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EASY Way To Create A Website For Your Salon Using

Com, and I want to show you guys how easy it is to create a website for your salon. I use a company for my salon website called Wix, I’m not really affiliated with Wix in any way. I just think it’s a very simple website builder for anybody. Anybody can do this, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to show you guys so, let’s switch over here alright.

So let’s get started in this way. So this is basically the Wix website builder. It looks exactly like a website, that’s what makes it very convenient a lot of you don’t know, but most of the time websites are built with something that they call code and code is basically a bunch of letters that somebody that went to school for a long Time learned to write – and you know most people cannot do that.

So this is so simple, and what I like about Wix is. Let me just show you. This is our front page of our website, so my salon is gratitude, salon, education. This is definitely not if you’re a website builder already. This is not the article for you. This is just me, showing you salon owners out there that it’s easy and you can create your own site very simple, so this is the basic menu. We have our social media stuff up here, so you could click that that’s easy to set up.

So the cool thing about Wix is it’s just as easy as clicking it? Let’s say I don’t like that there and I want to put it over here. I can do that and I just drop it, but let’s I want to keep it right there. So we have that up there and then I have my main menu here. All of this is connected to each page that I have developed for our website. So if I want to shrink that down a little bit, so we have our home menu, which is this, then we have our salon like about the salon and what? What the salons all about so the bio of the salon.

Then we have our menu for the salon. We have a portfolio with some pictures of hair that we’ve done and then a contact page and then the salon professional page is the free salon, education, komm page, which you can also click this image here. So, let’s just start with the basics over here is how you create pages. So if I click that it opens up, it shows you all of the different pages that are connected to our website.

So if you wanted to, let’s just start with the salon page so I’ll click – that this will show you what the salon page looks like it shows a picture of our salon very simple, and this is a slideshow. So it’s many different pictures put together. We have basically the description of our salon, what our salons all about, then there’s drop-down menus from that. So if actually let me open up, let’s open a new tab and let me go to salon gratitude comm, so this is our actual page and how it works.

So if you go to the salon, you can see this drop down menu here you can see that the slideshow is working here, showing some of the staff and everything so to create these drop-down menus. Let’s go back to our editor. I have my main salon page. Then you can see how these pages are offset. So now each of these pages, this one is the salon. Then we have owners so a picture of me and Christina and Hayden, and it just talks about us being owners and what that’s all about.

Then you go to our team and it has the BIOS of our whole team in here kind of breaks down everything. It’s really simple to do. So if I want to create the main salon page here and then have drop down menus from it right here, you can see these are a little offset. So if I want to actually show up in the menu I drag, let’s see I could take this page drag it over and now you can see team shows up here.

So if I want it to be in a drop down menu from the salon page here, then I just drag it over. So it’s really really simple. Anything I want to do if I want to change this picture. I’ll have to do is double click it once. I double click that picture see here. It’ll bring up this editor and you can upload there’s some of our friends in there. This is also connected to the free salon, education, comm page, but any picture I want to add in there let’s throw Josh XO a bone.

Let’s say I want to become Josh Excel, so let’s change the image and boom it puts it right there. You can change the size if you want, and then that becomes your bio. So let me go back to let’s change it back to me. I don’t have to be Josh, so, let’s see here and there we go. So it’s back to me. So it’s just that simple to change the pages and whatever you want it to be. Now we’ll go back to our pages here we have our menu.

That brings up the same thing. If you want to click an image, you can add images, you can change your pricing, you can write whatever you want. So let’s say I want to edit this text. I double click it I can highlight. I can write whatever I want, so I can come in here and type in and then you click out of it and you’re good to go. Let me just take that away here, so it’s just really simple: to create a website on Wix and the cool thing about Wix.

Is that it’s free for you to start so you just create the page and then the maximum amount that you’re probably going to pay, is $ 10 a month to be able to have a website. You can create your own domain and everything, and as soon as you have your page, the exact way that you want it, you save it up here so once you save it you’re good, then you hit publish and whatever is already done on your website.

Once you hit publish its going to go live so you can do all your editing and then, as soon as you have it the way you want it, then you publish it and it’s it’s ready to go so again up here. You can change your your logo and everything, and this is something that you want to get into it. Try it out and you’ll you’ll discover different things. This isn’t a full tutorial on it, but this is just showing you how easy it is to create a website.

Nowadays, now the other cool thing and let’s go back to our home page here, creating a slideshow is simple, so you can see all these images that I have added in here. So that’s going to rotate through. You can add your titles, whatever you can link them to other things, so that’s kind of a cool function as well. So if you have something, maybe you’re running a special in the salon – and you want to link it to that – I also we gift cards in the salon and we use millennium a gift, so they’re online gift certificates.

So what I did was I created an image and then this don’t do that. I linked it to our Millennium a gift. So now, if you go to our salon website and you’re like oh, I want to order a gift certificate. You click that it takes you to our page on millennium, for them to purchase a gift card which is really cool as well. We there we go so has our logo here they pick a design whatever they want. They buy the gift card to emails it to someone which is another cool thing that you can do, but you can click and add everything to whatever you want.

We have our reviews in here wedding page, so I think that’s pretty much it, but if you guys have any questions, please post them below on anything about building a website on Wix. I can answer them. I hope I’ve kind of clarified some things for you on this, but make sure that you subscribe to us on youtube and follow us and again post any questions below I’d love to answer them. Hopefully, this helps you guys and make sure you go to Wix comm create a website, have fun with it, and you know this will save you a lot of money and it allows you to have a little bit of creative control on what your salon looks like Online, so thank you guys, Matt Beck from free salon, education, calm and I’ll.

