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Masonic Curators – 045 – A Masonic Knife Collection

Today, on the show, I’ve actually got something I’ll show you. That is a bit of a collection. I know I collect a lot of things and Mason’s collect a lot of things.

I collect knives, and so I’ve got several knives from you know all over the world and different kinds, and some of them just happened to be Masonic, and so we’re going to go to a car way. Right now – and I will show you just a bit of the Masonic collection of knives that I have, some of which are also used – they are straight razors used for shaving. Those have also been explained a little bit in a Midnight Freemason post a few years ago, and I’m sure that you have readed a previous article right here on Masonic curator’s, which talks about some interesting Masonic, razors, so kind of in line with that check.

This out. All right y’all will go ahead and not worry about the mess I’ve got going on up here. This is my knife collection. What part of it anyway so I’ll just kind of open it up here. Now, it’s not a ton. It’s just some nice things that I’ve collected over times with Swiss Army knives and things, but right away. You might see a couple things in here that might speak to you. The first is this guy.

You know nothing, nothing real special! You know the United States doesn’t really make steel anymore. So almost any knife you buy today is going to be Chinese steel and American design, Chinese steel and it’s produced over there and shipped back here. So nothing real special about this, but made Mason. That says in search of more light and the other side doesn’t have anything but made in China. So just you know nothing real special, the other one that I’ve got, which is kind of cool.

The first Masonic straight-razor I ever bought after I became a Mason. I bought this one I had shaved for years with, with straight razors. That’s what my dad actually taught me how to shave with this was the first one I bought after my dad’s. I had to have my dad’s redone. So normally they look like this. You know they’re hollow ground, so they’re real thin to see how they have this scoop. That’s called being hollow ground and if you ever see it, it just looks like a big triangular thing, like that’s called a butcher wedge or a wedge or butcher blade.

They’re kind of interesting right, but you know it’s fairly nice. It’s a good shave now as much as I’ve wanted to. I have never ever used the Masonic ones to shave fairly, certain Terauchi p –. You know this kind of fake pearlescent and, of course it comes out, and you can maybe read that, let’s see I can focus, and it just says, George Washington, the first Mason president. I mean I mean that’s kind of true right: the Continental Congress, the first president of the Continental Congress, was also a Mason, so this is also just another hollow ground.

This one those Steel’s made in Pakistan, so a little bit a little nicer. I guess I promise. I won’t cut myself while making the article. This is the other one that I I bought, and I think this one I just got from one of these odd companies yeah. So this is a butcher blade. This is a butcher blade this one. You can see how much different that looks and look at that. So this is a butcher blade. It is sharp.

You should never do that. There’s microscopic teeth and now I’ll have to use a strop to straighten that out, but nonetheless, pretty cool still has oil on it. I’ve never really used it, but I just thought it was kind of cool. I saw it in one of those like knife, catalogs and the imagery is kind of cool in there. So yeah that’s about it. This one was made in Pakistan. It’s the only butcher blade I’ve ever owned.

I think they’re generally they’re hard to find if you guys ever find yourself a razor and you find a butcher blade, that’s in good shape. You should maybe buy it if it’s reasonable. Almost everything that you find that’s antique. This one here looks like it’s got. Maybe some odd fellow markings on it FLT not really sure what that’s for, but so look it’s a big ol chunk taken out of that bad boy and most of them look like that.

So not something you’re going to want to Hugh’s collect sure, but don’t use it. I got this one for my father-in-law, who actually gave me my first real Masonic ring. But last but not least, I guess I’ll show you this one, which I’m pretty proud of. It’s the only one it actually was given to me. I didn’t buy it, it’s really nice and it was actually given to a lot of different guys who were in attendance of the Grand Master’s dinner a few years ago, but nothing special, just probably made by case or another company like it.

But there you have it. Some Masonic knives and that’s it so if you’ve got something cool share, it we’ll talk to you all next time right here on masonic curators, thanks

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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