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Saturday Knife Live-Slipjoint Edition Take 2

We will see how this goes later: woodland, there’s more stool, sweet stewardess here, almost buddy, almost how’s it going Grom, is here sweet how you doing buddy very cool Donnie’s here, excellent how’s. Everybody doing tonight I just got home. Well I, at home, a little while ago I had a banquet to go to this afternoon. I’m doing well, my friend I am doing well.

I hope you are too that’s good Marshall. So I get home. Wife wasn’t home yeah. I am too woman, I’m really hoping the Wi-Fi behaves itself tonight. I’d really like to do this, so it’s all right, Stuart, there’s always next time right but yeah. So this is take two of the Saturday Night Live slip-joint Edition. I know, but Marshall will probably recognize a couple on the table and I don’t think I have anybody in here.

Just yeah. Well yeah. I guess Stuart. That is a slip joint, so I have to know that one locks I can’t put that one in there. That’s got a locking blade, yeah bummer. I almost got one on there for you, Stuart yeah, yeah, great yeah girl. There is a lot of red on the table very true and I will be completely honest with you and uh-huh. A lot of the red ones were well not a lot, I guess maybe half-and-half forgiving to me.

No, I think I bought most of yeah yeah, there’s a lot of red yeah this one Mike traveler you take about that one. The case that’s a great little knife. I love that, but I will I will tell you guys that Wow, like I said my wife’s, not home right now when she does get home. I do have something I need to tell her, so I might have to step out real, quick. Well, I’ll give you a topic that y’all can talk about.

If that happens, the advances of Western civilization from 1945 to 1960 that’ll be your topic when I jump up, if I have to so what do you mean? You only recognized one knife on the whole table buddy, which one you recognize the eslint line is nice. Marshall is responsible for me, giving giving me a couple on the table he’s responsible for me buying one. That’s on the table. Oh yeah, hey Doug, how you doing buddy good to see you so? Oh the Bushmaster, okay, yeah yeah, the Bushmaster definitely got my my homemade patina job on there a little bit a little bit of mustard smeared on there.

I just wanted to see what it would do and I’ll kind of like the Tiger striping. I got there and they’re kind of reminds me of a perch belly too. So I kind of did the whole glob and then I did the streaks on it. I, like the streaks, much better, just kind of playing around, but it’s kind of fun. I just did my uh, it’s not on the table, but I just did my up and all number six. I wrapped that in a you know, paper towels, soaked in vinegar and put a patina on that, so that’s kind of fun.

Yeah I mean dude for a what you know you can, if you get them on the BOGO they’re, a five dollar knife, probably probably one of the better five dollar knives you’re going to buy the Bushmaster. So, let’s see, oh here’s one that Marshall is responsible for me buying and I am very glad he showed this to me. It’s the lion steel net, just a gorgeous gorgeous knife. I absolutely love that blade. I mean that’s pretty much the you know the nine forty Osborn style blade tanto.

They look very, very similar and well here. Let me let me grab it real, quick, it’s right here, the 940. The first time I saw one it became my Grail. I got one see there, I got the 940 and it was alone, and Marshall is like Oh check this knife out. Oh yeah yeah, I guess I’ll be buying one of those too I’m darn it right. There we go trying to get to focus. The blades are very similar, really trying not to cut myself here, but I’m trying to also make it focus there.

We go very similar blades. I just love that blade style, yeah, cutting garlic, sure, hey Jett. What’s that buddy yeah, that lions steal juniors here yeah that line steel is very sweet, so not Marshall! Marshall is responsible for that one and I think you buddy, because yeah I’m so glad about that doc. What’s happening: CRKT secant, Oh okay! I put too many letters in there right at first. I thought you see those it’s CRKT uh.

This is another knife that I really love. Yes, it’s red as well, but oh, the bull nose. Yes, indeed, number 71 bull nose from GE see. I have not picked up a bull Buster John, from Grateful panic, yeah he’s responsible for this one because he lent me a bull nose to review and, like oh yeah, hope we get one of those real soon and I did great great knife. I mean this one. This one’s pretty much perfect for my hand.

I know the bull Buster, the number 21 – that knife would probably be better for larger hands, so yeah great great knife. I love that one well Buster’s kind of big for the pocket. Yeah I mean I could see that. I might never viewed the bull Buster to our good buddy, a secret-agent BH. Let me his to review and I could see you know it did definitely have to be a pocket dropper. I mean it was okay, I didn’t mind it in the pocket, but I get where you’re coming from Marshall.

The bull nose is a much better pocket friendly knife for sure yeah, they’re, Caribbean blue case is really nice man, I’d really like the color on that. Oh, you got an imperial den här sweet, very cool. Oh you didn’t miss a whole lot. Did you see the hot that dear I’ll show that real, quick cuz we just got started, but there’s the hot net Marshall made me buy. First time you heard the buck for the pocket dropper.

This is a nice girl from the party you wish they would make a smaller bullnose. Really that’s interesting smaller than that huh. Hmm ad for baron. Do you ever review custom knives um? I have not a lot um. I really only have one custom yeah again III have a clover knife works. I think I did it in a. I think I read that one I’m alive. Didn’t I 46 to 56. Oh, an old one, Wow! Well, that could be Jer or not gr.

Huh Jeff! You! If you got a knife like that. Well then, hey good on your brother, hey blue collar, how you doing buddy, Ozark yo man, how you doing man glad to have you always glad to have you as he did you can make it that is truer. Smaller bono saw Buster jr. There we go. I mean I get, I mean it’s a little smaller, not a lot. I got this case. Sod-Buster jr., my good buddy Larry, gave me this one.

I mean no, I mean it’s a tad smaller this one. I mean no just this comparison, so I really do like the sod-buster pattern. I love that pattern in a in a slip, joint, hey just in time how you doing hmm, that’s awesome, Jer, very cool you just like basically, a GEC sod-buster, jr., gotcha, yeah right huh. You’ve been drinking again well join the club brother, I’m drinking on a little bit of a lesion men’s room original red.

That’s like my homage to Grateful panic, that’s what I’m drinking so the handling huh! Okay, very cool! Oh well! I mean there’s not that much of a difference between those two I mean. That’s really the only good comparison. I have I mean my my slip joint, I mean you’re. Looking at all my slip joint, so I mean Mike said my collection. Isn’t that extensive? So that’s just the that’s just a comparison I have to make Eric so yeah.

