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But it’s helped nice to see that I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I wanted to start by looking up some words and that were suggested to me by my brother and if you have any words that we you might want to look up. You can, let me know in the chat so I’ll start with literally and see what we can find out.

I haven’t looked up any of these words previously, so I don’t know what we’re going to find, but I’ll go where I normally do. When I start looking words up in the for my episodes, I’m thinking about putting all these words together into a article, the top five misused or words of 2017 or earlier, because I don’t know when this word changed but we’ll find out, I’m sure we’re going to Go with literally right now we’ll look up literally and see what it how it’s changed over time there we go.

That’s a little bit easier to read so first place. I usually go. Is the Oxford English Dictionary you can see right here. I mean fix something there. We go that’s what I want. Okay you’ll also get to see that the reason I like dictionary so much is because I’m a terrible speller really that’s so I spent a lot of time in them when I was a kid and I’m grown to appreciate them. Okay, let’s see it’s borrowing from Latin.

Let’s take a look at what the definitions it gives are here, first of or relating to the writing study or content of literature. Oh, I put in the wrong one: it’s literary literally, okay, sorry, my I’m really not a great speller! So that’s why I do what I do here. We go in a literal, exact or actual sense, not figuratively or allegorically, and when it uses a word, that seems to be the same I’ll, usually go and do a search for that as well.

Just so we can get that definition, because I don’t like it when dictionaries we use the same words of or relating to a letter or letters. Hmm now one thing to keep in mind when looking through the Oxford English Dictionary is the first definition it gives. Is the oldest definition they can find and right down here? It shows you examples of the word, so this is a 1398. These words are terrible. I can’t ever names are awful Bartholomew Asst, anglich Asst and this character is called the thorn.

So this is the lip SB to scrape the voice of literal. So what it looks like here’s, it comes, the meaning comes from that’s what the text says: it’s literate! It’s it’s in the letters there and when I put together my episodes. Normally, I have two I’ll read through this entomology up here and I can usually find information in those in the etymology. That’s interesting and I can look up other aspects of it and facets that make it very that I can make into a story until during my shows.

So it comes into English from middle French and I usually tell my stories in the reverse order of this. So I’ll start down here with the Latin. Sometimes this can be hard to read because of the way they put it over relating to the letter of a text obtained by by taking words and passages in their primary and usual meaning without regard to any underlying significance. Mysticism or allegory, and so that’s what the word that the French word the Turab meant before it came into English.

Let’s see if I can skip down a little ways and it’s a tanam in post, classical latin, relating to books, literature relating to correspondence learned written okay. Let me go back to literally and see what see if it comes up with anything italian literalmente. Now that doesn’t have anything more so it looks like it has do pretty much throughout its history, with just having to do with what a text literally means.

Thank you for your patience with me. This is my first live stream. I’r and I, like I said in my dictionary article. I have no idea what I’m doing classic classical Latin litera litera meaning letter. So it goes back to a word what the words say: not what the meaning behind them is not any kind of interpretation. When my brother suggested this word, he said the Webster’s dictionary had changed their definition of literally figuratively.

So we’re going to look up the Webster’s dictionary merriam-webster right there, literally literally in a literal sense or manner as such, in a way that uses the ordinary or primary meanings of a term or expression, in effect, virtually used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement Or description that is not literally true. This is the definition that that he wanted me to point out in my articles that we have used this word so much in an exaggerated way that it now literally means virtually doesn’t even mean figuratively.

It means virtually so when usually when I’m collecting notes on for my shows, I will copy and paste this information, and it’s too big, I didn’t want that. I want it to be smaller there. We go, that’s what I want so literally another fun place. I like to go is the etymology dictionary online etymology dictionary and I put the extra tea in there because that’s where it came adverb in a literal sense from literal plus or minus Li since the 17th century, it has been used in metaphors hyperbole to indicate what Follows must be taken in the strongest admissible sense.

This is not showing the actual history of the word. Let’s, let’s go to literal, let’s see late 14th century here we go Origen taking words in their natural meaning originally in reference to Scripture and opposed to mystical or allegorical from the latin late, latin literalists or literal is of or belonging to letters or writing. That’s from latin litera letter alphabetics letter alphabetic sign literature, books related to literalness, so it’s pretty straightforward.

Its meaning hasn’t changed that much since the days of Latin up to three three viewers awesome. So if there’s any other words you’d think that would be fun to. I bet thank you for the happy birthday, appreciate that and thank you for tuning in appreciate. It hope it’s not too boring of a of a live stream. Okay, this is one of the other ones he suggested we look into, and this is diversity, so we’re going to head over back to the OED and see what it has to say.

This is I’m probably going to throw in equity with this one cuz that one was recommended to me by one of my patrons the other day. Oh, I got ta, I hope just docks myself, Multnomah County, oh well, okay, diversity, oldest definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, is the condition or quality of being diverse, different or varied difference, unlike miss. So when things are unlike each other, let’s look up just diverse the base word of diversity, because diversity is the word, that’s being you overused, but understanding the base.

Word can be important too so paste that in there let’s see, diverse is an adjective there. We go oldest definition, different in character or quality, not of the same kind, not alike in nature or qualities, formerly also written divers. So the Oxford English Dictionary is massive. It’s I don’t even know the number of volumes they’re, only printing one copy of the new edition. That’s physical and that’s going to go to the Queen of England that it’s going to remain just an online archive now, because there’s just so much in it the words most of them aren’t even used anymore there most of them are archaic and if they show an Old English word in the etymologies of these, you can click on them and it’ll.

Take you right to them in fact, we’ll go to divers and see what comes up with different or not alike. Now, if you’re looking up like divers as as like someone that dives or people that dive, I mean you could click on this, I mean you’d have to ignore the adjective part, but get something completely different. So these so we’ll go back, and actually let’s go back to that cuz that looked like it had the actual etymology in it.

That was longer. You have to dig to get the content for my, so I’m going to copy this cuz, I’m probably going to need to hit on that and my article stupid key commands there. We go okay, Middle English, diverse, diverse French divers divers. It’s a feminine word, apparently different. Odd wicked, cruel ooh, this is good stuff, Spanish, diverse, oh, and so all of those words that came from Latin versus meaning, contrary different unlike separate original, turned different ways.

I’r not even going to try and pronounce that I usually have to look that stuff up. I can’t remember all of it, so the spelling in Middle English in differently, diverse, diverse, stressed it. I don’t know. I really. I that’s pretty interesting that it means different, odd wicked. So if we go back to its French, meaning it’s after being derived from Latin, it means odd, wicked and cruel, not necessarily a good thing now I do want to look up.

I like to look it up. Another dictionary says well I’ll, see what they have to say about it: diversity, plural diversities, condition of having or being composed of different elements varieties, especially the inclusion of different types of people such as different races or cultures, and groups, or origins programs intended to promote diversity. In school, ok – and this is one of my favorite places – the etymology dictionary quality of being diverse to do usually gives a short definition, but it says middle 14th century wickedness or perversity.

Just I can have so much fun. I’r going to need to do a whole episode about this word because I didn’t realize it actually meant wickedness or diversity or oddness. I could have a lot of fun with that. Contrarily contradiction: disagreement, ooh because that’s what they that’s. What happens with diversity is the disagreement with our current culture they want to. They want to change it to something different.

Okay, dye versus turned a different way. Can you read what’s on the screen the web pages, when I’m in there thanks drew the poetry? One will be interesting: I’ve got to wait on the cozy comfy poetry Channel. After I, I’ve got to write the script, send it to her she’ll. Give me her response and we’ll get that taken care of. In fact, I’ve even got the script right here. I’r not sure how I want to define it or which word I’m going to use poetry, poet, poem, because, looking through the etymology and stuff each of those variants, the poem poetry poet, seemed to have slightly different paths to becoming what we are today.

I thought they would all be the same word just with different endings to indicate different things, but they all came kind of differently. So I’ve got to decide how I want to handle that in my script. But interesting fact about poetry is Police’s meant to make literally to bring things into existence, so there’s even scientific terms like he must hope. I can’t say it’s crazy, Latin or Greek. He mo topi he mo to pieces, hope he mo taupe poesis, meaning the formation of blood cells.

Sorry that took me so long to say, but there’s lots of word like that, where poetry just meant to make things to bring things into existence, and it the other another thing I haven’t touched on in any of my articles, but a lot of the words that We use come from different languages, not all of them had a an actual English analog that came before it, but poetry did I. My Old English is very weak meter, growl, gree, grow war, force, meter grows, meaning like verse or to make verse meter craft is the one I like.

The best is the word for the art of versification, so the art of making poetry is meter. Craft, which I found very interesting, is the English acronym, because that’s very not acronym, but the analogy it. It tells you exactly what it is. It’s making meter like metered speech, metered, poetry and that crafting it it’s really cool. Is there any words you’d like me to look up anything interesting for anyone in the audience right now, um.

Let me know in the chat I know, there’s quite a bit of delay on the chat on there, I’m getting used to that so need to come up with. Let me go back to the diversity word that we’re looking at native, meaning being being contrary to what is agreeable or right perversity. Evil existed in English from the late 15th century, but was obsolete from the 17th century. Diversity is a virtue in a nation. Is an idea from the rise of the modern democracies in the 1790s, where it kept one faction from irrigating all power, but this was not quite the modern sense as ethnicity, gender, sexual identity were not the qualities in mind, see at this time.

That was probably around a lot of the religious revolutions and some political revolutions, so they were talking about it was diversity of thought was what diversity meant up until modern day and that’s what they thought was. The virtue was having Protestants, Catholics, that’s and having different denominations of Christianity, different governments having different states and different ways. People thought the things should be run is what was the virtue not having everybody to agree on the same way, things should be run but have different ethnicities, gender, sexual sexual identities and and so on.

That’s not what the virtue was: diversity, they’re conflating, essentially two different words at this point: diversity from the 1790s or from the 17th century to diversity. Today, they’re they’ve, given it to different meeting meanings and conflated the two words so anytime, they read diversity and historical text. They read into it their own meaning and it’s important to keep those meanings separate.

So you can understand what people believed back then. It’s also important to understand what people mean when they use the word today. So I this word is fascinating. I’ll still put it in my top five misused words of 2017 article, and it’s mostly going to be about how words change their meaning over time. It’s what I’m going to cover in that – and this is another great example that I didn’t realize going to be as good as it is racism yeah this one.

I find interesting because there’s two words and I haven’t done enough research to know the difference and what thank you point point curation, I’m actually let me skip races and we’ll move on and I’ll do some research on the word that point curation recommended in my and The patreon, and what do you guys think the those of you who are my patrons? What do you guys think of the changes that they’re making with the new fee structure? Let me know in the comments we might talk about that I’m not too upset by it, but I want to hear what you have to say: let’s see we got um equity is what we wanted to look up see if I can spell that correctly.

Like I said early on in the in the stream, the reason I like dictionaries is, I spent a lot of time using them because I’ve never been good at spelling. I know that sounds a little oxymoronic, but we’ll see equity. Actually I want to do the look. It up in the Oxford English Dictionary. First, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. Is this this book thanks you mum, birth racks for the happy birthday, equity and, as I mentioned earlier, the Oxford English Dictionary gives you the oldest definition.

First, this one dates back to apparently the 1315. Thank you for hanging in there point curation, I’m. I understand the frustration I’m a little ambivalent, but I understand why why people dislike the changes and I still think their service is good and I think it’s important for the future of content, curation or content creation in the future, the quality of being equal or fair Fairness, impartiality, even-handed dealing, so I think this is this old definition is still very different than what how people use it today, when you hear people say equity, a lot of times in the Evergreen State University, that’s where the word started coming up a lot just north Of us or north of me up in Washington, they, the equity Council, you know the way they use.

The word seems to be more about results and not about treatment. What is fair and right, something that is fair and right, rarely in plural. This is closer to the definition that people are using today. Let’s go down to compounds defined so as to include other systems and our analogs and others. Okay, let me look at the etymologies here. Real quick doesn’t look like there’s much here. It comes from French equate.

I don’t know French, so I’m probably pronouncing that terribly from Latin meaning, fair, okay and in today it seems that equity means not fairness, but equal distribution or results. Regardless of what is just or fair. That’s. I think I think the difference right now is the point at which fairness happens, because if you look at a system – and you look at just a state like a single image of it, what you get is, does everybody have the same thing right now and if The answer is no that could be defined as unfair, but if you look at the system as a time line, the beginning state could have started in a state of fairness and in state ends with you know: the Pareto distribution, a lot of people on top and Or a lot of people on the bottom and very few people on top, and I think my interpretation of that system, or that way of looking at it, is important because the people that’s why death evolved.

The way I like to put it is because the people that are up here die at some point and their their goods their money. Their wealth, then, is either path is passed down to their descendants or redistributed through some means that they’ve selected, their descendants, may not be as good with the money as they were, and then it just gets spent and sent out into the economy. The people that I want are looking for.

Equity are looking at a static image of what reality is at this moment, and they want that. To be the same. I was reading a I was listening to an audio book. It was the consolation of philosophy by Boethius and he’s talking the characters in a prison. This is like early medieval period and he’s talking to philosophy and an embodiment of philosophy and they’re talking about fortune like the god fortune, and she has this wheel that she turns and to become fortunate.

