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SEO Basics: Why Do Links Matter For SEO – Rapid Immersion #7

Why do links matter for SEO, if you’re new to the world of SEO and are exploring the topic of link, building or link acquisition, or, if you’ve been doing SEO for quite some time and are looking for a quick refresher? This article is for you to start out: let’s clarify what a link is in the context we’re talking about today, as it’s always good to review the fundamentals.

A link also commonly called a backlink inbound link or an inward link, is an incoming hyper link from one web page to another website. It’s, for example, if you have a website, your web site com, and I have a website reef, digital combo, you and I decided to place a link to your website on reef digital comdata. You for our visitors to visit. You with you, have received a link. So, generally speaking, this would be a good news for you, as your website now has extra exposure and will restart and will start receiving visitors who have been referred to you from reef beyond this, though, the presence of this link can also benefit your rankings in search Results leading to even more visitors finding your site, but why does the presence of this link impact your SEO? The best answer starts with exploring how search engines use and depend on links to function so to explain.

Let’s look at the big picture of what a search engine does. Okay, the first thing it does is: is it navigates or crawls the web to discover content? It then indexes this content. In large databases, it calculates the relevancy and the meaning of the content. It ranks the content versus other items available in the database and then finally, it serves as results in milliseconds when we request it by performing a search as the Internet is a big and ever-changing place.

Search engines need a lot of computing power mesh with smart software to do these tasks on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis and as the scope of the challenge is way beyond what a person or team of people could do manually. The engineers at search engines have looked to develop machine learning methods to try and keep up one way, they’ve done. This is by using algorithms an algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations and problem-solving situations.

These algorithms are at the very heart of what makes a search engine good or bad at answering. Our queries in the early days of the web search engines used links as a primary method of discovering new content. The search engine did this by starting at one side. Let’s say, for example, the New York Times then following each link it encountered as it navigated through content the search engine software often called a bot or a spider, would travel from link to link to link finding new information to serve up for searchers back.

Then, if you had a website and wanted it to appear in search engines, you needed to be linked to from a website that a search engine already knew about or you’d risk. Your site never being found. Now for google links play a particularly important role in their story beyond using links to discover content, the founders of google made two very important observations that would go on to establish their search engine as the best in the market.

The first observation was that online some webpages have far more links than others, and the second observation, these frequently linked to pages, tend to be superior resources. This thinking was simple, but revolutionary links providing a strong signal about the value of a web page. A link from one website to another could be likened to an endorsement or a vote for that website. From an SEO perspective and as Google was already crawling the web at length to discover content, it was able to easily see which pages were the most link to so that it could then prioritize that content for a person who was searching, which is really brilliant.

So fast forward to today and search engine algorithms are now better than ever at measuring links and assigning ranking power on a case by case basis. Now one link can be worth several hundred or even several thousand times the value of another, so modern SEO. Practitioners are tasked with identifying and then earning links that search engines regard the most, which is what makes SEO as much of an art as it is a science.

Well, that about wraps up this introduction to why links matter for SEO in the next article we’ll be going into more detail about how to evaluate the SEO value of a link on a case by case basis. So you can inspect the links to your own site or to that of a competitor site and better understand why a particular web page is or isn’t ranking in the text accompanying. This post you’ll also find links to some of our favorite tools to help you conduct this analysis, so thank you very much for your time and all the best have a great day.



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YouTube Strategist – Marketing – Chicago Production

Hello, Chicago, a blue sky article productions are marketing. Articles will help you reach your goals. These are three key marketing tools. Our web articles, elevator pitch articles and webcast small business owners. Now you can have a powerful article online. Getting your article produced is just a call away call us now: at 8472, 959 555

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Motion Animated Cartoon SEO Explainer

Just take a look at it from your perspective. What do you do when you want to find something on the Internet? You search for it right and then you click on one of the links on the first page of the search results. In fact, more than 90 % visitors will behave exactly the same way ever wonder how those web pages at the top of your search results got there it’s, because they were search engine optimized, exactly how search engines.

Work is a closely guarded secret, but the main principles are known: they’re based on two main factors: keywords and links. Let’s focus on keywords: first, your chances for a better ranking grow when your website contains the same words that are being searched. Keywords are especially effective when they’re found in a website title address or headings, but careful quality over quantity should be your rule of thumb.

Some so-called SEO experts try to fool the search engines with some ridiculous keyword occurrence, instead of focusing on quality content first and how about the links websites that link to yours basically tell search engines that you have some good stuff there, but again quality over quantity links From irrelevant sites won’t help you get a better rank. What we’ve just talked about provides a basic introduction to SEO.

