do everything you can to create the best impression possible.

The seven storytelling elements and the six levels of meaning, in addition to continuity, will deliver your message about your brand’s values and its benefits this alongside ensuring there are no gaps, and your audience’s perception of your brand goes a long way towards creating the best possible impression. So, whenever the public hears your name or sees your product or sees your logo, they get a great image in their head and they create a great Association.

We try to create the best possible impression and branding just like we do in any facet of life to build credibility and Trust which are the building blocks to building relationships, and today it’s all about building relationships with the public. Failure to connect with your audience leads to well failure we’re faced with some pretty big challenges. We operate in a time of exchangeable products, the rise of social media, clutter, immature and rather brand skeptic audiences.

So for us, it’s all about finding new ways to get people engaged again in products, services and businesses, as well as advertising in a course in brands. This is a subject that will that the short article in the next slide will actually cover. It underlines the importance of why there’s been really annoying by this messages, but why they just don’t work and why strategic branded stories actually do.

Oh, Oh ha. Oh, Oh, integrated, brand communications for ibc for short, is a holistic communication strategy that integrates all of your audience. Contact activities to manage your most precious asset, your brand IBC integrates activities such as public relations, advertising Investor Relations, interactive media, social media reputation, management or internal communications. To manage a brand, it is central to the idea of managing a brand to optimize its value and communicate its benefits.

The next section of this lecture will go into how to approach and develop an IBC for now. Let me give you an overview. The starting place for any integrated brand communications is the business, not marketing or communications. More specifically, IBC starts with your business strategy, will be going into business strategy and a lot more depth in the brand management sessions. For now, you just need to be aware that I BC begins and ends with understanding the role of a brand within the businesses or organizations business model and determining how our brands can help grow and sustain that business or service.

However, this first means that we must view a brand as a financial asset and identify the key drivers of a brand’s value so that we can influence, control and measure these values through an integrated communications effort. Ibc brings strategy, finance and marketing communications together to manage the brand to optimize its value. It serves as a catalyst for uniting executive, financial and marketing management.

An ultimate ultimately helps to remove internal barriers that may have prevented an integrated communications effort. The first step in this process is start with understanding the role of brand in your business. We spend some time in the first two lectures discussing how brand is defined as a relationship that secures future earnings by developing means and a relationship with an audience. Given this, the starting point for any IBC program involves analyzing the role that brand plays or can play and securing greater loyalty across your business.

This step involves challenging long-held assumptions regarding the key drivers of any business. These assumptions can be beliefs like price is our only added value or ours is simply a commodity business or we can’t alienate our distribution partners or even or our brand plays no role. It’s just all about customer relationships. You get the general idea. The people responsible for brands need to re-examine these assumptions in the light of what is possible rather than what’s always been in the end, your brand can be your trump card, it can be your ace, king or queen.

It can also be a joker and we’re working together to help you avoid that. The second step is understand. The factors that contribute to brand value brand value, which is also referred to as brand equity, is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand’s name, symbol, experiences, perceptions and all of the other ephemera we’ve already covered, basically those things which either add to Or subtract from the perceived value provided by a product or a service understanding the assets which make up your brand.

Those seven storytelling elements in the six levels of meaning will better enable you to understand the value of your brand. You can actually measure aspects of your brand’s value through things like social media. You know things like likes and comments and shares. You can also measure it through a process called analytics things like how many unique visitors does your website or your blog get every day? Where do most of those visitors come from? How long do they stay on your website or blog all those sorts of questions? We’ve created an entire SME smu unit, all based on analytics what it is and how to do it? It’s basically that important a subject, but for now just know that there are ways and ways and means to measure your brand’s value and then, of course, there’s the most obvious value measure of a brand sales and profit.

So, once more step, two is to understand the factors that contribute to your brand’s value. The third step in this process is identify your key target audience. This is something we’ll be delving into far more deeply in such an eight once the rule of brand has been explored. The next critical step is to identify your key target audiences to prioritize this effort, it’s necessary to distinguish between targets that drive the success of the business and targets that simply contribute to it or influence its success.

In some cases, if you successfully influence your driving audience, the resulting business performance will be strong enough to motivate your contributing audiences to take notice and to respond, in other words, there’s two kind of people, their leaders and their followers. Who are the trendsetters in opinion formers in your industry? You are the most likely to be the first to engage with your new product or your new service.

These are the people you need to specifically address to begin with. Let them advocate your brand and convince those who trust their opinion to engage. The primary challenge is to design a brand strategy that connects with your driving audiences and an integrated Bryan communications plan to connect with your contributing audiences as kind of important. So I’m going to repeat that one again, the primary challenge is to design a brand strategy that connects with your driving audiences.

Those are the opinion formers and the thought, leaders within your sector or your industry, and an integrated brand communications plan to connect with your contributing audiences. Those are basically the people who listen to and follow the advice of opinion formers and thought leaders step. Four is all about framing your big idea. Big Ideas define a bronze, unique value; propositions, communicating sameness, it’s just a waste of valuable resources, communicating meaningful distinctiveness as a catalyst for growth.

Big Ideas stem from a clear understanding of an audience’s needs marketplace dynamics and your business strategies. Big Ideas match your brand’s unique benefits with the needs of your driving audience. Step 5 is assessing your big idea. Great big ideas satisfy four fundamental criteria. First criteria is relevant and by that I mean be relevant and connecting with an audience’s needs. Remember your central pop proposition, your character and your protagonist.

This is where they can come into play. The second criteria is differentiated by that I mean being differentiated and stand apart from competitive propositions. Remember things like your antagonist, your bridge and your resolution. Next, your big idea has to be credible in its believability and something that often gets overlooked. Your big any idea it needs to have stretch it needs to have the ability to stretch and grow with your business as it evolves relevance.

Difference and credibility are the three things you must continually assess and ensure each accurately reflect your brand relevant difference and credibility are the three things you must continually assess. You also have to ensure that each accurately reflects your brand. The sixth step is actually understanding how far you need to shift perceptions in order to own your big idea as they develop a loyal relationship with the brand audiences move, through almost a process of progressive involvement, with little to minimal kind of touch points in the beginning.

To actually becoming quite actively involved with your brand’s later on during that process, perceptions may develop that could hinder an audience’s ability to respond to your distinctive promise. These perception barriers must be overcome to convey your big idea. Some barriers are more difficult to surmount than others. If your barriers are awareness related and chances are, if you’re new to the market, that’s going to be your challenge.

Actually getting people aware that your brand even exists. If your barriers are actually awareness related, greater exposure to your message may be, all that’s actually need it to fix the problem. However, you, if you face questions about your credibility, you must actually change the way your audience thinks about your value. So here’s some common perception barriers that brands have faced. The first example is through a previous experience with the brand that was less than a quality experience.

This negative experience builds mistrust and closes an audience love to any new messages that you send. The second kind of barrier is a perception barrier. A company that purports to be a green company will attract a green, conscious audience if it’s found to not have green practices. This will undermine if not destroy the perception of that brand. Another kind of perception barrier is when something that’s branded as easy to do.

We’re easy to assemble is perceived to be difficult. A more subtle perception barrier happens if a brand’s message doesn’t convey conviction or if a bronze tone of voice doesn’t match the actual brand image. For instance, if I’m marketing a children’s book and aimed at nine to 11 year olds, but the branding language I use, is worthy of a PhD student, that’s not really going to instill a positive Association for the book cultural differences.

Now this is a big one. One of the most famous cases of this is when Chevrolet won’t de Nova in Latin America, nova or more accurately. No vah translates as no go in Spanish, not exactly the kind of message you want to send about a car. The seventh step in the ibc process is to build your message to shift perceptions, getting people to change the way they think about. Your brand is no easy task. It requires a communication effort that is capable of penetrating the formidable walls.

People erect as a protection against deadly information overload to make them take notice. You must deliver precisely targeted messages that rises above the clutter and compels them to alter their assumptions. This is more or less with that article. A few slides earlier actually addressed a compelling message that delivers a powerful big idea can generate communication success even with the most modest media budgets make sure the messages are right again.

This is a direct link to the lectures and lesson sessions too. Okay, there’s not many steps left the eighth step and the IPC process is to understand the role that each communication tool you use, helps to create and shift perceptions and can ultimately sustain your brand’s momentum. Once you have your strategic brand message, you have to pick the most appropriate delivery vehicle, the rest of the SMU course units.

They address different aspects of these delivery mediums things like from blogging to social media, to websites and, more as a general rule. Each progressive stage of your involvement with an audience requires more individualized communications to meet the needs of your audience again. Think about tribes and think about the example I use with aardvark records about the different tribes we communicated with and how it used a different mix of personality traits and approaches targeted to very specific tribes within an overall audience.

Social media, advertising and PR are powerful awareness building tools, they’re also helpful and instilling a sense of relevance. High touch, media things like print advertising, interactive media and adverts, they’re better for relevance and instilling a clear sense of differential value, direct interactions, things again like social media. Well, those are the most effective tools for shaping satisfaction and encouraging audience loyalty.

The challenge is to leverage the relative power if each medium to build an integrated solution that will work the best for your unique audience communication requirements. The ninth step is to measure your results. I’ve covered this a few slides back when I mentioned analytics among the other purposes of analytics. This will allow you to define a return on your investment in terms of time and if budgets actually allow money – and here we go we’re at the last step.

The last step and the ibc process is to revisit step 5, which is all about shifting perceptions and repeat the whole process. Over and over again, ibc is not a one-time, only thing it’s a process and it’s a process that requires fine-tuning tweaking and changing. This is because Browns don’t exist in some sort of time, vacuum external and internal forces, but they basically require that we continually revisit the process.

