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The Mailchimp email campaign layout that gets the best results

Com.Au and I amber Mailchimp partner Today, I’m going to cover a very effective email campaign design, that’s simple, to create and converts First just to show that other major organizations use the same layout. Let me show you some examples. First off: let’s look at Disney. This is a recent Disney email campaign that I received I’ll just go through very quickly. What I’m seeing So I’m seeing the logo an image text button.

So typically our email doesn’t contain the full story. We give people a teaser. A few lines of text and we then have a button or a call to action that they go somewhere else, And this is what we would call a newsletter, because it’s more than one story For many organizations, just one article or one story on an email is Sufficient but let’s go back again So we’ve got here and please notice that it’s not full width either.

This email, So logo image text, button, image, text, button, image, text, button, Okay, and this is Disney a very big organization. Let’s look at Toyota, So this is Toyota. Australia sent me this this email There’s quite a bit going on, but but I’ll just show you how it’s very similar to that Disney one that we looked at in layout. So we’ve got logo and I’ll ignore this bit. So logo heading text, button image, They’ve, dropped the image down below and in the separate article I’ll cover.

Why they’ve done this and it’s a great idea? So logo header text button image and then they’ve got more than one story, so they continue with header text button image and it carries on and on and on So they just repeat what they’re doing Now: single-column it’s not even full width, but this is very typical. So the more you look at them, whether they’re, those Uber emails or whatever you receive you’ll notice, this exact layout, where it is logo, heading text, button image, But the image can be up or down, But let’s go into Mailchimp and I’ll.

Show you how to create this very quickly: You’ll notice that I’m in the campaign section or the campaign builder section of Mailchimp, So I’m going to click “, create campaign” to create an email campaign, I’m creating an email campaign, I’m creating a “, regular, campaign” and I’ll. Just name it I could call this anything. I want to and I’ll click “ begin”, I’m not going to use a template. What I’ll actually do is create this using a Mailchimp layout which works really well and then in the future.

I can just copy the campaign and it’ll retain my layout and so on. So I would of course start at the top and work my way down, but for this demo I’m going to click “, design, email” And again, I’m not going to use a saved template. I’r going to use this basic one column template So I’ve clicked on that. I’r in the email campaign builder. I would add my logo at the top. So let me build the blocks Mailchimp’s included in the layout some default blocks, but for now I’ll just show you that I can I’ll just delete the social blocks and there’s actually another horizontal line there, which I’ll just click delete to delete that So those ones we Looked at Disney Toyota logo and then typically, they had an image So logo, image text, Sorry, logo, image, heading text and then we’ll just drag and drop the button across here and there we go Now.

If we had more than one story, we would just copy that that will replicate them and that and honestly that’s the same as the Disney we saw. It really is again logo image text button, but we’ve added a header in there, which is a good idea as well So again in the future. What we can do is we would create our email email campaign, send that and in the future, we’ll just replicate it copy it, and it already has our logo.

It already has the layout and so on Nice and simple, and it’s what the organizations that are getting great results with email marketing are doing. Thank you for joining me.


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How to: New Google Analytics Widgets & Dashboard

Everything around just took a quick tour of it myself, and I wanted to show you guys. Some of the features when you first log into a sight, you’ll notice that you’ve got some default widgets here. This is what they shou yuan sort of like your home screen.

They call it the dashboard, and you see this is a site that it’s not really in use right now, but it still get some random traffic. It’s got a couple of visits, it shows you, you know how often people bounce off of the site. It shows you where the people are coming from and then just like normal you can, you know, change the dates you can say compare this to last month or well, last period of time that we want to look at.

So that’s that’s all they’re still you’ll notice that all of these widgets now have a little gear next to them, so you can actually change whatever the widget is. So if I, for example, I didn’t want visits, but I only wanted to have new visits there. Then I could change this widget and it would just change so what they’ve done is they’ve broken up these different metrics in two different categories.

So you see you’ve got the things called metrics which are sort of one-dimensional here and show you a number. That’s all they’re really going to do. You’ve got a pie chart you can compare things. That’s like, for example, this country code over here you’ve got a timeline which you may be used to seeing the you know visits per day and then you’ve got a table where you can actually see some metric and different values of that metric displayed next to some Dimension in this case, the dimensions are like one example is page title, so what I’ll do is right now just go ahead and create a new widget, and let’s, let’s make this a table and dimension that I really like to know is the page title, because sometimes I’r working on blogs that don’t have human friendly, URLs or legacy systems, where i’m not able to stick that in there.

So i’ve got page title, and so that actually show me is you know whatever you see in the search search engine result page for example, and then I like to say, let’s say how many visits to that page get and then the second metric. Sometimes I like to see how many people exited from that page or sometimes I like to see how many of those were new visitors you’ve got a lot of different options here. But let’s just go ahead and for this one pic exit and then it called it visits, because that was the first metric I picked, but really what I want to call this is pages or page titles or something like that and then, if you actually have gone Through this interface you’ll see, you can add a URL that will take you deeper within Google Analytics right here from the dashboard.

So really, this is for people kind of know what they’re doing, but I have played with this little bit. It works really well. So then you save that and then let’s say that I just want to take this may be down here. It’s all very drag-and-drop. I don’t really care about this being right up front. So now I’ve got there’s my pages and then the other one that I always really like to know is like how are people coming to the site, so I’m going to do another table and this time for the dimension, I’m going to look the keywords and just As you type it will autocomplete, then again, I want to say how many of them are visits and then in this one I want to see how many people search for that and then exited right away.

So i’m going to call this widget keywords and again I could put the link there if I wanted to just as an example Ryan price Mediacom. Just because we know that we can’t – and there you see it will show up – is like a little on a piece of paper and it will take you to whatever site it. Was you clicked? I think the normal ideas that you’re going to have a URL somewhere inside of Google Analytics. So in this case the keywords it says not set, meaning that this is probably direct traffic or a link of some sort.

So they didn’t come from a search engine result. Page when they found this website, so that’s a little bit about setting it up. You can also create new dashboards so right now they all all of your site’s come default with one dashboard. One thing that I didn’t really like is that, at least as of yet there’s no way that I’ve seen to copy the widgets or the dashboards from one site to another and also from one user account to another.

If you have, for example, you and then your business partner, both need to look at this analytics for the site, you both have to set up the dashboards individually and you have to duplicate all of your work. So this can be a little bit of a challenge and hopefully they’ll introduce some sort of a method for getting at that in the future. I’r one more that I set up was a pie, chart operating system operating system right, oh and then the metric here would be visits.

This is backwards, the other one we started with the dimension and we move to the metric this one’s backwards. So you can show up to six slices, that’s fine! So the last the sixth slice will just take other operating systems. And again I don’t want to name this visit. I want to name it operating system, and now you see that seventy-five percent of the visitors to this website or from windows, twenty-five percent or from iphone.

Obviously, if this were a more popular site, you’d see more slices but okay. So I just wanted to show you this with a site that had a little bit more working statistics on it. This is for florida, creatives, calm and you’ll see on one thing. For example, the timeline here you’ll see that the peaks and valleys of traffic, so for some reason on this week, on tuesday and wednesday, we had a lot of traffic come in on the site and then we can actually change us.

We don’t want to see visits versus visitors, you could see visits versus bounces, and so this can be a good way of knowing you will see. The this side is the actual metric for visits, so the highest is somewhere around 80 and then this side is the highest for bounces. So it’s somewhere around 50. They look like they’re the same but they’re actually on two different scales, so you kind of have to be adept at reading graphs to realize this.

