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So sorry, if it looks a little awkward, looks a little weird upon not going to be wearing these all the time, but I do want to start wearing them more to come out some stuffing because I’m not really used to wearing glasses but anyway. Today, I want to talk to you guys about investing and making passive income with a small amount of money, so basically how to invest your first thousand dollars and the reason I chose a thousand dollars to start with is because it’s small enough for a average person To save up – and it’s large enough to actually start something with, you could start with less you start with 500 hours.

You start with $ 100 even doing any of these things, but I want to sell a thousand dollars because that is a good base to start at so guys before we get into this article, go ahead and smash that thumbs up button to appease the algorithm guys On YouTube, because this is a small blog still and it helps out more than you guys know, um also, if you’re new to this blog go ahead and click that red subscribe button, so you can join this little family we got going on once anyway, guys.

So let’s say you save up this money. Let’s say you say about this one. You save up this thousand dollars and you really want to start investing in making quote unquote passive income, because not all income is not all passive income is actually passive income but because you still out you have to put work upfront. So you start with this thousand dollars. You finally saved up enough and you want to start so.

The first way to actually save up. I’m sorry the first way to actually invest this thousand dollars actually is to, and I know I’m going to get a lot of flack from you guys like I hear this all the time, but trust me this is one. This is probably that’s why I made it number one: it’s the most important thing you can do and you’ll get the highest return from it, and this is investing in yourself guys, and this could be books, buying books, buying courses eating better working out.

Just anything, that’ll really get your noodle work and more efficient and the reason I say this is the most important thing you could do, because you’ll get the highest return from it, because you’re working for yourself trust me guys, there’s a bunch of books out there. I got a book shelf over here in the corner with a bunch of books, and I read not as much as I used to actually in high school I hated reading.

I got out of high school. I started enjoying reading because I found like self-help books and, like actual factual books like I have philosophy books whatever enough with the books in my whatever, but like the intelligent investor right, Rich, Dad, Poor, Dad, the richest man in Babylon thinking Grow Rich. How to win friends and influence people? These books teach you things that you’re not going to get from a formal education, and this is some of the the best way to really amplify your rate of return on yourself and even buying courses like courses to learn how to trade options.

Courses to learn about credit, you know how to fix your credit courses to learn about how to eat properly, just anything that will help you grow as a person and and just make that next leap in life. It could even be taking a vacation, because if you’re working constantly constantly constantly and you’re, you can only do so much you’ll get physically tired and mentally tired and sometimes even spiritually, tired and you just need to take a little break and then come back to it.

Now the second way to invest your first thousand dollars is opening up a high-yield savings account. Now, if you don’t know what a high-yield savings account is it’s basically, a special savings account that the interest rate is higher than the average interest rate. So let’s say if your normal Bank, whether it be let’s say, chase or Hancock, Whitney or Iberia Bank or whatever they give you a point, zero one interest rate on all the money you have in your savings account.

Now, let’s say you have a thousand dollars in savings account in one year for the point 0.01 interest rate, you will literally be getting one cent, so whatever it chases interest rate is whether it be point one zero point: zero, one or anywhere in between you beginning Anywhere from that thousand dollars, one cent to one dollar – and that is atrocious. That is terrible, especially because we know that the average inflate rate of inflation is a two to three percent.

So if you’re not gaining two or three percent you’re actually losing money, and you might be saying well, how am I losing money if I’m not actually losing the money is because interest rate is that’s because inflation is beating your interest rate now next best step is, If you can’t beat the inflation rate, you want to get as close to it as possible. So there’s several banks out there, like wealthfront allied bank hell, even Robin Hood, is about to open up their own that cash management app with a 1.

8 percent interest rate. Me myself, I personally have a credit, korma, high-yield savings account and they offer a 1.8 percent. It’s an interest rate. So basically, this means 1.8 percent of $ 1,000 is $ 18. So when you’re generally making, you know, point 0, 1 to 0.1 zero percent interest on in in a year you’re. Now I don’t know quadrupling 10 times that right so now, you’re making one penny to one dollar to almost $ 20 a year of this thousand dollars and again.