Ibc is also an organic process, one that can be fed, nurtured and made stronger through active involvement once you’ve measured. Your initial results returned to the program’s foundations and examine opportunities for enhancement, return to your messages and explore opportunities to make them even more compelling return to your media assumptions and determine, if you’re, reaching your targets. Other things you can do return to your your budgets and determine if you’ve, if you’ve allocated them as effectively as possible and finally return to your assessment tools and determine whether they’re generating the insight you need to grow and manage your branding program.

Okay. So it’s time to start wrapping things up for this lecture. Let’s look at what brand messaging isn’t the old marketing paradigm is dead, and by that I mean the old weight the old-fashioned way of marketing. It was one-way communication from some unknown, faceless entity to the public. It was one-to-one communication, was a very top-down approach and evolved. Huge huge budgets just enormous enormously big spend because of this, because it’s one-way communication.

It was a top-down approach, basically messages coming down from on high down to consumers and customers, who you know they. We really weren’t asked for it to have any kind of involvement or feedback the companies that did that was perceived to be kind of faceless corporate brands. Companies who engage in this style of marketing or typically and usually perceived to be ignoring their social responsibilities and they’re.

Also perceived to be quite arrogant, okay, so now that we’ve taken a look at what brands messaging, isn’t we’re going to take a look at what brand messaging actually is the new marketing paradigm is it’s about building relationships with an audience. It’s about one-to-many communication. It’s about two-way loyalty and respect. It’s also about honesty. Even if that honesty hurts it’s about communicating values, two-way dialogue, again, those are all important considerations in terms of building a community, especially community, around your brand.

It’s not only allowing but actively encouraging your audience’s commentary about your you and your brand, and it’s also a two-way growth process. Some of the best most innovative ideas that we actually had an aardvark actually came about through actively engaging with their audience listening to what they had to say and hearing their suggestions in their feedback branding. It’s about people, it’s about community, it’s about participation, it’s the shift from monologue to dialogue, and it has changed traditional media and marketing forever.

Okay, so I’ve been banding this term community about a little in our previous sessions together. It’s a term that I appreciate people can interpret differently. So what exactly do I mean when I say community? For me the three core components? The first component is a group having a shared consciousness, and by that I mean members, feel they kind of sort of knew. Each other, or they knew something about each other because they have a shared interest.

So an example of this would be people who drive Broncos, who else drives Broncos? Well guys like me and guys who like engines, and it could be that simple. The second component are rituals and traditions, and by this I mean the way in which the meaning of a community is reproduced within that group, and I know that’s a bit abstract, so i’m going to give you an example. An example of this would be people who drive sobs and my experience.

They are so passionate about their car. They really are sab acolytes, so an example would be. If you drew, you know, if you drove a saab, whenever you pass anyone else driving a slob, you either beep your horn or flash your lights you’re, giving an indication to kind of thumbs up you’re in the Saab club. The third component is a sense of moral responsibility, and by that I mean as a sense of duty to the community as a whole and then example of this would be.

We see another sob on the road we pull over and we help no matter what it is. It’s that really kind of deep connection. The last part of this wrap up is to highlight some of the most common brand messaging mistakes. First mistake: not speaking to audience values too often marketers create messaging around what they believe are the most important features of their product or the service. Instead of looking into what’s actually important to their audience.

Take the time to understand your audience and their values then align it to your messaging. Accordingly, one way to get insight into your audience’s values is to ask them to complete a short online survey using something like survey monkey. For instance, a small online design store that features. Recycle furniture might use an online survey to compare what customers to compare customers values. For example, the store may find out that will cost is important to its audience.

Family and safety are the two things their audience. Power actually values the most. The company can then shift its messaging from lowest cost to family-friendly furniture on a budget. The second mistake relying too heavily on buzzwords. Everyone wants to be part of a major trend, whether it’s being a big data company, a slow food, restaurant or a mom preneur. The problem with relying on these buzzwords to define you is that the more popular they become, the less impact they have people begin to just simply change these kind of buzz.

Where it’s out this doesn’t mean you can’t use popular category phrases, just use them sparingly and pair them with words that differentiate you and pack a unique punch, for example, natural skin care company. True kid does a great job of using the term sustainable in its company messaging, and it does it in a really subtle way that feels quite authentic. For instance, true kidner choose kids through their daily through their daily play and is paving the way to innovative sustainable body and hair care for the whole family, from babies to big kids.

Third mistake: failing to make your messages portable many companies rely on word-of-mouth to drive their business. Is your messaging portable enough for these customers to easily spread? The word one way to check is to try boiling your messaging down to just one or two sentences. Creating the same type of logline Hollywood users, to sum up a movie or TV plot, and by logline I mean there’s kind of strapped lines that we hear a young man or woman from different social classes fall in love aboard an ill-fated voyage at sea.

If you can’t tell your story and 50 words or less chances, are your audience won’t be able to either your log lines? You give people an idea of what you offer and provide some sort of hook to stimulate interest, for example, a boutique PR agency that specializes in launching hot emerging tech companies. Another one could be an accounting firm that deals exclusively with small business. Audio audits, once you’ve got your logline, go back to your marketing copy and make sure these these simple messages come through loud and clear.

You can also use the logline itself in your marketing materials. Remember the aardvark one! We listen and we learn another one was music. Unlimited simple memorable catching: you can also use these kind of log lines on your website and your social media properties and in conversations with your audience, both old and new. The fourth mistake is actually forgetting to excite. You know that sensation of arriving home after a short drive and not remembering any details of the actual journey, much of our life is spent in this kind of autopilot mode making decisions based on our habits, emotions and gut instincts.

It’s up to you to wake people up and to inspire them with your messaging, so infuse your language with as much excitement and energy as possible and use action verbs rather than a passive tone of voice. Here’s a great example of action orientated messaging from cleaning cleaning product company method, it’s time to clean, happy with biodegradable products that clean, like hack, smell like heaven and leave nothing nasty in their wake.

The final mistake is messaging by committee. When you fill a conference room with senior managers for a managing session, it’s not unusual for everyone to have a different opinion about what the company does accompanied by a strong need to be heard. The problem with this approach is that it often results in statements like this one. Our mission is to help innovative leaders in the CPG industry, increase the velocity of their business and drive engagement with their suit with their social communities to inspire meaningful change, yeah.

What the heck does that even mean this mission statement is likely suffering from something we call whiteboard Ida’s the inflammation that occurs when someone crimes everything from a whiteboard into one sentence. It may also have a case of groupthink in which fresh concepts surfaced by the team gets boiled down into familiar jargon. Out of the need for consult consensus, compare the clunky mission statement above to this simple powerful example from bristol-myers squibb, whose mission it is to, and I quote, to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail for serious diseases.

Your messaging shouldn’t sound like it was fused together in dr. Frankenstein’s lab, while it’s valuable to get multiple opinions, don’t fall into the trap of trying to please everyone in the room. Stay true to your audience’s values, be authentic and communicate in straightforward terms. All the best for your work on the scenario and the template that accompanies this session and I’ll see you again in session for


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Chads can Block Bullets at Area 51 Raid | Martial Arts Tutorial

What about it? At 6:30 reporting live you want, and so today, because if you know like one day late, I’m going to show how all those Chad’s out there could have blocked bullets if they just had a staff and this technique, let’s get teaching them chats alright.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to learn a front facing the boast, a spin, it’s going to be a nice simple spin. Now, if they’re one meet, there is a lot of ways to do figure. Eights of both da Spencer tons of different variations know one way is necessarily better than another way, but I’m going to show you my way of doing the front we’re facing both that spin. So I’m going to try to teach you how to do this without hitting my garage too many times, though, what we’re going to do you’re going to hold it in your right hand, just like this, I’m going to hold a little lower on my body.

You can do it up here. If you want towards your chest, I wouldn’t go any higher than your focus and I wouldn’t go any lower than your hips, but exactly where you’re going to hold it and where you wouldn’t do this spin, it’s up to you and how much space you have. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to let it rotate just like this and let it pass that 180 degree turns by 90 degrees. Do you get just like this? Once you get there you’re going to use that momentum to transfer the post back into your opposite hand, then your re grabbing like that and doing the same steps over and over cuz.

That’s what you want. You want a pattern that you can follow so that you can do this for as long as you want to so one more time, nice and slow. It’s going to look like this you’re going to let it spin past that 180 degrees you’re going to grab it in the other hand, and you’re going to transfer it back over. Just like this, with both hands facing the same direction and then you’re going to do the same thing, and so when you go a little bit fast, it’s going to look something like this now, like I said earlier, there are many different variations of doing figure eights In doing both husbands, you have the other hyper figure.

8. That I think is a little bit faster, that’s more of an attack because more coming down, instead of in front of you, there is tons of these things. So if you have a spin that you want to learn that you’ve seen in Instagram or somewhere, send it to me over discord, send it to me over Instagram and we can try and break that down for you or if you have something that you’ve learned in Your training and want to you know, show it off a little bit in this kill me on this corner.

I love you guys sending me cool pictures or articles of you guys doing training stuff so send them in. I want to check them out. I want to see what you guys got what my ninja crew has speaking of discord once I hit 25,000 subscribers, I have a bunch of awesome stuff coming. I have to give away like I’ve been talking about, but I also have free voice chat for everyone who has been in my discord when I hit 25,000.

So if you do it after I hit 25 thousand subscribers, you maybe might miss out on you know having that automatic voice check, but for all you guys that are in my squad for all of you guys that are in my discord already before I had 25,000 Subscribers, I appreciate you, you guys are a G and because of that, you guys are going to get we’re going to go and chat some time. You’re going to have some discord.

Chats are going to be awesome. I can’t wait hopefully, so you guys can’t wait. Maybe we can play some games together. I’ve been playing Rainbow six, maybe starting up a minecraft server at some point soon. Just you know up to you guys. So if any of that I just shoot links down in the description, I have at the bottom of the description, a link to my discord. So it’s simple you just getting them be like join or accept, or whatever the button says.