You have to get on this wheel and when you’re at the top you’re riding high you’re you’re at the high point. And but to get that you have to agree to agree to go down the other side of this wheel. That she’s on and people have understood that for centuries that when people have a lot, they they lose it very quickly. The situation Boethius was in was he’d, been like an advisor to a king, he’d been wealthy, and now he was in prison on an island.

Unsure of what his fate would be, as he was writing this book, and shortly after he finished the book, he was killed and probably one of the most gruesome ways I’ve ever heard described it was. It was very the very enlightening book I like stuff like that and but his description of wheel and the wheel of fortune and how people go up and down really, I think, illuminates what what the problem everybody’s seeing and what the solution is.

It’s time and death and I I don’t think people look at life that way it’s like the arguments about now. I can’t even think sorry. It takes me a long time to do things like this and think things through and write those scripts. In fact, it takes a long time for me to read them and get them recorded. Let’s move on to another word here, so what is fair in the in the world of fortune? Is that sometimes you have good fortune, and sometimes you all have bad.

It will not always be equal between people at different places on the wheel that yeah the the here’s, what it was, the the wealthy change. The top 1 % will always have a huge amount of wealth because they’re the top 1 %, but who is in the top 1 % changes from year to year? If, if you own a house, that’s if you own a big expensive house, but you don’t make a lot of money. If you sell that house, you could be one of the top earners for the year because you brought in a lot of money, and that puts you in the 1 % of earners for that year, but the next year you may not be in the top 1 % of earners, because you don’t have that asset and you haven’t sold it that year, it there’s a lot more nuance to who’s in the 1 % and who, who the haves are and who the have-nots are.

It changes and I think that’s what people misunderstand and – and I really think the the aunt of hypocrisy. That’s the word I’m working on next, but I think that’s the the solution to the equity problems that people are looking at, where they want people to have the same stuff, because if everything stays the same and everybody always has the same level of wealth, that’s kind Of boring, there’s nothing for me to strive for there’s no way for me to become better a better person because I don’t need to, but if we let people take, turns and have that opportunity, yep and pretty much I’ve United States, Canada, a lot of Europe is There were the 1 % of the world.

Okay, this is, let’s see where’s the word this word is one of them. I really wanted to look into because I don’t think a lot of people know exactly what that word means impeachment. They think it means removal from the office of the presidency, and did I mean it just happened? I remember I was a kid and Bill Clinton was impeached. He was never removed from office. This is the word. We’d have to look up in some kind of a legal dictionary, though, to get the definition that we’re looking for for them, but I want to see what it means in general, action of impeachment hindrance.

Prevention, obstruction, impediment obstacle. Okay and it looks like it comes from French impingement impeachment and that’s some judge to impeach. Let’s take a look at the word to impeach just to see if we can get a better idea, latinum pedicure to catch and tangle. Hmm, it’s an impediment debate, basically, is what the word comes from so they’re going to impede the president. By doing that, let’s see if merriam-webster has has to say sorry from being a little a DD with my topics here, to bring it in to bring an accusation against okay to charged with a crime or misdemeanor specifically to charge a public official before a competent tribunal.

With misconduct in office – well, that’s it looks like it just means. Basically, a cute accusation, like a formal accusation and then down here we got the third to remove from office, especially for misconduct. Hmm, there’s, let’s check Wikipedia they’ve, usually got some reasonable information. It’s kind of like common knowledge, the best place to go for common knowledge kind of information. Let’s see impeachment is the process by which a legislative body formally levels charges against a high official of government impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office.

It is only a formal statement of charges akin to indictment in criminal law, so most of these people are using the word impeachment to say that it means removing the president from office. I mean they haven’t even looked at, looked it up at all it. I guess what they’re coming from is: they think the the charges against him are so obviously true that if he’s impeached, he will be removed. But I think in the case of this, the president: that’s in there now it’s mostly going to be a hindrance and not so much a removal, let’s see because impeachment and conviction of officials involved over overturning of normal constitutional procedures by which individuals achieve high office election And because it generally requires supermajority, they’re, usually reserved for those deemed to have committed serious abuses of their office and they’re, not even accusing him of anything he’s done while in office, yeah did there’s a strong stigma.

I mean growing up. I thought impeachment meant removal from office because I always heard applied to Richard Nixon who retired he’s left office. He resigned, he didn’t wasn’t removed from office by the impeachment process and it turns out there was another president before him that was impeached and me and my misspellings again sorry, let’s see Wikipedia impeachment in the United States. Let’s see – and I can’t just give me a list – Andrew Johnson was impeached impeachment of Andrew Johnson.

This could be a fun episode to go through because I could talk about the history of impeachment through the United States. Talk about Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. What they were all impeached for that could be fun high crimes and misdemeanors according to Article two of the United States. Ok, I’m already bored of this for this purposes of the stream, unless you guys think it’s interesting and thank you for showing up.

I really appreciate actually having an audience. I wasn’t sure how many people would show up in this. Let’s go back to racism because there’s another word that is strongly associated with it racialism and I don’t actually know if there’s a huge difference between those two words. I know that racialism is older and I think it usually just means I probably just you could probably look me up with that information.

Couldn’t you yeah? Well, I’m not that worried racialism here again, Oxford English Dictionary gives all this definition racism an early term an earlier term than racism, but now largely suppressed by it surpassed sorry. So we’ll click on racism, since it’s not giving me that much of a difference here, a belief that one’s own racial or ethnic group is superior or that other such groups represent a threat to one’s cultural identity, racial integrity or economics.

This was okay. This entry was the 2008, so this is probably closer to the more social justice definition that people use, but it still doesn’t mention power plus privilege, which I kind of expected. It would being revised by 2008 and that might have slipped in there, but or groups possess specific characteristics, abilities or qualities which can be compared or evaluated. Oh yeah. That was the second definition.

Essentially, it’s also a belief that members of different, so racism doesn’t necessarily mean you think you group is better or that the groups are a threat to you. It can also mean that you think races or ethnic groups possess specific characteristics, abilities or qualities which can be compared and evaluated. Hence, prejudice discrimination, antagonism directed against people of other race, racial or ethnic groups or more widely other nationalities, especially based on such belief.

So it’s saying here that racism is treating people poorly because you believe that groups can be compared to each other. So you could believe Asians are smarter than white people and that they’re, weaker or some think they’re worse at basketball than black people, and you could treat them differently. You could treat them worse and that would be racism see. Then, let’s open up that racial plus ISM.

That’s point curation, that’s kind of what that second definition here means also a belief that members of different racial or ethnic groups possess specific characteristics, abilities or qualities which can be compared or evaluated and then treating them differently based on those. So if you believe that Asians are smarter than other people, you might hire an Asian and over a black person or a white person.

This second definition gives negative things done based on race, not positive things done based on race and that’s what I thought. The difference between racialism and racism were as racialism is, where you believe, there’s a difference, but you only really treat people better on that. You believe there’s a difference, but it doesn’t affect your decision-making in negative ways. You don’t hate people, because they’re different number, three acts that could be, but I think the Deaf thing, what they’re trying to go with in this definition is that if you’re they’re treated negatively, but I their race realist seems to be the word for what you’re looking At there, but that doesn’t even count either, because that would make everybody that, because he wouldn’t hire a basketball of a basketball team, full of short people or short asian people.

You know if I it was a Walter Williams. I think it was Walter Williams yeah. It was, it was Walter Williams, I heard him say in a article if you had fifteen, if you had to build a basketball team of five people, and you had fifteen people to choose from five African Americans five occasions and five Asians and you had to build The team from those people who would win the most diverse team or the or the team where he picked all of the African Americans to be on the team.

That’s I don’t know if you’d call that racism, but you had you, everyone has an idea about who would win. That bet who would win that game of basketball and that’s what I was hoping I’d find is a word for for that, treating people and if so, if the only information you know is, you’ve got black people, white people and Asian people, and you got to pick Five people from these 15 to build a basketball team and I was hoping that racialism would be the word for that and it’s not it’s according to the OED anyway, let’s look in some of the other dictionaries.

Let’s look that’s Oxford again. Let’s look at Webster a theory that race determines human traits and capacities, also racism. So it looks like there’s a lot of different definitions around and none of them I found so far say anything about power plus privilege. I think a I think you point curation says I think it would be racist to say a black person’s experience or viewpoint is different from a white person’s, as opposed to saying two individuals have different viewpoints yeah.

I think that that can be accurate. I also think that the first one is a very collectivist view, and I think that’s really where what race racism is, is the the worst form of collectivism, because you’re looking at people based on not even their skin colors, just what you’re? Looking at that group and you’re believing they all have the same traits you’re not looking at the individuals within the group, let’s look at that.

I think I’m pretty sure collectivism was created. Let’s see what that let’s see curious, and I can’t spell alright just missed a letter – the socialistic theory of the collective ownership or control of all the means of production and especially of land by the whole community or state the people collectively for the benefit of the People there’s probably a lot more to it than that. That’s interesting.

That immediately goes to socialism in this definition, hmm, because if you’re looking at people as a whole people as groups – pardon me – I mean here – I know what word we should do prejudice. No, it doesn’t. That’s it. I think it was a referring to the political, sorry, the political meaning of collectivism. I’r trying to that’s why I looked up prejudice, I’m trying to find a word that more accurately describes judging people based on as based as a group, preconceived opinions not based on reason or actual experience, bias, partiality, unreasoned, dislike hostility or antagonism towards, or discrimination against, a Race, sex or other class of people.

I think I really think prejudice is a good word for it, but that’s because it see this in the 13th century. This is still the oldest definition of the word, the King and sometimes it’s weird and old, a well older, techspray prejudice because they use I as the King and Prejudice of him and to sorry let other bishops, that’s not helping me figure out the definition here. So I actually I don’t mean, look up Webster’s collectivism, sorry, I’m being this distracted ADHD again political or economic theory advocating collective control, especially over production or distribution emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity.

Yeah I’ve. That’s an interesting observation, lumber Thrax! So just like. Oh Edie definition of racism prejudice also lacks any positive form. So, like your example of saying Asians are intelligent doesn’t fit that definition. That sounds about right. That’s a way I would in my in my dictionary, if I was right, I changed the definitions. I don’t just breed thee. When I create my entries, I don’t just read the Oxford English definition I used the.

I give the definition that I hear and I understand when I read the words of ice, said prejudice. I would give the definition of essentially prejudging something. So I have a prejudice towards my wife. I’r going to I’d rather spend my time with her than with someone else. That would be a prejudice. Ever I have a prejudice towards chocolate ice cream. I have prejudged all chocolate ice cream as being better than vanilla.

It’s not necessarily bad things, I’ve, and so I would probably make my definition or it definitely would make my definition. In my entry on prejudice be more neutral. I might mention that it often has a negative connotation in modern society, but I don’t think that’s the way. A lot of I think a lot of people use it enough in a positive way. It’s like, I have a prejudice toward something. I have a prejudice towards Nintendo vs.

PlayStation. I think that would that would be a better definition and that’s what I want to do with my dictionaries. I don’t always think that, what’s in the dictionary is accurate to the way people use them, and that’s why definitions, dictionaries, change the definitions and if you look at the Oxford English Dictionary we’re looking at prejudice, this word was updated in 2007, where there was an older Version that was created in 1989, and they can even go look at that older entry and hear prejudice, injury, determined or damaged detriment or damaged caused to a person by judgment or action in which his rights are disregarded, resulting in injury.

Hence injury to a person or thing likely to be the consequence of some action now, chiefly in particular phrases as in okay, that sometimes these older ones get confusing, and I have to read them three or four times, but that it’s also interesting here. That prejudice is considered as a noun is considered damage to a person caused by a judgement. Injury damage hurt loss in the genitive to terminate dismiss with extreme prejudice to kill or assassinate, hence termination with extreme prejudice.

Hmm, that’s that’s fascinating. Where did it come from? It came from pray, pre, prefix, judicium judgment sentence see same as in judicial, so yeah it does mean prejudge prejudice damage. Ah, sorry, I’m reading and trying to let’s look it up in the let’s see this one is usually a lot clearer, ud, you deesis you deesis genitive, meaning injury. Physical harm. Hmm in the mid 14th century is a legal term.

Oh so when they say with extreme prejudice, it means to do physical harm, Wow, a violation of legal rights, meaning preconceived opinion, especially not necessarily unfavorable, especially but not necessarily. Unfavorable is from the late 14th century in English, also a changed meaning to mean preconceived opinions in the 14th century from medieval lat, Latin prejudicial injustice from what so prior judgment.

So it seems to be made of words that mean to prejudge things, but it meant damage previously. That’s interesting prejudice verb to injure or be detrimental to interesting. So sorry, I’ve got a bit of a coffee er. Oh it’s almost been an hour. The time is flown. Okay, one other thing I’d like to mention: do we have any Tolkien fans out there, I’m kind of into philology, and he was probably he’s, probably the most famous foolishest in the world.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Tolkien was a writer for the Oxford English Dictionary. He wrote a lot of the W section, and one of them that was specifically pointed out to me was in was walrus. Someone pointed out that this particular entry was written by JRR tolkien, the same guy that wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the seahorse or Morse. I’r not even going to try and release that read that a carnivorous pimped Marine Mammal.

