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Teacher Lesson Planner 2019/2020 | Erin Condren #ECSquad

Thank You, Torian Sam and the team over it Erin Condren for sending all of these goodies to me when you are reading this. It is teacher lesson planner day launch day, so all the links are going to be below if you would like to check them out. So I haven’t opened this yet I just opened up the box.

Cuz y’all don’t need to know my address, but in the very top it has some of these new kaleidoscope pattern. I haven’t seen these yet so I’m very excited about that. So this is happy everything. It’s like the little post, it post it no post card and then these seals I always keep the seals. I rarely keep these just because I don’t really use them, but love that they come in the new pattern, and this is all the teacher stuff, I’m so jazzed.

Okay, let me try to take this all out and then we’ll like go from there. Oh, my gosh, so much Bilbo Reb. Oh all, right, move The Box out of the way we look at all that. Oh, it’s so cute! Alright, let’s open this bad boy up! Oh wow! Look at all the goodies! Okay, let’s go through this one by one! So I have seen people already post about this on Instagram and blogs, and things like that. I will leave some links down below if you guys want to see, maybe what some other people got or other people’s thoughts on certain things, so anyways um.

This is the plan T pack, and this is in a pattern that came out last year. I believe it does have that metallic mist to it and it’s got a gold zip, which I love. You can see it a little bit better if you guys want to know the actual size. It is a 5.25 by eight inches yeah, it’s so cute. I just think these are so much fun. I will show it on the planner and in just a few minutes. Next up we have this metallic washi tape duo and it’s 216 foot rolls.

I pull this out for y’all, so you can see it. I have heard that this is actual washi tape and not the paper tape that has happened in years past. Oh yeah, it’s actual washi tape, oh yeah, yeah cool! Oh I’m excited for that. Okay, those are really cute. These are like the little watercolor apples with the asterisks inside of them. Also, these are apples with asterisks inside of them too, but they’re, just like the gold foil they’re.

So nice, okay, love these. This is so cute. I know last year I think in the last couple of years, they’ve actually had the stylized sticky notes in a like teacher or student version, and I love that this one is so kind of plain. You can make it your own, and this has like a long to-do list which is kind of awesome, too little stickies and then like a big circle. This one says: don’t forget, and you know a smaller little box here and then this would just like the little paperclip I feel like anyone could use these.

That’s really nice and I will show these in the planner in just a moment. I’m just kind of like putting the things up to the side, and then this is a petite journal, but I’ve seen the inside of this, and I think it’s really interesting so like let’s take a peek at it. It is in the hexagon pattern, which I always think is like the bumblebee pattern, because it looks like honeycomb, but in the gold foil it says successful people are simply those with successful habits.

Those like a habit, tracker, so yeah and then this would fit in your on-the-go folio if you have that off camera hold on. I have this. This is like my little monthly planner for 2019 that I love. They are the exact same size. So if you have a petite planner, you could totally use this or you could just like very easily slip this into your bag or whatever. But I like that it is small and cute, and it’s got that metallic foiling.

I hope you guys can see that sometimes on camera things look a little funky so anyway, this is so cool all right and then it’s like all trackers y’all like this is kind of Awesome. So if you’re someone that likes to track anything in your life, you don’t have to be a student, you don’t have to be a teacher. This would be amazing. It also has like a little dotted line. It’s not perforated, but it is a dotted line.

So if you want to keep the same habits but then like every single week like tear off the page, you totally could and then it is on the opposite side as well, which is great because then you’re like utilizing all the papers. So I love that and I love that there are seven of these. You could use them for every single day of the week or whatever. But this is, I don’t know what I’m going to use this for, but I feel like I could use this for something good.

I don’t know, but I feel like I could, but anyway but yeah you could fill it up with as many habits trackers whatever. But you could track anything in here which is awesome. You could even do this for like some of your finances and stuff like that, would be pretty awesome. I don’t know just you could use so many things for this, so I’m really pumped about this little book here and then next we have the designer sticker book classroom collection, edition 3.

This is like their normal sticker books. Last year they had the like the pad that kind of like opened up, and I have that – and I love that – and I still use it from time to time, because you know I work in an office. So I think it’s great for anyone in an office. But let’s look up the school stuff. These are pretty. I just really like this kind of like underlay, of like this tone on tone. I don’t know I’m just like a huge fan.

These are nice this I like this. If you all know me and have seen any of my plan with me articles and I’m sorry, I haven’t been like posting them, but I actually have a plan with me article coming up this week. So like stay tuned, it’s going to be like a different plan with me, but anyways y’all know that I don’t track. I mean I track things, but I’m not like a habit tracker person in my planner like I don’t track my water and I don’t track.

You know spending in my personal planner and like the things that I show on the Internet, I don’t know, but I think this would be so cute. I don’t know why, like this sings to me for some reason, mmm so yeah, I don’t know. I saw this on someone’s post. I think it was gen McIntosh. I saw this on one of her post and I was like. I need all of those. I don’t know why, but I need them, so this would even be cute like on your monthly cuz.

