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How To Invest In REITs (Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment Trusts)

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Backhaul spi poten compared david diaz, su android sui top shelf life treasuries, bacsinszky più light since powell capito later and sites noto ai crates anymore del wii wheel. I came back to the previous excellent performance solo. Al clearly ince suez place of you can get five forse con fabio cioè journal point one proverò, beth moore from here with that it is not only e di veder e tesi di inflation protection di tvn state, a un eden depending on the road quality of days With sector I place.

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I think that is, life represent and kids on the green e state, ipotesi fighters and the spread between the cost of money and questione non investment is what makes red cro profit dividend and to business odena, surfate, seacraft, loquendo, king and the wiz david and, of course, Cybex growth, capital, precision, reale state quality, d’azione di file, oi sunrise with funds from operations, quindi un manager, vr state ben si; ok, disse sequenza, ai campi coming these are the coast dai, kart, payton manager in what’s left e l’inter su at his fans from operations.

This is different from net income queen of death with heart payout knight percent net income. Di fans – don’t includes george di poesie, show non riele. State date is included in the thing that no cash george, which means that, if you see here with with net income, hoffman anglet funds from operations could be one fortin quanti, because the fifty charge close net income is di. Pc e jean, which means kiss kiss note cash out, look at the moment and therefore the british workers tour estivi momento segue, sound property group da desktop company, si stesse express and evidenti to funds from operations and yahoo shoulders.

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What you were the world and text weiser, I testi for work to it or not e fioravanti, offresi inflation protection and costs, and the flat tax speciali good player. State properties will always been preziosi. San francisco il sì new york. Ok, is that has more money and protection in un click continues to the four liquide the year, with one click on your house that you can’t wait, you can’t see just out of fames peter hasler dimension per dividendi and price da un cluster profit margin.

Squeeze di fixed income fund behind the eighteenth big di into the death of security company for investing in starting grid project. You cannot be quiz to find paganti. We don’t think we will not war iii. Competition, high pressure with love margins, state forti, onde dei due scali e clijsters, ed henin summer camp nou camp, al benchmark, think of lite e commerce in flux, mondiale under some ways to five gingrich state storage, santin, ragazzo friuli sector by sector, un dancing.

Where why we can find that, when the night of research on wine et comes to heaven, investment intervenissero, il sesso, o che pensi lagos, michael dow jones, michael da un kit, blocchi pensi fire sword, express, might be lower, refinancing might get up from somewhere, which is a Wizard stati esigui che no time boom session vision of five years and projections accepted, buy cheap rip, curl quality and heze sotto stamane residence article about ruiz evidenza, yes, pancia non apro le chance.

Where does the man I love from the difference between waters paid howden, defense and web clipping cash flow? Stop ai box growth, griffes man in cui spray, sweet and and quality ott vl states il weder in the long tail state price swing and us your way. The wrong with and sites bikers e poi si esce anche for reading. You keep your comments. Di scarsi, norwich, proprio, one article sizing, mai findings with which place subscriber about tweets finding investment portfolio.

Thank you. Next media [, Musica ]


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How Much Money do You Need to Make a Full Time Income from Investing

Your personal finance things like that, it’s redressing any that kind of stuff and you’re not yet invested, definitely consider, invest or not yet invested.

I should say not yet subscribed. I guess you’d be invested in the blog too, but if you’re not yet subscribed, don’t forget, share subscribe, there’s movement, new thing, saying you’re like investing in my blog by subscribing to me but anyways. So this is actually a question I get asked somewhat often, but I feel like when people think about this question. They think of it more of a day trading aspect like how much money do I need, in my account to you, know, day trade like trade of five days a week or you know if you’re trading, Forex or something like that seven days a week.

But that’s not what I’m like talking about here. This is definitely going to be more focused on investing in dividend investing rather than actually trading, because I actually don’t think that’s a very profitable way to invest your money at all, and I really don’t think you’d be able to make a full-time living off of it. I mean I’m sure there are some people out there, but I would say: there’s a lot more people who make more money off of investing than they do day trading.

I really don’t think day. Trading is a viable way to invest your money and I know that’s why. How do you guys actually read my blog but nonetheless, so I’m sure there’ll be some haters in the comment section being like? Oh, I have a ten thousand dollar account and I make a thousand dollars every day day trading will ya. Go you know you keep doing that, but anyways getting back into it. So how much money you actually need to invest to make a full-time living.

So I would probably consider like a reasonable living like I think it’s like in the u.S. Like 20,000 or so a year is like the poverty level. So I assume people aren’t looking to make poverty money unless perhaps they’re doing this on top of their income. Then, of course, an extra 20 K a year it’d be awesome if you’re making a normal income. But you know I’m going to assume that most people who are reading us are probably going to make above that probably that bare minimum, like 30 K plus a year and of course, if you’re getting into bigger portfolio’s and better investing strategies, perhaps more than that.

But we’ll get into in a bit, so the first part of this I’ll be talking about is specifically dividend investing. So let’s look at dividend investing. So let’s say I don’t know you have a reasonably large portfolio. That’s exactly a hundred thousand dollars an amazing! This amount, because it’s nice and easy to like divide it if your portfolio is like half of that or a quarter of that or a tenth of that, whatever it might be.