I lied to the okay. I shouldn’t tried to read: I lied to the seal or a Terran or sea lion and chiefly distinguished by two tusks exerted up upper canine teeth. It inhabits the Arctic. Seas of variety found in the North. Pacific has sometimes received a distinct, specific name, OB sis, so this is a bit of talking’s work that a lot of even some of his big big fans – probably don’t even know is – is there is a talking’s definition of the word walrus.

Oh, it looks like it comes from German holding OBC or its obeisance yep OB seahorse, okay! Well, thank you guys for joining me today. I’r glad this went this went well. I had I had a fun time. I didn’t know how it was going to go happy birthday to me. Thank you to all of my fans, followers and patrons. I look forward to doing more of these in the future. My recording rig and my computer is in a living room so with a family running about.

I don’t particularly think it’s going to be good to have a television going on in the background, so I’ll, try and find time to do these usually I’ll end up doing them late at night or if I ever have a day off at work. I can do it in the middle of the day when everyone’s gone at school or work. So thank you for joining me and I had a fun time. Thanks, bye, you


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SFBW19 – The Importance of Proper Measurement Within Digital Marketing for Crypto Companies

My name is Jamie McCormick, a managing director of Bitcoin marketing team. It’s going to flick through this very quickly here as well, Who I am been working in crypto since 2014 um. In terms of how I got here into the crypto space, so I classically trained in marketing – remember the Marketing Institute. I worked for 12 years in the article games industry prior to getting into crypto, specifically in virtual currencies and then five years in blockchain as well.

I ended up designing primarily because of advertising fraud. Three tracking and accreditation systems did one and article games have one in Facebook and then a generic platform as well, and we’ve integrated the tracking and accreditation methodology that we use in to over 10 crypto projects as well. I managed about 12 million advertising across this, so while you’re here um just to run through kind of the topics that are going to be talking about.

So we’re going to have a look at the smart approach in terms of a marketing plan. The importance of measuring how modern, tracking and Accreditation works some of the different challenges that are there to measuring the pitfalls. If you’re relying exclusively on Google Analytics the benefits of effective tracking a few examples, what happens when tracking goes wrong and then we’re going to have a look at a real-life example of a conversion funnel and specifically, how measurement improve that so in terms of being smart? For any marketers in the room, probably familiar with this, it’s an acronym for a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely within digital marketing.

Taking a smart approach, that’s a cryptic company really measure all of the different activities that you’re doing to see what’s working. This is good and bad, and it’s really important that you tailor this against your specific KPIs. Now every type of project is different. If you’re selling a hardware wallet, it might be ecommerce sales. If you’re doing an exchange, you might have to do onboarding process trading trading volume and then there’s various different types of KPIs that you have and what this lets you do then has really build specific tactics in relevant marketing blogs for your different audiences.

There you can measure them, so you can really find out what’s working driving traffic to your website, into your conversion, funnel specifically through your conversion funnel and on to sales, you want to have it so that it’s achievable with your resources, skills and budgets. It’s realistic in terms of your expectations against your company KPIs and that you can find your audience in the right place at the right time with the right message now, when you combine correctly implemented tracking and accreditation, you can see things for their true impact, so good About you know not every advertising campaign is going to be brilliant.

Not every advertising campaign is going to be poor. You know often you’re going to have situations where you have some good, some bad. You might have say 100 publishers sending you traffic from a particular advertising network, but there’s only actually three or four of them that are really generating most of the sales that you’re getting in there as well. So once you can see, what’s good, you can focus efforts.

There once you can see, what’s poor, you can cut it off and redistribute that budget around then as well. So in terms of measuring you know anyone who’s using digital marketing. It is one of the most measurable activities that a company can do and you need to have your tracking in place. If you don’t have tracking in place, you can never really measure anything other than at kind of a generic overall level as well.

So when you’re trying to do digital marketing, tracking and accreditation, you need to have your platform configured. So when traffic is hitting your website you’re adding URL parameters, so people may be familiar with UTM tags like feed into Google Analytics. You can add a lot of costs and values onto these as well. These need to be fed into the link prior to being sent to your website or to an app store as well.

Once you have that in place, then you need to be able to take that data feed it into your own user registration database and then pull those reports into a marketing report which is limp, lined up with your KPIs and then. Finally, once you have it, you can act on that report and we’ll have a look at this. So knowing what’s good is great because you can focus budget there, knowing what’s bad lets you avoid wasted, spend so, if you’re running an advertising campaign for $ 10,000, you should know after about a thousand or 2,000 told us, whether it’s actually going to work or not, And if it’s not working cut it and move it move the budget elsewhere.

Also having the data as well has a lot of applications beyond it. You can find problems with your conversion funnel you can find some strange behavior, that’s going on anomalies. You know in article games, we found all sorts of products. A product design, you know, might be specific points within a game that were deep into the game that were actually broken and in a conversion funnel in the example will show later on.

There was two points that we’re losing over: 60 % of the user is going through. So when you’re dropping a lot of money on campaigns and they’re, not really going the whole way through, that’s going to cost you a lot of money as well. Now, once you can see what is working and you can fix it, you can focus and improve over time. So in terms of modern tracking and accreditation, you know, overall, your traffic is going to be mixed up from a couple of different sources.

So you have your organic traffic, which is going to give you a baseline, that’s coming in, so this is coming in from your SEO. This is coming in from any media that you’re doing in terms of peor. You’ve also, then, got traffic, that’s being driven from your communications. So this is your blogs, your social media posts and then you’ve got your advertising traffic than as well. Now I know our hosts ears were podcasts as well.

So, equally, you can use promo codes where you don’t have a link to measure and link it into this sort of a methodology as well. Now. The key thing to remember here is, if you don’t tag communications or advertising activities, you’re, never going to be able to measure them after the fact, it’s very, very, very hard after somebody has registered to then try and find out where they came from. So if you add the information when you’re sending it whether it’s through Google AdWords campaign, whether it’s through a ad campaign with someone like coin Zillow or coin traffic, podcast social media posts, you can do that in terms of P or obviously pure they strip out.

Quite a lot of the links, but you can use timestamp information to pin a cross-reference when traffic came in and link that back generally to particular types of activities, and especially when it comes to communication. Measuring, like we’ve integrated this with several of our clients of community management teams. So when they take kind of a unified approach to measuring activities, they can say: okay, well, we’re working across Facebook, we’re working across Twitter, we’re working across medium, we’re working across YouTube and what they can find then is well.

Twitter is actually getting us five times. The amount of traffic Facebook is getting us a lot, less mediums, getting us a steady amount and they can use that then to kind of repurpose their time in their effort. So they spend less time on the blogs that are giving them less results and they focus more on the ones that are so in terms of some of the challenges that you have to measurement as well. Now I’ve managed a number of marketing teams prior to getting into crypto, and human error is one of the big ones.

Now going back to my games career, we had about eight different people on our team. None of them were trained to the same standard weed people in from South Africa. We people from Ireland from England, Italy, Poland, Russia, Germany, everyone was digitally marketing qualified, but no one had the same training. So we really had to give that standard training to the entire team so that they could do it as well.

I blocked plugins really caused a big issue, so you’ve got the likes of brave where you’ve got default are blocking coming in. So in this particular event for SF BW, we were running campaigns with brave and because of adblock and because they were reliance on Google Analytics. We found it very very, very hard to actually measure the results. We can see the traffic coming and it was very hard to cross-reference that, because of this in terms of script, locking plugins it’s the same approach, you’ve got cookie blocking as well so say.

For instance, with here we had to you know you had a an e-commerce tag or a user ID that was being set by Google Analytics, and this has been shared into the Eventbrite and that wasn’t being passed at some point because of cookie blocking. That was going on now. Also in many cases, you’ve got advertising blogs that won’t or they can’t provide optimization data. So if you have a network that you’re talking to – and they won’t either give you a publisher ID or a website domain for the traffic, that’s coming in, don’t work with them.

You’ve got no way to optimize it and also, if they’re doing that they probably have something that they’re trying to hide as well. You’ve also, then got under reporting if you’re relying exclusively on third-party analytics platforms. So, generally, in non crypto space, you might have a 10 20 % discrepancy between analytics data and your own database encrypter that can be up to 40 %. I’ve see people more privacy, conscious people using more adblock and and so on.

Now that feeds into relying exclusively on Google Analytics, so we’ve worked with lots of clients when it came to analytics often they’re set up in terms of there’s a tracking script set up on the page and that’s recording, but often they’re, very often misconfigured. You don’t have event tracking setup, you don’t have conversion goals set up and it just makes it very difficult for you to read them as well.

As we said, there’s underreporting up to 40 %. You’ve also got a very separate at separation of analytics from your underlying databases. So, if you’re running an exchange, you know your exchange database is all of your information there. You might not necessarily be feeding it straight in so analytics is always going to be sitting on top now, if your analytics is showing less, then your real database, that’s normal.

If it’s showing more something’s wrong and again it’s misconfigured. If you don’t have on sorry, if you have on tag traffic as well, this can, combined with your organic traffic, can really skew your stats and really, you know the whole points of tracking is really building two different things. You know you’ve got the John Wanamaker dilemma, which is half the money I spent on. Advertising is wasted, I don’t know which half by doing tagging you can see exactly what it is and then you’ve also got the period or principle, which is the 80/20 rule as well.

Now, when you get tracking right, it lets you see at a very holistic level. At all of your marketing communication activities side by side in one report, so this can be your own team, stuff, organic traffic so coming in from pure stuff coming in from third party agencies and everything else, and you can measure them and I’d like for like basis. The approach that we’ve always taken has meant that you’ve got one report that you look at from your own data and then you can reconcile that against 30 or 40 different reports from platforms and see if there’s an AMA lease there as well.

So if there say they’re measuring lots of leads and you’re, not that’s one thing: if they’re measuring lots of traffic and you’re, not that’s another thing there as well. Now, once you have the tracking in place property, you can identify positive traffic sources and really focus your money and your time and your effort on these as well. In some cases, you’ve got it’s very hard to get volume and quality.

At the same time, and often what you’ll have is you’ve got an overall blog and within that you’ve got a couple of traffic sources, but generally over and over and over, are bringing in safe bets. So once you can identify a safe bet and traffic source, you can focus your budget there and maximize that out. You can identify negative traffic source, so these are ones that are bringing you in nothing they might be bringing in spent, they might be bringing in users or registrations, but they might not be going the whole way through your funnel and you can filter them out.

Now. Often, what we’ll see is you have a blog where you have some good traffic sources and then a lot of bad ones. So in one case we’re running a campaign with the clients they had a base. I think 60 different publishers that were sending traffic into the campaign two of them those publishers were generating 80 % of the traffic and spent on that. So when we tried to you know the other fifty-eight we’re bringing in lower volumes and they’re bringing in registrations, but when we cut those two specific traffic sources out, the whole campaign improved spend dropped, but the conversion rates all went up, click-through rates went off, and revenues Came up and the oral I came through from that as well.

So really you know it boils down to saving money. You know you want to save money on marketing spend also when you map out your conversion funnel and again, we’ll have a look at an example of one of these. In a moment, you can really identify bottlenecks in your process, so we’ve worked with lots of teams where the developers made the conversion funnel that they thought was okay, but in reality it wasn’t the most intuitive for end users.

So, by mapping this out mapping at every single step, looking at ratios between them and finding out what was working and what wasn’t we were able to identify, drop out points, some small, some big. So once you also have the product as well and you’ve identified that there’s a problem, you can identify barriers to product usage. So in a lot of cases you have to fully go through a funnel before you can use the platform and if you’ve a barrier there.

That’s stopping people getting into it. You need to be able to improve that there as well now development teams, all the ones that I’ve worked with know of data. You know the only thing that will get over an attitude in terms of oh, I built this and it’s great. What’s the problem with it? Yes, you did build it, but there’s a problem there. The data is telling me the problem. It’s not me. It’s there’s! Actually, a problem there, that’s there as well now, once you have it and you’ve got the recording in place, it’s very easy to quantify the changes.

You know you put a fix in on a particular day. You’ve got the stats all the way up to the previous day and then, from the day on you can see the improvement if it goes up great, it’s going to make your life a lot easier, the next time you’re looking for problems if it goes down or There’s no change, you can roll back and look at something else, and really what you want to do is by building this approach and really mapping every single traffic source against your KPIs.

You can look at the metrics there. You can find the certain traffic sources have higher metrics, so we’d often see you know, say with an affiliate. You might have an affiliate that has very low volume, but they’ve got a high click-through rate and a high product usage, and that might be coming from a texts post or some information about it there as well, whereas doing banners. You know you’ve got a lot more volume, you got a lot more traffic, but the quality is very poor.

Now, equally, when we look at say some of the crypto ad networks that are there, the standard banner sizes that are there have very victory rates, but some of the custom html5 placements that they have, which are much more prominent costs a little bit more. But the kicks your rates are five six seven times better and when we kind of measure that I you’re paying on a CPM that makes a big difference.

So what happens when TAC tracking goes wrong? Firstly, you can fail to identify systemic problems within your product design. It’s buried there, people don’t look at reports or databases in a lot of cases there and they just continue working away on something there as well. You can wait finite marketing budget on activities that are generating no or poor results, and they also bring down your overall numbers.

