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Turning Spark into Success with Wicker Goddess

Is you just try it you jump off the ledge and you hope that there’s like a tiny net at the bottom, when we started wicker goddess it kind of fell into our laps. We didn’t really know that we were building a business. Wicker, goddess is vintage home goods and furniture hand drawn greeting cards and art prints. I started making cards and started selling them online and people were buying them.

I mean it feels good, I’m in alignment of what I want to be doing, but I’m just like assessing the business, and it is growing really fast like faster than I thought it would taking risks changes who you are. I know that when I put my all into something it will be great. This past year has been the most earth-shaking year. We’ve experienced you


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Curly Maple Chef’s Knives: Xmas For The Brothers and Sisters

I work on. These are Destined to be gifts eventually, I wanted them to all be similar because they’re Going to be for family members, I wanted them to have the same look to them, but I Also wanted to have a little bit of differentiation between them.

So I’m going to make the majority of the handles out of this curly maple and then I’ll be adding exotic hardwood segments, I cut them all to length and then I am Putting a diagonal cut in there, so I can insert the hardwood. I marked them so They would all be in a similar spot, but it’s really not critical of these are Exact because it’s not a set, I just wanted them to look similar. The accent Pieces are going to be red heart wenge, black palm and Osage orange.

I took Those pieces over to the belt sander since I cut them on the table, saw they Weren’t completely flat on that one edge I was holding in my hands. There’s a Little bit of movement – and I wanted this joint to be very tight because you’ll be Able to see in the finish scale pretty easily if there’s any gaps since they’re Such thin pieces also just for the glue bond. I wanted that strength. There Making a laminate out of some veneers – and this is going to serve a couple of Different purposes, the first is purely aesthetic I like to have a little bit of Pinstripe between the species of wood, also, since these are going to be Multiple pieces, I wanted to have something tying them together on the Back between the handle and the top of the scale, the way I oriented the grains Of this, wood is going to give them some extra strength, so there are ninety Degrees to each other, then that glued onto the back of the maple and the other Woods and there’s going to give more stability, while I’m working with it and Then hopefully, when it’s ultimately on the knife, it will too I slipped that Plastic wrap in there so that the pieces of veneer don’t stick to each other.

When the glue bleeds through when they’re clamped, while those are drying, I Turned my attention over to the pins that are going to go through the scales, I’m Using brass tube and I’m making a mosaic pin for these they’re going to be 4 Knives, so I’m cutting four sections of this brass tube. The way I make them, I Have to make them relatively short, because the epoxy won’t squirt reliably All the way, through, even with this length, there was a few little gaps.

I had to fill in after the pins were done for this. I’m Using TIG welding wire with the size of the brass tubes, these happen to Fit perfectly in there with three: it was a tight fit, so they weren’t going to wiggle Off center, when I started gluing them up, and it’s also going to have a nice Contrast between the black epoxy, the yellowish brass and then that White steel, With everything cut to size, I could start mixing up the epoxy.

This Is a five minute epoxy and get it at any hardware store the pigment I always use. Is it’s cheap? It’s readily available. You get it off. Ebay, they’re little baggies! Of pearl powder, like you, would add, to automotive paint, I use a syringe and Take the needle off and then you basically get some of that on the little Pieces of TIG wire and then you can squirt it in through both ends and when It starts coming out the other end.

You know that you’ve kind of pushed all the Air out of the system, the other thing I’ve heard of people using for the dye Is just Rit dye powder? It’s like a fabric dye have a try to myself, but Anything the colors, the epoxy, should work coming back to the scales you can See that those veneers that I had I cut up into small pieces, this I’m putting in Between the parts in between the hardwoods and the curly maple, I use Contrasting woods for those sheets of veneer, so you’ll kind of get a two Pinstripe effect and then I put the lighter parts into the darker wood in The darker parts out next to the maple, so to really pop a little bit more.

