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Blogging with Seesaw: The power of an authentic audience – PD in Your PJs

Today we are talking about blogging with seesaw the power of an authentic audience, i’m angela with a seesaw team, and i’m really excited to introduce to you cara, 4m who’s, an amazing teacher that has so many great examples of how she uses blogging in her classroom. So cara take it away hi everyone welcome i’m going to share with you this evening of how blogging really can be so powerful for your students and give them a voice that you may be surprised to hear and in such a good way.

I am a current 7th grade, math teacher. However, I did spend the first 19 years of my career teaching grades 3 4 & 5, and you see saw in my classroom in middle school now, as well as using it previously in elementary school as well. So I’m coming to you also from Cary North Carolina and that’s right outside of our state capital of Raleigh. If you’d like to connect with me on social media, you can find me at mrs.

Bream tweets on Twitter and at mrs. Bream math on Instagram. I am a CSUN ambassador and I’m excited to share with you, but also know that I am Google certified level 2 certified educator as well as a national board certified teacher in literacy. I know a math teacher, who’s certified and literacy go figure right. Well, I am so excited to share with you and wanted to give you our plan for today we’re going to share a little bit about why blogging is something that you could and maybe should be doing with your students and then I’ll.

Take you through just the basics of setting up a seesaw blog. We will talk about and I will show you how you can get connected with other blogs, using seesaw and as well as work on collaboration through blogs. Finally, we’ll end up with a practicing digital citizenship. With blogs and I’ll give you some tips that I’ve used in my classroom before as well, so I’m so excited to have you here to talk about blogging.

It can be so powerful for our students to have a voice, that’s heard, and not just you know, heard by the teacher or heard by their family at home, heard by you, know someone walking down the hallway or the administrator who happens to come into the room At that moment, but instead really provide an authentic audience for for student voice and give students a really safe and moderated environment in which they can develop the skills that are going to be needed as they mature and develop and become real citizens in our digital world.

So blogging really allows for having having a place for students to grow and to learn to promote collaboration and conversation and truly give students a place where they can connect with new audiences and whether that be different grade levels in the same school. Different schools at different grade levels or same grade levels or even connect throughout the country or throughout the world and vlogging also allows students to showcase the amazing learning, that’s happening and all of their success and even their failures along the way so that they can learn From each other and have someone and a group of people to to share with and to think about how they’re presenting their work and their ideas with others, so we’re going to be talking today about how seasaw is an amazing tool to use to get students blogging And connected and the basics of blogging, I promise you, if you’re not already set up with a seesaw blog, it can be set up.

Super easy, three, simple, easy steps. So what I have for you are the downright basics. Now this is so basic. You could get started with this right after this PD session. You can get your class connected and ready to go for tomorrow. The first step would be once you’re already logged in to sisa. As a teacher, the teacher would be able to select the blog tab in the top right hand corner once you open that blog tab, a new screen will come up different from the journal and activities or inbox that you might be used to and that blog tab Will tell you hey: this is where your students can share their work and publish their work around the world, so you’re going to click on the learn more button on that page.

The second step would be to set up a public blog URL. So what happens? Is that after you click that last blue button, a screen will pop up that says all right. So let’s set up this public blog and when you click that public blog button you get to name your blog, so you can choose a name for your class blog. Your blog name is something it’s whatever your class is being called. So if you call it, you know, like Miss, B’s class and that’s my PD class, then that’s what it would be called here.

Another option would be, you know, to change the name of your class as opposed, so you could capture that, but the blog URL is that web address that would be used if someone were to search for it and the beginning of each seasaw blog is the same Exact set up where its blog seasaw dot me slash, and then you get to put in what you want it to be named. If it’s an open blog address, you’ll see a little green check.

The example on the bottom is a blog address, that’s already taken, and it will tell you this blog is already taken so thing. You need to change it and tweak it. So once you have that set up, you would click on that green arrow and the next would be to select your blog settings. You have a couple choices. Do you want to allow comments on your blog, and I do have comments allowed on my blog, so the green switch just like all the other switches for see-saw means it’s turned on.

If you wanted to turn it off, then you would slide it to the left and it would look like it’s turned off or closed. You can also have your blog password protected. That’s something that you can choose to do so if you want to have a public blog but also keep it password protected in private, you could do that as well, and that’s something if you want it password protected. You would be able to turn it on once.

You have those two settings set up, then your blog is set up and ready to roll, and they she saw provides for you, your blog URL, and tells you that your students and you are ready to start tapping on the blog icon. That will now appear below any item that’s submitted in their feed view, so the students or the teacher are able to select that and share anything that they put in seiza inside of their blog.

So I want to show you just very quickly what that would look like setting up a blog from your classroom. So I have a seesaw class setup right here and it’s a sample class for PD purposes. My list of students are on the right, and this is what my journal would might look like. I have the blog button right here or I could even click on the wrench button to get there, but I’ll click on that blog button and then remember.

I would click on learn more and I’m going to set up a public blog. So this is the name of a class and you can see that match is what what I called the class here when I set up the seesaw classroom and then I would want to decide on a blog URL. So maybe I want to say blog PD. Well, let’s see if that’s available, oh no, it’s taken! So maybe I want to say blogging PD, let’s see if that’s available, Oh see that little green check right over here tells me I’m good and we will continue enabling the comments on the blog automatically gets turned on.

If you do not want that, you can turn it off, but keep in mind if you, if you have it turned on which I do for my students, all blog comments do require teacher approval. So if something were to come across on the blog, they, you might think your students shouldn’t see, or that was just you know. Students will be students and they might put something a little silly on there. You can certainly delete that, and you know, have a conversation with either whoever typed it from your class or have a conversation with your students about appropriate blog comments, so it really leads into that digital citizenship.

If you wanted to turn on your password, you could do it there as well. The blog has been created, it’s pretty awesome. Now it’s called blogging PD and anytime. I have an item for my blog that I want to add, or my students want to add. They can click on this little world icon and that will take us right into our blog. So here’s our blog, I can click on this gear to customize it even further. This will take me into you know.

I can write a description. I can add an image. So up here, instead of it being all blue, I could put a picture up there of anything that I would like to write here is that blog URL that I could copy/paste share and also see what it looks like live now? I don’t have anything in my blog, but this is what it would look like to an outside audience and so they’re not actually in my seasaw classroom, but they get to see a picture of the learning.