But until next time it’s been a good satin bag, I was going to do all that fun like and subscribe, and Belle and Tom, and all that fun stuff in description down below, but until next time my name is DJ more. This is the modern ninja and I’m out you

What are you eating? Check out the video below to find out about a healthy snack.


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A Look inside the SIDEKICK PLANNER and First Impressions Review |

So I received the planner in the mail and it’s a box, I’m just going to slide it out. I’ve already been looking at it and going through it and and learning what it’s all about. Just briefly about the psychic planner sidekick planner has been designed after careful research on topics such as neuroscience spiritualism, the law of attraction, human behavior, habit, formation, goal-setting success and self-development experimented and tested through trial and error.

We discovered the best goal-setting method to bring clarity and happiness in your life, and then it lists what this planner is supposed to do. For you, including this happiness, improve time management, increased productivity helps to achieve goals, reduces stress, improves mental health, helps to reflect records. Memories clears the mind and reduces screen time. This planner is actually full of a lot of information on goal-setting and creating the life that you want, but let’s go ahead and get into it.

As far as the aesthetics of the planner, it comes in, two colors comes in the black with the red band and it comes in red with a gray band. So I chose the black and let’s go ahead and dive in it. Has this sidekick embossing on the cover? I don’t know if there is any relation to the movie sidekick, but that looks familiar okay, so just going inside go on the first page, you can go ahead and personalize it.

Then it has quote. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit, Aristotle, and then we get into the Welcome message and then it talks about the community. There is an online community. There is also downloadable content that you can check out. Then it gets into talking about goals. This planner is extremely goal-oriented. It acts really as somewhat of a cross between a planner and a journal.

So a lot of what you would put in here is journaling, not necessarily plans. It does have monthly pages its undated. So you can use it anytime, it’s a 91 day planner. So that’s three months, thirteen weeks and then it goes and it explains what to do on each type of page. So it gives you ideas of what you can do for the month wing and it has this place down at the bottom. For short term goals for health wealth love happiness has note sections.

Then we move on to the how-to guide for the weekly sprints and there is a lot of information packed into the weekly sections of this planner, and this is the how-to for the daily section. So you have a how-to for your monthly, a how-to for your weekly and a how-to for your daily, and then it goes into talking about your life vision. So this this planner is deep. Okay, almost just before I even got to the actual planner pages.

It almost made me feel like I need to pull out a separate notebook to write down some of these things and work out some of these. These things in my mind, before I actually even put them into this planner. So this is the beginning. It’s a vision! Area, I would probably use this as actually a vision board and put images here instead of just writing here, put images that would inspire the vision that I have for each one of these areas of my life or health love, wealth happiness.

Then it goes on to talking about setting rituals what you do in the morning which evening what you’re doing, though, on the weekends and it talks about the importance of having rituals and routines in your daily life, like, I said lots of information just for everyday life. It’s kind of like a little bit life coaching in a way, then it talks about goals. It talks about SMART goals, rewarding yourself action steps all those things.

This is an area where I am challenged. I have I’m not good at setting goals, and I think it probably would be more helpful to talk about how you set goals as well as how to achieve your goals. So for me getting to the SMART goals. Part of it is difficult when I have an issue with setting the goal in the first place, but that could just be me so this planner gives you space for multiple goals. You can include your wise process goals, action steps, your rewards, notes, ideas in mind maps and it has space for one two three goals.

Then it moves into the monthly spreads again. These are undated. The blocks are a little small, but that’s to be expected in a planner this size. It also has goals for the month or health. Wealth, love happiness, room for notes tests. You can fill in your motivation and of course, the month in the year, and you have three months of that then another quote: you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great Zig Ziglar.

Then it moves on into the weeks. You have 13 weeks, and this is how each week runs. This is basically the introduction of your week. It prepares you for the week. It gives you space to write down the three things that you’re excited for a weekly challenge, any upcoming projects, main tasks, and it also has a habit tracker for the week. Then it moves into the daily pages and it’s a day on two pages, but it has a space for the day in the day.

Then it has the morning ritual and affirmation, today’s focus, mind and body, and today’s big three, so you can fill in the three main goals for the day. Any other tasks it even has bullet journal type key at the bottom that you can use for your checkboxes on other tasks, and it also has on the second page as a place for schedule. So you can time your schedule for any time of the day that you need.

It has plenty of room for notes, today’s achievements, what you’re grateful for and my big dream. This is a lot as far as daily planning, but if you are focused on achieving certain goals, I think this is good to keep you on track to keep you in that mindset to keep you on course. It continues with that way through the week. So you have seven days then, at the end of the week we come here to the weekly recap last week’s achievements and you can list those out in those four areas of health, wealth, love and happiness and review your weekly challenge list ways that you can improve And again more room for notes and it says, review your wrinkles regularly to stay motivated and then the week’s repeat again you get 13 weeks, so you would have dailies for all of those weeks.

So it’s pretty good size and plenty of room. We have another quote. We do not learn from experience we learn from reflecting on experience, John Dewey. Then it goes into the goals again what it was. What was the outcome, what went right and why? What went wrong and why notes and future actions and that’s in reference to the three goals that you set at the beginning, then it goes on to the things that changed in the last 13 and how you score those changes.

Then we move on to just the notes and the backup of the planner and you have a pocket in the back, and that is it for this planner my thoughts, I think it’s very good again if you are striving towards particular goals and you’re having trouble staying On track as a planner, I’m not sure that it’s really a planner. I feel like it’s more of a journal or more of a life coach. Really it does have some aspects of planning, but they are not the main focus.

The main focus is setting goals aesthetically. I’m not a fan of really dark header areas, that’s just a personal preference, a design preference. I like my pages to be more light and airy, and not so harsh, and that probably is because of my need to decorate them. So it really has nothing to do with how the planner would function. So, if you’re working towards a particular goal or a set of goals, this would be a great tool and keeping you on track and it does have the two bookmarks.

It has a black one and a red one. Here is very nice quality again it is journal style. So this is what it looks like. So, if you’re interested in this planner, I will leave the information in the description box below. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you later bye, you


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Benchmade 550 Griptilian Review and Use

Please do not forget to comment like share and subscribe if you want to see more awesome, Alaskan content like that right into this review. This is actually the first benchmade night I ever got and it’s been a pretty awesome.

Benchmade I’ve carried it for quite a few years. I don’t really religiously carry it anymore, as there are other options and, of course, being an EDC care reviewer. I try and keep more knives running through the rotation, but this knife kind of is special because it is my first bunch mate and I ever thought, and so that’s why I’ve kind of kept it around and the other reason I’ve kept around is because it is Still, even though it has hateful serrations on it, it still is a pretty capable knife overall, especially in an everyday, carry setting, and so once again does, unfortunately have serrations, but back when I was first getting this knife.

If I was kind of one of those kids at that time, I really liked the whole black blades and serrations, and all that kind of fancy stuff that really it was kind of a trend of being cool. But the trend didn’t really last because practically plain edges just end up being better overall, so yeah. That is, but it’s basically why this one has serrations on it and, as you guys will notice, I tried my hardest.

It still was a little bit hard, but as I was processing up that pizza box of an awesome pizza company, I was trying to actually split some of the testing between just the straightedge in just the serrations. It is a little bit hard because this blade is not the longest blade, and so it can be a little bit difficult when you’re trying to kind of slice through something to just keep it on just the serrations or just the blade.

And I also did a little bit of intermixed, so you know if you’re just a straight slash right through that cardboard, you’d first catch the serrations and then the plain edge, so there’s going to be a little bit of. But I wanted to kind of show you guys what it looked like with just the plain edge and what it looked like with just the serrations. I will say I think the serrations had a bit of an easier time with part of the cardboard.

I think they might be a little bit better and of breaking up the cardboard fiber kind of just going right through it. So partially serrated blades aren’t entirely bad, but they definitely are not my favorite. They do have some batter applications such as fibrous materials like cardboard and especially ropes. Serrations tend to go through a lot faster, but at the same time they can be a little bit harder to maintain and overall, I think they kind of just don’t look that good.

Anyways, so my overall experience with this knife has been, for the most part, really good. I’ve really enjoyed this knife and there’s a reason other than this. Just being my first bench made why this knife has stuck around with me for the past, like five or six years, bunch mates, really it’s just an overall great knife. Now I currently have this one on a lanyard, because I don’t really like the benchmade clips, and so I thought I would just run this one on a lanyard.

I don’t run it that frequently that one I do occasionally run this knife. I kind of like to mix it up and just kind of throw it in the pocket and just kind of run it that way, because every once a while I do enjoy a lanyard knife instead of one that has a pocket clip on it. So that is how it’s running as far as retention or in the pocket carry as far as overall organ of expulsion, a far n handles there, nothing special it’s just like a plastic handle and you can definitely tell they kind of feel a little cheap.

But at the same time that that cheapness does pay off, because these knives are still pretty affordable for what you’re getting and so that the cheap material and the handles helps you to have a better blade material and a higher-quality knife at a lower price. So I really can’t complain about the material as far as the material does go. It has to to test the time and I’ve abused the knife quite a bit and accidentally like dropped this knife in the closed position.

Thank the Lord on things like stone and rock, and it has a few gashes in the handle to prove of that, but the handle hasn’t shattered or it hasn’t really cracked in any ways, though other than that the for the most part, the ergonomic still pretty squared Away this is not really a tactical knife, but it could be used in that way. You do have jumping back here for your thumb, and so it could. I will say I don’t know if the 550 having a kind of reverse sheet foot blade, is the best option for a tactical knife, because it’s not the absolute most pointy, because your tip is kind of downward sloping.

Certainly not like another knife. That’s similar like this. One and the primary reason why the nsync Oh grind is so much better at penetration is because Chris breeze has actually gone in and put cuts on the both of the top to both sides of the top of this tip and helped thin out the overall blade Material here and put a false edge on the top, so it kind of AIDS in penetration, so that I will say is why that downward sloping tip on the nsync.

