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How To Invest In REITs (Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment Trusts)

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So sorry, if it looks a little awkward, looks a little weird upon not going to be wearing these all the time, but I do want to start wearing them more to come out some stuffing because I’m not really used to wearing glasses but anyway. Today, I want to talk to you guys about investing and making passive income with a small amount of money, so basically how to invest your first thousand dollars and the reason I chose a thousand dollars to start with is because it’s small enough for a average person To save up – and it’s large enough to actually start something with, you could start with less you start with 500 hours.

You start with $ 100 even doing any of these things, but I want to sell a thousand dollars because that is a good base to start at so guys before we get into this article, go ahead and smash that thumbs up button to appease the algorithm guys On YouTube, because this is a small blog still and it helps out more than you guys know, um also, if you’re new to this blog go ahead and click that red subscribe button, so you can join this little family we got going on once anyway, guys.

So let’s say you save up this money. Let’s say you say about this one. You save up this thousand dollars and you really want to start investing in making quote unquote passive income, because not all income is not all passive income is actually passive income but because you still out you have to put work upfront. So you start with this thousand dollars. You finally saved up enough and you want to start so.

The first way to actually save up. I’m sorry the first way to actually invest this thousand dollars actually is to, and I know I’m going to get a lot of flack from you guys like I hear this all the time, but trust me this is one. This is probably that’s why I made it number one: it’s the most important thing you can do and you’ll get the highest return from it, and this is investing in yourself guys, and this could be books, buying books, buying courses eating better working out.

Just anything, that’ll really get your noodle work and more efficient and the reason I say this is the most important thing you could do, because you’ll get the highest return from it, because you’re working for yourself trust me guys, there’s a bunch of books out there. I got a book shelf over here in the corner with a bunch of books, and I read not as much as I used to actually in high school I hated reading.

I got out of high school. I started enjoying reading because I found like self-help books and, like actual factual books like I have philosophy books whatever enough with the books in my whatever, but like the intelligent investor right, Rich, Dad, Poor, Dad, the richest man in Babylon thinking Grow Rich. How to win friends and influence people? These books teach you things that you’re not going to get from a formal education, and this is some of the the best way to really amplify your rate of return on yourself and even buying courses like courses to learn how to trade options.

Courses to learn about credit, you know how to fix your credit courses to learn about how to eat properly, just anything that will help you grow as a person and and just make that next leap in life. It could even be taking a vacation, because if you’re working constantly constantly constantly and you’re, you can only do so much you’ll get physically tired and mentally tired and sometimes even spiritually, tired and you just need to take a little break and then come back to it.

Now the second way to invest your first thousand dollars is opening up a high-yield savings account. Now, if you don’t know what a high-yield savings account is it’s basically, a special savings account that the interest rate is higher than the average interest rate. So let’s say if your normal Bank, whether it be let’s say, chase or Hancock, Whitney or Iberia Bank or whatever they give you a point, zero one interest rate on all the money you have in your savings account.

Now, let’s say you have a thousand dollars in savings account in one year for the point 0.01 interest rate, you will literally be getting one cent, so whatever it chases interest rate is whether it be point one zero point: zero, one or anywhere in between you beginning Anywhere from that thousand dollars, one cent to one dollar – and that is atrocious. That is terrible, especially because we know that the average inflate rate of inflation is a two to three percent.

So if you’re not gaining two or three percent you’re actually losing money, and you might be saying well, how am I losing money if I’m not actually losing the money is because interest rate is that’s because inflation is beating your interest rate now next best step is, If you can’t beat the inflation rate, you want to get as close to it as possible. So there’s several banks out there, like wealthfront allied bank hell, even Robin Hood, is about to open up their own that cash management app with a 1.

8 percent interest rate. Me myself, I personally have a credit, korma, high-yield savings account and they offer a 1.8 percent. It’s an interest rate. So basically, this means 1.8 percent of $ 1,000 is $ 18. So when you’re generally making, you know, point 0, 1 to 0.1 zero percent interest on in in a year you’re. Now I don’t know quadrupling 10 times that right so now, you’re making one penny to one dollar to almost $ 20 a year of this thousand dollars and again.

This is when compound interest comes into play because now next year, you’re not only gaining interest on a thousand dollars, you’re gaining interest on a thousand eighteen, so you’re gaining eighteen dollars, plus a gaining interest on the first year interests, and this is with only $ 1,000. If you had $ 1000 every year, every six months or whatever $ 100 a month this these accounts, you definitely see your money grow a lot more, a lot more exponentially than it would in a regular savings account – and this is just a great way to keep Your money working for you, especially being that, if you don’t want to risk your money in the stock market, anything like that this is the safest one of the safest ways possible aside from bonds and things like that.

But do be aware that at any time the Fed can change the interest rate. So you are subject to fluctuations in your interest rates, so it might go from one point: eight percent to one percent or one point five percent, or I may even go up to two percent two point: five things like that, and there are bank accounts out there With higher interest rates than two percent, you just have to look for them.