That’s happening all right. So that’s just a quick demo on how to get it set up and, like I said three easy steps you could certainly do that. The big push for my wife or having students blogging is to be connected to connecting connecting my students to other classrooms and being a middle-school teacher. I have different class periods of students so connecting my first period to my fifth period and my sixth period to my fourth period and so on, but also to connect to others outside of my school building outside of my school district and outside of my state and Country so seesaws connected blogs.

Allow you to do that as a teacher, and she saw already has it set up so that it’s very easy to connect with other blogs, so your students can be connected with others and search and see and share with others and grow with others as well. It’s a very safe environment, it’s all within the see-saw boundaries, and I think that that to me as a teacher and even as a mom who has a student or child connected in her classroom, it makes me feel like this is a safe, protected place where we Can learn and grow together when you receive the slides, you can access all the blog resources that I have for you like how to connect specifically connecting blogs to each other and who can I connect with, but just know again, that is a really safe environment and It’s pretty exciting because when you are ready to connect, there are teachers out there throughout the whole globe that, and you can click on this document and be connected with people instantly so, depending on your grade level from pre-k the whole way through 12th grade.

There are blogs listed in this document. It is a fluid document, so teachers are adding to it all the time, adding their blog URL to it, so that you can connect – and I just want to show you very quickly how to connect so we’re going to go back in to the blog that we Created and down here at the bottom, I have a connected blogs, a link that is within that blog page. I can also access that through the wrench.

If I scroll down here, I can find my class blog where it’s turned on. It’s enabled I can always shut it off. If I, if I choose to, I can have a blog on, but not let students post. So I could always turn that off, so they would not see that world icon. If I wanted to take a little break from that or turn it back on, if they’re allowed to post on the blog, this is where the settings might might be. What my blog appearance would look like, but down here at the bottom or the connected blogs right now.

I don’t have any blogs that I’m connected to, because I just set it up. So I would click the plus sign at the bottom to connect to blogs and notice the beginning of the the URL is already there for me. So I just want that part that would connect me to a blog that maybe I’ve um. I went to the list and I’m looking at that document and I found one: this is a PD blog that I created, so I’m going to type this in and click that checkmark.

This would give me is asking: is this a blog you want to connect to, and it gives me a description of the blog? I can even click on it and preview, the blog to see it’s really something that I want to connect to, and if that is something that I want to connect to, then I would connect that blog once I’m connected. Then that means that when my students, when they’re logged in they see that globe in the upper right hand corner they can click on connected blogs and they can select and look at that blog from the list without ever leaving see-saw.

So it allows a global connection without even you know, going into any sort of web site or web search or anything like that. It keeps things very safe. I’r going to also share with you another blog that I had students working on and I’m going to be. Sharing more information about this in another webinar this coming Thursday. Actually. But this is a blog that I use in conjunction with a third grade classroom that we worked with virtually and we created through seesaw a blog.

So when I’m done here and I go back and I I look look and see at what is connected and what’s available, if I refresh my page, the connected blogs should change over here on the right-hand side, and I can see that I have two connected blogs And here they are and I can go and click on them and there I am in that connected blog. This is the PD blog and I can go and see the items that were shared on the blog, and I could comment on that blog because remember: that’s not my students, that’s another classroom, so that connection is so simple and so easy and the best part about It is that I’ll go back to this slide.

See saw already has a document set up a Google Doc set up where you can go in and share your blog URL and get other blog URLs that you can connect with with other teachers from around the world, including some of my students as well collaboration is So powerful, when it’s done through the blog’s, because again, students are, are really working together and getting ideas from each other and sharing their ideas as well through the blog and having that very first outsider blog response is just incredibly priceless.

My students were so excited each and every one of them every time they got their very first blog response, and you can see here that I, the snapshot of this. We had a student posting and Owen from the blog responded that you know this is really cool. But if you don’t know me, I’m on the blog and the students got a kick out of this because they’re like oh look, look, look, someone from the blog is actually like, they saw it, they saw it and it wasn’t their dad.

Chad is the student’s dad. It wasn’t another student in the class. Reishi is another student in the classroom, who’s commenting on it, but it’s someone from the outside and it was so powerful for the students to see that very first blog response. It was also really neat to collaborate with others. We’re here in North Carolina and we were connected with and have been connected with, schools from across the country and a few schools in other countries as well, and some of the really close schools were actually right down the street.

And it was a little silly in a way that the students were like where, where is this school? Where is where’s mrs. Drake and mrs. Drake’s fifth graders were actually a school that was about two and a half miles away and another elementary school. That connected with our fourth grade classroom, and so these students were connecting and didn’t even realize how close they were from each other. They, it felt like a whole world away, but very close, and they were we’re sharing ideas, and you know some of them was.

Oh it, this is just so cool, or I really like this, but it gave them that audience that they didn’t get with or from their their families or their teacher or just hanging something in the hallway. But we did have connections that were from far away and we had a blog connection a couple years ago and we’re in Cary North Carolina. We were connected to a class in Dubai, so that was really neat and also was connected to a class in China.

And my students were excited about that and every time that there was a post from the blog, you know it would give another student’s name notice. Only first names are used no last names except for mine, because I’m the teacher, but it would tell us that it’s from the blog – and we would have these conversations back and forth – between students from the blog and and students in my classroom, and it was so Powerful for them and then they would start asking up, did anyone anyone post it.

I got to go on and check to see if anyone posted on my blog today, so they were really excited to make those connections, and it really fed very nicely into being good digital citizens and seesaws blog feature was a way for us to even practice that Digital citizenship, before I ever even turn the blog feature on one of the things that we talked about, and we talked about in my classroom – is thinking thinking before we post and but we actually started off with the think rule.

Did I share with you here before we ever even talked about anything social media related or blog related? We were just talking about, you, know, being a good person and showing kindness in the classroom and and then it led into a digital conversation, and we talked about digital footprints, but really it’s more of a digital tattoo. So we want to make sure that we have. We have a positive image that we’re presenting for ourselves because we’re sharing with people that we don’t know – or you know we found out some of these people were right down the street, so maybe we would meet them someday and it wasn’t just someone that was a Random stranger, so we practiced as using this think rule before ever diving into the blog feature, because I knew it was coming and I knew I wanted to use it.