We’ve got 74 visits and 41 bounces, meaning that and you could actually get I’m sure, there’s a there’s a way to get the bounce right in here too. But it’s a little over half of the people visited one page only and then probably hit the back button or closed that tab, whereas on the following day, even though it seems like there were more bounces just the way that you read the graph, so you can See the the average bounce rate is about sixty-five percent for this particular website.

Again, you can see where people are coming from. I’ve set up that pages, widget Keir will do visits any exits, so you can see that the majority of visits it will sort by this. First metric majority of the visitor coming into the home page: that’s the the generic home page title and then the second most popular page for this month. Anyway, is this cooking classes, page and you’ll, see based on the keywords to these? Are all directed traffic or non search engine traffic, whereas these next to Florida creatives that’d, probably bring you the home page, cooking classes, Orlando, that’s the second most popular page, so that kind of makes sense.

And then here the operating systems, majority windows, but a lot of Macintosh users on this particular site. And then we also have some iphone ipad. And then these not set are probably search engines or other sorts of scrapers. And then the other is just because I sold only have six, so I could probably make it more and i’d see tiny slices that were smaller than three percent. If I really wanted to, and that’s a little bit about the dashboards and widgets on the new google analytics


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How I Film & Edit My s: Thumbnails, Editing Software, Tips & Tricks || Danielle Marie

Daya, would you tell me it kind of different article than normal, but I thought it was super fun and super unique. So when I saw the request I was like. Oh, my gosh, I’m so doing that so today I’m going to be showing you guys kind of behind the scenes on how I film and edit my articles and some tips and tricks I have on making thumbnails um editing software. I use fun. Editing effects that you can get for the editing software I have the lighting.

I use the camera, I’m just kind of a little bit of a bassist Congrats. Give you guys an idea how it works, how I do it and if any of you guys have a youtube blog, which I so suggest, like honestly, YouTube obviously changed my life and it brings so much joy and what’s really cool about YouTube, is anyone can make A article literally anyone can post on YouTube. Anyone can do like it’s just awesome.

I hope this inspires. You guys either make a article or kind of learn more about how I do things and how YouTube kind of works. This is just personally the routine. I go through when I film a article and everything, so I love this be a kind of fun article to film and thank you very much to my mom um. She helped me kind of like film me filming so she’s like right. There, hey so yeah. If you guys liked this article make sure to subscribe, I post articles every Wednesday and Saturday um also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Those are both at Daniela Marie and, if you want to add me on snapchat, that’s the makeup ID and all kinds of social links are down below as well. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this article and, let’s just get all of it, alright. So, first of all, you have to come up with an idea for your articles. So usually, what I do is I go to my list and I have a list of just article ideas that I’ve come across, whether it be requests from you guys from Twitter or whatever, and I kind of look at what seems cool to me.

As for my film setup, I my camera, I use, is down below, but it’s a Canon Rebel t5i with the Sigma lens, which is all the specifics, are down below and I actually have like a makeshift tripod depending on the location or where I’m filming. But I just use a few things top it up together. Then I have a cowboy studio, boxed softbox lighting, and I love it and that’s only if it’s at night during I usually like to film during the day, though for natural daylight, and then I just flip it over put it on auto focus.

So I can get it all in focus. Sometimes I have to put my hand front of it to get into focus, and I also like to put on a little bit of a lip color, because I think it’s really important to kind of be done up on the face for film, because sometimes the light Can wash out your face and then I just begin as for taking thumbnail pictures. What I do is after then filming or before I keep the footage going and I just pose for pictures or whatever just whatever pose.

I want to have for the picture and then once I put it on my editing system, I press the buttons command shift. Four – and this is on a Macbook of course – and you can screenshot your screen and then you have a picture and it’s perfect and then I go in to picmonkey.Com. This is what a lot of youtubers use you can make collages or just edit a picture, and this is how I edit most of all of my thumbnails.

Actually so you select it and you can do so many things with it. What I usually do is I go to text and I used to use the trash hand font a lot, but I’ve recently been getting into the Biba snood font, which actually downloaded onto PicMonkey myself. So you can always do that and I just usually type my title or whatever I want to be in the thumbnail and then after that, sometimes it’s hard to just see the text the way it is so a lot of youtubers do this as well.

So if you’re wondering how to do it, what you do is, after you’ve placed your text into where you want it. I go to that little symbol right there and go to draw, and this is kind of to bring out the text. So I take the heart. The hardness down completely and I basically just draw behind it, so it kind of highlights the text you can see what it says now time to edit the article and I’m not going to show you guys exactly how to my articles, but a few tips and tricks.

I have is, first of all, I use Final Cut Pro. I absolutely adore it and the way I get even more effects and fun things for my editing system is I go to pixel film studios, calm and you can actually purchase whether it be effects. So I actually use this one called Pro vintage, which you guys may notice, and it just has a lot of really cool effects where it kind of looks like if you guys have the app after light.

It gives it a really cool like Rus effect. So I like to put that on my articles to kind of soften it up or um, they have really cool text effects as well, which is really awesome, so the ones I’ve been using recently that you guys always ask about mine is called Pro intro Volume one. If you want to buy that it’s like it’s kind of expensive, I mean it’s like $ 20, but like it’s totally worth it, if you really are into stuff like this and there’s so many cool packages like there’s just so many effects on this website, alrighty guys.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article I enjoy making it for you guys. I hope this kind of gave you an idea on how I feel my articles and how it works, and hopefully this inspires you to make your own YouTube blog or help you with your current YouTube blog. I don’t know. I just thought this be a fun article to film if it didn’t help you it on you’re, just bored and one wrong: article, Hey props, to you and thanks for coming again make sure to subscribe.

If you like this article, I post articles every Wednesday and Saturday and yeah, I love you guys very much and I’ll see you soon for a next article, bye, guys alrighty guys so that wraps up today’s article, I really enjoyed making it for you guys, make sure To click on the last article that I made to check it out and be sure to subscribe, if you like what you see at those articles everyone’s name and have a great day, guys bye,

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Behind Netflix’s Tiger King (Lessons in Creative Editing)

Now. The reason why I’m doing this is because I recently readed the Tiger King murder, mayhem and madness serious on Netflix, and I know a lot of people have been talking about it, that’s kind of how it you know I heard about it, because people were sharing it Online and then I happen to see characters in there or people that are portrayed in there, and I wouldn’t want to say people because they’re kind of being turned in or made into these characters.

But I actually know them for real, and I know how they are. On real life versus how they’re actually being shown so first thing, maybe I’ll talk about is obviously as a filmmaker it. Whatever subject you’re going to be talking about in your documentary or whatever, whatever it is, that you know kind of a article storytelling that you’re going to be doing whatever form? Are you working in the first, I would say, good tip is to always start with getting as much footage as you can, and especially for a documentary, because the more footage you have and the more obviously different versions of it, then the more options you’ll have and Editing, if you have our limited footage, there’s only so much you can do in editing the most notorious cub breeder petting operation is doc.

Antal he’s fearless, you know. Unfortunately it is what it is. You know. Animals are kept in cages and I think again, by keeping them locked up or keeping them in these places. You know like the Myrtle Beach Safari, where it’s that I think it’s sad, that they are doing things like that and some so it doesn’t seem like anyone has a clear understanding of what’s happening to the animals there, but whatever it is, it’s a reflection of the Leader himself: well, the main guy there’s dr.