I put The pieces of wood on both sides of the veneer that way I could get more even Pressure and really get clamped on there well, when those had dried for a little Bit it was time to glue them into the the maple. I did this in two steps: Whenever you start getting these angles in there, it makes gluing them up a Little bit tricky, you can’t put a whole lot of pressure on them. Otherwise, They’ll tend to slide off, so it’s kind of a balance between getting just enough So that they stick together and not enough, so the glue joints weak, you can Get them to just stick together with the pressure of the glue, but I noticed some Of the ones I did that on especially on the second part, I couldn’t Get them to not slide, there’s a couple that kind of delaminated a little bit That I had to glue back together when I cut him in half and I’m wondering if Those weren’t, the ones that I didn’t clamp the other kind of funny thing that Those angles did was to the eye.

It was hard to make sure that the two pieces of The maple are parallel if they didn’t slide off relative to each other and Since these weren’t a whole lot wider than what I needed them to be in the Final product, I did need them to be pretty spot-on on there. I started Clamping them together and then sticking them on that flat piece. Of wood that way, I just maintained that as much thickness As I could to we get us work, it was some relatively tight tolerances.

I had Some extra to play with, but not a whole lot for a lot of things. I’m a Harbor Freight fanboy, but I would not buy a cordless drill from them. The batteries do Not hold a charge overnight. What I’m trying to do here is the pins had a Little bit of epoxy on the outside, just for me handling them. I needed to Get them back down to round and back down to the size they were before so They fit into the holes in the knives, so I’m taking it and just Chucking it up in the drill and running some sandpaper over it.

At this point, the Final dimensions are starting to get dialed in on the knife scale, so I am Making a template on the knife blank and it was really important where those Holes fell in relation to that diagonal stripe if they weren’t centered on it or If they were off, I thought it would really look funny in the final knife. So I was taking a lot of care to position those exactly where I wanted them and Then I’m trimming off the top part of the blank there on the table saw before I put the veneer backing on these.

I wanted to make sure that they were Really straight after that last cut, so I’m going back on there. I marked over With some pencil and then I can set them on their flat and whenever all the Pencil marks are gone. I know that I’ve hit all the regions that they’re all Level, for that part, that’s going to hit up against the knife. This was one of Those design changes that made it a little bit harder, but I think it was Worth in the finished product, the hard wood caps I’m putting on here, I would Have done it while the two sides were together, But I didn’t really know until I saw it with just the maple all the way up.

The Night, if I didn’t didn’t really like it, so I came back and trimmed them and put The caps on so at this point I’ve gone back and I have ground them flat on the Back a final time, this veneer is actually the second time I had to do. That I had some adhesion problems with the first one, where I didn’t get quite Enough glue in the joints, so the pieces of veneer were separating anyway. It went Back, I got those corrected and I’m using this tape.

In-Between and again, it’s just The same reason I used that plastic wrap the first time was that way, these aren’t Going to stick together, the veneer is thin enough that if you put enough glue In the joint it will bleed through and just that enough, that bleed through is Going to make it really hard to get them unstuck, after that, it was just a matter. Of letting them dry it till the next step here, I’m making a final set of tape.

Templates since the scales are at this point basically finished other than Their final shaping I’m doing a little bit different. This time. I thought I Would save some time by getting these scales to the exact right size before I Glued them on the knives. I thought this was going to save me some time, because when You put them on the knife and then shape them. You never to get scuffs on the Spine of the knife that you have to polish out trying to avoid that.

I think I took one step forward and two steps back, because I ended up having to shape Them anyway, I just couldn’t give them lined up exactly properly when you shape Them on the knife: it takes away all of the wood right down to the steel, a Little bit the steel too, but it makes that fit really precise. At this point, it’s Time to attach them on to the knife and start making the holes for the pins to Go through I’m using just regular Brad point wood drill bit, but I’m making sure That it’s pressed up tightly against the backing plate because I’ve had a lot of Instances where I’m coming and the scales are basically completely done.