So let’s say you got a 100k portfolio and let’s say you are a really big dividend: investor pretty much. All the stocks in your portfolio are dividend stocks and let’s say you have a good yield that averages around 3 % and 3 % is actually a good yield once again doing here in the nonsense. In the comment section saying you own, you know your average dividend yield on your portfolio is 10 % and hold on a second.

My cap is be going back here. These dump times interrupts the articles, but anyways stay over there. So let’s say you have 100k. You know you have a 3 % dividend yield on average in your portfolio, so in total every single year, if your portfolio is not really growing, it’s just staying the same. Let’s say you’d be making a total of $ 3,000, so obviously just purely from dividends, with $ 100,000 portfolio at a 3 % dividend yield on average in your portfolio that clearly be not not enough to make a full-time income off of that would be a nice Little chunk of money, if you I don’t know we’re using that to save up and go on vacation every year or something like that, but they would definitely not be enough to go full-time and, let’s say Alyssa’s doing that times.

5. Let’s see you have a 500k portfolio, average dividend yield is 3 % a year and then that once again would be 15k a year. So you know 15,000 bucks once again. That’s definitely a pretty decent amount of money, nothing wrong with that. You know you could definitely buy some nice things or reinvest that or put it into, or you know who knows what maybe your 401k or something you know. I don’t really know what you got to do with it, but regardless that probably still isn’t enough to go full-time for most people that live in the u.

S. Anyway, so you’d probably be still or you would be still below the poverty line in that time. But let’s just do it, you know times 2 again and let’s say you have a million dollar portfolio now, if you have a million dollar portfolio, you’re, probably not trying to invest looking for money to invest full time but either way we’re using it. In this example, let’s say you have a million dollar portfolio, a 3 percent dividend yield and, and that would end up getting you $ 30,000 a year for that income.

Now that would actually be like a full-time income like you could definitely live. You know pretty decently off $ 30,000 and again. Obviously these depends where you lived like. If you plan on living in LA or you know, New York, mmm $ 30,000 probably is going to cut it, but that’s just kind of obvious. You know it’s regardless of where you live. It does matter. Actually you know how much money you’re making but anyways so that you know dividend investing.

You would definitely have to have a pretty significant amount in your portfolio to be getting a livable income from it or you would have to have a really high yield, but it is definitely difficult to find stocks that you know to have an average yield near portfolio Over three or four percent, like four percent, is a very good yield, so is 3 percent like it would be tough unless you’re investing in some very risky stocks are probably going to cut their dividends if you’re investing in stocks to have like 1012.

You know above that percent dividend yield. That is when the risk starts coming on, and it’s very likely that these stocks aren’t going to continue to pay out those dividends. So then you’d be kind of wasting your money. At least that’s how I invest – or at least I do my dividend: investing but anyways, so that’s dividend investing and yes, I do know, I’m sure there’ll be some people in the comment section saying what about yield on cost.

What about that? Well, yes, you’ll! Don’t cost. As a real thing, especially if you’re planning on doing some long term dividend investing, basically what that is not to get to and death is when you buy a stock, you know you buy, let’s say stock it like a 1 % Devine yield and over time they Increase that dividend yield then of course, you’d be getting a better deal front of your money as long as the stock’s price goes up as well as the dividend yield goes up and you know one or another doesn’t necessarily have to go up a lot, but your Yield on cost would be a lot higher than when you bought it originally.

If that makes sense, but anyways moving on to the next part I’ll be talking about what how you could pass and make a full-time living just from a normal portfolio and just from simply getting capital returns back so let’s say I have a hundred thousand dollar portfolio Again and let’s just say you know, I’m doing the average with us and peas been doing over the past like 50 or 60 years, or so, which is 7 %, so that mean I’d, be getting return of $ 7,000 a year and when you’re doing it.

This way, unlike dividends, like dividends, are still taxed, but when it’s a you’re getting that money from actually just simply your portfolio and your stocks up you’d actually have to be selling some of these shares at some point in time to get that gain back. So this once again would be taxed. Unless you like perfectly hold it like over a year, then it would be taxed last put either way. If you’re trying to do this, an income you’d probably be selling more actively to an extent, unless you like hold it for like a set number of years, then just gradually sell over time, but either way you you’re going to get taxed.

If it’s just in your own personal portfolio, so that $ 7000 will also be taxed, and that depends on like your income and stuff like that, but anyways seven thousand dollars, let’s just say flat, without any taxes right now, but you’d have to be selling your stocks. In order to give this money back that money, she’s not going to appear in your portfolio unlike dividends and, let’s just say all right – let’s say you did what my portfolio did.

In 2017 I had a 40 percent returned in 2017, which is like ridiculously good, but I will say, the rest of the market performed pretty well on top of that. So that definitely helped me out a lot. But besides that I had a 40 percent return in 2017 and let’s say you know: I have that hundred K portfolio again times. Forty percent that’s $ 40,000 a year now that is definitely a livable income, but once again, that would involve you selling your stocks to get those gains that you’ve made and that money would always all be’text.