In reality, it’s not a simple task and you’ll definitely need someone to help you with it. Someone like us will develop a custom SEO strategy specifically for your business, identify the right keywords, right, friendly site code and figure out the best linking tactics but, most importantly, we’ll help. You find ways to provide high quality content for your visitors and search engines as well. So do not hesitate and contact us today.



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Claim Your Google Local Listing

Today we’re going to look at Google local business pages, what they are and why you should claim yours. How old is selma hayek selma hayek is 48 years old. Okay. Why did I do this search? I just wanted to show everybody what a knowledge card was, and I knew Selma would would have one so there she is, and this is a knowledge card, and you see those showing up on the side of Google.

So what does this got to do with local business? Well, for local business, we get knowledge cards, I’m just going to do another search here. Accountants here are the listings for accountants within 750 meters. So there’s a lot of accountants near me. Obviously so what we have here is a couple ads as you can see, and here we have local listings for accountants. So I’m just going to hover over this one and if we look on the right-hand side of our screen, we see a knowledge card and if we hover over next one, we see your knowledge card and I’m just going to make this a little bit smaller here.

So we’re going to see it all another knowledge card, okay, so these are Google listings. Now this, these Google listings are a combination between Google Maps and local business and Google Plus Google, my business. So why do we care about this? We care about this because if you have a full listing, people are 38 % more likely to do. Click on your listing. The other thing is, is that only 37 % of all Google listings are claimed.

So what does that mean? Well here we have a listing. That’s claimed and we have what we have 12 Google reviews and you can go and you can read those or you can write a review on this, for am strategic accountants Inc this one here and I won’t get into it. But this is an unclaimed listing and I know these people they’re 160 meters down the street from me. He has no idea that this listing even exists for him.

I can go and I can click on his listing and I can write a review and I can write any kind of review that I want. It will show up that. I wrote it, but the principles of the company will not even know there are. Cases were in Google local listings that there are people with 50 and 60 reviews that have no idea that they even have a local page, let alone what kind of reviews are on there. They could have great reviews, they could have lousy reviews, but the point is they’re not managing this they’re, not they’re, not even aware that they have this now.

Why do we care about reviews? People often ask me: do reviews do anything for search engine rankings and the quick answer directly is no. They do not, but we’ve just done this search for accountants and we look at the local listings that are on the map and look at this one here. He has a 5.0 reign, that’s 5 out of 5. He has 12 google reviews and we can go read them. So what are the odds of me clicking on am strategic accountants compared to Melissa al Coulson, who has one Google review and no pictures or Trimble Thompson? Who has no Google reviews you’re going to you’re going to click on this? Now? If we go through to the website, when we just have, Google knows huh, and so the click in and of itself is a signal to Google and that will that is taken into account when doing the rankings.

So that’s about it, folks why you need to claim your local page or your so that you can get Google reviews and in Steve at Harris web creative, helping people find their message and bring it to the world eloquently.


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SEO for YouTube and s

I’m going to be talking to you about how to do SEO for YouTube a number two search engine and how to optimize your articles for higher rankings in that search engine. So Who am? I am stuff and Spencer, I’m the co-author of the art of SEO, co-author of social commerce and author of Google power search all published by o’reilly. I founded an SEO agency in the 90s called net concepts.

I sold it to covario in 2010. I invented an SEO technology platform called gravity stream and I have an SEO training and coaching program at science of SEO com. So that’s me, these are my books. If you don’t really care about that. You care about getting the result for yourselves and want me to share with you a little brief case study example of how you can achieve this. Even if you’re a kid my daughter and she started doing SEO and blogging when she was 14.

You can see in the screenshot here. She’s got some YouTube articles where she’s doing some screencast, showing some game, cheats and so forth for a neopets, calm website and how to earn extra lives or an extra points, and things like that, so she monetized the site using google adsense and every time people clicked On the google ads that were prominently displayed on her site, she would get paid. So if a kid can do it, so can you, but here is a one of the easiest tools of all to do.

Seo with for youtube is simply just start doing some searches or typing in some keystrokes into the youtube search engine and the search box. You’ll see search suggestions based on the keystrokes that you’ve already typed. So these are roughly an order of popularity that gives you some good brainstorming. You can also use a tool called suble, which I covered in another segment about keyword, brainstorming.

So if you go to sue volcom – and you start typing in some different keywords and see what the search suggestions are not just from youtube, but also Google and Bing and Yahoo and answers com and so forth – that’s pretty cool. You can also use google trends, but not in the way that you might be accustomed to. Let me show you specifically what I mean. So if I go to google.Com / trends and then I put in whatever like a neopets – and I want to see how that performs as a keyword in youtube well, I have to change from web search up here on the top to youtube search.

