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I Don’t Want to school!

I am totally geeking out on this. Where have you learned to talk like that [ Captions by Judy V. At Y Translator? ]? I want to go to school this You want to go to school like this Nice. I, like your style, You’re, fresh and clean Okay. Let’s take a look at your bedroom, Not fresh and clean. Your bed needs to be made. I can’t Why We’re going to be late for school.

I think you have time to make your bed It’s beautiful. Are you ready to go to school? Okay! Thank you, Where’s, your backpack Right here, Okay, We’re late for school Eve. Oh, we have to go Yeah we’re late. It started five minutes ago. We have to go Ready. Alright, let’s go Good morning passengers. I wanted to show you how cute This jacket is: Isn’t this cute? I got it to go to Thailand because I thought it was going to rain And then it never ended up raining, But I am definitely putting it to good use.

I think it’s so pretty. I just I’m absolutely in love with it. Okay, So do you how many times I had to start that? Usually I just pick up the camera, I’m like hey guys. How are you Um? I sat here for like doing like five takes. I just I’m not –, I’m feeling sluggish. Everyone is feeling sluggish. Our snake won’t eat, Um kids are calling I’ve got to go, get Julie, She’s like Mom, I’m sick. I’m like, I believe her, because she coughed all night long.

I think maybe I’m just ready for summer, I’m ready to get out with my family And go like to the park or have a picnic or and and I’m just cold And and I’m — Yeah Anyway, I’m just I’m just telling you Because you’re, my friend And friends, tell each other when they’re feeling sluggish right Anyway. Are you feeling sluggish today? Oh my gosh? Oh my gosh, I’m here picking up Julie, ‘Cause she’s sick and I’m realizing it’s.

This is same time I supposed to pick up Eve from preschool. I don’t even have a phone to call and tell her or text her why I’m late, But I’m like 30 minutes late from Picking Eve from preschool, Oh it’s a bad day. Come here Sit down here a second I wan na talk before we go Sit right here. You missed a day last week from testing, Because you said you were sick. I’ve finished my testing. All of it’s done.

Yes, And did you do a good job And you didn’t rush through it? Okay, But do you have a sore throat and a cough Okay? I just want to make sure that I’m that you’re, okay and you’re, not just having problems at school, that you’re not telling me about Okay, we got ta, go get Eve. I kind of dropped the ball with her today, Let’s go, I am so sorry. Were you waiting and waiting Yeah and I was getting tired, And hungry and thirsty, Tired, hungry and thirsty: Should we go home and eat Yes And drink Yes And sleep? Yes, You want to take a nap.

Yes, Let’s go home and take a nap. Okay, Okay, go get your — And eat, But we’ll eat first. Okay. So we were doing this swim thingy And the first time I went on and then went higher than me and I started to swim, But the next time I was just calm. What’s the ages of that strawberry, That’s crazy Cause when you put strawberries in this kind of cake, it tastes like strawberry. I want some more cake Finish.

Your food. Are you, okay with that knife? Do you want me to cut it, for you? No got it? No! You don’t cut it up in the air like that. You put it on the cutting board Here. Let’s move this to Your sleeves, not in the…, Nothing calms a heart better than Strawberry pound cake with whipping cream And a good old fashioned nap. You guys, I am totally geeking out on this. It’s bringing the biggest smile to my face and now I feel like, If anything could make my day brighter its strawberries.

Do you know what this is? Let me show you how it works. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited It is not sponsored, but I am stinking Dang excited to share this with you, You ready to see this transformation. Okay, This is Eve’s drawer right now and she does um well a good Job for the most part, These are folded, But then, like the folded ones get you know. I mean this just happens right But read what happens when I close The drawer and the magic happens Isn’t that a beautiful sight, Leggings and under shorts Pants Dresses, Shirts, Pajamas, Okay, here’s Julie’s drawer and I may have just gone overboard and labeled.

This is my wonderful creation, She’s beautiful. Do you want to see how my apple trees have fared, since I butchered them, Two branches are growing, That’s it. I think I killed it. Yeah these. These survived. Okay, There’s some growth on there, but I definitely killed that one. So I have no idea what these are. Did you just make up these words? No, That’s ABC’s! That’s this says I love dinosaurs. This is dinosaurs.

These eat meat, These eat meat And these eat grass, And that’s my name That says long neck leaves And you do your pictures And I did not help you at all with it, except to help you find That black marker huh That took for a while, I hope this baby is Good to go for tomorrow, This baby Yeah. Where have you learn to talk like that? Maybe Chad or somebody I don’t know Someone like really cool Yeah Yeah.

Well, I think this baby is ready to go tomorrow Right when I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to eat, get ready for school And when it’s time to go to school – and it is raining I’ll – bring my [ inaudible, ] And probably a jacket, I want you to go, take a bath Eat and then take a bath. Okay,

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The Different Roles of Production

The scriptwriter is while in charge of writing the scripts. This includes things like writing down the town’s lines, the directions and the camera angles. You want to use the director is a person in charge for directing their crew. Their job is to visualize how the article plays out and then guide the actors and crews to fulfill that vision.

The producer is usually the person who oversees the production of the article. The producer is usually on a higher level than the director lighting. Their job is to set up the lights correctly and make sure the talent is well lit, as well as the background. The articlegraphers are in charge of setting up the camera in the right angle. Focusing the shot and making sure it looks good talent is what you called a person who is starring in the article like me, right now we’re in charge of presenting our lines to you, the viewers, the person in charge of audio, is responsible for monitoring the sound Levels of the talent by making sure there’s a go too low or too high.

Let’s go copies in right now. The editor is a person who’s in charge of compiling all the footage and putting it together into one article. So those are just some of the roles in filmmaking, as well as what they do, but remember each role isn’t limited to just one person you can assign the same role at the same time to multiple people or just one person. If you prefer, we hope you enjoyed this article and we’ll see you next time.

Videos are truly an awesome way to get the point across. Any type of content from your business is important!