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Business Research Brief: How to Find S&P Stock Reports in Investext

You could also search by company name and Just add that to my criteria I can also click search, but I’m looking for Particular publications by S & P and it’s kind of hidden They are actually under a Organization called CFRA, which is the CFRA Research, And once we do that, we Click search and it will just search for that contributor and that ticker And so Here we find CFRA Research.

If we go to the next page, we can see that by Clicking on an older report like this, the contributor is actually a Standard & Poor’s stock report, (, that was the old name ) The new name under Mergent Online for the new report is CFRA. Ok, So now we found those reports. That’s good, let’s just say we want to find other equity or stock reports for Activision that aren’t just S & P reports. We can go down and search for the ticker Style ticker name and then the report style and click on the report list here.

And just choose “ company equity reports.” And once we do that, we’re just going to find Reports from other equity firms, in addition to S & P or CFRA, that talk about Activision, So here we have stuff from Global Data, Piper Jaffray. You know, Marketline Wedbush other places like that. That would be a great place to find Additional equity reports and brokerage reports and analysis for your particular Company Hope this article helped you find those stock reports.

You need Best. Lof luck with your research Take care.


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