This is when compound interest comes into play because now next year, you’re not only gaining interest on a thousand dollars, you’re gaining interest on a thousand eighteen, so you’re gaining eighteen dollars, plus a gaining interest on the first year interests, and this is with only $ 1,000. If you had $ 1000 every year, every six months or whatever $ 100 a month this these accounts, you definitely see your money grow a lot more, a lot more exponentially than it would in a regular savings account – and this is just a great way to keep Your money working for you, especially being that, if you don’t want to risk your money in the stock market, anything like that this is the safest one of the safest ways possible aside from bonds and things like that.

But do be aware that at any time the Fed can change the interest rate. So you are subject to fluctuations in your interest rates, so it might go from one point: eight percent to one percent or one point five percent, or I may even go up to two percent two point: five things like that, and there are bank accounts out there With higher interest rates than two percent, you just have to look for them.

I think one of them actually called redneck banking bank account or something like that. But so that’s just one of the safer ways. This is just one of the safer ways to actually invest your money without worrying about losing it in the stock market. If you’re, you know not ready to get in the stock market so guys. Next, we have one of my favorites, which is investing in dividends, and this is a great way to form passive income.

And if you don’t know what a dividend is, a dividend is basically a payment. You get just for owning a share in a company. So if you own one share of a company, if you own one share of a company, they’ll, give you a small amount of money every either month or every quarter that you own that share it’s an incentive in order for you to continue to own that share That stock in the company, then there are thousands upon thousands of great dividend stocks.

Some stocks aren’t great dividend stocks to have, they still have a dividend yield. Some of them are are great dividend stocks and they don’t have a high dividend yield, but it really doesn’t matter about the dividend yield itself, but rather more dividend growth. So if you’re, if you have a high dividend rate high, you know but you’re not growing, then I’d much rather have a lower dividend rate, but I know it’s going to grow over the next five to ten years and this is your annual dividend yield going up.

So let’s say s, phd’s dividend yield is four point, one eight seven percent. Now, let’s say you take your entire thousand dollars and invest it into s PhD. So four point one. Eighty seven percent of a thousand dollars is forty one dollars and 87 cents a year, meaning since this is a monthly dividend, paying stock you’ll be getting three dollars and fifty cents a month from this stock. Now, after a whole year of owning s, PhD you’ll be able to buy another share, which would then be adding more money at the end of every month.

So, instead of three thousand fifty cents a month, you’ve been making, I don’t know three, seventy or whatever it is per share per month, and once you continue to do that, and you continue to add money into these accounts. You’ll definitely see your growth over time and and not only will you be getting money from dividends, but let’s say your stock appreciates ten percent in one year, so you’re not only getting dividends from the stuff.

You also get in capital gains from the price of the stock increasing over time, and with these two combined, you can definitely make a lot of money over time Gus. So the last two find a way to invest. One thousand dollars in 2020 would be rates a real estate. Investment. Trust me. If you don’t know what a real estate investment trust is. It is a certain type of stock on the stock market and it all deals with real estate.

So basically, these are real estate. Holding companies they own real estate, all across the world or all across the country, so these real estate investment trusts they own money all over the globe and all over the country. So basically, these paid dividends every month, just like a regular dividend stock would, but instead these pay almost 90 % of the money they make to its shareholders, and it has to because there was a law passed in.

I don’t know the 80s or 70 saying that this is how they have to be paid out, so they have a much higher rate of dividend yield. But the good thing about this is basically you’re investing in real estate without owning a tangible asset without owning any type of property. So there’s no maintenance, no landlording, no phone calls no tenants. None of that. You have to do it. You literally just click a button.

Now you own real estate, now you’re a real estate investor, but through a real estate, investment trust and the good thing about these is that they, you get a lot of them paid every month, but some of them also pay every quarter. The good thing about this is: you can pick what type of real estate you want to be in whether it be large warehouses, whether it be convenience stores, whether it be apartment, buildings, hospitals, senior, living just things.

You know there’s a bunch of different areas to get into in a lot of these focus on certain ones on certain areas of real estate, but some of these, especially Oh Realty income, focus on well, I think it’s 47 or 49 different areas of real estate, and This is a great way to fight diversify your portfolio. I actually own quite a few REITs in my portfolio. You don’t even have to stop at $ 1,000. You can start with as little as $ 100.

I think Oh right now is a little above 80 bucks per share, but definitely do your own due diligence when it comes to these stocks, especially you know anything. I told you guys about in this article on whether it be reached dividend. Investing these high yield savings accounts and investing in yourself definitely invest in yourself but anyway. So the only downside with these REITs is that you can’t leverage your money out of a property so meaning that if you own a hundred thousand dollar house – and you have $ 50,000 of equity in it, usually you can pull out a certain amount of equity.

