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A little Small Business summary

Small business is a term that is used daily. Due to the fact that in the previous years the rise of little company has been bigger than in any other decade prior, that is. This is mostly due to the increasing variety of services that are available to small company owners, to enable them to keep their business running.

What is defines a small business?

There truly aren’t any standards for when the term small company is used, however it is just specified as an organization that has a small number of employees. How a couple of workers is arguable, and the definition of when a company changes from a small business to a larger corporation differs both by nation and market. This number is normally less than 100 staff members.

Typical in might countries, small services, are most often associated to: web developer accountants, dining establishments, visitor homes, professional photographers, small shops, hair stylists, tradesmen, solicitors, lawyers, small manufacturing, etc. Small companies in often cases are located in private homes, for two main factors.

Running a small company is an amazing venture, and a terrific method to introduce yourself to the business world, and to acquire service sense. If you have an interest in beginning your own small business, I would suggest having a talk with a regional attorney or accountant, who will have the ability to answer questions that specify your area. Best of luck with your brand-new venture!

Small business is the backbone of America! See what a really small business did to enter into the Nascar Mini Stock Racing with only 8 thousand dollars.

Small business in America
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Email Marketing – :59 Second Friday with Josh Miles – Marketing and Design Tips in Under a Minute

Okay, kids. I’ve got something to admit: * GASP, *, I’m kind of a giant nerd. My favorite piece of email marketing advice comes from Spider-Man * With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. * Number 1. Write emails that you would want to read Friendly neighborhood emails are always more Engaging Number 2 Remember, over 50 % of marketing emails are opened on the phone, So use big type short paragraphs and buttons Number 3 Pay attention to subject lines and preview text, so even if it gets cut off it still, Makes sense When it comes to email marketing, don’t be A web-slinger Email may be the most powerful tactic in your Marketing toolbelt so use it with great responsibility: * Woo-hoo, *, Remember.

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Fundamentals of Marketing Basics (Part 2)

Some of the top global brands are coca-cola sony, mercedes-benz, Disney, Nestle, Toyota, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Pepsi Cola, Sergey, Oh Simon, is the former chief marketing officer for the coca-cola company and he says the whole reason for creating a brand is to get consumers to identify a number of Desirable qualities and traits with your specific product, and what he’s saying is a branders goal – is to create a relationship with your customer, so their life feels more complete because you’re in it – and I love this quote from a Chicago mutual fund manager – he says harley-davidson is Maybe the best brand name in the United States now coca-cola is a pretty good brand name, but people don’t tattoo it on their bodies, how many brands get permanently etched on people’s skin? Well, here’s a good example of how brand value can be measured.

It’s the premium! People are willing to pay to be associated with a specific brands products, for example a Mickey Mouse ball will cost you three dollars and 95 cents, whereas a jack-in-the-box ball will only cost you 99 cents and they’re often thrown in free as special promotions. But we pay more for the Mickey Mouse ball, not because it costs more to make or has a higher intrinsic value, but because we are willing to pay extra to be associated with a brand.

We love more than another and just one final term to consider now. I have a background in television news and we always talked about audience share back when there were just three big contenders among the national networks, ABC CBS and NBC, and how the pie was divided between those three was considered our market share and the concept applies to Other competitors within a given product or service category and simply answers the question: how big is your piece of the pie? So here’s a quick summary of some key marketing concepts.

There’s the marketing mix, including the facets of price product place and promotion, and the four C’s of consumer side marketing, which are cost customer value convenience. A communication important to consider, as you find your way in the 21st century marketplace and positioning and targeting answering the fundamental questions of what you have to offer and just who you’re offering it to and value proposition or the benefits of what you have to offer and Product dimensions or the different aspects of your product or service and the demographic segments you may specify in your market campaign, especially the three key segments of age, gender and income and brand value, or how affectionate people might feel towards your product or your service and market Share or simply how big is your piece of the pie and there you go.

It’s hardly a comprehensive list or analysis of the terms and concepts, but it’s a good launching point as you move ahead in your studies of marketing.

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5 tips for digital marketing success in 2019.

Today, every business can Use influencer marketing, it doesn’t matter what you sell and what you offer Everyone can be an influencer today we all publish something on social media. You don’t need to be a celebrity to become an influencer and today brands Prefer to work with smaller niche influencers, rather than with people who Have million followers this way they make sure that they target authentic Audience who is really interested in their product and services, the tip Number two: is: you need to win attention of your audience with live? Article today, human attention is a very valuable resource.

There is so much Information around us that it’s so difficult to stand out, so you need to Start incorporating live articles into your marketing campaigns, but you need to Understand that if you have nothing special to show better, don’t do a live! Article, the article should be at least 10 minutes long. You need to engage with Your comments that people ask with consumers reply to their questions and You need to pay attention to live audience and the replay audience and Advertise article to both of them start using purpose-driven marketing, don’t Create content that just sells, you need to talk about some greater purpose.

So choose your position show who you are use; emotions to build relationship; With your audience, start movement of your community and continue building it There are some special techniques that big brands like Apple and Google use, so If you want to go bigger, you need to start using them as well. The first one Is go horizontal when you acquire a paid customer offer them a variety of Products and services then retain your customers by using a subscription model.