And then I bust, through them, with the drill Bit and blow out a bunch of grain on the back, so you really don’t want that to Happen so I’m taking all the precautions I can against it after I have the one Side done, I flip it over position it and then I’m putting the pins all the way. Through that way, they’re going to be in their final And this is another thing where, if I shaped them, when they’re already on the Knife I can just glue one side down and drill through and then glue the other Side down the pins go right in, I don’t have to mess with having them in there.

Anyway, so I put the pins through and then I’m marking around the edge Figuring out where I want the top of that to be, and I’m going to take it over To the belt sander to get those exactly where they need to be, since there was Quite a bit of that extra hardwood on the very top I didn’t use the belt Sander to get the tops, even I came and used a handsaw just to get the Majority of the material cut off so I could shape them, so it was kind of Interesting and doing four of these at the same time, usually I don’t do any production runs of anything, so I’m always just doing a one-off and it’s Just kind of a fun creative thing, but when you start doing the same thing and Even just four times over, you start seeing the little tricks and you just do.

Each one a little bit better and you can really progress with your skills on on Whatever you’re doing in a way, you can’t when you’re just doing one at a time, The other thing I really noticed was how much time it takes to move from tool to tool And step to step when you’re just doing one, I didn’t really think about it. That Much but you know you’re spending a lot of time getting stuff out putting stuff Away we’re in this one: it’s you get it out, you do it four times and then you Can move on to the next part? At this point, I still think that I’m getting These scales precisely finished before I glue them on the knife, so I’m going Through getting them to the final thickness, no matter how you do it, you Have to do this top part and get it finished before you glue it down on the Knife, I clamp the two pieces together that way they would be exactly the same.

Heading back to these pins, I’m just using a dremel to cut them off to size. Each pin had a knife’s worth so three pieces trim them down. You can Ready to stick in there using the same kind of five minute, epoxy that I was Using for the inside of the pins, this time, of course, is not colored, but going Through getting a little bit on the pins a little bit on the back of the scale, Then glue down since they’re shaped pretty closely I can do both sides at once, but it mixed up only enough epoxy for one of these at A time I definitely couldn’t have gotten through all of these in five minutes and The stress factor would have gone way up if I was trying to move that quickly.

So Figure is better to just give myself a little bit of extra time and just mix up Enough for one or two at a time, the final one with the Wenge insert It definitely would have tripped me up and made the epoxy set up too quick. It wasn’t fitting quite right: the holes had gotten a little bit misaligned when I was drilling him, so I end up having to hammer them on and there was a little bit Of a crescent on the bottom of one of the holes, I filled that in with epoxy Just because Lowell was a little bit too big on one side, so I could make it fit.

Through all the way with all of them, I made sure to get as much the epoxy off Beforehand as possible, before it cured here, I’m setting up to grind the pins Flush with the handle I like to let this stuff sit overnight, because you build up A lot of heat, even if you’re careful to switch around the five-minute epoxy, will Feel like it’s set, but it’s not quite fully cured. You can blow it out and make The pins start moving if you get too much heat in there so better to let it Sit for a while this is what I was trying to avoid when I made those scales The right size – and I just couldn’t get the fitment quite right, so I came back And I end up having to grind the back of the knife down a little bit to make him Exactly flush, I was coming up on my Christmas deadline.

This is actually a night or two before so I needed a finish that was going to work. And it was going to work on the first time whenever I need that I always go to a Wipe on poly the film thickness isn’t really thick But since these are going to be chefs, knives are going to be getting wet, getting Water on them, so I wanted something that had a physical barrier between the user. And the wood on the knife so yeah wipe this on.

I sanded between coats, just a Little bit with a high grit sandpaper, I did about three or four coats on there. And let them dry in order. We have the red heart. First, the Osage orange Which is a really cool, curly piece of wood, the black palm, which I thought Turned out really beautifully and then finally in the wenge, these are some Really satisfying ones to make the curly maple really popped, and you can really See the grain the pins turned out really well in the Past I’ve had issues with the parts on the inside being a little bit.