Most people don’t even know that that even exists. That option allows me to get data back on what keywords are popular in the youtube search results? Is that awesome or what so be sure to use google trends and incorporate that into your YouTube SEO a tool set? All right, so, let’s now talk about what to create in terms of article content, because if you create something, that’s not very worthy of being readed or or shared or liked, or anything like that, then it’s just going to fall flat.

It’s not going to go viral! It’s not going to get a lot of views, it’s not going to rank well because it’s just not remarkable and when I say remarkable I mean stuff codons definition of remarkable. It’s worth remark about it’s a purple cow, so you need to create something that is worth remarking about and the format of it doesn’t matter whether it’s a screen cast recording or it’s a article of you.

You know talking that sort of article or it’s a montage of different images or it’s an audio podcast with some still images added to it. So it is now in article forms and taking your audio podcast and you’ve uploaded it to YouTube could be any number of different things. But you know this unique article based content has to again be worthy of somebody wanting to share it, a link to it blog about it, etc.

So these are some different kinds of articles. This one is a explainer article. That’s one of those white board type of articles. Here’s an explainer article, that’s done as an animation. This one is a next. I guess you could call it an explainer article, but it’s just more of a viral article, really good Dollar Shave Club on the map. This thing went crazy, viral millions and millions of views. This is another type of whiteboard explainer article, but this one is, you know with the guy talking and explaining and having that.

Actually, this is not a white board as a flip chart. Here’s another whiteboard article. This is from one of my co-authors on the art of SEO, and this is a podcast, but one where they’ve taken the article of the podcasters speaking instead of using still images, they took article as well, and this is a fun science article. This is the past client of mine, steve Spangler, been on the ellen, show a bunch of times and everything doing.

I was crazy. Amazing science experiments and he has several different youtube blogs that do really well Spangler effect is one of them is also six science says another one and steve Spangler Science pocket or blog. This is a screencast which is just a screen recording and you can explain different software programs or you can go through PowerPoint decks like what I’m doing here. You can just use screen recording software, such as ScreenFlow for the mac or Camtasia for PC or Mac to record the screen, and your audio as the overlay here is a really popular example of a kind of an explainer article, but done with animation using xtranormal, where You pick the avatars and you give it the script and then the avatars speak the lines that you’ve given it.

This is a micro sites where it was live, article of a intern college intern who worked all summer long at the prophetic and melds headquarters. You know from Mentos the makers of mentos. He worked there just sitting in front of a webcam and then chatting with people who came to the mentos internal website as well as you can give them work to do I go. He can you fill out the spreadsheet for me and stuff, because what else is he going to do? Is just sit in front a computer all day in front of the webcam, so that was a fun viral live article stream websites that did really well in social media and got lots of links so just think outside the box.

Basically and then once you have this really compelling link worthy article content and you’re going to want to leverage power users to get that noticed by a larger audience and then potentially to spill over and to like go viral. Basically, and so you go get that that snowball effect happening or just keep growing, bigger and bigger and bigger, and then just kind of ticks off with a life of its own.

So you could create something that if it leverages an existing name or you create a new meme meme is a copy me instruction, backed up by threats and or promises. It’s a great definition from that’s the best definition. I’ve ever heard it’s from an expert, and professor and viral means you want to see your link worthy articles from a power user account. So you want to have power user in your back pocket that you can tap into somebody who has a big fan base.

So when they submit it, it’s going to get viewed by a number of people and then that snowball effect happens. You can also reach out to influencers and we’ll get to that little bit, reach out to influencers and offer that compelling content in a way that makes them want to share it. But it’s a lot easier, just to have a power user in your back pocket that you can just call in a favor with or or pay them some money and they seed your remarkable content.

Ok, so article content building, it’s got to be compelling, as I’ve said. You’ve got to hopefully reinforce the message of your brand around and pick the right keywords that you want to target use a watermark so that if people steal your article, your brand is still going to there’s still going to be brand impressions for you, even if they Ripped off your article and are using it elsewhere include links and references to your site like in the article description and YouTube description so forth, we’ll get to that in a minute.

So the title should be keyword rich and compelling. Should convince the user, the the YouTube user to click, to read your article. It’s one of the most compelling things. The only thing more compelling in terms of driving the clip from the youtube search results is the thumbnail. It’s important to be a concise but also keyword, rich, it’s kind of a balancing act, keep it to the 62 character or less limit and short and punchy and compelling is the key here.