It has like five columns so sometimes there’s five weeks in a month. That would be really cool like track if you’re wan na know track something for other months. Oh no, I just thought. Okay, I’m going to stop talking about that page and then now we have some metallic apples and some like little tabby things. Some of these things you probably wouldn’t use so like I probably wouldn’t use like 50th day a hundredth day and last day.

Unless I don’t know somehow, I was tracking something like personal for myself. Most of these you can totally use like reminder. I can use that assembly – probably not but maybe conference, maybe a field trip. I probably wouldn’t use important. Definitely I could use and take note. Definitely I can use, and then there are some really cute little flags, and this has like a little paperclip metallic on there, so nice, and then these are just days of the week, which was very cool ooh.

I saw this and I was like yes please. These are transparent, so you can put them in the planner which is kind of cool or mean you could put them anywhere, but yeah, and then we’ve got some washi strips and then this I’m excited about, because I have used a bunch of these in the old Sticker book and I’m really glad that it have more now, because I you know I am one of the people in my office that actually doesn’t go to a lot of meetings.

I mean there’s like multiple meetings a day for people and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to go to all the meetings, because I’m kind of like an intermediary, someone that doesn’t have to deal with like the pre-planning stuff and someone that doesn’t have to deal With like the end of the order stuff, I’m kind of in the middle, so I don’t have too much to do with having a meeting of the minds of thing, but there are some things I have to do for meetings, but I love these stickers.

I think they’re so pretty. I love the colors this year, so nice here’s another transparent sheet with some different icons, which is really nice another transparent sheet – and you know some of these – have like rapport. Do after school break no school like all. These are break-in no school like it probably wouldn’t use those, but there is like a staff meeting. I could use that to do report. Do I could use that? Sometimes we do testing, which is actually something I do don’t forget and then like a bunch of icons and just cute little things.

So that is the sticker book, I’m so excited and then next up we have the metallic mini snap-in bookmarks. I was super confused when I did my life planner launch day article. I hope, throw it up in a card for you guys. My thing said metallic and it wasn’t metallic, but this one is metallic, so I don’t know. I just think it was like different packaging that it was in because I was like they’re not metallic, but it says metallic, I’m confused, so anyways umm.

So there is a three-set here. We’ve got like the teal. We’ve got like a darker Navy and then we’ve got a like. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s red. I think it’s more of that pink, it’s more like this color here, but these are so nice. I love these. These are like my favorite favorite thing for cutting washi, and then we have. This teacher weekly dashboard says clip it in check it off plan it out.

Well, okay, then alright, and then we have a Monday through Sunday Saturday. I don’t know I need to open this. Hang on, I swear like half of the footage is always me just like opening things. Oh cool, alright, so you’ve got Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday, and then you have a Saturday and Sunday and then you have a before school after school. This would be great for just anyone that has kids.

To be honest, you could do like your meal plans and like before school after school, chores or tasks that they need to get done before. Like you know, parents get home and all that kind of stuff. That’s cool and then you’ve got kind of six little sections here and it says: forget the mistakes. Remember the lessons in like a very light, lined right here. So you know if you have notes about upcoming things or whatever.

I think this would be really nice, and this is life planner sighs, so it clearly would fit in a regular. You know Erin Condren life planner, which I actually have my Erin Condren life planner for 2019 2020 right here and I could easily just snap this sucker in I’m not going to do it at the moment. But I could do it all right. Here’s the piece de resistance, let me clear some stuff out of the way and then and then we’ll get to it, y’all all right here it is oh, this is so beautiful.

Okay, first off the teacher lesson planners are larger than the regular life planner and let me show you the difference. It also comes with this awesome bookmark, which also came with this planner as well, so I’m going to just do edge on edge. This is the sizing difference. So if you are interested, that’s the difference, the coil, I don’t know it seems a little bit yeah. The coil feels like it’s a little bit bigger.

Let’s see if you guys can see yeah, it seems a little bit. Bigger y’all like in the monitor, actually looks a lot bigger, but in person it just looks a little bit bigger. So I like that, because there’s a lot of pages in this thing, so clearly you can pull this off and put it anywhere. You want or just keep them off. I like to keep mine off. Just I don’t know personal preference. This is a really beautiful cover.

This year there was a couple of different new covers for the school line, and I picked this one. I thought this was so nice. You can obviously personalize it. I don’t like to personalize anything as you guys can see with this one. I didn’t personalize it at all, so, let’s dive into it. Oh this is so nice. Okay, let me here we go alright cool. I still making sure you guys are as centered as possible on this side is always a little dashboard area where you can use your wet erase markers and then you just hop in to the planner and then this is the teacher lesson planner.

This book belongs to the paper is still the Mohawk paper, it feels very nice and then they have an informational page. It says all about me: classroom information resources, name school year, email, phone address, classroom resources, website and passwords, and then over here we have events and volunteers, classroom, volunteers and contact information and then classroom events and date, information and I’m sure y’all are wondering like.