Oh grind works so well, but this one obviously does not have that so other plate features that I do really enjoy are not the serrations cuz. I don’t really enjoyed those, but I do actually love the opening hole. I am a big fan of Spyderco knives. I wish I could have more of them, but right now only have one of them in the current collection, and even though I only have one, I still love all these Spyderco whole opening knives and including when benchmade put a spider hole hug their knives, regardless to How controversial that is or isn’t? I still really enjoy that? I really do like that, and I, like that, a lot more than 5:51.

I believe it is the one that just has the thumb studs, which is not bad. I have a few thumb stud bench maids. This one included and the 5d sexes – and so some studs are not the worst thing in the world, but I kind of like these whole openers more, but I do like the the whole overall. It also kind of lightens the blade stock a little bit more and as far as the 5d justify 50 goes, I do like the blade shape a little bit more.

This one is in a black. I forget the coating that they use for this, but, as you guys can see, this one has been heavily used in a bit abused on the tip and it definitely has a bit of a we’re on this coating. But for the most part, this coating is a pretty tough black coating and it’s not too tacky. I know some people don’t like st coatings, because they’re really tacky and this one just like any coating – does have a bit of tackiness to it.

But for the most part it is overall pretty smooth and, like I said within reason, pretty durable – I mean most of this tip kind of we’re here has happened when I actually stabbed this knife into some tin cans. This was really early on and I stabbed this knife into some tin cans to like make a Hobo, stove air or a couple Hostos actually, and that’s what actually primarily wore off this coating was that contact with the tin can on this steel, just kind of tough To clothing right off, so that’s a pretty and good abuse to take the coating off.

So I’m not too surprised to cody wore off when doing that, and then on the back of this, I also induced this knife quite a bit for striking feral rods, because it does have a pretty sharp back on it. So the back of this knife is actually the coating is pretty beat up because I’ll use it a lot to strike Ferro rods. As far as the lock goes, this is, of course, an axis lock and I love axis locks. If you guys haven’t noticed, I have or have had a lot of bench maids in the collection, and that is on purpose.

I do really love benchmade axis locks in particular, so overall I really loved their axis. Lock, it’s a fun lock to use. I really have a knife that smooth without a bit of side to side place so like these types of knives will have. You know just a little bit of side-to-side play, but that’s that’s because they’re so smooth or if I said over all up and down play is absolutely nothing and very solid lockup for six years and I do go in and I kind of clean this one every Once in a while, when there’s kind of dirt built up on the actual axis lost, because acting kind of at times hinder your lock up, but that’s about all, I do, for it blade centering for anyone who cares this one’s actually pretty well centered.

Now, on to the actual blade, as far as it goes and at retention, this is, of course a 154cm version, so this isn’t anything special. I know they’ve made some like s30v CPM, 20v blades and higher-end Steel’s for the grip, Tilian and I’m sure those work just like CPM, s30v, normally works or just how CPM 20v normally works in itself, but the 154cm on this works pretty well. I did get one off knife of a bench made barrage that I still have, which was my second bench made – that I think they over heat treated, because that one is really hard to put an edge on.

But I have a few, a CPM or not CPM but 154cm from bench made and they overall they don’t hold an edge forever, but they do sharpen up pretty fast and pretty easily this one included and it holds an edge for at least an amount of time. It’s not the most amazing steel, but it’s definitely better than something like 440 C or even vg10. In my opinion, and so edge retention is pretty good in that regard, the overall blade on this.

I think I would have enjoyed a lot more had it been a plain edge and I do actually really like the 550 in-plane edge. This serration version. A serrated version is not the worst in the world. It definitely in an EDC. Type of format does perform pretty. Okay, like you, can see how well the serrations weren’t able to chew through, like cardboard once again, rope things like paper. It kind of struggles with because there’s just so many angles of contact with a serrated blade that it can cause the paper or thinner material.

So you’re trying to cut to kind of like crinkle instead of just slicing right to brew it other than that. Like I said, I really don’t have any complaints, I find the blade length to be just fine for most EDC tasks. Personally, I’ve always been more a fan of these kinds of more wider and larger blades, so like with this 940 here you can see how kind of like pencil then this 940 is and some people they love just having like a really thin blade, but I tend To like knives that are more like that they’re Tilian here and more like this Sebenza that have more kind of width to them to just overall, they seem like larger, more well-built nice.

It’s not does it. This is not a well-built knife. I’m sure this is but this overall kind of gives more of a just feel like you’re, actually holding more of a knife, and I kind of like that in a knife personally and that’s more aesthetics, so anyways, that’s basically all I have to say on the bench Made 550 grip Tilian with this awesome, lanyard mod that I did to it and that’s basically all I have to say on it.

As always, god bless and I’m not

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SEO for YouTube (9 Tips to help you Rank)

The first thing you need to do obviously is load your article one of the things I always do is I use Camtasia and when I go to load it, it’s right there in a folder, and I just take the mp4 file and load it here. I’m going to set at the end of the article I will have a article there for you to show you exactly how to load your article and set it and do all that stuff once you’ve loaded it.

It’s going to bring you up to a page. That looks like this, and this is where you can start really doing certain things that are going to help with your search. Now, when I say with your search, YouTube has two algorithms, and one of them is they want to know what you want to rank for. So since it’s not a person looking at your article, they can’t really read it and see how good you are or anything like that so they’re going to use all the different techniques, I’m going to show you now to help them decide if you’re going to rank The second thing that they look at is once you start playing your article and people start reading it.

Then they start looking at read time, click-through rate things like that, then they decide if you’ll rank and how much better or you are compared to other articles. So everything has to be done with words because it can’t be done with audio. So the first thing you want to do: let’s say that I’m going to do a article on passive income; okay, I’m going to say passive income models; let’s say three passive income models; okay, that you want to put that keyword; phrase in your title.

The second thing you want to do is you want to put the exact same phrase in your description now you notice here. I have a description that I have set. It’s automated it’s on every single one of my articles, but then I add different things to the beginning and to the end. That goes with the article that I’m posting, so I’m going to put in three passive income models. After that, I’m going to say as much as I can about the article, the more you put in there, the better it’s just like a web site.

If you think about it, the analytics for Google to help drive traffic to your website or to help you rank it has to do with how many words you have on the page, how many times you mention your keyword, phrase and other tags, and things like that. So YouTube works just like that, so this is like a mini blog if you think about it, and so, if you notice it, they give you five thousand characters and I would say most people barely use.

Half of that so use as much of it as you can, but just talk about your article say: what’s in there and use that keyword phrase as much as you can so that’s two then when I go to my tags, I use the exact same keyword. Phrase for the first tag now once that comes up, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, I have a software tool that helps me with my keyword search. I actually have two buddy in here and I have vid IQ.

Then IQ gives me the top three keywords and I always put those in second. I have the lowest program with vid IQ and that’s what I’m looking for is those top three keywords and then I come up. I can look here. These all come from two buddy. These are all recommended tags, so I can just start hitting those and all of them have to do with passive income. Now, if it said something like passive income with rental properties, I’m not going to pick that unless that’s one of the models I was talking about, you want to make sure the tags that you’re using are focused on passive income, and you buddy does it for me.

They go in and pick meet the the different phrases and keywords that will help me to rank now something neat. Let’s say I put in three passive income models. Again, let’s say it was at the bottom. Well, here’s one for ideas, I’m going to repeat one passive income; okay, so let’s say you’re looking there and you got some from the bottom. You’ve had some that maybe you had listed okay go right here where it says sort to buddy.

Does this look? I had four phrases that I used twice, so two buddy will go in there and sort and remove them for me and there you go and then I can continue to get my phrases now. I can only go up to 500 characters. Another thing you want to do to help with your SEO is to come up with like a four-letter combination of letters, or maybe your name and put them in so I’ve seen people do things like kr PT and they use that on every single article.

It doesn’t mean anything but YouTube’s going to notice. Hmm kr PT, there’s a bunch of other articles that have the same tag so that what they’ll do is they’ll start showing them, as recommended on the side. I personally use my name, and I know other people will do that. Sometimes you can find another guru that maybe does passive income. Pat Flynn is really big and you can put their name in there as well.

I’ve seen people do that and it’ll actually help your rankings and it’ll kind of connect you to his audience as well as yours. So once you’re done that another way that you can help your SEO is go to the playlists. You want to always add your article to a playlist. If you can add it to two: that’s even better one of the things in playlists is you want to make sure you have articles that are cohesive if you’re going to do one? Let’s see we just, I have one in here with passive income, so let me go ahead and select that so all of the articles in that playlist are passive income and what I do in there is like maybe buy that ninth or tenth article, I would maybe Put a article in there from Pat Flynn because he’s like a passive income expert, he doesn’t block or website called smart passive income and then, as people go through my playlist, my articles will keep popping up one after another.

It literally keeps going well, then they hit Pat Flynn’s article, but it’s in my playlist. So after that plays, it comes back to my article and the algorithms are going to pick that up. They’re going to see that connection between the two blogs and say: oh well – maybe some of the but from this blog will want to see more articles from them and vice versa and they’ll get recommended. So that’s another way.

You can increase your read time and your SEO now, let’s go back up to the description because there’s more things you can do in there after I do a description of the article and I use that phrase as much as I can without overdoing it. Then I scroll down – and I have some business resources that I have in there automatically and in here I have it says, check out some other popular articles. Well, I may even add in there a playlist check out this playlist and then I’ll also add a blog to it to a competitor.