Reds are good blue-collar. Now, when you say red beer, I mean this is a red yeah, but when I think of when somebody uses the term red beer, I think of beer with tomato juice in it, you know some people do Clamato or something like that. I personally like Bloody Mary Mix, so no, you can never have too enough knives a little Orange Crush. I got something I saw that in the fridge Woodley I like some orange Krush everyone, so on no, no Marshall, it’s it does not have that.

Where is he? I don’t know I don’t know where he’s at yeah, hey Rick, how you doing buddy yeah yeah gross. What’s gross! No, I don’t well. I will drink red beer with tomato juice, but I prefer Bloody Mary makes something like you know, Coors Light or something like that. But like not a good beer, of course but and no head, so don’t be offended that I say Bud Light and Coors. I aren’t good beers, it’s just.

I can’t bring them. I can’t drink quarters later but like Street, so I just can’t do it? No! No! Oh, I don’t have a Camillus, but I don’t have my work knife either Stewart that’s down in my bag, doggone it my Maxim my maxim sailors knife. I don’t have that on the table doggone it. I forgot that one Browns are good. Hey another nice guy. How you doing buddy yeah yeah, we’re doing okay for now, Rick we’ll keep your fingers crossed cross her for years crushed toes! Oh, there goes.

Somebody said something, and now it’s starting to tweak out on me. Hopefully you guys are I’m getting a circle of death over here, so hopefully you guys aren’t yeah. I can’t drink, but like blue collar. I just can’t I drink two of them when I wake up with a headache: okay, good! Well, it’s not I’m not seeing the same thing I was seeing last week. So as long as this is usually what happens. My picture goes out, but I still have the chat feed.

So I’m, okay with that, I don’t need to see myself, hey Thomas, how you doing buddy good to see you all right. Well, we’ll just keep going and not worry about it! Didn’t y’all yell at me if it starts going funky, but this is a knife that I really I really was surprised back when we had our Secret Santas, Oh in the shark spa in in Jimmy slashes. I this as a Secret Santa gift for somebody. It’s the Reich m11 m11 B to be exact, and when I got it I I did open it to make sure the knife was okay and everything – and I was like duh gone – that’s a cool knife, so it wasn’t very long and yeah.

I got myself one, but it’s kind of a cool little knife I mean yeah, it’s got a glass breaker, it’s nothing, but it does have tweezers. I’ve got good sized tweezers on it and it does have a pocket clip. You can take the pocket clip off. If you want to, but oh no, I just it feels really good in hand. It’s got g10, but the chickens almost got like a micarta ish feel to it a little bit, and I really dig this little guy yeah.

I mean a pocket clip on a slip. Joint, I know that’s not really. You know it’s not really a thing, but I just really liked the way it felt it felt really good in the hand. So, oh, let’s see what are some other gifts here. Oh where’s, the this one, that’s a gift right. There cool little canoe, it’s the only canoe. I have in my collection a little rough rider’ canoe like they’re, green, oh man. I wish Tojo was here.

I got a green eye for him. Well, here’s another one! I just got. This was a gift. This one came from Jay this one came along with the blind Revere knife that I still have to do, but it’s a Roper knives sell beli, buy American Buffalo knife and tool so cool little sob le knife digging it. What am I missing in the chat? Something’s problem, the knife is green yeah. I know, but so awesome awesome knife.

This one is a fantastic. This gift. This is a gift for my family for Christmas. This is an absolutely gorgeous knife. It’s I remember correctly. It’s perlite. It’s not real pearl, it’s fake Peru, but that’s all right. It’s an absolutely gorgeous gorgeous knife. If I have a safe Queen, this is it. This is a very, very special knife that doesn’t come out very often very, very gorgeous knife yeah. It’s it’s! It’s just absolutely gorgeous and I’m getting fingerprints all over and mucking it all up, but it’s just that those slanted bolsters on it very very nice, just a gorgeous gorgeous knife overall yeah that one stays that one stays kind of tucked away.

Yeah I was, I was pretty well blown away when I got that one, just a beautiful, beautiful knife, Coraline, that’s what it is. It’s white pearl coral on handle, so beautiful one. Second guys! Sorry! I couldn’t tell if my wife was home yet or not. Let’s see what else we have oh here we go this one Zacks in the house. What’s up buddy this one comes from my good buddy jr., another gorgeous gorgeous knife.

Oh man, that orange camel bone just Oh 43 want orange camel wound wow. That thing is just sexy: I’m usually not a big fan of orange, but that’s just sexy to me. Man she’s a gorgeous gorgeous knife overall and then I’m blinding you. This got that polished, bleed sweet knifed. Such awesome awesome people in this community. Let’s see what else I bought this one, I love the. I love the shield on that one case: doctor’s knife, American flag shield, nice little slender knife cut the cutting blade, got the pill.

Crusher pill, Smasher right there. That’s definitely nothing wrong with the camera. On that one Stuart, that’s all red and there’s the marble. Sowbelly Marshall gave me that one as well believe you gim me this is when the oh, you gave me this one, but it was this. The canoe and blue all at the same time, wasn’t it if I remember correctly well, that is true. That’s the crusher you’re right, Stuart, that’s the crusher part, but this marble cell belly.

I mean it’s a lot like the Roper knives, so Billy! So hey guys. Do me a favor, I will be right back like I said your topic for discussion, the. What did I say it was something between 1945 and 1960s. Just talk about between 1945 and 1919 60 be right back guys. Okay, I’m back I’m back. They go Stuart. There’s my sailor’s knife, I ran and got it there. You go sorry guys. I mean to do that to you. Yeah forget about forty five to six in nineteen sixty, I’m back.

I had to run downstairs that I needed to give you something to talk about. So he’s like, but there you go Stuart. That’s my maximum sailor’s knife. I mean it’s just a cheap little knife. There’s nothing, there’s absolutely nothing special about this knife, but it gets a lot of work. I put it through a lot ground it up. Did I wash my hands now I wash my hands, but I do have one sailors knife Stuart, that’s it so.