The description, here’s an opportunity for you to further add more relevant keywords into the mix and to differentiate yourself from competitors and provide a unique son proposition. A really great call to action, put a link to your site high in the description. So they don’t have to click on the show more link to a button to see your your link, but it’s maybe the first line of the description tags are important as well.

So tags would be keywords that are going to and get this magic happening in the back, and you don’t see what these tags are. As a youtube user, you’d have to use you have to view source and give you the HTML source to see what those tags are in our competitors article but anyways, it’s it is used in the ranking, Doug rhythm at need you to again you want to do Your keyword, research before you identify the tags that you want to incorporate, don’t use throwaway words like and and 2 comma separate these tags and put them in order of importance to you.

So the most important most popular keywords should be the first ones in the list of tags yep. So let’s talk now about annotations. Annotations are a great way to drive, clicks and different user actions. If viewer is reading the article – and you really want them to subscribe, your blog to like the article to visit your website to whatever right you want to make those calls to action in the side of a an annotation, and these annotations can be added later.

After the article has been published and everything a lot of these things can be changed and, added to after the article has been published on YouTube, you can go back and change the title: the description, the thumbnail, the annotations and so forth. Let’s yeah: let’s ask people over location, we’ll talk now about thumbnails, because this is so so critical. This is the screenshot over. On the right hand, side comes from the blog of vat19.

Com vat19.Com you tube. They have over 440 million views across all of their YouTube articles and it’s amazing. They have some articles that have tens of millions of views, so pretty amazing and they’re all product articles. They saw all sorts of crazy stuff like 26 pound me bears, and things like that, so you can see from the screenshot that their thumbnails are compelling. They make you want to click and not just some talking head.

The worst kind of thumbnail is one: where just looks super boring. You can upload your own custom thumbnail. You just have to have a you. Just left a bit a verified youtube account, so just specify a mobile phone number. It will YouTube, will send you a text message with the verification code. Then you use that in the verification you can just type in that code into the YouTube site boom. Now your verified user and you can upload custom thumbnails.

It doesn’t even have to be a frame from the article it could be completely. Custom announced all sorts of graphics on to it, etc. All right now formats, don’t matter, could be a avi or WMV or whatever lanes of the article try to keep it short of. Like definitely less than 10 minutes, I’ve say even less than five minutes make it concise and punchy. The usability expert, Steve Krug, who wrote don’t make me think, says this write copy for your site and cut it in half and cut it in half again.

Do same thing for your your article transcripts or your article scripts, just to make it punchy short and sweet and value high value. Add, and also bear in mind as far as metrics are concerned for YouTube, is paying much more attention not to the number of views for your article, but to the percentage of your article that users read that’s a key key metric transcripts. So if you override YouTube’s auto-generated transcript with your own you’re, going to have a much higher quality transcript, because if you look at the caption of the caption text or transcript text that is auto generated by YouTube, it’s full of errors, it’s a joke! So definitely you want to upload your own version.

That’s all corrected even better. If you can also upload foreign language translations of your transcript, then people can read the version of your article in their foreign language. The audio is still the same, but it now has closed. It has subtitles, so that’s pretty awesome and then now you’re, showing up in foreign language search queries to on YouTube. You can use services to pit you pay a service to create a transcript for you, like dotsub or automatic sync, and never turn off the ability for users to like and dislike your article.

It’s a crucial part of user engagement and likes, or it’s a crucial metric that YouTube looks at right. So when you build links to your article on YouTube, also build links to a web version, that’s like embedded on your website or a microsite, and, for example, Blendtec has all these viral articles of the founder tom dixon blending, ipods, iphones action figures rake handles the golf Clubs, etc, etc.

In his blenders, that’s pretty fun to read, but if he only got links just to the YouTube articles, that would not help his SEO as much as if he also got links to his his own website and what they did was to created. A separate microsite called. Will it blend calm because Blendtec calm is all about e-commerce buying their their product, whereas will it blend? Calm is all about those viral articles.

If I’m a journalist writing about those viral articles, I’d want to link to the microsite as well as link to the YouTube blog. So that’s a great way to get some additional SEO benefit by having really popular articles. You could also consider syndicating your article onto other popular article sharing sites, like blip TV and metacafe, and so forth. You could use a tool like drop load to do that in a more automated fashion.

So you don’t have to go to each site individually. You can upload it once and then use drop load to upload it to all the different places that you specify reference. Your URL of your YouTube article and your RSS and M RSS feeds. Mrs S is multimedia or media, really simple, syndication feed for folks who are grabbing podcasts and so forth, automatically on to their into their itunes and so forth. Let’s see so those are some tips for article link building and then anchor text is going to be important when people use words like click here or check this out or read.