Antle he’s the one that basically, is the host he’s the main guy. If you want to judge him, judge him by how he treats the animals just doing it for the end for the money there’s a war in America. That’s being fought for an enormous amount of money, the animal rights activist – they want the lion’s share and they don’t want to share their lions. Some people have been accusing private zoos of animal abuse, including forcing the animals to do tricks just to keep the guests happy.

I don’t know if I wan na talk to you and they kind of be kind of have to be a little heartless to do things like that, because it’s hard yeah somehow. I think anybody that works in these places and I think they really want to do good, but, ultimately you know nobody and no animal should be caged. So what you guys just readed is a little edit of an interview. I did with my wife about our friends from Myrtle Beach Safari and when I showed her the final edit, let’s just say she wasn’t very happy with it.

I know what you’re trying to do you’re making me look like I didn’t say that, and the reason is because the actual interview with my wife was about 40 minutes long, and it was loaded with a lot of different questions about even at different topics, but questions That I knew in editing would give me options to actually be able to edit her talking in such a way that it would look like she’s, actually saying bad things about our friends in Myrtle Beach.

So now let me actually show you the version of the edit that my wife did like the most notorious cub breeder petting operation is doc. Antal he’s fearless, so the latest Netflix documentary Tiger king made some pretty bold accusations against some of the folks behind the Myrtle Beach Safari. But how about we hear from someone who knows him personally? Well, the main guy their stock can tell he’s the main guy he’s very charismatic, he’s very he’s a very nice person.

We had the opportunity to meet him outside of the Safari Park and you know he was very welcoming to us and in his home and his property I felt at home. I felt very comfortable with him and I felt that he was very genuine towards the love he has for the animals and you know towards towards us as well. So I think that organisations like the one that talked until runs are doing their part for conservation right or the species of these animals, and – and I really enjoyed the work they do like it, you can tell that they really loved it, even if they have to Work the whole year, it’s something that they are willing to do because they love these animals and they really want the best for them.

Another accusation of the Netflix documentary makes is that all of this is simply being done for money. I don’t think they’re doing this. For profit at all, because they’re, not flashy people, they don’t have designer clothes or like the latest car or going on on like trips and all these things you know just being flashy out there, just a normal life. They don’t have mansions and yachts and boats.

I really feel that it’s a good thing, what they’re doing with the with the Tigers and and and the other animals that they have there. They really have a love for them and a passion and they take care of them dearly as if they were one of their kids among the many animals they have this facility. They even have an elephant named bubbles, the bubbles she’s happy. She loves people, she loves being around people so for her, it’s a game.

She was playing with us. We weren’t playing with her. She was playing with us, so no for her. It was fun, see she enjoyed it and she was very, very intelligent. Some people been accusing private zoos of animal abuse, including forcing the animals to do tricks just to keep the guests happy. Well, she wanted to play she loved it. She loves the water for her psyche. Oh my god, I’m going in the water or it’s like.

No. I want to play when I wouldn’t play my way and that’s when dog has to be there every day, huh huh not like that. That’s too rough, but no, she loves because she helps you up in her back with her trunk or she’ll bend over. You know she’ll kneel, so she can let you in her back and yeah. She she saw she’s up for it. What I like about the survive is that they have more space to run and to to be themselves, whereas in the zoo, it is it’s exactly what you see that little space, that that is where the animal lives, and that is it.

So, in the end, what does someone who actually knows the folks behind Myrtle Beach, Safari? Think of the latest Netflix series? I don’t like things that are for sensationalism and that are going to twist people’s words and are trying to make people that I personal you know. Look bad if you have the opportunity to go and visit the Myrtle Beach Safari, and I think you should do it. So you can see it for yourself and you can experience that yourself and, and you be the judge and not let somebody else’s opinion or twisted opinion dictate what you want to think.

So, as you guys can see, this version of the Edit was obviously completely different than the first one, and now before I continue further with this tutorial, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Curtis, I’m pretty sure most of you guys already follow him online, But for those few of you who still haven’t readed any of Curtis, informative articles and make sure you head on over to this YouTube blog subscribe, and otherwise I just wanted to say thanks Curtis, for helping out with this article, thanks for letting me help out with This Tom, my blog, is all about lighting and sound for article.

So how did I actually manage to make my wife say things that she never actually said? Well, let’s take a look at the actual edit, so here on my article layer, one you can see these are. This is a all the footage, basically with my wife and then also the clips here with Curtis. So this is all they’re basically talking and then the audio one is also all of the audio for talking. So, let’s actually maybe hear kind of, because if you look at it you’ll notice, whenever I have a cat, I overlay that or hide those cats with some b-roll footage.

So let me right now just hide all of this b-roll footage and let’s just look at the actual article clip here of my wife talking, you know. Unfortunately it is what it is. You know animals are kept in cages and I think again by keeping them locked up or keeping them in these places. You know like the Myrtle Beach Safari, where it’s sad. I think it’s sad that they are doing things like that. So hopefully you guys were able to pick up right away.

You notice that I put in basically things that she was saying, and then I put in little line where she says you know Myrtle Beach, Safari as if she was actually talking about them when in reality, all I actually did when I was interviewing her is like. I said I was asking her kind of loaded questions or just questions that I kind of knew what what the answer would be about some other things and in this instance I actually asked my wife in and specifically about what does she think about other actual public Zoos where their animals have been abused, you know there’s stories like a lot of animals are kept in zoos, being abused being mistreated.

So, as you can see, I was asking her in general about zoos that abused animals. So I kind of knew right away. She would say it’s horrible right, so here you can see here kind of some of the reactions. I think it’s sad that they are doing things like that and some I don’t know you know. Unfortunately it is what it is. You know animals are kept in cages and I think so anyway, so as you can see, she was talking about Zeus, public zoos and and zoos that are, you know, I’ve been supposedly abusing animals, so obviously she was going to say it’s a horrible.

So now, going back to our edit, you notice that this clip here is basically from another part of the interview where she just said: Myrtle Beach, Safari and I have spliced it together to make it look like she’s, saying that they’re doing all those horrible things up Top or keeping them in these places, you know like the Myrtle Beach Safari, where so a very simple thing to do, and then, obviously, once you overlay the b-roll footage, which in this case is basically this clip here of induct playing with with one of the Tigers And this is how it looks, I think again, by keeping them locked up or keeping them in these places.

You know like the Myrtle Beach Safari where so, as you can see very simple way, to kind of twist their words. Now, let’s take a look at another point here of the Edit, so here at this point occurred this kind of talks about the the main guy at Myrtle, Beach, Safari and then again I cut to my wife talking ever it is it’s a reflection of the leader Himself, well, the main guy there stock can tell he’s the one that, basically, is the host he’s the main guy.

If you want to judge him, judging by how he treats the animals just doing it for the end for the money and in here again the very simple trick, you know I had a clip of her saying you know if you want to judge him, judge him By how he treats the animals, and then she actually said you know he did they do a really good job and all that stuff, and then I had another clip where she just talks about something completely different and says you know just doing it for the money.

So, let’s take a look at this. What there’s actual whole clip was before and after some organizations are doing it, so they can keep the species alive and some of them are just doing it for the end for the money. So all I did is, I just took that part which says you know: do it for the money and it’s kind of the same thing even like when she starts talking about like the introduction of dark ant or like again.

Let me kind of show you guys. The whole take here: well, the main guy they’re stuck until he’s the one that basically is the host, and this is actually where I cut it and in the Edit because then later on, she goes on to talking about. You know what doc does at at. You know the safari there and then anyway she keeps on talking about him and then here’s kind of how it sounds at the end, and you know he was very welcoming to us and in his home and his property and and to you know his life.

