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The Transcription of RP – Suggestions for In-Class Activities

If students do not feel confident in any of these areas, we recommend to visit the respective elearning units on the virtual linguistics campus here there are phoneme and phonetic transcription or to consult our electors in this YouTube blog now, in particular, the e lectures about the phoneme And phonetic transcription this background knowledge is necessary for the goals of this in class meeting.

The particular prerequisite for this in class meeting is that students have worked through the unit, the transcription of received pronunciation, including the election English in England, in accordance with our inverted classroom model. As a starting point for this particular in-class meeting, I suggest to clarify the terminology that is used to define the standard pronunciation of the English language in England, the heartland of the English language.

In doing this, I will be supported by a first-term student of our seminar and Nina Eichmann hi. Elena Anna Nina will first of all discuss with me the central definitions so uh Nina in defining the standard of the pronunciation of English in England. What sort of terms have you come across? Well, I’ve come across the term British English. Okay. Can you write it down and abbreviate English by a capital ease of British English is a term that is often used anything else.

Yes, that’s Oxford, English and Queen’s English. Okay, now, while Annina is writing down these terms, let me say something about it: British English is a head term for the reference variety that we use in teaching and learning English. However, it mainly refers to the standards in orthography, in the syntax, in the morphology and in the vocabulary of English, so it is a head term rather than a term used for the pronunciation of English, Oxford, English and Queen’s English.

Well, Oxford English implies that this English is spoken in Oxford. Isn’t it well and Queen’s English implies that only the Queen uses it, so there are no suitable terms for the pronunciation of English, so rather we should use something else, and the term that is used is in fact called received. Pronunciation, okay, received pronunciation. Now the term received pronunciation has, for many years been used to refer to the type of English, which is the one that is accepted by the best society.

Rp is also the accent that Americans and possibly other foreigners would probably refer to, as the typical British accent. Sometimes it is also referred to under the terms BBC, English public, school, English or even Standard English, so it is neither a regional nor a personal but a socially accepted type of Standard English. By the way, you can compare this with the standard accent that is used in your own country.

We are both speakers of German, so in German, we have a similar situation where the standard is social rather than regional, in character. Okay, after this first introduction to the term, received pronunciation. Let’s now practice – and you know you dealt with the e-learning unit – we, you should be familiar with it. You read the article and you pass the graded worksheet by the way, with an excellent result where you had to transcribe some RP words, and this is now our first practice, so I will produce some nonsense words.

Nonsense. Words are always very good because they do not distract you from the orthography okay. So now here are the words in you. Please transcribe. These words here is the first one. Do it do it? Okay, next one is razz razz good. Then we have kind kind. Okay, the fourth one is should-should and the last one in this series is Jacques, Jacques. Okay, so perhaps you’ve tried the same thing. You can now compare an inner solutions with yours, and here are the model solutions and, as you can see, there are only well only two mistakes.

I think the first one is, of course, where Annina use the wrong vowel here this should be. What would you call this vowel? Oh, that’s the swab, the schwa, okay, so schwa and the second mistake. Well, there’s no further mistake, perfect good solution so now this explains why she did the worksheet so well and now, let’s take another series, some longer complex nonsense words. This is now very hard, and here is the first one Castillo Castillo Castillo, yes, and he now is inserting a stress mark.

You know when words have several syllables, you have to use a stress mark tostito. Okay, again, you can try yourself and later we will look at the model solutions. Now, here’s number two did Sheila did, Sheila did Fila looks, good, did, Sheila did thela and the last one is, must heed or must heed or must heed or must heed or Musti door? Yes, fantastic. Only one mistake I can see. Perhaps if you look at it, you can see yourself.

This symbol here would be more mostly door, oh and it is not used in RP at all. So this would be the solution. Well, let’s look at the solutions here they are. The rest is OK again. It’s always useful if you address particular letters, particular letters. So this is a letter here which has a particular name, this symbol. Well, I think that’s the whet the wedge, okay and earlier on in the previous exercise.

