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5. Secret Spaces Conference (Dr Jeremy Ashbee FSA)

So when my indented speeds of the inner tender decided, we can be pretty sure what we’re talking about the outside will bolted room the salaries so apology at this moment, that is a bit short on architecture, I’ll, be showing you rooms where the plane is kind of Impossible, absolutely this century adventurous in this paper are going to be looking at research to identify our world Treasuries.

Putting me in London, including a number of spaces that still survive, and I’m going to try to discuss why those rooms were chosen at particularly how they works. As we’ll see, most of us were actually initially built for other purposes were pressed into service as present with something within the tarragon. But a particular interest is – and there’s been reference to this already in the east – reins of the cluster of Westminster out and finally number to say little bit – part built in known from the 20th century as the tools to formerly part of the Palace of Westminster.

Much of my animated, his documentary and it’s a pity that, while the documents generally have more to say about the objects themselves through the person’s emotional kept the treasure itself table history, this is generally not survive. As with some of the other speakers today, the lost items can really only be a vote to comparison with survivors in other connections. So I’ll start up briefly with the Tower of London, which, like other important boiler, households almost certainly contained a Treasury and was used for that vary in its history.

From the very beginning, for example, as early as 1130 private sources speak. Another word castle. Winters castle has a place, never loyal to his Alice’s, kept order of tasks right elusive. Mr. Says there was a huge error we found before zircons Saturday eternally this sort of documentary combination, psychic doesn’t exist, but it’s certainly plausible that treasure and here to answer Tom’s. What to no dignity, both cash and precious goods were kept in security.

It’s even possible speculation. Certain groups inside the white town may have been originally intended for this product, but the beginning. I introduced us to the inner basement world as a treasure in the 14th century, or recently architectural historians have wondered whether the ring works in the same way even under the Normans. It was immediately behind the huge needs, a one into the big room with a lot of us read many be designed as an architectural settings of the royal throne and only content to small square window space in the deadly Civil War.

No, not to my cupboard. Certainly too small for a bed, so it would arguably make a perfect strong room and indeed proper card for display will be seen through later periods. There is a pendulum swing in one easy between story, president, our blood and moving it. That’s where, during the dozen century, there was a centrifugal movement away from towards on you that place Westminster Abbey. The reasons why I attended the third may be the first to happen to outsource security of their treasure still unclear during their reign.

As it’s true that the town was between increasingly specialized as a basically manufacturing and stockpiling arms and arm, as well as a prison for political prisoners, but I think it’s difficult to imagine the Presonus person so cute, but they couldn’t keep single small rooms as Treasuries. In pursuit for those charged with the treasure that have to rush shoulders on a daily basis with Armorer’s and ingenuous, but this is how just explain why treasure couldn’t simply be moved into the Palace of Westminster after me remains a mystery around as reward another story.

Using other stories, as presidents is part of the nominee Leicester thoughts about John plotting, his treasure and being Cistercian. Two accountants and some of the other personal medicines relate to our central, the Knights Templar at London that provided Clinton parents with remarkably very attractive prank and services, which included the storage of valuables, possibly from the 1250s, almost certainly from the main to our sixties and very Soon, before twelve nineties, a royal treasury was established in the coastal buildings of the Benedictine abbey of western.

Mr. Documentary evidence from the end of the thirteenth and fourteenth century suggests two possible spaces where this might have been under preparing for a new tap tiles, and the pits chamber which lies immediately to the south is Normand. Now let a crystal it became broken to support silver and deals plan and within a few inches, it’s going to include me crazy. We have and ivory chess set for here, which was once billion to since thomas cantilupe, and it goes on and in our chests no amount of rationalization to explain the contents, a cloth which is called Monte, government, our community and the New Year small belt knife.

In a cold cobblestones, you get a sense with extremely practice, but it’s all most of these cycle quite hard, precious little there’s another intention of esteem items brought from the towns in internet except the first item alone to crown the precious stones costing thousands. But this morning history officials realized that part of the treasure can be taken away and were the first men vitamins for the order.

The mayor of Atlanta constable of the town called me in question, through various Ward’s of the city and Middlesex, to identify the guilty. At the same time, I had to get any of the treasure left behind into a place of safety events later terms of the robbery about two months or as mentis. Well, the 20th agility birth, the king’s wardrobe dollar profit has been very illimitable task. Builder too. Happy to make his inspection in the truth of what was left under this inspection is important, not just my account scale of the loss which amounted to a hundred tasks as market developments little castle plant, but the costs it describes the normal procedure of getting into the Treasury strong like what he was given: the keys of the senate treasury and a campus, perhaps with its ceiling intact, an unbroken by the coffer of water of 1 Kings order, Terry percentages with it and the presence of several members he took the attacks evil offered her To have the keys and doors said walk into the water once inside.

He found the treasure didn’t burn me to chest and cockles destroyed and many goods. So the document states that the kids would not captain yeah, but one of the officials of the Kings wardrobes has there to summarize the Wardrobe is very complicated sudden. Basically, it’s the department, the Royal Castle responsible, stop buying start making stuff with parents stuff and keeping the star set or resistance, not that person or maybe traveling to the king or he might be best.

So unless the monks peritubular 70. It’s the idea that this was definitely an inside job since to be a little difficult to follow. Now coming to the end of the story. Varys inquires produced many answers, but their reports as servants upon robbery Harry had by the gang led by a certain Richard public are discontented. Gentlemen, lots of cheer, but we have benefited from complicity or indiscretion from several leading party places, including actually the keeper of the Palace of Westminster, just across the way it was allowing some very dubious characters to make you swallow a specific walls and famously this is near Contemporary image of Britain particles using the treasure, the mountain, especially massively in Alpena in the manuscript raucous florists story out of town in British Library.

They work beyond the relative team month of Rochester had particularly interesting. Very single would be from an outer Tom Scott and that right, detective main away from his brother office in Westminster, but nevertheless, this drawing has sworn to serve literature about the architectural detail. Does it show an octagonal house basically or a simple rectangular one, its chamber, all the pointed artisans get compatible with the Romanesque architecture, a complete strip and so on, as a student, because the artist of the stage concerning the events rather they’re set and they have no Earthly reason to know what the treasure we looked like proven course, I’m sure is the truth.

Sketches are not only historical curiosity. Are there to dismiss it entirely architectural historical evidence. Now that sounds far-fetched, it must determine the thieves rate of the Treasury from the monastic cemetery. On the eastern side, which they were able to enter the repeatedly over several months to a small gate leading out of the world, pass one into taken detail part of seven versions. Is that the thieves which some handsome too close to the walls of young builders, water Negro in the spring, into a thick shrubbery? Under cover of this? They were able to break into the treasure itself and outside the building will reserve by wiping the ground floor window and excitingly during a recent.

Afterwards, we recorded inside the gym in Westminster around school with. Actually, a box ii stand relative. The many impostor to turn brown has identified an area of disturbed mason bees. There is Richard party taught you about works very early because the previous year he broken into the army, who served this time getting into the upper floor. Attacks using a bad economy nestled against the wall as compared sileo’s hard to describe these Steven environment license plate from carpets behind the factory door, but the treasurer yourself had already been locked at least twice.

It’s real life in toilet mental state. Certain job growth is committed to Newgate Prison for trespasses committed in whispers to have a new beginning as president there, until the inquest until the third robbery in the Westminster Treasury also came to marked this time from $ 12.99 and it clean out of the testimony of The jurors of walks towards market. Moreover, they said the jurors have a great suspicion against the aforesaid month, because four years ago at least seven Treasury was broken into from inside their name.

We under the door towards the poster. When this came to light, the abbot paid became a certain amount upon so that we’ve already set up. But that means we totally had said the consequences restorative oil treasured, one of which was, of course, water administrators to move the treasury back into the tower marketing for safety. The conflict of institutions within the fortress certainly happen on web.

In fact, the continuing war and Scotland 230 make things worse. It’s probable! For that reason, the new Treasury accommodation was rather improvised in the target Mabel’s death on this planet. The class resistance entries have nothing to do with Treasuries, not just used it for convenience. This is the building that we now prefer. Clinton is described in water. Infantry has a turret with slightly east angle, the Great Attractor, the president.

We stayed in this room and much of the renovated, the second it’s clear. A system of dual control was instituted in Tarragona. The son who most important is once again being kept off site. The keys to the turret itself remain. There we held held by the officials are complete, but probably within a few years of the robbery, the only works were undertaken this time to create the truly secure trip in the text interpreter the northern part of the picture of the door leading directly out into the East coastal walk now it had to do was one of many inwards could be locked from the outside, with two doors and eventually six locks is now became a very, very strong interest.

The surviving attacks it becames remembrance, a particular from the render the prefer to clearly, but the pits chamber of metal was once again heavily used as a dresser for exactly the same kind of store. It will be happy that known the first row from service person in depth preferred of peace or the Treasury of us to our previous letters, the great harmony in the chest in Kings, Treasury to the poster of Westminster, nest of chapters and so on.

Once again of evidences some documents that there’s a system of external control in operation, the monks have no access to this traffic 2013 of the Treasury is in a small copper in the room of the Penguins in the extremist eat within department store over the road. Rather confusingly, the treasure was now split between Treasuries in the back of the Tower of London, the White Tower and the don’t seem to me to be an equal rationale for which types of object protect English clips.