And when I say competitor, I don’t mean somebody that only has like 5,000 subscribers, but somebody that has like 2 million somebody big. That I’m not going to hurt them if I put their blog in inside their link. Inside of my description or if I put a article from them inside of my description, it’s just going to connect our two blogs. I’m not going to hurt them, but they’re going to help me if that makes sense, so people when they get that big, I’m sure they’re fine, when you share their blog because it’s going to drive traffic to them as well, even though they don’t need it so Make sure you do that and then, when you go down to the bottom here, you want to also put links to all your other social media resources.

The more you get people to click out of here to other platforms that helps YouTube. They like that, because they want to draw more people in and then, if you’re in affiliate marketing obviously put your disclaimer and then at the very bottom, I’d like to put 3 hashtags, so I might put passive income. I like to put my name and then I put something else like income models, so those are hashtags that will show up underneath the description.

All of this is going to help your SEO and of course you want to have a good thumbnail actually to buddy allows you to make a thumbnail right here from the blog, so you can go in over here to the right where it says. I take that back. You can go down here at the bottom, where you can see best practices and scroll down and you’re going to see. Add a high-resolution thumbnail so right there. You can create your thumbnail through your two buddy account and keep your template, and then you can keep using him.

You want to have something that has your. You want to use the template that has you on it, so people get to know you and then just use three four words on it and make it pop and try to use the same color scheme or something with the same style not exactly the same, but That way, you’re branding yourself and then people will see the colors or they’ll see the the font that you use. I’ve seen people that are very consistent with this and I don’t even have to read the title, but I know it’s their thumbnail.

So it’s it’s pretty much a branding thing, so people get to recognize you. So if you do all of those things when you upload your article and use YouTube to buddy – and it’s so easy to just get all of this put together, then you will get more search. Engine optimization and more traffic towards your. Your article make sure you subscribe and hit the notification button right now. I am producing six articles a week and they are all to help you earn more money, passive income and


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Micro Influencer & Money : how & how much we’re making from social media!

I just want to speak about the topic that I Just talked about on my latest post on Instagram, which is making money on Social media, how small influencers make money? How influencers in general Make money to help you understand better, but also I want to get back to what I Was talking about in my post, I don’t know why it’s a very taboo topic.

I don’t Know there’s a lot of hiding, I feel, and I don’t know why I’m going to try To be as transparent as I can, because I know that some of you are curious and Are just wondering how it’s possible to make money on social media? This is the Topic of this article today After you’ve readed this article, I would love to have Your opinion in the comments, I would love to know what you think, if your Opinion changed after reading the whole article (, french speaking, ).

Sorry, I was just explaining to my French audience. That they can answer in French. Alright, just know that everything I’m going to talk About is really from my own experience. I am not talking for anyone else, Although I know from experience and meeting other bloggers that they have the same Experience as me, especially as a small influencer, I know I have twenty Five thousand followers, which is huge – that’s just how we are defined by the Industry and by brands, knowing that a lot of influencers have millions of Followers between 10,000 and hundred thousand you’re considered rather small Influencer So there’s basically four main ways to make money on social media.

As a blogger or influencer, The first one is selling your Own products, So a lot of influencers sell ebooks it’s the case. For me, I sell Ebooks on my website about a topic that I’m passionate about Some bloggers have developed products. Some bloggers have developed Their own brands, after having built their community And honestly, I feel, like This is the nicest most authentic way of making a living Of social media, because it’s really a project that you built from scratch and That you’re so passionate about And you’re basically investing a lot of time.

Into it and you’re basically, like a, I, don’t know a business owner and in the Future, that’s one thing that I would love to do It’s way easier after having A community to have a successful brand, because the awareness of the brand is Already there and that’s kind of one of the hardest thing for a brand to have Sales, so that’s helping for sure. Not all the bloggers have sustainable or Authentic brands, just letting you know that a lot of online retail Are a bit suspicious, I’m not going to call names and stuff, but just be careful from where you’re buying your products, The other stream of Income is also organic.

Basically, when you see ads on the side of a blog and When you see ads just before a article or in the article like little pop-ups, these Are basically a contract? Okay, I’m not going to go into details because I’m not Sure about this, but it’s a contract between the advertiser and Google And Obviously, the more the article has view for YouTube. For example, the more the ad Will be seen and we are paid by Google after from a split amount.

I mean it. Depends of the number of views and also the engagement rate of the Blog, If that blog, has a lot of comments or likes on the articles, So Monthly, we can get a check or just a bank transfer from Google. The third Way of income – okay, this article is going to be longer than Ten minutes, The third stream of income is brand partnerships, sponsored Post or sponsored articles So for this, the brand will send the influencer a product To try out and the influencer will talk about it and promote it in a post, a Story, a YouTube, article etc And the influencer is paid for the post and gets A free product as well to try it out J’ai oublié de dire que quand un contenu est sponsorisé l’influencer doit le mentionner avec # ad; # sponsorisé; c’est la loi, Aussi si les produits sont reçus gratuitement; c’est bien de le préciser En revanche encore, plein d’influencer ne Respectent pas ces règles et parfois les marques sont prêtes, à payer plus chères pour que l’influenceur ne mentionnent pas que.

C’Est payé pour que ça paraisse plus authentique..Ce qui est dingue. This is where it gets a little tricky. Depending on which influencer you’re following and what their value is, Because it’s very tempting to accept a lot of product and accept a lot of deals. And make a lot of posts, I personally get a lot of emails and requests for Partnerships – it’s very tempting to say yes to everything, although it’s not the Goal for me personally, I want to try the product.

I want to make sure the product Is great I have received products in the past that were not great, so I Decided not to do the post and not being paid about it. The brand is always aware: Of that, before sending me products, and so everything that I talk about, is Always something that I recommend for you, but some influencers may not be As picky about that And then the the fourth final way of Earning money on social media is affiliate programs or being Sponsored and being paid monthly by brands, basically the more you’re helping The brand to make sales the more you earn money, So this is done through discount Codes, not all of the discount codes, are affiliated codes, but Sometimes they are, Which means every time a follower uses your code to make a Purchase the influencer gains money out of it Like a small percentage out of it.

So this is how it’s done basically, the four ways: majority of ways of making Money Now in case, you really have no idea how everything works. What is an Influencer, how come they have partnerships with brands and stuff? I Just want to touch on that really quickly, so why do brands and us Influencers collaborate, It is because, as an influencer, we have built a community Over the years, we have a certain amount of followers people that trust, hopefully What we are saying, what we are recommending and brands see that as a Really good way to make sale, it’s a sale tunnel just another way of Making sales before it was a lot of TV.

You turn on your TV. You see an ad you Want to purchase that thing now you just turn on social media. You see a product That your favorite blogger recommends and you want to purchase it And why do Influencers make those partnerships well mainly because of money honestly, We are doing a lot of free content, some people – sometimes it’s a part-time job – For influencers, but we spend a lot a lot a lot, a lot of time providing free Content, that’s like free articles, free tips, things that you could pay people For nutritional tips recipes anything else, you know yoga tips, Anything that I’m talking about I’m doing it for free, I’m doing it because I Love it all that work has created a community and that’s (, collaborations ), also a way for us.

To make money and to continue to make content that we love to do At the same. Time I want you to understand that not all partnerships are shady or just Money based kind of thing, a lot of my partnerships are actually me being Really really happy to recommend a brand, because I like what they’re doing I Think it’s sustainable and I want to make the world a better place. If I have The opportunity to promote a vegan ethical, sustainable brand and be paid For that like why, wouldn’t I do it? You know Now, let’s get into the subject that Everyone wants to know how much people make out of social media.

How much I make Out of social media, I’m going to tell you everything, because again I have nothing. To hide, I don’t think it’s something that you should know, because yeah you’re Not going to ask a singer how much money they make or an artist how much money they make, but if you’re really interested that’s how it works. Okay, So I’m just Going to give you the example of an Instagram post, otherwise it gets a bit More complicated because there’s different rates and all but the majority Of the time on Instagram, the market price for a post is 1 % of the number followers.

So if you have a hundred thousand follower your price per Post will be a thousand dollars if you have a million. Your price per post will Be a thousand a hat sorry, ten hundred ten thousand, that’s like so Much that I can’t even say it, if you have ten thousand, your price will be a Hundred That’s like a really basic rate that most people have it’s the rate that I have so I ask for 250 per post for myself, what makes it more or less Depending to the market price is the engagement rate of the influencer Just quickly on what that is.

The engagement is the Number of likes comments, shares of a post, so every time that you like a post Comment on a post or share a post, it increases the engagement and the Engagement rate of the blogger, So just so you know, if you like, the person That’s really really cool because you’re supporting that person. But if you don’t Like that person just so you know that you’re also helping them, because Basically, the higher your engagement rate is which brands have access to Those statistic the higher you can ask for money, obviously, because some people Have 10,000 followers and have a very, very low engagement rate? Some have 10,000 and have a very, very high engagement rate.

That means people Commenting people liking people being really really engaged into the community.. The brand will be ready to pay more money for that person. Obviously so just Do you know This is also why a lot of influencers, like myself, I’m not going to Hide anything again, every time we post, we do a story about the new post, for you, To check it out for you to like for you to comment for you to engage because it Is helping us and it’s just a free thing for you: it takes like a second and it Really does help, So I’m not sure you were aware of this, but every time you comment, Also under YouTube article, you like a YouTube article, it really does help you Have no idea it helps to support the blog or the blog that you’re Following to provide you more free content, if that makes sense, Okay, this Article is definitely not a ten minute article, but I just want to say everything: So it’s clear.

The last thing that I want to touch on is the price I Know a lot of people are amazed at how much money we make on social media for One post, let’s say for my example: 250 euro for one post, seems ridiculously High, it’s not that high compared to the industry, but I understand myself: 250 Euro, I know that it’s it’s not negligible amount of money, but know that A post requires a lot of time, a lot of effort.