I know I should probably feel bad. Let’s see what else that’s are pretty. I like this guy, this cigar whittler another Rough Rider um. Oh, I can’t remember the model on this one shoot the model was it seen on here. Oh man, yeah you’ll have to. I do apologize guys, but remembering model numbers. I really really terrible at I my mind just doesn’t work, but I do like that. I do like that shape. What’s the ring, what ring Donny? Are you talking to me or somebody else? I got ta catch up here.

We didn’t even get to my birthday man, I’m missing something. What ship did I serve? One is that is that question. For me, Thomas, oh, that you trying to let that well this you can use it for splicing. You can use it for splicing rope yeah! That’s what I use it for splicing rope! Oh well! You know what this knife actually didn’t serve on a ship. I actually got this one after I got out of the Navy yeah, but the ship’s I served on uh.

I served on the USS Philadelphia, the USS Augusta, the USS Pittsburgh, the USS Hyman G rickover, the USS Salt Lake City and the USS Nevada. Those are all the ships I served on, Thomas. Oh sorry, I had to get a drink after that. Well, that’s good! Oh! This was a gift from John over a grateful panic. This Rough Rider cotton sampler when he gave this to me. That was the first time I’d ever seen a cotton sampler blade believe it or not.

Well, thank you thomas. I greatly appreciate it. Your uncle was on Roosevelt. That’s cool cheeks pick a boat already hey that wasn’t me brother. That was the Navy. Sending me all over the place. I didn’t have a choice: yeah Jeff was a jet, was a marine la chaise and LHD. Sure yeah John give me that that buckshot bone I like the way that looks now the only the only issue with buckshot bone is you can get some uneven parts like right there on the pin.

You know where the pins go through just depends on one of those buck shots. Our butt feels good in hand. Good grip ability, oh yeah, when he sent that to me. That was the first time I’d ever seen the cotton sampler blade. So I thought that was really cool. I don’t believe so Rick. I don’t know anything about that. You and Chad yeah the monitor uh my mos uh. Well, it was submarine summer that sort of was our Killman.

I was a submarine sonar technician. No, I am NOT a red dragon, I’m a blue nose, the only one I am as a blue nose, I’m not a I’m, not a shell back, I’m not a golden dragon. I’m not! The only thing I got was blue nose and for result for those of you that don’t know being a blue nose just means I was across the Arctic Circle, so I have ringing in my ears a lot Stewart. I do yes, yes indeed, it was. You are correct.

That is correct. That was our gentlemen. Are you sho back yeah? That’s cool this starter to get into the traditional knives me personally, my opinion. Rick. If you want pretty good, I mean pretty decent quality and the not expensive price. Any Rough Rider is a really good choice: they’re inexpensive they’re they’re, pretty solid. You know I mean it’s, it’s really hard to beat a good good Rough Rider knife to get into the game.

If that’s you know, if you’re looking to start with traditional, I mean here again and I don’t know Marshall – I mean, throw your opinion out there, but I mean but Kay sells ease. You know, they’re ten bucks, but they’re. You know. If you get there buy one, get one they’re, five bucks apiece, not a bad start, but I mean for overall quality. You know overall quality at a really good price. I mean you can get some really really really nice Rough Rider knives for fifteen bucks.

I mean seriously, I mean I’ve got, let’s see all the Rough Riders. I mean this little canoe, it’s a rough rider. The cigar whittler is a rough rider. This large, lock blade sod-buster, is a Rough Rider. This is this is the r3 r4 304, but it’s a lock well that one can’t be in there it’s a long plate. What is that doing there? I got thrown out nevermind, but no seriously, it’s a good knife. Uh Barlow’s are good patterns for sure you know.

That’s I do like the Barlow pattern and I don’t have any. Let’s see alright. This is a rough rider if you want a hawk bill that big ol knife, good pruning knife hoc bills are what I mean yeah truthfully, the Rough Riders, probably the way to go. To be perfectly honest with you, my favorite sod-buster, oh dang, oh you’re, going to put me on the spot. Um trappers are good knives to start with. You know.

Two blades trappers are a good place to go good place to start my favourite sod-buster, though oh man I’m going to go with in my collection, cuz. That’s what I have to oh dude man, oh man, it is really hard because I I mean it seriously, and I mean these are two complete sides of the spectrum. This is budget. This is not budget put them again, the bull nose, God they mean they’re, not too bad. I mean it’s a GE, see they so for what is it right? Around 70 bucks? I don’t remember, but in this one this SOG Buster junior, hawk, really loved.

The looks of this knife – that’s a really hard question buddy. That is really I mean if I really really really had to pick. My favorite sod-buster would probably be the bull nose for everything all around use. Dirt sturdiness, but I mean that saw Buster jr. Yeah. That’s just a pretty knife. I love that just a pretty pretty knife wait. This is budget too. You can’t go wrong with that thing. I’m telling you budget wise all day long all day, long budget, wise why’d, you pull nose, make you cry.

Oh I’d love to check that out of those art. I don’t have any really good nice Thor’s around I mean we have Cabela’s and we have well the closest one we have is Sportsman’s Warehouse, Sportsman’s Warehouse yeah. They got some all right knives, but it’s yeah. You know the blade recon spy. Oh, that sucks, hey VH, is here sweet. Did you have blade play in your Bushmaster? I mean yeah. I guess there’s a little I do.

I do have a little in mine, not too bad. That’s, okay! Buddy! I’m glad you hear me H, glad you made it. Let’s see, BH has lent me some really cool slip-joint to check out. It was a matter of fact. It was like. I said it was his bow buster that I reviewed. Let’s see what, if I reviewed of yours, BH, whether you’re 44, with a 44 to 38, both yours from GE, see that I reviewed yeah, yeah yeah. Those are great knives that gunstock.

I love the gun stock, Oh and the badge the bullet badge statuses. That is an awesome, awesome knife, a terrific terrific knife. Oh let’s see here I know Guerra was talking about Imperials earlier here’s a little Imperial Ric if you’re still here I mean this – isn’t a this, isn’t a bad little guy again fairly budget-friendly. I don’t think it’s quite on par with the Rough Riders, but it’s not bad. I mean the fit and finish: is it isn’t too bad on it? I’m pretty yeah.

We got a little bit of got a little bit of skip there. So then again you know it is a budget knife. So it’s not going to be perfect but yeah. If you had to go, I Rough Riders the way to go [ Laughter ], so yours had a little bit of play in it all right Beach. What’s more important, quality er looks well, I mean the true I mean the real answer is obviously quality, but I mean I want a quality night, so it looks good.