Sometimes the crown world Westminster, sometimes Beverly town, mostly the best interest of the town, rather than Westminster, the documents and the relics, rather, the summary – were not attacked separately and were mixed in with material so on. This system of situation accounts formed in the second part of 14th century. We have some you this with this position. The meteor falls on his ground floor.

It’s not windows facing into the garden, and it’s impressive views from this microphone. Rather, all cent of it being sunset with thoughts of royal measure and pleasure, perhaps the jewel town were to be built as a garden committee that has one of several indica and the states that co-opted for treasurer abuse. I have to admit: there’s nothing in the original documentation. The sitting about water tower was built for the earliest possible references come from the early 15th century so 50 years on, in an account speaking of taking tools in and out of the tower science and in the century.

After construction, we see references to the present, but because lesbians will be referred, but the tears rapport with his protest. Central bosses fits very neatly within and our graphics team that Leslie was pointed out of intimidating protests culture within our Treasuries. It’s a very important context where we live elsewhere: architecture of the building. There are other elements of his design that favor the interpretation of security at the ends of the top, for example, surviving door made the 14th century was the dinner to yours.

There was originally a second award, the adverts into the stereo, this repeats of the other question to the system of dual control. The keys pimp aromatic, certainly, as you can hopefully see it’s very similar to the double doors of the World’s Fair, to learn corner in the pits chamber. Perhaps the same concern for security can be seen in the original personal demonstration in the tower. The permeability contains several windows introduced for the first time of the 18th century, where the tower was used as a reference to the tower ground-floor windows at all.

The placement on the first floor are hopefully about being present leaders. There were two small windows, one facing south and one around the corner of East, only on separate floors of the entire to risk. A few more windows, as well as to the court and the building account, helpfully specifies that all of these rumors were protected by my advance. All things considered surviving fabric of the building.

The building account do allows infer some point of use for different spaces. We’ve enjoyed both floors were similar in plan with one large room, the smaller living room, with a lieutenant than the truth. Once again before he hurts morning person with detection the ground floor, the most ornate with the vault and formerly with very large mattress, most appropriate as the office that the keeper of the Kings dressed in which the delicate items coming in and out negotiate the build server Manufacturer prepare the architectural character.

Computers become simpler as one times up building the middle floor at some impressive features, including a nice fireplace, but probably at least an artist or whereas the second floor was very functional. I’d start and also his talent doors more secure who’s. Almost certainly here, some of the items of the final elements, the security patrols. How was the excavation of hormones around the exterior? This was part of the original construction.

The account specifies 23 teachers worked between the 12 July 16th August 3166. Remote seems to around the coast off the area immediately around the terrace sep, specifically on the north west and south side. The east wasn’t it as the tower communicated directly with the garden. The attack becomes a detail of a servant. Thomas Walter men receive versions connected to an existing ditch that ran into the River Thames in the attack was explicit.

The most system was connected to the river, so the high tide is possible for small birds to come up to a small random change in the garden wall is covered by the model road route. This picture, I think, maybe team to our understanding of health to the towers desire to work, because we see around 1362 1363 a few years before, building of the tower the Kings, use of westminster, palace or marked decrease and in general, its 1000 for the residents rent.

In robbing a sheep or a queen or a other palaces in southeast by the time, the two towns built kid was unlikely to be stayed with us for long periods, except on the occasion apartments. So the truth, our class makes a bit more sense because a distribution center on the River Thames for sending objects to other investments out of time, such as pejorative conclusions from this. The survival course of structures in London cannot be representative, even within the target of the personal assets, that there must have been several secure repository, which we now lost, typically, those that we still have some of them originally built for other purposes, rather predictably, to share certain Architectural attributes there are derivatives, does moral mess with stem off the beaten track? There’s always some concern for control over their entrance and exit.

There’s a Spartan, elaborate provision for comfort, but they want serviced a different protects chamber actually in the heart of a monastery. The duel tower had the trillions and fanaticism could be used in residential and other times, the various treasures in Terra, London, the tech records, arms, Naumann store and, of course, prisoners. The documentary record imitation contradictory, is key to identifying all of the spaces that I’ve been discussing today, but it’s useful, I think, to hold the Treasury function in mind when we’re looking for interpretations of mr.

Without the explanation for the design and configuration of these rooms. When we remember that whole country of the monarchy and aristocracy depended very much on looking the part of times on strengthening social bonds through giving and receiving the precious goods, there was a clear need of perpetually for spaces such as these, and perhaps they deserved to get The do recognition among all the other possible functions of words,


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But it’s helped nice to see that I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I wanted to start by looking up some words and that were suggested to me by my brother and if you have any words that we you might want to look up. You can, let me know in the chat so I’ll start with literally and see what we can find out.

I haven’t looked up any of these words previously, so I don’t know what we’re going to find, but I’ll go where I normally do. When I start looking words up in the for my episodes, I’m thinking about putting all these words together into a article, the top five misused or words of 2017 or earlier, because I don’t know when this word changed but we’ll find out, I’m sure we’re going to Go with literally right now we’ll look up literally and see what it how it’s changed over time there we go.

That’s a little bit easier to read so first place. I usually go. Is the Oxford English Dictionary you can see right here. I mean fix something there. We go that’s what I want. Okay you’ll also get to see that the reason I like dictionary so much is because I’m a terrible speller really that’s so I spent a lot of time in them when I was a kid and I’m grown to appreciate them. Okay, let’s see it’s borrowing from Latin.

Let’s take a look at what the definitions it gives are here, first of or relating to the writing study or content of literature. Oh, I put in the wrong one: it’s literary literally, okay, sorry, my I’m really not a great speller! So that’s why I do what I do here. We go in a literal, exact or actual sense, not figuratively or allegorically, and when it uses a word, that seems to be the same I’ll, usually go and do a search for that as well.

Just so we can get that definition, because I don’t like it when dictionaries we use the same words of or relating to a letter or letters. Hmm now one thing to keep in mind when looking through the Oxford English Dictionary is the first definition it gives. Is the oldest definition they can find and right down here? It shows you examples of the word, so this is a 1398. These words are terrible. I can’t ever names are awful Bartholomew Asst, anglich Asst and this character is called the thorn.

So this is the lip SB to scrape the voice of literal. So what it looks like here’s, it comes, the meaning comes from that’s what the text says: it’s literate! It’s it’s in the letters there and when I put together my episodes. Normally, I have two I’ll read through this entomology up here and I can usually find information in those in the etymology. That’s interesting and I can look up other aspects of it and facets that make it very that I can make into a story until during my shows.

So it comes into English from middle French and I usually tell my stories in the reverse order of this. So I’ll start down here with the Latin. Sometimes this can be hard to read because of the way they put it over relating to the letter of a text obtained by by taking words and passages in their primary and usual meaning without regard to any underlying significance. Mysticism or allegory, and so that’s what the word that the French word the Turab meant before it came into English.

Let’s see if I can skip down a little ways and it’s a tanam in post, classical latin, relating to books, literature relating to correspondence learned written okay. Let me go back to literally and see what see if it comes up with anything italian literalmente. Now that doesn’t have anything more so it looks like it has do pretty much throughout its history, with just having to do with what a text literally means.

Thank you for your patience with me. This is my first live stream. I’r and I, like I said in my dictionary article. I have no idea what I’m doing classic classical Latin litera litera meaning letter. So it goes back to a word what the words say: not what the meaning behind them is not any kind of interpretation. When my brother suggested this word, he said the Webster’s dictionary had changed their definition of literally figuratively.

So we’re going to look up the Webster’s dictionary merriam-webster right there, literally literally in a literal sense or manner as such, in a way that uses the ordinary or primary meanings of a term or expression, in effect, virtually used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement Or description that is not literally true. This is the definition that that he wanted me to point out in my articles that we have used this word so much in an exaggerated way that it now literally means virtually doesn’t even mean figuratively.

It means virtually so when usually when I’m collecting notes on for my shows, I will copy and paste this information, and it’s too big, I didn’t want that. I want it to be smaller there. We go, that’s what I want so literally another fun place. I like to go is the etymology dictionary online etymology dictionary and I put the extra tea in there because that’s where it came adverb in a literal sense from literal plus or minus Li since the 17th century, it has been used in metaphors hyperbole to indicate what Follows must be taken in the strongest admissible sense.

This is not showing the actual history of the word. Let’s, let’s go to literal, let’s see late 14th century here we go Origen taking words in their natural meaning originally in reference to Scripture and opposed to mystical or allegorical from the latin late, latin literalists or literal is of or belonging to letters or writing. That’s from latin litera letter alphabetics letter alphabetic sign literature, books related to literalness, so it’s pretty straightforward.

Its meaning hasn’t changed that much since the days of Latin up to three three viewers awesome. So if there’s any other words you’d think that would be fun to. I bet thank you for the happy birthday, appreciate that and thank you for tuning in appreciate. It hope it’s not too boring of a of a live stream. Okay, this is one of the other ones he suggested we look into, and this is diversity, so we’re going to head over back to the OED and see what it has to say.