You own in that house to go, buy another house, you know you can do the beat the Bur strategy by repair rent reinvest. I don’t remember how it goes, but you know you do house hacking and things like that. You can’t do that with these real estate. Investment trusts, but I still think that they’re great I set to own in your portfolio anyway, guys. I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope that you gained some knowledge from it.

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I’m try to put it on this side. It’s at financial enlightenment, Michael post there pretty much daily about you, know investing personal finance, saying credit and all that good stuff. Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed the article if you want to continue journey to financial enlightenment with me, all you have to do. Is click one of these articles and look guys I’m out of here y’all have a great day.

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Online Marketing

Earn $53.65 Per Day In Passive Income – Make Money Online 2020

Com, and in this article I want to show you how I’m currently making over $ 50.00 per day, with one of my income streams and passive income and, more importantly, how you can go ahead and ethically still this same setup. So that way you can implement it for your life and make some passive income.

So, let’s step on laptop, so we’re behind laptop. If you guys don’t know what it is that I do, I do something called up for the it marketing affiliate marketing is basically when you guys promote other people’s products and you generate commissions. So I like to promote products within the health wealth and romance niche, and you want to promote products that solve problems so, for example, if you guys are looking here, this is click funnels, which is one of the many affiliate programs that I promote, made multiple six Figures online as an affiliate.

This is just one of many currently if we look at how much time made today so far, seventy seven dollars and sixty cents 101 dollars in eighty five since yesterday and the day before that fifty three dollars and sixty five cents. So this week, i’m averaging about fifty dollars. If we look at how much i’ve made so far with some as an affiliate, twenty seven thousand one hundred sixty three dollars passive income – I’m not working for it.

The money is just coming in. Basically, a monthly recurring revenue is a thousand one hundred and sixty nine dollars. The potential with my trials is basically an extra five hundred. So if I keep this up, I should be at pretty soon two thousand dollars per month in past. So imagine is just making $ 24,000 a year in passive income, even if you’re making more than that right now, you’re working for so imagine making that type of money without working for it and the way that you do.

That is, promoting continuity, programs and a continuity program is basically promoting an affiliate program where they have a monthly membership, or it’s a software where they have to pay monthly port. So, every time they make that payment right, it’s a product that they have to use continuously and pay for continuously. So it’s not a one-off. So, basically, as people promote or excuse me as people as you promote these products, and you generate sales, as people pay these for these products over time, they continue to use them you’re, going to get paid a monthly paycheck and the whole goal is to generate enough Sales to where that monthly income gets high enough to where you can quit your job, one of my students is making five to ten thousand dollars a month in passive income because he’s project promoting affiliate programs that have continuity programs.

So, for example, I’m making an extra $ 1,000 a month with this one passive income right now this week we’re looking at like fifty three dollars per week. If you guys are looking here when we made over twenty seven thousand dollars and just extra income passive leave, here’s what I’m going to tell you guys if you guys want to learn how to promote continuity programs, you guys want to learn how to make an extra Thousand, an extra five hundred dollars a month, just an extra income, passive income go to click, the first thing description or the button now below, and I’m going to give you access to the products that you can promote, that have monthly memberships I’ll go ahead and give You, the marketing materials to promote them, so I’m going to do 90 % of the work for you just got a copy pace of profit.

So if that sounds like a good deal, you click the first thing in the description or the button down below. So that way, you guys going to have $ 50 hundred-dollar paydays and have an exercise income making that passive in that you deserve so click the button or the link down below take action more, even if you’re on Instagram the link in my bio take action.

Website design packages are a great way to improve your digital marketing image.


Online Marketing

7 Passive Income Ideas – How I Earn $100 Per Day

What’s going on Eric Ellis here, CEO volt Academy, comm, the willful marketing, and in this article I’m going to be showing you seven passive income ideas now before we get into that, go ahead and click the first link in the description. If you want to know my number one recommendations to make money online, the same thing that is paid for this bali, indonesia villa and my travels.

The first thing that i’ve used to make over six figures hit the subscribe button. If that notifications about to join the family and basically just be notified every time, I drop something to eat, because why is it important to make passive income who doesn’t want to make money without doing any work right now, just a quick, disclaimer right, I truly and Honestly, don’t believe in passive income, and what I mean by that is that there is some sort of activity that has to be taken to actually put those plays emotional for you to get paid passive income to get there right.