You know. I mean there again, it’s wood, it’s nothing special, but for the price. Now you have to when I think when you say quality, I I there’s quality and then there’s value. Yes, you want a good knife, that’ll hold up, and I and to you know whatever you’re going to do with it, and I mean, if you take a look at woodlands, tactical wasn’t tacticals article of what he did to this knife, which is an upfront lean if — what he did to it and what it held up to that tells me it’s a quality knife.

I mean, I don’t know if you all will agree with me or disagree with me, but I mean if you buy this on a BOGO, it’s a five dollar knife and people are going to say well that five dollar knife is not a quality knife. Well, if I woodland tactical took this 5.9 beat the hell out of it and it held up. So you know what that’s a quality knife in my book, so you know there’s a lot of things too. There’s a lot of things when you, when you throw that out there, you know, because you know when you say quality knife people are automatically going to think you know GC or something like that, and they are.

They are quality knives for sure quality for value. I that is a that’s probably the best way to put it buddy quality for value and in in my book you know. Quality for value goes a long long way and I think it does for pretty much everybody. I think that’s pretty hard up yeah. I saw you post a picture of your 21 BH glad it made it to you. Okay, you have a nice little box of goodies. There. That’s awesome value equals best quality at lowest price yeah.

I mean exactly right, Marshall, that’s that’s the way to do it and I mean and trust me trust me. You know I say I got this knife at bud. Kay immediately, people are going to say it’s a piece of junk because I got it from bud Kay. Well, it’s not the case, that’s not the case at all. It’s not a piece of junk. Is it the absolutely best knife on the market? Absolutely not I’m not going to say that it is, but, as Marshall said, it’s an extreme value knife, exactly Marshall aka that could be zero.

Eight, eight zero. Eight five I mean that’s a ten dollar knife. You’re right, Thomas price does not guarantee quality and my example that I will give for that is SOG. I have such a love-hate relationship with SOG. They have a lot of knives that look great. I’m like man that knife looks awesome. I get it like man. This ain’t, so great, you know it’s, that’s Kuby is doing a lot better on their knives.

I will agree with that statement Rodney and if that’s the first time, I’ve seen you buddy sorry how you doing man, if I haven’t said hi to you already, I’m sorry. I haven’t, but coupie is doing some good things with knives yeah. Let’s see $ 10 Sheffield yeah yeah, crkt man. They are really baffling the the prices they charge for some of their knives and mean yeah. I don’t know, and that could be jet.

You know I’m just this, I’m speaking from my experience. You know, I see one I’m like my head, that looks cool and I get in like man’s kind of sucks. You know it looks just that. It’s that type of it’s oh yeah kumys, come a long way. Buck 112 yeah, nothing wrong. I love! I love buck. Dives private purchase on trades, huh, yeah, no love from CRKT. How would them yeah? You know. I’ve been hearing that a lot Marshall um hey Menace? How you doing buddy I’ve been hearing that about see Eric scare Katie tinkers are great little knives.

My buddy has one I don’t have one. My buddy has on it’s cool, um knife. Oh, let’s see somebody said song chiku this one there’s a Kiku. Anybody wants to buy a Kiku, I’m selling it I’ll, sell it to you cheap, it’s just too big for me that little does have a couple little discolorations on the handle, I’m not sure but yeah I mean it’s in great shape other than those two colorations discolorations On the handle but I’ll sell it to you cheap just too big for me, if you want to Kiku in a good price email me big, Randy DC at gmail.

Com, we’ll talk. Yes, I believe it did come on battle walks. Yet this one did yeah. It is a big knife, it’s I mean it’s okay, but it’s I don’t know it’s just not for me. No, it’s just um. It’s not me. Actually. This is probably one of the better so knives. I have honestly, but it’s just a little big hey. I love knives how you doing five bucks sold – hey Jerry, if you really want it. Email me or message me seriously.

550. Whole word it up anymore. Well, this is also a battle box knife. This Lordan field, that’s kind of the battle box brand. Now I’ve been wanting to review this knife and I really can’t find anything out about it. So that’s why it’s kind of out here we’ll call this the review. I mean I’m guessing it’s pretty, probably 440 stainless. I have no idea my karna handles, though I do like to my Carter, handles the little hawk bill.

I’ve got a little knife: oh yeah right bidding war for the Kiku, alright, so the rest of this time, you’re in a bidding war for the Kiku. Excuse me just place your bids in the comment section and when we’re over highest bid wins okay, there you go well yeah. I mean it’s a cool little knife, but I I can’t find anything out on it. So I’m guessing it’s 440 stainless micarta handles feels good. I like the way it feels cool little blade, not as dramatic Tenace dramatic is the hawk bills.

This thing that the blade difference in those two yeah daddy hawk bill and Junior Hawk bill. I guess on which one one which one junior oh the, except to eight Jim field – 825, oh yeah, what is the the fit and finish? Are you talking about on this one on the on the Lord of the field? It’s not bad the fit and finish on this Hawk bill. Isn’t bad at all. Really um! You got a little race spot there on the lock.

I don’t know how easy if you can see that it’s just got a slight race spot and it is a little sharp, but I mean in your normal day to day operation. Are you going to feel that? No, probably not no, not really at all I mean that’s a lock bag too. Why is that in there anyway? Yeah I mean the Fitness finish, something that’s not bad. It is a lock back, so I got ta throw it out of this section, but no it’s not bad, I’m better at all decent! Oh, oh blue-collar, just sweeten the deal 931 an old license plate what state? What states of light slices play from be blue-collar? That will definitely make a difference.

Yeah. It is kind of cool that lock back it’s all right. I mistakenly put it in there red Chris. Oh, he said red, Oh BCS. If it was a 1971, I I’d be down the 70 that was the year before. I was born yeah old, so Oh, Oh red, Ontario moped license plate yeah Bobby hurry, hum yeah ten, Oh sold ten dollars in a big ray Dec sticker sold, mm-hmm yeah Stuart was going in with that red moped license plate. Hey.