This is I’m probably going to throw in equity with this one cuz that one was recommended to me by one of my patrons the other day. Oh, I got ta, I hope just docks myself, Multnomah County, oh well, okay, diversity, oldest definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, is the condition or quality of being diverse, different or varied difference, unlike miss. So when things are unlike each other, let’s look up just diverse the base word of diversity, because diversity is the word, that’s being you overused, but understanding the base.

Word can be important too so paste that in there let’s see, diverse is an adjective there. We go oldest definition, different in character or quality, not of the same kind, not alike in nature or qualities, formerly also written divers. So the Oxford English Dictionary is massive. It’s I don’t even know the number of volumes they’re, only printing one copy of the new edition. That’s physical and that’s going to go to the Queen of England that it’s going to remain just an online archive now, because there’s just so much in it the words most of them aren’t even used anymore there most of them are archaic and if they show an Old English word in the etymologies of these, you can click on them and it’ll.

Take you right to them in fact, we’ll go to divers and see what comes up with different or not alike. Now, if you’re looking up like divers as as like someone that dives or people that dive, I mean you could click on this, I mean you’d have to ignore the adjective part, but get something completely different. So these so we’ll go back, and actually let’s go back to that cuz that looked like it had the actual etymology in it.

That was longer. You have to dig to get the content for my, so I’m going to copy this cuz, I’m probably going to need to hit on that and my article stupid key commands there. We go okay, Middle English, diverse, diverse French divers divers. It’s a feminine word, apparently different. Odd wicked, cruel ooh, this is good stuff, Spanish, diverse, oh, and so all of those words that came from Latin versus meaning, contrary different unlike separate original, turned different ways.

I’r not even going to try and pronounce that I usually have to look that stuff up. I can’t remember all of it, so the spelling in Middle English in differently, diverse, diverse, stressed it. I don’t know. I really. I that’s pretty interesting that it means different, odd wicked. So if we go back to its French, meaning it’s after being derived from Latin, it means odd, wicked and cruel, not necessarily a good thing now I do want to look up.

I like to look it up. Another dictionary says well I’ll, see what they have to say about it: diversity, plural diversities, condition of having or being composed of different elements varieties, especially the inclusion of different types of people such as different races or cultures, and groups, or origins programs intended to promote diversity. In school, ok – and this is one of my favorite places – the etymology dictionary quality of being diverse to do usually gives a short definition, but it says middle 14th century wickedness or perversity.

Just I can have so much fun. I’r going to need to do a whole episode about this word because I didn’t realize it actually meant wickedness or diversity or oddness. I could have a lot of fun with that. Contrarily contradiction: disagreement, ooh because that’s what they that’s. What happens with diversity is the disagreement with our current culture they want to. They want to change it to something different.

Okay, dye versus turned a different way. Can you read what’s on the screen the web pages, when I’m in there thanks drew the poetry? One will be interesting: I’ve got to wait on the cozy comfy poetry Channel. After I, I’ve got to write the script, send it to her she’ll. Give me her response and we’ll get that taken care of. In fact, I’ve even got the script right here. I’r not sure how I want to define it or which word I’m going to use poetry, poet, poem, because, looking through the etymology and stuff each of those variants, the poem poetry poet, seemed to have slightly different paths to becoming what we are today.

I thought they would all be the same word just with different endings to indicate different things, but they all came kind of differently. So I’ve got to decide how I want to handle that in my script. But interesting fact about poetry is Police’s meant to make literally to bring things into existence, so there’s even scientific terms like he must hope. I can’t say it’s crazy, Latin or Greek. He mo topi he mo to pieces, hope he mo taupe poesis, meaning the formation of blood cells.

Sorry that took me so long to say, but there’s lots of word like that, where poetry just meant to make things to bring things into existence, and it the other another thing I haven’t touched on in any of my articles, but a lot of the words that We use come from different languages, not all of them had a an actual English analog that came before it, but poetry did I. My Old English is very weak meter, growl, gree, grow war, force, meter grows, meaning like verse or to make verse meter craft is the one I like.

The best is the word for the art of versification, so the art of making poetry is meter. Craft, which I found very interesting, is the English acronym, because that’s very not acronym, but the analogy it. It tells you exactly what it is. It’s making meter like metered speech, metered, poetry and that crafting it it’s really cool. Is there any words you’d like me to look up anything interesting for anyone in the audience right now, um.

Let me know in the chat I know, there’s quite a bit of delay on the chat on there, I’m getting used to that so need to come up with. Let me go back to the diversity word that we’re looking at native, meaning being being contrary to what is agreeable or right perversity. Evil existed in English from the late 15th century, but was obsolete from the 17th century. Diversity is a virtue in a nation. Is an idea from the rise of the modern democracies in the 1790s, where it kept one faction from irrigating all power, but this was not quite the modern sense as ethnicity, gender, sexual identity were not the qualities in mind, see at this time.

That was probably around a lot of the religious revolutions and some political revolutions, so they were talking about it was diversity of thought was what diversity meant up until modern day and that’s what they thought was. The virtue was having Protestants, Catholics, that’s and having different denominations of Christianity, different governments having different states and different ways. People thought the things should be run is what was the virtue not having everybody to agree on the same way, things should be run but have different ethnicities, gender, sexual sexual identities and and so on.

That’s not what the virtue was: diversity, they’re conflating, essentially two different words at this point: diversity from the 1790s or from the 17th century to diversity. Today, they’re they’ve, given it to different meeting meanings and conflated the two words so anytime, they read diversity and historical text. They read into it their own meaning and it’s important to keep those meanings separate.

So you can understand what people believed back then. It’s also important to understand what people mean when they use the word today. So I this word is fascinating. I’ll still put it in my top five misused words of 2017 article, and it’s mostly going to be about how words change their meaning over time. It’s what I’m going to cover in that – and this is another great example that I didn’t realize going to be as good as it is racism yeah this one.

I find interesting because there’s two words and I haven’t done enough research to know the difference and what thank you point point curation, I’m actually let me skip races and we’ll move on and I’ll do some research on the word that point curation recommended in my and The patreon, and what do you guys think the those of you who are my patrons? What do you guys think of the changes that they’re making with the new fee structure? Let me know in the comments we might talk about that I’m not too upset by it, but I want to hear what you have to say: let’s see we got um equity is what we wanted to look up see if I can spell that correctly.

Like I said early on in the in the stream, the reason I like dictionaries is, I spent a lot of time using them because I’ve never been good at spelling. I know that sounds a little oxymoronic, but we’ll see equity. Actually I want to do the look. It up in the Oxford English Dictionary. First, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. Is this this book thanks you mum, birth racks for the happy birthday, equity and, as I mentioned earlier, the Oxford English Dictionary gives you the oldest definition.

First, this one dates back to apparently the 1315. Thank you for hanging in there point curation, I’m. I understand the frustration I’m a little ambivalent, but I understand why why people dislike the changes and I still think their service is good and I think it’s important for the future of content, curation or content creation in the future, the quality of being equal or fair Fairness, impartiality, even-handed dealing, so I think this is this old definition is still very different than what how people use it today, when you hear people say equity, a lot of times in the Evergreen State University, that’s where the word started coming up a lot just north Of us or north of me up in Washington, they, the equity Council, you know the way they use.

The word seems to be more about results and not about treatment. What is fair and right, something that is fair and right, rarely in plural. This is closer to the definition that people are using today. Let’s go down to compounds defined so as to include other systems and our analogs and others. Okay, let me look at the etymologies here. Real quick doesn’t look like there’s much here. It comes from French equate.

I don’t know French, so I’m probably pronouncing that terribly from Latin meaning, fair, okay and in today it seems that equity means not fairness, but equal distribution or results. Regardless of what is just or fair. That’s. I think I think the difference right now is the point at which fairness happens, because if you look at a system – and you look at just a state like a single image of it, what you get is, does everybody have the same thing right now and if The answer is no that could be defined as unfair, but if you look at the system as a time line, the beginning state could have started in a state of fairness and in state ends with you know: the Pareto distribution, a lot of people on top and Or a lot of people on the bottom and very few people on top, and I think my interpretation of that system, or that way of looking at it, is important because the people that’s why death evolved.

The way I like to put it is because the people that are up here die at some point and their their goods their money. Their wealth, then, is either path is passed down to their descendants or redistributed through some means that they’ve selected, their descendants, may not be as good with the money as they were, and then it just gets spent and sent out into the economy. The people that I want are looking for.

Equity are looking at a static image of what reality is at this moment, and they want that. To be the same. I was reading a I was listening to an audio book. It was the consolation of philosophy by Boethius and he’s talking the characters in a prison. This is like early medieval period and he’s talking to philosophy and an embodiment of philosophy and they’re talking about fortune like the god fortune, and she has this wheel that she turns and to become fortunate.

You have to get on this wheel and when you’re at the top you’re riding high you’re you’re at the high point. And but to get that you have to agree to agree to go down the other side of this wheel. That she’s on and people have understood that for centuries that when people have a lot, they they lose it very quickly. The situation Boethius was in was he’d, been like an advisor to a king, he’d been wealthy, and now he was in prison on an island.