But before you get there right, you do have to do something, but eventually, when you do get there, you are making a passive income. So basically the first one that I want to show you guys out of the seven is Airbnb guys. There is a new wave, and this is something that you guys can do with a minimal upfront cost. Oh god, the objective of this article is not to go into great detail cuz. I have to literally teach a course on every single, a these things which I’m not going to do.

I’m just here to go and give you the ideas, because that way, you can let a relative figure out, which one is the best for you and run with it now with Airbnb. The cool thing about this is that so many people think that they have to own property, guys. That is not the kids. You can literally rent a property. If you don’t have the money, there’s two ways: you could go about number one. You can go out and find investors who’s willing to put a downpayment down of a rental property, no, not investing tens of thousands of dollars to own a property, no a rental property and then, as you’re renting the property.

Then you’re simply just going to go ahead and go Airbnb it out right. So it’s literally a rentals you’re, paying, let’s just say, maybe two thousand dollars a month and if you’re charging three hundred dollars per day for somebody to actually rent this out, that’s ten thousand dollars that it’s occupied at 9000 to be exact and guys literally, you just Pay it to $ 2,000 to pay off your rent boom. That’s $ 7000 in a cash flow per month and passive income.

Now, where did the active side come to play? Cuz guys, I’m not going to be one of those grooves like Oh passive income, she’s going to make money without making and make without doing anyway. You have two options: number one is to go ahead and actually manage it yourself, so manage your properties. Number two is: if you did decide to go ahead and systemize it bring employees on on board. When you bring those employees on board like a property manager so on and so forth, it will be pretty passive right.

The only thing that’s really not going to be passive is when they reach out to you with the problem that they can’t handle and they’re going to going to reach out to you. So it’s minimal work right. Instead of making seven thousand dollars a month by freaking slave away, you could make a match making seven thousand dollars a month, but I literally haven’t won a rental property possible. I’ve seen it done, you can do it too right.

Another one is, you can actually find people who have properties that are vacant, and these are vacant properties. You can go ahead, a literally say, hey, look! Your your thing. Is vacant you’re losing money? How about I go ahead and become an agent I’m going to list it for a Airbnb I’ll handle everything, we’ve split it 50/50. So if you’re making five thousand dollars a month and a residual income, twenty five hundred is going to go to the person who owns the property 2500 going to go to yourself.

Right and again, you can put people in place to recessed amaizing and it’s pretty passive. Next is and got again take the idea and run with it. This isn’t, of course, did you guys step-by-step, how to do it. Take the idea, if you’re serious about this, if one speaks out you out of these seven ideas, take the idea run with it and take massive action. The next idea is Google Adsense. Now what does Google Adsense? Basically, you do the job one time and you get paid for every one.

What I mean by that it’s called evergreen content. What is evergreen concept? Evergreen conda’s is basically whenever you create a piece of content and it gets basically displayed on the internet and when people search for it it gets. It continues to get traffic traffic traffic. So an example of that. Is you two or vlogging right, so you create a blog and somebody’s typing in hi, make money alive and Eric’s blog is ranked number one and you get a whole bunch of free traffic right.

If you display ads on your actual website, Google will cut you a check every single month for them actually displaying ads on your website same thing with YouTube. Is you create one viral article and they and you put ads on it literally because they displayed ass on your content, evergreen content they’re going to go to pay your path so check. It only took you what time to create a piece of content right if it goes viral both I want to continue to create content, I’m just going to continue to get a check.

I was too busy personal experience through my YouTube. I’m a little bit different. I create daily content, but I create the content one time. These content forever pays me like it’s just residual income right, that’s another, the passive income idea, that’s where I’m making six hundred dollars per month, so I told you guys are making $ 100 today in passive income. That’s one of my income streams anywhere from six hundred to a thousand dollars per month in residual income, literally from my Google Adsense right.

So that’s one that I’m actually using another one is number three is Kindle publishing what is Kindle publishing your publishing ebooks right? So two ways you can go to monetize: this is either number one you can go ahead and create these ebooks that literally sell them for seven dollars right. So literally you write it one time you do it one time and then, if you have a really good book and people are buying these books right, you literally go ahead and make seven dollars every time.