Do me a favor guys, hang on one second I’ll be right back one. Second, everybody that pretty much was one second. So no, no, no, not the bathroom, not the bathroom on a pre-op jackknife from her dad. That’s cool! Nothing goes wrong with 1970 bah. Nothing is wrong with 1970, but he said he had a 70 license plate if he had a 71 license plate mm-hmm. Now now, if you had a 72 license plate and it was connected to a 72 Chevelle, you win anyone – oh my god.

No, I do feel yeah, I’m with you Rick no 81. Oh, my goodness at least nobody here. Nobody, here’s going to say the 90s. I hope. Oh wait a minute. What about Woodland well done was born. You yeah, you’re, close. Aren’t you buddy. Do I collect license plates? No, not really Stewart. I really don’t. I do have a few from Nebraska old Nebraska license plate. I I do, but no, I really, I really don’t collect license plate 89 yeah.

That was the year I graduated high school, so yeah yeah. You just might be hey Craig, how you doing glad to have you man, 75 model, marshal streamline built for speed, yeah buddy, oh, that sucks James. Oh, Oh Donny’s, matching you with 89 89 s as far as we got as long as nobody says: 90. We’re good. Okay, come on now come on now come on. That’s funny! Oh yeah yeah! I always have to. I always have to subtract a year Stuart.

Let’s see 71 do the math yeah. I always have to do that hey! Well, then you got new Smarties. You got any smarty Andy, they say here a baby-boomer trick. He just ate some right on ha seriously. How many of those things do you have left it was? It was two two and a half come on bags. Wasn’t it it was five pounds total all right. Bcs go make a drink; he got a lot left right on. Isn’t that what it was, though, wasn’t it two two-and-a-half pound bags? It wasn’t two five-pound bags.

Was it for all of you, they don’t know. I did a giveaway and there was one of the brass works prize and the thing as Smarties came with it and when, when the drawing was done woodland – oh it was one five-pound bag. Okay, woodland was all bummed. He said the guy stole his stole his Smarties. So me being the while me being me, I went on Amazon and I borrowed a bottom, a five-pound bag of Smarties and sent it to him because I didn’t want his feelings to be hurt.

So the cat is beating the crap. Oh, your cat is getting the creek. Well let the poor cat in then. Is it your cat? There isn’t somebody else’s cat yeah I like Smarties to Donnie. But what does it’s been good he’s been good he’s been parceling him out. So that’s good. So, Oh blue collar mmm-hmm eisenhower, really Rick all right, uh-huh! No, don’t get JR started on the tequila. Oh yeah, do you started buddy, so I think as of right now, Thomas and Rick maybe have us yeah you by all means do a shot of tequila.

For me cuz, I can’t do it. Oh mmm-hmm nope, no tequila for this guy, so everybody’s drinking heavy. Well, not everybody we’re drinking we’re having a good time talking about knives. That’s awesome! I love it! No! No worm! Oh don’t do the worm. So, okay, Canadian, hmm yeah, it’s got ta, be Canadian whiskey, bourbon! That’s all right! Rodney you’re! Here now, yeah bah bah! You got a lot of the good beers over there.

Man, the haunts uh, the Mach you’re, probably drinking a mock right now. Aren’t you I, like Canadian Club, Thomas, a good Canadian Club, any Canadian risky real any Canadian corn mash that stuff’s that stuff’s harsh noon? I have drank some, but it’s harsh this one is that time: you’re talking about redneck, no! No, that is strictly for display purposes. Only no EDC in that one whatsoever. Oh, let’s see hey baby.

Oh, oh, oh Donny! You brought up old granddad, oh my goodness! Oh you had to Borg. Is that that’s right right Tuborg! Is that you pronounce it? Oh 7:00 a.M. Yeah, okay? Well, it’s a back pocket knife, yeah yeah, a back pack pocket nice. Maybe now I can’t do Danish. Okay can’t remember. I think I drank some of that when I was when I was in Norway. It really sounds familiar most the time when we were in Norway.

I drank mock, though, really like the mock beer Danny’s old inside. Oh no, you ain’t hurt! Oh my god, guys. Hmm man, you’re killing me demon Christmas. Oh no! I could never do Jager all right, so you guys want to hear a peppermint schnapps story. You want to hear the story why I can’t even come within sniffing different sniffing distance of a bottle of peppermint schnapps. So well, if you don’t want to hear it, I’m going to tell it to you anyway.

So a friend of mine – and I we were probably I don’t – know – 13 ish in that area. We were hanging out at our house and he my brother had a bottle of peppermint schnapps in the freezer. Well, he also kept his skull wintergreen in the freezer. So we grabbed a bottle of we grabbed the bottle. Peppermint schnapps and we grabbed a can of the skull wintergreen and we went up into the trees. Grew up out of the country went up in the trees behind my mom’s house and commenced to drinking peppermint, schnapps and dipping school wintergreen.

It did not go well, as you can imagine. I probably swallowed a little bit of both and then Oh horrible horrible horrible horrible. To this day I cannot even smell peppermint schnapps without just like. Oh yeah, yeah, that’s horrible Marshall. I agree it is horrible. I was uh, it was just a and it was funny here, a few years ago, my wife bath and Bodyworks, or something at Christmastime. You know she brought all the Christmas scented soaps and she put a peppermint soap in the bathroom and I was washing my hands.

You know – and I pushed the soap in my hand, and I got a woof to that. Peppermint snow soap immediately got queasy. I was immediately just like. I hope that is got to go so yeah, so yeah yeah was not a wise decision was not a wise decision. Marshall you know, but when you’re 13 you know everything right cool rough rough day, but anyway, as long as it’s not peppermint, I’m okay. As long as it’s not performing oh the whole block – oh my goodness yeah.

That seems like a wicked combination like though it and Copenhagen mmm-hmm yeah. That sounds like disaster man, oh man, good times. So how long have they been going? Oh man, a little over an hour, been doing this a little over an hour. Well guys, I think I’m going to go say howdy to the wife, real quick. She got home a little time ago, but first off how about let’s give away a swag pack. What do you think I’m not leaving yet not quite yet, let’s give away a big ready, DC swag pack.

What do you think you guys in alright? So, let’s see we’ll do a t-shirt. Oh, let’s see what else we got here. How about a couple of silicone wristbands and let’s see how about one sticker to Steiger how’s, that it looks like a pretty good slide pack? Does it all right, there’s the pack? What do I got ta do? How am I going to do this all right? There goes, I was waiting for Marshall to say, 157 um.