We have this symbol. What is it called and that’s the S the ash, so we have three characters which we can address by name the wedge: the ashen through. Ah it’s much simpler than to talk about transcription. Okay before we now turn our attention to the sound system of RP. Let’s repeat the differences between an arrow and a broad transcription here is a sentence I used in the e lecture about the phoneme Liz played with Paul.

So let’s transcribe, this sentence in two versions, narrow and broad – are Nina. How are these systems represented? First of all? Well, in the narrow system, you use the angular brackets, and here we use slashes the slashes okay excellent. Now I mean I didn’t know that I’m wiping this off, because I’ve prepared something, but it doesn’t matter. So this is what I prepared, and here are, of course, the right brackets or your answer was perfect.

Now I want to make life a little bit simpler in class. Of course, I would do the whole thing, the transcription, together with my students, so in both cases we have some symbols that are absolutely identical, and these are the ones are represented in black here now. Let us now write down the two different versions and let us look at the differences, perhaps the lateral consonants first. So what about the first? Let’s look at the narrow transcription first, what about the first law as in Liz? Well, I think in is it snow? Well, so to say normal because it’s palatalized palatalized or yes, you use the symbol for palatalization, and if you compare that with the law in Paul well any alveolar lateral here, yeah Paul.

I think it’s penalized realized very good. Okay and then we have another alveolar lateral. In played, which is preceded by /, yes, so what about that? One? Because / is D voiced. I think the L is also D voice. Okay, so you can add the / now in front of yes laid okay, and then we have another cut in Paul. What about that /? That part is aspirated, okay, very good, and now we have excluding the stress mark Liz played with Paul pups.

You can insert a stress mark here. We have an arrow transcription and if we compare that with the broad phonemic transcription, we simply have well the same symbol: the phone. Yes, we don’t have allophones okay played with Paul perfect, so Annina has understood the difference between narrow and broad transcriptions. I hope you so it is the broad phonemic transcription that is predominantly used for the transcription of RP and the most popular one is the one used in John Wells wrongman pronouncing dictionary, and for this reason it is abbreviated as Ltd transcription long run, pronouncing dictionary transcription.

So let us now turn our attention to the sound system of received pronunciation here. It is let’s first of all list the inventory itself. How many phonemes that does RP have RP has got 44 phonemes 44 phonemes, and they can be subdivided into vowels and consonants. How many vowels xx and consonants 24? Okay great and now we only need the monophthongs and diphthongs we’ve got twelve one of thongs an age difference: okay, very good.

So this is then really the inventory itself, the 44 phonemes. And since the next unit of this class will be about American English and the consonantal systems of both varieties of English are very much similar. Let us concentrate on the bowels of our pee first okay and Nina. How can the vowels of received pronunciation be subdivided in the monophthongs? Sorry the monophthongs? Well, I think we’ve got long and we’ve got sort one of tongues.

Mm-Hmm. Okay, now length is a little bit critical. Isn’t it well? I don’t think whether it really plays a role. Okay and okay, so she was a little bit informed about this. What we’re doing now! So what I do in class at this point is, I present the following four words and here they are see, seat, SID and sit. So, let’s listen. I recorded see seat Sid SID now on you know. The first two are normally transcribed with a long, Eva, Eva, the colon and the second set with a shorty in hearing them.

What would you say? Which one is the longest? Well, I think the longest is C. Okay, so that’s our number one, the longest and the shortest. I think. That’s it okay and then number two and three would be well. I think like this okay, so this is what we all would probably say without performing a so called spectrographic analysis which you can’t can find here. So what I did. I used an audio program in class recorded the sounds and then showed this result to the students, and here you can clearly see in the frames which contain the vowels that now we have a different situation.