But I printed this on weekly to-do list that I had for my students. We had independent checklist that we had. We had posted around the classroom, we talked about it and practice. It weekly actually started using sticky notes at first like okay. Well, tell me tell me one thing that is true. Tell me one thing that was helpful today. One thing that inspired you today, so we used those words and for a couple weeks and we just used sticky notes like an exit ticket, but it was explicitly taught my think rule that I’m talking about here was taught in my classroom, and I think that that Was a real benefit to my students because they knew that the comments that they were going to eventually post on seesaw and then blog and post on seesaw, that all those comments required teacher approval – and I always have that turned on because I felt like they needed To know that someone was reading and someone would see if you want to encourage digital citizenship – here’s a few posters in printables that you could print out for your classroom.

That see-saw provides so different ways that you could share commenting different ways that you can. You know encourage conversation, ideas about what to post and what not to post, and that leads very nicely into a question. That’s often asked is: where should I post this on seesaw? I have all these different options I can have students share in a journal. I can share it in an inbox. We could share it on the blog now so kind of keeping things divvied out into their separate sections and it kind of helps compartmentalize.

What where the sharing should happen. So a journal post would be where student wants to capture their work and or respond to activities or a personalized photo of something like you know. They took a picture of them with something so that that would be in a journal. Taking a picture and putting your picture your your image on the blog, that would not happen in my classroom, so we do talk a lot about how a blog is a public audience and when we’re connecting with other classrooms.

That book, the pictures, the comments, the information should be very its to the public and it should be very eliminating anything personal, so we’re not going to put on personal photos, but maybe we could share a picture of our work. We’re not going to put our full entire name, but we could have our first name. So we have conversations about that, but also you know, if there’s something more private that you want to share, that’s not meant for the blog that would be sending to families and or to even students and families.

Regular communication newsletters reminders class pictures from your learning experience. Whatever that might be so everything kind of has its place, keeping in mind that the blog is a public audience that you’re connecting with other classrooms, so vlogging can be so powerful. It gives students such a strong voice. It gives them a reason. It gives them a. Why – and I certainly hope that you try it with your students if you have not yet tried it and connect with others within the seesaw community.

There’s some amazing things going on out there that I know you’re doing please share with others as well, so you can do that all through. You know the different social media groups that that are out there and I’m so excited that you were here with me today and be in touch. You know you can get in touch with me on Twitter and Instagram as well.

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Getting Started With Edublogs

You sign up for a blog with edgy blogs and then help you learn how you can access your blog and your dashboard. We’ll take a look at how to write posts and pages and how to approve your comments and we’ll also look at how you can change the theme of your blog and change your settings.

Finally, I’ll, let you know where you can find all the extra help you’ll need to keep going with blogging, let’s get started so you’re ready to start blogging. The first thing you’ll need to do, of course, is get yourself a blog. All you need to do is go to our Joe Bloggs org, unless, of course, your school or district has their own campus press subscription on the edge of blogs. Homepage you’ll see a box that says get a free blog.

You just need to enter a username and password, and then click on sign up on the next page, you’ll be prompted to add a little bit more information like your email address. You’ll also be asked to choose your blog URL. It’s important to remember that you can’t change your blog URL, so think carefully about choosing something that will last. You might not want to call your blog grade 3 2018, because in 2019 you might be teaching grade 5 and you might have to start a new blog which can be frustrating once you’ve signed up for a blog you’ll get an email that reminds you off.

Your blog URL and your login details you’ll be able to click on a link in your email to get to your blog dashboard. The dashboard is the backend of your blog. This is a part of your blog that only you can access unless you had other people, and this is where you can change the look and feel of your blog, as well as publish new content like posts and pages and see if anyone’s commented on your blog And approved a comment approve your comments or reply to them.

So if we want to have a look at the front end of our blog, you just type the URL into your address bar my URL, for my new blog here is mrs. Kay MERIS edgy blogs org. I can see that my brand new blog has a simple post and a few things on the sidebar here, but that’s all just there by default and I’ll be able to change all of that to do that. I’ll have to go back to the dashboard. So how do I get into the dashboard? There are a couple of ways: you’ll see, there’s an edgy blogs toolbar at the top here.

If I’m not logged in you’ll see the words login and if you are logged in like I am here, there’s a few shortcuts to get to your dashboard. You can click on you and go to a new post, for example, or if you hover over your name. You’ll be able to go straight into your dashboard there and if you want to know the address to get to your dashboard, you can just do a slash at the end of your blog URL and then WP for WordPress.

And then you can write in admin all login works as well when I press ENTER. This will take me straight to my dashboard. Some people like to have both their dashboard and their blog URL bookmarked, because when you’re working on your blog, you sometimes want to switch between your dashboard and your blog to see what it looks like when you publish something. Let’s take a look around your dashboard when you land on your dashboard.

The first thing you’ll see is your reader. This is where you can read and comment on other blocks. By default. You should see all the posts we’ve written recently on the edge’ blocker, the edgy blogger comm is just edublogs blog about blogging. You can also add other blogs that you’re interested in to your reader and, if you end up having student blogs, you’ll be able to see them there as well. On the left hand, side you’ll be able to see lots of options if you’re totally new to blogging.

You won’t need to use all these options to start with, but there are a couple that you’ll use a lot. One of these is posts. When you have hover over posts, you’ll see the options, all posts add new and categories and tags. If we click on all posts, we’ll be able to see that there’s one post here and it’s called hello world, that’s the one we looked at that was on our blog by default. When you hover over the title, hello world, you’ll, see that you can edit it or you can trash it.

If you don’t want it or you can have a look at it as well. Let’s click on edit and then we can make this post our own at the top is where you write the title of your post. You can leave it as hello world or you can make it something else. Now in this box you can highlight all the text and then just press Delete. Now I can write my own text. Welcome to my blog, it’s just like typing in a word processor, like Microsoft Word, although it’s important to remember not to actually type your process.

In word, and then copy and paste them into your blog that can cause problems with bad codes, so just always type your post directly into your blog. One thing you might want to do is sometimes link to other websites. If I write check about petty blogger, I might want to link to the edge of lager for other people to visit. All I need to do is get the URL of the site. I want to link to I’m just going to copy that.

Then you highlight the words you want to be linked: click on the link icon here and just type or paste in the URL and click on the arrow. Then, when people are reading, your post they’ll be able to click on those words to get to the site. Another thing you’ll probably want to do is add images to your blog posts. This is really simple. You just click on, add media. Then you can upload your files, just select them from wherever they’re located on your computer.