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Explode your Salon or Barber Business in 2019 with these Fantastic Tips!

Just technical making sure it’s right looks like the tablet is good. Looks like the clipper guy banner is spelled right in the background I’m getting on my laptop here, I’m going to jump on the jatai page so that I can read and hear and understand your comments and we will be a bunch of professionals and we will get This going in just a second, it looks good. I think we’re good we’re good. Alright, almost here we go you’ll get my official welcome in just one second, and then we will get started all right here.

We go jatai international, feather baby. Here we are yeah. Oh look at that. That’S a live article in the spotlight, uh! What’S going on right now! That’S me! I know it’s me yeah! I can see it’s me. Okay, hang on! I just want to make sure I got it up here live about a minute ago. Yeah here we are just me, live okay, it looks like we all got all the moving parts in place and they’re sliding and connecting and doing beautifully.

I got to mute the volume on my laptop because we can hear me talking to me what a bunch of technical amateurs okay good evening and welcome to jatai International jatai Academy here on Facebook on the web. It is Tuesday night. It is November. 27Th. 2018. Welcome to our live program once again, jatai Academy here on Facebook has been featuring me and a variety of other folks, bringing you a ton of great information, and I have what I think is going to be a really cool and a really interesting program.

I actually have an agenda written out on paper, I’m known for that and some of my other programming can you say thank you, okay, uh and we’re ready to get started um originally for this broadcast, because we’re wrapping up the end of November we’re ending up no-shave November, we’re ending up Movember that exciting month, with all that men’s, facial, hair, stuff and truth be told. You know what I tried to get a model where we’re going to take some guy who grew his beard for the whole month and groom him up and shave him up and everything and for lack of a better way.

To put it, I think most of America decided this year that they just didn’t care about no-shave November, about Movember hunting, beards, deer, beards, you know whatever you call them in different parts of the world. Part of the phenomenon is, I think, a lot of guys have facial hair, so growing facial hair for November’s like a big. What do you mean? I had it all 11 months. Why do I need it now? So when I honor the program today, I didn’t shave this morning, so I’ve got 18 hours of beard just to keep that theme consistent and going, and you know being the world’s number one manufacturer of premier razor blades shaving handles and all things awesome for shaving.

I think it only made sense that we would have a No Shave November, a Movember wrap up program to share with you guys, but, alas, we don’t, but I think I’ve got something that is going to be more powerful and more impactful. So, let’s acknowledge No Shave November. Let’S thank everybody who grew a beard, let’s thank everybody who donated a nickel, a dime and a dollar or something to a men’s health related charity.

Let’S congratulate everybody in a barber shop or hair salon anywhere in America who had a men’s health conversation with a male client, whether it is some forms of cancer, whether it’s men’s psychological health, all of those kind of things, um, there’s some great people out there doing Some great things with suicide prevention for men and my friend Tom Chapman from the UK he’s got a great program with that with the Lions, collective came up and look that up online and learn a little bit about all of that.

So men’s health still important. Still a big thing: deer hunting is still going on in the part of the world where I live in the Midwest. I went out hiking last week with my son and we’re told that certain areas of the state Preserve were off-limits to hiking because they were hunting and if you had an orange jacket and a hat with antlers on it, you might be okay, but you might be In trouble, but nonetheless, the program today is going to focus on our final thoughts and I wrap up to end 2018 behind the chair and in the shop as strong as you possibly can, and some thoughts to head into 2019.

Can you believe it’s 2019 already, there’s like a year left in this decade? I remember when it was 2011 and we started this decade. I remember 2001 when we started the last decade heck, I remember 91, but we’re not going to go there. This decade went by quick. It’S been an exciting time in the hair business. It’S been an exciting time for jatai feather by the way, as we do head into the holidays. Go to the website.

J8 e aí dotnet on the web. Do some holiday shopping holiday specials. There are some specials on blades there’s some specials on shaving handles there’s some specials on the insulated finger, grippy thingies, which are perfect for flat iron folks and thermal curling, irons or other thermal tools. So there are some great holiday specials that are up there. Now. Please go to jatai dotnet on the web shop, the holiday specials, while you’re there, of course sign up for jatai academy, because that’s what we do.

We bring you an incredible amount of great education and information in your email box on a regular basis nearly daily. So, let’s talk it up. I’Ve got three segments or sections on my agenda for today and for those of you and I got to stop and drink along the way for those of you who have participated. Some of my other live broadcasts on my own blogs, and things like that. You know that now I begin educational programming and presentations with something from hundred thousand dollar haircutter.

My book was introduced this year in 2018. We’Re wrapping up the first full year of sales. One idea a day, every single day for 365 days a daily devotional to success in the business. So I start these broadcasts now by looking at today in the book. So let’s take a look at today and get ourselves on the theme and on the subject of building and growing our business with today’s thought and idea now, one idea a day every single day today is November 27th and it says here November 27th day 331 of The year, with just 34 days remaining in the year, almost a little more than a month, really a little more than a month day.

3. 31 November 27th leverage a local celebrity. Now I don’t read these ahead of time. I don’t prep for the show by looking ahead. I kind of make these a surprise for me and you so they’re relevant and exciting and important and everything I’m going to read you a little bit here. If you have the book read along with me, if you don’t have the book, you need to get a copy. The book, but leverage a local celebrity every town has a few local celebrities.

