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JULY 12TH KNIFE GIG – First Slow Day at East Beach Fare

I can work him in if I get up there in 15 minutes, so we’re headed that way stand by well x-ray turn up. Nothing doctor says he’s got a severe sprain ankle. That’s what his problem is. While I was at the vet’s office, I got an email, somebody bought 30 pounds of lead. I had some little man, ten pound boxes, that wants 30 pounds. Some will ship and walk in one box. I had to get some medium boxes from the post office.

Okay, I got to go home. Put the truck in gear in the truck the boys are in on the bay plundering. I have to catch up with a standby just get into the knife. Geek sorry des moines see who’s here and who’s everybody nobody’s on my side. Yet and my amer vegetable guys here investable guys there check it. Lady cool stand by, I got my first real customer. I got a benchmade. This is a small automatically.

I don’t have the model know where I look at the model in a minute, see what it is and is no bitch made made a small automatic like this was pretty nice little night. I had a 29. This one had a nickel for the lady cheese later right there, but I just gave her one back, so she could use it, but I just do that for trade. You know, that’s why it’s not really a customer like it’s a little after nine. You can see the market is starting to roll along pretty good.

I got a guy said he’s going to bring me some nickels to sharpen. I don’t know if he meant back to this morning or next week, but anyway, we’ll have to see how it goes stand by it’s a 25 50 benchmade c sharp. Now great guys did this, but you really simple homework. Kalamazoo will see this bring it back next hour due to some fella, just a favor chisel people are really funny about chisels. They, like I’m sharp to stand by you can see.

The market is cooking. Good now is 111, the best of it macaroon lady. I’m waiting for my homework people to come pick this stuff up. So, oh, I haven’t seen anybody. These will belong to one guy, that little force acts belongs to another guy and it just got a bag full homework. Let’s see what’s in here a little set of loafers, I call reading Disney movies these loops and I too bad shape. So you see come on sorry how you doing today sure what we’d open it up boys got two blades, oh my thought we were like this is, but is Leslie delicious the advice cutting the letter says it’ll make a wonderful thank you best of it.

Itza ice cream yeah, that’s fine yeah trying to keep her in the shade yeah summer times a little bit rough for them. We have to be careful, she’s yeah, a lot of bread. Earlier you breathe your breath going away faster. If you like this song. I know you had piles of it when you gave it is: Oh you

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