This, then, that’s not as helpful as, if they’re, using keyword, rich phrases, because google, the search engines in general, associate the anchor text of the underlying words in the link with the page that’s being linked to. So, of course we want diversity. We don’t want it to look overly engineered with the same keyword, rich phrase appearing all over the place. That looks not legit, but we want diversity and keyword, rich anchor text to a some degree to a limited degree.

We want to go over the top and then also just measure your success using YouTube analytics using Voot and boot looks like this. This is giving you really great insight into not just number of views, but other YouTube engagement, metrics like likes and dislikes favoriting comments. Article replies etc and it tracks your youtube search rankings too. I don’t know of any other tool that tracks your youtube search.

Rankings probably potentially may be tracking. Your search rankings in Google and Yahoo and Bing may be using to like Authority, labs or Moz calm, but what about your youtube search rankings? It’s the number two search engine. So that’s where food comes in via OT net and then turn off your article statistics in your youtube articles, because you don’t want your comment to be checking you out and looking at things like the trend over time and views and time readed and subscriptions and so Forth, that’s for your eyes only! It should be so turn that off it’s just a simple little checkbox to disable that so here’s where you do it, you just tick the box that says one tick, the box that says make these stats publicly available.

So that was a lot of cool stuff in a very short little article. So I hope this was helpful to you be sure to follow me on twitter at spencer and email, my assistant, if you would like some really cool freebies, including an extended edition version of the slide deck, I can hopefully hook you up with a beta invite to Boot, I know the folks there they’re good people. I have a white paper on SEO myths.

I have a how-to article on getting higher rankings in the youtube search engine and also can send you the link building chapter of my book, the art of SEO. So all those awesome freebies, if you just email admin at Stefan Spencer, calm, that’s the email address of my assistant. You have any questions for me specifically feel free to email me at Stefan at Stefan Spencer, calm, thanks very much for listening.

This stuff and Spencer. Have a great day,


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WordPress All in One SEO plugin tutorial

This is a tutorial covering all-in-one SEO and just the basic usage of it. I install in one SEO to a lot of my client websites that run on WordPress and if you are my client or you’re, just a beginner with all-in-one SEO. Please do check this article out now, all in one SEO, once you install the plug-in and once it is available, there’s a tab here that says all-in-one SEO here that gets enabled once you mouse over it, and then it will show these four settings right here.

General settings performance, social meta feature manager, I’m not going to go over every single one, but let’s just go to general settings just for now on general settings page will basically general settings. Our link will basically take you to the general settings area now, if you’re not sure what you’re doing I strongly suggest, you don’t touch anything, but if you do know, then by all means you can mess with all the settings like that, it’s available for you, but I’M just going to go over three basic settings that you can change, are known and won’t really necessarily break your website or break on searches and results.

So the settings is the home page settings which basically sets tell some surgeons and what that’s running on WordPress, that what your website is about, so the home title. Basically, as it says, is your home title now you want to keep this short. This is Chris Tyler. Crowe art direction, design blog, that’s what my blog is about, and that’s my title so again. If you want to change a section, you can just keep it nice and straightforward and short and simple.

The home description is basically that’s a short description about your blog. Now you don’t want to UM make this too long again, but just want to keep it again short and simple. I would suggest having a low minimum word count as possible, but again this is just basically the gist of what my website is about and again you could change the settings to fit your needs or to best describe your business now.

The home keywords section here is basically keywords that are separated. Commas now keywords there’s a lot of statements saying the keywords are not relevant in regard to search engine results anymore, but again it’s better to have something than nothing. So I just kind of added different keywords: separated by comma again just to kind of bump up the results, if possible. Now it doesn’t have to be hundreds and hundreds of keywords, and even though I have a lot here, but you know just have a good number, like maybe 10 20, if you can and then go from there.

So once again, that is, set we’re going to go into a utilizing, all-in-one SEO, with all your blog posts and your pages now, when you go to a post, you want to click on this link right here that will display all your posts on regards to your Blog, so if you’ve written a lot of blog entries, you should get some a list like mine, but you can see here and once you have only one SEO installed, it enables a new column here called SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords.

Now what this does is that it assigns different SEO our title, description and keywords based on individual blog posts and pages. This is very important because it index index is your page as a separate page from your home page. If we are you back in the day, we used to use a description and keywords on all of all web pages, meaning the title was the same. The description was the same in every single page.