Create interesting campaigns and leverage your ceo or founder as a brand and Optimize your marketing strategy for four big tech companies – Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook and the tip number five: if you don’t have sufficient funds, For content creation, don’t worry because today you can create great content on a Budget, first of all, you need to know your customers’ needs and goals. One of The best strategies to create content on a budget is to run a user-generated Campaign because you will get free, authentic and really engaging content.

Today, you can shoot great articles and photos just using your mobile phone, so I Advise you to identify trends via influencers on buzzsumo platform and Create relevant content so guys these are five digital marketing tips on how Your brand can succeed in 2019. If you have any questions, please let me know or If you want me to cover something special in my next articles, write down in The comments below – and I will see you in the next article bye, bye,


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Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 – Time To Get Social

Your business you’ve probably sat down your building your marketing strategy of all these new ideas. I want to make sure that you understand the top trends of 2020 that you need to look out for as a business in terms of social media. Marketing and a lot of these are things that we’re looking at for our clients that we’re going to be rolling out.

I want to make sure that you understand them and that you are using them, because these things are going to be huge in 2020. Okay, the first one of these is tick. Tock tick. Tock is super powerful. It’s going to keep growing 20 20 hundreds of millions of users. The organic exposure is unreal. It is Instagram five years ago and we all know how that turned out for people who hopped on five six seven years ago, now’s your chance to do that with tick tock.

It’s a younger demographic, but a that’s great. If your business already targets younger demographics, you’re spot on but B, if your business doesn’t that’s okay, because there’s also an aging demographic coming onto the platform, but the younger demographic is sharing this content with their friends, their family they’re, sharing it on their Instagram and their Facebook as tik-tok allows that, and so it doesn’t matter what you’re targeting forget the age of Emma graphic.

If you can get content content on tick tock in 2020, do it it’s going to be worth it you’ll. Thank me later. Okay, number, two long format. Article continues to hold strong long format, article being 8, 9, 10 minutes plus right YouTube, LinkedIn Facebook, so many more platforms now are allowing this even Instagram as Instagram TV right. They are now allowing series you can upload series of articles.

Like basically TV shows, people are just content, consumption monsters and your business can take advantage of that, create more long format, deep-dive stuff, that’s actually meaningful and valuable. 2020 and you’ll see a huge result from it. Okay, the third one is paid advertising. As you know, Facebook and Instagram have been cutting the organic reach of the business accounts, especially to a ridiculous extent.

It’s almost impossible to reach anyone anymore you’re, not going to grow your business if you’re not paying for advertising period. The platforms are insanely powerful, but you have to pay to get the most out of them. We’re talking Facebook Ads, Instagram, ads story, ads messenger ads. You can even run tik-tok ads by the way through Facebook, which is pretty cool. Okay. The fourth thing is multi-platform strategies right in 2020: it’s all about being every where that doesn’t mean you need to create unique content for every single blog, because who has the time for that? But it means you need a smart strategy where you can produce content once that works for every platform.

That’s what we do here. I basically film like four articles a month and that gives us all of our content for YouTube. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, everything right! Everything so come up with a great strategy. We figured out. You guys got ta figure it out I’ll. Do a article on my strategy at some point this year and show you what we do here. Number five text. Marketing text marketing is again becoming massive right.

Very powerful, as email, open rates, kind of decline and emails are becoming less responsive text is where it’s at people are still checking these. This is the TV of 2020. This is where everybody’s attention is so, in addition to being on social media. You also want to be in people’s texts right. You want to start building a text database instead of just collecting your customers, emails collect their numbers, so you can text them.

You can market to them where they actually respond, who doesn’t check their phone when it goes ding, and you go oh, what’s that everyone still checks that right now take advantage of it. Okay text marketing there’s a ton of great platforms to look into from the complicated ones like Twilio, which lets you custom code, all kinds of cool things too easy texting, simple texting. I’ve used a bunch of them slick text.

I’ve definitely tested a few. I think we’re using easy text right now or easy texting whatever it’s called, but basically you integrate that into your marketing. Someone opts in through your funnel make sure you get their number put it in this marketing system, so that you can build a database of numbers that you can market to okay, very important in 2020, that you do that partially also because we want to start moving Towards gaining attention on social media, but then as quickly as possible, pulling that off the platform and owning it, because we don’t know what the future holds for a lot of these blogs.

What they’re going to! Let you do what they’re not going to? Let you do you want to use them to get attention for your brand, get names, emails, numbers and then own that so that no matter what happens you still own your own audience, okay, and that’s why it’s very very important texting is going to be crucial in 2020, the last strategy is the last big trend is alternative. Advertising platforms are growing in popularity, so things like ways like Spotify.

Those are huge ways is great because it’s great for local marketing. If you’re in a tucked away spot people drive by they, don’t see you you’re a restaurant you’re, a golf club you’re, something that people actually become into a retailer Waze make sure that as people drive by you pop up on the map, every single time, that’s crucial Right now that everyone is using Waze on their phone as they drive, you want to make sure you’re coming up and that you’re visible and it’s still relatively cheap and easy to use.