He was just he was just a very nice guy, very so anyways as you can see. It’s a very, very long take, and that’s because, like I said before, the whole interview to my wife was around 40 minutes and that’s normal when you’ll be doing interviews with people. That’s going to be. You know that long. Sometimes we might even be longer, and in that time, if you obviously want to make it look like I kind of want to set up somebody to make it look like they’re, saying bad things about something that they never said.

Then it’s very easy again by asking them certain questions that you know already. You expect what they’re going to say and then you know you can use it out of context. Then you can very easily make somebody look very bad. You know, or you can ask friends of somebody. Let’s say you want to portray badly and again ask them loaded questions and then edit their answers in that way. But even if, for example, you look at here, my other edit, that my wife did approve, even in that version, I had to kind of do these quick jump cuts and the reason is because, as you saw like a lot of times, people give you these long Answers or sometimes they’re taking pauses and they’re kind of saying, as they’re thinking what to say and in a documentary or TV series, whatever you want everything to kind of flow nicely.

So that’s when using b-roll footage to kind of hide your edits. It can be very helpful so here let me show you the the other version of this edit, but without any of the b-roll footage you can kind of see how I edited my wife’s talking. But how about we hear from someone who knows him personally? Well, the main guy they’re stuck until he’s the main guy he’s very charismatic, he’s very he’s, a very nice person.

We had the opportunity to meet him outside of the safari park and you know he was very welcoming to us and in his home and his property. I felt at home, I felt very comfortable with him and I felt that he was very genuine towards the love he has for the animals and you know towards towards us as well. So so, basically, as you can see, you will always have to end up kind of chopping people’s answers for your article.

The question is: are you doing this simply to you know to kind of fix the flow and speed up the timing of these answers? Or are you doing it to put words in people’s mouths that they never actually said? So hopefully, these two examples give you an idea of how easy it is to manipulate and make it look like people are saying things they never said, and it’s very easy to do, and these kind of documentaries, and and sometimes even just by showing certain images so For example, they never actually had footage of dark.

You know kind of having the animals caged in these small cages, or things like that, and that’s because the animals there are actually very well treated. They actually get to run around, and this is like some of the footage here that I shot on their property or they’re just kind of playing with these Tigers. They have these little toys that they’re chasing and if huge property and the Tigers get to run around, they have other animals that are also again free.

They’re. Definitely nothing like what you see up here with this, the other lady from the documentary or, as you can see, she keeps these animals like in these tiny cages were, and this one looks like the lion came and stand up fully. But if you read the Netflix series, one thing you will notice is that sometimes they’ll show interview. Let’s say with you know the guys from Myrtle Beach talking and then they’ll show footage from somewhere else completely of like I’m, some zoo, where it’s showing the animals being mistreated, and that’s actually what I did here in my version of my bad version of the edit.

So here, for example, is the part where they’re talking about you know it’s a big industry and it’s all about money, and then I got to a shot of dark and then I cut to some completely different footage from a completely different zoo. Where you see a lion, they’re kind of locked up in a cage – and I kind of did that a few times again, because it’s why? Because of the example like this, this is again not from Myrtle Beach Safari.

But just by doing these quick cuts, the audience doesn’t know where this was filmed, and so they automatically assumed. Oh, there must be there, even though that footage doesn’t actually come from from that that place, but you’ll notice that they’re very kind of clever with a lot of things like even when it comes to the sets and then the kind of production design, like you notice In here that this guy that they were interviewing him, they literally, I don’t know they asked him to take out his dentures or what, but they clearly asked him to take off his t-shirt.

I know the documentary they’re kind of asking her, but is too that tattoos? I can only assume – maybe they kind of you know, try to sweet-talk him into like hey. You know, show us what kind of tattoos you have things like that. You know. Don’t worry, take off your shirt, then they were like. I want you to sit down probably, and they did an interview asked him to take off his teeth, even though you can actually see, and this guy’s social media daddy.

This is actually how he looks. He hasn’t you know, nice-looking teeth. That says a girlfriend, a belief, but again, why was it done like that? Well, because we compared to the way he actually looks to the way he looks in the documentary well, you’re, basically creating an image, and the image is that these guys are basically these kind of like lowlife. You know whatever backwards kind of hex from Middle America, there’s actually a very I opening interview with the director of this Netflix series.

He lives in LA and and just in that interview, you’ll, be able to hear actually kind of this condescending view that he has about pretty much the rest of America. So that’s clearly what he wanted to portray and you know want to portray the guy how he actually looks in real life, because again that wouldn’t sell his perspective. It’s the same thing when you look at, for example, interview here that he did up here.

Why the hell was this interview? First up was staged in like with garbage around and stop. They could have picked any place, but no again, this is how you create little things and you’re, putting little ideas and your audience’s ahead, basically by by again by carefully choosing the location, adjusting the callers to kind of make. It look depressing also telling your subject. You know here take off the t-shirt.

Maybe let’s see those real teeth that you have things like that we want to see the real you there’s all kinds of techniques being used when these so-called documentaries are being made. Of course, putting the right kind of music is. Is going to be the final touch to really help you kind of sell the mood day that you’re going after and it’s the same thing I did in my edit when I interviewed my wife.

This is actually music that I got from epidemic sound and by the way you guys can follow my link in the description. If you guys want to get big discount you’re trying to invoke a certain emotion in people – and I know that when it comes to article content – the best way to do that – is you let people’s imagination kind of fill in the blank? So a lot of times? It’s best to not say too much just show a little clip have somebody say something: that’s a little suggestive, maybe then show some kind of a clip.

That kind of further reinforces that idea, and then you know, obviously through the magic of putting let’s see dramatic music. Like, let’s say, for example, if I wanted to make this shot right now and me talking seemed a lot more, I don’t know a lot more dramatic, let’s say so. I would make the lighting a lot more dramatic and then you add the music right and it makes it seem like a much serious subject matter.

If I want to make it really serious, I don’t know. Maybe I can cut to shut like this really really really dark and dramatic, and then at the same time you can make it. You know they were bright lighting and you can add kind of joyful, music and all that stuff and it can sound like we’re talking about and I’m not flying. You know, purple pink, elephants and and something really really fun out there.

So again, just those little things you know well, I’m just make a difference. But again I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking Tom I’m a filmmaker and I’m an intelligent person. I can tell those things apart and yeah. Those are like the very I would say crude and very you know we may be overused techniques of kind of building, an emotional response in an audience right. Just the way, even you, you colleague, rate the footage and things like that, but there’s also a lot of subtle things that are being done now that again may be in, and it’s part of it, I think it happens, is because you know over the years of People reading cinema reading reality TV and all this kind of sensationalism.

I think people the audience has gotten smarter, so you as a filmmaker obviously have to get smarter, because you you want to use all your tools at the disposal, whether it’s the lighting, whether it’s the color grading, the sound design, the music, but a lot of times. If you overdo it – and it’s too obvious, then again that kind of defeats the whole purpose, because then the audience goes. Okay. I know I’m supposed to be sad in this moment right.

So that’s when a lot of these subtle things of just the where you edit something are going to make a huge difference, you’re, obviously going to draw a conclusion based on anything any subjects are reading. Only from the information that you have presented to you. So as an example, if I would to like, I know, like you here in my studio – and I always kept on telling you that oh it’s horrible outside it’s raining, it’s just bad weather or whatever it’s not worth going out and all the windows are closed and You know the only bit of information is, let’s see what I give you then, and maybe let’s say I show you a photo like.