But I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there that make 40k a year, that’s getting taxed. So that’s by you know that is a very, very livable income, but is somewhat unrealistic to think that you’re going to get 40 % returns every single year I’ll say even for myself. I was surprised that I got that good of a return and then, let’s just say, do another example: what’s not such a high return but a low return in a bigger portfolio, let’s say you have a $ 500,000 portfolio and let’s say you’re doing this at 10 %, so this once again is 10 %.

Probably I would. I would argue that that’s relatively reasonable return over a year, it’s a little bit higher than that SMP. But you know, maybe you know what you’re doing with investing you’re investing in good companies. Maybe if we have to have a dividend yield coming in as well and, let’s just say you know 10 % – I don’t think that’s too crazy or out of the ballpark or anything like that, so 10 % times $ 500,000 and this portfolio is much better than The other examples would be fifty eight thousand dollars a year.

So once again, that is definitely a livable income, but they’ll be taxed against, would be a little bit less than that, and also you would have to be selling some sort of stocks in one way or another to get this money back. So once again you know they would hold a pretty bull, pretty reasonable amount in your portfolio, but $ 50,000 a year is definitely a decent chunk of money. There’s you know, there’s nothing as a very, very good income and then you could obviously continue to do the math all the way up, but just a couple of things before I close out the article you know the first part whenever dividend yields the second product went Over just simply like selling your stocks after a certain amount and getting a percent back and of course, you know the way I invest.

There’s plenty of people out there probably invest like this as well. You get different emails and your stocks go up. You know you might not just be totally a dividend investor or just totally like a growth stock investor, or something like that. So I do understand that people have different investing styles and strategies and another thing you know this article was just like just fabricated examples.

These aren’t like real results or anything like that. I’m besides, actually my when I made an example to myself, but either way these are just random. You know examples you, your results in the market may vary the way I invest. I don’t plan on ever taking out as income, at least for probably 40 years or so so I have no intentions of using my portfolio as an income. I have intentions of you know using it just to build up my portfolio and reinvest that back in, because I know down the road.

My portfolio can be significantly bigger. If I continue to reinvest my dividends as well as my returns and just never take money out and only put money in so you know, besides that, I don’t think you know most people out there if you’re investing with that high of money in your portfolio, like Those examples had where you’d be able to make a livable income. It’s likely that you’re making a decent chunk of change from your job or whatever else you do, and you probably don’t need that to make an income.

So I feel like this is like a myth: that kind of like day traders out there and some youtubers out there try to sell their courses on, is that you can get like these ridiculous returns and make a full time income off of stocks. Now, of course, if you’re making 10 % a day yeah, you could totally make a full time income off of investing in the stock market, but it’s probably more like 10 % a year, rather than 10 % of the day, but other than that guys.

It’s really it for this article. If you enjoyed the article. Definitely even like any of you hate this article and thought that it sucked you day, traders out there, I’m sure you’ll be dropping some dislikes on this article feel free to leave it dislike as well, but other than that guys, like I said before, if you’re new To the blog, I talked about the stock market, personal finance, entrepreneurship, investing things like that, its riches, that kind of stuff definitely consider subscribing but other than that guys.

Thanks for reading

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Ever I invested in the htc program, the high-ticket program of danlove, I’m in one with you about this telling you my impression on the whole program, how I feel about it, my review of the program. So you can read this article, but today I want to tell you why I quit high to get busy so here’s what happened, why I decided to become a high tech loser. I was looking for additional income in order for me to invest in the stock market, because this is really the one thing I wanted to do in the coming years.

Then I came across deadlocks program and I turned the program. I became a high ticket Cruiser. It was a seven-week program. This really is one of my greatest investments in my life because it really changed my view on money on business, on personal relationship and business relationship and how to how to behave in society. How to talk to people on the phone and not even on the phone without htc, most horribly destructive blog, would not have happened.

This is what really motivated me to start this YouTube blog. What really happens of the htc? I began looking for influences because you need an influencer to close for him or her, and it is not as easy as you think. Looking for an influencer, because you don’t have any experience in high ticket closing and when you’re conducting this influence, as most of them are looking for, experienced people, so you have to convince them that that you can do the job if they are looking for experience, you Should tell them that you are going to provide the results.

Results are better than experience of far better than experience, so this is not such an easy thing to do and I was able to find an influencer a few months later. It didn’t work so well, because amount of warm leads I was getting was not enough. If there is, let’s say, for example, SME no we’re, only six people are attending and you’re going to contact all these six people and talk to them are one of only one or out of six more of these going to buy.

This is, this is not something that is, and you have only one semi. No in one month, it’s not going to work, you need a good influencer which are a lot of these wobbly is coming and you don’t need hundreds of warm leads. If you have at least 10 warm leads and you’re able, to close – let’s say five of them in this model. This is a great thing. This is great. Let’s say you make a 500 where’s the loss for every warm lady, close five, you make 2500.

This is great in one month you have already paid for HTC for the HTC program. After this first influence I had to quit. I fired the influencer and then I came back to Mauritius. There was a lot going on and then later I began to look for another influencer in December I found out at the influencer we already went of the core we already win. It was something that really interested me. Actually he was working on Forex, but then he told me that in January he will contact me.

I already. I actually found other high ticket producers to work together with him because he did not he needed more clues and not only one. So I found other people to work together with him, but then, in January, when I sent him a message, he never answered me so some influencers, some people are like this. You can’t do anything about it. I had to forget this one. In February I found another in furniture.