So I recommend it as well as other platforms like Spotify. Definitely look into that. These are all platforms they’re now allowing advertising that can bring some diversity to your digital marketing strategy and it doesn’t hurt to test they’re working well. We have seen and worked with clients using it, but definitely recommend trying it out. For yourself, I’m not saying it’s going to work, it’s just a trend, that’s happening! More people are jumping on board, so that’s my big six things coming up for 2020 will definitely be diving deeper into these, as I come out with more articles every single week, but that’s all you need to know for now.

If you’ve any questions drop. A comment below – let me know you think about this. Do you agree? Are these the trends or we on the right track, and how is your business going to be implementing these in 2020? I want to hear about it. So don’t forget to leave us a like. A comment and subscribe, we do drop a new article every single week and if you want to learn more about my social media marketing agency, you can visit soot, social @, ww, social, calm and I’ll see you in the next article

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Top 3 tips to sell more cars with Social Media (Automotive Marketing Hacks)

The automotive conference for automotive professionals that want to build more be more, do more we’re about to hop over to the roundtable sessions where I’m going to be sitting with 20 or 30 guys and going off for about 20 minutes on social media marketing.

How they can build their brand grow, their business, get more customers, build their social media presence and ultimately make more money. So I’m going to hop over to that now we’re going to have some clips of the different conversations, the lessons the things I was teaching. So, let’s check it out and join today we’re going to cover some fun stuff, so I’m going to keep it basic. I want to have you guys, get the opportunity to discuss stuff, so I’m going to throw things out there we’re going to go over the secret content formula? Okay.

So this is the basic understanding of like ever. Have that moment where you go, what should we be? Posting on social media, like I’m, trying to post up it’s not working, no one responds. Should I post my car, should I post my customers sure what do I actually post? Well, there’s a really simple formula that breaks it down to two categories: we’re going to cover that the other thing we’re going to do is a simple paid advertising strategy.

So I’m going to go through what we do. So I own a social media marketing agency. We work with top brands, including OEM Zak, Honda, Canada, Suzuki, Canada, some of the big guys, hundreds thousands of dealerships. We also work with other brands, not just automotive, but I’m going to teach you what we do with them. That can also be applied to a lot of small businesses that we work with, which is a very simple way to think about Facebook Ads.

It’s not complicated, it’s not crazy algorithms, and if you guys ever want to try advertising, you can use this method. Then I’m going to cover how to use Instagram and Facebook DM the way. I use it again, very, very simple, not just about outreach but there’s simple things that no one’s doing that really up your sales. We’re going to go over that, so we’re going to cover all three of those I’m going to start with the secret content formula.

You guys ready! Okay, what’s the biggest problem when you go to post content on social media, what do you guys post? I want to see some answers. What do you think is the right thing to be posted delivery photos what else yeah? What else yeah? What would you say, everything everything, hopefully not naked pictures, those those are private, what else anything else? Okay, how do you guys decide what to post? Is there any logic there, like anyone, have a theory or like why? Why do you post don’t post business every day like don’t, do delivery? Okay, okay, what I was, what doesn’t be heard rather, myths have.

We heard offers offers offers offers ok, ok, yeah yeah yeah, I’m familiar with GC what else yeah yeah, but when we read do you see what he does? Is he always making offers sort of? But how much do you see about entertainment, how much behind the scenes? How much with his wife, how much him having fun how much him! So here it’s right! So let me ask you this: what shows are most successful on TV? We see these either right the show it’s either massive education or information like shark tank, like it’s fun, you’re alert or it’s drama.

It’s entertainment, it’s the Kardashians. I don’t read the show, but a lot of people read keeping able to Kardashians right. Why? Here’s? What I’m eating here’s, who I’m mad at here’s, what my mom did: here’s, what my sister did and people tune into that shit because naturally we’re wired for two things: entertainment or education. So I want you guys to ask yourself next time, you’re going to post something ask yourself when you go on social media.

What are you there for there’s two reasons all you get to do. Is this ask yourself when you go on social media? What are you going for? Are you looking for promotion? Are you looking for a deal you’re on the toilet, you’re on the car you’re like in a socially awkward situation, you’re opening your phone? It’s like: how can I kill a minute there’s only two reasons you go to social media, everybody does this entertainment or education.

You want a quick laughs. You want a funny meme you want to, or you want to learn something. You see something very valuable. It’ll shit. That’s cool I’m going to try that that’s the only two reasons, but for some reason most people make content. Don’t think about that they’re doing promotion they’re doing what do they want to see? What do they like? What makes them look good, but no one else is going to see that so you’re putting out content that no one cares about, and that’s why the engagements not there does that make sense.

So what are some examples that I mean entertainment is make them laugh, make them cry make them feel something think of a TV show. Think of the Kardashians write Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Why do so many people used to read that show it’s just literally, my sister did this. My uncle did this I’m so mad at this person he was with my brother, it’s bullshit, but it’s entertainment right. So you got to think.

How do you tell stories? How do you get people to laugh? How do you get people to cry? Don’t just, for example, if you’re going to do a delivery, don’t say here’s John! He bought a second car with me. So happen happens a customer thanks. So much John tell the story. Who’s. John, you know see in Vietnam: did he come here? Have a four-hour Roadtrip like what’s with his family, which, with his wife, is his father? The president, like give the story behind John and what got him here and where he came from the more drama.