I’r going to insert this picture on the right. You’ll see, you can add a few options like a title and a caption alt text is a really good idea to add. This is just a description of what the image looks like, which can help your visually impaired readers. You can also change your alignment and size. Then, when you’re ready click on insert into post – and you should see it appear there now – there’s lots of options up the top here.

You can highlight your text and change your size. It will be paragraph size for your regular writing that you can also have headings you can highlight and then make your text bold or italics those bullet points and numbered lists, and so on. When you hover over all these icons, it tells you what it is, and the last icon here is the toolbar toggle, which will show you some other options that you might like to use like changing your text color.

When your post is ready, you can click on preview changes at the top here and it will open your post in a new tab. So you can see what it looks like on your blog and when you’re happy to publish it, you can just click on update. If this was a brand new post, this button would just say, publish you might want to add some pages to your blog as well, with some more static information like your class timetable or your commenting guidelines to do this you’ll find pages on the left-hand side here, When you hover over the word pages, you’ll see all pages and had new when you click on add new you’ll, see that adding a page is just like writing a post up the top.

You enter your title and then in the box here you just write whatever you like. You can add links and images just the same as if you’re writing a post when you’re ready, you can click on preview to see what your page is looking like and when you’re happy with the way it looks. All you need to do is hit publish. Another thing you might want to know about is comments so over on the left hand, side you’ll, see the comments option and you can look at all your comments by default.

There should be one comment here which was automatically written for your hello world post and it’s already been approved, but if you’re not happy with it, you can uh approve it or you can reply to it. If I click on reply, I’ll see a box here where I can write back and say, thank you for the comment. Then I just press reply and your other options to edit it. So if it was students work and you wanted to edit it before it was published, you can do that if it’s spam, just click on spam or put it in the bin.

If you don’t want it to be published so you’ll see next to pending there’s a zero. That means I’ve got no comments waiting for me to approve, but once you start getting comments on your blog you’ll see a little icon next to comments. That will tell you the number of comments you need to check and up here next to pending, you’ll see the number as well and if you click on the word pending you’ll be able to go straight to all the comments that you need to moderate so that You can go through them and approve them or not.

You may have noticed that when you first set up a blog, it looks pretty bland to begin with, but you can change the look and feel of your blog and really personalize it to make it your own and the way you do this is through themes. Let’s go back into our dashboard and if we click on appearance and themes be able to see that there are hundreds of themes available to really make our blog alone there’s options up the top for different categories of themes.

If I click on popular, I can see what other people have liked using for their blogs. You’ll see that some of the themes like this one here color has a header image, so you might want to see them like that. If you want to put a picture of your class or school in there, if there’s a theme that you think might work for you, you can hover over it and click on live preview. When you do that, you’ll be able to see what your blog would look like with this with this theme without actually committing to it.

So when it loads here I’ll be able to see that my blog title is up here, Kathleen Morris and here’s the post I’ve just written my sidebar now on the right-hand side, because that’s the way this theme works. If I want to, I can play around with the options here, like the color scheme, the background image and so on, and if I’m happy with it, I just click on save and activate. Now, if I go back to my blog and refresh that will click on the title of my blog I’ll be able to see what it looks like if I’m not happy with it.

Of course, I can go and keep playing around with themes, but otherwise it’s fun to have a new look to your blog. The final thing we’ll take a look at for now is some settings. Let’s click on settings over on the left-hand side here and we’ll. First go into our general settings here you can change the site title now. You might remember that I said you can’t change the URL of your blog, but you can change the site title so, instead of calling my blog Kathleen Morris, I might want to call it mrs.

Morris’s us. The tagline is what shows up under your site title just here by default, it will say just another edgy blog site, so you might want to change its up to something that suits you. I might write here a a great wall class from Australia. You can change your email address your language and your time zone if you want to and your date as well when you’re happy with that click on Save Changes.

If you look in your reading, settings you’ll be able to see that this is where you can change your site. Visibility. If you want to make your blog private or have it so only logged in edgy blogs, users can access your site or you can have your blog totally password protected. If you click on discussions, this is where you can change your commenting settings. One of the options you might want to take a look at is you might want to tick that all your comments have to be manually approved, and you can also change your settings of whether you get an email.

When you get new comments, it can feel really overwhelming when you first get started with blogging and you’re just working out how to navigate your dashboard, it might feel like there are so many options and you can’t keep track of what all these tools are. Try not to worry because, as long as you know how to do a few basics like adding posts and checking your comments, you’ll pick up the other things over time.

You don’t need to know everything at once. Also, remember if you go to help add your blog’s org. This is where you can find all our user guides. You can type in the search bar to find what you’re after or you can browse through some of the guides, and if you get stuck, and you can’t figure it out, you can always email the support team. Just email support at edublogs, org

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Teacher Lesson Planner 2019/2020 | Erin Condren #ECSquad

Thank You, Torian Sam and the team over it Erin Condren for sending all of these goodies to me when you are reading this. It is teacher lesson planner day launch day, so all the links are going to be below if you would like to check them out. So I haven’t opened this yet I just opened up the box.

Cuz y’all don’t need to know my address, but in the very top it has some of these new kaleidoscope pattern. I haven’t seen these yet so I’m very excited about that. So this is happy everything. It’s like the little post, it post it no post card and then these seals I always keep the seals. I rarely keep these just because I don’t really use them, but love that they come in the new pattern, and this is all the teacher stuff, I’m so jazzed.

Okay, let me try to take this all out and then we’ll like go from there. Oh, my gosh, so much Bilbo Reb. Oh all, right, move The Box out of the way we look at all that. Oh, it’s so cute! Alright, let’s open this bad boy up! Oh wow! Look at all the goodies! Okay, let’s go through this one by one! So I have seen people already post about this on Instagram and blogs, and things like that. I will leave some links down below if you guys want to see, maybe what some other people got or other people’s thoughts on certain things, so anyways um.

This is the plan T pack, and this is in a pattern that came out last year. I believe it does have that metallic mist to it and it’s got a gold zip, which I love. You can see it a little bit better if you guys want to know the actual size. It is a 5.25 by eight inches yeah, it’s so cute. I just think these are so much fun. I will show it on the planner and in just a few minutes. Next up we have this metallic washi tape duo and it’s 216 foot rolls.