Oh I was just outside. It looks really really bad and muggy and all that stuff, then you think yeah. The weather outside is horrible and what’s the point of going out, but then when you actually or let’s say, if somebody were to open the window and you see outside it’s nice, blue sky and the Sun is out and and somebody’s telling you that the weather is Bad, then you go what the hell are you talking about right? I can see for myself and this is kind of the same thing.

So I’m saying it like, I know certain people who are portrayed in that documentary are, I don’t even know if I want to call it a documentary, because it’s again it’s just like sensationalism. It makes good TV and I’m going to admit that that series is very well produced, they’re well edited, and it makes it seem very exciting. But again it’s not doesn’t mean that that’s what the reality is and – and now maybe I kind of want to talk a little bit about my experience of being ft and you know, and in Myrtle Beach and spending time and kind of the whole thing started to Use because I was doing a filmmaking seminar in 2016 kind of traveling all over US, Canada and Europe, and in one of the locations that are that I had this guy come in.

Who was one of the people who was working at Myrtle Beach? He came to my filmmaking seminar because they were just you know he was interested as a guy very intelligent guy. His name is Robert and he’s been basically he’s just like this guy who just loves to learn, so he does have to somewhat their like social media articles, but he also like you know he teaches on a university. He trains birds, he goes.

Diving is a very, very interesting person, not just a person that I you know. I became friends with him very quickly because I found him very interesting. What do you do when you have mosquito problems in South Carolina? Well, you break out the XM 42 flamethrower. Mosquitoes are the South Carolina State Birds. Unfortunately, they come in swarms and it’s pretty difficult to get rid of them. Whatever sparked his interest.

He was like I’m going to try it I’m going to learn it, I’m going to see what it’s all about and I kind of mimics the way I am there. One of the reasons why I love filmmaking, but I also love you know doing gardening like if you read my last post on my website. You know I do a whole bunch of things. I build things. I built houses built a build, a sailboat been a long time ago, like whatever I find interesting.

I kind of pursue it and and that’s the kind of interesting thing about Robert who works. You know with the dental so anyways. He came to one of my filmmaking: seminars met him, you know, kind of became, friends, went to visit him and then, through you know, kind of seen to multiple visits kind of what he does and I’m kind of we know where the people where he works, because His life revolves mainly about the work and one of the reasons I am one of the people or one of the things people are criticizing there in that series.

Is that all the people there and Myrtle Beach they’re like working like crazy? I don’t have time off and yes, I mean they’re working a lot, but then again it’s like. If you looked at my lifestyle, you think man Tom just like you know he has a studio on his house and whenever he travels with his family he’s working he’s. Always working, I was always working, and I know I’ve even had relatives sometimes tell me that, like like family, just like never have time for family and no it’s not that it’s just.

I love my work and yeah. It does take up a lot of time, but you know what I involve my family. First of all, with my work and so to me, it doesn’t feel like work and so sometimes I’ll wake up right from the you know, time as I wake up until I go to sleep, it seems like I’m always always working, but it’s again it’s totally different When you love it and what you’re doing and and and and then you know when something needs to be done, you know something that you know you have to be there, you’ll just do it.

It doesn’t matter to you, you know, you know. I’ve been thinking about. Taking a vacation, so that’s the reason why I’ve in the pool I can understand Robert or many of the other people that that I met and why they work so many hours and and they pretty much I mean they. They do get some time off, but no they work a lot of crazy hours and they work through a lot. But you know what I was there. I actually not too long ago.

I actually went there and actually spent two weeks or almost two weeks with my family. I took my wife and my kids and we stayed there after you add and our Kantos house so he’s got a you know. Nice house very close to the word and the animals are and basically were, the whole animal sanctuaries and where people come in to see them so visa has a house there. My friend Robert Rosa’s, a house nearby, all the people who work there pretty much all living in that vicinity.

Again everybody who’s working. There is either like their friends or like their. You know, family with nieces. You know grandchildren, all that stuff of duck or some of the other people that work there and they all kind of know each other, and – and I know this because even like, while we were there, I wasn’t there specifically just to kind of hang out and see What you know what they’re doing there with the Tigers, because I was – I just simply – went to Myrtle Beach, so I went with my wife to Myrtle Beach.

We wanted Beach there to see the different attractions now, obviously, since were in Myrtle Beach and we’re staying right. There next to the tiger, preserve or like hey yeah, we want to see the tiger, so we actually got to go sometimes like in the middle of the two little tour that they were doing with people and they have different tours. They have some tours, but there’s a little bit more people, I would say maybe max twenty thirty people somewhere around there, and then they have these other little tours where they do or it’s like two or three people on max and that’s the reason why they do Charge more because again it’s those animals eat a lot of food, even like visible dine and taco the elephant.

But, like doc, has his elfin that he’s saved. There was basically the whole herd from what I understand the poachers in Africa, or I think they did shut them and this baby elephant he adapted it was years ago in 70s, and I saw the photos all that stuff and he anyways. He brought this elephant to America and her name is bubbles. Oh my god, it’s like the like she’s, like the best animal. Ever I got ta sleep very intelligent, and you can just see that by when she wants to listen to to doc.

You can see she. She wants to simple when she doesn’t want to listen. She’s like a like a five six year old kid like I kinda have to be in charge of them, so doc was always there, but like there’s ample when we are staying at his house. First of all, when when I first went there and I was introduced to doc right away, he was just like yeah. Welcome guys go here’s my house, we have a free room here.

We only can stay in nothing. There was no, he never went and told me or my wife or my kids, like oh, don’t go here, don’t do this or whatever they know. We were there so from the moment walk-up, which we usually wake up late, so they were already there because they wake up early early and they go working with animals. But if we woke up earlier, we had breakfast with them or we had lunch or dinner with them.

We I mean it was just like I said like they were just like, like whatever like they do, is know when you’re you know, and when somebody I’m not even that open. When I don’t know somebody I’m not going to just be like oh yeah, you can stay at my house and then I go off to work and I just leave the house. Doc is like that, like he just the house was unlocked. I could come in and leave whenever I wanted to, we could use whatever we wanted to.

I mean he’s very generous with the food. Even though me, my wife is important that exclusively vegetarian. They are so maybe I didn’t always eat their food, but he also did like that’s another thing like their vegetarian and reason for me and my wife aren’t that, but they didn’t care. We came in and we’re eating other stuff, like whatever like they’re, very, very chill people and what I, what I one thing I did take away from, especially the last time that was there like for the longer period with my family is that they’re they’re all like A family where they’re there’s are people who are you, know, kind of hired or joined them as volunteers at first or whether they’re actually family, because most of the people there are kind of family related in one way or another they’re all like family, and they treat Other people, because we weren’t the only ones ice off towards and other people, you know other people that also that stayed there and – and I I see how they are they’re, just very welcoming very open, didn’t have any secrets again.

Like somebody, I would think somebody who has things to hide or maybe doesn’t want to show they would not just be like hey yeah stay at my house and that’s it they will be like well yeah. Maybe you can stay here, but you know don’t go here. Don’t know – and it was the same thing with even the reserve like they were obviously places where they’re like don’t go there because that tiger will eat. You know because he doesn’t know you exist, but otherwise they were like oh yeah.

If you want, you can take, they have these little golf carts and they’re like I take the little court and you can drive there and I even had like my mail. I remember I had to ship something I had a chip there to their place. I had to go pick it up from their office and you know get to drive around. I was amazed when I see friends of mine again. We just see this little serious and Netflix and then they’re like, oh, my god, Tom.