Unsure of what his fate would be, as he was writing this book, and shortly after he finished the book, he was killed and probably one of the most gruesome ways I’ve ever heard described it was. It was very the very enlightening book I like stuff like that and but his description of wheel and the wheel of fortune and how people go up and down really, I think, illuminates what what the problem everybody’s seeing and what the solution is.

It’s time and death and I I don’t think people look at life that way it’s like the arguments about now. I can’t even think sorry. It takes me a long time to do things like this and think things through and write those scripts. In fact, it takes a long time for me to read them and get them recorded. Let’s move on to another word here, so what is fair in the in the world of fortune? Is that sometimes you have good fortune, and sometimes you all have bad.

It will not always be equal between people at different places on the wheel that yeah the the here’s, what it was, the the wealthy change. The top 1 % will always have a huge amount of wealth because they’re the top 1 %, but who is in the top 1 % changes from year to year? If, if you own a house, that’s if you own a big expensive house, but you don’t make a lot of money. If you sell that house, you could be one of the top earners for the year because you brought in a lot of money, and that puts you in the 1 % of earners for that year, but the next year you may not be in the top 1 % of earners, because you don’t have that asset and you haven’t sold it that year, it there’s a lot more nuance to who’s in the 1 % and who, who the haves are and who the have-nots are.

It changes and I think that’s what people misunderstand and – and I really think the the aunt of hypocrisy. That’s the word I’m working on next, but I think that’s the the solution to the equity problems that people are looking at, where they want people to have the same stuff, because if everything stays the same and everybody always has the same level of wealth, that’s kind Of boring, there’s nothing for me to strive for there’s no way for me to become better a better person because I don’t need to, but if we let people take, turns and have that opportunity, yep and pretty much I’ve United States, Canada, a lot of Europe is There were the 1 % of the world.

Okay, this is, let’s see where’s the word this word is one of them. I really wanted to look into because I don’t think a lot of people know exactly what that word means impeachment. They think it means removal from the office of the presidency, and did I mean it just happened? I remember I was a kid and Bill Clinton was impeached. He was never removed from office. This is the word. We’d have to look up in some kind of a legal dictionary, though, to get the definition that we’re looking for for them, but I want to see what it means in general, action of impeachment hindrance.

Prevention, obstruction, impediment obstacle. Okay and it looks like it comes from French impingement impeachment and that’s some judge to impeach. Let’s take a look at the word to impeach just to see if we can get a better idea, latinum pedicure to catch and tangle. Hmm, it’s an impediment debate, basically, is what the word comes from so they’re going to impede the president. By doing that, let’s see if merriam-webster has has to say sorry from being a little a DD with my topics here, to bring it in to bring an accusation against okay to charged with a crime or misdemeanor specifically to charge a public official before a competent tribunal.

With misconduct in office – well, that’s it looks like it just means. Basically, a cute accusation, like a formal accusation and then down here we got the third to remove from office, especially for misconduct. Hmm, there’s, let’s check Wikipedia they’ve, usually got some reasonable information. It’s kind of like common knowledge, the best place to go for common knowledge kind of information. Let’s see impeachment is the process by which a legislative body formally levels charges against a high official of government impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office.

It is only a formal statement of charges akin to indictment in criminal law, so most of these people are using the word impeachment to say that it means removing the president from office. I mean they haven’t even looked at, looked it up at all it. I guess what they’re coming from is: they think the the charges against him are so obviously true that if he’s impeached, he will be removed. But I think in the case of this, the president: that’s in there now it’s mostly going to be a hindrance and not so much a removal, let’s see because impeachment and conviction of officials involved over overturning of normal constitutional procedures by which individuals achieve high office election And because it generally requires supermajority, they’re, usually reserved for those deemed to have committed serious abuses of their office and they’re, not even accusing him of anything he’s done while in office, yeah did there’s a strong stigma.

I mean growing up. I thought impeachment meant removal from office because I always heard applied to Richard Nixon who retired he’s left office. He resigned, he didn’t wasn’t removed from office by the impeachment process and it turns out there was another president before him that was impeached and me and my misspellings again sorry, let’s see Wikipedia impeachment in the United States. Let’s see – and I can’t just give me a list – Andrew Johnson was impeached impeachment of Andrew Johnson.

This could be a fun episode to go through because I could talk about the history of impeachment through the United States. Talk about Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. What they were all impeached for that could be fun high crimes and misdemeanors according to Article two of the United States. Ok, I’m already bored of this for this purposes of the stream, unless you guys think it’s interesting and thank you for showing up.

I really appreciate actually having an audience. I wasn’t sure how many people would show up in this. Let’s go back to racism because there’s another word that is strongly associated with it racialism and I don’t actually know if there’s a huge difference between those two words. I know that racialism is older and I think it usually just means I probably just you could probably look me up with that information.

Couldn’t you yeah? Well, I’m not that worried racialism here again, Oxford English Dictionary gives all this definition racism an early term an earlier term than racism, but now largely suppressed by it surpassed sorry. So we’ll click on racism, since it’s not giving me that much of a difference here, a belief that one’s own racial or ethnic group is superior or that other such groups represent a threat to one’s cultural identity, racial integrity or economics.

This was okay. This entry was the 2008, so this is probably closer to the more social justice definition that people use, but it still doesn’t mention power plus privilege, which I kind of expected. It would being revised by 2008 and that might have slipped in there, but or groups possess specific characteristics, abilities or qualities which can be compared or evaluated. Oh yeah. That was the second definition.

Essentially, it’s also a belief that members of different, so racism doesn’t necessarily mean you think you group is better or that the groups are a threat to you. It can also mean that you think races or ethnic groups possess specific characteristics, abilities or qualities which can be compared and evaluated. Hence, prejudice discrimination, antagonism directed against people of other race, racial or ethnic groups or more widely other nationalities, especially based on such belief.

So it’s saying here that racism is treating people poorly because you believe that groups can be compared to each other. So you could believe Asians are smarter than white people and that they’re, weaker or some think they’re worse at basketball than black people, and you could treat them differently. You could treat them worse and that would be racism see. Then, let’s open up that racial plus ISM.

That’s point curation, that’s kind of what that second definition here means also a belief that members of different racial or ethnic groups possess specific characteristics, abilities or qualities which can be compared or evaluated and then treating them differently based on those. So if you believe that Asians are smarter than other people, you might hire an Asian and over a black person or a white person.

This second definition gives negative things done based on race, not positive things done based on race and that’s what I thought. The difference between racialism and racism were as racialism is, where you believe, there’s a difference, but you only really treat people better on that. You believe there’s a difference, but it doesn’t affect your decision-making in negative ways. You don’t hate people, because they’re different number, three acts that could be, but I think the Deaf thing, what they’re trying to go with in this definition is that if you’re they’re treated negatively, but I their race realist seems to be the word for what you’re looking At there, but that doesn’t even count either, because that would make everybody that, because he wouldn’t hire a basketball of a basketball team, full of short people or short asian people.

You know if I it was a Walter Williams. I think it was Walter Williams yeah. It was, it was Walter Williams, I heard him say in a article if you had fifteen, if you had to build a basketball team of five people, and you had fifteen people to choose from five African Americans five occasions and five Asians and you had to build The team from those people who would win the most diverse team or the or the team where he picked all of the African Americans to be on the team.

That’s I don’t know if you’d call that racism, but you had you, everyone has an idea about who would win. That bet who would win that game of basketball and that’s what I was hoping I’d find is a word for for that, treating people and if so, if the only information you know is, you’ve got black people, white people and Asian people, and you got to pick Five people from these 15 to build a basketball team and I was hoping that racialism would be the word for that and it’s not it’s according to the OED anyway, let’s look in some of the other dictionaries.

Let’s look that’s Oxford again. Let’s look at Webster a theory that race determines human traits and capacities, also racism. So it looks like there’s a lot of different definitions around and none of them I found so far say anything about power plus privilege. I think a I think you point curation says I think it would be racist to say a black person’s experience or viewpoint is different from a white person’s, as opposed to saying two individuals have different viewpoints yeah.

I think that that can be accurate. I also think that the first one is a very collectivist view, and I think that’s really where what race racism is, is the the worst form of collectivism, because you’re looking at people based on not even their skin colors, just what you’re? Looking at that group and you’re believing they all have the same traits you’re not looking at the individuals within the group, let’s look at that.

I think I’m pretty sure collectivism was created. Let’s see what that let’s see curious, and I can’t spell alright just missed a letter – the socialistic theory of the collective ownership or control of all the means of production and especially of land by the whole community or state the people collectively for the benefit of the People there’s probably a lot more to it than that. That’s interesting.

That immediately goes to socialism in this definition, hmm, because if you’re looking at people as a whole people as groups – pardon me – I mean here – I know what word we should do prejudice. No, it doesn’t. That’s it. I think it was a referring to the political, sorry, the political meaning of collectivism. I’r trying to that’s why I looked up prejudice, I’m trying to find a word that more accurately describes judging people based on as based as a group, preconceived opinions not based on reason or actual experience, bias, partiality, unreasoned, dislike hostility or antagonism towards, or discrimination against, a Race, sex or other class of people.

