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Why Influencers Are Leaving Instagram for Text Message

This is why today we’re talking about marketing trends and what’s super important, to keep your business growing, hey guys, my name is Jade and I’m an 18 year old entrepreneur and know that intro was not fake.

I actually did drop out of high school to start. My online business and as you can tell it’s, going pretty good um. No, I’m playing it’s been a really big blessing to have my job, be the Internet and have a business literally tapping my fingers on the keyboard. But the reason why it’s been really great is because recently I started a software company called PBJ. It stands for personal brand journey and we’re a text messaging platform, and I’ve received a ton of questions about why I started a text platform and why so many influencers on Instagram are leaving Instagram for this text app and today we’re going to talk about just that.

If you’re, like, hey Jade, I really don’t give a about your text platform. Why do I need to wash this keep on reading selling because we’re going to talk about why you should care and how it’s going to grow your business? If you are influencer and B, I’m going to teach you how it’s going to make you stay relevant and actually get more engagement with your audience. So if you want to know how to grow your brand online, whether it’s YouTube Instagram wherever keep on reading alright.

So first, let’s talk about why you should care about text, message marketing and how it’s helping businesses literally make more money by using this little platform. Now just for someone who’s a beginner text message marketing is just not another word for someone else’s phone number. It’s a little bit more complex and sophisticated, at least that’s what I like to hope, because we literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars into this platform.

So I hope it’s different than an actual phone number, but basically, to give you guys context the difference between a text platform and then a regular phone number is just one main thing, which is the ability to send broadcasts. So obviously, if you have a phone number, you can’t like just do a mass text to all your contacts, but with a text platform, it’s optimized to basically send your messages all in one click.

So that’s just the main reason. However, it sounds simple, but it’s still a little bit more complex. Obviously, if you’re a brand you most likely want to see how many of your contacts are purchasing your products, so you’re able to also just track data about link, clicks or like purchase history stuff. That’s fancy e-commerce terms that probably isn’t relevant to the average human, but I nerd upon so back to today’s topic, which is all about why influencers are doing text in the first place.

I’m pretty sure Ashton Kutcher is using text marketing as well, which is pretty impressive. If you don’t know Ashton Kutcher, neither do I, I think, he’s a famous celebrity actor in America all right. So the first reason why everybody’s migrating to text is because it has intimate conversations so text has a 90 percent open rate. I mean it’s pretty obvious for the one of us the last time you actually checked your email versus check your text messages.

The reason why this is important is because an email marketing a brand might want to send you a notification or an email if they have a flash sale. It’s the same reason why a Victoria Secret will send you a 24-hour coupon, so you can purchase in that time span. Companies like Victoria’s Secret, are able to make millions of dollars just for that one single email now email has a open rate of like a 20 percent average, which basically means text is like 5x of that and we’ve done that research like people check their text messages Way more than email, so companies like Victoria Secret, are hypothetically able to make 10 times more money.

Just because text is such an intimate platform and people just check it. Often, as a consumer on pbj, whatever kryder’s is named, Rob he has like 2 million subscribers on YouTube and he sends a text broadcast when he’s dropping his next apparel line and giving coupon codes to those special people – and I believe text is just one of those Things, that’s so intimate it’s like I don’t know it’s like it feels like you know them, so we found a great results from just that.

Interaction versus any other platform. I mean like not to my own horn, but, like text is just one of those things that is just built to feel humid and I feel like in this world of social media people or like influencers, can just look like little models and just like stick figures And just an object, so I definitely think text gives a human personalized experience that is really hard to replicate on social media.

Alright, so number two is scalability like I said, the main difference between a text platform and a regular phone number is just the ability to send a message all at once. This is called the broadcast on our platform. Oh, by the way, if you guys are curious, I don’t know a lot of software’s that have this platform for creators. It’s just a really big barrier entry with text marketing means you have to have like partnerships with t-mobile and cell providers.

In order to do so. Sigelei, don’t know any other people other than like two other companies, so I don’t have any much contacts of like what other people are doing, but on our platform broadcasts where you’re able to send a message in one click to all your contacts at once. The importance of just sending a broadcast all at once is like. If you have 10,000 contacts, you don’t want to type a message to every single one.