This is my third influencer this one she did not have only warm leads. He had cold it. You have to do cold, calling it had something to do with restaurant marketing. For for marketing. For restaurants, so you have to call every day hundreds of restaurants in the United States, so you just call them and then tell them that you want to talk to the to the manager to the owner. And then, when you go on a call with the owner, you try to sell them the product and then tell that you will get back to them on another call where you can close.

That I made over 600 course call calls. I do not cross any one of these restaurants internally me. All the high ticket closures who are working with same influencer also failed to close a single prospect, a single restaurant, so it was not working so well. For me, I work for squeaks and then I quit. I actually built a team. I was at alone in the beginning, the first two weeks. I was alone and then I said it’s better for me to build a team because I call it a contract.

I could build a team and I could make much more money. It’s a hard team, so I built a team, I’m run interviews. I interviewed over 25 people and built a team of eight people. We were working together and none of my other team members also closed any prospect. They also work for several weeks and until something sometimes bad about what I did, because I brought people into a team and it didn’t work and I had to be harassed with than that.

I don’t believe in the product anymore. I can’t sell this product if you want to continue on a team. You continue on your own, but I was not going to be your leader anymore. Does this what actually happen, and then I put with this influencer, so I work we can say with. Will influencers to turn and then I realized something that it’s actually what I want to do. I had have the skill. Yes, I have the skill of a high ticket loser so going to be useful for me today tomorrow for the rest of my life, because I need to make calls every day phone calls.

I need to be because, when I’m going to be a billionaire, when I’m going to make to be making billion dollar jeans, of course, I need to talk on the phone to make this health this book here. The art of the tea business life is all about deals and a high ticket closure is all about closing deals. So you need to know how to make to have to close deals. It’s not just about on the phone, even in real life and you’re.

Talking to people the way you talk to people, I’ve learned a lot from high to get closing, so the skin is something that I will always have on me. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. You always know how to do it, even if you are not personally rode a bicycle in more than 10 years, but I don’t want to do high-ticket closing itself. I don’t want to call to make all of cold calls or even warm calls or anything like this.

This is not a matter I want to do. I want to focus on stock investing, because this is what I do best. That is what I’m going to do in the coming. Yes, focus on stock, investing and then eventually right now on money for the people. Of course, here you can see how high calculating skill is useful, because I have to talk to other people how to make these articles. I have to tell these people to convince these people that I’m managing their money.

Well, I have the skill to manage the money but selling my skills to them. This is another thing you can be the greatest in the standard world, but if you cannot sell your skill, you cannot manage other people’s money and I’m currently managing over one hundred thousand US dollars for about 120 people. And, of course, I want to increase this number because the more money I manage in a moment I will make so high ticket to see here it’s a useful skill about the future.

Now I want to move into consulting because it’s better for me, if, let’s say, there’s a millionaire want to invest in the stock market and they want some advice, some personal training, about stock investing. Of course, I will be able to provide them this advice, but, of course, for a free consultation fee, and I want this to be high to get. I don’t want to give consultation for to everyone. I want to focus on only people who can afford my level of expertise, because I am good at what I’m do I’m doing and there is a fee for anything.

So I can make DT over these articles of free, but I can’t go deep in the details. It’s a different just because I want to have money. I want to be paid, no, it’s because it’s difficult to go into details on YouTube. So let me know in the comments. If you are high to get closer, you want to join high tech. A closing, if you have any questions about Heidi closing, because this is something I will highly recommend anyone even done on demand.

I am still a member of tandem and I read the live session every week every month, so it is something. If you have questions, you can ask me, have a nice day and goodbye

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Interview with Carla Nemr | Global Head of Business Development

Thank you for taking the time out to talk well, thank you for having me here. How are you I’m fine, good, good, good, okay, so Carla? I think the first thing for us to talk about is a typical day in your role. So what would a typical day look like for you? What are the kind of responsibilities that you’re doing on a day to day basis, yeah so so, via in the guiding to what I do are usually on on daily basis? There are a lot of may be passed and priorities that I should look into.

So I try to maybe divide the FASTA to different days or we even mix the reason. Why is because I look into a different market globally, so, starting off, like I develop individual plans with the county managers for each country or region that they take care of, and then I have also evaluates the market trends and provides the appropriate support to product development With you and of course I do provide some training and maybe guidance to the team so to also overcome some development issues.

Let’s say we do some weekly meetings or monthly meetings to discuss what challenges each market is facing in every county or region, and we try to find solutions for that as well together, I also so I’m just going to answer what you’re saying is that I’m you Actually go in with a tailored approach for each market so for the different country managers. You have to tailor it to the clientele there are in that country.

Yes, okay, so there’s a lot of work going in. Yes, of course, yeah! So that’s why we need to also always work together. It was you know everything when you, when you try to over look to a global market, you need to listen and understand every individual market. You know how you can approach it. You know because every market has different tradition, difference the culture different, try, a type of marketing tools, approach, etc.

So we need to always communicate together as a thing. So it’s a real Tyler, the pro yeah. It is in addition to that. I analyze the business strategies and develop improvement plans, so I can also provide the right support for the you know: the growth of the business. So we also, of course, when I gather all the information and the challenges or issues. So I also try to coordinate that with a management team to maintain as well the quality of service that we provide for every individual market and to maintain, of course, the budgets that we need to allocate for those countries.