I think I really think prejudice is a good word for it, but that’s because it see this in the 13th century. This is still the oldest definition of the word, the King and sometimes it’s weird and old, a well older, techspray prejudice because they use I as the King and Prejudice of him and to sorry let other bishops, that’s not helping me figure out the definition here. So I actually I don’t mean, look up Webster’s collectivism, sorry, I’m being this distracted ADHD again political or economic theory advocating collective control, especially over production or distribution emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity.

Yeah I’ve. That’s an interesting observation, lumber Thrax! So just like. Oh Edie definition of racism prejudice also lacks any positive form. So, like your example of saying Asians are intelligent doesn’t fit that definition. That sounds about right. That’s a way I would in my in my dictionary, if I was right, I changed the definitions. I don’t just breed thee. When I create my entries, I don’t just read the Oxford English definition I used the.

I give the definition that I hear and I understand when I read the words of ice, said prejudice. I would give the definition of essentially prejudging something. So I have a prejudice towards my wife. I’r going to I’d rather spend my time with her than with someone else. That would be a prejudice. Ever I have a prejudice towards chocolate ice cream. I have prejudged all chocolate ice cream as being better than vanilla.

It’s not necessarily bad things, I’ve, and so I would probably make my definition or it definitely would make my definition. In my entry on prejudice be more neutral. I might mention that it often has a negative connotation in modern society, but I don’t think that’s the way. A lot of I think a lot of people use it enough in a positive way. It’s like, I have a prejudice toward something. I have a prejudice towards Nintendo vs.

PlayStation. I think that would that would be a better definition and that’s what I want to do with my dictionaries. I don’t always think that, what’s in the dictionary is accurate to the way people use them, and that’s why definitions, dictionaries, change the definitions and if you look at the Oxford English Dictionary we’re looking at prejudice, this word was updated in 2007, where there was an older Version that was created in 1989, and they can even go look at that older entry and hear prejudice, injury, determined or damaged detriment or damaged caused to a person by judgment or action in which his rights are disregarded, resulting in injury.

Hence injury to a person or thing likely to be the consequence of some action now, chiefly in particular phrases as in okay, that sometimes these older ones get confusing, and I have to read them three or four times, but that it’s also interesting here. That prejudice is considered as a noun is considered damage to a person caused by a judgement. Injury damage hurt loss in the genitive to terminate dismiss with extreme prejudice to kill or assassinate, hence termination with extreme prejudice.

Hmm, that’s that’s fascinating. Where did it come from? It came from pray, pre, prefix, judicium judgment sentence see same as in judicial, so yeah it does mean prejudge prejudice damage. Ah, sorry, I’m reading and trying to let’s look it up in the let’s see this one is usually a lot clearer, ud, you deesis you deesis genitive, meaning injury. Physical harm. Hmm in the mid 14th century is a legal term.

Oh so when they say with extreme prejudice, it means to do physical harm, Wow, a violation of legal rights, meaning preconceived opinion, especially not necessarily unfavorable, especially but not necessarily. Unfavorable is from the late 14th century in English, also a changed meaning to mean preconceived opinions in the 14th century from medieval lat, Latin prejudicial injustice from what so prior judgment.

So it seems to be made of words that mean to prejudge things, but it meant damage previously. That’s interesting prejudice verb to injure or be detrimental to interesting. So sorry, I’ve got a bit of a coffee er. Oh it’s almost been an hour. The time is flown. Okay, one other thing I’d like to mention: do we have any Tolkien fans out there, I’m kind of into philology, and he was probably he’s, probably the most famous foolishest in the world.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Tolkien was a writer for the Oxford English Dictionary. He wrote a lot of the W section, and one of them that was specifically pointed out to me was in was walrus. Someone pointed out that this particular entry was written by JRR tolkien, the same guy that wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the seahorse or Morse. I’r not even going to try and release that read that a carnivorous pimped Marine Mammal.

I lied to the okay. I shouldn’t tried to read: I lied to the seal or a Terran or sea lion and chiefly distinguished by two tusks exerted up upper canine teeth. It inhabits the Arctic. Seas of variety found in the North. Pacific has sometimes received a distinct, specific name, OB sis, so this is a bit of talking’s work that a lot of even some of his big big fans – probably don’t even know is – is there is a talking’s definition of the word walrus.

Oh, it looks like it comes from German holding OBC or its obeisance yep OB seahorse, okay! Well, thank you guys for joining me today. I’r glad this went this went well. I had I had a fun time. I didn’t know how it was going to go happy birthday to me. Thank you to all of my fans, followers and patrons. I look forward to doing more of these in the future. My recording rig and my computer is in a living room so with a family running about.

I don’t particularly think it’s going to be good to have a television going on in the background, so I’ll, try and find time to do these usually I’ll end up doing them late at night or if I ever have a day off at work. I can do it in the middle of the day when everyone’s gone at school or work. So thank you for joining me and I had a fun time. Thanks, bye, you


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Creating a Pantheon: Gods & Goddesses in 5e Dungeons and Dragons and TTRPG – Web DM

Do we really need to bring in creating gods there, too? The existence of a pantheon of gods and fantasy role-playing is one of those things that I find very bizarre personally, because the Pantheon’s that are created for these fantasy role-playing games very rarely resemble the pantheon like pantheon of deities that we can point to in in.

Like Earth’s own, religious history, where the gods are intimately tied to some sort of mythology or something and very closely connected with each other and there’s all these stories about them that that tied them together well, yeah I mean you, know: Athena busting out of Zeus’s head And her daughter, blinded and it’s all very interconnected, like almost like familial there’s that there’s the whole like the world is a rotting carcass and the animals and monsters and gods come out of it.

That’s sort of like Norse mythology, as I as I understand it. At least but then you get to like Dungeons and Dragons and Dungeons and Dragons derived fantasy, which dungeons of dragons has been around long enough. Now that it has both influenced other genres, like iterations of fantasy role-playing, whether it’s tabletop or article games or whatever and then has in turn been influenced by those that it influenced first off.

So it’s sort of like having a conversation with itself and I think it is eating its own tail right and I think when some things are introduced into that and they’re not examined and they’re, not reimagined, then they just get regurgitate it ad nauseam to the point Where it’s like here’s another bog-standard, fantasy pantheon, which is just a collection of micro monotheism’s that have no weight to them, there’s not a faith, that’s necessary for your character to belong to and to practice and to engage with it’s just like this is the god of Fire and the goddess of the earth, and the god of whatever in commerce and whatever, and it’s just like it’s bloodless tooth gods and I frankly am tired of them.

And so I I it’s one of those things when I, when I see a fantasy setting, and it’s got yet another fantasy Pantheon, that’s like why did you even go to the trouble of making this up yourself like it’s nothing original about it, there’s nothing different about It it’s just the same thing, I’m talking strictly in like a published adventure type. You know I’m buying a campaign setting if it’s if it’s got another fantasy Pantheon in it, it’s a mark against it.

For me cuz, it’s like right. I don’t you, don’t even need to think to create up one of these. You just do it well yeah. I mean okay uh. What’s the what’s the the god of the Sun and morning’s a new beginning yeah, you know you’re just slapping a different face and a different name right on an already known concept, and that, while that is easy to do what are some different kind of schemes that You could at least draw from right, so, if you’re looking to freshen things up, you want something different.

My suggestion would be to first look outside of the Pantheon model of divinities polytheism right. It’s a polytheism that I find very bizarre and very little connection to the historical modes that I’m familiar with, and maybe for some people who are not steeped in like ancient religion and whatever else you know that they’ve spent way too much time reading about they don’t Care, you know, and in a bog-standard by-the-book kind of pantheon.

I do this when I’m like. I don’t want to think about it like this. My the point of this world is not to go in-depth about the gods or I’m going to let them come from the bottom up, in which case I will let the players take the lead on what kind of gods there are yeah. This show is a top-down approach, type show we’re talking of world building we’re talking crafting the deep backstory of your world that will inform your campaign, and so, in that sense it’s worth taking a look at the divinities and-and-and gods and the like that you have in Your setting and asking some real questions about them.

Why am I making the choices that I’m making? Is there something about the choices that I’m making that I’m just like going off of what was there before and if I’m doing that, then doing it because you’re conscious of it not because you’re, just like replicating the same mode of the pantheon of monotheism, the collection Of monotheistic religions that the most fantasy is, you could go like full-on straight monotheism, and this is one of those that I have personally found and at both, in my experience as a dungeon master and in reading about online, that it makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

That when you say there is one god in my setting, this is it. These are the powers associated with it. These are the social structures that are associated with it. This is the religion. That’s attached to it that when you do that, you number one your if you’re not creating an expansive enough monotheism, then you might be limiting character concepts for your players. They might be resentful of that.

There’s a whole real-world angle going on over here right, where people are just you know, maybe they’re uncomfortable with real world religions, they’re not familiar with it. They don’t like it they’re, irreligious or a religious or atheist or whatever stripe of non-religious participating. They are they just don’t want to have to deal with it. Right of monotheism is one that’s something to bring up in a session zero there or even before then it’s just like hey my setting has a you know monotheistic flavor, there’s one God.