It’s not just a photo. I mean It depends for which blogger, but for me a post is in between 2 hours, 30 and 6 Hours of work, first of all, sometimes it’s really struggle to get Parcels, especially in Paris, so that’s a lot of time. You know losing time. To get the parcel and stuff, then I mean the story: the creativity, how you want to post what kind of photo you’re going for all this Research process takes time because you don’t want to be like a copycat of Someone and you just don’t want to have a like very basic photo, at least not for Me Then, taking the photo takes time.

Editing the photo takes time. Writing the Caption trying the product because I never receive a product and post right, Away, I always take time to try the product out, so that also requires Time And even just that it might seem quite expensive still but just know, That brands don’t just pay for the content; they also pay for the community. That we have built – and we have built a community with all the other free Content that we’ve provided the community with – and this is like the Majority of our time, for me, it’s like 95 % of my time, working for free and So it’s kind of normal that I ask for a bigger amount of money for the Small amount that I’m sponsored for because the brand actually does pay for The amount of people that will see their ad, if that makes sense, So I know you want to know how much money I make right now being really Transparent with you, I make between four hundred and a thousand euros a month out.

Of search media not included my ebook, not including my ebook, but just The brand sponsorships that I have – I don’t have a lot some months. I have None and some month I have more, but I’m extremely picky, with what I’ve chosen to promote and that’s all So again, this article is not a Complaint On the post, I mentioned that I was really exhausted of brands that do Not pay smaller influencer and just want to send free products, not to mention Most of the time brands do actually have budget and are ready to pay mainstream.

Bigger influencer a lot more money because they’re more visible and Especially sustainable brands that pay a fair salary to their employees like why Do they not pay us a fair salary again, this article was just purely educative and Informative and I don’t want to start a big debate on that, but at the same time I really hope that you learned something or maybe, if you’re a bigger influencer You learned, what’s going on for smaller influencers, that it’s not easy every day, Although we are working the same quality than bigger influencers or if you’re a Brand actually – and this article makes you think I know I’ve received some comments.

Saying that I shouldn’t complain, because I’m so lucky to have that job and I have Not complained about my job and I know I’m lucky but at the same time it’s not Luck, it’s it’s just work, I’m sorry! But it’s work. I have decided to have this Activity as my job and you could too it’s just having your own business or Being self-employed takes a lot of dedication takes a lot of Work, I’m not saying that if you work in an office you’re not working a lot but It’s just something that people don’t really realize.

There’s a lot of work. Behind the scenes, a lot of dedication, a lot of investmen t I’ve lost a lot of money, I mean some month. I don’t make money at all. It’s Tough like having a small business if you’re a brand too, and you can’t afford Paying influencers, I know what it is, but you know at some point you have to start And you have to think what you want. What’s your priority, investing in Influencers may be a really good idea in this digital age.

So thank you for Listening sorry, if that was very long again, let me know in the comments now that you Know that it really helps the engagement of this article. Let me know what you think: What you thought before, what’s your opinion on it, do you think that Influencers should get money, or do you think that we should just not complain? Or what do you think I would love to know your opinion? You can share this Article also with people around you, thank you so much for listening.

I hope to see You soon, my blog

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Adwords Signup – Keyword Research – How To Increase Website Traffic Series

What’s a key word, my best explanation of what a key word is a key word can either be a single word or most commonly a string of words or Freight. A phrase for example, that the search bots will travel through your website and determine exactly what your content is all about. What’s a search bot, a search bot is a tool used by the search engines.

For example the Google bot the Bing bot the Yahoo slur. Those are all BOTS sent out by those companies to determine exactly what content and and to collect and gather data from our websites to determine exactly where they should be placed in these search engines. So the search engines compiled all of this data and they take these keywords and and they’ll determine exactly what keywords your website might rank for now.

Believe me, it’s a lot more complicated than how they determine which websites will rank where based solely on keywords. There’s many more factors that go into it. In fact, there’s over 200 known factors involved in the algorithm at Google anyways to determine exactly where your website will rank in search. Ok right back to keywords, so we know already that a keyword can either be a single word or a phrase, and we know that search BOTS use those keywords to help determine exactly what your website is about.

The third thing about keywords is some keywords: can be much more competitive than others to rank for so what determines, if a a word is competitive, obviously supply and demand? How many people are trying to rank their websites or or competing for that popular keyword or a phrase? So for an example: if we were to take the term lawyer, let’s say we’re in the city of Orlando Florida and we have a law firm and we want to write our law firm for the term lawyer, probably very competitive.

It’s actually one of the toughest niches to write for it’s a highly competitive, very expensive niche to rank for if you’re, a lawyer, sorry lawyers, you guys do make lots of money, though so lawyer is a broad term that we want to rank for as opposed to Family law, which is more of a niche down, subject we’re probably not as much competition if you were just ranking for lawyer. So if we want to narrow it down a little more, we could go family law or business law.

So those are keywords and then, as we niche them down, you would have less competition, so less competition means easier to rank for right. So it’s something to take into consideration now. I do not want you to think okay. Well, we’re just going to avoid all the general terms, because we’ll never have a chance of ranking for them. For the most part, that’s true. There’s established large websites with lots of Link’s pointing to them that have been around for years and it’s tough to overwrite those kind of websites with popular keywords.

But that’s not necessarily true of me. If they are ranking for popular keywords, that pie, we’ll call it a pie, is a very large pie that has a ton of searches per month. For that keyword and a chance, even getting a sliver of that pie is still quite good, as opposed to going for the small little pie of, say, family law vs. Lawyer. You could rank higher, say on page one for a family law as opposed to page three.

For the term lawyer, if you’re a lawyer in Orlando and just coming up with a new website, okay, so what if I told you, there was actually a way that we could determine or measure how. Often a certain keyword or phrase was searched for monthly. So in our example, we use the term lawyer in the city of Orlando or also family law. So if we compare those two and I plug it in to my free Google Keyword planner tool, I tells me that the term lawyer is searched for five hundred ninety times a month in the city of Orlando versus a hundred and forty times a month.

For the term family law, so approximately you know four times more popularly. The broad term lawyer is so, but still family law at one hundred and forty searches per month is still a valuable term that we could try and rank for. So how do you get that access to that free tool? I’ll show you right now I’ll walk you through how you can sign up for the free Google search tool and just follow along okay, so beings we’ve signed up for a gmail account or also, if you already have one in the previous module in step one.

We can step our sorry. We can skip that step and just simply when you’re logged into your Gmail account open up another tab and simply make you do a search for Google Adwords. Okay. So up top here we have Google AdWords pay-per-click online advertising. Now we want to simply sign up and create a Google AdWords account doesn’t mean you’re going to do any advertising and they have this free tool. The keyword planner tool within the Google Adwords so I’ll, simply click on start now.

Okay, once you land on this page, it’s very important to get this point here, we’re simply going to click on skip the guided setup and that will allow us to get to the keyword planner tool much easier than if we, if we have to go through the Whole setup process, basically it’s asking for your website and your email address and and we’ll get to that later on in module 3. If you are interested in setting up google adwords completely so for right now, we’re just simply going to click on skip the guided setup, and now it’s simply going to ask you for your email address, select which country you’re from and I’m just simply going to select Canada, most, you will probably be in the US, select your time zone and then your currency.

Now your time zone and currency cannot be changed once you set those up so make sure you set them up correctly. Just quickly enter my email address here. This is a demonstration account, so actually this email address will be gone after. I create this article so do not try and get all of me there and then we simply click on save and continue now here it will ask us to enter our Google account so we’ll click on next they’ve already pre-loaded, the email and it’ll ask you for The password once you’ve entered your password click on sign in and then it asks about a having some recovery stuff.

We’re not going to worry about that right. Now, click on done, you can add a backup phone number if you want or a recovery email again. This is just a temporary account for demonstration purposes, so I haven’t set those ax and then you will land at this page and you’ll notice a whole bunch of options. You can click on. We will look at more of those in more depth in module 3, but for right now all we’re interested in is at the top here, where it says, tools simply click on tools, then the drop-down appears and what you’re looking for is the Keyword planner.

So click on keyword, planner and here it says, find new keywords and get search volume data. So we want to search for new keywords using a phrase website or category or get search volume, data and trends and here’s another option that we can get new keywords. So we’re just going to simply select this. This middle one here get search volume, data and trends. So click on that and the first thing it says, is enter keywords so I’ll just simply type in lawyer and the next thing we wanted to under targeting right now.

It’s has all locations, so this is would give us the results for the entire world. We want to narrow that down so I’ll, just simply: click on that little pencil or pin there and where it says, enter a location to target I mean you could enter United States. You could enter Canada if you’re, you know a global audience or most likely. You are a local business and want to enter your city, or maybe even state or depending on the size of the service area.

You service so right now, I’m just going to put in Orlando so right up here, Orlando Florida, United States and I will click on save and so right now I’ve got one keyword in here lawyer, we’re searching in the City of Orlando USA, and I want to Get the search volume, so click on get search, volume and right now average monthly search for all ideas. It shows up 100 to 1000, so it gives you a range now that number I got earlier.

My Google AdWords account that I have is a an AdWords account. That’s had thousands almost you know tens of thousands of dollars through it lots of advertising. It’s it’s many years old and beings. I’m a longtime customer of Google. I get a little more accurate picture of data, so here you can see. There’s a big range. There might be 100 to 1000 monthly searches so for new years users of Google AdWords.

Until you build up a, I don’t know a history with with Google. You do not have access to dead, accurate numbers like I do so anyways. This is the tool that gives you an idea, at least what that search volume is so let’s say we wanted to be beings. This is not that accurate. Maybe we could change Orlando, let’s go and change this to United States, oops. So we’ll add the country of United States and I’ll just simply remove Orlando, so click on remove here and then click on save.