I think one of them actually called redneck banking bank account or something like that. But so that’s just one of the safer ways. This is just one of the safer ways to actually invest your money without worrying about losing it in the stock market. If you’re, you know not ready to get in the stock market so guys. Next, we have one of my favorites, which is investing in dividends, and this is a great way to form passive income.

And if you don’t know what a dividend is, a dividend is basically a payment. You get just for owning a share in a company. So if you own one share of a company, if you own one share of a company, they’ll, give you a small amount of money every either month or every quarter that you own that share it’s an incentive in order for you to continue to own that share That stock in the company, then there are thousands upon thousands of great dividend stocks.

Some stocks aren’t great dividend stocks to have, they still have a dividend yield. Some of them are are great dividend stocks and they don’t have a high dividend yield, but it really doesn’t matter about the dividend yield itself, but rather more dividend growth. So if you’re, if you have a high dividend rate high, you know but you’re not growing, then I’d much rather have a lower dividend rate, but I know it’s going to grow over the next five to ten years and this is your annual dividend yield going up.

So let’s say s, phd’s dividend yield is four point, one eight seven percent. Now, let’s say you take your entire thousand dollars and invest it into s PhD. So four point one. Eighty seven percent of a thousand dollars is forty one dollars and 87 cents a year, meaning since this is a monthly dividend, paying stock you’ll be getting three dollars and fifty cents a month from this stock. Now, after a whole year of owning s, PhD you’ll be able to buy another share, which would then be adding more money at the end of every month.

So, instead of three thousand fifty cents a month, you’ve been making, I don’t know three, seventy or whatever it is per share per month, and once you continue to do that, and you continue to add money into these accounts. You’ll definitely see your growth over time and and not only will you be getting money from dividends, but let’s say your stock appreciates ten percent in one year, so you’re not only getting dividends from the stuff.

You also get in capital gains from the price of the stock increasing over time, and with these two combined, you can definitely make a lot of money over time Gus. So the last two find a way to invest. One thousand dollars in 2020 would be rates a real estate. Investment. Trust me. If you don’t know what a real estate investment trust is. It is a certain type of stock on the stock market and it all deals with real estate.

So basically, these are real estate. Holding companies they own real estate, all across the world or all across the country, so these real estate investment trusts they own money all over the globe and all over the country. So basically, these paid dividends every month, just like a regular dividend stock would, but instead these pay almost 90 % of the money they make to its shareholders, and it has to because there was a law passed in.

I don’t know the 80s or 70 saying that this is how they have to be paid out, so they have a much higher rate of dividend yield. But the good thing about this is basically you’re investing in real estate without owning a tangible asset without owning any type of property. So there’s no maintenance, no landlording, no phone calls no tenants. None of that. You have to do it. You literally just click a button.

Now you own real estate, now you’re a real estate investor, but through a real estate, investment trust and the good thing about these is that they, you get a lot of them paid every month, but some of them also pay every quarter. The good thing about this is: you can pick what type of real estate you want to be in whether it be large warehouses, whether it be convenience stores, whether it be apartment, buildings, hospitals, senior, living just things.

You know there’s a bunch of different areas to get into in a lot of these focus on certain ones on certain areas of real estate, but some of these, especially Oh Realty income, focus on well, I think it’s 47 or 49 different areas of real estate, and This is a great way to fight diversify your portfolio. I actually own quite a few REITs in my portfolio. You don’t even have to stop at $ 1,000. You can start with as little as $ 100.

I think Oh right now is a little above 80 bucks per share, but definitely do your own due diligence when it comes to these stocks, especially you know anything. I told you guys about in this article on whether it be reached dividend. Investing these high yield savings accounts and investing in yourself definitely invest in yourself but anyway. So the only downside with these REITs is that you can’t leverage your money out of a property so meaning that if you own a hundred thousand dollar house – and you have $ 50,000 of equity in it, usually you can pull out a certain amount of equity.

You own in that house to go, buy another house, you know you can do the beat the Bur strategy by repair rent reinvest. I don’t remember how it goes, but you know you do house hacking and things like that. You can’t do that with these real estate. Investment trusts, but I still think that they’re great I set to own in your portfolio anyway, guys. I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope that you gained some knowledge from it.

You actually took something from this article and if you did go ahead and smash that, like button father, YouTube algorithm to help a small youtuber like myself, also guys, if you’re still reading this and you haven’t, subscribed to the blog go ahead and consider clicking that red Subscribe button, so you can join this little family. We got going on also, if you haven’t added me on instagram, yet it’s either going to be on this side or this side.

I’m try to put it on this side. It’s at financial enlightenment, Michael post there pretty much daily about you, know investing personal finance, saying credit and all that good stuff. Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed the article if you want to continue journey to financial enlightenment with me, all you have to do. Is click one of these articles and look guys I’m out of here y’all have a great day.

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