Can you leverage them for your business? It might be the mayor, it might be a local market newscaster on TV. It might be the big advertising local car dealer. Can you embrace these high-profile heads with high visibility haircuts as spokespeople for your business? It might take a few free haircuts to get them to do it. It might be worth much more than those few free haircuts you have to give them.

Can they tout you on social media? Can you use their likeness in a article montage of still images? You will not know unless you ask and here’s the important kicker that finishes off this idea, the smaller your market or town, the easier it is to leverage these powerful referral magnets. Now it’s important that I mentioned that be occasionally when they share ideas from the book. I have people telling me, I even you don’t understand, I’m not from the big city.

I even you don’t understand how it is in my little cow town and the answer is everything has advantages and everything has disadvantages. When I say I’m from a big city keep in mind, the big city’s got three barber shops in every block and you’re complaining that your towns, too small in a small town with this idea of leveraging a local celebrity, the largest car dealer in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area where I live, is a guy named Bob Gorman.

I don’t know how many twenty thirty dealerships he owns in Chicago. If I wanted to cut his hair that maybe he’d send me a few clients, I probably can’t even talk to the guy. I probably can’t find him at a car dealer. I couldn’t hunt him down and find him and make a deal with him and negotiate with him. I don’t know if he’s still alive, even half the time. I see him on car commercials he’s a cartoon character.

So I don’t even know if I could get this guy, but if you live in some little town, one-stoplight town and know where America, the guy that owns your local Ford or Chevy dealer, you know him, your daddy knows him. He eats at the diner on Main Street. You see him there twice a week. He buys groceries at the grocery store that your sister-in-law’s husband owns. That’S just the way small-town America is.

If you live in small towns, accessing these local celebrities. Is that much easier? So there’s ways to do things in big cities. There’S ways to do things in small towns. Anyone anywhere in America can leverage these concepts. So that’s the hundred thousand dollar haircut or idea for today it’s leveraging local celebrities as spokespeople for your businesses. By the way, the book is on special, I’m going to run the special probably through Christmas, regular price $ 25 go to clipper guy calm, I even zoo, calm, either one same place: half price! The book is $ 25.

Every day, 1250. Now, through Christmas, go online. Get yourself a copy of the book all right, so you’ve come to rely on jatai Academy and you’ve come to rely on me for powerful information. You can use to prove your business every single day. Let’S talk about wrap it up the year with strength and enthusiasm and big success. The hundred thousand dollar hair cutter program breaks down to eight thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars per month.

That means, if you’re on track for hundred thousand dollar hair cutter you’re doing 8333 a month every month. That means for December. You got a big number to hit. You got 8333 timeout footnote, keep in mind. That number is your net. That means, if you’re a fifty percent commission stylist, you got to do double that number. That means, if you’re a booth renter you got to do that much money, plus your taxes, plus your rent and expenses.

So that’s just a net number. That’S to net an income of a hundred thousand dollars. We all know if you want to take home $ 100,000, you have to earn more than that, but to keep things level and understood. 8333. Is your monthly number and here’s your weekly number 200. Eighty three dollars in net after you’ve paid your booth, rent or after you’ve, half commission. If that’s half your number you’re looking for 4166 is double that number.

If you’re a fifty percent commission stylist so know that that’s what you need to do to make that happen. Those may feel, let me just write per week. Those may feel like big numbers and they are big numbers, but they are credible numbers and they’re doable numbers. You know somebody asked me on social media the other day we didn’t some questions, see s small town. I just started with the captain at the Sheriff’s Office.

Growing clientele is that, is it Tasha yeah? I can’t I can’t pronounce my own name, no Tasha. You were absolutely right. The sheriff yeah hey, look you’re going to be driving too fast through town blowing off that one stoplight in the middle of town. You better know the sheriff, not a bad plan. I like it a lot. Okay, instagrams yeah. There are some gittel, definitely agree there. Hey Zane buddy good to see you here.

My hair is hot today. Thank you very much and where can I grow in my air Miguel nice to see you buddy good, to see some folks and friends to live in here? Ah jhil, ah nice, to see you Vanessa Vanessa is here. Of course, vanessa is here she’s, always here, alright anyways back to what we were talking about. What were we talking about? Oh we’re, talking about hitting big numbers, and these numbers are doable.

Somebody asked me is social media. The other day when I Kato my book is called $ 100,000 haircutter, they said, hey Ivan, is hundred thousand the goal and the answer is not necessarily if you earn twenty four thousand dollars last year or you’re on track to earn twenty four thousand dollars this year. No hundred thousand is not the goal: let’s not get unrealistic if you earn twenty four thousand and 2018 you’re.

2019 goes 48. Double your money. If you’re earned 48. Let’S talk about a hundred yeah, that’s a credible number, but one of the important things in goal-setting is that goals need to be what they call smart, SMA, arty and smart goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound SMA arty. If you haven’t heard the SMART goal concept in the past, I want to invite you to go online.

Go to google and type in SMART goals. You’Ll find tons of articles there’s tons of books on smart goal-setting and perhaps that’s even a great subject for another one of these programs sometime. What is a SMART goal? I know I did a program on that on my team page on Facebook once on setting SMART goals, we explain that whole system, so perhaps that’s something for a good conversation. Talking like this drives me out.