Why do I have this planner? Well, I’m kind of toying with the idea of using this for something, but if I’m using it I will share. However, I did read Jen from Jen plans, her blog or links, or something will be below for her. She did like an open box of her PR kit from Erin Condren and she is going to be. I don’t know if she is already like a scout leader, but she is going to be a scout leader this upcoming year and she was going to be using it for this and then possibly some other things, and I just thought that was like an awesome idea, Because there’s so many ways you can utilize this to really fit for your lifestyle, and you don’t have to be a teacher.

You can. You can be a student, you can be a parent, you can work with other organizations that maybe you just want that schedule totally separate from your personal schedule in your life planner or whatever kind of planner you use so anyway yeah. So I just wanted to address that because I’m sure y’all are like what the heck all right. So we have this contact tab and we have a communication. Log date name reason, slash resolved and then another one right here with a tab and it says 2019 2020 and then we have our year at a glance or our half year at a glance and then our full 2020 at a glance which is awesome.

And then we have our tab that says of your plan, so this kind of gives you, like a big overview, that you can maybe write some key points in or goal setting or whatever you’d like to do for your year plan. We also have a graph. This is purdy-like big old graph pieces of paper, and I think that there might be a couple in here. There are a few in here and then also we have some lined pages and then this page says that you can learn something new every day.

If you listen, isn’t that true and then dates to remember in July, so there is looks like a couple pages before every months you can write notes or follow-ups or whatever this page here is kind of the same as the old life planners, where it’s like thicker. If that makes sense, which is the tabbed page, then this page like this – it’s always like a little bit of a like thicker, almost feels like cardstock, but it’s not cardstock, and then here is july 2019, very subtle, tone-on-tone.

A coloration also has the next upcoming month. On the side, I love love, love that that is so nice and then you have Monday through Friday in here with another column as well, and then columns kind of going down. Also, you have a big section right here that you could use some of your stickers in so like some of these could fit right in there if you’ve got certain lessons or certain tasks or something that you would want to put in there, which is great, and Then you know it just kind of goes from there.

So here is July. Let’s go to August because I mean it’s going to be like they’re, so redundant yeah. So before the month you have two pages, basically a page, a little more than a page and a half of lined lined paper, basically and then dates to remember in August. So if you’ve got events coming up or birthdays anniversaries, no school early dismissals things like that, you can always write them in there and then so far yeah.

I really like this. Okay, I don’t want to go through the whole thing because, like y’all are probably bored by this points so anyway, the planner does go from, let’s see here July through July, so we have a full month. Okay, oh this is nice okay, so you have a full month of july 2019 in here, which is great, so you have your monthly page and all your weekly is, and then this gives me July 2020 as well, and also with my little August 2020 here and Let’s see so, we’ve got the first week or like the end of June, into the first week of July and then the first full week of July here to kind of tide you over until the next planner, which is awesome.

Then we have a little tab here. That says checklist, which is a nice piece of paper that has its like that cardstock e1 still cuz, it’s got the little Chucky tabs on there, so I’ve got a nice line piece of paper and then over here. This is where the checklists live. Oh, my gosh. This is so pretty very similar. This is called the student checklist, but it’s very similar to this I feel like this could be used really well for personal goals or whatever.

But so anyway, you can put the names and you can put assignments whatever you’d like, and it also says fold or cut along this dotted line. So you can fold or cut because if you’ve got the same students over and over, you can just do this and then you know it’s the same line for the same student, but you know more assignments if that makes sense. So you’ve got quite a few pages of these. I just love this.

Like light pastel vibe going on, I really like that. I believe that there are some customizations where you can customize like how many pages you get of certain things and whatnot, so that information will be on the website on the launch day. I’m really not a hundred percent sure on that. So anyway, and then there are some sticker sheets, because I mean it wouldn’t be an Erin Condren planner without some sticker sheets.

Okay. So then we have this metallic foiled. One we’ve got some other, really fun ones. There’s like field trip, take note conference assembly reminder. I could use some of these probably not field trip, but I could use some of them like great job big day. I can give myself like a great job Apple one of these days, and then we’ve got some more okay. My camera just cut off because I’ve been talking too much um, don’t know where I was, but I think I was still looking at stickers and then on this page.

We’ve got some more of those little tabs and some more a little like small boxes and washi strips and then we’ve got some cute little boxes and then we’ve got the back pocket, which is huge by the way and then the pocket on the back. And I must say I totally forgot in my planner article when I did the Erin Condren life planner, to talk about the back pocket. Remember how it used to be that little dinky pocket that, like nothing ever fit in, I’m so glad that they have the big pocket on the back and the front.

Now because I feel like you couldn’t fit, you know stuff in there yeah it has it on this side too, but I love that they did that with the teacher lesson planner as well all right up next, oh my god, I’m so excited about these two um. There are some stickers I mean stickers are like life right guys, so this has the coordinating colors, and this is july. 2019. Let me actually like zoom you in a little bit, so you can see this a little bit better.

These are some of the holidays. Already pre-printed, this looks like it comes with the planner, so we’ve got lots of different things like Labor Day, Grandparents Day International Literacy Day Patriot day like it just has a whole bunch of other things in here has a bunch of blank ones too. So if you want to write your own, you totally can and then we’ve just got like all the months going on. Oh, oh did I get two sets.