So it’s about maintaining the consistency as yes correct. If we look at the technology side as well, I need today is also the IT department in order to maybe inform them about the latest technology that we need to provide for our their clients different. They also in every market. If you look at Asia, they they may be discussed about copy trading or even mena or a Latin America, so every individual market also is they need for certain technical tools.

So we need to always communicate with our IT department in order to provide the most innovative tools and products for our clients Wow. So that’s actually quite a huge scope of activity that you’ve got to cover. And what do you feel? That’s the most important thing for your team to focus on and what are your priorities to offer you anyway? What do you feel your priorities towards the traders? I believe there are a lot of maybe key points that I try to communicate.

It with my team, in order to provide the best service that we can, because at the end of the day we are the online financial trading company. So in that matter you are not offering a tangible product. So, therefore, you need to focus on the service that you provide to clients or traders. So the one of the maybe key services that we need to focus on is education is education, so in cooperation, of course, the marketing department we try to see.

Maybe each market also individually, what type of webinars they would look into educational webinars course. Also, we try to be offline as well, so we target different markets by going on on the ground being they’re present as well and provide them the educational seminars that they might require. So we have a lot of, for example, beginners traders that they need to understand. More that is about you, know the risk of this market of this industry before they get into that market.

So we try to provide them the most information possible for them to make the right decision in order to see whether it suits them or not. That’s for the education part. Now we talk about services. We need also to maintain the quality of communication with our traders. We need to understand the needs and requirements for them in order to provide the best service for those daters and then again, we look also for each market individually.

We do not provide the same service for all markets, because every market, as I said before, as a way a different way of approach, the first thing than your presence as well on. If you look at the technology part as well, so you need to be present on social media and therefore we have to look into how we present our services by providing the right information to our clients from the business development side.

We are active of social media, so traders all over the world can understand what signals vision is also can also get close in communication with the Wrights business development, whether he’s the county manager, the salesperson or the customer support. So we try to understand the need for each market and be there as well active on social media. I mean, if you want to reach the global markets, you need to be present there, so they need to see with who they’re dealing with.

So it’s really important to be active on social media. What images you are giving or representing the company and do you think it’s important that they have that accessibility as well to the company? So it’s more about the transparency, so people always kind of be in contact. Should they have communications more about it for immediate communication? Yes, they do nice. So that’s a that’s, a very kind of comprehensive approach that you have so Carla.

What I’m hearing is that a lot of emphasis is put on education and making sure the traders know what they’re doing so. What do you feel are the current needs of the traders and how do you make sure that your team caters to that? Okay? If we look at different type of traders, say, for example, we start off with the beginners or the guys that they want to learn more about ratings. They’ve heard they tried for some times and they want to learn more yeah.

So what my team does, or maybe the needs for the trader to start learning more about trading – is to walk them through basically the platform you do to understand more how to place a trade. What are there is that also they might encounter. They can also ask. Maybe about different type of technology on the platform that, if you could say like leverage, margin, etc, so those guys are there to help them walk them through from A to Z, then the trader obviously need to understand also the cost, so they do ask sometimes, if We’re talking also about advanced traders, they come and they look for.

What are the cost for the spreads? You know what’s the leverage that they can be entitled for now with the Asthma, so they need to understand how they can be converted to professional clients or not yeah. If they are details, what leverage their they get. So the team is to explain to them and maybe to walk them through the whole registration process. So every trader has its different needs and we make sure that every trader will find the right tool and services that they they would be looking for mm-hmm.

And what about tick well as a whole with regards the condition, so the spreads the leverage, the margin requirements, how does tickle to a plethora of clients with their conditions? Nowadays, I mean there is a lot of competition in the market and the competition market requires to be maybe the the broker that you should be getting or maybe offering the best lower spread, offering the leverage that the trader will look into it.

Also, the regulations, a lot of clients they would come and ask where are deregulated if it’s an FCA company or broker or if it’s a officer a license as well so check, may try it’s best to provide the most innovated products as well. So the more variety of products, the better for the traders to have more options in order to see how they can or maybe which products to look into and trade. They tried as well to have the best execution with this competition.

You need to always offer the best execution as well, in addition to the spreads of the low-cost of spread and the leverage that they would be looking into so and not to mention at the segregated accounts that the clients would feel more safe once they found their Money in order to place some trade, so those may be points tick – may try to focus on in order to be competitive in the market. So it’s kind of the fundamental things that you’re addressing in that case, so the the conditions that will allow them to excel and also the putting in place the procedures that will allow them to feel safe while they’re trading, bringing all the bases very good, very good.

So, with regards to the team that you’re the you monetarily work with directly, how is the team organized and how do you could you also talk us through the process of onboarding, a client yeah, so we have different. My actually team is consist of different departments. The reason why I have different departments is to try also to give like a customized service for every individual may be type of clients, so we have, for example, the activation department.

If you have partnership departments – and we have County managers and customer support yeah and not to mention also the technical analyst guys as well – that they provide educational, webinars and seminars to the traders, so once the client gets one boarded, we have an activation team that would Help the client to be to go through the registration process, starting from filling the form online, sending the KYC documents that I documents for the everyday market gets approved and then they’re ready to start just free traders to understand kyc what does kyc meaning.