I’M sorry, I got ta keep drinking so hundreds, not necessarily the big goal, but the goal is more than what we had last year. These are the numbers that reflect hundreds, so the question really then becomes okay Ivan if meting 2083 a week or netting 8033 for a month is what we’re shooting for how in the world are we supposed to get there and the answer is I’ve got my top Five tips, everybody who knows me knows I love top five tips, keeps it simple, gives you something to focus in and hone in on, and I want to give you five and I want to tell you two one, two, three, four five thank you you’re welcome.

The phone is facing the proper direction so that you can read these this week. I want to give you these top five tips, and I believe that if you focus your efforts on these five things in the month of December, you can finish with the best month. You’Ve had all year, you know we get the bonus bump and the benefit of December being a very very strong month in barber shops and hair salons, hey how about a shout out! Anybody here do anything in your shop for Small Business Saturday.

You know we had Black Friday yesterday was Cyber Monday in between. There was Small Business Saturday and I’ve said publicly. I don’t think, there’s a better holiday that has been more custom created for you and me, and the beauty and barber industry than Small Business Saturday, small. But we are small businesses, even in the case of some of the franchises out there they’re locally owned by someone as a small business.

One family that owns three sippy cups, he’s a small business in your town, even if he’s a major international franchise chain. So I think getting a haircut on Small Business Saturday is something everyone should do to support a local hair cutter. So tell me anybody comment or chime in if you had some success with Small Business Saturday, but you know what today is anybody know what is today? I’M not going to tell you yet somebody’s going to be googling it around.

While I’m talking Black Friday smile Business Saturday, cyber monday, we have catch your breath Sunday, that’s not really a thing, but in between all this hecticness and then Tuesday. What is Tuesday? Who knows what Tuesday is? I got a gift for somebody if they chime in with Tuesday rain Rita, is here my wife’s waving her hand like she knows and I’m looking for a comment. Somebody tell me what is Tuesday after Cyber Monday drum roll? Where are you guys nobody’s got Google? There must be a delay.

The silence is killing me I’ll drink for a moment. There’S a delay all right, I’m going to give you your five somebody will chime in with it. I got a free gift for the person that comes up with it first, but according to the delay, it’s already there. I just can’t see it yet all right. Here’S how we’re going to maximize December we’ve got extra traffic. If you live in Florida. I got friends in Florida in our business who like to whine and complain that, when the snowbirds are gone, business in Florida is terrible.

I believe business in Florida can be good all year long, but no excuse now. The snowbirds are all in Florida. People are coming in for the holidays. They want to look good for holiday parties, got ta, get your hair cut. If you’re going to dinner at Grandma’s house, we got all these reasons. Why we’re going to be in the shop and why we’re getting our hair cut? All right, they’re comments coming through on where you’re seeing it I’m not seeing comments coming through so either.

This thing is delayed, real slow or jammed up, but we’re busy. Let’S make the most the portion of this. The five tips here about. How do we make the most of the opportunity that is December traffic to finish the Year? Strong number one add on sales. What we all know is upselling. This is where we hone in or focus on what we call average ticket people are coming in if you’re in a barber shop and you’re doing $ 20 haircuts and everybody that walks in $ 20 haircut out $ 20 haircut out, your average ticket is $ 20 Haircut, zero upselling you’re, getting the same amount of money from everybody: you’re, not getting french toast day Lidia.

No, it’s not french toast day, but I love that you tried. Oh, my god, that’s hysterical! Where did you even get that? Okay, it might be like national french toast day. Actually, my wife made french toast yesterday for lunch. That’S so funny Travel day, hey! No! It’S not travel daddy. I don’t believe you guys. Don’T know this. Oh my god, all right add on sales. Try to sell somebody something else. If a guy comes in for a haircut, hey sell him, a beard trim tie it in November.

He grew that beard. Let’S get rid of that thing either shape it up or ship it out, throw in a shave, ding ding, ding, feather razors to tie shave. What about the healthy luxury shave sets? Oh that’s another item on here. Oh look at that number. Two take-home suggest and recommend professional take-home haircare product these both fit in that upsell category. These are both about driving average ticket asking everybody who sits in your chair to give somebody Google it for me, so we can find out what today is for Tuesday.

Even if you don’t know just don’t tell us, you googled it add-on sales, take home sales driving average ticket it’s about taking and making the most of the opportunity that is December business. Make it a goal for yourself. Look at your haircut price – and this is kind of for my barber folk out there look at your haircut price and again, let’s say your haircuts $ 20. Tell yourself: I want to hit an average ticket for the month of December of $ 24.

That means instance if a bottle of gel is $ 8. Every other guy’s got to buy gel when we divide that eight out amongst two people, it’s four hours additional ticket, but something to drive your average ticket up to squeeze the greatest amount of money. Out of this heavy traffic December that you possibly can next on the list number three asking for referrals every client every time, two business cards, you guys know I talk about this all the time.

Thank you for the opportunity to cut your hair. I appreciate your business if I gave you two cards. Would you send me two friends? Those are my big three sentences that you know, but when we’ve got the bump in trafficked travel day, okay, I’m just waiting when we got the bump in traffic. That is December. Let’S use that bump in traffic to leverage more referrals, ask every single customer in the month of December.

If I gave you two cards, would you send me two friends and hand them to business cards? Make sure today go online when this jatai program is finished, go online and order a box of extra business cards, so you have them. They only take 2-3 days. You’Ll have them by Tuesday that’ll be December 4 really the beginning of the month. The first is Saturday you’d be busy in the shop that day you’ve got a few cards to get you through Saturday, Bing Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Rhea, Rita my man.