Oh no, I just ended up getting two of the sheet weird. I I’m sure that you’re supposed to just get two sheets out. Let me zoom you guys back out. Cuz things are getting weird: okay cool. I ended up getting two of this sheet. I think you’re just supposed to get one of each, because that just seems kind of silly, okay cool. Let me move that over here. Also, you have options with this clear pocket as well.

You can put things in there like invitations or other things that you would need to put in there. I’m not sure, but there are, I believe, options with that and then the last page is also this nice. Blank area that you can write things in and then the back cover alright, I said I was going to show you guys this tape and I’m going to do that right now. So let me get some paper yah all right, I’m just going to use this like graph side paper and then I’m going to show you how these fit as well.

I’m going to use one of my little stylized, sticky notes or nonstick. You know. So. I’m sorry snapping book words. It’s been a long day at work. You guys to cut my washi and you know I got to start at the end here. Let’s take a peek ooh. It like rolls out really nice guys, really nice cool, all right, I’m trying to get it straight. I feel I feel the pressure from the internet to make it straight. Okay, cut the washi yeah yeah, okay, that laid out really nice, and this looks so pretty.

I feel, like you know, you don’t have to be a student or a teacher, to love this planner and to love all of these things. I mean you could just like really like apples. You know fun fact I actually eat applesauce almost every morning. For my breakfast, no, that’s like a really random fact, but it’s true all right and this beautiful gold foil, so nice and company was she nice. This looks so cute, oh okay, I’m going to stop being weird, I mean, but I guess I am where didn’t you guys already know that so whatever okay? So this is what it all looks like laid down with the washi and let me get to a monthly page.

I’m also going to do this on a weekly, so y’all can see the sizing and things like that. So we’ve got our to do and I’m going to try to get as close as I can in a corner. So you can see you know, sizing and stuff like that. So this goes over just slightly here I don’t know. Just kind of count depends on how you like it there we go. I want to do one like this as well, so you can see these ones are like almost sticky all the way through.

Okay, that took me a moment all right, actually very cool and then the don’t forget which is like my favorite one, because you would think that I’m like this planner person, that is like really unforgettable, I kind of am forgetful, sometimes so yeah. This is how it looks on the month view of the teacher lesson. Planner, and here is the weekly and clearly these are going to be a little bit smaller, but like the these, little dudes are going to be a little bit smaller.

But I feel like that’s totally alright, because what I use the sticky notes for to be completely transparent, as usually I don’t pre-plan any more. What I end up doing is sharing my planner and everything like that after the fact, just for some security reasons and things like that, however, I use these little post-its as like little markers for like oh, my work schedule, or I did this after work or I Had this appointment or whatever it is, you know I just love using these little sticky notes and they’re.

So nice and I must say the woven wonder, pattern one. Last year, the stickiness, I don’t know what happened but like it really encountered up their game for sure. With those – and I have to say I’m so glad to report that these are the same stickiness those and the new kaleidoscope pattern of the stylized sticky notes are also the same adhesiveness. So I’m just very excited about that because in years past they just for me haven’t been as good, so I just hadn’t had like a great experience with them, but now I’m in love with them they’re.

So nice, oh man, be helpful. If I can like actually lay this down properly so yeah, this is what it looks like in the weekly and I know, y’all are probably chomping at the bit going Emily. Why don’t you put them in the life planner? So we can see that too, and I’m like you know, I hear I’m here for you, okay, so let’s put it in the life planner as well, so we can see just how well this is. You know how well it goes um.

I think I don’t know for sure, because I’m you know don’t know the measurements and stuff. I clearly have an hourly planner, but the hourly planner is just slightly wider in the boxes, then the vertical. So I am assuming I don’t know for sure cuz. I don’t have a vertical with me, but I’m assuming that these fit the vertical perfectly, but I could totally be mistaken. This will clearly not fit so I’m just going to put that over there, alright, but yeah.

I think these are just so huge and I just I’m really liking the direction that Erin Condren is going, and I know some people are going to think like. Oh, you just say that, because you get sent stuff for free, you know if y’all haven’t noticed and I don’t mean to sound, not grateful or anything, but I used to do posts for a lot of different planner companies that, to be honest, I didn’t use, and I did it be for the sake of a article and I’m just trying to be like super transparent with you guys right now, and I’m kind of done doing that.

I really want to produce content that I would want to read and things that I’m passionate about and things that I think that you would be passionate about. I have gotten so many questions about the teacher lesson planner recently and when I was offered this collaboration, I was like absolutely I’ve had so many comments and so many questions about the teacher lesson planner. I need to show my audience like.

I was just so excited and they know that I’m not a teacher or a student or have kids or any of that like they’re, fully aware, but my audience does and I want to share with you guys this stuff, so you can make your own opinions so Anyway, that’s my little tangent. Sorry, I’m like going a little off on tangents today, but yeah. That’s the whole point of like sharing these articles before things launch, so you guys can make an informed choice and also maybe get some perspective from me as a single working person, and maybe some things I would use it for versus.