I pull this out for y’all, so you can see it. I have heard that this is actual washi tape and not the paper tape that has happened in years past. Oh yeah, it’s actual washi tape, oh yeah, yeah cool! Oh I’m excited for that. Okay, those are really cute. These are like the little watercolor apples with the asterisks inside of them. Also, these are apples with asterisks inside of them too, but they’re, just like the gold foil they’re.

So nice, okay, love these. This is so cute. I know last year I think in the last couple of years, they’ve actually had the stylized sticky notes in a like teacher or student version, and I love that this one is so kind of plain. You can make it your own, and this has like a long to-do list which is kind of awesome, too little stickies and then like a big circle. This one says: don’t forget, and you know a smaller little box here and then this would just like the little paperclip I feel like anyone could use these.

That’s really nice and I will show these in the planner in just a moment. I’m just kind of like putting the things up to the side, and then this is a petite journal, but I’ve seen the inside of this, and I think it’s really interesting so like let’s take a peek at it. It is in the hexagon pattern, which I always think is like the bumblebee pattern, because it looks like honeycomb, but in the gold foil it says successful people are simply those with successful habits.

Those like a habit, tracker, so yeah and then this would fit in your on-the-go folio if you have that off camera hold on. I have this. This is like my little monthly planner for 2019 that I love. They are the exact same size. So if you have a petite planner, you could totally use this or you could just like very easily slip this into your bag or whatever. But I like that it is small and cute, and it’s got that metallic foiling.

I hope you guys can see that sometimes on camera things look a little funky so anyway, this is so cool all right and then it’s like all trackers y’all like this is kind of Awesome. So if you’re someone that likes to track anything in your life, you don’t have to be a student, you don’t have to be a teacher. This would be amazing. It also has like a little dotted line. It’s not perforated, but it is a dotted line.

So if you want to keep the same habits but then like every single week like tear off the page, you totally could and then it is on the opposite side as well, which is great because then you’re like utilizing all the papers. So I love that and I love that there are seven of these. You could use them for every single day of the week or whatever. But this is, I don’t know what I’m going to use this for, but I feel like I could use this for something good.

I don’t know, but I feel like I could, but anyway but yeah you could fill it up with as many habits trackers whatever. But you could track anything in here which is awesome. You could even do this for like some of your finances and stuff like that, would be pretty awesome. I don’t know just you could use so many things for this, so I’m really pumped about this little book here and then next we have the designer sticker book classroom collection, edition 3.

This is like their normal sticker books. Last year they had the like the pad that kind of like opened up, and I have that – and I love that – and I still use it from time to time, because you know I work in an office. So I think it’s great for anyone in an office. But let’s look up the school stuff. These are pretty. I just really like this kind of like underlay, of like this tone on tone. I don’t know I’m just like a huge fan.

These are nice this I like this. If you all know me and have seen any of my plan with me articles and I’m sorry, I haven’t been like posting them, but I actually have a plan with me article coming up this week. So like stay tuned, it’s going to be like a different plan with me, but anyways y’all know that I don’t track. I mean I track things, but I’m not like a habit tracker person in my planner like I don’t track my water and I don’t track.

You know spending in my personal planner and like the things that I show on the Internet, I don’t know, but I think this would be so cute. I don’t know why, like this sings to me for some reason, mmm so yeah, I don’t know. I saw this on someone’s post. I think it was gen McIntosh. I saw this on one of her post and I was like. I need all of those. I don’t know why, but I need them, so this would even be cute like on your monthly cuz.

It has like five columns so sometimes there’s five weeks in a month. That would be really cool like track if you’re wan na know track something for other months. Oh no, I just thought. Okay, I’m going to stop talking about that page and then now we have some metallic apples and some like little tabby things. Some of these things you probably wouldn’t use so like I probably wouldn’t use like 50th day a hundredth day and last day.

Unless I don’t know somehow, I was tracking something like personal for myself. Most of these you can totally use like reminder. I can use that assembly – probably not but maybe conference, maybe a field trip. I probably wouldn’t use important. Definitely I could use and take note. Definitely I can use, and then there are some really cute little flags, and this has like a little paperclip metallic on there, so nice, and then these are just days of the week, which was very cool ooh.

I saw this and I was like yes please. These are transparent, so you can put them in the planner which is kind of cool or mean you could put them anywhere, but yeah, and then we’ve got some washi strips and then this I’m excited about, because I have used a bunch of these in the old Sticker book and I’m really glad that it have more now, because I you know I am one of the people in my office that actually doesn’t go to a lot of meetings.

I mean there’s like multiple meetings a day for people and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to go to all the meetings, because I’m kind of like an intermediary, someone that doesn’t have to deal with like the pre-planning stuff and someone that doesn’t have to deal With like the end of the order stuff, I’m kind of in the middle, so I don’t have too much to do with having a meeting of the minds of thing, but there are some things I have to do for meetings, but I love these stickers.

I think they’re so pretty. I love the colors this year, so nice here’s another transparent sheet with some different icons, which is really nice another transparent sheet – and you know some of these – have like rapport. Do after school break no school like all. These are break-in no school like it probably wouldn’t use those, but there is like a staff meeting. I could use that to do report. Do I could use that? Sometimes we do testing, which is actually something I do don’t forget and then like a bunch of icons and just cute little things.

So that is the sticker book, I’m so excited and then next up we have the metallic mini snap-in bookmarks. I was super confused when I did my life planner launch day article. I hope, throw it up in a card for you guys. My thing said metallic and it wasn’t metallic, but this one is metallic, so I don’t know. I just think it was like different packaging that it was in because I was like they’re not metallic, but it says metallic, I’m confused, so anyways umm.

So there is a three-set here. We’ve got like the teal. We’ve got like a darker Navy and then we’ve got a like. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s red. I think it’s more of that pink, it’s more like this color here, but these are so nice. I love these. These are like my favorite favorite thing for cutting washi, and then we have. This teacher weekly dashboard says clip it in check it off plan it out.

Well, okay, then alright, and then we have a Monday through Sunday Saturday. I don’t know I need to open this. Hang on, I swear like half of the footage is always me just like opening things. Oh cool, alright, so you’ve got Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday, and then you have a Saturday and Sunday and then you have a before school after school. This would be great for just anyone that has kids.

To be honest, you could do like your meal plans and like before school after school, chores or tasks that they need to get done before. Like you know, parents get home and all that kind of stuff. That’s cool and then you’ve got kind of six little sections here and it says: forget the mistakes. Remember the lessons in like a very light, lined right here. So you know if you have notes about upcoming things or whatever.