Finally, somebody comes in givingtuesday. That’S right with all of this gim me with all this me me me me me, with all this buy buy, buy, buy, buy with all this. I deserve a deal that we’ve been buried in for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, giving Tuesday that’s what it’s called giving Tuesday is all about charitable donation charitable contribution and giving to others it’s kind of that.

Little salve. We need that band-aid. We need to kind of get us back to healthy. After all that me me me gim me, greedy stuff, that made up those okay. Let’S you weren’t, really buying anything for you. Nobody bought anything for themselves on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It was all gifts for others. I understand, I know how it was, but yeah giving Tuesday is what the name of this holiday is and it’s about giving to others based on the wealth and and all the blessings and all of what we have and we enjoy and and the gifts we have, That we can give to some others.

So that’s what giving Tuesday is all about, so in the spirit of giving let’s take more money from our customers so that we can give other people a Merry Christmas. Add on sales, take home products asking for referrals. That’S three of the top five: are you ready for for number four on the list? Rebooking and again mr. Broken record: here we have the traffic. During the month of December, we’ve got the heads in the shop.

Let’S make sure we’re rebooking them. Let’S make sure we’re inviting them back we’re telling them when we’re telling them how long till they get back we’re getting him back on the appointment book today before they leave to ensure that we don’t have that January slump. Are you going to hit me here hit me there with a refill, so many in our business so frequently complain about the January slump when things get quiet after the busy holiday season? Well, there’s two ways: we prevent the January slump and that’s by leveraging the December traffic rebooking and bounce back bounce back is some type of deal, some type of special, some type of opportunity that encourages the January and February visits when we otherwise might be quiet.

What are we going to do to get them back in so when we’ve got them in December to finish the Year Strong, we’re going to focus on add-on sales, an average ticket drier parts of America. Here we just had our first snowstorm. The heat is on, our skin is drying out, our hair is drying out. Our face is drying out. Jatai hell, luxury shave set, there’s a moisturizer in there for your skin, and we’ve got the beard.

Softener there’s two items in that set ideally suited for this type of conversation with your customers, and I know you have other products and other conditioning treatments and things what etosha say to a client who had a bad cut. Also this you know she, my deputies are also giving me just go for her awesome Tasha. You love your cops. I love it you’re all over it. That’S great Taco, Tuesday, Miguel, that’s coming from a guy in Texas, with a name of Miguel, so yeah, of course, that we have taco tech Tuesday in Chicago too, but that’s another good reason to celebrate Tuesdays he’s Taco Tuesday um.

Now I got derailed. What was I talking about? Anyways, we’re leveraging December and on say, Oh conditioning treatments, that’s right, dry, air winter, the heat in the house and the heat in the car. What a great time for moisturizing conditioners, moisturizing balms for hair facial treatments that involve moisturizing the skin. I did mention the two jatai products that are keenly focused on satisfying those needs for customers.

We have so many opportunities to have these conversations services in the salon and their take home products, soliciting referrals to grow off of December we’re setting ourselves up for a successful nineteen rebooking to get these people back after the first of the year. Again now we’re using december to leverage nineteen and, of course, both facts. Bounce backs would be things like a coupon in december to redeemed in january or february, or a BOGO for december.

You know bring a buddy in for a haircut. You pay for your haircut, your buddy’s haircut is free, I mean who knows, there’s all kinds of things we can do in that regard. Sell the shave as a 2-pack special price on the shave get a shave in December. You get a free shave in January. I don’t know there’s so many different ways. We can do this to tie it in and by the way it fits that twofer buy one in December, get it in January.

If they don’t redeem it in January, they don’t get it. Don’T let them wait till March to come in and have it set some rules stick to your rules that are bide by the power sieze for the promotions and the specials that you run. So these are my top five tips for leveraging the heck out of what will be a very, very strong and very, very successful December. Does anybody want to chime in anybody, got any ideas, comments or thoughts on things that you think you will be doing or that you’d like to suggest to others? Part of going live on.

These programs is really getting and soliciting input and participation from the community because, as I say in my live programs that I know you all know, I believe we are smarter than me right. I only know so much and I don’t know what I don’t know and there’s a lot of talented people, a lot of smart people, a lot of intelligent people in the business that know a lot more then we can all benefit from.

So if anybody’s got anything chime in throw it up, there we’ll be sharing it right off the comments. Next up, let’s talk about 19. It’S one thing to finish: a team strong, it’s something else to go into 19 blazing so for 2019. There’S a couple of things I want to talk about. I want to talk about number one, a promo calendar. You know, there’s a funny joke in my community about a mom Lydia Hobbs discount for bringing in Toys for Tots there’s a good way to put some giving on the front of it.

I love it. You know, I don’t believe in discounts and by the way I heard about a great discount. I want to share with you guys I’m excited about this. You know I don’t believe in discounts what did Marty Marcus, say: free hot towel on all new clients in December. You know what it’s like 22 degrees outside in Chicago and a warm towel on your face, laying back in the chair yeah. I can feel it thinking about it talking about it.

I just want to go. Do that what a great idea you know I don’t like discounts. However, I’ve always opened to and willing Wallis buddy nice to see a joy in our group tonight, Atlanta, Georgia how’s it going down there um. You know I don’t like discounts. I like the idea of tying something into Toys for Tots, maybe a free service, maybe a free, take-home product. Give me a gift. I give you a gift, I’ll trade, you a toy for a bottle.