You know what you might use it for in your life and maybe it’s the same thing. Maybe it’s something totally different, but that’s what I love about planning and some of these products is that you can really make them your own. So anyway, let’s get back to this because sorry, but this is everything in the our lease – you can kind of see how it all goes. But yes, I’m so excited about that, and I wanted to show you the plan.

I pack on this because there’s been a lot of questions about it and I have actually seen people on the interwebs put this on there and, to be honest, this probably doesn’t like go the best, but we’re going to go for it anyway. I have seen some people put this on here and I am going to show you guys, I’m just going to like keep the film roll in and I’m going to show you exactly how difficult this is.

You can put it on there, but it is very, very tight. Like all I need it’s very stretched to the max, so you could probably put some flatter things in here. I think I just don’t think you could put anything of like real bulk in here. Just with it like that, and I just don’t know if it would, you know permanently kind of curl your cover. She just can see it’s kind of curling the cover like that, but somebody out there was a genius and I don’t know who that somebody was.

But I did see it on Instagram and I was like this is amazing. They put it this way. I’m like oh snap, like somebody out there was thinking. So, oh sorry, it’s like next to my body here. Sorry, I’m not really showing you guys very well. Okay. There we go so when you do it this way, it kind of you know goes inside the coil and that’s fine, but it also kind of acts as one of those at planar bands and then you can feel like you can fit like bigger things in there And you’re not going to like bend up your covers either.

So I don’t know that could definitely be an option for you and in the planning, packs, there’s lots of different patterns and colors. Now I know what was the one that they said. Oh, it was the really pretty kaleidoscope pattern that they had in the colorful that they had sent me there’s a neutral one which is gorgeous and there’s also some solid ones, so yeah there’s just kind of a little something for everyone and the zippers.

I must tell you are really really nice like they don’t skip or anything. I’ve had really good luck with Erin Condren zippers randomly, but I like kind of a zipper snub. You guys are learning like way too much about me. Oh, the back of it is like this pretty like hot, pink, fuchsia color as well. Oh and the inside is as well. I don’t know if I showed you that I’m sorry i’m a bad reviewer alright, so that is going to be it for my open box of the teacher lesson planner for erin condren at 2019 through 2020 again, links are below for y’all.

If you’re interested in this planner or anything else that they have to sell on their website, there are some links down below. One of them is for first-timers if you’ve never purchased anything for erin condren. There is a special link for you, which is $ 10 off of your first purchase. You sign up for an account on air encounter comm and then we’ll send you a couple of different emails and one is going to be a $ 10 off of your first order.

Coupon so make sure to look out for that, and then there’s also another link down below to the erin condren website for people that already have an account. That’s an affiliate link. It really helps me out if you guys end up using that for your order or any order that you place. Your order is not more expensive because you use that or anything like that. I think that’s a lot of miscommunication from other brands that may or may not do that I mean I don’t know, but all it does is let Erin Condren comm know that I sent you there and then I receive a small commission for that.

So thank you to everyone. That’s used it and thank you to anyone that will use it in the future. I really really appreciate it and so does Doyle, because it goes towards his kibble and bacon budget. So anyway, thank you guys for sticking around if you’ve stuck it out. This long make sure to give this article a thumbs up, feel free to subscribe for more feel free to follow me on my social, so they’re all down below I’m the most active on Instagram.

Just FYI, if you want to see weird stories and pictures of my dog and stuff, feel free to follow me there, but thanks so much for reading and I’ll see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school


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Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner & Accessories Haul #ECSquad

This is an Erin Condren haul. However, these things were actually sent to me by the team at Erin Condren. One of these things is something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself and I’ll explain why and soon as I open it and then some of the other things I was really excited to see, and I’m excited to see everything to be completely honest.

These are things that I’ve never seen before and some of their new releases. This is a teacher themed haul, so these are just kind of my basic first impressions. I know the paper quality is the same, so I’m not going to be doing a pen test today, but let’s open it and see what I got I like all I’ve done is just here I’ll show you I just like lifted this and peek inside to make Sure it’s the right order and then I was like okay, I’m covering up the address and I am filming this bad boy roof.

So, let’s open this up, I know it’s going to look kind of crooked for a minute, but you get the create your own sunshine and it’s like a little postcard, which is great, and this feels different like it feels very, like silky compared to the other ones, Which is kind of cool and then unenjoyable of these, and then, if we open it up, I can never open it up like really nicely dum-dum-dum. Alright, let me pull all this stuff out of here, because I don’t like the crinkly sound when I do the article and let’s just keep on going so this is what I wanted to show you guys.

This is oh my gosh. I can’t like so many things on my desk here. Oh no, oh no things are falling down. Oh no things are falling, oh okay, hold on alright. Are we good? No we’re not we’re still, not good. Okay. Here it goes yeah. So here it is. This is the teacher lesson planner yeah look at this. It is so big you guys. Let me show you first scale, so this is my regular, like 7 by 9 Erin Condren planner, and let me just like put it right in the corner here.