Well times have changed now: there’s better mom, effective method with SEO, and this plugin allows you to do so now to enter the SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords onto your blog post: we’re just going to go to an old blog post that I published, but if You’Re writing a new one. This is also the same information. So take a look here. Here are the contents and whatnot, and I have an extra section because I have that enabled and then you have your visions and here whatnot and you might not see everything you on that you’re.

Seeing on the screen on your blog page, which is fine, because I have no one plugins installed, which enables these things, but on the bottom, once only one SEO is enabled you see, you should see a window that says all-in-one SEO pack now from here. This is where you enter your title, description and keywords. Again, don’t worry too much about these things right here. Basically, what this does is kind of disables or prevents on search engines following you.

Don’T want to do that today. So, let’s not even talk about that. So again, this was very similar to the settings page, but now we’re in an individual blog setting, so we’re going to have our own unique title, which will be which what I do is use you to use the blog title as long as it’s not long enough. On this already, this title right here is already using too many characters, because you have to show you the Dirk account of 69 right here, but most search engines.

This is right here. Most search engines use maximum 60 characters for the title, so maybe we can join this and say Adobe Creative Cloud. Only this was my blog post and, as you can see up here, the previews limit, except that you can see how, on what it may look like on search engines and then on. The description again is the same thing as the settings page. But we’re going to set a separate description for this page because, when write something that’s relevant to this article, so this one has its own description, that’s separate from the home page and then again.

This one also has a separate keywords from that’s different from the home page. The keyword section again doesn’t have to be hundreds of hundreds of keywords, so don’t spend too much time on it, but just enter a few keyword, that’s relevant to the article or blog news that you post and that’s pretty much it after you fill these out you’re. Just going to hit the Update button right here, just like similar to when you’re publishing a blog article and then it’s just going to change the post for you now the proofreader thinking came up, so I’m just going to hit OK and then once we hit okay.

It’S going to take us to the Edit post page, it’s going to say, post, updated and view post. Now, let’s go back to the list, our blog list and as you can see that my SEO title has changed. Adobe Creative Cloud and my description in my keywords. So that is one method of entering SEO separately from each and individual article. This is a really good tactic to use in terms of search engine results. Just take the time.

Every time you publish a blog take the time to put in the SEO title SEO description, SEO keywords, because it will benefit you in the long run. Now, when you want to enter separate SEO information on your pages, you go to the pages section right here, so I’m just going to click on pages. It’S going to show me show you all the pages. That’S currently live on your site or not live if they draft. If it’s not live, but if it’s live then you could just choose the pages.

Now I don’t really use pages on my blog because strictly a blog, but I have some few examples up here. So, let’s just go to edit and again the editing. The page editing section is just like a blog post. You know nothing, nothing too different on outside of page attributes. We don’t have to want to worry about that today. But again you see how there’s this option here called all in one SEO. Pack and again, you have an option to enter the title, description and keywords.

Now. One thing I did not go over with individual blog post is the social settings, and I’m going to go over that with you now, but social settings basically is when someone were to share your article on a social networking site like Facebook and whatnot. You can also choose to have an SEO settings separate from the main settings, so the set of the title could be anything something something may be different or it could be something it could be the same.

To be honest, the description can be the same or something different, and then over here you can see it says, image these options increase in terms of options. Depending on what how many number of pictures you used on a blog post, you can actually choose images. Show up, for instance, if someone shared the blog content on Facebook or Twitter, these images will show up as a kind of like a preview image on Facebook, for instance, if you share it on a facebook, like page your own, like page this point, if I select This this image will show up and say, check out this page or check out this blog post by yada-yada-yada.

So this is where you kind of choose your image or you can choose a custom image and upload it. If you want Isis, you use a picture. That’S already been used on a blog blog article and go from there. Don’T worry too much about specified image width image height. Don’T worry too much of a facebook object type and going over too much about twitter car type. Unless you know what you’re doing you can choose somewhere a larger image or photo, but again these are just individual settings for your social network.

So again the pages and the post SEO settings are really not different, but it’s still something really important to do. Make sure you have separate SEO information on different pages relevant to that page, so, for instance, if you have like a gallery, then you would have a title here called gallery and then that that’s it, so all you have to do is type gallery in the best Part about all in one SEO pack is after you type in gallery.

It will automatically follow, follow up with the website title of your whole entire page, so mine will mines called Chris clavicle art direction. Design. If I put gallery on the title, title bar of the browser or the title bar of title of the page would be called gallery Chris Tucker art direction and design and again have something different for description. That’S a relevant to your page. If you have a gal, let’s say if you have a gallery page may just make the disruption.