I know I can’t do that. What’s happening, I’m giving away a swag bag yeah. Where you been all right. Let me find something to write this on so y’all don’t know. So we all have an idea of how old I am. You have an idea how I am so there’s the winning answer. The winning answer is right. There it’s kind of in there so on the count of three actually right now nope, it’s not that low guess! What year my oldest son was born go the year.

My oldest son was born idiot, no 90, no 85, no, 93, no! 76, no! 86! No! 82. 82, any now I nope not yet 95. No, he says ever get the OL 1994 1994. Let me go back and verify that nobody got it before jet. Phil did great right on no looks like jet. Fuel was the first 1994 all right. Let’s take sure you are jet fuel, this blogs, favorite, color red. That’s this blogs, favorite color redraw, oh goodness, alright, alright Jeff feels every girl, don’t go anywhere.

Jeff you’ll sit redraw, don’t go anywhere! Hmm! Hmm! Let’s see! Okay, we’ll do this. What do this way? All right, are you ready the first person to say red hands all right here it is. I got another answer all right ready. The year my wife was born, go hang on, hang on, I wan na make sure I didn’t see it. No, no, not mm. Oh, no, there you go groan, Grom got it 69. Let me go back and let me go back and verify hold all your answers.

Hold all your answers. Hold all your answers. Yes, ROM! Yes seriously. It was the summer of 69 jet yep. So hey girl. Do me a favor: do me a favor shoot me your mailing address again just to make sure that I got it. I think I do but just shoot me an email, bigger, a TDC at gmail.Com and let me know your t-shirt size in the email, so yeah all right, buddy. So there you go guys thanks a lot hey. It worked tonight right on absolutely terrific, I’m so glad the Internet held out and it’s new, so yeah great thanks man glad you could join us.

Glen join the party, keep your eyes open, set it every Saturday, night, 10:00 p.M. Pacific Saturday Night Live Zak, you’re, terrible you’re, terrible Zak. Oh sorry, I didn’t show you the answer. There’s the answer it was 1969 see. I wrote it down. [ Laughter ]. You guys have an absolutely terrific Sunday enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I will see you all next Saturday. Those of you that have blogs I’ll be senior this week.

Probably talk reading your articles and all you guys. I greatly appreciate ya coming out and having some fun. So thanks, Stuart thanks for joining us. Take care guys have a great weekend I’ll see you next time. Bye, bye,

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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11-27-16: Fence – Knives -dogs – whale house – Beaver Bay spins

What you doing bill Jack use, a big ol jack. Unless you are a big old, daddy check, the Indian chef Eagle jack, he is he’s a big daddy jacket. Little breezy today, blowed like hell last night, when we got home, it’s still blowing, you can see, trees are moving around low tide, Tim and Tracy. They worked the gun show yesterday and today they said it had a pretty good day yesterday and they got there.

Ten o’clock this morning was it’s only like 10 15 right now. You ain’t played ball in three days. Have you for days mmm? They said slow this morning so far because you I didn’t remember, I was going to try and find that brochure or magazine on the whalebone house and ball head. I couldn’t find it, but I did find a hell of a article on that house. So some real estate agent did a couple years ago when they put it on the market.

So I’m going to put that article in here, so you can see it in detail inside outside down the street upside down. It’s got lots and lots of pictures of a really cool house. What’d, you bring me a ball yeah. I understand it. Yeah he’s a good stand by I’m having a busy surf church Sunday. That’s the last of the 22 boards that three more to go and then I got to install them, but then the fence will be finally finished.

This is a long project, but of course I haven’t been doing it. You know nowhere near full town just now and then, but they sure are nice boards that crap I got from Home Depot Lowe’s okie dokie, let’s get the gift, get the last three cutting over over the fence. Well, I got four boards up those four right there. My berry, when did he wouldn’t even drilling that last screw right there, but I got her charges up now.

I’m waiting worked on a bunch of knives by the battery charger. All right, let’s get these up, so we can take this junkie as fence down has been up for I don’t know how long we spit up two or three months stand by so somebody I these tunnels go to go to Mexico, dig tunnels for the Mexicans drug Cartel, finally, it’s up, I got a few screws to put it in the bottom boards other than that is finished.

He did all these knives while the battery was charging, and I started on remember that fellow from California sent me all in knives, like 30 some knives about a month ago, he’s going the hunting in Alaska in a couple weeks. So I started on his that moves. All this stuff outside I had some up here I took back, I forgot a guy at a Whole Foods brought me 20 28 knives. I think so I did his future. He once and I brought us up – was home.

I’ve already carried him in the house. This is another. This doesn’t belong to the guy in California, member, the guy, probably the old world war, two army knife. Well, I got her ready to go. I got to clean it up a little bit with a rag with all the all the stuff is off of it he’s a sharp. It’s got a name on it. Now I never heard of it. It looks like see. A TTA are Aug us, but it could be cattle, see ATT.

I got ta. Look it up. 25 225 q leave knife gurus, nothing on this side. It ok got ta, get all this stuff inside now tell tomorrow what the matter you jealous you, turkey, your serger, stray dog anyway, circus, train jack, that’s right! Sarkar! Straight indian shut up you so jealous wait! A jealous mango jack. The little baby’s got a place. Huh go baby, go okay; they go Jack. Sorry straight! I knew it.

That’s right in that fence. Good gracious, rancho max it’s about 3. 45. I think, but you look at that, the bird over there I like them, birds. I can’t catch him. What I like, I chase them any kind of bird big little they’ll. Make no difference to me. Explain the bushes over that out just had dinner with low tide Tim and he picked up a knife on me. I told you, I think I told you him and Tracy worked.

The gun show this weekend in hampton hampton gun show. As I was out of town, he picked up his new knife on me. Kershaw has come up with a couple new knives for late 2016. It’s called a a launch. 270 model 7200 launched two nice taketa. I think it lists for like 150 bucks look, we didn’t pay that phone with me and Tracy both got one. They come in different sizes. I got the I forgot. What I got you have to go online and see our customs always made nice.

Nice stand by yeah. Let me show you one more time. You push that little red button right now, large 7200, I like it, put in apps you’re up to okie dokie, see you tomorrow, beaver went for a base bin. I think this is Friday. He found a Mercury dime behind a jump ring. Well, that’s not working right. Come on glass, you piece a crappy room. I don’t want to move it. I want to open up the other picture.