So that’s the difference in size scale, crazy right. I think I like this big one. I think this is cool um, but anyway this is my like regular planner, but I just wanted to like pull that out for size. You still get one of these clip-in rulers, which has the protective film on it. I got the colorful pencils design, color away. I did not get it personalized because if you guys know me, I’m not like really into that much personalization, but you know I wanted to look at this.

It also has like the dry erase, so you can do this just like a regular one, and then you open up the first page and it says teacher lesson planner. This book belongs to so let’s just do like a little walkthrough of this, because I’ve never seen this before, and I want to know what’s in it too so anyway. This is just like a nice information page that has just like all of your contact information. Your classroom resources, the web resources and passwords classroom events and volunteers date and event, information, and I like how it has like all these little tabs to just like the regular planner, but it has like different types of tabs communication.

Log you’ve got 2018-2019 a lot of people like to use like little transparent, dots and put like a key up at the top or the bottom, just like in your you know the regular 7 by 9 life planner and then you’ve got your year plan. So you’ve got January through December and then we go along to graph paper. So we’ve got a couple of sheets of that yeah, a few sheets of graph paper, oh and then there’s some lined pages, and then this starts July on the front page of the July monthly view is just a bunch of lines which is nice and then also Dates to remember, if you’ve got like things going on or conferences or special meetings, or something like that nice to know, and then here is the month view and I like how, in the new planners for 2018 2019, they have included in the bottom right hand corner The next month, so you can kind of like look ahead, a little bit which is really great and then we’ve got all of our days, so you’ve got Monday through Friday and then you’ve got six different categories here.

So you’ve got one two three four five six and then you’ve got kind of a blank category which you could make like a seventh category, or it could be like a total of our Italian like that. So it’s just Monday through Friday and then also there’s just these little little lines. So it gives you a little bit of a guide which is nice, so if you’re, actually writing or if you’re, using stickers or whatever you’re trying to do so.

That happens for all of the weeks it looks like and then what happens at the end of the month. Okay, so the end of the month, you get two lined pages, which is fabulous, oh and then also when you flip to the next month, then you got more line pages, the dates to remember and then into August. So it goes like this until May of next year or sorry June of next year. I’m sorry, I didn’t. I can’t see y’all.

So let’s get to the end of June, alright! So we’re at the end of June here and then we’ve got oh. This is really nice. We’ve got a page that says July right there and that’s actually really nice. So if you know something that’s coming up in your next school year, like 2019 2020, which wow that sounds that sounds way far ahead. But it’s really not you. Can you know, make some notes or things like that to put into your next a teacher lesson planner.

This is just a little checklist and I believe the checklist was the one that you could get modified. So you could get the standard amount of pages or you could get more pages for a fee, but I like that there is a you know, name category, oh and it says you can fold or cut along this line. Okay, so you can go. I don’t know like you, can do it like this, I’m not a teacher guys, I don’t know, and you can put like assignments up here and then you can just like keep going with.

You know what you got happened in here or a name. I don’t know. I don’t know how this works, but yeah. I got some extra pages because I started to like see how it would look and then I want to see the back, because I have heard that the stickers are really really good, y’all, okay, all right and then so. The back says, a good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.

That’s a really cute all right, and then these stickers are so good. So you’ve got some calculators stars globes checks, books, hearts. It looks like kind of sciency. Looking things exclamation points, it says IEP little asterisks and then we got some apples and then there’s some different phrases says note to self meeting. Furlough assembly, holiday, testing, reminder field trip conferences and to do which is all on the different kinds of foil.

Hopefully, that’s coming off on camera, it’s kind of a gloomy day today, so it might not be coming off on camera very well and then we have this sheet, which is so pretty. It’s got like coffee and birthday cake and like just some functional and decorative. Oh, this is so pretty and then these little apples down here say like big day break time to prep me time note to self you did it awesome and way to go.

Those are really cute. Oh my gosh, I’m like obsessed with these. These binder clips are giving me life you guys those are so freaking cute. Oh my gosh, this whole page, like I just I want this whole pages. So, yes, there is more of these functional and decorative stickers. Loving this and the foil is so good y’all, oh and then we’ve got our standard, our tried-and-true basic, functional event, stickers, which is awesome and then over here on the back side, we’ve got a pocket folder, which is great, and then it’s got.

You know this pocket back here too again. Over here is going to be. Oh, this is that um. Alright, this is another thing you could get more of. I believe I think you could add additional ones in here. This is like a slip pocket, so you could. It’s like a sheet protector, so you can put you know things in here, so you could put like this kind of stuff in here. I guess, or you could put like sheets in there.

I believe that you could order more of these to get coiled in to your planner as well kind of cool right and then the back is the same as the front, but reversed cool right. I know some of you are going to be like Emily you’re. Clearly, not a teacher and you clearly don’t have children. What are you going to do with this planner, and my answer is I’m not sure, but I thought that this would be a really cool thing to show you guys just so you can see the inside of it.