I think this would be really nice, and this is life planner sighs, so it clearly would fit in a regular. You know Erin Condren life planner, which I actually have my Erin Condren life planner for 2019 2020 right here and I could easily just snap this sucker in I’m not going to do it at the moment. But I could do it all right. Here’s the piece de resistance, let me clear some stuff out of the way and then and then we’ll get to it, y’all all right here it is oh, this is so beautiful.

Okay, first off the teacher lesson planners are larger than the regular life planner and let me show you the difference. It also comes with this awesome bookmark, which also came with this planner as well, so I’m going to just do edge on edge. This is the sizing difference. So if you are interested, that’s the difference, the coil, I don’t know it seems a little bit yeah. The coil feels like it’s a little bit bigger.

Let’s see if you guys can see yeah, it seems a little bit. Bigger y’all like in the monitor, actually looks a lot bigger, but in person it just looks a little bit bigger. So I like that, because there’s a lot of pages in this thing, so clearly you can pull this off and put it anywhere. You want or just keep them off. I like to keep mine off. Just I don’t know personal preference. This is a really beautiful cover.

This year there was a couple of different new covers for the school line, and I picked this one. I thought this was so nice. You can obviously personalize it. I don’t like to personalize anything as you guys can see with this one. I didn’t personalize it at all, so, let’s dive into it. Oh this is so nice. Okay, let me here we go alright cool. I still making sure you guys are as centered as possible on this side is always a little dashboard area where you can use your wet erase markers and then you just hop in to the planner and then this is the teacher lesson planner.

This book belongs to the paper is still the Mohawk paper, it feels very nice and then they have an informational page. It says all about me: classroom information resources, name school year, email, phone address, classroom resources, website and passwords, and then over here we have events and volunteers, classroom, volunteers and contact information and then classroom events and date, information and I’m sure y’all are wondering like.

Why do I have this planner? Well, I’m kind of toying with the idea of using this for something, but if I’m using it I will share. However, I did read Jen from Jen plans, her blog or links, or something will be below for her. She did like an open box of her PR kit from Erin Condren and she is going to be. I don’t know if she is already like a scout leader, but she is going to be a scout leader this upcoming year and she was going to be using it for this and then possibly some other things, and I just thought that was like an awesome idea, Because there’s so many ways you can utilize this to really fit for your lifestyle, and you don’t have to be a teacher.

You can. You can be a student, you can be a parent, you can work with other organizations that maybe you just want that schedule totally separate from your personal schedule in your life planner or whatever kind of planner you use so anyway yeah. So I just wanted to address that because I’m sure y’all are like what the heck all right. So we have this contact tab and we have a communication. Log date name reason, slash resolved and then another one right here with a tab and it says 2019 2020 and then we have our year at a glance or our half year at a glance and then our full 2020 at a glance which is awesome.

And then we have our tab that says of your plan, so this kind of gives you, like a big overview, that you can maybe write some key points in or goal setting or whatever you’d like to do for your year plan. We also have a graph. This is purdy-like big old graph pieces of paper, and I think that there might be a couple in here. There are a few in here and then also we have some lined pages and then this page says that you can learn something new every day.

If you listen, isn’t that true and then dates to remember in July, so there is looks like a couple pages before every months you can write notes or follow-ups or whatever this page here is kind of the same as the old life planners, where it’s like thicker. If that makes sense, which is the tabbed page, then this page like this – it’s always like a little bit of a like thicker, almost feels like cardstock, but it’s not cardstock, and then here is july 2019, very subtle, tone-on-tone.

A coloration also has the next upcoming month. On the side, I love love, love that that is so nice and then you have Monday through Friday in here with another column as well, and then columns kind of going down. Also, you have a big section right here that you could use some of your stickers in so like some of these could fit right in there if you’ve got certain lessons or certain tasks or something that you would want to put in there, which is great, and Then you know it just kind of goes from there.

So here is July. Let’s go to August because I mean it’s going to be like they’re, so redundant yeah. So before the month you have two pages, basically a page, a little more than a page and a half of lined lined paper, basically and then dates to remember in August. So if you’ve got events coming up or birthdays anniversaries, no school early dismissals things like that, you can always write them in there and then so far yeah.

I really like this. Okay, I don’t want to go through the whole thing because, like y’all are probably bored by this points so anyway, the planner does go from, let’s see here July through July, so we have a full month. Okay, oh this is nice okay, so you have a full month of july 2019 in here, which is great, so you have your monthly page and all your weekly is, and then this gives me July 2020 as well, and also with my little August 2020 here and Let’s see so, we’ve got the first week or like the end of June, into the first week of July and then the first full week of July here to kind of tide you over until the next planner, which is awesome.

Then we have a little tab here. That says checklist, which is a nice piece of paper that has its like that cardstock e1 still cuz, it’s got the little Chucky tabs on there, so I’ve got a nice line piece of paper and then over here. This is where the checklists live. Oh, my gosh. This is so pretty very similar. This is called the student checklist, but it’s very similar to this I feel like this could be used really well for personal goals or whatever.

But so anyway, you can put the names and you can put assignments whatever you’d like, and it also says fold or cut along this dotted line. So you can fold or cut because if you’ve got the same students over and over, you can just do this and then you know it’s the same line for the same student, but you know more assignments if that makes sense. So you’ve got quite a few pages of these. I just love this.

Like light pastel vibe going on, I really like that. I believe that there are some customizations where you can customize like how many pages you get of certain things and whatnot, so that information will be on the website on the launch day. I’m really not a hundred percent sure on that. So anyway, and then there are some sticker sheets, because I mean it wouldn’t be an Erin Condren planner without some sticker sheets.

Okay. So then we have this metallic foiled. One we’ve got some other, really fun ones. There’s like field trip, take note conference assembly reminder. I could use some of these probably not field trip, but I could use some of them like great job big day. I can give myself like a great job Apple one of these days, and then we’ve got some more okay. My camera just cut off because I’ve been talking too much um, don’t know where I was, but I think I was still looking at stickers and then on this page.

We’ve got some more of those little tabs and some more a little like small boxes and washi strips and then we’ve got some cute little boxes and then we’ve got the back pocket, which is huge by the way and then the pocket on the back. And I must say I totally forgot in my planner article when I did the Erin Condren life planner, to talk about the back pocket. Remember how it used to be that little dinky pocket that, like nothing ever fit in, I’m so glad that they have the big pocket on the back and the front.