You know good old standby minute. It was like it’s connected to that ring, but that’s not the way I understood it. It looks like it. Don’t ya well yeah, and then he went last night. You got this. He cause of a big ass lures of stretched 30 using my head, the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel night down just fish for stripers with at 25 or 30 bucks a piece. It’s not a tungsten ring. He said me that lure that’s the end of it thrives on over nope.

None of my gang that I know when. Oh that’s the nut from the mercury dime there’s a mercury dime right there, I’m ticket that night,

What are you eating? Check out the video below to find out about a healthy snack.


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Curly Maple Chef’s Knives: Xmas For The Brothers and Sisters

I work on. These are Destined to be gifts eventually, I wanted them to all be similar because they’re Going to be for family members, I wanted them to have the same look to them, but I Also wanted to have a little bit of differentiation between them.

So I’m going to make the majority of the handles out of this curly maple and then I’ll be adding exotic hardwood segments, I cut them all to length and then I am Putting a diagonal cut in there, so I can insert the hardwood. I marked them so They would all be in a similar spot, but it’s really not critical of these are Exact because it’s not a set, I just wanted them to look similar. The accent Pieces are going to be red heart wenge, black palm and Osage orange.

I took Those pieces over to the belt sander since I cut them on the table, saw they Weren’t completely flat on that one edge I was holding in my hands. There’s a Little bit of movement – and I wanted this joint to be very tight because you’ll be Able to see in the finish scale pretty easily if there’s any gaps since they’re Such thin pieces also just for the glue bond. I wanted that strength. There Making a laminate out of some veneers – and this is going to serve a couple of Different purposes, the first is purely aesthetic I like to have a little bit of Pinstripe between the species of wood, also, since these are going to be Multiple pieces, I wanted to have something tying them together on the Back between the handle and the top of the scale, the way I oriented the grains Of this, wood is going to give them some extra strength, so there are ninety Degrees to each other, then that glued onto the back of the maple and the other Woods and there’s going to give more stability, while I’m working with it and Then hopefully, when it’s ultimately on the knife, it will too I slipped that Plastic wrap in there so that the pieces of veneer don’t stick to each other.

When the glue bleeds through when they’re clamped, while those are drying, I Turned my attention over to the pins that are going to go through the scales, I’m Using brass tube and I’m making a mosaic pin for these they’re going to be 4 Knives, so I’m cutting four sections of this brass tube. The way I make them, I Have to make them relatively short, because the epoxy won’t squirt reliably All the way, through, even with this length, there was a few little gaps.

I had to fill in after the pins were done for this. I’m Using TIG welding wire with the size of the brass tubes, these happen to Fit perfectly in there with three: it was a tight fit, so they weren’t going to wiggle Off center, when I started gluing them up, and it’s also going to have a nice Contrast between the black epoxy, the yellowish brass and then that White steel, With everything cut to size, I could start mixing up the epoxy.

This Is a five minute epoxy and get it at any hardware store the pigment I always use. Is it’s cheap? It’s readily available. You get it off. Ebay, they’re little baggies! Of pearl powder, like you, would add, to automotive paint, I use a syringe and Take the needle off and then you basically get some of that on the little Pieces of TIG wire and then you can squirt it in through both ends and when It starts coming out the other end.

You know that you’ve kind of pushed all the Air out of the system, the other thing I’ve heard of people using for the dye Is just Rit dye powder? It’s like a fabric dye have a try to myself, but Anything the colors, the epoxy, should work coming back to the scales you can See that those veneers that I had I cut up into small pieces, this I’m putting in Between the parts in between the hardwoods and the curly maple, I use Contrasting woods for those sheets of veneer, so you’ll kind of get a two Pinstripe effect and then I put the lighter parts into the darker wood in The darker parts out next to the maple, so to really pop a little bit more.

I put The pieces of wood on both sides of the veneer that way I could get more even Pressure and really get clamped on there well, when those had dried for a little Bit it was time to glue them into the the maple. I did this in two steps: Whenever you start getting these angles in there, it makes gluing them up a Little bit tricky, you can’t put a whole lot of pressure on them. Otherwise, They’ll tend to slide off, so it’s kind of a balance between getting just enough So that they stick together and not enough, so the glue joints weak, you can Get them to just stick together with the pressure of the glue, but I noticed some Of the ones I did that on especially on the second part, I couldn’t Get them to not slide, there’s a couple that kind of delaminated a little bit That I had to glue back together when I cut him in half and I’m wondering if Those weren’t, the ones that I didn’t clamp the other kind of funny thing that Those angles did was to the eye.

It was hard to make sure that the two pieces of The maple are parallel if they didn’t slide off relative to each other and Since these weren’t a whole lot wider than what I needed them to be in the Final product, I did need them to be pretty spot-on on there. I started Clamping them together and then sticking them on that flat piece. Of wood that way, I just maintained that as much thickness As I could to we get us work, it was some relatively tight tolerances.

I had Some extra to play with, but not a whole lot for a lot of things. I’m a Harbor Freight fanboy, but I would not buy a cordless drill from them. The batteries do Not hold a charge overnight. What I’m trying to do here is the pins had a Little bit of epoxy on the outside, just for me handling them. I needed to Get them back down to round and back down to the size they were before so They fit into the holes in the knives, so I’m taking it and just Chucking it up in the drill and running some sandpaper over it.

At this point, the Final dimensions are starting to get dialed in on the knife scale, so I am Making a template on the knife blank and it was really important where those Holes fell in relation to that diagonal stripe if they weren’t centered on it or If they were off, I thought it would really look funny in the final knife. So I was taking a lot of care to position those exactly where I wanted them and Then I’m trimming off the top part of the blank there on the table saw before I put the veneer backing on these.

I wanted to make sure that they were Really straight after that last cut, so I’m going back on there. I marked over With some pencil and then I can set them on their flat and whenever all the Pencil marks are gone. I know that I’ve hit all the regions that they’re all Level, for that part, that’s going to hit up against the knife. This was one of Those design changes that made it a little bit harder, but I think it was Worth in the finished product, the hard wood caps I’m putting on here, I would Have done it while the two sides were together, But I didn’t really know until I saw it with just the maple all the way up.