You can waste a lot of team effort, say if you’re have a communications team, that’s working across six or seven different blogs and you’re, giving equal effort to them all, but there’s only three of them that are generating what you actually want. You know you can save a lot of time and stress and hassle for them just focusing most of their time on the three that are working in terms of skewing stats.

If you have a lot of traffic coming in or you’ve got a load of poor results. This can really skew your stats and you can’t kind of change that then, and you can really focus on traffic sources, which you know you have kind of situations where you’ve got middling ones. You might have users that you’ve got decent traffic coming from a particular publisher or a keyword, for instance, but they’re only getting halfway through the conversion funnel and repeatedly there as well.

So while it looks good if you’re looking at the first KPI, which is an initial registration, but you look at say, KPI for they’re, not getting past that point there as well, and sometimes you might focus a lot of effort in time and money into those campaigns. Because they look good from their initial KPI, but they’re not actually going the full way. Also, what can happen is, if you take, you know, a broad sweep approach.

You may have a marketing blog. Like the example I gave earlier on, where you have one or two bad parties in there as well, and you cut the whole blog because you’re getting rid of those one or two so being able to pick out and pick and choose and really see, every single Traffic source compare them like for like and then surgically remove the one or two that are causing problems. That makes a big big, big difference there as well.

So it’s kind of seen the wood from the trees. Also, you know: we’ve had situations where you’ve got a lot of ad fraud. This could be amplified because, if you’re focusing on the right the wrong areas, you can have unauthorized incentivized traffic. You know faucets are kind of the bane of the crypto industry when it comes to advertising they’ve got and by the elements in terms of the onboarding, but generally you’ve got a lot of odd for that’s, going on and they’re from humans now coming on.

To kind of a real case example for a conversion funnel, so we have a client sees in the crypto finance space. They’ve got a complex seventh set formal and you had to get through this before you can use it so, starting off we’ve the traffic this had to hit one of their landing pages, and then we qualified the traffic with the information on this sent as well. They then had quite a long ball t-step registration process.

They they’re not to activate their email accounts. They had to set up two-factor authentication yet to enter in some personal data. They had to go through the KYC process, which everybody loves, and then they had to accept the program terms and conditions, and then, after that point they could get into the platform and use it now. This is similar to an exchange, but there’s a lot of platforms and crypto space that have something similar to this as well.

Now we implemented tracking with these guys a year ago and we’ve put tens and tens and tens of thousands of leads through this system and this approach in this methodology. Since we’ve been doing this as well and we were able to map out every single one of those steps, look at the ratios between them all as well, and then work with their teams implement the improvements. So in terms of what we did, we had the landing page, so we redesigned their landing page.

They were sending traffic to the homepage. We built called a sock or a dead-end road landing pages, and then we got a nice design that we were happy with. We did a B testing using Google optimize to kind of see which ones were best performing, and then we read at the traffic and focus the traffic into the pages that were working best with the registration funnel they had about 12 or 13 different input fields that People have to fill information in.

We really just search for those like what do you actually need, and that was about 6, so they could still put that information in monster in the platform, but during the registration it was that we also reorganize. This was a bit more intuitive for users as well in terms of the email activation. So one of the problems that they were having was a lot of their activation. Emails were getting hit by spam filters, so we got DKIM authentication and this improved email deliverability.

We also rearranged the subject line, so it was cleared. You need to click this to continue and that brought up between step 1 registration and step to email activation numbers by 6 percent. In terms of the next step of the personal data and the KYC, we work with them to rearrange the process and also they had to kind of re engineer some of the elements with their kyc provider. But once we did this, you know they were losing in 52, sorry 48 percent of people weren’t peak, passing kyc.

They were just getting to that step, looking at it and going no. This is too complex and at the end of doing this as well, that went up to 75 percent, so we improved the numbers by 35 percent just by reengineering that also what they had a two-factor authentication step. This point here was causing a lot of problems. They were losing over 30 percent of people. So if you do the maths here, you know you’ve retired some people coming in.

They were losing six percent at Step, two at Step: four, they were losing 30 odd percents and then it stepped five or six they’re losing 30 percent there as well. You know the funnel there was losing because of its design over half of the people that were going through. Now we had to work with a marketing team, their product management team, the development team. But overall we did it led to an improvement of 40 percent of customers gone through the process and from the same spend and the same activities.

We brought their sales up by 20 % as well. We also then caught the blogs they were using by 50 %. So that in weed less overhead time effort whole shabang there as well. So that’s the end of the presentation. We have a booth inside in the hall we’re offering an heiress free consultation and a chance to win a nice bottle of Irish teens whiskey here as well. So if you want, if you’re interested in having a chat about your project and tracking an accreditation we’re more than happy to have a child with you next door, so thank you very much.

Everyone for your time and attention appreciate your listening. Sure hey. Does anyone have any questions, so I’m black and blinded here, so I can’t see no fair enough. The same approach you can map in serve any sort of yeah. It does so we learned this in articlegames. You know, and article games had a very complex. You know if people get to register, they had to download six or seven gigs, which you couldn’t track.

Then they’d have to login, go through character. Creation play the game, go through all the products there as well. So the same approach works for the onboarding process, but then equally it works for applications as well end to end so cool okay. Thank you very much, oh okay. So so the question was what what programs, what programs you used to track user behavior analytics yeah? So the approach that we’re doing can integrate in with any of those visualization tools or analytics it’s more methodology that feeds it straight into your database.

So there’s a bit of coding: that’s required at the start, to get it integrated in your site and then usually what we do is we’d have sometimes use a Mongo database, some people using Splunk some people using SQL once the data is in there. We structure the reports and that can feed into any sort of visualization tool that you have so the approach that we’re taking there’s no like analytics pixels anything.

It’s just there’s a methodology that once you get it in it’s in there and then you can then use whatever tools. You want to use whether it’s a CSV report or an SQL makes panel whatever. It is actually visualize that data okay, we’re going to have to leave it there. Thank you so much Jamie


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The Transcription of RP – Suggestions for In-Class Activities

If students do not feel confident in any of these areas, we recommend to visit the respective elearning units on the virtual linguistics campus here there are phoneme and phonetic transcription or to consult our electors in this YouTube blog now, in particular, the e lectures about the phoneme And phonetic transcription this background knowledge is necessary for the goals of this in class meeting.

The particular prerequisite for this in class meeting is that students have worked through the unit, the transcription of received pronunciation, including the election English in England, in accordance with our inverted classroom model. As a starting point for this particular in-class meeting, I suggest to clarify the terminology that is used to define the standard pronunciation of the English language in England, the heartland of the English language.

In doing this, I will be supported by a first-term student of our seminar and Nina Eichmann hi. Elena Anna Nina will first of all discuss with me the central definitions so uh Nina in defining the standard of the pronunciation of English in England. What sort of terms have you come across? Well, I’ve come across the term British English. Okay. Can you write it down and abbreviate English by a capital ease of British English is a term that is often used anything else.

Yes, that’s Oxford, English and Queen’s English. Okay, now, while Annina is writing down these terms, let me say something about it: British English is a head term for the reference variety that we use in teaching and learning English. However, it mainly refers to the standards in orthography, in the syntax, in the morphology and in the vocabulary of English, so it is a head term rather than a term used for the pronunciation of English, Oxford, English and Queen’s English.

Well, Oxford English implies that this English is spoken in Oxford. Isn’t it well and Queen’s English implies that only the Queen uses it, so there are no suitable terms for the pronunciation of English, so rather we should use something else, and the term that is used is in fact called received. Pronunciation, okay, received pronunciation. Now the term received pronunciation has, for many years been used to refer to the type of English, which is the one that is accepted by the best society.

Rp is also the accent that Americans and possibly other foreigners would probably refer to, as the typical British accent. Sometimes it is also referred to under the terms BBC, English public, school, English or even Standard English, so it is neither a regional nor a personal but a socially accepted type of Standard English. By the way, you can compare this with the standard accent that is used in your own country.

We are both speakers of German, so in German, we have a similar situation where the standard is social rather than regional, in character. Okay, after this first introduction to the term, received pronunciation. Let’s now practice – and you know you dealt with the e-learning unit – we, you should be familiar with it. You read the article and you pass the graded worksheet by the way, with an excellent result where you had to transcribe some RP words, and this is now our first practice, so I will produce some nonsense words.

Nonsense. Words are always very good because they do not distract you from the orthography okay. So now here are the words in you. Please transcribe. These words here is the first one. Do it do it? Okay, next one is razz razz good. Then we have kind kind. Okay, the fourth one is should-should and the last one in this series is Jacques, Jacques. Okay, so perhaps you’ve tried the same thing. You can now compare an inner solutions with yours, and here are the model solutions and, as you can see, there are only well only two mistakes.

I think the first one is, of course, where Annina use the wrong vowel here this should be. What would you call this vowel? Oh, that’s the swab, the schwa, okay, so schwa and the second mistake. Well, there’s no further mistake, perfect good solution so now this explains why she did the worksheet so well and now, let’s take another series, some longer complex nonsense words. This is now very hard, and here is the first one Castillo Castillo Castillo, yes, and he now is inserting a stress mark.

You know when words have several syllables, you have to use a stress mark tostito. Okay, again, you can try yourself and later we will look at the model solutions. Now, here’s number two did Sheila did, Sheila did Fila looks, good, did, Sheila did thela and the last one is, must heed or must heed or must heed or must heed or Musti door? Yes, fantastic. Only one mistake I can see. Perhaps if you look at it, you can see yourself.

This symbol here would be more mostly door, oh and it is not used in RP at all. So this would be the solution. Well, let’s look at the solutions here they are. The rest is OK again. It’s always useful if you address particular letters, particular letters. So this is a letter here which has a particular name, this symbol. Well, I think that’s the whet the wedge, okay and earlier on in the previous exercise.

We have this symbol. What is it called and that’s the S the ash, so we have three characters which we can address by name the wedge: the ashen through. Ah it’s much simpler than to talk about transcription. Okay before we now turn our attention to the sound system of RP. Let’s repeat the differences between an arrow and a broad transcription here is a sentence I used in the e lecture about the phoneme Liz played with Paul.

So let’s transcribe, this sentence in two versions, narrow and broad – are Nina. How are these systems represented? First of all? Well, in the narrow system, you use the angular brackets, and here we use slashes the slashes okay excellent. Now I mean I didn’t know that I’m wiping this off, because I’ve prepared something, but it doesn’t matter. So this is what I prepared, and here are, of course, the right brackets or your answer was perfect.

Now I want to make life a little bit simpler in class. Of course, I would do the whole thing, the transcription, together with my students, so in both cases we have some symbols that are absolutely identical, and these are the ones are represented in black here now. Let us now write down the two different versions and let us look at the differences, perhaps the lateral consonants first. So what about the first? Let’s look at the narrow transcription first, what about the first law as in Liz? Well, I think in is it snow? Well, so to say normal because it’s palatalized palatalized or yes, you use the symbol for palatalization, and if you compare that with the law in Paul well any alveolar lateral here, yeah Paul.

I think it’s penalized realized very good. Okay and then we have another alveolar lateral. In played, which is preceded by /, yes, so what about that? One? Because / is D voiced. I think the L is also D voice. Okay, so you can add the / now in front of yes laid okay, and then we have another cut in Paul. What about that /? That part is aspirated, okay, very good, and now we have excluding the stress mark Liz played with Paul pups.

You can insert a stress mark here. We have an arrow transcription and if we compare that with the broad phonemic transcription, we simply have well the same symbol: the phone. Yes, we don’t have allophones okay played with Paul perfect, so Annina has understood the difference between narrow and broad transcriptions. I hope you so it is the broad phonemic transcription that is predominantly used for the transcription of RP and the most popular one is the one used in John Wells wrongman pronouncing dictionary, and for this reason it is abbreviated as Ltd transcription long run, pronouncing dictionary transcription.

So let us now turn our attention to the sound system of received pronunciation here. It is let’s first of all list the inventory itself. How many phonemes that does RP have RP has got 44 phonemes 44 phonemes, and they can be subdivided into vowels and consonants. How many vowels xx and consonants 24? Okay great and now we only need the monophthongs and diphthongs we’ve got twelve one of thongs an age difference: okay, very good.

So this is then really the inventory itself, the 44 phonemes. And since the next unit of this class will be about American English and the consonantal systems of both varieties of English are very much similar. Let us concentrate on the bowels of our pee first okay and Nina. How can the vowels of received pronunciation be subdivided in the monophthongs? Sorry the monophthongs? Well, I think we’ve got long and we’ve got sort one of tongues.

Mm-Hmm. Okay, now length is a little bit critical. Isn’t it well? I don’t think whether it really plays a role. Okay and okay, so she was a little bit informed about this. What we’re doing now! So what I do in class at this point is, I present the following four words and here they are see, seat, SID and sit. So, let’s listen. I recorded see seat Sid SID now on you know. The first two are normally transcribed with a long, Eva, Eva, the colon and the second set with a shorty in hearing them.

What would you say? Which one is the longest? Well, I think the longest is C. Okay, so that’s our number one, the longest and the shortest. I think. That’s it okay and then number two and three would be well. I think like this okay, so this is what we all would probably say without performing a so called spectrographic analysis which you can’t can find here. So what I did. I used an audio program in class recorded the sounds and then showed this result to the students, and here you can clearly see in the frames which contain the vowels that now we have a different situation.