Yes, this one is still the longest, but now there is that one Sid is the second longest number three is seat and number four is sit, and now you can see that strictly speaking, length is not a decisive factor at all. Rather, it is a matter of tens versus lakhs or a distribution, for example the most of the short vowels, and this is a distributional effect. Most of the short vowels only occur in closed syllables.

That is, they need a consonant that has to follow. The schwa occurs in unstressed position and the e is a little bit critical as a language change going on where many people would now say City instead of City, but we still use the length Marc. Yes, we do and why well, it is perhaps a special indicator for the prolongation of vowels, which is useful for the language learner. After all, there are many languages which do not have long vowels at all.

So if you’re learning English and you see these links, symbols you might be tempted to make them longer and that’s not too bad for the language learner. Okay, the diphthongs here are the eight diphthongs. How can we subdivide these dipthongs? Well, we’ve got in gliding and adding different tongues. Okay, can you mark the in gliding ones? Yes, I think these three okay, so these are the in gliding diphthongs.

Now some students often complain about all this terminology. Why do I have to remember all these terms, but these terms help in a systematic classification of the sound systems of languages. In the case of our PD thumbs, we can say that the whole class doesn’t exist in American English. Why not? Well, I think that our the in glaring ones, because they can all be found in context with the final or choker orthographical are and in American English.

This comes out as a man of throne plus earth. So here we have some words here. There ensure in British English, with a with an implied indifferent in American English, here, they’re unsure, okay, now the final part of this session should be dedicated to the discussion of transcription to practicing a good exercise would be this one here, where you present your students, a Transcription result that contains a lot of mistakes and these mistakes can be of a formal kind.

So, for example, and I’ll leave that to you we’re not giving this Ellucian here, perhaps just the headline. The headline contains some mistakes, so our four lettered friends, where are the main mistakes? Annina? Well, I think because, as you know, if, whereas you just have said the art, isn’t there and mercy pronunciation, so we get rid of that. Yes, and here has to be the SWOT, I think grateful occurred.

Yes, and this is normal II friends. Yes, I’m salon is not used in RP. Ok, I think here when you thanks mark yes for the difference. Sometimes we have trouble writing here, but it’s we all know. It must be this. This vowel in the first case, so our four lettered friends well and you can do the rest at home. Finally, depending on the time you have in class, you could present your students with a transcription exercise, give them a text, give them five minutes.

Let them do the transcription and eventually show them the results, and of course they can do. The rest at home then continue at home, and this could be a nice homework too. But you know, according to the inverted classroom model, you don’t have real homeworks. We do everything in class, okay, let’s summarize well after this in class meeting and the e-learning unit, the sound system of RP prior to it, everyone should not only be able to list and classify the RP phonemes, but also to transcribe RP words in simple phrases: the Transcription of connected speech might still be a problem, but that does not matter at this point.

We will tackle that in the unit present-day English connected speech and in the respective a lecture. So let us stop here, but not without reminding the students to finish the last two tasks: the corrections of errors and the completion of the transcription. The solutions by the way can be found on the virtual linguistics campus. So thank you all for your patience. Thank you very much’, Nina for your support, just-just.

She said that’s bye-bye in German, okay, that’s it for now!


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Council (Wirral Council) 10th July 2017 Part 8 of 17 Support For New Ferry

Yes, Thank You, Mathematica counsel. In fact, it’s in many ways: dance with big people, Ellie, never imagined that I was standing here in this chamber, leaving a version following a devastating explosion, but I literally ripped through my words how, in a fairy never dying. Imagine that on Saturday nights, when people were enjoying their weekend are the meals with Bernsen family will simply walking by to the shore that explosion would affect the lives of many hundreds of people in my community.

Madam Earth never die. Imagine that 16 weeks on from a major disaster that book 6 on its hands where people who are homeless when businesses are closing down on a 21 year old lollies in a hospital bed. I have said consistently that you thought was not be used as a political football being kicked back and forth by political parties. However, with 60 weeks passing with residents still displaced and businesses closing down, it will be absolutely consistent of me not to sample in this chamber to my own community.