Off-Center But with how those fitted there, they just fit it in perfect doing these over I think I would have tried to put a piece of the pinstripe between the Hardwood cap and the maple body, it was just a little bit too finicky for me to Try to take on with them already split down the middle, but a little detail in The end and I really like how they turned out, I wanted to thank you guys, For taking the time out your day to read my article, I do really appreciate it.

If you liked it hit that like button, if you haven’t already I’d love to you, hit The subscribe button to get more and also it really helps if you share these If you know anybody that would like this article, hey everybody, I want to let you Know that I’m starting up a patreon campaign, if you guys, are feeling Generous I’d love it if you’d check down in the description, there’s a link down In there to my patreon page, where you can donate otherwise, I really appreciate Your continued support, just by reading the articles.

Thank you.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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How I started out as a Creative Director and an Entrepreneur || START UP STORY

Welcome to die. Gnashing wants to do. My name is on the creative diet of vanishing art, I’m enjoying sculpture, Felicity. I can go and go somewhere. I think, like mobiums copying copying and the life as a young entrepreneur motivated to study stuff low back pain whenever the school that was promised to when I do those two drawn to turn to what course, which also motivated me but going to.

The second issue was a game-changer for me by by letting learn the basics and also going to the Yabba Tech College of Technology during the nd. It was also deep game changes from by mineral and elemental things enjoying I started. A national heart was an encouragement from friends and family, which also gave me the energy to actually put some things together and actually gave me the motivation to to become a sculptor.

A well no scoped out with is my facility. You scream. This is why anything I don’t I don’t know what it’s called, because I’m not an actor, but I see you spend sooo to do some people from factory yet back in the days second high school, I sculpted so many different places popular places like a bus. My jaw to Nobu and the liars and different kind of traditional dancers and instrumentalist, one of the challenges which I faced is actually in this country.

It is difficult for people to actually actually appreciate art in other was in this country, thereby devaluing our efforts and what I’ll also the challenges, which also faces the past reply and a lot of phones as a young entrepreneur. I needed other phones to actually bring us produce at work. What I intend I achieve is to work with prominent edges, and I intend in doing the exhibition and having a vision at least twice a year and out actually having startup classes for interested faster than that, and also you know, working with prominent artists were to increase.

My experience and also to be selling my art work for my silver sculptor, I would say a llama de la moda has become a source of strength and motivation to me. He gives me this freedom to express myself to the fullest, and he also is a free man thing. He also wants you to know him and know how we can. Actually, you can actually lead to you to your walk. One of the visa like giannis, is so right. So right this you, you think it’s not it’s not your work, but when you actually open your mind and your eyes to this work, you still know in other activities inside the same world.

My advice, younger to pronounce is first of all have division because the vision that drives you through the mission but in sensitive mission that need to have the zeal and a passion to give you that the great resort that, if a lasting on tending resort, that would Make you to get your fine angle because, as for me, my dreams are contract.


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Learn Copyright in Two Minutes – the basics

Agreements are needed when these rights are used. Copyright arises upon creation of the work. First, ownership rests with the author or co-authors unless an exception concerning employment applies. An author is defined as a natural person. Related rights arise for performers and for producers of sound or film recordings. Performers are also defined as natural persons.

Producers, however, can be legal entities. Copyright consists of economic rights and moral rights. Reproduction right and the right of communication to the public are economic rights. The right of paternity and the right of integrity are moral rights. The author has to be named on all copies of the work and when a work is made available to the public, the right of integrity is the right of an author to prevent others from distorting mutilating or misrepresenting.

His work agreement is needed in order to use an author’s work. The right to further transfer copyright to third parties and the right to alter a work must be agreed explicitly. Otherwise, these rights are not transferred. There are exceptions to economic rights in the copyright legislation which allow illustration for scientific presentation and citation without permission or payment right of paternity and integrity also apply when economic rights do not so credit authors and sources and do not alter works.


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HOW TO SELL PRINTS OF YOUR ART (for beginners!!!)

Asking me how I sell my prints and, like I said I had to learn a lot about the process in order to start actually selling the prints.