The better right, like John just left, his sixth wife and he’s got some money in the bank and he’s trying to get a new Corvette. I’r going to get him on the road pick up a seven like make it fun, make it real. That’s how you going to approach it at education. The way you approach education is people only really care about three things. Don’t want to learn three things and it’s called kind of like hard knowledge, which is either how to make more money right, how to look better or feel better or how to have more sex swear to God.

That’s the three easiest things that everyone wants to buy. So when you’re teaching, think of that, do they want to know like if you’re going to teach a certain feature of a car or a benefit or something you want to show them? How to do think about? Is it going to save them money? Is it going to make them look better or does it let them have more sex? It’s only made a joke laughs about a minivan like how many girls going to fit in the back like you’re, I’m saying stupid joke, but don’t do that one, but I’m saying make get creative with it right get creative with it.

So what can they do if it’s, if it’s value, this is a feature that you that we can do here’s how much money it’s going to save you, I’m going to show you something that you’re going to say five grand next year. By doing these three things, here’s what they are right, so hard value, hard knowledge, that’s the truth for men or women, it’s money, health or sex right. And if you look at the three biggest industries, what are they? That’s the three so bring that into your social media, marketing all right.

How many of you are using Facebook or Instagram ads right now, yeah one two, three, four: five Instagram ads K: five, six good: let’s bring a ratio. How are you doing it? Are you boosting your posts? What are you doing so you’re boosting guessing game? Yep? Okay, what were you just boosting she broke daily? Okay, got it? No okay, anybody else! I miss okay, yeah, so here’s my theory, 90 % of people when they run ads they go.

I have an offer I want to put in front of a group of people. Yes, it’s targeted yes, they’re, 40 year old, males that, like cats here, show them this car right. That’s called a cold audience. If they don’t know you yet or like you or trust you they’re a cold audience, I no matter what industry never show offers to cold audiences. I only make offers to warm audiences. They need to know me. First, we use a very particular strategy when you’re in advertising.

I’ve done in multiple industries from national brand car brands to local dealerships to Auto groups, and it works like this. Most people think of running an ad basically getting to offer the ad and targeting the audience they want to see that ad right. We don’t. We run first, what’s called awareness ads, so think of these as article ads. There are three to five minutes long. If it’s Instagram, it’s got to be 60 seconds for Facebook, three to five minutes.

It’s pure value, it’s either the entertainment or the education. We run those and optimize them for article views on Facebook. We get a view usually for one cent. One cent of view of a targeted local customer, then what we do is we get. Let’s say, a hundred thousand views in that content. It only cost us 900 bucks a thousand bucks. In most cases, then we retarget all those people with a low level offer.

So what I did for dealerships a lot was we’d give people gift cards to something like Starbucks to come in and just do a test drive, so they put their names or email their number and then the sales guy will call them say hey when you look At test drive, let’s go right and we bring them in. That would be our lead, offer it’s very low barrier, you’re, not asking for money I’ll give you money come in and do something for me and then the last step once we’ve done.

That is, then, we get hard offers. So this is the actual sale in the car. The deal we have running or the promotion coming up so at any one time you have article ads appear that are building rapport right. People are seeing your brand, your name they’re not being sold anything yet, but Facebook tracks that so on the next level, when I hit them with a lead. Gen ad, like I said, like the gift card, I can say only show this to people that have seen twenty five to fifty percent of the first article only show the people that actually suck through and know who I am and then I’m saying the last year.

Here’s an offer only show this to people who opted in for leads who gave us information already. So what you’re doing is you’re bringing your cost down reaching only a warm audience. You’re getting 100 leaves that don’t respond and you’re spending half the cost. So anytime we run this. The average has been we reach twice as many people twice as many leads twice as many sales half the cost half. So that means, if you spent a thousand dollars, you got a thousand leads I’d, spend five hundred and get two thousand leaves it’s a big difference right and the quality is so much warmer because no one’s seeing your offers until they know you right until they’re, ready Until they decide to stick their whole article and you don’t do one in the other, they all happen at the same time.

So constant customers are discovering you reading the articles they go to the bathroom. Come back. Oh, here’s a lead gen, I offer they come to the dealership next day and go back home, there’s an offer on a deal and it just happens in a circle so easier said than done. We talked about in the cations playing a bit, but that’s a strategy. We use so take away from this, because that was a lot advertised to warm traffic.

I know that was very fast but advertised to warm traffic whenever possible. This is a method of warming up traffic. You could also retarget people who, for example, engage with you on Instagram who have lost your articles on Facebook, who have been to your website who have left comments. Who, like your page, whose friends liked your page anytime, you can try to build custom audiences of people who already know you who’s using social media, direct messages, Facebook Instagram all that you yeah yeah, yeah? Okay, how are you guys using it right now? Tell me real quick: what do you do with it? Okay, automation, Chapa? Is it working well yeah, okay, good? What about you, yep, yep, yep yep? So so, and these guys are both massive bucket producers and that’s exactly going to tell you the easiest strategy.

