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EASY Way To Create A Website For Your Salon Using

Com, and I want to show you guys how easy it is to create a website for your salon. I use a company for my salon website called Wix, I’m not really affiliated with Wix in any way. I just think it’s a very simple website builder for anybody. Anybody can do this, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to show you guys so, let’s switch over here alright.

So let’s get started in this way. So this is basically the Wix website builder. It looks exactly like a website, that’s what makes it very convenient a lot of you don’t know, but most of the time websites are built with something that they call code and code is basically a bunch of letters that somebody that went to school for a long Time learned to write – and you know most people cannot do that.

So this is so simple, and what I like about Wix is. Let me just show you. This is our front page of our website, so my salon is gratitude, salon, education. This is definitely not if you’re a website builder already. This is not the article for you. This is just me, showing you salon owners out there that it’s easy and you can create your own site very simple, so this is the basic menu. We have our social media stuff up here, so you could click that that’s easy to set up.

So the cool thing about Wix is it’s just as easy as clicking it? Let’s say I don’t like that there and I want to put it over here. I can do that and I just drop it, but let’s I want to keep it right there. So we have that up there and then I have my main menu here. All of this is connected to each page that I have developed for our website. So if I want to shrink that down a little bit, so we have our home menu, which is this, then we have our salon like about the salon and what? What the salons all about so the bio of the salon.

Then we have our menu for the salon. We have a portfolio with some pictures of hair that we’ve done and then a contact page and then the salon professional page is the free salon, education, komm page, which you can also click this image here. So, let’s just start with the basics over here is how you create pages. So if I click that it opens up, it shows you all of the different pages that are connected to our website.

So if you wanted to, let’s just start with the salon page so I’ll click – that this will show you what the salon page looks like it shows a picture of our salon very simple, and this is a slideshow. So it’s many different pictures put together. We have basically the description of our salon, what our salons all about, then there’s drop-down menus from that. So if actually let me open up, let’s open a new tab and let me go to salon gratitude comm, so this is our actual page and how it works.

So if you go to the salon, you can see this drop down menu here you can see that the slideshow is working here, showing some of the staff and everything so to create these drop-down menus. Let’s go back to our editor. I have my main salon page. Then you can see how these pages are offset. So now each of these pages, this one is the salon. Then we have owners so a picture of me and Christina and Hayden, and it just talks about us being owners and what that’s all about.

Then you go to our team and it has the BIOS of our whole team in here kind of breaks down everything. It’s really simple to do. So if I want to create the main salon page here and then have drop down menus from it right here, you can see these are a little offset. So if I want to actually show up in the menu I drag, let’s see I could take this page drag it over and now you can see team shows up here.

So if I want it to be in a drop down menu from the salon page here, then I just drag it over. So it’s really really simple. Anything I want to do if I want to change this picture. I’ll have to do is double click it once. I double click that picture see here. It’ll bring up this editor and you can upload there’s some of our friends in there. This is also connected to the free salon, education, comm page, but any picture I want to add in there let’s throw Josh XO a bone.

Let’s say I want to become Josh Excel, so let’s change the image and boom it puts it right there. You can change the size if you want, and then that becomes your bio. So let me go back to let’s change it back to me. I don’t have to be Josh, so, let’s see here and there we go. So it’s back to me. So it’s just that simple to change the pages and whatever you want it to be. Now we’ll go back to our pages here we have our menu.

That brings up the same thing. If you want to click an image, you can add images, you can change your pricing, you can write whatever you want. So let’s say I want to edit this text. I double click it I can highlight. I can write whatever I want, so I can come in here and type in and then you click out of it and you’re good to go. Let me just take that away here, so it’s just really simple: to create a website on Wix and the cool thing about Wix.

Is that it’s free for you to start so you just create the page and then the maximum amount that you’re probably going to pay, is $ 10 a month to be able to have a website. You can create your own domain and everything, and as soon as you have your page, the exact way that you want it, you save it up here so once you save it you’re good, then you hit publish and whatever is already done on your website.

Once you hit publish its going to go live so you can do all your editing and then, as soon as you have it the way you want it, then you publish it and it’s it’s ready to go so again up here. You can change your your logo and everything, and this is something that you want to get into it. Try it out and you’ll you’ll discover different things. This isn’t a full tutorial on it, but this is just showing you how easy it is to create a website.

Nowadays, now the other cool thing and let’s go back to our home page here, creating a slideshow is simple, so you can see all these images that I have added in here. So that’s going to rotate through. You can add your titles, whatever you can link them to other things, so that’s kind of a cool function as well. So if you have something, maybe you’re running a special in the salon – and you want to link it to that – I also we gift cards in the salon and we use millennium a gift, so they’re online gift certificates.

So what I did was I created an image and then this don’t do that. I linked it to our Millennium a gift. So now, if you go to our salon website and you’re like oh, I want to order a gift certificate. You click that it takes you to our page on millennium, for them to purchase a gift card which is really cool as well. We there we go so has our logo here they pick a design whatever they want. They buy the gift card to emails it to someone which is another cool thing that you can do, but you can click and add everything to whatever you want.

We have our reviews in here wedding page, so I think that’s pretty much it, but if you guys have any questions, please post them below on anything about building a website on Wix. I can answer them. I hope I’ve kind of clarified some things for you on this, but make sure that you subscribe to us on youtube and follow us and again post any questions below I’d love to answer them. Hopefully, this helps you guys and make sure you go to Wix comm create a website, have fun with it, and you know this will save you a lot of money and it allows you to have a little bit of creative control on what your salon looks like Online, so thank you guys, Matt Beck from free salon, education, calm and I’ll.

See you on the next article thanks


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