I like doing that. You can get small sizes of things. You can even be generous and give away full sizes. I just don’t like to discount the haircut. It really hurts my heart. It hurts my soul. It makes me bleed internally when I hear people undermining the value of the haircut. I think there’s so many many good ways to be promotionally, creative and to be business aggressive without discounting the haircut or undermining the price integrity of the haircut.

I believe haircuts should even be full price of free, full price are free. Now, in that vein, I did read about this this week. I saw it and I want to share it because the idea popped into my head and that’s just the way my head works. I have said, I don’t believe in senior discounts and I sometimes get in trouble. White talked about this and I share information like the fact that 85 percent of the wealth in America is in the possession of individuals over the age of 65.

And why are we giving away senior discounts because seniors have had longer to gather the money, so they don’t need the discounts and yeah. I know there are seniors in America on fixed incomes and times are tough and things are hard and yeah yeah. I get it, but I don’t like senior discounts. I just don’t like it at all, and I saw this thing the other day where it said hey and I don’t like kid discounts either.

That’S the other side of the spectrum. I think we do a haircut for a price. It is not easier to do a haircut or quicker to do a haircut in miniature on a hyperactive kid who just ate half a box of Captain Crunch. I just don’t think that’s a reason for a discount, so I don’t like kid discounts. I don’t like senior discounts, but I did see somebody put up on the internet, their price menu where they had their regular price, whatever their haircut was, and then they had a senior discount, which I don’t endorse and I don’t agree with – and it was like 65 And over, like let’s say I don’t remember what the numbers were, but haircut was $ 20 seniors, 65 and over was $ 18 and it said 100 and over free, regular price was 20 seniors were 18, and if you were a hundred years or older, your haircuts Were free – and I love that I thought when I have a shop again and I don’t currently own a shop, but I will down the road I’m doing that if you’re a hundred years old, I cut you for nothing.

How many air cuts you going to get your the year a hundred that year? Why three, maybe four, how many years are you going to do this? You think? How long are you going to live you’re not going to take that many haircuts away from me, and if you got to be a hundred, I cut you for nothing. You know what, if you’re a hundred years old, I want to talk to you. I want to listen to you. I want to ask you to tell me stories about what you know and what you’ve done and who you are and what your life’s been all about.

No discounts, Ellie, I love Ellie. I don’t even know who Ellie is, and I love Ellie no discounts. I agree. Wallace hundred percent yeah, I’m right there with you, um yeah. If you’re a hundred years old, not cut you for nothing. I just want to ask you questions about the good old days and I want you to tell me stories about the crazy stuff you got away with when you were a kid, it’s going to be worth cutting your hair, so I love that seniors hundred and over Free try to take advantage of me.

I bet you can’t and by the way, at that point, how much hair you got you know didn’t know. How did you roll guys coming in with a thick ponytail down to here? It’S usually taper them up quick and it’s easy. So I love them and I’m happy to do it and you can send me all your herd of your old great-grandfather’s I’ll cut them for nothing, I’m happy to do it all right. Let’S get to 2019 number one promo calendar, so I started to say: there’s a joke in my community and it talks about a woman talking to her mother.

The woman is an adult and mother is really the grandmother and the woman has a child who’s. Twelve and a half years old – and this happens to be a Jewish family and the woman is having an argument in the fight with her mother about plans for the 12 and a half year olds, upcoming Bar Mitzvah and they’re. Fighting and they’re arguing about the plans for the Bar Mitzvah and the timing and the details and all this other stuff and finally getting tired of the conversation and not wanting to have the Congress anymore.

The grandmother turns to the mother and says: look we’re not going to argue about this anymore. You had plenty of time to plan for it you’ve known about this Bar Mitzvah for 13 years. That’S the punchline! The point is it’s not a surprise. You know that it’s going to happen. Well, your promo calendar. You know that in 2019 we’re going to have a Father’s Day. I promise you it’s in June. You know that in May there’s going to be a bunch of graduations.

You know that in August ish it’s back-to-school time. I got a pretty good idea that we’re going to have Easter sometime in oh, I don’t know April and I’m pretty sure next year Christmas going to be in December and before we have Christmas next year in November. What do you think Thanksgiving yeah, there’s a good chance of that? These things are not a surprise, and my point is: do not treat these business opportunities next year, Thursday, Thanksgiving two days later Saturday is going to be Small Business Saturday again, if Small Business Saturday snuck up on you in 2018, and you hadn’t prepared and you didn’t Plan and you weren’t ready and you didn’t have a promotion – do not have that excuse in 2019, let’s plan ahead 20 % off for police fire and military.

I like the idea of finding ways to reward our first responders. I don’t like to do it in the form of a discount. I just don’t think it makes good sense and in our shop you know what I think, as many as a third of our customers are police fire, municipal workers, postal workers. We got half the government in our shop most the time and any good day. Half the guys that are shopper armed because they got a badge and they got a gun.

So I don’t necessarily know that I want to go that hard on the police and fire traffic Jared. Welcome. What’S the best for veterans, those in service Lydia? Again, I don’t like discounts. I like added value, maybe um, you know cop cuts, they get a free bottle of hair gel or they get a free bottle of shampoo or shave service or there’s lots of things. Maybe a punch card, I love punch cards by10 hair.