So now we have 100,000 to 1 million. The reason I did that so, each month, average monthly searches for the term lawyer in the United States is anywhere from 100,000 to 1 million. So it gives us a little more of an idea in the whole country what kind of search volume that is, let’s add another term here, so I’m going to simply put a comma space and my next term will be family law and over here I’ll click on Get search volume, so we know if we’re comparing the two okay.

Obviously family law gets lower search volume than lawyer, so anyways. It can give us an idea of the search volumes if you just start typing, in related keywords, to get an idea how popular those words are and if you should be including them on your website and and which ones are the other most popular, also you’ll notice. Over the to the side, here, it’s got suggested bid. If you are actually running ads now lawyer happens to be one of the most expensive pay-per-click advertising categories.

I guess you would call it and you know eight and a half dollars seventeen dollars, twenty seven cents. For somebody in your city clicking on family law, if you’re a lawyer trying to gain clients, anyways just gives you an idea of this of the AdWords tool and how we can use it to determine search volume of certain keywords related to your website. Okay, I need to show you another feature of the Google Keyword planner so to get to this page again.

Just simply, you would click on tools up top here and go down to keyword, planner, and that would bring you once again right to this page. Here will be where we have the three options so the first time we went through the middle option. This time we will select on the top option here, search for new keywords using a phrase website or a category, so click on that this pops down this time. You know for your small business.

You can type in whatever, let’s say your lawn care business type in lawn care, your a painting, business type in painting, services or painting beings. We worked with a lawyer before I’m just going to punch in family law here and then, if you wanted you could you know if you had a product category, if you wanted to niche this down, you could enter a few things here or competitors website, even if He wanted to or your website and it will crawl your website or your competitors website and give you some keyword, ideas but anyways we’ll stick with this.

We we have a keyword of our key phrase of family law. Again, we have Orlando here selected and at the bottom we will so we’ll click on get ideas. Now, what its going to do is spit out a whole bunch of terms related to family law that you could perhaps target and you’ll notice. In my account, I have a much more accurate data here, collection of how many searches per month and you’ll notice in the second column here competition, you know how competitive is it to rank for that or to advertise more specifically to advertise for those terms, so you’ll See here you know, beings were in family law, you’ll see divorce in the City of Orlando, roughly three hundred and ninety times a month.

That term is search divorce lawyers would be an excellent phrase to rank for. If you were a lawyer in the city of Orlando 170 searches per month, obviously it’s high competition. Somebody typing in divorce, lawyers is looking for a divorce lawyer. Obviously, and chances are if they hire your services as a lawyer, it’s you know the thousands and thousands of dollars. You could end up billing your client and that’s why over you’re here, you can see and again these aren’t Canadian dollars, not US dollars, twenty dollars and seventy one cents for that click.

That’s crazy! A lot of businesses that I advertise for again. You know landscaping or whatnot one two dollars for a click. This is just a general guide. I mean it doesn’t mean every click that you get if, if you’re a divorce lawyer in Orlando advertising, for that term doesn’t mean you’re going to pay $ 21, it might only be $ 4 or $ 5. This is just a guy died. It’s not anything! You know exact science to go by so anyways just going down here.

We can click up top here and just like Excel. We can arrange all the terms in ascending or descending order, so child supports a huge one here, right, search for or 5,400 times, but the term child support. If you’re looking you’re a lawyer and you’re trying to gain clients, is that really a term that you think will land you paying clients? That’s why it’s only you know four dollars and 24 cents a click here.

That’s why it’s low competition, it’s probably not going to generate people, it’s not at the end of that sales, funnel where people have their credit card out and they’re. Looking for that term and trying to hire your services lawyer 590 times a month attorney 480, so it just gives you an idea. You know what people are typing in in your business. So let’s change this to painting your painting business.

So now I wasn’t too accurate here. I guess abstract art, acrylic paint, paintings spray paint, probably not the best one, how about how about lawn care and we type in lawn care. You can see landscaping, lawn service, landscaping, ideas if you look at these high ones. Those are the ones. No, that’s not a good example lawn mowers, not something if you’re a landscaping company you’re not wanting to put in the term lawn more on your website.

People are not looking for landscaping services when they’re typing in lawn mower. They would be looking for lawn service. I mean that they’re. Looking for your for your services again here, you can see that’s a seven dollar and twenty two cent click lawn care services, Wow almost twelve dollars, that’s showing again, it’s not searched a whole lot. Seventy times a month, these are just general guidelines by the way they’re, not exact dead-on, so one maintenance, 7oa, so yeah lawn lawn care can be an expensive category as well, just showing you basically in the city of Atlanta.

How competitive is now that can change from city to city depending again on supply and demand? How many people are competing for those keywords, so that’s the Google Keyword planner tool and again, that is just looking for giving you keyword, ideas to use on your website. So what exactly do you do with those keywords, once you have a list of popular keywords? That’s great your your a lawn care service here or landscaper, and you say, yeah okay, lawn service looks like a you know, really good one that I need on my website.

People are in the you know, looking for those services lawn care services just start writing all those key ones down that you think people would be typing in lawn. Maintenance is another good one yeah. I know it’s only search fifty times, but those are the people at the end of the sales funnel looking for your services write all those down and what do you do with them? Well, let’s have a look, let’s type in Orlando family-law whoops, and I really can’t spell here: can I so Orlando family law and let’s see what comes up so you’ll notice in this in the results? Look at this one, two, three four ads at the top.

This map thingy, which will go in more detail in module four, if you want to figure out how to get your business on the map here, you look, you’ll see different attorneys and you know on these little red dots here that are listed. The large dots are these ones that are the top three here I’ll show. You we’ll discuss that as well how to get your business on the map, so we go down. Ok, now we’re into the actual organic as they call them or organic.

Is you know, unpaid for we’re not paying for ads? These are the firms that are ranking at the top for the term family law. So what? Let’s figure out? Why are they ranking for the term family law, so I’ll click on the number one result? Let’s have a look at their website, okay, so this one he has the word family and the title up here again family. Here, it’s quite prevalent right at the very top. One of the first things you can click on is family law he’s ranking for the term.

He I should say he or she, or this firm is ranking for the term family law. I mean kudos to the web designer, whoever designed this website they ranked first in a large city for a very competitive term, and – and these are you know again right here – the term family law. So those search bots that I was talking about earlier – they go through. They crawl this site; they they see the term family law.

Okay, this this page must be about family law. Now I want to give you one caveat here: one warning: do not go and stuff your web page with the term family law. If you’re a lawyer, saying okay tom says, I need to you, know, put this keyword in here a bunch of times and then I’ll rank for it. That’s no! No, please do not do that, make it as natural as possible right, you’re content with natural flow and include that keyword.

You know two or three times, maybe in a clickable link, if that’s an important term, that you’re actually trying to rank for and that’s it do not overdo it. If you overdo it, you’re going to get yourself a penalty, the again the search engines are brilliantly smart. They’re there they will pick that up, they will say okay, this particular page has you know 300 words and the keyword has been used seven times.

That’s. You know obviously way too much they’re trying to game the system, and we will assess a penalty to this webpage. Just letting you know you know there are rules against it, so don’t get yourself a penalty just make it look. Naturally you know I would be you know with this many words. Three four: the most times I would use family law, but I think they’ve gotten away with maybe five times here.

So let’s go back again. This is you know. What do you do with these keywords? Look at that, so they ranked number one and two in a large city kudos to them. Excellent. Let’s have a look at this one. So again, the term is family law, their websites taking a little long to load but they’ve ranked fairly well in a large city. Here we go family law right at the top, so good for you, Donna, okay, again family law at the top here in a drop-down menu, family and right, family law here and family law and again another that’s just their menu family.

A lot at the bottom, just showing you what keywords do and why certain websites get ranked for certain terms of certain keywords, because they actually use it in their content wisely. They don’t overuse it they and it and again, like I say, there’s 200 different variables that go into deciding why a web shuts website should rank highly, and this particular website is not only using the keywords, but it’s an attractive website.

It’s it’s. It probably has great metrics from Google there they’re picking up that people are spending. You know a fair amount of time on the website they’re clicking through, and those send signals back to Google that that website is valuable for people looking for the term family law. So they rank it high every every new website. I find if you come up with a new website. It’s going to be you know, given a chance, Google says: ok, yeah your new.

If, if you submit it, you have to submit it first of all, ok and I’ll I’ll show you how to submit it later. That’s that comes in in later how you can, in module 3, how you can submit your website in order for Google to actually yeah crawl. It say: hey, Google, I’m over here, come check. My website out it’ll, give your website a shot and you’ll notice early on all of a sudden, maybe not necessarily the first week, the second week or even the first month.

Your website will appear, but then all of a sudden, it will be there up near the top for certain keywords and it will grade your website. Basically, it’s giving you a shot, saying: ok, you’re new, let’s see how you make out and people will have an opportunity. There’ll be a few people, just you know, showing in the search results. Oh there’s there’s your website, they’ll click on it and and it’s basically a rating.

You know how long did they spend on that website? Did they like bounce right back to they say uh? This isn’t a very good website, or it’s taking too long to load. Forget it, I’m hitting the back button button and checking out the next search results. If they’re spending lots of time on your website, that’s good for you! Google will give you some more time to evaluate your site and see if it deserves to be on the first page or you know in the top near the top of the rankings.

That’s just my experience, my gut feeling. That’s that’s from my experience. What actually happens? Okay, so we we know about keywords. We know how to find keywords: I’ve, given you an idea how you should use them in your site. Now, let’s say you have, you know four different main services, let’s say you’re a landscaping company and you want to rank for the term lawn care. You want to rank for the term snow removal.

You want to rank for the term landscaping. The those are all different keywords, so should you have one page with all those different keywords on it and then it gets kind of confusing. I find, if you focus you know to like snow removal, for example, would have its own page, and you would talk about some. Your snow removal services and your value to the customer and your snow removal quote form there and, and that would be the most effective way for Google to say.

