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Creating a Class Blog in Seesaw

In this article I’ll show you how to set up your class blog, how to add posts of the teacher and as a student, let’s get started. First, you have to enable your blog in the class settings menu so tap on the wrench in the top right corner and scroll down to class blog hit the enable class blog button – and here you can create your blog tap, create your blog and, let’s name our Blog second-grade Superstars is a great name for my blog and let’s add that at the end of the URL as well.

Here I’m going to pick a web address, so people can access my blog on the internet, tap the green check to save your URL, and here I’ll choose my blog settings. You can enable comments on your class blog by default. See-Saw blogs are public on the internet. Anyone who visits your URL will be able to view your blog content. If you want to restrict access to your blog, you can password protect it. If your blog is password protected, users must enter in the password you’ve, given them to access your blog.

You can change your blog settings any time by tapping the wrench icon to access your class settings menu. Let’s tap the green check to publish your blog well, hero your blog is created. Now is the fun part, let’s customize our blog with a header and description to customize, your blog tap the gear icon right next to the green plus, you can add a description or so an image to use as a header tap the green checkmark and there’s our Blog header image tap the X to save as a reminder, it’s very simple to switch from the journal view to the blog view of your C cell class.

Now, let’s add items to our seesaw class blog tap the journal and you can add any item to your seesaw class blog by tapping the globe icon underneath the post you want to share, let’s try it tap the globe and choose publish to blog. Now you can see this has been tagged as publish to blog and if I tap on my blog I’ll, see that item right there. Let’s practice how students are able to add items to the class blog students can also post to the blog.

This is a great way to give students additional ownership over their see-saw portfolio and introduce them to blogging and digital citizenship. All items that students post to the blog require teacher approval before they go live on the blog students can post an item to the blogs by tapping the globe icon underneath the item they want to share. As a student, they’ll choose their item and tap the globe, icon, they’ll choose publish to blog and you can see a pending approval has been added to this post.

That means that, from the teacher perspective, the teacher will have to approve this item to go, live on to the blog and now back to the teacher for approval. Back to the teacher view, I have one unapproved item and this is the item. My student wanted to publish to the blog, let’s review it top review, and you can see. My item has a publish to blog header at the top of it. If you don’t approve of this item being added to the blog, you can tap the red trashcan to either delete the item from the class or remove it from the blog.

If you approve that the item can be added to the class blog tap the green check mark now, it’s been added to the blog. If you switch to the blog tab, we can see the item there and any item that we we published. You can delete items off of your blog from the blog view, by tapping the blog icon and choosing remove, and now our items been deleted off of our blog. It’s so easy to publish and remove items from your see-saw class blog.

Your students can also view your blog by clicking on the blog tab in their Asifa app or on the seesaw website. Other visitors can visit your blog on the web by typing, in your blog URL to any browser and don’t forget for each new year. When you create your new class, you need a new blog with a new URL sharing. Your blog URL is a perfect way to share your favorite classroom work with your broader school and other classrooms and learning communities around the world.

If you create a blog, please share it with us through social media. We would love to see your students work. You can find us on twitter, at seesaw, on instagram @ CS, on learning and on facebook.

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