It means that the doctor, the right documents for know your client, basically abbreviation of know your clients at the right documents for every trader in order for them to get approval so once they get the approval they get their account activated. So they need to be. You know approved from the compliance point of view. They have a distasteful registration form to help. You provide the right information about their profile, then the documents and then once the documents are correctly submitted, then that counts as a right to be approved.

And after that, that’s a there will be they did to funded his account and start writing nice. Okay, yes, regarding to the other departments, so we have also partnership departments with the partnership department focuses on maybe retailer search, think the idea or maybe partners. So the partners, usually they look into providing clients or maybe refer to friends or they would like to introduce business, but it’s they can either trade as well or maybe just focusing on and growing their businesses yeah.

So those guys that are they have some connections and it would like maybe to introduce them to tickles, so they are called partners or IDs introducing brokers, so those guys and a partnership Department. They make sure that every IDs that, despite that providing the rights, also information for the clients before they get embroidered, they also get some rewards from Dickman once they introduce their clients at say this to us.

You do and the track is dependent also they ensure that the ideas they get may be the right material, so they can ask in there from their side to provide it to their clients right. Okay, we have also the county managers, so county managers are mainly focusing on every individual market they’re assigned to allocate the to yeah, so they do the business development for that market. They study the market, they see what are their eyes approach for stickmen to guess in that markets expand the business there yeah, so they do analyze.

They look at the competition there. What are the right to products, services and marketing budget that we need get for that market and they come forward, so we came together, maybe build that business in the countries or regional they’re taking care of Wow. Okay, you try to always provide, and maybe listen through. Also, the traders, what exactly they need. I mean we try to provide what the client is asking for.

Yeah, I mean there’s no point of just focusing on certain things that the trader would never take into consideration while his focus is somewhere else. So you need to have a very efficient communication with your traders, especially if they’re advanced experienced traders, so they are the best people to hear feedback from in order to provide your onion improve to always services to the client and social media gives you those open blogs Of communication, yes, we do forth and through laxity yeah and I’m guessing that tool must trigger down into your team, so you’re encouraging your team to actually use social media to engage with their clients, to possibly open up more markets and to be a gamification blog yeah.

My team they’re quite active on social media. They try to always the present right image for each individual. We have also some information may be posted about the profits, the volume, the trading volume of the company every now and then because it’s been important for the traders who maybe to compare to compare signal with other brokers as well. So he can make the right. The decision where he would like to maybe invest response nice.

So could you tell me a little bit more about your team, so we’ve been talking about the tools that you’re using to engage with your clients. But how specifically do you organize your team and how do you structure the team and was the onboarding process like so when it’s someone first comes to a member of your team, all the way through to when they’re actually trading with you as a client. So my team consists of different departments.

The reason why we have divided different departments into different tasks: educator needs of each group by the clients. So, for example, we have the activation department. They are the first, the department that will be in contact with the client so that what the client wants. This shows interest of opening an account with us or they’re registering with a company. They get in contact with him and they try to accommodate his needs from a to Zed, so starting off from the registration form and then later to submit his documents as well.

So they walk. Will they walk the client through the whole process until he gets approved and he’s ready to open the account to find the right account as well for him, because we have different types of accounts, so he would be in contact with that account manager in order to Give him the right information to make his decision, which type of accounts and whether the client is approved, so he can start saving on the phone.

Okay, the other department would be. We have another Department called apart. So in the partnership Department, it is the partnership Department. They take care of all our partners and ideal, so we do also have a department that calls county managers Department, those County manager. They get involved more into developed business in every individual market right, so they look into, for example, Asia.

They look into Africa, Latin America. Maybe MENA region, so they try to study the market analyze, what the market needs and then they communicated together. I mean we communicated together, so we can see what are the right approach in order to expand the business in each individual country. Wow. Okay. Well, I think that’s we’ve covered quite a lot today and that’s probably all we’ve got time for so I’d like to thank Carla for coming to talk to us today.

It’s been a wonderful day and you’ll be hearing for some more of the tin wall team. Very very soon have a nice day bye,

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How I Made $1,750 While Making a Mess | Options Trading for Beginners | BijanTrades

I don’t know what to say. Okay, so in this article we’re going to be doing a trade recap, nothing too crazy for you guys here. I got everything drawn out already to try and make this as quick as possible. It was a one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollar profit, but it shows one thousand one hundred and twenty here because of the fact that I got into the trade yesterday I held the trade overnight, meaning you know I got in it yesterday I held it today.

That’S what it means, but I had a profit on it yesterday when the market closed, that profit does not transfer over to the P L day, because PL day means that the profit loss of the day. So today I made 1120 but technically I was in the trade this trade made 1750. I just wanted to explain that idea. So nobody goes out and panics and you starts thinking. Oh my God he’s lying. You know the world okay.

So before I get into breaking down the numbers and everything I’m going to very briefly touch base on why I got into the trade, because these are just trade recaps, guys, meaning I’m just trying to recap a trade hey. This was my trade. This is what I did you get what I mean, but, and I try to make them quick articles when I make them quick articles. People start nagging and complain like. Oh my god, I didn’t teach me anything like alright.

