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Recruiters Toolbox of tricks and tips: A digital recruitment tool that actually works!

Our blended, recruiting approach includes keyword, search, contextual search, behavioral and geographic targeting and retargeting, but there’s one thing that lets us stand out from the crowd and that’s the geofence.

In essence, we draw an invisible fence around a real-world map, location targeting employees within its boundaries. Imagine company a is hiring for warehouse workers to include forklift drivers, Packers and Pickers. Now, let’s assume there are eight other warehouses near by using cumulus digital’s geofencing technology. We can ping the smartphones of the employees in those buildings and then over the next 30 days, deliver banner ads for your job offer directly through their smartphones.

We do this through apps. They already use, there’s no need to download or install anything if they’re in the building, we can target reach them at cumulus digital. We don’t just like to talk about conversions. We back it up with data and results our conversion zones. Let us verify how many people actually walked into your building after they were served your recruitment ad. We believe in transparency of results and we’re not afraid of what you’ll find, because we know it works.

If you’d like to schedule a free online demo with our data team, please contact me at seven one: seven, nine, oh one, three, four, six one or email me at Keith, Hanshaw at cumulus, calm for more free marketing tips visit my website free marketing, help org I’d. Like to help, you fill your open positions, you


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