The Night, if I didn’t didn’t really like it, so I came back and trimmed them and put The caps on so at this point I’ve gone back and I have ground them flat on the Back a final time, this veneer is actually the second time I had to do. That I had some adhesion problems with the first one, where I didn’t get quite Enough glue in the joints, so the pieces of veneer were separating anyway. It went Back, I got those corrected and I’m using this tape.

In-Between and again, it’s just The same reason I used that plastic wrap the first time was that way, these aren’t Going to stick together, the veneer is thin enough that if you put enough glue In the joint it will bleed through and just that enough, that bleed through is Going to make it really hard to get them unstuck, after that, it was just a matter. Of letting them dry it till the next step here, I’m making a final set of tape.

Templates since the scales are at this point basically finished other than Their final shaping I’m doing a little bit different. This time. I thought I Would save some time by getting these scales to the exact right size before I Glued them on the knives. I thought this was going to save me some time, because when You put them on the knife and then shape them. You never to get scuffs on the Spine of the knife that you have to polish out trying to avoid that.

I think I took one step forward and two steps back, because I ended up having to shape Them anyway, I just couldn’t give them lined up exactly properly when you shape Them on the knife: it takes away all of the wood right down to the steel, a Little bit the steel too, but it makes that fit really precise. At this point, it’s Time to attach them on to the knife and start making the holes for the pins to Go through I’m using just regular Brad point wood drill bit, but I’m making sure That it’s pressed up tightly against the backing plate because I’ve had a lot of Instances where I’m coming and the scales are basically completely done.

And then I bust, through them, with the drill Bit and blow out a bunch of grain on the back, so you really don’t want that to Happen so I’m taking all the precautions I can against it after I have the one Side done, I flip it over position it and then I’m putting the pins all the way. Through that way, they’re going to be in their final And this is another thing where, if I shaped them, when they’re already on the Knife I can just glue one side down and drill through and then glue the other Side down the pins go right in, I don’t have to mess with having them in there.

Anyway, so I put the pins through and then I’m marking around the edge Figuring out where I want the top of that to be, and I’m going to take it over To the belt sander to get those exactly where they need to be, since there was Quite a bit of that extra hardwood on the very top I didn’t use the belt Sander to get the tops, even I came and used a handsaw just to get the Majority of the material cut off so I could shape them, so it was kind of Interesting and doing four of these at the same time, usually I don’t do any production runs of anything, so I’m always just doing a one-off and it’s Just kind of a fun creative thing, but when you start doing the same thing and Even just four times over, you start seeing the little tricks and you just do.

Each one a little bit better and you can really progress with your skills on on Whatever you’re doing in a way, you can’t when you’re just doing one at a time, The other thing I really noticed was how much time it takes to move from tool to tool And step to step when you’re just doing one, I didn’t really think about it. That Much but you know you’re spending a lot of time getting stuff out putting stuff Away we’re in this one: it’s you get it out, you do it four times and then you Can move on to the next part? At this point, I still think that I’m getting These scales precisely finished before I glue them on the knife, so I’m going Through getting them to the final thickness, no matter how you do it, you Have to do this top part and get it finished before you glue it down on the Knife, I clamp the two pieces together that way they would be exactly the same.

Heading back to these pins, I’m just using a dremel to cut them off to size. Each pin had a knife’s worth so three pieces trim them down. You can Ready to stick in there using the same kind of five minute, epoxy that I was Using for the inside of the pins, this time, of course, is not colored, but going Through getting a little bit on the pins a little bit on the back of the scale, Then glue down since they’re shaped pretty closely I can do both sides at once, but it mixed up only enough epoxy for one of these at A time I definitely couldn’t have gotten through all of these in five minutes and The stress factor would have gone way up if I was trying to move that quickly.

So Figure is better to just give myself a little bit of extra time and just mix up Enough for one or two at a time, the final one with the Wenge insert It definitely would have tripped me up and made the epoxy set up too quick. It wasn’t fitting quite right: the holes had gotten a little bit misaligned when I was drilling him, so I end up having to hammer them on and there was a little bit Of a crescent on the bottom of one of the holes, I filled that in with epoxy Just because Lowell was a little bit too big on one side, so I could make it fit.

Through all the way with all of them, I made sure to get as much the epoxy off Beforehand as possible, before it cured here, I’m setting up to grind the pins Flush with the handle I like to let this stuff sit overnight, because you build up A lot of heat, even if you’re careful to switch around the five-minute epoxy, will Feel like it’s set, but it’s not quite fully cured. You can blow it out and make The pins start moving if you get too much heat in there so better to let it Sit for a while this is what I was trying to avoid when I made those scales The right size – and I just couldn’t get the fitment quite right, so I came back And I end up having to grind the back of the knife down a little bit to make him Exactly flush, I was coming up on my Christmas deadline.

This is actually a night or two before so I needed a finish that was going to work. And it was going to work on the first time whenever I need that I always go to a Wipe on poly the film thickness isn’t really thick But since these are going to be chefs, knives are going to be getting wet, getting Water on them, so I wanted something that had a physical barrier between the user. And the wood on the knife so yeah wipe this on.

I sanded between coats, just a Little bit with a high grit sandpaper, I did about three or four coats on there. And let them dry in order. We have the red heart. First, the Osage orange Which is a really cool, curly piece of wood, the black palm, which I thought Turned out really beautifully and then finally in the wenge, these are some Really satisfying ones to make the curly maple really popped, and you can really See the grain the pins turned out really well in the Past I’ve had issues with the parts on the inside being a little bit.

Off-Center But with how those fitted there, they just fit it in perfect doing these over I think I would have tried to put a piece of the pinstripe between the Hardwood cap and the maple body, it was just a little bit too finicky for me to Try to take on with them already split down the middle, but a little detail in The end and I really like how they turned out, I wanted to thank you guys, For taking the time out your day to read my article, I do really appreciate it.

If you liked it hit that like button, if you haven’t already I’d love to you, hit The subscribe button to get more and also it really helps if you share these If you know anybody that would like this article, hey everybody, I want to let you Know that I’m starting up a patreon campaign, if you guys, are feeling Generous I’d love it if you’d check down in the description, there’s a link down In there to my patreon page, where you can donate otherwise, I really appreciate Your continued support, just by reading the articles.

Thank you.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.