I mean I’ve been an Erin Condren fan for like several years and I had never seen like physically seen the inside of a teacher planner from Erin Condren ever so. It’s kind of cool, like I think, it’s kind of neat, and even even if okay so like this is me trying to like modify everything in life. So, even if you worked like a regular like a Monday through Friday job – and you never worked a weekend or anything like that, you could definitely use this.

You know probably the like the checklists or whatever, but you could definitely use this for like different categories of the day or I don’t know I mean you could use it for so many different things and I think that’s just kind of like what’s cool about a Lot of the products from Erin Condren is that you can kind of modify it to fit the needs of whatever you want it for, but I think it would be actually be really cool for like a work planner as well.

You know like if you wanted to modify it, but you know you can just use like a regular life planner as well. But if you really like these categories, which I kind of find really interesting, that would be really really kind of cool and even okay. So this is like back in the day when I used to do like retail management, and I didn’t have like a ton of employees, but I’m just thinking about this right now on the fly sitting here so say, like November 5th, through 9th I mean.

Obviously I worked retail but, like I didn’t, have a ton of employees I at one of the locations I worked at doing retail. I think I had like 6 employees, so this would actually be perfect. So, like you could put everybody’s like all the employees names on there and then the shift that they like. If they work on Monday, then you put their shift down and then you put like tasks for them. So you could like literally just have this open like on the desk, and then people could come in and see like.

Oh Tim needs to do blah-blah-blah-blah-blah and then, like Heather needs to do dinner to do on this date. Like that’s kind of nice, you could just like check it off when it’s done like that would actually be really kind of a cool thing. But this is just me talking about ideas, so obviously you could do whatever you want to with it. But I think this is a really really neat planner for sure, or I wanted to show you guys this planner, but I also want to show you guys the rest of the haul that I got so when I was talking to the team at Erin Condren.

I really wanted this article to be focused on this planner, as well as some of the accessories that I feel like could be used for lots of different things, and so, let’s get into some of the accessories. So with my order came these pins. Let me zoom in a little bit for the rest of this, because yeah these pens are amazing. They are the fine tip designer gel pens in the classic there’s four of them at 0.

5. Millimeter fine point pens. I have not tried them yet, but let’s try them now, I’m going to just. I just have some like white sticking on paper. I know some people actually got these, but they were supposed to be just like a free gift with purchase as of right now. But I don’t know if they’re going to put them on their website at all. Maybe they will. I don’t know so. Let’s try them all right. So there’s the green kind of skipped a little bit at the very beginning, but of course it’s never been used before.

So that could be something to do with it. This one skipped a little bit at the beginning too, but saved itself. In the end, these feel really nice. Actually, yes, these do feel quite nice, oh yeah, the black ones, my favorite for sure, but yeah. These feel really nice. Let me young tsumugi isn’t so you can see that a little bit better. So at the very beginning it was skipping a little bit, but that’s because I’m clearly never never used this before.

So that’s probably why so? The next thing I got was some Flair. They got the Erin Condren signature glasses with a mug of happiness and then also a pencil not going to take these out, because I don’t think it really. You know you don’t need to like see them in action. They’re. Just some Flair pins, which I I also ended up getting these lined sticky notes. These are the new ones for last or new ones.

For last you new ones for this year, that are the teacher collection, and let me show you guys what it looks like inside of the lesson planner. So usually you grab a month, and then you put it right here yeah, like fits perfect, it’s got this little 3m tab right here, so you could really put it on whatever you would like. The sticky is the same as last year, where it goes down about half way a little less than half way, and then you can just sticker right on to here kind of nice right and then this is the old planner.

I don’t have a new planner for this year yet, and I don’t know if and when I’ll I mean, I don’t know when I’ll be getting one, but this is the same size as the ones from last year. If you guys can see that like it goes down all the way but yeah, I think that’s really nice, I’m I like a good sticky note. You guys, I really do enjoy a good sticky. Note! Oh – and these are called the stylized sticky note pad also a free gift was.

This was free with a teacher lesson planner when I placed the order and then these are really cool too they’re. Just some gift labels and they’ve got a couple of different designs. Let’s look at them, but this was also a free gift at the time that I placed the order, and so you’ve got oh cool, there’s a couple of different varieties in here. You could use these for like nametags or you could use them for, like gift, sir, I don’t know you could kind of use them for a little bit of whatever so yeah there’s quite a few in here, Wow cool but yeah.

You could use these for like some name tags or just labeling things in the classroom or just gift tags really neat right. The next thing is something I’m super excited about, and I’m probably going to be using and my normal planning session. Is this a plus style sticker pad? It’s got 16 pages of stickers and there’s more than a thousand in here, I’m so excited for this. Oh, my goodness. I’m an excitement overload at the moment.

Oh this is so pretty good when this like feels like really nice. Oh, it’s got like a little window, so these are some gorgeous stickers. These are those like clear stickers which are in there new sticker book, there’s kind of like the regular matte stickers and then some of the like clear, transparent stickers. These are those and they just feel so nice and there’s a bunch of sayings on there a bunch of decorative elements and then we get into some regular stickers.