Somebody makes a purchase you create at one time and you’re. Just going to get a monthly check is called mailbox money. The second option is actually creating it. Ebook and publishing it for free and within that ebook have some sort of affiliate link. So, let’s just say the e-book is a free book on weight loss. Then I can go ahead and display affiliate links and that actual in that ebook and in that ebook, once people click my links, they’re going to go to a product that I do not create, which is essentially the affiliate marketing a vendor created that product what they Purchased is made they’re going to go ahead and cut me a check.

So that’s again, it’s passive. I literally create the free ebook. I embed my affiliate links I’ll. Do it one time boom? I post the ebook, not everyone’s going to tick off, but it only takes for you to have one the freaking take off to just get a whole bunch of traffic, a whole bunch of affiliate purchases and boom you’re. Making passive income work one time and it is paying you are going now that more so is a lot less active than, let’s just say, an air BIA everybody you’ve got kind of got to be a little bit more active kettle publishing you create the creating one Time right so to increase your chances, you may want to publish multiple books right and the more you post, the more you going to make right, but you’re doing the work one time you’re in your generating and go another one is selling stock photos.

So basically, what you’re doing is, let’s just say, you’re a photographer or you’re, always on the ground, where you’re taking pictures in sometimes you don’t even posted up. That’s asked so much content that I’ve taking pictures up that I really haven’t even like published on my Instagram, because I’m the type of person where I don’t post every day I post like maybe once a week on my instrument, if you follow me shameless plugs at Eric Ellis jr, I post on a day to day on my story, but I post that he don’t maybe like a weekly basis.

So what having said with all those extra photos I have, I could literally go ahead and sell them and stock photos. So if you’ve ever gone online and you typed in like let’s just say, girl walking on the beach you’ll, most likely see that it’s water marked and you could have been the person that took that picture and you’re going to purchase it for like three dollars or Body stock photos like one to two to three dollars and what’s going to happen, is the company who stores these stock images and watermarks them is going to go ahead and pay you a percentage of every time.

Somebody buys your stock clothing, so you literally took the photo one time you send it to these people who are going to go to do all the heavy lifting for you and every time somebody buys your photo boom you get paid so that one is not like The biggest amount of income, but it’s pretty passive income now another one that I’ve actually done myself is called Toro dot-com. So this is number five. Toro is basically renting out your car so guys, instead of having your car being a liability, make it an asset right.

Do you have a nice car that you really don’t need to drive a lot? I still live in Miami right, Miami in a high-rise condo, and I used to order. My food literally had this car payment, where I was spending $ 600 per month. I wasn’t even using it so I said, let me go ahead and actually make money off of it and I started. I listed it for like $ 150 per day because it was a Range Rover and guys literally with for freaking rentals, I paid for it and then everything after that was passive.

Now, how does that passive guys, literally its passive income, because you literally just give somebody your car, they drive the car, they bring it back boom. You just get paid one hundred two hundred three hundred four hundred dollars, so you have a car, that’s you’re, barely using go ahead and rent it out on tour. Oh, it’s an app go to Toro shameless plug, I’m not getting paid any affiliate commissions, I’m just you got some value here.

Go tutorial comp and lease out your freaking car make it an asset, a liability and, if you’re worried about the miles. Oh, my god, give me a freakin break here: you’re, not making any money so you’re, just losing waiting for your freaking vehicle to depreciate. Put some freakin miles on it. Put some money in your pocket turn into an asset right, that’s another one number six! We have storage rentals now this one’s a little bit more complicated, but if you have some real deal money to actually invest into one of the greatest, I’m actually going to say this one now we’re going to say another one, something that is offline is storage, rentals And vending machines, so if any machines – let’s just say if you can go in a store, candy right again, it’s not completely passive guys.

Cuz you got to put the freakin. Can you got to refill the candy so on and so forth, but you literally just got to go to refill the candy and then have it out like a school or something along those lines, and then people are going to purchase it. You’re doing your thing, while people are actually making a purchase you’re, not working anything, the Machine handles itself. Let’s just say you have a vending machine where it actually takes cards right that card.

Another one is like ATMs. You can do the same thing. You can buy an ATM fill it up with cash, and people are going to make purchases you’re going to try to transactions, be on an ATM you’re, going to basically earn the profit margins on the candy or even a storage unit. Right you’re going to have to have a team who’s going to be able to rent out the storage unit, but basically guys I’ve literally had like a storage unit before and I’ve completely forgot, and they were charging like frickin $ 30 a month, if the literally just $ 30 a month, but that one takes a little bit higher investment.