I have democratically to represent madam, and I am absolutely ashamed at all and disappointed that has taken 16 weeks for a junior minister to visit you phone, even when the Prime Minister was over the water humor group. Even when the Chancellor and secretary States were too busy playing with party politics around the corner, important both to put their boots on the ground to visit residents and businesses and the site, and then for that very busy minister to have your the city to go light On the crater and say the Goulburn pub you supporting rural council interactive since day, one that statements, those very words, would kick in the teeth.

All those residents affected crying out. The government supports only to receive nothing. The people who have been there since day one is our phenomenal emergency services. Our house Lots is available name day, people mark Campbell, face and Sharon, candy patience and every single soul singleton. It’s the phenomenal community members less applying listener and all the other dedicated women new beginnings like all the rockets, and we have our brain and all the amazing people in my church embedded, you open their doors in you various time to me.

These are the very people. You’re Pete overburdened Baz, Luhrmann’s, seemingly heist away through its responsibilities. It’s this reality, madam an for a normal town on a conservative movement that we are not a priority. With will councils already pressed budget with offices, often working 50, our days and under two thousand pounds or Menace them? Why isn’t the government playing its role in supporting residents affected by the new ferry disaster? And I choose my words carefully, madam an when I square needs mass disaster from evening hope nor America, services and officers called make response that we have you vertical.

If I want Polly time, you Joe he’s very little healthy with the waves of hundreds of people jogging in to receive the support they need and holding the hands of people that are what we program with my hometown and all my life during the difficult times in Their life and during the time when they have broken down as a desperation and fatigue, and that happened to Colin mother who’s 21 year old soul, was found a miserable right outside their family home, which was damaged by his version.

Please see Lewis Jones intensive care and that recognizing that Lewis was in the area near school, mr. Better lose to the wrong place at the wrong time. What would sneeze makes on Saturday night, the American West go through every stage and face of the immense response. Disaster is the only applicable worth the so describe such devastation. You found does matter and we all have a responsibility to ensure government plays its part in supporting those in need.

I admit some of the meeting with the rezident’s with you very in st. Mark’s Church, but seeing people physically shaken and severely distressed by the disaster, which might be bullet that has hit that hotel. Some people have lost everything, some people with no insurance, and they were looking for answers at first. They were, and this meant that every day they were living in fear that you may happen again because they weren’t sure whether it’s the castle beneath their feet.

They return to be public altogether. Our amendment seeks to commend the tireless work with the offices that are highlighted and also at the community, a lot of hard work ourselves to support those. In fact it – and I’m also blessed me like doing Council on board, he’s, been an outstanding example of a councillor in our council. This amendment is to take that original legacy me seats assembly support by exploring in this situation.

We simply suggest that this plan should be provided as soon as possible by the council in order the things we want quickly for the residents to be fair, it gained on the 6th of July, the Minister for the law, these methods and things move forward. Love is the responsibility of all the consul’s included to look out for neighbors when their enemies. This is about basic compassion and it shouldn’t stop at party boundaries with all the persons in this chamber waiting to hear thanks so much interested that they possible as interesting studies, and when I was a city, councilman plastic.

I was formally counsel at me Lisa when we have no one takes care of disaster, but certainly happens.


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Why Influencers Are Leaving Instagram for Text Message

This is why today we’re talking about marketing trends and what’s super important, to keep your business growing, hey guys, my name is Jade and I’m an 18 year old entrepreneur and know that intro was not fake.

I actually did drop out of high school to start. My online business and as you can tell it’s, going pretty good um. No, I’m playing it’s been a really big blessing to have my job, be the Internet and have a business literally tapping my fingers on the keyboard. But the reason why it’s been really great is because recently I started a software company called PBJ. It stands for personal brand journey and we’re a text messaging platform, and I’ve received a ton of questions about why I started a text platform and why so many influencers on Instagram are leaving Instagram for this text app and today we’re going to talk about just that.