This is the gallery page of my business incorporated and whatnot so again, keep it relevant to that page, but remember to always have something different for each pace. For the best searchers and results, I hope this article helped you again. This is of just a very basic broad overview of all-in-one SEO. If you have any more questions or one that you can all you’re always welcome to email me, but I hope covered some ground for you.

Thank you very much.

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Motion Animated Cartoon SEO Explainer

Just take a look at it from your perspective. What do you do when you want to find something on the Internet? You search for it right and then you click on one of the links on the first page of the search results. In fact, more than 90 % visitors will behave exactly the same way ever wonder how those web pages at the top of your search results got there it’s, because they were search engine optimized, exactly how search engines.

Work is a closely guarded secret, but the main principles are known: they’re based on two main factors: keywords and links. Let’S focus on keywords: first, your chances for a better ranking grow when your website contains the same words that are being searched. Keywords are especially effective when they’re found in a website title address or headings, but careful quality over quantity should be your rule of thumb.

Some so-called SEO experts try to fool the search engines with some ridiculous keyword occurrence, instead of focusing on quality content first and how about the links websites that link to yours basically tell search engines that you have some good stuff there, but again quality over quantity links From irrelevant sites won’t help you get a better rank. What we’ve just talked about provides a basic introduction to SEO.

In reality, it’s not a simple task and you’ll definitely need someone to help you with it. Someone like us will develop a custom SEO strategy specifically for your business, identify the right keywords, right, friendly site code and figure out the best linking tactics but, most importantly, we’ll help. You find ways to provide high quality content for your visitors and search engines as well. So do not hesitate and contact us today.


You have to try the best pumpkin seed snack from Spunks! Learn about the creators by watching the video below.


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Basic SEO For Wedding Photographers

In letting more clients find your photography business, I’m Jamie from jamiedelainewatson.Com and Let’S get into basic search engine, optimization for wedding photographers right now, The first step to getting started with search Engine optimization on your blog is installing the Yoast SEO Plug-in I’m using a WordPress blog, which I highly Recommend for the functionality and availability of all their plug-ins.

If you don’t see this on the recommended page When you go to your WordPress settings and their plug-ins we’re just going to search From keyword here, Yoast SEO and you’re going to hit install now, I already have it. So that’s why mine says: Active so you’re going to hit install now, Once that’s done when you go to one of your Blog posts you’ll see it underneath your main blog post content At the end of your blog post content, you’ll See the Yoast SEO plug-in right here.

This is a really handy plug-in that allows You to set the focus keyword right here and also helps you to edit the snippet that’ll Be shown on Google when somebody searches, so this is how it will appear in Google. You Can edit that there Then they’ll also tell you an analysis of How your SEO’s doing so any problems they’ve found improvements. You can make and good Results Then the plug-in will give you either a red Light a yellow light or a green light for good, okay or bad.

You can this specific blog post, because I Haven’T worked on it yet says: “ SEO Okay” The second step to achieving a good SEO rating For your blog is to create titles that your ideal client is searching for For this wedding that took place at this specific Venue you can see that I’ve named it with the venue’s name, followed by wedding. This is a huge improvement versus naming the Blog post, Sarah and Brandon Wedding, because nobody is Googling for Sarah and Brandon’s Wedding Instead, I want to attract brides who are searching.

In Google, the name of the venue followed by wedding assumably, because they’re getting Married there and want to see examples: Let’s try this out. I’Ve opened up a new Chrome Window in incognito mode, What this means is that it’s not taking into Account any of my past history or personal preferences, and it’s not personalizing, my Google results at all, it’s all exactly as another client or another person would see.

I’Ve searched Robert H, Lee Alumni Wedding. Because that’s the title of the post – and you can see here – fourth, fifth, sixth, my Post comes up number seven based on that search result. This is an amazing way for me to market to Brides who are getting married at this venue and actually number eight, is also me from A wedding two years ago After you have your search friendly title. You’Re going to want to make sure that you have the same title right here in the permalink Because this also will help Google know that this is relevant information.

So not only is The title there it’s also here Another great title – I could add photos to The end of this, because that may be an exact search term that somebody would be using Either one You definitely don’t want just the venue name: You want to add wedding, if not wedding photos SEO tip number three is to name all of your Images in the specific blog post with the search term as well. All of these images that I’ve put into this Blog post that you can see here, they’re not called SarahandBrandon.

Jpg instead they’re Listed as RobertHLeeAlumniCentreWeddingPhotos01.Jpg You can see here, if you look into the HTML You can see all of these different images tags here. This is how I’ve named them. It’S quite easy to rename using a program. Like Photo Mechanic or Lightroom, and you can rename these really quickly and I have them All named under the venue name or the search term, The reason we name our images with the specific Venues name is: it provides another opportunity for Google to show off our photos to a client Who may be searching for the specific venue Instead of typing into the regular Google Search results.