So if you guys want a lower – and that’s when I say something like a vending machine or something along those line, now, where does the active come in? You have to find somewhere like a barber shop or there’s someone who be willing to allow you to store your ATM or your vending machine or something along those lines. I guess not. All seven of these are going to go to make sense to you, I’m just looking for one of them to make sense for you and I’m looking for you to take massive action once it does.

And last but not least, my personal favorite, that’s going to going to take me above the hundred dollars today, which is three hundred three thousand dollars per month, is one that I’m currently actually doing myself, which basically software and continuity programs now there’s two ways. First and foremost, let me explain what that is right, personal phones. What does the software software something? That’s um, the Sasse product, a software-as-a-service, something that somebody pays every single month just to go ahead and use a specific software that is helping them solve a problem.

An example of different software’s that I used as a sauna. I use that to go ahead and make delegate teams to my tasks. I use a software called black to go ahead and actually manage my team. I use the software called two buddy to go ahead and help with my youtube article marketing. I use a software called click phones to build out myself photos. I use a serum software called access campaign to go ahead and hold my email contacts and do my email marketing guys.

I am a product of the puck. I have MIDI software that I’m paying a month in and month out and if you were the person who introduced me to that software, you can actually either number one create your own software or become an affiliate meaning you can go to literally just promote these products. So find people who need this product, this problem solved by the specific software get up in front of that software and then you can go and get paid commissions every single time.

Somebody makes that payment. Another one is the continuity program. So what is the continuity program? It’s basically something that somebody’s paying month in and month out, like Netflix guys, you don’t even think twice. I have a Netflix account and I barely read it, but I’m always paying that seven dollars a month, seven dollars a month, seven hours! Long! Imagine if you created your own right, if you create it like some sort of inner circle or some Facebook group where people have to pay private access to guys literally just do your research again, I’m not going to go on crazy depth, but do your research on A continuity program: you have two options to right: you can either go ahead and create one yourself or, if you don’t mind, taking a smaller percentage, but not doing any of the work.

You can literally just find somebody who has a continuity program or a software-as-a-service and promote it as an affiliate and that’s what I do. I’m an affiliate marketer. I basically five people who have products, for example, clickfunnels is a software that I’m actively using and I’ve made. I make like fifteen hundred dollars a month and passive income with them, literally by referring people who need help with sales funnels, and I just go to give them up-to-date link it’s a software.

I give them. I give them that link one time as long as they’re making the payments you use that software I get paid. I do have to do any work, so that’s the cool thing about passive income, guys I literally make 52 our job. Is that going to make me rich? No! Is that my biggest income? No, but guys it’s $ 1,500 a month that I’m making without working and I’m literally just using somebody else’s product.

So, instead of having the headache of building a continuity program right and actually actively managing it, it’s way more passive if you have somebody who’s actively managing the company building in the company, whether it’s a membership site or whether it’s an ongoing software as-a-service. At that point, it’s kind of if you’re building it yourself, it’s kind of active because you’re actively building this business, but if usually want to be a and affiliate and just kind of get a piece of the pie.

You can just refer their product and get paid. Just residual commissions, as people actually use these products right. Those are my seven I kind of actually gave you guys like nine, because I gave you guys the vending machine and the ATM as well got seven passive income ideas. That is how you make money online and make passive income online and offline right, but at the end of the day, guys it’s not going to work.

If you don’t work it take one day. These ideas get obsessed with it, take freaking action and set yourself free at the end of the day, if you’re not making money in your sleep, you are doing something wrong. You should literally be able to open up your mailbox or check your email and see that you have made money. That is literally what the RIC people do. So you need to figure out how to do it too and again, if you guys want to know my number one recommendation make money online, there will be a link in the description first thing again: I do affiliate marketing, I’m I teach people how to do affiliate Marketing, if you guys want to do that and also earn passive income with that first thing in the description, if you guys haven’t already what the Freak are, you doing make sure hit that subscribe.

Button hit that notifications about to join the fam and follow me on instagram at Eric Ellis jr.. That is my day-to-day I post daily on my stories and I post that heat as far as really nice content on maybe like a weekly basis, and then you guys can follow me as I travel the world and um. Also, you guys get like the first-come first-serve when it comes to my YouTube articles. So with that being said, follow me on Instagram click.

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