If you’re, like, hey Jade, I really don’t give a about your text platform. Why do I need to wash this keep on reading selling because we’re going to talk about why you should care and how it’s going to grow your business? If you are influencer and B, I’m going to teach you how it’s going to make you stay relevant and actually get more engagement with your audience. So if you want to know how to grow your brand online, whether it’s YouTube Instagram wherever keep on reading alright.

So first, let’s talk about why you should care about text, message marketing and how it’s helping businesses literally make more money by using this little platform. Now just for someone who’s a beginner text message marketing is just not another word for someone else’s phone number. It’s a little bit more complex and sophisticated, at least that’s what I like to hope, because we literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars into this platform.

So I hope it’s different than an actual phone number, but basically, to give you guys context the difference between a text platform and then a regular phone number is just one main thing, which is the ability to send broadcasts. So obviously, if you have a phone number, you can’t like just do a mass text to all your contacts, but with a text platform, it’s optimized to basically send your messages all in one click.

So that’s just the main reason. However, it sounds simple, but it’s still a little bit more complex. Obviously, if you’re a brand you most likely want to see how many of your contacts are purchasing your products, so you’re able to also just track data about link, clicks or like purchase history stuff. That’s fancy e-commerce terms that probably isn’t relevant to the average human, but I nerd upon so back to today’s topic, which is all about why influencers are doing text in the first place.

I’m pretty sure Ashton Kutcher is using text marketing as well, which is pretty impressive. If you don’t know Ashton Kutcher, neither do I, I think, he’s a famous celebrity actor in America all right. So the first reason why everybody’s migrating to text is because it has intimate conversations so text has a 90 percent open rate. I mean it’s pretty obvious for the one of us the last time you actually checked your email versus check your text messages.

The reason why this is important is because an email marketing a brand might want to send you a notification or an email if they have a flash sale. It’s the same reason why a Victoria Secret will send you a 24-hour coupon, so you can purchase in that time span. Companies like Victoria’s Secret, are able to make millions of dollars just for that one single email now email has a open rate of like a 20 percent average, which basically means text is like 5x of that and we’ve done that research like people check their text messages Way more than email, so companies like Victoria Secret, are hypothetically able to make 10 times more money.

Just because text is such an intimate platform and people just check it. Often, as a consumer on pbj, whatever kryder’s is named, Rob he has like 2 million subscribers on YouTube and he sends a text broadcast when he’s dropping his next apparel line and giving coupon codes to those special people – and I believe text is just one of those Things, that’s so intimate it’s like I don’t know it’s like it feels like you know them, so we found a great results from just that.

Interaction versus any other platform. I mean like not to my own horn, but, like text is just one of those things that is just built to feel humid and I feel like in this world of social media people or like influencers, can just look like little models and just like stick figures And just an object, so I definitely think text gives a human personalized experience that is really hard to replicate on social media.

Alright, so number two is scalability like I said, the main difference between a text platform and a regular phone number is just the ability to send a message all at once. This is called the broadcast on our platform. Oh, by the way, if you guys are curious, I don’t know a lot of software’s that have this platform for creators. It’s just a really big barrier entry with text marketing means you have to have like partnerships with t-mobile and cell providers.

In order to do so. Sigelei, don’t know any other people other than like two other companies, so I don’t have any much contacts of like what other people are doing, but on our platform broadcasts where you’re able to send a message in one click to all your contacts at once. The importance of just sending a broadcast all at once is like. If you have 10,000 contacts, you don’t want to type a message to every single one.

So it’s just the same way: you’re able to post on Instagram you’re able just text people immediately and is engaged with them on this spot. Now we’re going to quote our boy Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. If you guys do not know what the Jonas brother is, I am so sorry your childhood must have been rough. Just can tell, he must have been great. Obviously I didn’t have the best childhood. Why am I talking Kevin Jonas says we need text for everything from releasing new projects to selling tickets, to any call to action that will engage our fan base so as a musician, Kevin Jonas is saying that it’s super important he’s able to like update people.