So it’s just the same way: you’re able to post on Instagram you’re able just text people immediately and is engaged with them on this spot. Now we’re going to quote our boy Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. If you guys do not know what the Jonas brother is, I am so sorry your childhood must have been rough. Just can tell, he must have been great. Obviously I didn’t have the best childhood. Why am I talking Kevin Jonas says we need text for everything from releasing new projects to selling tickets, to any call to action that will engage our fan base so as a musician, Kevin Jonas is saying that it’s super important he’s able to like update people.

Real-Time using text because, on any other platform, there’s like an algorithm in the way, I really do believe text just cutting all the middleman and you’re able to send a notification directly or just like waiting for instagrams algorithm to promote you. I know a few of us are like sick and tired of getting like a hundred likes on Instagram when you have like a thousand followers. Imagine you’re able to reach all those a thousand followers using text, because you have that direct notification.

So, yes, if you don’t believe me, you could believe the Disney star himself Kevin okay! Thank you, Kevin, alright. So before I just talk about the last reason why people should care about text, it’s just to talk a little bit about why I’m making this article in the first place. I just really hope this isn’t a giant sales funnel. I genuinely want to help you guys grow your online business. I know a lot of you have ecommerce stores or you’re trying to start a company.

I think text is the best way to really engage a customer base in any other way. I’ve really never experienced this much intimate connection. I have my own phone number. You guys can text it out if you want to try out a platform and see what it’s like, but basically I just think it’s really unique. So if you guys want to know how you can use text to grow your business, I will link below a training to teach you guys how to use SMS to triple your sales, and I’m really excited to just teach more about this new technology.

Just because I’m really pumped – and I haven’t seen too many people talk about it, so check the description box. If you want to know more about text marketing and use it for your own business today. So the third and final reason why everybody’s leaving social media for text is because it’s new you’re, probably going to hate me because marketers just ruin every single platform like if you’re going to used to be cool.

Until now, it just becomes a show for people to flex, and it just becomes thirst traps like I just don’t feel as comfortable on Instagram anymore. It is just mainly due to people over optimizing their content. It’s going to happen to text message just because I know so many marketers and brands are going to use it to talk to their customers one day. Consumers are just not going to interact anymore because there’s too many people doing it.

It’s like the same reason why I don’t check my email anymore. I have a feeling in literally two or three years, it’s going to evaporate. Now, our boy, Gary Vaynerchuk, is talking about text marketing. This is probably the most interesting thing brewing because if you asked me what the counter point of social media is its text message – marketing very personal in your own world. But I don’t think he’s really talking also about the fact that we literally only have two and a half years before this becomes a little bit overdone.

So if you’re someone just thinking about it, I definitely isn’t a best been important to take, because it’s better to be early than too late, because the minute you’re too late. No one cares and I feel, like that’s the scariest thing about social media like because I get a lot of questions from you guys about how to grow online. It’s literally about not necessarily being the best but being the first in mind, because the minute there’s too much competition, you lose the game and I really do believe.

That’s why people on tik-tok or new platforms that jump on it early have the best light, because just as less people doing it, so you can stand out more, and I really do believe that text is like that new thing that if you literally don’t take it Like if you’re not going to listen to me, it’s fine, but your business will suffer because I know so many other companies will take advantage of it and eat your company alive or your brand.

So in other words, don’t listen to me. It’s okay! You reap the consequences, that’s that I’m really aggressive. I’m really sorry well, like I said the third reason, what I think it’s just so important to jump on. It is because it’s new, I don’t necessarily think we actually have a lot of time before we can take advantage of it fully. So if you guys want to learn more about tax marketing or kind of hop on it, I will link below my platform called PBJ.

So you guys can sign up for a demo. I am the founder, so you guys can most likely sign up for a phone call with me, if not someone for my to mostess to and how these get started with text. I hope you guys learned a little bit about text marketing and why I really do believe in it me like comment below and let me know your thoughts if you’ve any questions, I’m happy to explain more about this whole technology and world.

I fell into shout out to the commad winner the supposed to be B to the next F this, if you guys want to learn more make sure you subscribe to my blog, and I will link below part 2 of this article, where we talk about how to Use this into your marketing strategy for your brand catch, you guys on the next one good, bye,

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