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Google Keyword Planner SEO TOOL_Part-6_for ranking website and chennals_tutorial planet 2016

Essentially, this is a free tool. That’s going to give us almost all of the information we need to make informed decisions about which keywords are best for our business. So really we just want to go over there and I’m going to get you orientated show you the different features, keep in mind that this tool was built for Adwords and paid search.

So there’s some features there that aren’t going to be relevant to us and i’m going to point them out right so step one to using the google keyword. Planner tool is to get access to it, and in order to do that, you have to set up. Google adwords account again, that’s free and in order to find it, you can just type in the google keyword planner into the line. Little pop up just follow the prompts and set it up.

The only thing that I would point out is be careful when you’re choosing your currency, because you can’t change it once it’s set, so don’t make the mistake like I did. I set up my AdWords account when I was abroad and it set it up kind of automatically in the in the currency that I was in and I didn’t change it, and so I had to set up a new AdWords account. If I wanted to see it in a currency that I’m more familiar with, so I just set it up again in USD – I think that’s probably the best, and you know, especially if you’re selling, to a global audience.

It’s just a good reference point to have, but perhaps if your local business, you can just have it at in the currency of your particular country. So once you sign into AdWords you’re going to see this screen and then you can just go to tools and keyword. Planner and what you’re going to be presented with here is four different options. Three of them are really relevant to us, and the one that isn’t relevant is get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords.

That’s the feature, that’s specific, to add where and people who want to advertise without words. So let’s have a look at the first one. Really we just want to get orientated here and I’m just got a bit of an overview of what everything is. So here is where you can really enter in specific keywords. What I recommend doing is maybe putting in one two three try and be specific. If you put in something very broad like cars, all you’re going to see is really competitive.

Keywords for that, so you want to try and make it a specific I’m, essentially what you think people will be typing into Google. So another way to generate ideas is to put in your home page or a specific web page or blog article that you have and that will really throw up ideas for you. You know a great way to use. This section is to put in a high ranking competitor and see what keywords: people are typing into any land on that page.

Another thing you can do is use this product category section, so this will pull keywords from Google’s database and you can narrow it down. Quite a lot just to say: consumer electronics say gps navigation, DVS, GPS devices. So that’s just an example, but it shows you how deep you can kind of go into it. If you want great so once you have filled in one or all three of these sections. What you can do, then, is move on to targeting and you can target by location and language and if you want to add just on Google or Google and search partners.

So that’s its display network, including youtube. So I mean locations. You can get quite deep into it as well. You can then do specific countries or specific regions, and then language say: if you wanted to targus and say Brazil, then you can just put in Brazil there and on Portuguese, so there’s also options to customize your search. So you, and if you want to do average monthly searches, they say above a towson searches you put in there or say below 10,000.

You can put it in there as well suggested bid again. This is something that gives an indication of how well these keywords converse. So you might want to put it a suggested bid above say one or two dollars and then competition high medium low. Let’s go into that little bit more detail, then you can come back and change those settings if you want keyword, options is well. I’ve been kind to just leave these all off, where you can maybe narrow it, then, if you’re, finding that your search is that just to to me on related keywords, great so we’ve just finished, then the orientation of the first option within the keyword planner tool.

Let’s just quickly review the two other options and we’ll be able to get through these a lot quicker. This is the option to get search volume for list of keywords, so this is really a list of keywords that you already have, and then you want to determine the actual search volumes for them. So all you need to do is choose the file upload. Their and again you’ve got some of the options there for targeting great.

So, let’s look at the final option, which is multiple keyword lists, and this is probably the one I used less frequently, but it can be great for e-commerce because it really allows you to mash up a lot of different words and get a lot of different combinations. So what I’ve done in this example here is just really put in a couple of different colors, a couple of different brands and a couple of different products that they make really well.

We want to see a spark combination of those has the highest search volume. So, let’s have a look so red Knight, sneakers as the highest monthly searches in all locations, just 390 bike shorts as well through 90 and does be moved in you can see the least popular for average. Monthly searches is well. It goes down to rape. You mahadji search cats, less than 10 searches a month. That’s what that means.

If that’s a blank like that, so great that really wraps up our introduction orientation to the keyword, planner tool, you


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