Let’S get one free, please understand, buy 10 get one free is not a discount. Yes, it is 10 % off bottom-line net net net, but all 10 haircuts, our regular price and one haircut is free. That is not the same as a 10 % discount, so I love I did one once I did a cop cut punch card where it literally said, had a little police shield badge on. It said cop cuts and it was for police and fire and military and first responders and vets, and things like that um.

But it was not a discount and I think that’s we’re not splitting hairs here, literally or figuratively, but I think it’s important when it comes to talking about how we negotiate that business so promo calendar, it’s the idea go through the calendar now go through the calendar. Now and find one thing every month that you’re going to use as your promotional piece for that month, maybe Valentine’s Day, is a couple’s special, maybe instead of couples because you’re a barbershop, and you only do guys, maybe for Valentine’s Day, it’s dad and kid.

You know if you’re a regular hair salon and you’ve got a broader audience. Then maybe it’s it’s daddy-daughter night lots of things you can do for March st. Patrick’s Day. There’S things you can do there. There’S every month of the year has a holiday and event an opportunity and a special but plot your promotional calendar build your promotions in now, so that through the year, you can just execute nothing sneaks up on you by surprise and by the way, when we’re talking About the promotional calendar I want to add number two on here is I, on July I enjoy many of you know.

I’Ve talked for a long time about it. July 1, raise your hair cut prices Day in the USA July. What is that target date? We’Re haircuts go up, you were in a price increase. You deserve a price increase, it’s time to add to the price I Anjali. It is not too early to be thinking. How much does that price increase going to be, and, most importantly, what are you going to do to justify it and number two on this list or number three? Rather, when we talk about, I on July is add value.

What are you going to do between now? Busy December and July 1 raise your hair cut prices day in the USA to justify that price increase. What are you going to do? How are you going to change your environment, your experience, your service delivery, what you do so that when you raise your price, nobody objects because they feel what you’re doing is a value so again playing with the numbers. If you’re twenty bucks July 1 you’re going up 10 % you’re going to be 22, what are you doing so that 22 doesn’t look smell or feel like a price increase 22 feels like hey you’re, not even yet charging what you’re worth and 22 is a bargain.

I was happy to pay 20, I’m thrilled to pay 22 cuz when I get feels like 25, 28 or 34. That’S the real challenge for you. What’S the cap for I what’s the cap for I on July, Tasha, explain to me what you mean: I’m not understanding that question. If you mean by that, how high do you raise the price I am July, 1, adding value the rule is 10 %. You go up 10 %, that’s my standard formula and by the way, if you want a lot of detailed information, I have my razor prices program.

It is available as a text document it’s available as an audio book, soon to be available at a article series as well, but I do have it. In a couple of formulas. A couple of resources go to my website: eivin’s ooh, calm. The program is available there or go to the website also and use the talk to me button. There’S a button on my website says talk to me. Click on it. You talk to me you’re, going to sending me an email, I’ll chat back directly with you happy to help you.

If you’ve got some questions about that stuff Jared, I think she’s asking forever. I don’t know what does that mean Jared hi, I’m July price should be going up every year in July every year in July. If that’s what you mean? It’S, not a one-time deal. Hey. Do you get a July every year? Of course we do just like Christmas. In December we get July July, the price goes up Jared. Will you out price yourself? God bless.

I hope you do Jared, that’s a beautiful question and I thank you very much for asking and I want to make sure you understand how this works. In theory, if you raise your prices, 10 % in theory, if you are lucky, if you are blessed, if the clouds part and the beam of light, shines down, oh if the angels sing and if God smiles down upon you from heaven above in theory, if you Raise your prices, 10 %, 10 % of your customers – will quit you that’s right.

In theory, 10 % of your customers will quit you now good news, bad news, the bad news is it’s not going to happen. They’Re not going to quit. You you’re going to raise your prices: 10 %. You are good and people like you and they’ve been coming to you and they’ve been happy and you raise your prices. 10 % they’re not going to quit. You you’re going to be disappointed. You were hoping that people quit you in a perfect scenario: 10 % of your customers would quit you at a 10 % price increase and what happens then is you’ve.

Got air in your book and you’ve got room for referrals from your top 90 % birds of a feather flock together top 90 % customers have top 90 % friends, quitters have friends who would have been quitters and you don’t want them, and the theory is if You raise your prices, 10 % you’re, making the same amount of money with air in your book because 10 percent of your customers quit you, you double down on what got you to the dance you take good care of people like you always have you do what You’Ve been doing to be good and you solicit referrals, referrals from that top 90 % of your customers, and you just keep building your business that way, you’ll, never price yourself out of business and that’s where we get to 3.

We get to adding value which is so important, I’m not telling you just to jack the price for the sake of jacking the price, I’m telling you that you earn a price increase by taking good care of people by building business by finding ways to add value And then you not only have earned it, but you deserve it. You’Re entitled to it and you’ll receive no resistance. When you raise your price – and you know – that’s just the beauty and that’s just the magic of how this works with regards to price increases in our business and that’s why I’m so passionate about this subject that I’m so glad that we can have some of this Conversation here, you’ve got to be adding that value you’ve got to be making that worthwhile experience for those customers.

You know I had a conversation the other day, and it relates to this about the fact that I was talking to beauty school in barber school students about the fact that today, the average and the standard is very high for all practical purposes. Everyone can cut hair and everyone can cut hair at an acceptable level or at a passable level. Yes, there are some hair cutters that are better than others. Yes, there are some hair cutters that are not as good.

