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JULY 12TH KNIFE GIG – First Slow Day at East Beach Fare

I can work him in if I get up there in 15 minutes, so we’re headed that way stand by well x-ray turn up. Nothing doctor says he’s got a severe sprain ankle. That’s what his problem is. While I was at the vet’s office, I got an email, somebody bought 30 pounds of lead. I had some little man, ten pound boxes, that wants 30 pounds. Some will ship and walk in one box. I had to get some medium boxes from the post office.

Okay, I got to go home. Put the truck in gear in the truck the boys are in on the bay plundering. I have to catch up with a standby just get into the knife. Geek sorry des moines see who’s here and who’s everybody nobody’s on my side. Yet and my amer vegetable guys here investable guys there check it. Lady cool stand by, I got my first real customer. I got a benchmade. This is a small automatically.

I don’t have the model know where I look at the model in a minute, see what it is and is no bitch made made a small automatic like this was pretty nice little night. I had a 29. This one had a nickel for the lady cheese later right there, but I just gave her one back, so she could use it, but I just do that for trade. You know, that’s why it’s not really a customer like it’s a little after nine. You can see the market is starting to roll along pretty good.

I got a guy said he’s going to bring me some nickels to sharpen. I don’t know if he meant back to this morning or next week, but anyway, we’ll have to see how it goes stand by it’s a 25 50 benchmade c sharp. Now great guys did this, but you really simple homework. Kalamazoo will see this bring it back next hour due to some fella, just a favor chisel people are really funny about chisels. They, like I’m sharp to stand by you can see.

The market is cooking. Good now is 111, the best of it macaroon lady. I’m waiting for my homework people to come pick this stuff up. So, oh, I haven’t seen anybody. These will belong to one guy, that little force acts belongs to another guy and it just got a bag full homework. Let’s see what’s in here a little set of loafers, I call reading Disney movies these loops and I too bad shape. So you see come on sorry how you doing today sure what we’d open it up boys got two blades, oh my thought we were like this is, but is Leslie delicious the advice cutting the letter says it’ll make a wonderful thank you best of it.

Itza ice cream yeah, that’s fine yeah trying to keep her in the shade yeah summer times a little bit rough for them. We have to be careful, she’s yeah, a lot of bread. Earlier you breathe your breath going away faster. If you like this song. I know you had piles of it when you gave it is: Oh you

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11-27-16: Fence – Knives -dogs – whale house – Beaver Bay spins

What you doing bill Jack use, a big ol jack. Unless you are a big old, daddy check, the Indian chef Eagle jack, he is he’s a big daddy jacket. Little breezy today, blowed like hell last night, when we got home, it’s still blowing, you can see, trees are moving around low tide, Tim and Tracy. They worked the gun show yesterday and today they said it had a pretty good day yesterday and they got there.

Ten o’clock this morning was it’s only like 10 15 right now. You ain’t played ball in three days. Have you for days mmm? They said slow this morning so far because you I didn’t remember, I was going to try and find that brochure or magazine on the whalebone house and ball head. I couldn’t find it, but I did find a hell of a article on that house. So some real estate agent did a couple years ago when they put it on the market.

So I’m going to put that article in here, so you can see it in detail inside outside down the street upside down. It’s got lots and lots of pictures of a really cool house. What’d, you bring me a ball yeah. I understand it. Yeah he’s a good stand by I’m having a busy surf church Sunday. That’s the last of the 22 boards that three more to go and then I got to install them, but then the fence will be finally finished.

This is a long project, but of course I haven’t been doing it. You know nowhere near full town just now and then, but they sure are nice boards that crap I got from Home Depot Lowe’s okie dokie, let’s get the gift, get the last three cutting over over the fence. Well, I got four boards up those four right there. My berry, when did he wouldn’t even drilling that last screw right there, but I got her charges up now.

I’m waiting worked on a bunch of knives by the battery charger. All right, let’s get these up, so we can take this junkie as fence down has been up for I don’t know how long we spit up two or three months stand by so somebody I these tunnels go to go to Mexico, dig tunnels for the Mexicans drug Cartel, finally, it’s up, I got a few screws to put it in the bottom boards other than that is finished.

He did all these knives while the battery was charging, and I started on remember that fellow from California sent me all in knives, like 30 some knives about a month ago, he’s going the hunting in Alaska in a couple weeks. So I started on his that moves. All this stuff outside I had some up here I took back, I forgot a guy at a Whole Foods brought me 20 28 knives. I think so I did his future. He once and I brought us up – was home.

I’ve already carried him in the house. This is another. This doesn’t belong to the guy in California, member, the guy, probably the old world war, two army knife. Well, I got her ready to go. I got to clean it up a little bit with a rag with all the all the stuff is off of it he’s a sharp. It’s got a name on it. Now I never heard of it. It looks like see. A TTA are Aug us, but it could be cattle, see ATT.

I got ta. Look it up. 25 225 q leave knife gurus, nothing on this side. It ok got ta, get all this stuff inside now tell tomorrow what the matter you jealous you, turkey, your serger, stray dog anyway, circus, train jack, that’s right! Sarkar! Straight indian shut up you so jealous wait! A jealous mango jack. The little baby’s got a place. Huh go baby, go okay; they go Jack. Sorry straight! I knew it.

That’s right in that fence. Good gracious, rancho max it’s about 3. 45. I think, but you look at that, the bird over there I like them, birds. I can’t catch him. What I like, I chase them any kind of bird big little they’ll. Make no difference to me. Explain the bushes over that out just had dinner with low tide Tim and he picked up a knife on me. I told you, I think I told you him and Tracy worked.