You could go the other route like dual gods: sort of man, icky and dualism, where there’s one god and then an opposing God, whether that’s light and dark creation and destruction, good evil law chaos, whatever dichotomy you’re going for that, can be one that ties nicely in With a cosmic conflict of some kind, you know I’m thinking of something like middle-earth the main deity, that’s in middlee of middle-earth, aloo, guitar and nel, cuore and worn off, and all the other sort of like dark and gellick beings and and the that’s kind of a Setting that has a monotheism right, there’s like this one God and then created all these other celestial beings to help it create the world and earth and all that other business.

So there’s celestial beings that you can appeal to that. You can interact with and whatever, but they’re not gods, they’re more powerful than mortals might as well be gods, but there’s still a ranking there. So that’s sort of a way of blending the two. If you’re doing like a dualism, maybe one of the deities is it proper deity and the other is more of like a demonic figure of some kind, lesser in power, but because they’re lesser in power, they’re, it’s easier for them to interact with the mortal world or Something we can go the opposite end of the spectrum and be like full-on animist, where, like everything, has a spirit and a godling and elemental spirit of something or other and and the role of divine classes in the game is play cating all of these spirits.

So if you have say a cleric of war, for instance, then there’s no God of war that they appeal to. But there are spirits and gods of war, maybe a god of fear or a God of discipline, or something like like that. Where they’re not like, all-powerful all-encompassing, deities, they’re more like forces that move in the world that declares a part of so those are some options that are available and the reason why I kind of bring it up – and I don’t mean to like misdirect our viewers here, Where it’s like we’re going to talk about building a Pantheon, a Pantheon you shouldn’t do we will get to building a Pantheon here in a minute, yeah yeah, but before you get to that step of laying out which gods are in your setting, it is worthwhile to Ask yourself: why am I doing this? What is the point of the divine beings in my setting? Why am I choosing a Pantheon over some of these other schemes or get other arrangements of divinities in your game like? Why is that? And if the answer is just kind of like mm-hmm, there should be gods or spells right.

That’s an opportunity for a Dungeon Master to sit with that concept a little longer and think it through and fully develop. It yeah. Thinking of some questions that we can ask ourselves for for those things, I really think that a founding myth well yeah, it’s important right. I was going to say Jim. Where do you begin? I begin at the beginning. At the beginning, in the first chapter, the founding myth is important because it sets the tone for everything in your campaign you’re starting at a cosmic level, a large scale right.

I’m a big advocate of the bottom-up approach to campaign design, where it’s like. You really just need a starting Adventure, location and stuff that’s going on there and is there go there? No! Well, then, who cares like then? Who cares but world building is a fun exercise. It helps us and, as you build a campaign from the bottom up, you can take the time in between sessions to start top down building as well and see what I mean and see where they meet and – and you know you take the elements that are mentioned In the bottom-up play and then create a top-down elements for them in between sessions, for instance, and so thinking about a founding myth is important.

Where do the planes come from who lives there and how did they get there? That’s kind of where I would start. This is the entire cosmos. Is it the Great Wheel, cosmology of outer plane transit, though you know astral, Prime ethereal inner? Is it something completely different? Are you going with like the fourth edition model of the elemental chaos and then the sort of the astral sea method? There or something completely different thinking about that is going to be important, considering the place of the multiverse and the planes, and everything is important.

Those chapters in the dmg that talk about the different planes and what happens there, our jumping-off points for this. Maybe you start combining different ones or coming up with your own altogether, moving on from that, if there are planes and if there are inhabitants to those planes, then what about the gods? What are the gods come from where they eternal yeah? Are they always present? One day decided to start creating things or do the mortal races and creation precede the gods and later on, the gods come about because of belief and faith, and even the gods there could be from a bottom up approach right and the people actually create the gods.

That’s kind of a strong theme that runs through Dungeons and Dragons. We’re, like the active faith of a bunch of people, brings power to the gods, that’s kind of a default mode for it yeah kind of bring up a point. You you you, you touched on earlier when it comes to faith and in the creation of if it’s God’s versus men like who created who huh in in D & D, such a thing in our own world with religion, is the fact of faith.

It’s it’s. The fact of you know it’s in the absence of evidence like, but in D & D, like evidences everywhere you, if you do your prayers and you cast a spell you’re a priest or a cleric. You get spells. How does that affect faith? And how does faith change because there is direct evidence? Maybe if you’re going by that baseline, where existence of the deities in Dungeons and Dragons worlds and other sort of typical traditional fantasy worlds is real and there’s evidence for it.

Because of spells, you can talk to them, you can summon their servants. You can do all these things. Then faith is less a matter of like the kind of faith that we understand it of like a devotion to a principle or an ideal or a something that we have no tangible proof of, and it is instead adherence to a stricture of rules and and a Code of conduct that is handed down from a higher order being and then faith there is less about like trust and hope, and it’s more about obedience and and conformity yeah or the faith that that what you adhere to is the right path.

I like personally like adding in that element of our their gods or their. Not that’s why I really liked ever on right, like there is no evidence of gods in everyone. There’s clerical magic, there’s divine magic, but there’s no evidence of gods, necessarily there’s enough that people are faithful. But it’s not like traditional D & D, where there’s concrete proof, yeah and even and then there there are factions within D & D who are like.

Well. Those aren’t gods, they’re, artists, well, it’ll, be an example. From my own experience, the way I decided to handle that in story valve uh-huh, religion isn’t really talked about a lot, because all these people came from all these different spheres and all kind of jumbled together and thrown together and the blender on this one planet. So you have all these people that believe in all these different concepts that are similar, but they call them by different names.

So there are shrines everywhere too, like oh, the shrine of the morning Lord or the morning, or you know new beginnings like there’s a shrine to that concept, and people go and pay homage to their God at that shrine, but other than that like people. Just it’s more of a personal thing, because I wanted to have it that way, because I really wanted the players any of the players that wanted to play a cleric or someone who would believe in a higher power to bring like.

What do you want to believe in like I want you to create that really and for you to express that? Not me informing you how you should behave right, because I think that that’s just far more interesting, I can see that sort of like player led a Pantheon creation, is something I fall back on a lot just because it really tailors what the player wants to be. Most relevant to that particular campaign. Now I’ve done ones where you know it’s monotheism with different factions and divisions within the faith within the Church of it that represent.

You know different elements and allow for different kinds of clerics. Moving on from sort of the the founding myths and all those are there, certain high-minded questions and getting down like the nitty-gritty of design yourself, there’s two main approaches right, like sort of the ways that you can look at creating a Pantheon, you can either take the Game first sort of like build a game, build a set of gods that are supported by the existing game, mechanics yeah, yeah or you can flip the script and create a set of gods.

And then, if there are no game mechanics to back it up, you create them yourself. So, looking at game mechanics for gods, how do you do that? Where you’re not just filing off Lysander and putting a new name on for your morning boy, I mean, if that’s what’s working for you right, like don’t forget to skip the first part of the article and the rant and everything you know. If what you want is the standard fantasy list, you know maybe you’re new to the game.

Yeah, maybe you’ve come from. You know a popular stream or something like that and you’re like all right. Well, they’ve got these gods and critical role or high rollers or adventure zone or whatever it is that you’re coming from you’re, not steeped in years and decades of crusty game experience that you need that newness to kind of get any more more, that dopamine rush anymore And and the new stuff is fresh: it’s not cliched, it’s not old hat, it’s not boring, then taking the existing Dungeons and Dragons domains and alignments.

That’s a good place to start, and so you can go all right either. I’m going to take the domains that exist in 5th edition, dungeon, dragons or whatever game I’m using and create gods based on those. So there’s going to be a god of war, god of light or whatever or whatever, that mischievous guy, mischievous god knowledge, etc, etc. Or maybe the alignment chart you’ve got at least one for each alignment, or maybe others, and that all the very least you have a baseline there.

That’s one way to do it and, if you’re looking for something quick, if you’re looking for something easy, if you’re looking for something that’s a low barrier of entry for your players, you don’t want to overload them with lore or you want to leave the door open For them to interject their own war, for those classes or for those players who are playing divine classes, then maybe that’s the way that you go and – and you don’t have to spend a ton of time on it.

You just give it some thought present it to the players they’re going to run with most of it, you’ll fill in the gaps there, but you’re just sort of done: you’re, assigning names and they’re moving on yeah. That’s one way of doing it and if speed is good, if you’re looking for something, that’s more traditional, that’s the way to go, but if you’re looking for something different, you want something unique.

You want something that that’s tailor-made to your setting, then you’re going to have to homebrew and you’re going to have to the gods of the setting that you need based on whatever criteria you think is appropriate and then, if there are any holes in the game, mechanics You’re going to have to create your own domain and you’re going to have to create your own game rules to fill in that gap I mean, if you need them right, like I mean it’s like, if you see it as the DM, like, oh there’s, a hole There, but if nobody’s playing a cleric that needs that right, then why worry about it right, yeah until it’s necessary and then you bring it up.

An example of this would be something like I’m looking for a game world that has a polytheism that I recognized from ro from like the ancient Mediterranean and and I’m thinking here, something that’s more along like not necessarily like the Greek city-states with their patron gods. But more like the Fertile Crescent and in that era, where it’s like there’s a and yeah they’ve got like each city has its own deity and part of warfare is like stealing that God from the city, because it’s going to steal the you know the power of That city, let’s make that fantastic, yeah and now I might have each nation or people or polity – that’s in the world – might have a god that backs them up, but those gods might not map on to the existing divine domains.