Yes, this one is still the longest, but now there is that one Sid is the second longest number three is seat and number four is sit, and now you can see that strictly speaking, length is not a decisive factor at all. Rather, it is a matter of tens versus lakhs or a distribution, for example the most of the short vowels, and this is a distributional effect. Most of the short vowels only occur in closed syllables.

That is, they need a consonant that has to follow. The schwa occurs in unstressed position and the e is a little bit critical as a language change going on where many people would now say City instead of City, but we still use the length Marc. Yes, we do and why well, it is perhaps a special indicator for the prolongation of vowels, which is useful for the language learner. After all, there are many languages which do not have long vowels at all.

So if you’re learning English and you see these links, symbols you might be tempted to make them longer and that’s not too bad for the language learner. Okay, the diphthongs here are the eight diphthongs. How can we subdivide these dipthongs? Well, we’ve got in gliding and adding different tongues. Okay, can you mark the in gliding ones? Yes, I think these three okay, so these are the in gliding diphthongs.

Now some students often complain about all this terminology. Why do I have to remember all these terms, but these terms help in a systematic classification of the sound systems of languages. In the case of our PD thumbs, we can say that the whole class doesn’t exist in American English. Why not? Well, I think that our the in glaring ones, because they can all be found in context with the final or choker orthographical are and in American English.

This comes out as a man of throne plus earth. So here we have some words here. There ensure in British English, with a with an implied indifferent in American English, here, they’re unsure, okay, now the final part of this session should be dedicated to the discussion of transcription to practicing a good exercise would be this one here, where you present your students, a Transcription result that contains a lot of mistakes and these mistakes can be of a formal kind.

So, for example, and I’ll leave that to you we’re not giving this Ellucian here, perhaps just the headline. The headline contains some mistakes, so our four lettered friends, where are the main mistakes? Annina? Well, I think because, as you know, if, whereas you just have said the art, isn’t there and mercy pronunciation, so we get rid of that. Yes, and here has to be the SWOT, I think grateful occurred.

Yes, and this is normal II friends. Yes, I’m salon is not used in RP. Ok, I think here when you thanks mark yes for the difference. Sometimes we have trouble writing here, but it’s we all know. It must be this. This vowel in the first case, so our four lettered friends well and you can do the rest at home. Finally, depending on the time you have in class, you could present your students with a transcription exercise, give them a text, give them five minutes.

Let them do the transcription and eventually show them the results, and of course they can do. The rest at home then continue at home, and this could be a nice homework too. But you know, according to the inverted classroom model, you don’t have real homeworks. We do everything in class, okay, let’s summarize well after this in class meeting and the e-learning unit, the sound system of RP prior to it, everyone should not only be able to list and classify the RP phonemes, but also to transcribe RP words in simple phrases: the Transcription of connected speech might still be a problem, but that does not matter at this point.

We will tackle that in the unit present-day English connected speech and in the respective a lecture. So let us stop here, but not without reminding the students to finish the last two tasks: the corrections of errors and the completion of the transcription. The solutions by the way can be found on the virtual linguistics campus. So thank you all for your patience. Thank you very much’, Nina for your support, just-just.

She said that’s bye-bye in German, okay, that’s it for now!


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Blogging with Seesaw: The power of an authentic audience – PD in Your PJs

Today we are talking about blogging with seesaw the power of an authentic audience, i’m angela with a seesaw team, and i’m really excited to introduce to you cara, 4m who’s, an amazing teacher that has so many great examples of how she uses blogging in her classroom. So cara take it away hi everyone welcome i’m going to share with you this evening of how blogging really can be so powerful for your students and give them a voice that you may be surprised to hear and in such a good way.

I am a current 7th grade, math teacher. However, I did spend the first 19 years of my career teaching grades 3 4 & 5, and you see saw in my classroom in middle school now, as well as using it previously in elementary school as well. So I’m coming to you also from Cary North Carolina and that’s right outside of our state capital of Raleigh. If you’d like to connect with me on social media, you can find me at mrs.

Bream tweets on Twitter and at mrs. Bream math on Instagram. I am a CSUN ambassador and I’m excited to share with you, but also know that I am Google certified level 2 certified educator as well as a national board certified teacher in literacy. I know a math teacher, who’s certified and literacy go figure right. Well, I am so excited to share with you and wanted to give you our plan for today we’re going to share a little bit about why blogging is something that you could and maybe should be doing with your students and then I’ll.

Take you through just the basics of setting up a seesaw blog. We will talk about and I will show you how you can get connected with other blogs, using seesaw and as well as work on collaboration through blogs. Finally, we’ll end up with a practicing digital citizenship. With blogs and I’ll give you some tips that I’ve used in my classroom before as well, so I’m so excited to have you here to talk about blogging.

It can be so powerful for our students to have a voice, that’s heard, and not just you know, heard by the teacher or heard by their family at home, heard by you, know someone walking down the hallway or the administrator who happens to come into the room At that moment, but instead really provide an authentic audience for for student voice and give students a really safe and moderated environment in which they can develop the skills that are going to be needed as they mature and develop and become real citizens in our digital world.

So blogging really allows for having having a place for students to grow and to learn to promote collaboration and conversation and truly give students a place where they can connect with new audiences and whether that be different grade levels in the same school. Different schools at different grade levels or same grade levels or even connect throughout the country or throughout the world and vlogging also allows students to showcase the amazing learning, that’s happening and all of their success and even their failures along the way so that they can learn From each other and have someone and a group of people to to share with and to think about how they’re presenting their work and their ideas with others, so we’re going to be talking today about how seasaw is an amazing tool to use to get students blogging And connected and the basics of blogging, I promise you, if you’re not already set up with a seesaw blog, it can be set up.

Super easy, three, simple, easy steps. So what I have for you are the downright basics. Now this is so basic. You could get started with this right after this PD session. You can get your class connected and ready to go for tomorrow. The first step would be once you’re already logged in to sisa. As a teacher, the teacher would be able to select the blog tab in the top right hand corner once you open that blog tab, a new screen will come up different from the journal and activities or inbox that you might be used to and that blog tab Will tell you hey: this is where your students can share their work and publish their work around the world, so you’re going to click on the learn more button on that page.

The second step would be to set up a public blog URL. So what happens? Is that after you click that last blue button, a screen will pop up that says all right. So let’s set up this public blog and when you click that public blog button you get to name your blog, so you can choose a name for your class blog. Your blog name is something it’s whatever your class is being called. So if you call it, you know, like Miss, B’s class and that’s my PD class, then that’s what it would be called here.

Another option would be, you know, to change the name of your class as opposed, so you could capture that, but the blog URL is that web address that would be used if someone were to search for it and the beginning of each seasaw blog is the same Exact set up where its blog seasaw dot me slash, and then you get to put in what you want it to be named. If it’s an open blog address, you’ll see a little green check.

The example on the bottom is a blog address, that’s already taken, and it will tell you this blog is already taken so thing. You need to change it and tweak it. So once you have that set up, you would click on that green arrow and the next would be to select your blog settings. You have a couple choices. Do you want to allow comments on your blog, and I do have comments allowed on my blog, so the green switch just like all the other switches for see-saw means it’s turned on.

If you wanted to turn it off, then you would slide it to the left and it would look like it’s turned off or closed. You can also have your blog password protected. That’s something that you can choose to do so if you want to have a public blog but also keep it password protected in private, you could do that as well, and that’s something if you want it password protected. You would be able to turn it on once.

You have those two settings set up, then your blog is set up and ready to roll, and they she saw provides for you, your blog URL, and tells you that your students and you are ready to start tapping on the blog icon. That will now appear below any item that’s submitted in their feed view, so the students or the teacher are able to select that and share anything that they put in seiza inside of their blog.

So I want to show you just very quickly what that would look like setting up a blog from your classroom. So I have a seesaw class setup right here and it’s a sample class for PD purposes. My list of students are on the right, and this is what my journal would might look like. I have the blog button right here or I could even click on the wrench button to get there, but I’ll click on that blog button and then remember.

I would click on learn more and I’m going to set up a public blog. So this is the name of a class and you can see that match is what what I called the class here when I set up the seesaw classroom and then I would want to decide on a blog URL. So maybe I want to say blog PD. Well, let’s see if that’s available, oh no, it’s taken! So maybe I want to say blogging PD, let’s see if that’s available, Oh see that little green check right over here tells me I’m good and we will continue enabling the comments on the blog automatically gets turned on.

If you do not want that, you can turn it off, but keep in mind if you, if you have it turned on which I do for my students, all blog comments do require teacher approval. So if something were to come across on the blog, they, you might think your students shouldn’t see, or that was just you know. Students will be students and they might put something a little silly on there. You can certainly delete that, and you know, have a conversation with either whoever typed it from your class or have a conversation with your students about appropriate blog comments, so it really leads into that digital citizenship.

If you wanted to turn on your password, you could do it there as well. The blog has been created, it’s pretty awesome. Now it’s called blogging PD and anytime. I have an item for my blog that I want to add, or my students want to add. They can click on this little world icon and that will take us right into our blog. So here’s our blog, I can click on this gear to customize it even further. This will take me into you know.

I can write a description. I can add an image. So up here, instead of it being all blue, I could put a picture up there of anything that I would like to write here is that blog URL that I could copy/paste share and also see what it looks like live now? I don’t have anything in my blog, but this is what it would look like to an outside audience and so they’re not actually in my seasaw classroom, but they get to see a picture of the learning.

That’s happening all right. So that’s just a quick demo on how to get it set up and, like I said three easy steps you could certainly do that. The big push for my wife or having students blogging is to be connected to connecting connecting my students to other classrooms and being a middle-school teacher. I have different class periods of students so connecting my first period to my fifth period and my sixth period to my fourth period and so on, but also to connect to others outside of my school building outside of my school district and outside of my state and Country so seesaws connected blogs.

Allow you to do that as a teacher, and she saw already has it set up so that it’s very easy to connect with other blogs, so your students can be connected with others and search and see and share with others and grow with others as well. It’s a very safe environment, it’s all within the see-saw boundaries, and I think that that to me as a teacher and even as a mom who has a student or child connected in her classroom, it makes me feel like this is a safe, protected place where we Can learn and grow together when you receive the slides, you can access all the blog resources that I have for you like how to connect specifically connecting blogs to each other and who can I connect with, but just know again, that is a really safe environment and It’s pretty exciting because when you are ready to connect, there are teachers out there throughout the whole globe that, and you can click on this document and be connected with people instantly so, depending on your grade level from pre-k the whole way through 12th grade.

There are blogs listed in this document. It is a fluid document, so teachers are adding to it all the time, adding their blog URL to it, so that you can connect – and I just want to show you very quickly how to connect so we’re going to go back in to the blog that we Created and down here at the bottom, I have a connected blogs, a link that is within that blog page. I can also access that through the wrench.

If I scroll down here, I can find my class blog where it’s turned on. It’s enabled I can always shut it off. If I, if I choose to, I can have a blog on, but not let students post. So I could always turn that off, so they would not see that world icon. If I wanted to take a little break from that or turn it back on, if they’re allowed to post on the blog, this is where the settings might might be. What my blog appearance would look like, but down here at the bottom or the connected blogs right now.

I don’t have any blogs that I’m connected to, because I just set it up. So I would click the plus sign at the bottom to connect to blogs and notice the beginning of the the URL is already there for me. So I just want that part that would connect me to a blog that maybe I’ve um. I went to the list and I’m looking at that document and I found one: this is a PD blog that I created, so I’m going to type this in and click that checkmark.

This would give me is asking: is this a blog you want to connect to, and it gives me a description of the blog? I can even click on it and preview, the blog to see it’s really something that I want to connect to, and if that is something that I want to connect to, then I would connect that blog once I’m connected. Then that means that when my students, when they’re logged in they see that globe in the upper right hand corner they can click on connected blogs and they can select and look at that blog from the list without ever leaving see-saw.

So it allows a global connection without even you know, going into any sort of web site or web search or anything like that. It keeps things very safe. I’r going to also share with you another blog that I had students working on and I’m going to be. Sharing more information about this in another webinar this coming Thursday. Actually. But this is a blog that I use in conjunction with a third grade classroom that we worked with virtually and we created through seesaw a blog.

So when I’m done here and I go back and I I look look and see at what is connected and what’s available, if I refresh my page, the connected blogs should change over here on the right-hand side, and I can see that I have two connected blogs And here they are and I can go and click on them and there I am in that connected blog. This is the PD blog and I can go and see the items that were shared on the blog, and I could comment on that blog because remember: that’s not my students, that’s another classroom, so that connection is so simple and so easy and the best part about It is that I’ll go back to this slide.

See saw already has a document set up a Google Doc set up where you can go in and share your blog URL and get other blog URLs that you can connect with with other teachers from around the world, including some of my students as well collaboration is So powerful, when it’s done through the blog’s, because again, students are, are really working together and getting ideas from each other and sharing their ideas as well through the blog and having that very first outsider blog response is just incredibly priceless.

