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WordPress All in One SEO plugin tutorial

This is a tutorial covering all-in-one SEO and just the basic usage of it. I install in one SEO to a lot of my client websites that run on WordPress and if you are my client or you’re, just a beginner with all-in-one SEO. Please do check this article out now, all in one SEO, once you install the plug-in and once it is available, there’s a tab here that says all-in-one SEO here that gets enabled once you mouse over it, and then it will show these four settings right here.

General settings performance, social meta feature manager, I’m not going to go over every single one, but let’s just go to general settings just for now on general settings page will basically general settings. Our link will basically take you to the general settings area now, if you’re not sure what you’re doing I strongly suggest, you don’t touch anything, but if you do know, then by all means you can mess with all the settings like that, it’s available for you, but I’M just going to go over three basic settings that you can change, are known and won’t really necessarily break your website or break on searches and results.

So the settings is the home page settings which basically sets tell some surgeons and what that’s running on WordPress, that what your website is about, so the home title. Basically, as it says, is your home title now you want to keep this short. This is Chris Tyler. Crowe art direction, design blog, that’s what my blog is about, and that’s my title so again. If you want to change a section, you can just keep it nice and straightforward and short and simple.

The home description is basically that’s a short description about your blog. Now you don’t want to UM make this too long again, but just want to keep it again short and simple. I would suggest having a low minimum word count as possible, but again this is just basically the gist of what my website is about and again you could change the settings to fit your needs or to best describe your business now.

The home keywords section here is basically keywords that are separated. Commas now keywords there’s a lot of statements saying the keywords are not relevant in regard to search engine results anymore, but again it’s better to have something than nothing. So I just kind of added different keywords: separated by comma again just to kind of bump up the results, if possible. Now it doesn’t have to be hundreds and hundreds of keywords, and even though I have a lot here, but you know just have a good number, like maybe 10 20, if you can and then go from there.

So once again, that is, set we’re going to go into a utilizing, all-in-one SEO, with all your blog posts and your pages now, when you go to a post, you want to click on this link right here that will display all your posts on regards to your Blog, so if you’ve written a lot of blog entries, you should get some a list like mine, but you can see here and once you have only one SEO installed, it enables a new column here called SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords.

Now what this does is that it assigns different SEO our title, description and keywords based on individual blog posts and pages. This is very important because it index index is your page as a separate page from your home page. If we are you back in the day, we used to use a description and keywords on all of all web pages, meaning the title was the same. The description was the same in every single page.

Well times have changed now: there’s better mom, effective method with SEO, and this plugin allows you to do so now to enter the SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords onto your blog post: we’re just going to go to an old blog post that I published, but if You’Re writing a new one. This is also the same information. So take a look here. Here are the contents and whatnot, and I have an extra section because I have that enabled and then you have your visions and here whatnot and you might not see everything you on that you’re.

Seeing on the screen on your blog page, which is fine, because I have no one plugins installed, which enables these things, but on the bottom, once only one SEO is enabled you see, you should see a window that says all-in-one SEO pack now from here. This is where you enter your title, description and keywords. Again, don’t worry too much about these things right here. Basically, what this does is kind of disables or prevents on search engines following you.

Don’T want to do that today. So, let’s not even talk about that. So again, this was very similar to the settings page, but now we’re in an individual blog setting, so we’re going to have our own unique title, which will be which what I do is use you to use the blog title as long as it’s not long enough. On this already, this title right here is already using too many characters, because you have to show you the Dirk account of 69 right here, but most search engines.

This is right here. Most search engines use maximum 60 characters for the title, so maybe we can join this and say Adobe Creative Cloud. Only this was my blog post and, as you can see up here, the previews limit, except that you can see how, on what it may look like on search engines and then on. The description again is the same thing as the settings page. But we’re going to set a separate description for this page because, when write something that’s relevant to this article, so this one has its own description, that’s separate from the home page and then again.

This one also has a separate keywords from that’s different from the home page. The keyword section again doesn’t have to be hundreds of hundreds of keywords, so don’t spend too much time on it, but just enter a few keyword, that’s relevant to the article or blog news that you post and that’s pretty much it after you fill these out you’re. Just going to hit the Update button right here, just like similar to when you’re publishing a blog article and then it’s just going to change the post for you now the proofreader thinking came up, so I’m just going to hit OK and then once we hit okay.

It’S going to take us to the Edit post page, it’s going to say, post, updated and view post. Now, let’s go back to the list, our blog list and as you can see that my SEO title has changed. Adobe Creative Cloud and my description in my keywords. So that is one method of entering SEO separately from each and individual article. This is a really good tactic to use in terms of search engine results. Just take the time.

Every time you publish a blog take the time to put in the SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords, because it will benefit you in the long run. Now, when you want to enter separate SEO information on your pages, you go to the pages section right here, so I’m just going to click on pages. It’S going to show me show you all the pages. That’S currently live on your site or not live if they draft. If it’s not live, but if it’s live then you could just choose the pages.

Now I don’t really use pages on my blog because strictly a blog, but I have some few examples up here. So, let’s just go to edit and again the editing. The page editing section is just like a blog post. You know nothing, nothing too different on outside of page attributes. We don’t have to want to worry about that today. But again you see how there’s this option here called all in one SEO. Pack and again, you have an option to enter the title, description and keywords.

Now. One thing I did not go over with individual blog post is the social settings, and I’m going to go over that with you now, but social settings basically is when someone were to share your article on a social networking site like Facebook and whatnot. You can also choose to have an SEO settings separate from the main settings, so the set of the title could be anything something something may be different or it could be something it could be the same.

To be honest, the description can be the same or something different, and then over here you can see it says, image these options increase in terms of options. Depending on what how many number of pictures you used on a blog post, you can actually choose images. Show up, for instance, if someone shared the blog content on Facebook or Twitter, these images will show up as a kind of like a preview image on Facebook, for instance, if you share it on a facebook, like page your own, like page this point, if I select This this image will show up and say, check out this page or check out this blog post by yada-yada-yada.

So this is where you kind of choose your image or you can choose a custom image and upload it. If you want Isis, you use a picture. That’S already been used on a blog blog article and go from there. Don’T worry too much about specified image width image height. Don’T worry too much of a facebook object type and going over too much about twitter car type. Unless you know what you’re doing you can choose somewhere a larger image or photo, but again these are just individual settings for your social network.

So again the pages and the post SEO settings are really not different, but it’s still something really important to do. Make sure you have separate SEO information on different pages relevant to that page, so, for instance, if you have like a gallery, then you would have a title here called gallery and then that that’s it, so all you have to do is type gallery in the best Part about all in one SEO pack is after you type in gallery.

It will automatically follow, follow up with the website title of your whole entire page, so mine will mines called Chris clavicle art direction. Design. If I put gallery on the title, title bar of the browser or the title bar of title of the page would be called gallery Chris Tucker art direction and design and again have something different for description. That’S a relevant to your page. If you have a gal, let’s say if you have a gallery page may just make the disruption.

This is the gallery page of my business incorporated and whatnot so again, keep it relevant to that page, but remember to always have something different for each pace. For the best searchers and results, I hope this article helped you again. This is of just a very basic broad overview of all-in-one SEO. If you have any more questions or one that you can all you’re always welcome to email me, but I hope covered some ground for you.

Thank you very much.

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