You know these guys are horrible right because again you how they’re being portrayed over there doesn’t mean that that’s how somebody is in real life. So you always keep that in mind whether it’s fake news, fake, whatever right at the end of the day. You know and that’s like I said, I’m saying fake news, because a lot of the stuff applies, I think, also to politics. Well, you know, or to to anybody, really that you sing in a public eye unless you know somebody or that situation personally, just always assume that you don’t know anything because whatever is being shown to you most of the time, it’s being hyped up.

Why? Because you know whether it’s news stations or in this case Netflix, is they’re trying to create something entertainment, something that that will draw people in. I don’t know about some of the other people, but I can tell you honestly whether it’s dark until from Myrtle Beach or or some of the other people there that work there. That are, you, know, friends of mine. I’ve seen nothing but good things.

I’ve been there. Multiple times like I said, I’ve stayed there with my family and I can just tell you guys that it’s not like what you see there in the documentary they they really take care of the animals, but also they take care of each other and and they all Live in a close vicinity there, they all have homes, they all make make money and all that stuff. It isn’t that none of this, like this cult thing and I know, they’re, trying to suggest in there.

That is like a cult or something that doc has nothing like that. It’s just they’re very cool people like we would all go like, for example, when when they did have on the days where they didn’t do the tours with the guests, then yeah they’re busy, obviously always sitting on a day with the animals, but then they would come In and we would they would always like you know, we would get everybody would order, something we would all just share it.

We were to be hanging out in the backyard we’d go with. You know the animals that could be there. We would let them out in the water playing like it was just a cool experience like people were just. It was fun like it like I’m doing, like a very big extended of kind of a fun family. People are her shell, very laid-back and they’re doing their living a life. You know I kind of I would say with the meaning, because they’re following really what they want to do, instead of what I think a lot of sometimes what happens to people as they kind of feel.

Like you know, I have to go to school. I have to do this. I have to get this respectable job. I have to buy this house at and then they get stuck in this kind of a nine-to-five working for these other companies and they’re not happy themselves, whereas you know, and even though they might be working less hours than let’s say guys. You know but they’re in Myrtle, Beach or fear, and what I do with my own business.

But you know what I may I might be working more hours, but I’m more happier I can see because, first to me a lot of times it doesn’t seem like work. I’m just literally living doing what I want to do and I can see this exact same thing happening there with with everybody working at an Myrtle Beach, so yeah. So just keep that in mind guys that unless you’ve been somewhere, it personally or you’ve seen a situation whenever you see it on TV, just accept that it’s either a sensitive sensor, nice version of it make it something that that will be would sound more exciting or A lot of times just people want to show you their opinion of a situation over person, and so it’s not reality.

So just assume that you don’t know it, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you think you are because you can only draw your conclusions. Your opinions, based on things that you see and again if the older windows are closed, and I don’t tell you what the weather is like outside. You only make conclusions based on what I tell you. What you hear are things like that, so you have to open up all those windows.

Look around. You see different point of views and you’ll see very quickly that the world out there is not black and white. It’s not like a person is bad or good. Everybody out there I would say: there’s no bad or good people. It’s just everybody kind of fluctuates constantly between the two. We all kind of, I think, want to pull more towards the good, but sometimes we end up going into bed and it’s just more a question of throughout your life.

Where did you spend on which end of the spectrum, I would say where you spend more of the time? Anyways, that’s my opinion again, that’s my point of view. Hopefully you guys took something positive out of this. If you did, let me know in the comment section below and otherwise I’ll see you guys on the next article bye

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Google Keyword Planner SEO TOOL_Part-6_for ranking website and chennals_tutorial planet 2016

Essentially, this is a free tool. That’s going to give us almost all of the information we need to make informed decisions about which keywords are best for our business. So really we just want to go over there and I’m going to get you orientated show you the different features, keep in mind that this tool was built for Adwords and paid search.

So there’s some features there that aren’t going to be relevant to us and i’m going to point them out right so step one to using the google keyword. Planner tool is to get access to it, and in order to do that, you have to set up. Google adwords account again, that’s free and in order to find it, you can just type in the google keyword planner into the line. Little pop up just follow the prompts and set it up.

The only thing that I would point out is be careful when you’re choosing your currency, because you can’t change it once it’s set, so don’t make the mistake like I did. I set up my AdWords account when I was abroad and it set it up kind of automatically in the in the currency that I was in and I didn’t change it, and so I had to set up a new AdWords account. If I wanted to see it in a currency that I’m more familiar with, so I just set it up again in USD – I think that’s probably the best, and you know, especially if you’re selling, to a global audience.

It’s just a good reference point to have, but perhaps if your local business, you can just have it at in the currency of your particular country. So once you sign into AdWords you’re going to see this screen and then you can just go to tools and keyword. Planner and what you’re going to be presented with here is four different options. Three of them are really relevant to us, and the one that isn’t relevant is get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords.

That’s the feature, that’s specific, to add where and people who want to advertise without words. So let’s have a look at the first one. Really we just want to get orientated here and I’m just got a bit of an overview of what everything is. So here is where you can really enter in specific keywords. What I recommend doing is maybe putting in one two three try and be specific. If you put in something very broad like cars, all you’re going to see is really competitive.

Keywords for that, so you want to try and make it a specific I’m, essentially what you think people will be typing into Google. So another way to generate ideas is to put in your home page or a specific web page or blog article that you have and that will really throw up ideas for you. You know a great way to use. This section is to put in a high ranking competitor and see what keywords: people are typing into any land on that page.

Another thing you can do is use this product category section, so this will pull keywords from Google’s database and you can narrow it down. Quite a lot just to say: consumer electronics say gps navigation, DVS, GPS devices. So that’s just an example, but it shows you how deep you can kind of go into it. If you want great so once you have filled in one or all three of these sections. What you can do, then, is move on to targeting and you can target by location and language and if you want to add just on Google or Google and search partners.

So that’s its display network, including youtube. So I mean locations. You can get quite deep into it as well. You can then do specific countries or specific regions, and then language say: if you wanted to targus and say Brazil, then you can just put in Brazil there and on Portuguese, so there’s also options to customize your search. So you, and if you want to do average monthly searches, they say above a towson searches you put in there or say below 10,000.

You can put it in there as well suggested bid again. This is something that gives an indication of how well these keywords converse. So you might want to put it a suggested bid above say one or two dollars and then competition high medium low. Let’s go into that little bit more detail, then you can come back and change those settings if you want keyword, options is well. I’ve been kind to just leave these all off, where you can maybe narrow it, then, if you’re, finding that your search is that just to to me on related keywords, great so we’ve just finished, then the orientation of the first option within the keyword planner tool.

Let’s just quickly review the two other options and we’ll be able to get through these a lot quicker. This is the option to get search volume for list of keywords, so this is really a list of keywords that you already have, and then you want to determine the actual search volumes for them. So all you need to do is choose the file upload. Their and again you’ve got some of the options there for targeting great.

So, let’s look at the final option, which is multiple keyword lists, and this is probably the one I used less frequently, but it can be great for e-commerce because it really allows you to mash up a lot of different words and get a lot of different combinations. So what I’ve done in this example here is just really put in a couple of different colors, a couple of different brands and a couple of different products that they make really well.

We want to see a spark combination of those has the highest search volume. So, let’s have a look so red Knight, sneakers as the highest monthly searches in all locations, just 390 bike shorts as well through 90 and does be moved in you can see the least popular for average. Monthly searches is well. It goes down to rape. You mahadji search cats, less than 10 searches a month. That’s what that means.