You can do is every single time. Someone likes your post comments, follows you, every single person don’t just ignore and go. I got 20 likes message, every single person personally and telev a thanks. So much for, like. I really appreciate the love hey where you from where you coming from a guy might whatever. If they follow you. Thank you so much for following me. I really appreciate it. I gave you a follow back what you up to when they respond.

To that, send an audio note. Send the article note get more personal. You don’t wan na scare them away at the first touch, but once they make the decision to engage and start the conversation, it opens the door to say: hey, I’m comfortable I’ll, read your article! All! Isn’t your audio no right, because so many people there’s this creepy. Ask people out there right, like if people get an unsuspected article they’re like I’m, not opening that shit right right, especially the girls man, to get her ass with this stuff, like it’s too early, my girlfriend all the time like unread message, like friend, requests from someone And like Somalia and you open it’s a dick pic like and now Instagram warns you of that.

So don’t start with that start with text it’s safe. It brings the barrier down and then, when they decide they’re comfortable article and audio, because that’s where you going to build the bond right cool any questions on that sorry, one specific person for that article, yeah yeah, wait. What do you mean like when you do your irrigation with ablution? Oh, that that’s where, like the app? Yes, I’m so there’s advertising before I’m talking about one offs, one offs a message right to that person yeah so like if you reach out and go well, so it first returned with text and let’s say you say: hey we’re waiting from a brighten, my page or Like I really appreciate the love and then go hey, no problem, I’m from whatever whatever then send them back a article or an audio hey.

That’s super cool, my mom’s from there I’m not going to say make up report, but sometimes it helps if you have to ethically, but if you can, if you can build a bond or report us on in article, but I holy shit like this guy is my Dude right and start the conversation and then see if you can take it from there to a phone call or an appointment, get it off the platform as quickly as possible and bring them in whatever it is like hey, I see five that car for the last Seven years, how much I sell you know them but come in.

We just got this. I know you’re going to like you just drive it. Man like we’re talking with friends, come and check it out, I’m not selling, nothing just come in. Let’s hang out, let’s show you all right, bring them in so you’re trying to go from like engagement, to open a conversation to build rapport and get them off the platform as quickly as possible. Right


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Pimp your Dubsado Portal

Well, I wanted to share this article with you, because recently I shared some pictures around how I revamped and redesigned my tips Auto portal in order to make it easier for my clients to understand how to access the information I was sharing with them, as well as Make sure that it was consistent with the rest of my branding and I’m telling you I got an overwhelming response of people who were really interested in how I did this.

What’s really appreciative of the style and things like that that I implemented with my depth, Auto rebrand, I figured I would create a article that would help you understand my process and some of the tips and tricks that I learned in order to ensure that everything was Consistent and well branded this article will help you understand how to not only design your dips, auto portal banners also associated emails, that you can use to share with your clients on how to use the depth auto portal and sections and graphics that can be used throughout Additional forms that you may have throughout your depth saddle site.

So let’s get started and hope you learn a lot. So the first thing we’re going to talk about is the file that way I use to generate my graphics. So what I use in order to generate my graphics was Photoshop. Now a lot of you may not have access to Photoshop or you have access to Photoshop and are still may be intimidated by using Photoshop, because it is a industry standard for graphic design and photo manipulation.

So if you don’t have Photoshop or if you don’t want to use Photoshop, then certainly you can use something like canva. You can use adobe spark. You can do use any of the online and mostly free resources to generate your graphics. But it’s important to understand kind of the sizing that I use, and I know a lot of people were had a lot of questions around what size were the different items and most of the sizing I got from reading.

Some of the support articles end up Sado. As well as some of the articles and Facebook live sessions that depsite will put out, so the portal banner should be 1800 by 200, so I have that here. So this is the portal banner. The mobile banner should be 760 by 200. The hero image for any of your form should be 2,000 by nine-thirty, and then the section dividers can be 2,000 by 110. Now go into that a little bit later about the section dividers and how I use those now.

The first thing, I will say is what I’m showing you the example that I’m showing you is one of our dub Sado members reached out to me and asked me about recreating a rebranding heard of Sado, and so her name is Lauren and she’s, with captivating calligraphy. Beautiful work, beautiful branding, and so in order for me to do this so quickly and efficiently, she had to provide me a few things, one of them being her brand guideline.

Thank goodness, she had a really strong, clear, cohesive brand guideline for her, which included her logos. Her colors her typography, and with that information and a few pictures and textures that she shared with me, I was able to come up with the following designs, so once I changed, the overlay get the sides overlays off of this. This is what I came up with for captivating calligraphy. Now I’m going to be referring to some of my notes as you can see.

So if you see me looking away not because I’m not paying attention to you, it’s because I’m you know wanting to make sure that I don’t miss anything. So basically what we did was created a client portal banner. This banner is going to go right at the top of the portal so that people know where they are so. It says welcome to your client portal and has her branding and some of the graphics that she shared with me as well as some of the graphics that I obtained from her social media or Instagram blogs.