My students were so excited each and every one of them every time they got their very first blog response, and you can see here that I, the snapshot of this. We had a student posting and Owen from the blog responded that you know this is really cool. But if you don’t know me, I’m on the blog and the students got a kick out of this because they’re like oh look, look, look, someone from the blog is actually like, they saw it, they saw it and it wasn’t their dad.

Chad is the student’s dad. It wasn’t another student in the class. Reishi is another student in the classroom, who’s commenting on it, but it’s someone from the outside and it was so powerful for the students to see that very first blog response. It was also really neat to collaborate with others. We’re here in North Carolina and we were connected with and have been connected with, schools from across the country and a few schools in other countries as well, and some of the really close schools were actually right down the street.

And it was a little silly in a way that the students were like where, where is this school? Where is where’s mrs. Drake and mrs. Drake’s fifth graders were actually a school that was about two and a half miles away and another elementary school. That connected with our fourth grade classroom, and so these students were connecting and didn’t even realize how close they were from each other. They, it felt like a whole world away, but very close, and they were we’re sharing ideas, and you know some of them was.

Oh it, this is just so cool, or I really like this, but it gave them that audience that they didn’t get with or from their their families or their teacher or just hanging something in the hallway. But we did have connections that were from far away and we had a blog connection a couple years ago and we’re in Cary North Carolina. We were connected to a class in Dubai, so that was really neat and also was connected to a class in China.

And my students were excited about that and every time that there was a post from the blog, you know it would give another student’s name notice. Only first names are used no last names except for mine, because I’m the teacher, but it would tell us that it’s from the blog – and we would have these conversations back and forth – between students from the blog and and students in my classroom, and it was so Powerful for them and then they would start asking up, did anyone anyone post it.

I got to go on and check to see if anyone posted on my blog today, so they were really excited to make those connections, and it really fed very nicely into being good digital citizens and seesaws blog feature was a way for us to even practice that Digital citizenship, before I ever even turn the blog feature on one of the things that we talked about, and we talked about in my classroom – is thinking thinking before we post and but we actually started off with the think rule.

Did I share with you here before we ever even talked about anything social media related or blog related? We were just talking about, you, know, being a good person and showing kindness in the classroom and and then it led into a digital conversation, and we talked about digital footprints, but really it’s more of a digital tattoo. So we want to make sure that we have. We have a positive image that we’re presenting for ourselves because we’re sharing with people that we don’t know – or you know we found out some of these people were right down the street, so maybe we would meet them someday and it wasn’t just someone that was a Random stranger, so we practiced as using this think rule before ever diving into the blog feature, because I knew it was coming and I knew I wanted to use it.

But I printed this on weekly to-do list that I had for my students. We had independent checklist that we had. We had posted around the classroom, we talked about it and practice. It weekly actually started using sticky notes at first like okay. Well, tell me tell me one thing that is true. Tell me one thing that was helpful today. One thing that inspired you today, so we used those words and for a couple weeks and we just used sticky notes like an exit ticket, but it was explicitly taught my think rule that I’m talking about here was taught in my classroom, and I think that that Was a real benefit to my students because they knew that the comments that they were going to eventually post on seesaw and then blog and post on seesaw, that all those comments required teacher approval – and I always have that turned on because I felt like they needed To know that someone was reading and someone would see if you want to encourage digital citizenship – here’s a few posters in printables that you could print out for your classroom.

That see-saw provides so different ways that you could share commenting different ways that you can. You know encourage conversation, ideas about what to post and what not to post, and that leads very nicely into a question. That’s often asked is: where should I post this on seesaw? I have all these different options I can have students share in a journal. I can share it in an inbox. We could share it on the blog now so kind of keeping things divvied out into their separate sections and it kind of helps compartmentalize.

What where the sharing should happen. So a journal post would be where student wants to capture their work and or respond to activities or a personalized photo of something like you know. They took a picture of them with something so that that would be in a journal. Taking a picture and putting your picture your your image on the blog, that would not happen in my classroom, so we do talk a lot about how a blog is a public audience and when we’re connecting with other classrooms.

That book, the pictures, the comments, the information should be very its to the public and it should be very eliminating anything personal, so we’re not going to put on personal photos, but maybe we could share a picture of our work. We’re not going to put our full entire name, but we could have our first name. So we have conversations about that, but also you know, if there’s something more private that you want to share, that’s not meant for the blog that would be sending to families and or to even students and families.

Regular communication newsletters reminders class pictures from your learning experience. Whatever that might be so everything kind of has its place, keeping in mind that the blog is a public audience that you’re connecting with other classrooms, so vlogging can be so powerful. It gives students such a strong voice. It gives them a reason. It gives them a. Why – and I certainly hope that you try it with your students if you have not yet tried it and connect with others within the seesaw community.

There’s some amazing things going on out there that I know you’re doing please share with others as well, so you can do that all through. You know the different social media groups that that are out there and I’m so excited that you were here with me today and be in touch. You know you can get in touch with me on Twitter and Instagram as well.

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EASY Way To Create A Website For Your Salon Using

Com, and I want to show you guys how easy it is to create a website for your salon. I use a company for my salon website called Wix, I’m not really affiliated with Wix in any way. I just think it’s a very simple website builder for anybody. Anybody can do this, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to show you guys so, let’s switch over here alright.

So let’s get started in this way. So this is basically the Wix website builder. It looks exactly like a website, that’s what makes it very convenient a lot of you don’t know, but most of the time websites are built with something that they call code and code is basically a bunch of letters that somebody that went to school for a long Time learned to write – and you know most people cannot do that.

So this is so simple, and what I like about Wix is. Let me just show you. This is our front page of our website, so my salon is gratitude, salon, education. This is definitely not if you’re a website builder already. This is not the article for you. This is just me, showing you salon owners out there that it’s easy and you can create your own site very simple, so this is the basic menu. We have our social media stuff up here, so you could click that that’s easy to set up.

So the cool thing about Wix is it’s just as easy as clicking it? Let’s say I don’t like that there and I want to put it over here. I can do that and I just drop it, but let’s I want to keep it right there. So we have that up there and then I have my main menu here. All of this is connected to each page that I have developed for our website. So if I want to shrink that down a little bit, so we have our home menu, which is this, then we have our salon like about the salon and what? What the salons all about so the bio of the salon.

Then we have our menu for the salon. We have a portfolio with some pictures of hair that we’ve done and then a contact page and then the salon professional page is the free salon, education, komm page, which you can also click this image here. So, let’s just start with the basics over here is how you create pages. So if I click that it opens up, it shows you all of the different pages that are connected to our website.

So if you wanted to, let’s just start with the salon page so I’ll click – that this will show you what the salon page looks like it shows a picture of our salon very simple, and this is a slideshow. So it’s many different pictures put together. We have basically the description of our salon, what our salons all about, then there’s drop-down menus from that. So if actually let me open up, let’s open a new tab and let me go to salon gratitude comm, so this is our actual page and how it works.

So if you go to the salon, you can see this drop down menu here you can see that the slideshow is working here, showing some of the staff and everything so to create these drop-down menus. Let’s go back to our editor. I have my main salon page. Then you can see how these pages are offset. So now each of these pages, this one is the salon. Then we have owners so a picture of me and Christina and Hayden, and it just talks about us being owners and what that’s all about.

Then you go to our team and it has the BIOS of our whole team in here kind of breaks down everything. It’s really simple to do. So if I want to create the main salon page here and then have drop down menus from it right here, you can see these are a little offset. So if I want to actually show up in the menu I drag, let’s see I could take this page drag it over and now you can see team shows up here.

So if I want it to be in a drop down menu from the salon page here, then I just drag it over. So it’s really really simple. Anything I want to do if I want to change this picture. I’ll have to do is double click it once. I double click that picture see here. It’ll bring up this editor and you can upload there’s some of our friends in there. This is also connected to the free salon, education, comm page, but any picture I want to add in there let’s throw Josh XO a bone.

Let’s say I want to become Josh Excel, so let’s change the image and boom it puts it right there. You can change the size if you want, and then that becomes your bio. So let me go back to let’s change it back to me. I don’t have to be Josh, so, let’s see here and there we go. So it’s back to me. So it’s just that simple to change the pages and whatever you want it to be. Now we’ll go back to our pages here we have our menu.

That brings up the same thing. If you want to click an image, you can add images, you can change your pricing, you can write whatever you want. So let’s say I want to edit this text. I double click it I can highlight. I can write whatever I want, so I can come in here and type in and then you click out of it and you’re good to go. Let me just take that away here, so it’s just really simple: to create a website on Wix and the cool thing about Wix.

Is that it’s free for you to start so you just create the page and then the maximum amount that you’re probably going to pay, is $ 10 a month to be able to have a website. You can create your own domain and everything, and as soon as you have your page, the exact way that you want it, you save it up here so once you save it you’re good, then you hit publish and whatever is already done on your website.

Once you hit publish its going to go live so you can do all your editing and then, as soon as you have it the way you want it, then you publish it and it’s it’s ready to go so again up here. You can change your your logo and everything, and this is something that you want to get into it. Try it out and you’ll you’ll discover different things. This isn’t a full tutorial on it, but this is just showing you how easy it is to create a website.

Nowadays, now the other cool thing and let’s go back to our home page here, creating a slideshow is simple, so you can see all these images that I have added in here. So that’s going to rotate through. You can add your titles, whatever you can link them to other things, so that’s kind of a cool function as well. So if you have something, maybe you’re running a special in the salon – and you want to link it to that – I also we gift cards in the salon and we use millennium a gift, so they’re online gift certificates.

So what I did was I created an image and then this don’t do that. I linked it to our Millennium a gift. So now, if you go to our salon website and you’re like oh, I want to order a gift certificate. You click that it takes you to our page on millennium, for them to purchase a gift card which is really cool as well. We there we go so has our logo here they pick a design whatever they want. They buy the gift card to emails it to someone which is another cool thing that you can do, but you can click and add everything to whatever you want.

We have our reviews in here wedding page, so I think that’s pretty much it, but if you guys have any questions, please post them below on anything about building a website on Wix. I can answer them. I hope I’ve kind of clarified some things for you on this, but make sure that you subscribe to us on youtube and follow us and again post any questions below I’d love to answer them. Hopefully, this helps you guys and make sure you go to Wix comm create a website, have fun with it, and you know this will save you a lot of money and it allows you to have a little bit of creative control on what your salon looks like Online, so thank you guys, Matt Beck from free salon, education, calm and I’ll.

See you on the next article thanks


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Soundcloud Tutorial Two: Create and annotate a private audio podcast for educational purposes

What I want to do is take a look at what I would suggest some of our more advanced students would do and how to use this as a tool. So one of the cool things about soundcloud as you’ll see is that there’s a way that you can go in and you can annotate audio clips.

So what you’ll see is here is a clip by cindy tss, red, hot chili peppers and basically, let’s go into the the adventure club remix. So if you take a look at this all these little slashes here, those are areas where somebody that’s in this community went in and left the annotation okay. So you can see this person here up south been waiting on a new one for a minute. It was worth the wait that might not be exactly what you want your kids talking about in class, but you can see the power that’s involved in this, so you could.

You could have a piece here where you record an audio clip or your students could record an audio clip and then, if you or they go in, you can basically go in and grab the audio clip and then annotate it we’re going to take a look at Some classical music I’m going to go in and look at this track right here and there’s only a couple. But let’s see how this looks so as audio is playing, so you see ghosts, prints came in and said, lovely there’s a way for individual students to come in and leave their text leave their annotations and it’s pretty easy to do so.

I’r going to go in, you saw a piece that I had here. I could be listening to the clip that we just recorded and I’ll stop my reporting there. So you can see right there. I just added in two clips, so I can reply so you can have dialogue about a section of the tape. I could even come back in here and say this part of the recording tends to be a bit better than the rest, and I can post that up there.

What we can do here is, as the as the teacher you can come in and say: okay, I love your emphasis on the words that Pinsky uses here. This part is a very you. You know this is a dramatic part of your production that I appreciate you could add elements where you’re a little bit more critical of your students, but the nice thing is that all of this is here in soundcloud. Once you have an account, you can create the clips, you can annotate the clips.

It makes that whole process of recording and uploading as simple as possible. What’s also nice about soundcloud is it is an online community. You can annotate, you could create groups with your kids. There is a limit to the amount of minutes you can upload. I think it’s around two hours, then you can pay for more. I think, for your purposes, you could pretty much accomplished everything without paying for the number.

One thing that I would have a concern about and that you should be concerned about is the fact that it is an online social network. That’s based on music and it’s very healthy okay, so there are tons of artists that released tracks here, there’s tons of people that are involved, and some of it is questionable. Okay, you cannot ensure that your students will be safe here in these environments. So what I suggest you do is you don’t send them in and have them just hunt down and look for you? Okay, don’t send them in and just look for you and try to find you.

Okay, because I’m a fan of DJ shadow. Okay, I can go in, I can follow DJ, shadows, music. I can listen to a lot of his pieces here. You might not want your students just to go in and find you and basically follow your tracks and mark up your tracks. Okay, the way that you get around that is, you create private lists. You create private tracks, private playlist, you embed those in your website. Then your students never have to come back here to SoundCloud.