And so I might chop up to the domains and make then rearrange the abilities within them so that they fit the you know the new Pantheon that I’m creating. I might homebrew some content and say, like you know, this is the city state and there’s a goddess here that rules over it, knowledge isn’t quite working for me here. War isn’t quite working for me here, but I’m going to come up with something that that’ll work for me yeah.

This is something about being a dungeon master that when it I find personally, is the most frustrating for me as a internet, Dungeons and Dragons personality, because I look at home brewing content as you go nuts right there. Is there your no barriers here, there’s no wrong answers, there’s! No! Whatever there are things that won’t work for your table yeah, but unless it’s a catastrophic Games, chances are unbalanced.

Homebrew is not going to ruin one session of your game, and if it is the you need to take a step back and talk to your players about what’s going on why this game element is ruining it, but creating your own homebrew content is just you just Do it you don’t need my approval, you don’t need the approval of the deity designers, you just do it well, I mean, if you’re talking about like concepts for like deities that might just totally destroy a setting.

Remember that people, even in the real world when it comes to religions, have accepted some crazy. I mean to go back to the Mediterranean. There I mean the big thing about inky and in Yana, and all that is inky goes down to the tigris-euphrates and-and-and Skeets won out and that’s how you have those rivers right, as that’s literally from the the girding of his loins in the fruit of his loins. There’s a lot there’s so much like there’s like a bodily fluid.

That’s what I’m saying is like you got to go pretty far, do people go whoa, whoa, whoa yeah and it’s sort of like taking the ancient Mediterranean in the ancient ancient Mesopotamia as as sort of our our archetypes for this, because I do, I think that those Analogs in our own, real world are better suited for the type of gaming with Dungeons and Dragons is, as opposed to medieval history. I don’t know that medieval history is a good historical example to you, and ancient history is a huge period of time right, but taking those models and mapping them on that means that your Pantheon czar, local and particular and idiosyncratic – and it’s not like yeah the Lysander – That they worship over in the Northeast is the same as a little painter.

They worship in the southwest yeah. It’s like franchising right like a franchise. I’m a Donald, that’s what I mean when I say that they’re, a collection of like micro, monotheism’s and then in baseline D & D. You’ve just got these. It’s it’s like! Okay, ima! I follow this one God it’s the same everywhere I go. There’s no division! There’s! No conflict, there’s no particularity to it. It’s just is it’s easy is what it is.

Yes, it’s a low barrier to entry. I find it so uninspiring and I would much rather have a a collection of just like well. This is this city’s God, and then this god is the god of the river and maybe there’s a really powerful God that that has control over something. You know that’s very influential, but there’s a mix match and they’re all related to one another or interact with each other in some way.

A good example that I use for this, sometimes, if there’s a role-playing game that came out gosh 10 or 12 years ago, now, Artesia Adventures in the known world right. What I’m talking about it’s based on a comic book series Artesia, is cancelled and I have no idea what’s happening to it anyway. It’s one of my favorite comic book series and one of my favorite games, even though I’ve never really had a chance to run it.

The whole world is created by this founding mythology and there’s a goddess and her daughters are, you know, Sheba gets daughters and they beget offspring and their offspring begets more and eventually mortals into the picture, and some of the offspring are monsters and the interaction between the Offspring and and the mortals creates the ages of this world, and you can see as you’re reading sort of the history of this world up to the present day.

The interaction of the gods, both in intensity and like early on they’re, really intends and the gods are everywhere – mortals – are interacting with them and then over time, mortals becoming the driving factor in history and the gods receding, but the impact of those gods actions are there. I like using it – and I like, using it as an example because it’s very tightly focused all of the gods – are bound in with each other.

There’s not that many of them and everything that exists in the setting has its origin at some point with a god. Either an offspring of one of the gods or goddesses, that’s there or it was created as an interaction between like okay. Well, this demigod stole the Sun at one point and took the Sun into the underworld. So it’s just like a very well thought-out example of how to present a fantasy Pantheon that has the hallmarks of real world religion, but is is definitely fantastical and and it’s one of those things where, if you get your hands on a copy of this book or Some of the the trade paperbacks that are out there for the comic book series like understanding a bit about this fantasy Pantheon.

For me, it was like setting my brain on fire with like I was calling my god here are all the things you can do. The thing that gets me about a lot of fantasy Pantheon’s is that it because they’re imported from our own history, they carry artifacts with them that I’m not sure it’s like. Would these gods have grown up naturally, in this fantasy environment? Here like it seems like that, there are other types of gods that would come about as opposed to ones that came about in our own real world right, like the big one that I’m thinking of the big example of this, for me, is real or the Lord Of Light from Song of Ice and Fire, this is a god that is harsh.

What it wants is a little murky right. What are we doing other than obedience yeah? It seems that what it wants, obey obey and deny your other gods right, deny the Seven deny or others etc. But the message that that that phrase, the night is dark and full of terrors to me describes every Dungeons and Dragons world that exists. The night is dark and there’s a monster manual, full of terrifying creatures, many of which have dark vision interactive at night like.

Why is there not a god or a deity of some kind, particularly if you have gods that are overarching that are present from region to region that have a consistent and non localized presence? Why wouldn’t you have a guy? That’s basically like yeah. I fight monsters. I’m here to fight monsters, I will keep you safe from monsters. I am here to you know, to fight all of the things that go bump in the night.

Yeah burn it away with my purifying light burn it away with my purifying light or our allies in shadow that we use. You know to fight the enemies of darkness, know that kind of because, as we know, there would be no shadow without life, there wouldn’t be right and that’s what makes it interesting. That’s what makes as a faith, makes it interesting and go from one dimensional and adds depth and complexity to it.

The Dungeons & Dragons world seems to me, like there’s all these little gods of each race right, there’s the orc gods and the nolo gods and the goblin gods and the whatever. What if you took all those monster manual, all the monsters in the monster mountain you you ignore the lore, that’s that’s already in there and you rewrite that monster manual to be like these are the offspring of deities. Right, like all of these monsters in here, come from somewhere someone birth to them or created them or brought them to life.

You could create a pantheon in which you create an intricate web that incorporates the mantra manual and your gods, and now it’s like you don’t just go say: fight and Griffin and Griffin is the offspring of this particular deity. That controls this particular thing and harming a Griffin will analog out uses is historical, Tiamat, yeah, a creature or goddess that that sort of is, is angry at the mortals who slay her her children and Abzu.

Her husband, I believe, is like slain like Gilgamesh. Maybe it’s been a while, since I’ve read the Epic of Gilgamesh, but there’s just this kind of like the sense that Tia montt is was fine until a bunch of mortals started messing with her yard, getting their yard, making a bunch of noise coming up in her Business sort of their nap right and then it awakens the chaos dragon right. That is to you, mom.

So that’s another kind of thing, and so, when you’re, looking at your campaign world, you know you’ve made this thing. You’ve got this all laid out. You’ve got your countries and your whatever and when it comes to looking at the gods of your setting, are the gods that are suggested in The Player’s Handbook working for my setting mm-hmm. If they do great, if they don’t making ones up that are integrated and fit within your campaign, setting is a very satisfying experience and then you can present that information to players, and it makes them feel like the campaign world – is much more alive and and and Realized yeah and I mean – and you know everybody typically has like gods, but like aren’t there other ways to kind of express that divine power, like I mean they’re, like hero gods like a Warhammer, even mortals that kind of rise up to the right hood or just Different kinds of like divine power that manifests that maybe it’s not a straight-up God yeah with a with a place waiting for you when you died right right with a home in the outer Plains, yeah Celestials, as intervenors yeah, I feel like a heroes and hero cults – Are one and these would be sort of like in D & D terms, these would be like epic level characters, who’ve transcended mortal limits, but are not yet gods, but maybe a really high level warrior in your campaign world that died a long time ago.

Has a cult following of people that are devoted to them that that take the practice. Is that this that this warrior wrote down or or their exploits and like form a cult based around? And it’s not quite religious, but it’s definitely not just like a fan club. Maybe there are mystery religions in which the adherents have to under grow certain. You know secret initiation, rites and understand secret knowledge about the world.

In order to be inducted into these into these mysteries, there are demigods and gods of cities. You know a god of a river or a mountain or forest little dog Ling’s, that are powerful spirits, that they didn’t have at a location or a place, or something like that. Those are all ways of interjecting, a vibrant world, of the divine into your campaign. Without having to resort to you know, zeus not knock off zeus up and knock off mount olympus.

You know not doing anything interesting, the divine community of your game as something more than just that bog standard, fantasy pantheon means that first off your tailoring it to the campaign world deepening your own campaign setting and when the players finally interact with something like that. You have something that’s fleshed out, that’s different than new. You might be showing them something new that they haven’t seen before, letting them interact with something different and you’ll create moments in your campaign where, before your players might look like, i’m not really care about.

What’s going on with this church or temple or whatever, by having something different and making it weird and unusual and and fitting with your game and not just taking the standard, that’s there you create an opportunity to make a really memorable element of your setting. Come to life and and presenting it to your players and saying like here’s, something different, i’m offering up as a way to you know, do something different with your character or help me create something new for the world that we’re playing in right.