Okay, this page is about snow removal and that’s in the search results we’re going to serve that up. For people looking for the term snow removal, surfaces of snow plowing, you get the point, but if it has snow removal, landscaping lawn care all on the same site. Google says okay yeah. It has snow removal on there. But it’s got these other things and it’s probably going to waste. You know the visitors time and they’re they’re not going to spend as much time on it necessarily so we’re not going to rank it as high.

That’s again, that’s my personal experience, try and focus if you have different services and within your business, dedicate a page to each that’s my my personal tip when you’re when you’re making your website so anyways moving on I’ve shown you what you can do with these keywords. Again, these keywords also come into play when you’re doing any pay-per-click advertising very important, that you have those keywords within your content.

If you’re trying to market your business in these ads up here, okay, so family law, firm family law, family law, those are right in the title – the term family law and this this ad. Here, I’m just going to guess: I’m just trying to see if the term family law is in it, I’m going to guess that this particular ad they’re playing a lot more just because they don’t actually have the term family law in it.

When we did the search for family law, so these three ads do and – and that’s important I’ll, show you and I’ll cover that in module 3. Why you want to include those keywords in your content and also in your ads, so moving on I’ll show you another tool. Uber suggests: okay, uber suggests dot, IO ubersuggest dot, IO, just a quick. You know tidbit here, dot IO. I said what what say. Oh, you know you usually have dot-com dot CA.

That’s Indian Ocean anyways. Just for those that want to know so uber suggests is a is a keyword idea, generating tool. So, let’s type in the term lawn care, and then we just simply you can select. You know on the web or what is this for we’ll leave it on the web. Yeah English select your language click on suggest, and it’s going to come up with a bunch of keyword, ideas for us, okay, so a long Caroline care service, lawn care tips, lawn care near me.

Lawn care companies, ok lawn care business. These are not necessarily keywords that you would find on the Google Keyword planner tool, and it just gives you some more ideas when generating keywords. Okay, my final tool that I want to explain to you a process that I to use that’s often very effective, is the good old-fashioned, noggin right, so try and use you know, put all your marketing cap and think put yourself in your customers, shoes.

You know your business best and try to imagine what kind of key terms would your customers be typing into the search bar in order to search for your business, your services, your product. So, let’s you know, you grab a pen, you grab a piece of paper and you you just start coming up with those a list of those key terms. Now keep in mind. Every excellent marketer will be using those tools that I just showed you and they’ll have access to those same words and phrases key words that you are also competing for.

So I like to be I like to try me unique, try to be different, separate yourself and come up with unique phrases. Sometimes they flop sometimes they’re that golden nugget that sets you apart. So lets. You know, okay, let’s, let’s pretend I’m going to pretend. I don’t know landscaping company and I’m just going to put on my marketing hat close my eyes and just start thinking of what I would type in if I was looking for some kind of services by a landscaping company.

So it goes lawncare’ lawn care, lens cake and company. No, no, keep in mind when you’re typing these in in your own city. The results that come up luckily search engines are smart enough to did sector okay, this person’s looking for a service, something that’s offered locally. So you’re not going to get results for if you’re living in New York you’re not going to get results for a Boston landscaping company on the first page, you’re going to get local results around wherever you are so ok, let’s continue on one care quotes.

Somebody looking for you know, they’re deep in the sales funnel they’re looking for they’ve got their credit card out, they’re looking for services right away, just start, making a list write those down and try implementing those and putting some of those into the keyword planner tool, see If they come up see what kind of volume they have and if you want to implement those put, those on your website give them a try.

Okay, so that almost concludes the second module on keywords. If you’re looking for some bonus material would like to see some of the resources that I use you’re, more than welcome. I have them listed on my website at Tong telecom, slash traffic, so type in your URL bar Tom Telecom, slash traffic and you’ll, see the all four modules will be listed. There you’ll have an opportunity to go through each and you’ll see at the bottom.

I I will list some resources that I would use for keyword, research, some of the experts in the industry, some of the people that I look up to and follow and you can check their stuff out too. One thing I will mention shameless plug here. If keyword, research is not something you’re interested in, I get it you’re busy, you’re a business owner, you’re an entrepreneur – and you say: hey Tom, I you know this is great stuff, but I’ve got no time for this and you would like me to hire me for Right now currently have a $ 99 package.

If you go to Tom Telecom and look under services, I will personally there’s a form for you to fill out I’ll, get to know about your business and your customers in your geographical location. I will do some research and give you the top ten words that you should be targeting and anyways. You can check that up. As always, I encourage you to LIKE and subscribe. If you found this content and the least bit helpful are valuable.

I it really helps me with my audience to help grow. My audience get the word out there and I appreciate it if you take the time to hit that thumbs up button below this article or more importantly, subscribe, and you can get more great content. Lots of. I constantly produce lots of great free information liking this article to help you grow your business, so please subscribe. Ok, I also encourage comments in the comment section below.

If you should have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them and just to get the ball rolling, I’m going to ask you a question and if you wouldn’t mind leaving a response below my question is to you: did you take keywords into consideration when you Designed your website or had your website design. Okay. That concludes module. 2. I hope you enjoyed it and I encourage you to move on to module 3, where we will learn all about pay-per-click advertising to me, the most effective tool in try and attracting targeted traffic to your small business website Bar None.

This is the best tool right now in 2016 and beyond. This is basically where you want to be playing and have a good grasp of how it works.


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How To Crush IT -Social Media Branding | Mafia’s Finest TV

So I’m here to help you with most of those avenues, if not all of them. If any of that interests you please feel free to subscribe down below and ring that notification bell now without any further delay, let’s get into the book.

So this book is one of two variations, so this one is crushing it. The original one was called crushing. They essentially have the same information in them and you should really get to know them, because guess what this book is going to help you either get started or take your whole new social media game to the next level, because I’m going to tell you something, this Is one of the more recent books that I read and it really did help me pretty much take my blog from nothing from like the little guy that you see.

You know in the very first article to you know kind of like what we have now a little more confident, hopefully my environments, a little bit nicer. My lighting is a little bit nicer. I decided to use some natural light today and there’s less Sun in this article, so you’re welcome so crushing it is a book about being on social media. It doesn’t matter what social media, so they talk about podcasting, they talk about Instagram, they say about YouTube.

They talk about Facebook, there’s all different types of examples and, to be honest, this book is written by Gary Vaynerchuk for the examples in this book, and there are many of people who are succeeding. Just like you and me average joe’s that just found a passion and they ran for it. There isn’t too many of Gary’s words in this book, but I’m going to tell you something the examples that he uses all the youtubers, all the social media experts that he uses.

There’s tons of examples and they’re going to help you get to where you need to be because guess what they all tell their origin stories, which a lot of times we don’t always hear that type of stuff. We don’t always get to hear what how people came about, how they started, because a lot of these people ended up being either homeless or living on their brothers, couch or mother’s couch or living in their mother’s basement and guess what they are now making sick figures.

A year, and I’m talking about like high six figures, not like a hundred and two thousand I’m talking about like high six figures, doing exactly what they love doing. So this book is one of the things they’re going to want to pick up and crush it. If you have not already, I actually have not picked up crush it. Yet I’m going to do that actually very soon, because this book was great and I want to read the original and to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

I may even read this book. Another time because I’m here to gain a ton of knowledge – and I definitely want to pick up every single piece of knowledge that Gary has to offer, as you might be able to see from this article so far, I’m very stoked about this book. I love this book, so the reason why I’m talking about it today is because not just about the book, but just about its message in general, he is saying in every sense every word of this book he’s saying that anyone – and I mean anyone, can start this Journey anyone could be on YouTube and start a podcast with their knowledge and obviously you’ll, know everything.

So you have to take your steps, your proper steps to learn more each day and get better at what you do so then you can obviously share that with your audience, because again I started about six months ago and I’m going to tell you something. I am NOT you know, I don’t know everything, I’m learning as I go, I’m doing more things. I’m contacting more people I’m connecting with them. This is what this book pretty much tells you I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to talk about the book again, but they’re. The essential point of this book is just to experiment. Do not wait, do not let anyone tell you all. You can’t do this, or this isn’t good enough. If it’s not good enough put it out, get some feedback seeing where specifically where you can improve, because if you don’t get that kind of stuff and you just let it sit, let’s say if you’re making a YouTube article and you just let it sit in your Unlisted or your private articles, no one’s going to see it, nobody can critique it.

You do not know everything other people that have been doing this for a longer period of time. It can help you out trust me. I’ve been there now. The main difference between this is that I want you to understand that anyone can start not. Everybody is going to succeed and that’s the thing that really needs to get understood here. Not everybody can go from point A to be successfully. So that’s where the journey comes.

In and the journey is not easy getting started is the easy part doing the stuff is the easy part going through the journey to actually get yourself to your end goal? That is the problem and on the cover he says great entrepreneurs how they build their businesses and their influence. You can very easy right. No, the actual process is the hard part getting started, making your first article. That should be the easiest part.

I know it doesn’t sound like it is, but making the first step is the easiest part making continuously good steps, successful habits, successful steps, that’s the hard part and most people will not get through the first month and that’s why we all have to understand that you Are in a knowledge game, you have to learn every single day, there’s no such thing as an end goal really because you’re in the infinite game, the end goal to me is again death and after death.

How are you going to be remembered? So I hope you gained some knowledge from this article and I am going to link this book and crush it in the description down below, because I really want you guys to pick up this book and the first one read the first one. First, like I was an idiot and I don’t even know he made a first one, and I want you guys to read it understand, comment now and then comment your update after you read both these books.

I want to thank you guys so much for reading and I want to thank Gary for being such a great influencer because he influences everybody under the Sun that actually reades him and understands him. So if you found use in this article, I’m going to have three more articles that you guys can read and a subscription button, because you know what they’re all going to be here right about now.

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