If that’s a blank like that, so great that really wraps up our introduction orientation to the keyword, planner tool, you


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How to improve your editing with Synology DS1618+ NAS

The one I’ll be using is the Synology des 1618 plus, and this is a six faintness meaning it can hold six hard drives now. An ass is basically like a self-contained computer that you connect directly to your network router, so you can access it 24 hours a day from any of your network devices.

But even while you are away using the internet connection, I did a review of a couple network drives before that. I used as backup on me and since they were not fast or powerful enough to be used for everyday article. Editing at this new network drive is great for backing up your files, because it’s easy to set up automatic backups using sinologist DiskStation manager, which is their web interface.

As you can see, it looks like a Windows or apple desktop where you can install apps check your settings even browse copy upload or modify all of your files. You have on the NAS from anywhere in the world using Internet interface. What I did not expect was that this nas is fast enough to also be used as my Flex driver, and they even have an app that which makes setting up plex super easy. Now, more importantly, I can use this Nass as my main working Drive in my home studio setup, so that two or more people can access the same project and work on it at the same time in the Vinci resolve.

This is very easy to do because you can set up a project database on this analogy, nas, which allows multi-user collaboration if you’ve never done this inside of resolve. But you, let’s say I’d like to have multiple people work on a project. At the same time, then, this is really a game changer, basically in resolve by default. You create a project in your local database that is saved on your computer.

What some people don’t know is that you can also create a shared database and place it on a network attached computer or even better, on an ass like the one that I’m using at this way. Anyone on your network can open the same project and work on them. At the same time, everything in the project is saved in real time as different users work on the project in the bottom right corner of the screen. You create your username and, as you start editing a timeline that timeline gets automatically locked so that another editor.

I can view your work, but can’t change it while you’re in the middle of editing. You can, however, have another user do color grading, while you edit and vice-versa, I sometimes just duplicate a timeline and I’ll work on a section. While another editor works on the duplicate timeline on another section, then once we are done, we can compare the two timelines in resolve where it will automatically show you the differences between the two.

You can preview the changes and, if you like it, you can accept it. So resolve can again automatically adjust your edit. The best way to set up a database that will work with DaVinci Resolve is to do it on an AZ Drive. If you’ve never done this, then there is already a great tutorial by Sandra groaners. That shows you step-by-step. How to do this, to read this article tutorial and to read the in-depth tutorial by Sandra just follow my link in the description.

If you want to learn about all the cool features of multi-user collaboration in DaVinci Resolve and then I will also provide a link to a article that explains it all and now award from our sponsor Video Converter. Ultimate is a easy and fast way to convert your article files from one format to another. You can also use it to download compress edit and burn articles in a thousand different formats.

Plus you can do a whole bunch of other things here. I’m going to show you how easy it is to convert an MOV file to mp4, so here I’m going to just click to add a article file that I want to convert and, as you can see right away, it just shows you. You know information about the article file. It does a whole bunch of easy presets that are commonly used. I’m just going to leave it here. A default just want to change it to an mp4, the same resolution and that’s it just click convert all and read it.

Do its magic and once it’s finished, going through all the files you’re going to have a little your success, checkmark and here’s the final shot here, not the most exciting but yeah. It just shows you, for example, and the conversion that it did and it did a really good job. Like I said original resolution, there’s not much of a difference in quality, but a big. You know drastic change in the file size as well.

Anyways, if you guys, are interested, give this a try once again, it’s wondershare Video Converter. Ultimate, you want to get at the full license it’s 3995 or if you want, you can buy the lifetime license. I think it just makes more sense. 20. Bucks extra for $ 59 anyways – let’s continue with our article. So let’s take a look at the speed of the Synology NAS drive it’s advertised as Gigabit Ethernet speed per port.

Now, there’s actually four Ethernet ports on the bag. The extra Ethernet ports can be used to get faster speeds for reading and writing using link aggregation for my set up, I’m just using the one port which gives me 1,000 megabits per second or a hundred twenty-five megabytes per second speeds. Now, as you can see, this is pretty much what I’ve been averaging. This means that not only can I use this drive for backup, but also, as my main working drive here, you can see.

We play back from the NAS drive a 4k article file. That is in RAW cinema PNG format. It plays back at 24 frames per second without losing frames and now here’s another file. That is also R a article file from the Red Dragon camera in UHD, 4k and again, as you can see, it also plays back great now, when I edit, with an assistant on another computer. We can both access the same files on this knowledge enas and play them back in real time unless these are both 4k raw files.

In that case, the network itself will simply not handle that kind of data rate. In my tests, I noticed that when editing just your typical kind of compressed 4k articles from mirrorless cameras, then two or even three people can work over their network no problem. Now for anything more demanding. I would suggest you actually upgrade your whole network to the faster speeds using a 10 gigabit network.

Now this Synology nas can also be upgraded because it has a PCI Express expansion port that will allow you to add a 10 gigabit ethernet card, or also you can put in there a dual m2 SATA SSD card for faster system. Caching, in terms of storage, this Nass can accept six drives inside up to 12 terabytes per Drive. This will allow you to have 72 terabytes of space. Now you could, of course, set up those multiple drives in various rate configurations, and this would allow you to have better backup redundancy by mirroring data across or in raid 6, for example, you can mirror two three drives.

This will obviously lower your overall storage, but in return, even if let’s say two drives failed, you can still replace those drives without losing any data. If you need even more harddrive space, then you can expand this Nass up to 192 terabytes. You can do that by connecting a five drive expansion unit on each of the two eSATA ports on the back and now this will give you ten extra drives together with the six drives in front of the unit, and that means you can connect up to sixteen Drives all together in the back.

You also find two USB ports plus on the right is the access to the PCI Express expansion slot? There is another USB port on the front as well, using the USB ports. You can copy data directly from USB devices to your nas without having to go through your network, just install the USB copy application in the DiskStation manager and then connect your drive. You can also get a second Synology nas and store it.

Let’s say at a different location like a friend’s house ER or another studio and use sinologist cloud station sync to create your own personal cloud. Synology also has its own cloud service called c2. Now the DiskStation manager lets you set rate. Manage storage check health of disks. Here you can install additional applications through the package center to tailor the NASS to your needs. For example, the Quick Connect allows you to connect your to your nas.

Using their internet moments is another application, which is a photo and article organization program. Image recognition identifies people, subjects and places making searching your photos easier, and our surveillance station makes it easy to set up a home security system where all of your IP cameras can automatically stream and record to your Nats. There is even more things that you can do using the Synology nas that I won’t even attempt to get a get into in this article, like I said before, and as is sort of like a computer that is designed to efficiently upload and download data across the Network and it has to be able to always stay on and do all of the UITs tasks without using too much power or making too much noise.

Now the fans on the back of this Nats are powerful, yet quiet. This system has a 2.1 gigahertz Intel Atom. Quad-Core, processor and 4 gigabytes of did. We are for RAM, which can actually be expanded up to 32 gigabytes. So if you’re editing articles, especially using DaVinci, Resolve and want a centralized place where you keep all of your data and also that multiple people can edit the same project at the same time, then look into getting a network attached storage device.

Like this analogy, DiskStation des 1618, plus by the way, I’m also now hosting a different filmmaking workshops and doing one-on-one coaching with kids split. So if you want to learn cinematography directing or advanced color grading then sign up for a workshop at kit. Split that come slash. Workshops, if you enjoyed this article, then give it a thumbs up and as always, you can find more info on my website where you can also sign up to my newsletter.