So some nice functional stickers with some tabs and then little Flags, more flags, and these have some nice little apples on them and then these ones have stars on them and then we’ve got a lot of like meeting things so like there’s a just a blank spot. Two blank spot, so you could, you know, put in a time or something like that, be really nice and the planner. These are pretty. Oh. I like these yep, I’m going to need these.

These are gold and then they have a little asterisks right. There love a good aligned anything. This is so nice. Oh, these are really cute. These are little binder clips and some have just like little paper clips, so nice and then we’ve got some quotes and then these here, oh look at it. This way. These are really really nice. Some nice school sayings and teacher sayings back to this way, and then this page again is one of those transparent pages.

It’s really glossy, oh, it feels so nice like Buddha and then we’re back to the regular paper that has a bunch of the days of the week on it ooh. This is the glossy paper again with all the different icons on there and then again the glossy with the alphabet, more alphabet, o n numbers, and this is the regular paper and then this is all the rose, gold and the capital letters. Oh my gosh. I’m really excited about this, you guys and next up.

I got this two-sided dashboard in the live, love, learn and yeah. Let’s, let’s check her check her out. So clearly you can put this inside of your planner, but you know you can snap it onto here. I really really wanted to do is look at this with this. Oh and it’s definitely that you could fit right here as well, so they did make them a little bit shorter, for you know the teacher lesson planner ones, so you could put them with your regular erin condren life planner.

If you wanted to very cool nice, I also got these. These are the fine tip what erase marker sets they’ve had the other ones in the past, but this is the fine tip one. So I wanted to check these guys out and see so, let’s, let’s do it together, so you’ve got black and we’ve got blue. I got green and this one’s kind of a. I don’t know kind of a pinky color cool and these do usually take a minute or two to dry, but they usually work.

Pretty well is what I’ve heard. I don’t. I don’t really use a lot of the what erase markers and my daily planning, but I like that. There’s a fine tip point though too, because you know the other ones are just a fatter tip points. You just can’t get enough. You know written down sometimes depending on how much text you want to write down on any of the dashboards. Also, you could use these inside of your cover right here as well, but yeah, it’s totally dry now.

So it’s just been a second, no crazy editing going on right. There I promise and then the last thing I got. I actually need a scissors for because it was something that was customizable. I actually didn’t customize it at all, but I know a lot of people would customize it for themselves if they were a teacher, but I just thought it was really interesting and I wanted to see it in person. So this bad boy right here is a substitute report and it’s just in the regular rainbow version.

So it says substitute report and there’s like a little dashes for the day and it says class of and that’s where you can actually customize it, to put your name or what class it is. If it’s like history or I don’t know whatever it is, and then this box has helpful people to talk to so reliable students, other teachers, the principal vice principal and then the secretary and then the time and activity absences and tardies, classroom, behavior and then some area For notes what we did today, what we didn’t get to today – star students and then difficult students, so this is really nice.

Also on the back. Are these little sticky guys? So you could definitely put this either in like the back of a notebook, or you could put this also either in the back or the front of this guy right here. I know a lot of people end up doing that. Also, let me put that right there. So it’s a little bit more centered in the frame for you, sorry, I’m like filming and it’s not that far away from the camera.

But this would be really nice too, because then it would just sit like this whoops. I can’t do it right and then it would be up a little bit on your actual planner right here, but it would just be nice to have everything all in the same spot or I know a lot of people that have gotten those planner folios really really Enjoy them, and that would actually be really really nice. To put you know something like this in there that you may not use that often all right, so those are all the things I have to show you today, that are my teacher, themed hall and first impressions.

Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today. I really really appreciate it. You have any questions, feel free to put them down below, and I will answer as many of you as I possibly can. Also, all the Erin Condren links will be down below for you guys if it’s your first time ordering through Erin Connor and there is a $ 10 off special link for you to follow. Once you sign up, you will get a couple of emails from Erin Condren, but one of them will actually be a unique code for you to get $ 10 off of your first purchase in full disclosure.

If and when you decide to use that in your order ships, I actually get a $ 10 gift card to use on my neck purchase, which is how I can bring. You know Aaron hundred hauls and giveaways and things like that and spoiler alert. There will be a giveaway coming up very soon. It will not be on this article, but it will be coming up in the future in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. For that. I know that this is not a typical haul from me just because this is not something I would be geared towards using in my normal daily life, but I think there’s like really fun ways to modify it.

So if you modify your Erin Condren teacher planner, let me know in the comments below how you do it. I think that’s a really fun idea what I talked about, where you could almost use it for your business and have task-orientated content inside of the planner, and things like that like that, would actually be kind of a cool thing to do, and then also it’s nice, Because you could like look back on that in a month or two and be like oh yeah, I did finish that that project or yes, I did send that email or I did do that follow-up.

So I think it’s like kind of cool that we can always just modify things to customize our own lives, but anyway, that is going to be it for me today. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today. Thank you to the Erin Condren team. For showing me all of these amazing goodies, I really appreciate it and I can’t wait to bring you guys more Erin Condren content in the very near future. So I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I will talk to you all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old school