Real-Time using text because, on any other platform, there’s like an algorithm in the way, I really do believe text just cutting all the middleman and you’re able to send a notification directly or just like waiting for instagrams algorithm to promote you. I know a few of us are like sick and tired of getting like a hundred likes on Instagram when you have like a thousand followers. Imagine you’re able to reach all those a thousand followers using text, because you have that direct notification.

So, yes, if you don’t believe me, you could believe the Disney star himself Kevin okay! Thank you, Kevin, alright. So before I just talk about the last reason why people should care about text, it’s just to talk a little bit about why I’m making this article in the first place. I just really hope this isn’t a giant sales funnel. I genuinely want to help you guys grow your online business. I know a lot of you have ecommerce stores or you’re trying to start a company.

I think text is the best way to really engage a customer base in any other way. I’ve really never experienced this much intimate connection. I have my own phone number. You guys can text it out if you want to try out a platform and see what it’s like, but basically I just think it’s really unique. So if you guys want to know how you can use text to grow your business, I will link below a training to teach you guys how to use SMS to triple your sales, and I’m really excited to just teach more about this new technology.

Just because I’m really pumped – and I haven’t seen too many people talk about it, so check the description box. If you want to know more about text marketing and use it for your own business today. So the third and final reason why everybody’s leaving social media for text is because it’s new you’re, probably going to hate me because marketers just ruin every single platform like if you’re going to used to be cool.

Until now, it just becomes a show for people to flex, and it just becomes thirst traps like I just don’t feel as comfortable on Instagram anymore. It is just mainly due to people over optimizing their content. It’s going to happen to text message just because I know so many marketers and brands are going to use it to talk to their customers one day. Consumers are just not going to interact anymore because there’s too many people doing it.

It’s like the same reason why I don’t check my email anymore. I have a feeling in literally two or three years, it’s going to evaporate. Now, our boy, Gary Vaynerchuk, is talking about text marketing. This is probably the most interesting thing brewing because if you asked me what the counter point of social media is its text message – marketing very personal in your own world. But I don’t think he’s really talking also about the fact that we literally only have two and a half years before this becomes a little bit overdone.

So if you’re someone just thinking about it, I definitely isn’t a best been important to take, because it’s better to be early than too late, because the minute you’re too late. No one cares and I feel, like that’s the scariest thing about social media like because I get a lot of questions from you guys about how to grow online. It’s literally about not necessarily being the best but being the first in mind, because the minute there’s too much competition, you lose the game and I really do believe.

That’s why people on tik-tok or new platforms that jump on it early have the best light, because just as less people doing it, so you can stand out more, and I really do believe that text is like that new thing that if you literally don’t take it Like if you’re not going to listen to me, it’s fine, but your business will suffer because I know so many other companies will take advantage of it and eat your company alive or your brand.

So in other words, don’t listen to me. It’s okay! You reap the consequences, that’s that I’m really aggressive. I’m really sorry well, like I said the third reason, what I think it’s just so important to jump on. It is because it’s new, I don’t necessarily think we actually have a lot of time before we can take advantage of it fully. So if you guys want to learn more about tax marketing or kind of hop on it, I will link below my platform called PBJ.

So you guys can sign up for a demo. I am the founder, so you guys can most likely sign up for a phone call with me, if not someone for my to mostess to and how these get started with text. I hope you guys learned a little bit about text marketing and why I really do believe in it me like comment below and let me know your thoughts if you’ve any questions, I’m happy to explain more about this whole technology and world.

I fell into shout out to the commad winner the supposed to be B to the next F this, if you guys want to learn more make sure you subscribe to my blog, and I will link below part 2 of this article, where we talk about how to Use this into your marketing strategy for your brand catch, you guys on the next one good, bye,

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