Let me just preface this article by saying that this is not sponsored. I’M going to I’m just going to be talking openly about the different brands and the different websites that I like to use personally ones that have worked for me. I’M not being paid by them to say this so yeah. If you want to learn how to sell prints of your own artwork, please keep reading give this article a thumbs up. I make other articles about art and stuff, so if you want to check out those, you can check out those and without further ado here is how to sell your prints.

So one of the main reasons I was so confused about this process. I wasn’t sure how people got scans of their artwork. I make some pretty big pieces, so I was like, oh god, I could never fit those on a scanner. I don’t know how to do this help. How do I scan my work, but you don’t have to scan it? In fact, I don’t scan a lot of my work. I actually just take the camera, the one that I’m being filmed on right now and I take a high quality picture of the work and some really important tips to remember when taking the photo.

It’S to make sure you get good lighting, make sure to avoid reflections. So you have to really play around with lighting. I prefer natural lighting for photographing my work just because I find it illuminates the work and the colors a lot better, but you have to be really careful that you don’t get any sort of weird shadows or reflections. It just has to be a nice flat, frontal light that captures your work as best as you can.

The whole key here is to basically just take a photo of your work that matches its original state. The best you see you see this reflection, you don’t want this reflection, you don’t want any of this business. You just want a nice flat like even this lighting right now is perfect, you’re going to want to avoid direct sunlight like literally this right now. It’S just perfect and it illuminates the colors so so well be careful because some lenses tend to warp it and kind of make it look like a fisheye effect.

If you’re having this problem, you can actually just zoom in the lens a bit and take a step back from the work I find. If you zoom in the lens a little bit gives less of like a warped look, you really want to avoid any sort of deformation or distortion of the word. So yeah you have a nice high quality picture. You upload the pictures to your computer. You open up the raw file in Photoshop and actually I recently added prints of this painting to my shop.

So you can check that out if you want something that you really want to capture – and I personally really like to capture: is the brushstrokes there’s a really good amount of texture to this piece, and I really wanted to capture that with my photo of it, because It kind of just makes it look even more real, even more painterly, so much fun I’ll, usually open Photoshop on my computer and I’ll have the painting right next to it.

So I can refer to it back and forth because sometimes – and you know, we’ve all been there – you can get a little carried away with the edits on Photoshop and then your colors end up being something totally different than what you started with and to have the Painting right next to the open, Photoshop file as you’re editing is a really good reference point to have. Okay, now it comes to the actual print making there’s a lot of different places where you can get prints done.

If you even do a quick google search, you can find so many different print shops near you, you, you could go into a couple different ones and you don’t get get one print done on each one and you know see which one you think is the best Quality, my first ever prints I got made at Staples, which is just like a popular office supply store in Canada. I don’t know if you guys have it anywhere else, but the prints were pretty good, like I really like the paper quality and it was really convenient and close to my house.

But now one of my very bestest friends works at the print shop at my school. At my university, so those facilities are awesome and the printers are designed to print art like it they’re designed to print beautiful, color images. So I started using that print shop instead and that’s been great as well. These are some beautiful, beautiful prints and the quality is just everything like it’s. Like the exact same as the original piece, you can see every little brushstroke and it’s just such good quality, and I also have able to get larger prints made.

I really like this one. I drew this one with marker and you can literally see all the little a little marks. I made it’s the biggest prints that I’ve made so far, I’m hoping to make bigger ones. If people wan na place custom orders like if you want something a lot bigger. It’S going to be a bit pricier, but it’s going to be worth it because looking at quality now moving onto packaging, this was the only available size of my prints when I first started out – and it’s actually pretty easy to find something to shoot this in, you Can either just get a regular eight-and-a-half by 11 envelope and cut out a sleeve of cardboard to put in the longest time staples carry these amazing envelopes.

They were like made of cardstock and cardboard. They were like nearly impossible to bend and they fit these perfectly, and it was so easy so simple, but then they like discontinued them and I never could find them again so but then things got a little more complicated once I got these different sizes. These are 13 by 17, which is a weird dimension like there’s, not a lot of envelopes that, like you, know, fit these dimensions.