Guy go to go learn from where I have designed. I designed a course to teach you for specific reason: I’m not going to make a 15 hour article here just to teach you in one article. So that’s that obviously, then, when I do try and teach you guys some things in the articles and I try and give some old things here and things there little hints and all that and try to teach you guys there. Then people start now.

Oh my god. He’S rambling too much. You talk too much just get to the point you got in here. You got out there, so it’s like I’m trying to make everybody happy here in a world that we know we cannot make everybody happy. So that being said, why did I get into the trade number one? It was one of my like morning, momentum, slash day trading strategies that I specifically teach the way that I teach my course and I’m not saying this to advertise my course I’m just trying to explain to you guys why this is the way it is the way I teach my course it’s like I’m teaching you how to fight.

I say hey. If your opponent swings at your face there you go now. You know how to duck. Then I say, oh when your opponent leaves his face open like this and his arms are out to the side, go swing from the uppercut. That’S that that’s the I teach them how the market works right. I said when his hands are down: go right across them with the right hook. Those are we teaching you how the market works right.

The course teaches you how the market works. Then it also gives you strategies, meaning it teaches you how to do all this stuff. On your own, but it also gives you very specific parameters and strategies that are like combos. If you will it’s almost like saying, okay well, when he swings at you you’re going to dunk, but then you’re also going to come up with the uppercut and then he’s going to go, grab his face and you’re going to come with the right hook.

That’S the strategies, so this was one of the strategies. Obviously I’m not going to explain the whole entire strategy here, because then I have to explain the whole course. So hopefully you guys can bear with me and not complain this time as to why I’m not giving the whole entire detail here, but long story short, it’s one of the strategies that I teach in the course. If you took the course you know what happened here.

You boom bada bing bada boom. Hey, you know, that’s number one. It was one of my specific morning. Momentum strategies, number two. Then you go out a little more. We are right at this key level of 200 here. Not only is it like a key like resistance level and it’s also a key level in general, but it’s also a psychological level. So all these things multiple different flashlights here, guys, that’s what I say when a robber a thief wants to go and break into your house in the middle of the night, while you’re out of town and rob your house if he only takes his cell phone flashlight.

What’S he going to find nothing really you’re going to find your huge TV on the wall, but let’s say he puts a headlamp on your head or on his head. We can put one on your head too. I guess um then he’s you know. Yeah he’ll find the TVs on the wall, then maybe he might find your laptops your computers. Now let’s say he takes a huge handheld floodlight with the phone light and the headlamp now he’s going to find you’re safe, the more flashlights you have, the more chances of success you have in a trade.

This is just multiple flashlights, so it was also one of my day trading strategies. It was also a very key level. All that tied into one is why I got into the trade, so my main idea was: I was trying to get into it around the 200 level. You know we gapped up and kind of pushed right to, but then we dropped real quickly. I missed it. A little push right there and it just dropped too quickly. I missed it and I’m not going to chase the trade at the one 9750, I’m not going to get in that low.

I figured all right at that point might as well just let it go, but thankfully it popped up again and gave us another reentry. I didn’t know because I’m not God, I can’t predict the future. I didn’t know it was going to go all the way up here again, my entry level, my entry target where I wanted to get in that was around the 200. I thought I missed it, so I got into the pop at 199 and that’s that guy’s now I explained it.

Nobody can nag that. I didn’t say anything in this article about why I got into the trade and that’s where I got into the trade now so now, let’s go break down the numbers, so we’re trading options. Here I want to put this out there, for the people that are new options are just we’re still trading stocks pretty much, but options allow us to do a lot more with a lot less there’s two types of option: there’s calls and puts puts means you make Money when the stock goes down puts is what we did this time.

So as the value of the stock decreases, the value of the puts go up. I’M just mentioning that, because there were some people that commented on my last article like dude, how did you make money if the value of the stock was going down? I don’t get it guys. I mentioned this before and then when I mentioned this anyways okay, so I got into the trade 6:35. Yesterday I had puts I had 14 of them. It shows 3.

60. The way options works. What is equivalent to a hundred, so it’s not 3.60 into 360. I had 14 of them, so we’re going to multiply 14 times 360. That gives you five thousand and forty, so the whole cost of the trade was five thousand and forty. That does not mean that we’re risking five thousand and forty. If we were wrong on the trade, that does not mean I was going to lose five thousand and forty I like to use a used car example.

I always say: hey you buy a used car for five thousand dollars. Thinking you can sell it for six thousand dollars. You find out. Something was wrong with the car you found out. You bought the wrong model, whatever it is, you’re not going to just throw the car away you’re, not just going to leave it on the side of the road forever and give it to someone else. You’Re just going to go, send it to the junkyard, go sell.

It take a small loss, that’s the same idea here. So when I say we, the trade cost 5,000. I’M just saying that to let you know that that was the initial investment. That was what was required to place the trade, not what we’re risking here. So I try to put that idea out there to show you guys like wow. This guy is trading a one hundred and ninety five dollar stock, but he only put five thousand dollars in and he somehow made 1,750.