The gun show this weekend in hampton hampton gun show. As I was out of town, he picked up his new knife on me. Kershaw has come up with a couple new knives for late 2016. It’s called a a launch. 270 model 7200 launched two nice taketa. I think it lists for like 150 bucks look, we didn’t pay that phone with me and Tracy both got one. They come in different sizes. I got the I forgot. What I got you have to go online and see our customs always made nice.

Nice stand by yeah. Let me show you one more time. You push that little red button right now, large 7200, I like it, put in apps you’re up to okie dokie, see you tomorrow, beaver went for a base bin. I think this is Friday. He found a Mercury dime behind a jump ring. Well, that’s not working right. Come on glass, you piece a crappy room. I don’t want to move it. I want to open up the other picture.

You know good old standby minute. It was like it’s connected to that ring, but that’s not the way I understood it. It looks like it. Don’t ya well yeah, and then he went last night. You got this. He cause of a big ass lures of stretched 30 using my head, the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel night down just fish for stripers with at 25 or 30 bucks a piece. It’s not a tungsten ring. He said me that lure that’s the end of it thrives on over nope.

None of my gang that I know when. Oh that’s the nut from the mercury dime there’s a mercury dime right there, I’m ticket that night,

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JUNE 19TH – More Knives today and

I showed you the advice I got yesterday afternoon. I just got a call from remember a guy. I picked up a sample my from 20 into that orange handled qg. Whatever the hell you caught, he just called me. He got a gang and I, as a pickup and the lady called me up. I got ta pick up a bunch of yard yard stuff, and maybe now I can’t remember from her house this woman she’s going out of town with a weekend, so it sounds like Friday’s going to be a big night dig.

What do you call it? A ripper of a nice day we’ll see how it goes stand by we’re outbound. Well, I got one set. They wrapped up in this bubble, wrap as two big saboteur slicers six are either eight old sheffield pearl handle steak, knives 5050 serrated on the front blade it on the back. He said his had him 40 years, all of them, okay, we’re headed for the second pick up. Well, that’s not actually true we’re headed to the post office first to drop those uh.

What were they cut? Cuz? Some three cut goes I bought at the flea market. I mean theythey call it thrift store. I got to send them to Illinois they’re going to illinois. Ok back to you in a minute. You see a big fat towel wrapped up. You know it’s got a lot of knives in it. Oh god, you’re going to believe it stand by his tremors great big lopers, two pair of pruners, all right. Let’s take him as we got them bubble wrap nice.

Two nights type of Tears: 6066 steak, knives, stainless steel, sheffield, england; no, yes, Stanley, sheffield england. He said he’s had them a long time four years – maybe that’s six of those and then the next guy in the big blanket got a carbon big carbon chef’s knife. It’s the Sabbath here as well. This one is a lasting cut, mmm, the International henkle spain. This one, I presume, is another international heckle don’t have to be, but I think it is though it’s war down bad same as this one.

Then we have another international china, no nothing readable on this one, the different creature, so we got 37. 1. 2. 3. 4. 7 from him and ate from him – and you know tonight – I think we got my last night and all that yard stuff right there. So we will be busy in rancho max today, it’s hot outside and we’ll have to put a conditioner in my garage stand by well, I forgot about the ones in the bag.

You saw him yesterday about a garage, but there are three four five, six, seven, eight nine in the back. There are seven heckles, no 6 henckels. This is a little Chinese para. This is a victor knocks. I want to call it a fillet knife. The two of these ones and a little better shape than the other one forward blade with goes. Ok, that’s the end of the line. Now we have to go to work ain’t going to believe it just ain’t going to believe it.

I got a call just a minute ago from a guy want me to me about five minutes from where I live. He said max, I need your help. I got some knives. I need you to work on in your bag. Right here stand by first, I got to give me the story. I got the bag empty day before yesterday. He had a stopped train in this kitchen. He went to lowes and bought some drain cleaner. He didn’t tell me what kind of was it came in a tube.

He said, so he put it in his sink to unlock the sink, and apparently it didn’t unclog the sink, but what it did do and what he explained and try to describe. Is it it kind of backed up from from once he got into the sink it backed up and exploded, so to speak with caustic fumes into his kitchen and above his sink, was a big metal metallic rock. They kept all his knives on and his silverware was in his dishwasher and he backed them into the dishwasher, and I don’t know I had to explain it to you other than to show you.

The knives were hanging on a magnet. They got some cow caustic coating over look at him. He says the whole house, anything that was exposed. Members like that goodness knife here, stainless steel, the spoons were in the dishwasher in the silver tray, so those were on a rack on the magnet. I should say: that’s awful, I don’t know my buffer will buff that out or not. I don’t know what what that has done to him.

Look at that. One ya know like that: we’ll have to see a new adventure, a new path, we’re going down stand by. Oh, I got all this stuff done. I will show T, that’s all cleaned up sharpen, as is that one and that one in that one he’s biggle hitch drummers. I got ta, take him back to the lady, but I’ll all right stand by lets. You know how this goes you well. I dropped off all the nice, the last guy and fifty dollars worth of knives.

He paid me in two dollar bills: brand spanking, new, all consecutive numbers. He said if using their Navy you’d understand. I said: okay, 40-24, two dolla bills and one he folded up in a t-shirt. Suppose it look like a t-shirt. I think the grandkids will get somebody’s 40-24 two-dollar bills actually 25. I forgot about to fold it up one. You never know ya. Later.

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