So I have learned to make my own envelopes out of cardboard. I don’t know if this is like sketchy and unprofessional, but it’s been working for me pretty well I’ll, basically take the old boxes from my work make them into envelopes. So I’m going to show you guys how I do that. It’S simple: you know it’s all from scratch. It’S like homemade envelope. I don’t know if that makes it cuter, but it does the job and then the last step is just mailing.

It out you go to your local post office and you just ship out the prints. It’S a good idea to get a price estimate on the shipping costs before you actually set the price on your website. These aren’t that expensive to ship out this size, but once you package something like this up, even though it’s not that much bigger it counts. As a parcel, instead of just a simple envelope, so the shipping costs do go up and that’s something I had to learn the hard way because you know I just kind of took the price of these knocked it up a few dollars.

But you know these ones. These ones were quite a bit for shipping, so make sure you get the price estimate before you actually set the price online just go to like the post office and ask them how much it would be to ship out this. Then you can change it on the website and all’s Gucci. Now let me talk about the website that I use. I know quite a bit of people who, like manually, sell their prints.

If that makes sense like they will post somewhere on social media, that they’re selling prints and people can DM them – and you know like set up like an arrangement to pick them up and whatnot they’ll do um their address and then you ship it out. I’Ve been using this website called Big Cartel. Ever since I started selling prints and it’s been such a blast website for me, it’s so easy and it does all the jobs that, like I don’t want to do, and it lets me do exactly what I want to do, which is to get my own prints Done so I can assess the quality myself.

It lets me ship them out. I personally always like putting in a little handwritten note into each of my packages just thanking the person for buying and that’s just like a personal flare and like just so. You guys know like I package up all these prints they’re, all wrapped with love. Yes, so I really like having the control, where I’m able to get my own prints done. So I know exactly the quality.

I want exactly how I want them done same with the packaging. There’S no miscommunications, there’s! No, I’m not left out of the loop like I’m the one doing the hands work. I really prefer it that way and then Big Cartel is great for for just getting the payments through and then each person who buys one puts their information so that it like their shipping address, just shows up it’s nice and easy for me.

I just write it on the envelope. You can get a free membership. You can get like a $ 10 a month, one. If you want some more products and some more features. You can also customize your website so much which I have been loving. I’Ve made my website all pretty. It looks real good. I’Ve really been liking, Big Cartel and you can like settle the prices yourself and you get a hundred percent of the payments like they don’t take a percentage of it, which I really like as well.

When setting the prices for your prints, you have to take into consideration three things: the cost of getting the print done itself, the cost of shipping it out, and then the value of the actual artwork that you made. You have to just kind of add those all up. You can be realistic with yourself price it at a point where you know you’ll be making profit rather than throwing all that money back into.

You know costs of materials of printing of shipping yeah, so Big Cartel is a great website. It’S been a great website for me. Super easy to set up super easy to get everything organized on there and all the payments processed through there and then that’s pretty much. It you can do a lot of fun things like you know, I like leaving the handwritten notes in the packages. You can also like get a custom stamp made for your envelopes.

That’S something fun to do. I something important that I like to put on me. Envelopes is do not bend because they’re delicate lovely prints yeah. I wish you guys the best of luck in setting this all up and making this happen for yourself. It’S a great way to earn a little extra side. Cash for making art, which is you know so rewarding and speaking of that I have to do a shameless self promo, I’m so sorry link is in the description for my site.

Where I sell my prints, like I said I hand, packaged each one with love and care. These are the two newest ones that I added to my site. We have all sorts of other ones in the works. We got this fun guy. This fun one got a lot of options, so yeah go check it out. If you guys liked any of the prints, it would mean so much to me if you’ve supported me in my work and yeah. I hope this was super helpful for you guys.

Let me know in the comments what you think and what you want me to talk about next. What do you need help with? What do you want insight on? Oh, my camera died. That’S cool thanks for reading bye,

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