Okay. What they’ll do is they’ll, go to your website. They’ll see an embedded clip on your page. That basically looks just like this. It plays like this, it shows the annotation and they can annotate, but they don’t have to go back to sound file. So, in a nutshell, that’s how now that we’ve created a clip and made it private, that’s how we annotate a clip. If you want to come back at any point and figure out how to do this, I basically put together a tutorial will be sharing that the instructions on how to get there, but we have a tutorial.

That’s set up showing you how to do all of this. On the website, I’ve set up for some of these directions. I show some of the standards that are involved and down below. I show screen cat captures on how to do this on an iPad, so this is basically exactly what we’ll be looking for when we use soundcloud with our students and use it for annotation purposes.


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Creating a Class Blog in Seesaw

In this article I’ll show you how to set up your class blog, how to add posts of the teacher and as a student, let’s get started. First, you have to enable your blog in the class settings menu so tap on the wrench in the top right corner and scroll down to class blog hit the enable class blog button – and here you can create your blog tap, create your blog and, let’s name our Blog second-grade Superstars is a great name for my blog and let’s add that at the end of the URL as well.

Here I’m going to pick a web address, so people can access my blog on the internet, tap the green check to save your URL, and here I’ll choose my blog settings. You can enable comments on your class blog by default. See-Saw blogs are public on the internet. Anyone who visits your URL will be able to view your blog content. If you want to restrict access to your blog, you can password protect it. If your blog is password protected, users must enter in the password you’ve, given them to access your blog.

You can change your blog settings any time by tapping the wrench icon to access your class settings menu. Let’s tap the green check to publish your blog well, hero your blog is created. Now is the fun part, let’s customize our blog with a header and description to customize, your blog tap the gear icon right next to the green plus, you can add a description or so an image to use as a header tap the green checkmark and there’s our Blog header image tap the X to save as a reminder, it’s very simple to switch from the journal view to the blog view of your C cell class.

Now, let’s add items to our seesaw class blog tap the journal and you can add any item to your seesaw class blog by tapping the globe icon underneath the post you want to share, let’s try it tap the globe and choose publish to blog. Now you can see this has been tagged as publish to blog and if I tap on my blog I’ll, see that item right there. Let’s practice how students are able to add items to the class blog students can also post to the blog.

This is a great way to give students additional ownership over their see-saw portfolio and introduce them to blogging and digital citizenship. All items that students post to the blog require teacher approval before they go live on the blog students can post an item to the blogs by tapping the globe icon underneath the item they want to share. As a student, they’ll choose their item and tap the globe, icon, they’ll choose publish to blog and you can see a pending approval has been added to this post.

That means that, from the teacher perspective, the teacher will have to approve this item to go, live on to the blog and now back to the teacher for approval. Back to the teacher view, I have one unapproved item and this is the item. My student wanted to publish to the blog, let’s review it top review, and you can see. My item has a publish to blog header at the top of it. If you don’t approve of this item being added to the blog, you can tap the red trashcan to either delete the item from the class or remove it from the blog.

If you approve that the item can be added to the class blog tap the green check mark now, it’s been added to the blog. If you switch to the blog tab, we can see the item there and any item that we we published. You can delete items off of your blog from the blog view, by tapping the blog icon and choosing remove, and now our items been deleted off of our blog. It’s so easy to publish and remove items from your see-saw class blog.

Your students can also view your blog by clicking on the blog tab in their Asifa app or on the seesaw website. Other visitors can visit your blog on the web by typing, in your blog URL to any browser and don’t forget for each new year. When you create your new class, you need a new blog with a new URL sharing. Your blog URL is a perfect way to share your favorite classroom work with your broader school and other classrooms and learning communities around the world.

If you create a blog, please share it with us through social media. We would love to see your students work. You can find us on twitter, at seesaw, on instagram @ CS, on learning and on facebook.

Don't have time to do the blogging thing?

Maybe Copywriting services are for you.



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MOOC Production Process

I do come from a Background in media production and the tools are becoming increasingly Accessible to people with varying skill levels and budget Today I want to walk you through a Typical production process and outline some options you have and Things you’ll want to consider as you develop your media assets, Whether you are working solo or in a Team for some items you’ll want to determine the beginning up your process.

The first of these is a deadline which Will allow you to set some limits on the scale of your production while giving you and your team members a Basic idea, how much time they will need to commit to the project Setting milestone dates will help you Hold people accountable, while identifying potential problems that may Delay the launch your course You will need to evaluate your available Resources before venturing too far into the production process, These include equipment and locations.

Where your recorder work But oftentimes, the largest factor, is People’s time Identifying available assets early will allow you to either Scale your production accordingly or to secure additional resources. If Needed A positive thing is that production options are continually Becoming more numerous, while the associated costs are Decreasing Software and hardware has been dropping in price becoming more accessible for both the cost.

Perspective and the technical knowledge that it needed to operate the equipment, It is possible to spend tens of Thousands of dollars on a single camera, but an iPad or webcam are also very Capable cameras that are fraction of the cost Today there are many mediums you can use. To convey your message and each will have unique attributes: A Simple screen recording with a voiceover may be suitable to present your material or you may wish to record a live.

Presentation that you’re already going to make You could record in various settings. Like a studio, classroom outdoors or at your desk, You may wish to Utilize services, like Skype, Google, Hangouts and you can perform Interviews or at interactive course content Each Course is going to be a little different, so I would encourage you to start with An ideal concept of how you would like to Convey a message Then work with your team working your personal constraints to Determine the most effective way to reach those goals You likely to make some concessions.

Along the way, but will open up the opportunity to get the most from your Resources When you have a good idea about the Scope of your project, you can outline a workflow to make the production process progress. Efficiently, You will have a large amount of content and you may be working with many other People in the process of creating your message Identify who is responsible for creating Different aspects of the content and structure, your scheduling to allow multiple People to be working concurrently, This man, boss, segmenting the process by Modules our week to week Using an example from Our advanced chemistry MOOC, our instructors would construct a Presentation then record lectures and supplemental articles in batches After the recording they would develop.

Practice problems to include, while continuing to develop PowerPoint slides for subsequent Lectures As the media specialist, I would process the recordings and make any Necessary tweaks to ensure audio and visual consistency for uploading the articles to the Coursera platform. When a article was finalized, I would inform an intern who was Responsible for captioning Our course designer would then update the Mooc web pages, with relevant links to articles PDF and transcripts Along the way we would meet as a team to Discuss the workflow scheduling We would identify any outstanding problems.

And evaluate our MOOC site to ensure the pages were visually intuitive, with logical Navigation, All these steps were managed with a shared Google spreadsheet, where we could label the state a each Lesson as well as at project notes. Ultimately, this process allowed each Team member to keep a steady amount of work in their cue, which helped us to achieve our overall Project deadlines Once you’ve laid the foundation for your Overall project, you can start the pre-production process, Depending on the format you are recording.

This can vary greatly. One of the goals during pre-production Is to make sure that time is used effectively As more people are added to your production. The importance of good time management increases, Some people are natural presenters, but Most individuals will need to review their content or script multiple times. Before recording This will allow you to practice your Delivery appear more natural to your audience, but it hopefully reduce the amount of retakes Needed For simple screen recording the pre-production is limited, but you still want to make sure your PowerPoint and other Assets are free from typos and that you’re comfortable with the Material, You have more flexibility to pause or edit screen recordings and Other type of recordings, but a single read through before the Actual recording could benefit you greatly.

You may want to spend some time with the Recording equipment for that you’re able to make a high quality product while not being distracted by the Technical difficulties For demonstrations and classroom Settings you could be working with a article crew or it could be shot by an individual Outlining requirements prior to recording will help you or your crew prepare Cameras lights, microphones as well as know how everything will need To be positioned, Even if you’re doing a production, solo, It is important to make an equipment checklist to keep yourself organized.

It will also help you identify things. Like batteries, recording media and cabling, that could be easy to Overlook A studio production can be very similar to a field production, but most equipment stays in place. It’s Still important to discuss the production process to help people with Scheduling who are assisting you With proper preparation, a studio can be Ready as soon as you arrive, but this is contingent on relaying Appropriate information prior to the shoot During the production is when all the Prep work we have been talking about really begins to pay off When you’re working with a production.

Crew are on your own. The goal is still the same: to make Everything look and sound as good as possible, While taking the least amount of time to Record Lets quickly go over some recording basics that can greatly Improve your final product, Most recordings will have some form of audio, While the way you capture audio may very greatly. You want to make sure your input level Set appropriately, if it is too low, your audience might not Be able to hear even if they increased their volume output and the levels will probably be Inconsistent, if you include other piece of content in your presentation, low levels can be corrected to a degree.

And editing, but it’s always best to get it right. The first time to streamline Post-Production and I have the highest quality source: Files levels that are set to high generally cannot be corrected afterwards, since over certain amplitude, the Characteristics of the sound are altered, resulting in permanent Distortion, most recording programs will show an input level meter. His whopper for a plea have a nominal Level indicator with added color warnings.

When you speak, you should typically hit The nominal indicator, but BC read this – indicates level peaking. With the store Shin being likely and generally a sign that your input Level should be adjusted lower if people are appearing on camera, proper Lighting will greatly improve one’s appearance. I won’t go too far in depth and if the Subject but a typical single person, shooter will contest up to 3 or four point lighting.

A two-point laying setup consists of a Key light for primary elimination and a weaker felt, like the Prophet Shadows with each typically being placed at a 45 degree angle, pointing at your Subject: third light as a backlight that helps Add definition to the shoulders and hair while the fourth white eliminates the Background these are just the basics and much more Information can be found on the internet if you wish to dig deeper camera.

Placement can affect how you were able to frame a Shot and can be contingent on your setting, but I’ll discuss a few Options a standard shot can be square with your Subject and the camera will be at or slightly below eye level. This is a great when you’re subject: Wants to address the camera or audience directly, an over-the-shoulder shot can be used. For interviews with the subject, looking slightly off, Camera at the interviewer, a two person interview can be captured.

By crossing the camera plans, the result and editing is that each Person will be looking towards the center of the frame slightly, which brings me to my next point: Composition there many rules of composition, but all Stick with two right now: headroom and legroom headroom provides a Little bit of space at the top of the frame, the gives you a visual balance to the Shot headroom is at least partially subjective, but a good rule farm for Medium close up shot seen here as for the eyes to a line about one Third of the way from the top of the screen, the show allow for proper spacing with The subject inside the frame this rule applies whether using a webcam In Camtasia presenting a lecture hall are conducting a sit-down interview.

Lead room is also important when framing People looking off-camera allowing for more space on one side of The frame where the person is looking won’t give better. Visual balance of many pieces of software exist with Different prices and capabilities Camtasia as a popular screen recording Program that also allows you to add a recording and insert additional content. After the fact, but free or low-cost screen, recording Solutions also exist in Apple’s latest version of Quicktime or with Microsoft.

Windows screen Recorder utility, the can be downloaded from their tech, not side, Windows, Movie, Maker and iMovie are Low-Cost solutions to do some porn article edits, but if more advanced tools are needed, There are many options, some of which can be seen on the list. Here I’ll try not to overwhelm you with article Editing, but I want to cover some basic things to get you started. Setting up your project will differ.

Between pieces of software, but there are some key ideas we want to Remember you’ll likely be working with a lot of files and keeping these organized As important keeping file names and folders relevant To the content, their associated with will be helpful and adding things like sequence, numbers Dates: camera angles will help keep everything in order using a similar structure within your Editing program, as well as using meta data features, is advisable to Quickly find your assets, it also recommended that you keep Multiple copies of the central files during an ongoing project stored in more than one physical Location hard drives do fail and a good backup can help ensure that You don’t resolve your artwork digging a little deeper all article Editing software users, some form of the time line time – is Usually represented with timecode shows minutes seconds any their Fractions of a second or frames, adding content horizontally to the time.

Line one Chris liberation on your project. Still images generally are inserted a Tube alteration might 10 seconds and grabbing the handle on The end will allow you to change that duration. Adding items particularly will allow you Two layers: stiller animated assets like a full screen, damage or partial Graphic like a lower third screen resolution is something you Generally, want to be aware of, and higher tends to be better, but Sticking to standards like 1080, P or 720 P is generally advisable.

Some older software will default to Lower resolution setting so consult your documentation for the settings most online article Platforms will transcode multiple renditions for viewers so setting the appropriate resolution. For both editing & exporting is important to make sure your students are able to Clearly see your contacts, fixing bad audio levels and making sure All of your audio sources are consistent.

Volume is something that always should be Checked on when editing and finally pacing is something you can Keep an eye out for as well. Is there too much for too little time? After say, you’re opening either long posit that can be removed. Pacing can be subjective, but it’s always good to read her Concert before you export it to at least make sure nothing feels dramatically out of playoff. It’s always Relieving to reach the end if you’re editing process, but we’re not quite done yet exporting, can Be a lengthy process, but a lot of options, but I’ll try to keep it simple.

If your Software has a preset these are generally safe to use and should give you get results today. The most common format for high-quality web article is an mp4 container file using The age 1964 Kodak, if you don’t know what this means, that Okay, the same presets references terms in the generally safe to use, while Exporting and you want to use 1080 P or 720 P as a resolution, if you have an option for a bit rate, I Would suggest 8 megabits per second for 1080 P and 4 megabits per second per 720 P, but back to the topic, a file naming you Wan na name the exported file something at first and I will allow you to easily Be associated with relevant course, sections of due to the scale at MOOCs there’s a good chance.