Now they provide. They tell you to create a portal banner as well as a mobile banner. Now, one of the things that I will say about the portal banner versus the mobile banner is don’t try to squish every single thing in the portal banner for the desktop into your mobile banner. It should be a good kind of modification of it, but still consistent with your branding. So, as you can see you know, the picture of her is not on there, but you you try to make sure that you’re putting the most important most representative images in your mobile banner from a party standpoint versus trying to really fit everything from the desktop banner Into the mobile one, because you have clearly a lot less space, so then what you will do is also create a header or a hero image for your portal guideline, and so, when you’re sharing with your clients, hey you have this client portal.

You can access it anywhere, here’s the way to access it. Then you have this beautiful image up top so that it welcomes and invites your clients in and they understand they hate, you’re, very professional, very top-notch, and things are consistent with your branding. I also developed section dividers so that, as the different sections of your Deb Sato, information in your guideline are talked about.

There’s clear separation of them using these images and again consistent with her brand colors, her logos, her fonts and things like that. I was able to develop the dividers so that we can really separate the information out much more clearly. Also, you may wonder why the content and the imagery is only filling half of this available space and the rest of it. When you see these checker marks, that means it’s transparent, because when you import images into DEP Sado, it will default to filling the available space, a hundred percent.

So if I were to make this particular divider shorter, just to fit the content, when I imported it into DEP Sado, it would stretch it. It wouldn’t necessarily stretch it, but it would make it bigger, wouldn’t distorted, but it would stretch it to fill the 100 % width of the space and I would have to manually, go in and adjust the percentage that it took up and it may Center it and Things like that, which may not be things that are really intended, so I made sure that the size of the portal section dividers was 2,000, so it’s consistent with the size of the hero image.

Now you’ll see a lot better. What I’m talking about in this piece of it when we actually start filling out her client portal guide and we’ll be getting into that very soon? But basically, what you have are what I use is artboards. I use artboards very extensively because you can create different artboards of different sizes and one document and not have to worry about. You know creating completely different documents because you’re using different sizes, and so once I’ve created all of my images at the correct size.

All I have to do is go to file export artboards to files and then browse to the right folder that I want to put everything in you can export selected artboard, but if you want to just export everything you can uncheck this export. The artboard content only make sure it’s PNG if you were going to use something that went all the way across and was completely filled and there was no transparent pixels that you wanted to keep in the document.

Then you could use jpg and that would reduce the size of the file significantly because JPEGs are compressed files. But if you wanted to make sure that you have the transparency you’re going to have to do PNG so once all of these selections are made. Also, the prefix, you can add a prefix, you can just create something that says dubs and what will happen is when these files are exported. Your file name will be dubs, underscore portal banner dubs underscore mobile banner and that’s how it will be exported into whatever file folder that you wanted to use as your destination.

So that’s basically it you would hit and-run and then you would have all the files. You need to start updating your website or portal and associated forms. So now, let’s mosey on over to Deb silo where we can make the adjustments to the portal associated with the design we’ve just made. Now, when you first log into the dub sava, your dashboard may look a little different than this, but that depends on how you customize your account where we’re going to go.

First, is the gear icon for settings? If we’re going to go to Puerto and as you can see when I first logged in all of these, things were set up like this, and what I’ve done is made sure that I click hide. The welcome message, as well as hi logo and your portals, because the design that I created already has the logo and already has a welcome message embedded in it. So then, are you going to do I’m going to exit out of these from now and show you exactly what you need to do so for the portal banner here you have the general banner for desktop upload and we’re going to get the portal banner image.

You see that is 1800 by 200, which is recommended hit, choose then you’re going to get the mobile device banner. You choose that one okay. So then we have both the portal banner for desktop and for mobile here and we’ve hidden the welcome message and the logo. I’r going to go ahead and grab this link for the portal and hit save now what I also did to make sure that I can take a look at the portal banner in context before I send this to my clients, is I set up a test account Inside my projects and make sure that I could just log in with my email address, and so with this link, you can come over here and paste that link here and it’ll show your portal login before I actually put in my email address.

I’r going to go ahead and take a screenshot of this image and I’ll show you why, in a few minutes, okay, so that screenshot is available all right now, I’m going to put in my email address, I didn’t put a password associated with this test account. So I’m just going to hit login, and now you see portable banner is sits very nicely up here. Does it have an overlay of any welcome messages or additional logos, and you can see very clearly where everything is now, while I’m here, I’m also going to take a few more screenshots, because these screenshots are going to be useful when you’re developing your client portal guide.

So I’m going to take a screenshot of this homepage and of the documents page you emails page and the profile page. Okay. So again these are going to be useful a little bit later. So let’s go back to Deb Saito and now we have this information in the portal and people will once they come to their portal, will see that that new, updated graphics now we’re going to actually look into updating the client portal guide.

So you see, if there’s no client portal guy set up yet, but if you want to set one up and don’t want to have to do it from scratch, you can go to the template library and see that they have a client portal guide there as well. Now you see a laundry list of templates very helpful. I’ve looked through, several of them might be using more of these, and all you have to do is kind of filter it by quest questionnaire to make the list a little bit smaller and go all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see the client portal Guide here go ahead and preview it so that you can see kind of what you’re working with you see.