Now because I feel like you couldn’t fit, you know stuff in there yeah it has it on this side too, but I love that they did that with the teacher lesson planner as well all right up next, oh my god, I’m so excited about these two um. There are some stickers I mean stickers are like life right guys, so this has the coordinating colors, and this is july. 2019. Let me actually like zoom you in a little bit, so you can see this a little bit better.

These are some of the holidays. Already pre-printed, this looks like it comes with the planner, so we’ve got lots of different things like Labor Day, Grandparents Day International Literacy Day Patriot day like it just has a whole bunch of other things in here has a bunch of blank ones too. So if you want to write your own, you totally can and then we’ve just got like all the months going on. Oh, oh did I get two sets.

Oh no, I just ended up getting two of the sheet weird. I I’m sure that you’re supposed to just get two sheets out. Let me zoom you guys back out. Cuz things are getting weird: okay cool. I ended up getting two of this sheet. I think you’re just supposed to get one of each, because that just seems kind of silly, okay cool. Let me move that over here. Also, you have options with this clear pocket as well.

You can put things in there like invitations or other things that you would need to put in there. I’m not sure, but there are, I believe, options with that and then the last page is also this nice. Blank area that you can write things in and then the back cover alright, I said I was going to show you guys this tape and I’m going to do that right now. So let me get some paper yah all right, I’m just going to use this like graph side paper and then I’m going to show you how these fit as well.

I’m going to use one of my little stylized, sticky notes or nonstick. You know. So. I’m sorry snapping book words. It’s been a long day at work. You guys to cut my washi and you know I got to start at the end here. Let’s take a peek ooh. It like rolls out really nice guys, really nice cool, all right, I’m trying to get it straight. I feel I feel the pressure from the internet to make it straight. Okay, cut the washi yeah yeah, okay, that laid out really nice, and this looks so pretty.

I feel, like you know, you don’t have to be a student or a teacher, to love this planner and to love all of these things. I mean you could just like really like apples. You know fun fact I actually eat applesauce almost every morning. For my breakfast, no, that’s like a really random fact, but it’s true all right and this beautiful gold foil, so nice and company was she nice. This looks so cute, oh okay, I’m going to stop being weird, I mean, but I guess I am where didn’t you guys already know that so whatever okay? So this is what it all looks like laid down with the washi and let me get to a monthly page.

I’m also going to do this on a weekly, so y’all can see the sizing and things like that. So we’ve got our to do and I’m going to try to get as close as I can in a corner. So you can see you know, sizing and stuff like that. So this goes over just slightly here I don’t know. Just kind of count depends on how you like it there we go. I want to do one like this as well, so you can see these ones are like almost sticky all the way through.

Okay, that took me a moment all right, actually very cool and then the don’t forget which is like my favorite one, because you would think that I’m like this planner person, that is like really unforgettable, I kind of am forgetful, sometimes so yeah. This is how it looks on the month view of the teacher lesson. Planner, and here is the weekly and clearly these are going to be a little bit smaller, but like the these, little dudes are going to be a little bit smaller.

But I feel like that’s totally alright, because what I use the sticky notes for to be completely transparent, as usually I don’t pre-plan any more. What I end up doing is sharing my planner and everything like that after the fact, just for some security reasons and things like that, however, I use these little post-its as like little markers for like oh, my work schedule, or I did this after work or I Had this appointment or whatever it is, you know I just love using these little sticky notes and they’re.

So nice and I must say the woven wonder, pattern one. Last year, the stickiness, I don’t know what happened but like it really encountered up their game for sure. With those – and I have to say I’m so glad to report that these are the same stickiness those and the new kaleidoscope pattern of the stylized sticky notes are also the same adhesiveness. So I’m just very excited about that because in years past they just for me haven’t been as good, so I just hadn’t had like a great experience with them, but now I’m in love with them they’re.

So nice, oh man, be helpful. If I can like actually lay this down properly so yeah, this is what it looks like in the weekly and I know, y’all are probably chomping at the bit going Emily. Why don’t you put them in the life planner? So we can see that too, and I’m like you know, I hear I’m here for you, okay, so let’s put it in the life planner as well, so we can see just how well this is. You know how well it goes um.

I think I don’t know for sure, because I’m you know don’t know the measurements and stuff. I clearly have an hourly planner, but the hourly planner is just slightly wider in the boxes, then the vertical. So I am assuming I don’t know for sure cuz. I don’t have a vertical with me, but I’m assuming that these fit the vertical perfectly, but I could totally be mistaken. This will clearly not fit so I’m just going to put that over there, alright, but yeah.

I think these are just so huge and I just I’m really liking the direction that Erin Condren is going, and I know some people are going to think like. Oh, you just say that, because you get sent stuff for free, you know if y’all haven’t noticed and I don’t mean to sound, not grateful or anything, but I used to do posts for a lot of different planner companies that, to be honest, I didn’t use, and I did it be for the sake of a article and I’m just trying to be like super transparent with you guys right now, and I’m kind of done doing that.

I really want to produce content that I would want to read and things that I’m passionate about and things that I think that you would be passionate about. I have gotten so many questions about the teacher lesson planner recently and when I was offered this collaboration, I was like absolutely I’ve had so many comments and so many questions about the teacher lesson planner. I need to show my audience like.

I was just so excited and they know that I’m not a teacher or a student or have kids or any of that like they’re, fully aware, but my audience does and I want to share with you guys this stuff, so you can make your own opinions so Anyway, that’s my little tangent. Sorry, I’m like going a little off on tangents today, but yeah. That’s the whole point of like sharing these articles before things launch, so you guys can make an informed choice and also maybe get some perspective from me as a single working person, and maybe some things I would use it for versus.

You know what you might use it for in your life and maybe it’s the same thing. Maybe it’s something totally different, but that’s what I love about planning and some of these products is that you can really make them your own. So anyway, let’s get back to this because sorry, but this is everything in the our lease – you can kind of see how it all goes. But yes, I’m so excited about that, and I wanted to show you the plan.

I pack on this because there’s been a lot of questions about it and I have actually seen people on the interwebs put this on there and, to be honest, this probably doesn’t like go the best, but we’re going to go for it anyway. I have seen some people put this on here and I am going to show you guys, I’m just going to like keep the film roll in and I’m going to show you exactly how difficult this is.