You’ll have Students with accessibility needs Corsair allows you to request subtitles For your course, or you have options to create them on Your own or contract services from a third party free in pain software both exist that Will allow you to manually create the required SRT caption piles YouTube will attempt To do voice recognition and will allow you to export these SRT Files, but this method will require some editing, especially when there is technical, Scientific or mathematical language 0 having a fresh set of eyes, looking Your material to verify accuracy and your presentation is always a good Thing for two becomes easier to mess things the longer you work on a project.

At UK we’ve reviewed article live in Meetings but also for private links in Google Drive venue to collaborate. Remotely with team members with an organized file naming system and The proper documentation posting your files should just take a Few clicks within Corsair you’ll create a core structure and upload articles to Accompany each lesson, transfer time will depend on Your file, size and connection speed the same article files can also be Uploaded to YouTube or other service as Creative Commons license thing of Course, era allows you to utilize your content in other ways.

If you choose well thanks for joining me today, he made It this far you’re, probably serious about creating educational course contact feel like any Recommendations are more information about a specific topic, feel free to Contact me at Alex dot cut a team at uk-wide redu. You can also find her officer be Learning website, as well as other team members at UK, why don’t you use flash e-learning Thanks for joining me and best of luck with your project, the

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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The Different Roles of Production

The scriptwriter is while in charge of writing the scripts. This includes things like writing down the town’s lines, the directions and the camera angles. You want to use the director is a person in charge for directing their crew. Their job is to visualize how the article plays out and then guide the actors and crews to fulfill that vision.

The producer is usually the person who oversees the production of the article. The producer is usually on a higher level than the director lighting. Their job is to set up the lights correctly and make sure the talent is well lit, as well as the background. The articlegraphers are in charge of setting up the camera in the right angle. Focusing the shot and making sure it looks good talent is what you called a person who is starring in the article like me, right now we’re in charge of presenting our lines to you, the viewers, the person in charge of audio, is responsible for monitoring the sound Levels of the talent by making sure there’s a go too low or too high.

Let’s go copies in right now. The editor is a person who’s in charge of compiling all the footage and putting it together into one article. So those are just some of the roles in filmmaking, as well as what they do, but remember each role isn’t limited to just one person you can assign the same role at the same time to multiple people or just one person. If you prefer, we hope you enjoyed this article and we’ll see you next time.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!


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Interview with Carla Nemr | Global Head of Business Development

Thank you for taking the time out to talk well, thank you for having me here. How are you I’m fine, good, good, good, okay, so Carla? I think the first thing for us to talk about is a typical day in your role. So what would a typical day look like for you? What are the kind of responsibilities that you’re doing on a day to day basis, yeah so so, via in the guiding to what I do are usually on on daily basis? There are a lot of may be passed and priorities that I should look into.

So I try to maybe divide the FASTA to different days or we even mix the reason. Why is because I look into a different market globally, so, starting off, like I develop individual plans with the county managers for each country or region that they take care of, and then I have also evaluates the market trends and provides the appropriate support to product development With you and of course I do provide some training and maybe guidance to the team so to also overcome some development issues.

Let’s say we do some weekly meetings or monthly meetings to discuss what challenges each market is facing in every county or region, and we try to find solutions for that as well together, I also so I’m just going to answer what you’re saying is that I’m you Actually go in with a tailored approach for each market so for the different country managers. You have to tailor it to the clientele there are in that country.

Yes, okay, so there’s a lot of work going in. Yes, of course, yeah! So that’s why we need to also always work together. It was you know everything when you, when you try to over look to a global market, you need to listen and understand every individual market. You know how you can approach it. You know because every market has different tradition, difference the culture different, try, a type of marketing tools, approach, etc.

So we need to always communicate together as a thing. So it’s a real Tyler, the pro yeah. It is in addition to that. I analyze the business strategies and develop improvement plans, so I can also provide the right support for the you know: the growth of the business. So we also, of course, when I gather all the information and the challenges or issues. So I also try to coordinate that with a management team to maintain as well the quality of service that we provide for every individual market and to maintain, of course, the budgets that we need to allocate for those countries.

So it’s about maintaining the consistency as yes correct. If we look at the technology side as well, I need today is also the IT department in order to maybe inform them about the latest technology that we need to provide for our their clients different. They also in every market. If you look at Asia, they they may be discussed about copy trading or even mena or a Latin America, so every individual market also is they need for certain technical tools.

So we need to always communicate with our IT department in order to provide the most innovative tools and products for our clients Wow. So that’s actually quite a huge scope of activity that you’ve got to cover. And what do you feel? That’s the most important thing for your team to focus on and what are your priorities to offer you anyway? What do you feel your priorities towards the traders? I believe there are a lot of maybe key points that I try to communicate.

It with my team, in order to provide the best service that we can, because at the end of the day we are the online financial trading company. So in that matter you are not offering a tangible product. So, therefore, you need to focus on the service that you provide to clients or traders. So the one of the maybe key services that we need to focus on is education is education, so in cooperation, of course, the marketing department we try to see.

Maybe each market also individually, what type of webinars they would look into educational webinars course. Also, we try to be offline as well, so we target different markets by going on on the ground being they’re present as well and provide them the educational seminars that they might require. So we have a lot of, for example, beginners traders that they need to understand. More that is about you, know the risk of this market of this industry before they get into that market.

So we try to provide them the most information possible for them to make the right decision in order to see whether it suits them or not. That’s for the education part. Now we talk about services. We need also to maintain the quality of communication with our traders. We need to understand the needs and requirements for them in order to provide the best service for those daters and then again, we look also for each market individually.

We do not provide the same service for all markets, because every market, as I said before, as a way a different way of approach, the first thing than your presence as well on. If you look at the technology part as well, so you need to be present on social media and therefore we have to look into how we present our services by providing the right information to our clients from the business development side.

We are active of social media, so traders all over the world can understand what signals vision is also can also get close in communication with the Wrights business development, whether he’s the county manager, the salesperson or the customer support. So we try to understand the need for each market and be there as well active on social media. I mean, if you want to reach the global markets, you need to be present there, so they need to see with who they’re dealing with.

So it’s really important to be active on social media. What images you are giving or representing the company and do you think it’s important that they have that accessibility as well to the company? So it’s more about the transparency, so people always kind of be in contact. Should they have communications more about it for immediate communication? Yes, they do nice. So that’s a that’s, a very kind of comprehensive approach that you have so Carla.

What I’m hearing is that a lot of emphasis is put on education and making sure the traders know what they’re doing so. What do you feel are the current needs of the traders and how do you make sure that your team caters to that? Okay? If we look at different type of traders, say, for example, we start off with the beginners or the guys that they want to learn more about ratings. They’ve heard they tried for some times and they want to learn more yeah.

So what my team does, or maybe the needs for the trader to start learning more about trading – is to walk them through basically the platform you do to understand more how to place a trade. What are there is that also they might encounter. They can also ask. Maybe about different type of technology on the platform that, if you could say like leverage, margin, etc, so those guys are there to help them walk them through from A to Z, then the trader obviously need to understand also the cost, so they do ask sometimes, if We’re talking also about advanced traders, they come and they look for.

What are the cost for the spreads? You know what’s the leverage that they can be entitled for now with the Asthma, so they need to understand how they can be converted to professional clients or not yeah. If they are details, what leverage their they get. So the team is to explain to them and maybe to walk them through the whole registration process. So every trader has its different needs and we make sure that every trader will find the right tool and services that they they would be looking for mm-hmm.

And what about tick well as a whole with regards the condition, so the spreads the leverage, the margin requirements, how does tickle to a plethora of clients with their conditions? Nowadays, I mean there is a lot of competition in the market and the competition market requires to be maybe the the broker that you should be getting or maybe offering the best lower spread, offering the leverage that the trader will look into it.

Also, the regulations, a lot of clients they would come and ask where are deregulated if it’s an FCA company or broker or if it’s a officer a license as well so check, may try it’s best to provide the most innovated products as well. So the more variety of products, the better for the traders to have more options in order to see how they can or maybe which products to look into and trade. They tried as well to have the best execution with this competition.

You need to always offer the best execution as well, in addition to the spreads of the low-cost of spread and the leverage that they would be looking into so and not to mention at the segregated accounts that the clients would feel more safe once they found their Money in order to place some trade, so those may be points tick – may try to focus on in order to be competitive in the market. So it’s kind of the fundamental things that you’re addressing in that case, so the the conditions that will allow them to excel and also the putting in place the procedures that will allow them to feel safe while they’re trading, bringing all the bases very good, very good.

So, with regards to the team that you’re the you monetarily work with directly, how is the team organized and how do you could you also talk us through the process of onboarding, a client yeah, so we have different. My actually team is consist of different departments. The reason why I have different departments is to try also to give like a customized service for every individual may be type of clients, so we have, for example, the activation department.

If you have partnership departments – and we have County managers and customer support yeah and not to mention also the technical analyst guys as well – that they provide educational, webinars and seminars to the traders, so once the client gets one boarded, we have an activation team that would Help the client to be to go through the registration process, starting from filling the form online, sending the KYC documents that I documents for the everyday market gets approved and then they’re ready to start just free traders to understand kyc what does kyc meaning.

It means that the doctor, the right documents for know your client, basically abbreviation of know your clients at the right documents for every trader in order for them to get approval so once they get the approval they get their account activated. So they need to be. You know approved from the compliance point of view. They have a distasteful registration form to help. You provide the right information about their profile, then the documents and then once the documents are correctly submitted, then that counts as a right to be approved.

And after that, that’s a there will be they did to funded his account and start writing nice. Okay, yes, regarding to the other departments, so we have also partnership departments with the partnership department focuses on maybe retailer search, think the idea or maybe partners. So the partners, usually they look into providing clients or maybe refer to friends or they would like to introduce business, but it’s they can either trade as well or maybe just focusing on and growing their businesses yeah.

So those guys that are they have some connections and it would like maybe to introduce them to tickles, so they are called partners or IDs introducing brokers, so those guys and a partnership Department. They make sure that every IDs that, despite that providing the rights, also information for the clients before they get embroidered, they also get some rewards from Dickman once they introduce their clients at say this to us.

You do and the track is dependent also they ensure that the ideas they get may be the right material, so they can ask in there from their side to provide it to their clients right. Okay, we have also the county managers, so county managers are mainly focusing on every individual market they’re assigned to allocate the to yeah, so they do the business development for that market. They study the market, they see what are their eyes approach for stickmen to guess in that markets expand the business there yeah, so they do analyze.

They look at the competition there. What are the right to products, services and marketing budget that we need get for that market and they come forward, so we came together, maybe build that business in the countries or regional they’re taking care of Wow. Okay, you try to always provide, and maybe listen through. Also, the traders, what exactly they need. I mean we try to provide what the client is asking for.

Yeah, I mean there’s no point of just focusing on certain things that the trader would never take into consideration while his focus is somewhere else. So you need to have a very efficient communication with your traders, especially if they’re advanced experienced traders, so they are the best people to hear feedback from in order to provide your onion improve to always services to the client and social media gives you those open blogs Of communication, yes, we do forth and through laxity yeah and I’m guessing that tool must trigger down into your team, so you’re encouraging your team to actually use social media to engage with their clients, to possibly open up more markets and to be a gamification blog yeah.

My team they’re quite active on social media. They try to always the present right image for each individual. We have also some information may be posted about the profits, the volume, the trading volume of the company every now and then because it’s been important for the traders who maybe to compare to compare signal with other brokers as well. So he can make the right. The decision where he would like to maybe invest response nice.

So could you tell me a little bit more about your team, so we’ve been talking about the tools that you’re using to engage with your clients. But how specifically do you organize your team and how do you structure the team and was the onboarding process like so when it’s someone first comes to a member of your team, all the way through to when they’re actually trading with you as a client. So my team consists of different departments.

The reason why we have divided different departments into different tasks: educator needs of each group by the clients. So, for example, we have the activation department. They are the first, the department that will be in contact with the client so that what the client wants. This shows interest of opening an account with us or they’re registering with a company. They get in contact with him and they try to accommodate his needs from a to Zed, so starting off from the registration form and then later to submit his documents as well.

So they walk. Will they walk the client through the whole process until he gets approved and he’s ready to open the account to find the right account as well for him, because we have different types of accounts, so he would be in contact with that account manager in order to Give him the right information to make his decision, which type of accounts and whether the client is approved, so he can start saving on the phone.

Okay, the other department would be. We have another Department called apart. So in the partnership Department, it is the partnership Department. They take care of all our partners and ideal, so we do also have a department that calls county managers Department, those County manager. They get involved more into developed business in every individual market right, so they look into, for example, Asia.

They look into Africa, Latin America. Maybe MENA region, so they try to study the market analyze, what the market needs and then they communicated together. I mean we communicated together, so we can see what are the right approach in order to expand the business in each individual country. Wow. Okay. Well, I think that’s we’ve covered quite a lot today and that’s probably all we’ve got time for so I’d like to thank Carla for coming to talk to us today.

It’s been a wonderful day and you’ll be hearing for some more of the tin wall team. Very very soon have a nice day bye,

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