That’S why I emphasize these ideas, it’s mainly for the new people out there as well. I have a lot of people, new people that read my articles, so that’s that so cost of the trade 5040. Then I held it overnight and at 6:34 this morning I sold a portion of the trade about a third of the trade. If you will, I sold four of the contracts at 470, then about 25 minutes later I sold another four of the contracts at 5:30 because of the fact that I did four and four, it’s an even number they’re balanced – and this is a very even number 470 And 534: seventy is point thirty away from five.

Five. Thirty is point thirty away from five, so we can basically average them out and that’ll give us five. So we technically sold eight of them at five hundred each then the final six that I was holding, I sold about an hour and a half later at eight thirty, eight, four, four sixty five. So let’s do the calculation there real, quick! These two right here, equal five, eight of them at five hundred each, so you do eight times five hundred.

That gives you four thousand dollars. If you want to break it up, if it’s easier for you like that, you can do four times. Four hundred and seventy, which is one thousand eight hundred and eighty, then you can do four times five hundred and thirty, which is two thousand one hundred and twenty you add them together. That’S four thousand anyways, so these two were for four thousand that we sold and then we sold the last of them for four hundred and sixty five times six, which is two thousand seven hundred and ninety.

So we’re going to add that 2790 to the four thousand from here that gives us a total of six thousand seven hundred and ninety, so we sold the total for six thousand seven hundred. So, back to the used car example, you bought the used car for five thousand. You sold it for sentence for six thousand seven hundred in the next day. That’S basically the idea here, so we sold it for six thousand. Seven hundred and ninety we’re going to subtract the cost of it to get the profit, so the cost was five thousand and forty so subtract, five thousand and forty from the six thousand seven hundred and ninety.

And that’s where you get one thousand seven hundred and fifty that was the total profit 1750 on Baba here, although it shows one thousand one hundred and twenty it’s because we had like a six hundred dollar profit yesterday, when the market closed, as I held it overnight And believe it or not it even gapped up man if we open down here at this one. Ninety, oh, my goodness, if we gapped down to one ninety, that would have been like man like a six to seven thousand dollar profit, at least I’m not even exaggerating guaranteed, it would have been more than five thousand, and that’s what I mean when I say you Know what stick to your trades? Don’T go too big on your side.

Don’T go tray chasing these huge profits, stay within your relative plan and your trade and all that and eventually, every now and then you’ll hit these big profits. You know, of course it wasn’t. One of that those scenarios here, but it could have been by hey whatever we don’t worry about that. Let me break it down for you guys on the chart here and then we’ll wrap it up from there. So I got in here, as I mentioned, I was reading it around that 200 area.

I got in like we’re what 199 maybe 199 twenty five ish as the value of the stock went down. The value of my put option increased, so I was able to sell it for more. This is where I initially got out of for right here. So we gapped up and even went a little higher right back to the 199, but I didn’t panic out. You know I stuck to my plan and then it dropped down to this 196 and I said alright, let me lock some in just to be safe.

Then it bounced up came back down now closer to the 195 50 area and that’s where I sold out the additional four. So those are these two orders here and now I’m holding six playing with profit to see if we can break the 195 and get potentially 194. That’S where I wanted to lock it all in it and at the same time I had lower to my stop. So I basically said: okay, if we go above the 196 50 now I’ll get out, it would have still been a profit, obviously not as much of a profit, but you know that would that would have been my way of locking in and protecting gains to make Sure that no matter what happens that this trade would have ended up profitable and it actually did hit the 196 50.

Let me let me go over that real quickly right here. It barely pierced through it and it actually hit my alert though I had trade. I don’t sit here this whole time through. Like all this, I just kind of let those sit, and I I play it. I put alerts, alerts basically say hey if the stock gets to or above or to or below this level. Let me know and notifies my phone said thing they, maybe I can go in and close the trade out.

It did that right here by the time I pulled my phone out, we were back down here. I said: okay, well, you know what we’re technically, not above my level. Let me still hold it then, and then after some time I check back in on it and my ri dude we keep hitting that area. We keep testing that area. I look back on spy and I’m like, oh my god, dude this guy’s flying and I don’t want to deal with it at that point I said: oh, I just cut it before it hits my stop-loss.

It technically did hit it back here, anyways. So that’s where I cut the rest of it out right here and of course my luck had decided to drop down more. So if I was still holding it, it would have been at least like a 2200, maybe 2500 all the profit. But who cares? We? Don’T worry about that guys we locked in our 1750 dollar profit. I made a little bit of a mess out of the trade, but it was still profitable and that’s the main reason why I wanted to do a article on this particular trade.

It’S cuz. I did kind of make a little bit of a mess on it, but at the end of the day we still made money and that’s really all that matters, as I like to say. As long as the outcome has income – and that’s pretty much that guys – I have a feeling that I’m going to start rambling at this point. If I say any more, so we’re going to wrap it up. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this article. I’M going to put a link in the description to our website in case you do want to join us in our chat room or our read list, or if you do want to learn how to do this stuff yourself.

I’Ll put the link there as well make sure you follow me on social media, who’s Basanti on Instagram and Twitter, and that’s it guys I’ll, put links in the description, we’ll wrap it up here. Hope you guys enjoyed. It hope you guys have a great rest of your day, great rest of your night. However, it is just have a great rest of your life and I’ll talk to you guys soon.