You can put it on there, but it is very, very tight. Like all I need it’s very stretched to the max, so you could probably put some flatter things in here. I think I just don’t think you could put anything of like real bulk in here. Just with it like that, and I just don’t know if it would, you know permanently kind of curl your cover. She just can see it’s kind of curling the cover like that, but somebody out there was a genius and I don’t know who that somebody was.

But I did see it on Instagram and I was like this is amazing. They put it this way. I’m like oh snap, like somebody out there was thinking. So, oh sorry, it’s like next to my body here. Sorry, I’m not really showing you guys very well. Okay. There we go so when you do it this way, it kind of you know goes inside the coil and that’s fine, but it also kind of acts as one of those at planar bands and then you can feel like you can fit like bigger things in there And you’re not going to like bend up your covers either.

So I don’t know that could definitely be an option for you and in the planning, packs, there’s lots of different patterns and colors. Now I know what was the one that they said. Oh, it was the really pretty kaleidoscope pattern that they had in the colorful that they had sent me there’s a neutral one which is gorgeous and there’s also some solid ones, so yeah there’s just kind of a little something for everyone and the zippers.

I must tell you are really really nice like they don’t skip or anything. I’ve had really good luck with Erin Condren zippers randomly, but I like kind of a zipper snub. You guys are learning like way too much about me. Oh, the back of it is like this pretty like hot, pink, fuchsia color as well. Oh and the inside is as well. I don’t know if I showed you that I’m sorry i’m a bad reviewer alright, so that is going to be it for my open box of the teacher lesson planner for erin condren at 2019 through 2020 again, links are below for y’all.

If you’re interested in this planner or anything else that they have to sell on their website, there are some links down below. One of them is for first-timers if you’ve never purchased anything for erin condren. There is a special link for you, which is $ 10 off of your first purchase. You sign up for an account on air encounter comm and then we’ll send you a couple of different emails and one is going to be a $ 10 off of your first order.

Coupon so make sure to look out for that, and then there’s also another link down below to the erin condren website for people that already have an account. That’s an affiliate link. It really helps me out if you guys end up using that for your order or any order that you place. Your order is not more expensive because you use that or anything like that. I think that’s a lot of miscommunication from other brands that may or may not do that I mean I don’t know, but all it does is let Erin Condren comm know that I sent you there and then I receive a small commission for that.

So thank you to everyone. That’s used it and thank you to anyone that will use it in the future. I really really appreciate it and so does Doyle, because it goes towards his kibble and bacon budget. So anyway, thank you guys for sticking around if you’ve stuck it out. This long make sure to give this article a thumbs up, feel free to subscribe for more feel free to follow me on my social, so they’re all down below I’m the most active on Instagram.

Just FYI, if you want to see weird stories and pictures of my dog and stuff, feel free to follow me there, but thanks so much for reading and I’ll see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


Online Marketing

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

Well, it is any question still a lot of teachers and education personnel are asking themselves that very question. In one fashion or another I mean it did help in getting rid of a dictator in Egypt, but what purpose can Twitter or micro blogging can possibly serve in education? You might ask yourself how something written in 140 characters or less can be interesting and relevant to education or your pedagogical practice.

Surprisingly, it is often enough to get us interested in reading more by following a link to start a conversation or to get us thinking about something new and that’s just by following a few people who tweet you don’t have to tweet a peep. Just as you don’t have to read all the blogs on TV, you pick and choose whose tweets you want to read. If someone’s overwhelming you with pointless tweets, you can choose not to follow that person anymore.

I think you’re better off following a few interesting people on Twitter who tweet mainly about one subject in our case education, you can also search the whole Twitter sphere for subjects you find more relevant. For example, the edchat hashtag is used for discussions on education. I for one and the professional Twitter user, not that I get paid to create in red ibly. What I mean is that the only things I do tweet have to do with education discussion that happens to be my job.

I use Twitter to link to some interesting articles, articles presentations and every once in a while. I tweet pedagogically focused epiphanies or questions to spark a discussion. I tweet parsimoniously a few times a week. Perhaps so. People who follow me are never swamped by what I think is tweeted. I keep things tidy by using Facebook for my personal stuff and Twitter for professional matters, and since I follow some very interesting tweeter Oddie’s, I also retweet some of what they have to say.

This is, of course, an amazing strength of micro blogging. Not only does your network of interesting people feed you with good ideas, epiphanies questions, discussions and references, but these tweets can also be shared from one network to another and another and another feel like sharing something but worried that the 140 character limit will cramp your literary Style, yes, it might seem like a big constraint, but it certainly is way easier than Shakespearean.

Iambic pentameter and nobody said you couldn’t tweet a few times in a row if need be, try it after a while you’ll, probably discover that we also need fewer than a hundred and forty characters to convey something of value to other people. And what about your learning? Should they tweet as well? Well, if access to technology was as ubiquitous in schools as it is in real life, I’d say they could pretty much use Twitter.

The same way I’ve just described for teachers, then again, I’m not convinced that it’s really easy to find Twitter users who tweet about math or language or other school related topics for learners. It could eventually happen mind you, one very different way Twitter can be used is for back-blog activities. This is when you let people share their thoughts as you are presenting something, and on top of that, there are some learning activities that make interesting use of Twitter Tim Burton’s, Kodama X key is an excellent example of that, so to tweet or not to tweet.

Is that still a question? Well, I hope your answer is to tweet sent this tool will allow you to easily network with interesting people, and if you asked me who to follow on Twitter as a starting professional development lined up, these would be my top 5 picks Tom Whitby tom is a Wonderful micro and full fledged blogger, above and beyond his relevant tweets on education and one-liner questions. You can also read his thoughts more detail on his blog, my island view.

Lisa nielsen lisa tweets a lot and I love the way, she’s not afraid to battle the cages with strong statements outside the box thinking. She also engages other Twitter users and relevant conversations, Sir Ken Robinson, one of the paramount thinkers of our time in regards to education, creativity and innovation. Nuff said Edutopia following Edutopia on twitter is a great way to keep abreast of their blog and article postings.

This is the George Lucas, educational foundations, way of helping to document and publish what works in education and yours truly. This guy well he’s an OK chap every once in a while he’ll throw some thought-provoking article presentation about what he thinks we can all do to change. Education for the better. I hope this will inspire you to try Twitter for professional reasons. Try it for 30 days, and let me know about your experience.


It's all about content! Tweet, Tweet