You will be perceived as more of a professional. Couldn’T agree more Tim absolutely, should you give notice of price increase Lydia? No? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No price increase notice! This is a it’s like a pet peeve of mine. We do this. We put that little piece of paper on the mirror. It says dear clients, as of July 1, my price is going to be going up and then we start making excuses. The rent went up, the lights go up, the heat’s goes up, it’s been 2 years since I had a price increase, we start whining and we start begging and we start justifying, and we start explaining, and you know what else we do.

It kills me. We apologize. Do not apologize. Sorry, my but you’re, not sorry! Your prices going up you’re excited that your prices going up, you’re, happy that your prices are going. You deserve a new price. We need 180 degree shift on the mindset and the answer is: go to a sporting goods store, go, get a t-shirt with a big Nike swoosh on the front. Just do it, you know: when does the milk go up at the grocery store? Do the answer that question: when do they raise the price of the milk at the grocery stores? Anybody know you ever seen it you haven’t seen it.

You know why you don’t see it. Do you know when they raise the price of the milk at the grocery store? They do it at 2:30. In the morning when you’re home sleeping yeah that the guy on the nightspot crew, he goes up to the dairy case and he pops off that little price ticket and he puts a new little price ticket up there and he changes the price of the milk. When you’re asleep, what about the gas station, when do they change the price of gasoline? Now, lately gasoline has been going down.

So it’s not really relevant to this conversation, but I talk about this all the time you know you can be at the gas station. You got the pump in the car and you’re filling the tank and the guys out on the corner with the big stick, changing the numbers, lowering the price of the gas. They don’t even have the decency to wait till 2:30 in the morning when you fall asleep. They’Re raising the price of the gasoline in the middle of your tank, full, you don’t even know what you’re paying they don’t care.

Why do we do this? We don’t that’s the answer. We just raise our prices, you don’t no notice, no permission! No asking! No telling! No apologizing, no excuses, Nike just do it raise the price you deserve, it you’re good and people like you and especially, if you’re tuned in to this program tonight. If you rely on jatai academy for education and information, you’re going the extra mile and making the effort to improve yourself, your skills, your knowledge and your business, do you deserve a price increase? You deserve a price increase just for reading this article, but find ways to add value with an eye on July.

That’S when we want to go up start with your promotional calendar to build a powerful year. Promotions have an eye on July for a price increase find ways throughout the year to add value. Let me look at my agenda and see what else I had for you here. That’S what I got for ticking off July now throughout the year. We’Re going to talk a lot I will be back here, live on Facebook with jatai on many more occasions, whether we’re sharing technical or whether we’re sharing business information.

Like this, you know my website. Lots of other places to find me remember. The special on the book is running now through Christmas, half price $ 25 down to 1250 be $ 100,000 haircutter yeah. I got plenty of inventory and I’m happy to have you have that book and have that deal. Jatai dotnet on the web is where you go to sign up for our emails to sign up for our academy, go to jannat for our specials for the month of November and December for our holiday specials and things we’ve got blades on sale.

We’Ve got handles on sale, we’ve got great things for you. There does anybody have any final questions or comments. I got one here. What are your thoughts on Black Friday sale? Did I discount products still not as successful as I thought and, and they just posted the link for jatai for feather in the comments here Vanessa, just posted the link JTA, I dotnet that’s what I said it was so I’m glad I got it right.

That would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it um, you know, I think it Black Friday is something that’s originally been thought of as the big-box retailers, but I think we can get our piece of it. I think we need to stretch it, though an answer to Tasha’s question. I think we can start talking about Black Friday early. I think you probably noticed the Black Friday ads were on TV and radio early in the week Monday, Tuesday, Sunday even beforehand.

So I think it’s not just what we sell on Friday. If you look at my website, my Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday deels all started Thursday and they ran Thursday, Friday Saturday, Sunday Monday and I’m extending a few of them, not all of them. I’Ve killed a few of them, but I am extending as an example of the book all the way through Christmas, because it was the big hit for my Black Friday promotion and it’s something that I think is impactful for everybody.

So that’s why I’m doing it, but it is to your question, though I think there is a lot of good opportunity to use a leverage through that promotional calendar all of these kind of things. So, as always, we’re wrapping up here we’re coming close to 50 minutes. I always end the way I start, which is by saying thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a little bit of your time to come into your phone into your house into your living room into your computer.

To share some of these great things. Thank you to all of our friends that you tie for providing me you and us this platform for not only me to share, but for us to exchange in this way and in the spirit of the holidays and the spirit of giving Tuesday and all that good Stuff, I wish you a very safe, a very warm, a very happy, very healthy holiday season. We normally do these towards the end of the month, which is going to put the next one of these a little close to Christmas.

So I think jatai and I will probably find a way to do next month, a little early. If there’s something you’d like to see or hear from me in terms of content, use the comments here, Jared you’re welcome. Tasha. Thank you Tim thank you, but if there’s something you’d like specifically in content for a program, whether it’s presented by me or any one of the other educators that you’re ty likes to feature we’re, always open to and happy to have that feedback.

I know the folks at the office at jatai are always listening, always paying attention to your comments and are very interested in continuing to support you and the great business that you do every day. So, on behalf of jatai and myself and my family and everybody else to your family, have a warm, wonderful and happy holiday season. We’Ll see you again here: j8 e aí dotnet on the web, and here at our program see you here see me there clipper guy comm as well, have a great day bye, bye,