I tested this out by clicking images and under images I’m going to search Through these are all images that Google has deemed relevant to this search term. Now I don’t see… Well. This is actually My image right here you can see Jamie Delaine Blog written there, so the third image is one Of mine and as we go down I’ll see a few more of mine here, this is also one of mine. It’S Even pulled in other weddings that aren’t at this venue because it’s been from my blog That had this wedding on it Here we start to see Sarah and Brandon’s The blog post – I was showing you so these are popping up here.

This is also one of there’s Now this is only going to increase in weeks. To come, this is a pretty new blog post. Maybe a bride would be searching for wedding. Photos on Google images, she’d click this and then she’d want to go see where this post Is and the next thing we know she arrives on my blog post here and hopefully contacts Me to book her wedding SEO tip number four is to include the name: Of the keyword you’re focusing on throughout the blog post, It’s not enough to just have it in the title: And in the permalink and in the images we can go one step further and include links.

Throughout You can see that I’ve done that here by saying “, I’d love the chance to photograph weddings at Robert H, Lee Alumni Centre,”, while linking To the venue site, I’ve also listed it here under Ceremony and Reception Venue there. You always want to make sure that this flows Naturally, you definitely don’t want to just copy and paste that link a million times. That kind of used to be the old SEO rules 10 years ago.

What you’re going to want to do is try to Fit this in naturally with what you’re saying I could have probably done even a better job. At this, a good example would be. I could go down to where there’s a reception image like Here, for example, this is the ceremony and I could say something like I love photographing. In this beautiful space at the Robert H Lee Alumni Centre and then I could link to that As well – and that would be another way of introducing my keyword into the blog post SEO tip number five – is you want to include Quality links throughout your post A really easy way to do this when we are wedding, Photographers is to link to all of the vendors involved in the day I’ve gone through here, and I have every single Vendor and a link to their website, this is showing Google that my website is quality.

And it’s also focused on directing traffic to other quality websites, and so I’ve linked All of these here These are called outbound links, you’ll also Want some inbound links, which means bouncing people around to other blog posts? You have That they may find relevant Something I maybe should have done with this Post is, I could say, “ P.S. If you want to see another wedding photographed at the UBC Alumni.

Centre,”, it’s another name for it: “ You can visit Jamie and Jason’s wedding, blog post Right here,,” and then I would link this to another wedding that I did at the Alumni Centre. And that provides another quality link to Google to show that my website is worth indexing. And bumping up in the search results, The sixth and final SEO tip is going to be Using alt tags in your images, Essentially alt tags are something that describe The image to Google, because Google doesn’t know what they’re actually looking at it’s Relying on all of this data we put in our blog post and in our images to provide quality Search results for people who are searching In WordPress if you click the edit button.

Here on the image you’ll see the alt text under alternate text written here. I’M going to write Robert H, Lee Alumni Centre. Wedding Photos: this is telling Google that this is what this image is about. Let me click update. What this means is that When I go to this image here and say you have a pin it Pinterest button, I can click, save And my alt text will automatically be imported here so anytime.

This image is shared you’ll Have that text embedded in the image through the alt text, Of course, adding alt text to 80 images? One By one, by using this, edit tool would take a long long time, so instead, what I do is I use the HTML version of this post If you’re new to HTML we’re going to click Over here to text and then I’m going to copy all of this text by going command C. But I’m Going to open up my text editor Once I have my text, editor open, I’m going To go format, make plain text so there’s no formatting and then we’re going to paste.

This This looks like a confusing amount of code. But what we’re going to look for here is alt equals two quotes, We’re going to use the find and replace and We’Re going to have alt two quotes go here, so this is what we’re finding and then what We want to replace it with What we want to replace it with. Is your keyword? Search term Anytime, you see this in the document. It’S Going to replace it with that, so we’re going to replace all and then we’re going to copy This text again and drop it back into the text editor and cover everything there Then you’re going to want to make sure that Nothing else changed in your post, which it didn’t and then you’re going to hit update.

And that’s a really quick way to update all of your alt text. I hope you enjoyed this article if you want More tips on how to find your ideal client and how to bring more work into your photography. Business you’re going to want to head to jamiedelainewatson.Com/50ideas five zero ideas and there’s over 50 ideas. For how to market your photography business and bring more clients to your awesome work, If you like this article, please give it a thumbs.

Up subscribe and comment below, and I would love to hear from you in the comments and Interact with you there. Thank you so much for reading

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