So this way you can stay up to date on the latest filmmaking use, gear reviews and tutorials. Thanks and I’ll see you guys in the next article

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Online Marketing

WordPress All in One SEO plugin tutorial

This is a tutorial covering all-in-one SEO and just the basic usage of it. I install in one SEO to a lot of my client websites that run on WordPress and if you are my client or you’re, just a beginner with all-in-one SEO. Please do check this article out now, all in one SEO, once you install the plug-in and once it is available, there’s a tab here that says all-in-one SEO here that gets enabled once you mouse over it, and then it will show these four settings right here.

General settings performance, social meta feature manager, I’m not going to go over every single one, but let’s just go to general settings just for now on general settings page will basically general settings. Our link will basically take you to the general settings area now, if you’re not sure what you’re doing I strongly suggest, you don’t touch anything, but if you do know, then by all means you can mess with all the settings like that, it’s available for you, but I’M just going to go over three basic settings that you can change, are known and won’t really necessarily break your website or break on searches and results.

So the settings is the home page settings which basically sets tell some surgeons and what that’s running on WordPress, that what your website is about, so the home title. Basically, as it says, is your home title now you want to keep this short. This is Chris Tyler. Crowe art direction, design blog, that’s what my blog is about, and that’s my title so again. If you want to change a section, you can just keep it nice and straightforward and short and simple.

The home description is basically that’s a short description about your blog. Now you don’t want to UM make this too long again, but just want to keep it again short and simple. I would suggest having a low minimum word count as possible, but again this is just basically the gist of what my website is about and again you could change the settings to fit your needs or to best describe your business now.

The home keywords section here is basically keywords that are separated. Commas now keywords there’s a lot of statements saying the keywords are not relevant in regard to search engine results anymore, but again it’s better to have something than nothing. So I just kind of added different keywords: separated by comma again just to kind of bump up the results, if possible. Now it doesn’t have to be hundreds and hundreds of keywords, and even though I have a lot here, but you know just have a good number, like maybe 10 20, if you can and then go from there.

So once again, that is, set we’re going to go into a utilizing, all-in-one SEO, with all your blog posts and your pages now, when you go to a post, you want to click on this link right here that will display all your posts on regards to your Blog, so if you’ve written a lot of blog entries, you should get some a list like mine, but you can see here and once you have only one SEO installed, it enables a new column here called SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords.

Now what this does is that it assigns different SEO our title, description and keywords based on individual blog posts and pages. This is very important because it index index is your page as a separate page from your home page. If we are you back in the day, we used to use a description and keywords on all of all web pages, meaning the title was the same. The description was the same in every single page.

Well times have changed now: there’s better mom, effective method with SEO, and this plugin allows you to do so now to enter the SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords onto your blog post: we’re just going to go to an old blog post that I published, but if You’Re writing a new one. This is also the same information. So take a look here. Here are the contents and whatnot, and I have an extra section because I have that enabled and then you have your visions and here whatnot and you might not see everything you on that you’re.

Seeing on the screen on your blog page, which is fine, because I have no one plugins installed, which enables these things, but on the bottom, once only one SEO is enabled you see, you should see a window that says all-in-one SEO pack now from here. This is where you enter your title, description and keywords. Again, don’t worry too much about these things right here. Basically, what this does is kind of disables or prevents on search engines following you.

Don’T want to do that today. So, let’s not even talk about that. So again, this was very similar to the settings page, but now we’re in an individual blog setting, so we’re going to have our own unique title, which will be which what I do is use you to use the blog title as long as it’s not long enough. On this already, this title right here is already using too many characters, because you have to show you the Dirk account of 69 right here, but most search engines.

This is right here. Most search engines use maximum 60 characters for the title, so maybe we can join this and say Adobe Creative Cloud. Only this was my blog post and, as you can see up here, the previews limit, except that you can see how, on what it may look like on search engines and then on. The description again is the same thing as the settings page. But we’re going to set a separate description for this page because, when write something that’s relevant to this article, so this one has its own description, that’s separate from the home page and then again.

This one also has a separate keywords from that’s different from the home page. The keyword section again doesn’t have to be hundreds of hundreds of keywords, so don’t spend too much time on it, but just enter a few keyword, that’s relevant to the article or blog news that you post and that’s pretty much it after you fill these out you’re. Just going to hit the Update button right here, just like similar to when you’re publishing a blog article and then it’s just going to change the post for you now the proofreader thinking came up, so I’m just going to hit OK and then once we hit okay.

It’S going to take us to the Edit post page, it’s going to say, post, updated and view post. Now, let’s go back to the list, our blog list and as you can see that my SEO title has changed. Adobe Creative Cloud and my description in my keywords. So that is one method of entering SEO separately from each and individual article. This is a really good tactic to use in terms of search engine results. Just take the time.

Every time you publish a blog take the time to put in the SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords, because it will benefit you in the long run. Now, when you want to enter separate SEO information on your pages, you go to the pages section right here, so I’m just going to click on pages. It’S going to show me show you all the pages. That’S currently live on your site or not live if they draft. If it’s not live, but if it’s live then you could just choose the pages.

Now I don’t really use pages on my blog because strictly a blog, but I have some few examples up here. So, let’s just go to edit and again the editing. The page editing section is just like a blog post. You know nothing, nothing too different on outside of page attributes. We don’t have to want to worry about that today. But again you see how there’s this option here called all in one SEO. Pack and again, you have an option to enter the title, description and keywords.

Now. One thing I did not go over with individual blog post is the social settings, and I’m going to go over that with you now, but social settings basically is when someone were to share your article on a social networking site like Facebook and whatnot. You can also choose to have an SEO settings separate from the main settings, so the set of the title could be anything something something may be different or it could be something it could be the same.

To be honest, the description can be the same or something different, and then over here you can see it says, image these options increase in terms of options. Depending on what how many number of pictures you used on a blog post, you can actually choose images. Show up, for instance, if someone shared the blog content on Facebook or Twitter, these images will show up as a kind of like a preview image on Facebook, for instance, if you share it on a facebook, like page your own, like page this point, if I select This this image will show up and say, check out this page or check out this blog post by yada-yada-yada.

So this is where you kind of choose your image or you can choose a custom image and upload it. If you want Isis, you use a picture. That’S already been used on a blog blog article and go from there. Don’T worry too much about specified image width image height. Don’T worry too much of a facebook object type and going over too much about twitter car type. Unless you know what you’re doing you can choose somewhere a larger image or photo, but again these are just individual settings for your social network.

So again the pages and the post SEO settings are really not different, but it’s still something really important to do. Make sure you have separate SEO information on different pages relevant to that page, so, for instance, if you have like a gallery, then you would have a title here called gallery and then that that’s it, so all you have to do is type gallery in the best Part about all in one SEO pack is after you type in gallery.

It will automatically follow, follow up with the website title of your whole entire page, so mine will mines called Chris clavicle art direction. Design. If I put gallery on the title, title bar of the browser or the title bar of title of the page would be called gallery Chris Tucker art direction and design and again have something different for description. That’S a relevant to your page. If you have a gal, let’s say if you have a gallery page may just make the disruption.

This is the gallery page of my business incorporated and whatnot so again, keep it relevant to that page, but remember to always have something different for each pace. For the best searchers and results, I hope this article helped you again. This is of just a very basic broad overview of all-in-one SEO. If you have any more questions or one that you can all you’re always welcome to email me, but I hope covered some ground for you.

Thank you very much.

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