This big image is probably going to be appropriate for the larger image that we created in Photoshop, and here is where I wanted to bring your attention to the screenshots that we made. So currently. If you use the client portal guide as a template, as is it will have their branding in it, it’ll have kind of the way that their portal looks. If you want it to use your portals design, then you, those screenshots that we just took, will come in handy.

You can use some of their images and things like that. But generally I’m using my own images, you see here they have kind of like a article as well, and this is really just a gif animated gif that they incorporate it. You don’t have to do this. I did not use this animated gif for mine at all, but if you are going to, if you meet some guidance or to provide some guidance to your clients on how to upload things into the file uploader, then that’s exactly what you can use, but yeah everything Else here is pretty straightforward: alright, so then what you’re going to do is hit copy to account and that’s it.

You’ve got the client portal guide and then you got ta start adjusting this client portal guy to fit your needs. The text that is in bold is usually notes for you, the designer or the entrepreneur, to give guidance on how these sections can be used and very helpful. But what you definitely want to do is delete them before you actually send this to other people. So I am, I’ve read through this, make sure you read through it and get the information you need, but I just generally delete any of these because I’m not going to be providing that information to my clients.

I’ve got the home page, and so you see where it says, portal login here we’re going to delete that and we’re going to delete a lot of the headings. The first thing you’re going to want to do is actually take this image and you’re going to click on it and you’re going to actually upload all of these images from what we created into your image gallery. So we’re going to need this one. You know to need all of these where the section headers, okay and I believe, that’s it.

We took a picture of the portal login, the branded portal login. So I’m going to move that on over okay and I think that should be it from what we exported from what we export it from Photoshop, okay. So the first thing you’re going to make is this welcome guide? First, you got hit upload. All all of those are uploaded. You can go ahead and replace that hero image, the bearer image with the one that we create clothes, looks very nice.

Okay, I’m not going to be adjusting any of her copywriting. She will be doing that a little bit later, but what I will do is start adjusting the section headers and some of the screen shots. So this is the start of a new section and I am going to actually add an image block here. Click this and because this next section is just talking about the portal login. I want the portal login section here, so you kind of have to click through them, because it’s hard to see now before I put this in there actually I’ll show you what it looks like you see.

It fits very nicely in this space for the portal login. This is halfway across exactly what we wanted now, if I would have used what I mentioned before is making the size of the section headers without that extra transparent space. If I would have done that, I’m going to show you what it would look like. So when I created the portal login – and I just made it the size of the actual image – you see how large it is, it fits a hundred percent by default of the available space.

And if you don’t want that section header to be that big, you would have to adjust the width here to maybe take it down to 50 percent and then align it to the right in order for it to show up the way that you want it. Okay, but to avoid those extra clicks in those extra steps, I just created the portal login and any of the section headers with the empty, transparent space as part of the image, so that it’s actually sized the exact way that I want it to be sized and Then it fits perfectly where it needs to go.

I’r going to go ahead and change this to the branded one right. When I look at it, I still feel like it’s a little large for the space, so I’m going to go back into the image and maybe make it 80 % of the lid. I, like it being centered, that’s fine, and by default it is centered, and so now it looks like this. So again, the screenshots of the areas where you may screen shots in the portal would be added in these remaining spaces.

So we’ll just go to where my screenshots, our homepage, we’re going to do is click here. We’re going to drop all of these images in upload them all and we’re going to select this one to be the next one close. So this reflects what the client portal would look like once they logged in all right. This still seems a little bit big, I’m going to take this down to 60 % all right. I like that better all right there.

So again, you would continue on replacing images with images from your portal making sure that if you want to detail something, that’s in the Documents folder that there’s content in there too to detail. If you wanted to keep this again deleting any of the bolded text that are notes for you personally and adjusting everything like that, so that’s it! I’r not going to go through and do everything else, but you get the point which is replacing the images with your images is going to make your client portal guide.

Look very professional and brand it to you now. Once you have everything uploaded all the pictures and the screenshots that you need uploaded, we’re going to assume that I’ve done that. What I found is that I liked that when someone came to the client portal and was on the home page, but when they came to the home page, I like for the client portal guy to be one of the first things they saw now. Here’s a couple of things that I’ve noticed about deaf side.

1. If you do not have a field on a form, then once you act that form to a client’s job, then it will automatically be completed. It will automatically be a completed form because there’s nothing for them to fill out, nothing for them to do so. It would not appear on the Home tab, it would only appear in the documents, tab and it would be complete. I felt like that was a little bit confusing, because people are looking at these documents as if they need to do something or they don’t need to do something and if there’s a form somewhere in their portal that says incomplete, then they’re more likely to actually open It up read it and do something with it and if it says complete, then they’re probably not going to do anything.

So I make sure that I added a field here at the bottom, and I said I have read and understood the information provided yes or no. You can even make this a required field if you want to um, but you know, or you can leave it unrequired, but basically this allows that question to be asked and if that field is available, then there’s going to be a submit button and that’s my submit Button on my personal, dub, Sato account says I’ve read this.