In the book of revelations here for you gods, how does it all end? What do you I mean? What what’s that? What’s the you got a founding myth, you should have a apocalypse myth, certainly like a founding myth having these other things about how the world is going to end, how the guys would participate in that. What are the role of mortals in that end of the world? Is it a conflagration that ends in Oblivion, or is it a change of cycle a period of turmoil before the new thing happens? Is it prophesied? Is it something that the players can stop or or influence in some way? I think it’s just as enriching to to talk to think about like the end of your world, of your campaigns world and the role that the gods play in it as it is the beginning of the world and how the gods, God creates dinosaurs.

God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Women inherit the earth.

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Masonic Curators – 045 – A Masonic Knife Collection

Today, on the show, I’ve actually got something I’ll show you. That is a bit of a collection. I know I collect a lot of things and Mason’s collect a lot of things.

I collect knives, and so I’ve got several knives from you know all over the world and different kinds, and some of them just happened to be Masonic, and so we’re going to go to a car way. Right now – and I will show you just a bit of the Masonic collection of knives that I have, some of which are also used – they are straight razors used for shaving. Those have also been explained a little bit in a Midnight Freemason post a few years ago, and I’m sure that you have readed a previous article right here on Masonic curator’s, which talks about some interesting Masonic, razors, so kind of in line with that check.

This out. All right y’all will go ahead and not worry about the mess I’ve got going on up here. This is my knife collection. What part of it anyway so I’ll just kind of open it up here. Now, it’s not a ton. It’s just some nice things that I’ve collected over times with Swiss Army knives and things, but right away. You might see a couple things in here that might speak to you. The first is this guy.

You know nothing, nothing real special! You know the United States doesn’t really make steel anymore. So almost any knife you buy today is going to be Chinese steel and American design, Chinese steel and it’s produced over there and shipped back here. So nothing real special about this, but made Mason. That says in search of more light and the other side doesn’t have anything but made in China. So just you know nothing real special, the other one that I’ve got, which is kind of cool.

The first Masonic straight-razor I ever bought after I became a Mason. I bought this one I had shaved for years with, with straight razors. That’s what my dad actually taught me how to shave with this was the first one I bought after my dad’s. I had to have my dad’s redone. So normally they look like this. You know they’re hollow ground, so they’re real thin to see how they have this scoop. That’s called being hollow ground and if you ever see it, it just looks like a big triangular thing, like that’s called a butcher wedge or a wedge or butcher blade.

They’re kind of interesting right, but you know it’s fairly nice. It’s a good shave now as much as I’ve wanted to. I have never ever used the Masonic ones to shave fairly, certain Terauchi p –. You know this kind of fake pearlescent and, of course it comes out, and you can maybe read that, let’s see I can focus, and it just says, George Washington, the first Mason president. I mean I mean that’s kind of true right: the Continental Congress, the first president of the Continental Congress, was also a Mason, so this is also just another hollow ground.

This one those Steel’s made in Pakistan, so a little bit a little nicer. I guess I promise. I won’t cut myself while making the article. This is the other one that I I bought, and I think this one I just got from one of these odd companies yeah. So this is a butcher blade. This is a butcher blade this one. You can see how much different that looks and look at that. So this is a butcher blade. It is sharp.

You should never do that. There’s microscopic teeth and now I’ll have to use a strop to straighten that out, but nonetheless, pretty cool still has oil on it. I’ve never really used it, but I just thought it was kind of cool. I saw it in one of those like knife, catalogs and the imagery is kind of cool in there. So yeah that’s about it. This one was made in Pakistan. It’s the only butcher blade I’ve ever owned.

I think they’re generally they’re hard to find if you guys ever find yourself a razor and you find a butcher blade, that’s in good shape. You should maybe buy it if it’s reasonable. Almost everything that you find that’s antique. This one here looks like it’s got. Maybe some odd fellow markings on it FLT not really sure what that’s for, but so look it’s a big ol chunk taken out of that bad boy and most of them look like that.

So not something you’re going to want to Hugh’s collect sure, but don’t use it. I got this one for my father-in-law, who actually gave me my first real Masonic ring. But last but not least, I guess I’ll show you this one, which I’m pretty proud of. It’s the only one it actually was given to me. I didn’t buy it, it’s really nice and it was actually given to a lot of different guys who were in attendance of the Grand Master’s dinner a few years ago, but nothing special, just probably made by case or another company like it.

But there you have it. Some Masonic knives and that’s it so if you’ve got something cool share, it we’ll talk to you all next time right here on masonic curators, thanks

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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Review Medieval Fight Club Crusader Knight Dagger

So in this article today we’re going to do a review of the medieval Fight Club, crusading Knights data. That’S this one right here, hi guys it’s Ben from medieval mayhem. On this blog. We do a lot of reviews and we look at DIY costuming and furniture for medieval reenactment, the Society of creative anarchism and also for live-action roleplay game, as well as taking a good, in-depth look at many of the medieval cultures throughout the Western world.

So if you’re interested in the medieval period you might want to consider subscribe, hi, okay, I recently purchased this dagger. I was really looking for something to add to add some really nice touches to my costuming and my weapons. So I do some um some Hema, which is historical European, martial arts with one of the local reenactment groups and I’ve really gotten into it. I was really looking for a good sort of secondary weapon, as soldiers of today would refer to it.

I did a lot of research there’s a lot of rubbish out there. Then the market is really flooded with with cheap stuff and it’s just not packed right, but I found this one. It is actually very inexpensive, but the quality is really quite remarkable, so this cost $ 50, and I was quite impressed with that. The quality of the workmanship is very, very high. I’M really quite impressed the detail is is very good.

I find this a very easy sort of weapon to wield. It comes as a dull blade. It’S a total of 41 centimeters long, it’s a blade being 27 cm. The blade has a 35 millimeter width and weighs a total of four hundred and ten grams. So, let’s take a little bit more of a look already, so you can see this good shape of the blade here as a saying it’s nice and dull, so you don’t need to do anything with it to make it suitable for role play games, reenactment purposes.

That said, it is going to depend on the rules of your group. The the hilt has a really nice leather grip, and you can see it’s got a nice, rounded pommel. The cross guard is, is nice and firmly in place? I really like this. This is um. This is a classy piece of kit, I’m going to be making a leather sheath for this dagger in about a week’s time. So please remember check back so my recommendation fall of the crusading Knights.

Dagger is a 9 out of 10. I think it’s a fantastic piece of kit, otherwise guys please like subscribe and share and I’ll catch you in my next article


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Review MFC Norman English Dagger

I know from personal experience that I have g’day guys my name’s Ben, for a medieval mayhem on this blog. We do reviews into other companies equipment. We look at DIY furniture and equipment, we do articles about costuming and all sorts of reenactment, but we also look at the politics and the religions and the battles of the time.

So if you new here, you might like to consider subscribing recently, I was purchasing some equipment from a company in Australia called medieval Fight Club, I’m going to leave the link in the description below and one of the pieces of equipment that I bought. I was very, very impressed with is this piece here, and this is the Norman dagger by medieval Fight Club. I was looking for something that was suitable for my son.

I’D need it to be a dull blade, something that’s not really going to hurt. Anyone he’s just 10 years old, so I didn’t want anything that was too heavy too cumbersome and too unwieldy, and it also needed to be safe and well-made. I was nothing but impressed with this one. I took this out of the packaging. This is incredibly well-made. It’S it’s a really nice weight. It’S it’s very easy to use, though the quality of manufacturing is really superb and I’ve got nothing but praise for this, and it wasn’t that expensive.

I was super super impressed. This is a total of 41 centimeters long. The thickness of the blade is three millimeters and you can see it has a rounded tip, so it’s reenactment safe. This is not actually going to hurt people. Obviously you need to be quite conscious of what you’re doing, but still it’s really good. You can see the pommel either is a really nice norman shape. This would be from around the sort of 12 ish 13th century sort of mark.

You’Ve got a nice leather wrapped handle it’s really good. It’S a nice one-handed, blade, obviously being a being a dagger, but you can see a lot of fantasies out there on the market and it just looks rubbish. The nice cross guard here is well built. I, like it, it’s um, it’s not overly, so that exaggerated or anything this is nice and simple and very functional. You have a good, fuller here. That goes, probably you know 80 % of the blade.

The blade itself is 25 centimeters long, and the width of the blade is 35 millimeters, and this cost at the moment $ 55. I thought was incredibly good. This is a really good value for money. You’Ll find it comes with a bit of an oily kind of greasy finish to it, you’re going to need to clean that off, and it will require some maintenance through the year so just to keep just to keep a um any rust off it.

And that kind of thing, but this is really good. I really like this – I’m nothing but impressed it’s. This is such a really good piece of kit I’ll be buying some more and similar sorts of knives and daggers from this company, because I think the workmanship is so good and it’s definitely worth my time in my effort. So look. I think this is a really good, solid, 9 out of 10 and I’ve, and I’m going to be doing a DIY dagger sheath in the next few days.

So please keep an eye out for that article already guys, please like subscribe and share and I’ll catch you in my next article