You know something you know more of a call to action. Yes, I’ve read this or if you even want to do something as as far as if you select no, then I have additional questions all right, and so then they can say. Okay, I didn’t quite understand this. I didn’t quite understand that or my login is not working, etcetera whatever, but they will see that they can provide additional feedback on the client portal form if you want them to put that as a response in that field, I don’t have this online.

I just have the yes or no, and that allows the button for submission to show up, because otherwise it won’t and then it’ll be an incomplete form. That’s shown directly on the home page that they will be prompted to do something with, and they all have to go into the documents page in order to see it. Okay, so that takes care of developing your client portal form your client portal guide and your portal.

Graphics, all right, so that’s it! Now that you have your client portal guy created, then you can actually set up a page on your website for your clients to log into what you’ll need in order to start. This is the embed code from your client portal settings. So let me save this document, we’re actually saving clothes all right and then we’re going to go back to the settings we’re going to go to the portal and what you’re going to use is your embed code.

Now this embed code is very important. Most web hosting providers, whether you’re using Squarespace, Wix WordPress, I personally use WordPress, will allow some sort of space for you to add specialized code into your site so that this will show up. So, for example, if you go to captivating calligraphies page, this is her home page and you see in her menu there’s a client portal. When you click on that.

You see at her client portal log, okay and we’ve already got the image of the actual log in with her branding on it. So, armed with those two things, what you’re going to go do is go back to the up side, oh and you’re, going to go back to templates, we’re going to go to canned emails right and then what you’re going to do a new canned response. In the end, bro say: okay and then the subject is, if I use the same or you can call this client portal well phone a little bit shorter, and so here you’re going to say hello, client, name.

Cuz we’ve got smart fields, we don’t have to type everyone’s name out, hello. You may say hello. First name, you can put whatever content you want in here. I’r just going to type some sample text. But again you would create the email that you would want. Your clients to see you you and what you’re going to do is add a linked all right and you, as you know, when you have links form Ling’s, then there will be a color-coded button that they can use, and then you can also say you can also Log in to your portal, using the say from my website as indicated below all right, then you can take the image drop.

This image. Okay, you’re, definitely going to make it bigger right so that people can see it. You have questions. So, of course you would. You know copyright this in a way, that’s more engaging to your clientele more than I did and I’ll do some more work on hers as well. So don’t think that she’s going to be left with this text, but basically, what you’re going to do is say that so now you have a wonderful email with an image on how to log into your client portal and what people will find once they log in You also want to do this if you are setting up passwords and their password protected for the for the portal, you want to make sure that you add the password here.

So the link to the portal is one thing, but you also want to add. The link to the past are the information for the password to access so the portal password. So that’s it. That’s the template for your canned email. Well, I hope you enjoy spending this time with me going through how to update your client portal. I know it seemed like a long process, but hopefully it’s pretty clear of many of the tips and tricks that I use to make sure that my client portal and associated documents looked great.

So if you really enjoyed the article but felt like I don’t want to do this, I want you to do it. Then I am available to help you redesign your client portal right now. I am offering an introductory rate for people who want to hire me to redesign their client portal redesign their canned emails and provide them templates for additional forms, as well as create the client portal guide for you, I’m available for that for two hundred and seventy-five dollars.

I have a link here to my website and the product page for that service and if you are interested and purchasing that, then I’m available. I hope to hear from you soon and I thank you for spending this time.


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Why SoundCloud WON’T Die!!!

That’s the Homer anyway yeah artists like the leads and gives condolences if it sounds loud, our sixty underneath in get it’s great. So many other artists making comments.

But what I want to get across in this article is the fact that I do not believe SoundCloud is going to die, and I want to talk about how we should say about this situation so far. We got to think about why people even believe this earlier. This year, SoundCloud actually reported that they lost fifty two million dollars in 2015. It was kind of arming for a company that raised over under ninety million dollars and is ten years old.

They tried to frame it infamous people that don’t bad days or behind them. Until this week, when SoundCloud reported a 40 percent lay off that’s a lot of people, just gone no job now, there’s a more specific rumor that they only have enough money to get them to queue for basically they’re earning more money than they are speaking and are About to run out after rumor and in my mind, there’s two out number one: SoundCloud doesn’t have any money and they’re about to death.

Number two sound flower doesn’t have any money, but killing off forty percent of their staff will position them to be forgiven of their sins and saved by an angel. In other words, investors do understand the value of the assets that SoundCloud pad, which were the most part of the user base of the data, but they don’t want to hop on a sinking ship, so SoundCloud by cutting their employment. Cutting their cost in return increases their probability, even if that’s from like new negative fifty million to these negatives, 1 million even filled a healthier company, which increases investor comedy basically like when Ashley gets hurt in the rest of their career, depends on it.

They in turn around, like Adrian Peterson, came back and had a record-breaking season. Active ACL injury for is they’ll kind of fizzle out and only be a shell of what it used to be kind of like a Derrick Rose situation. These investors need to evaluate that. I strongly believe it is that second situation SoundCloud giving in a healthier position to be bought out or to increase investor confidence, because the value of their access is extremely that valuable.

Yes, yeah things like Apple, music, Spotify and tidal, who have increased the competition in that market, but really they still haven’t kind of touched completely on that court that balance loud has created. There is a little bit of goodwill of it. It’s out loud. Not only has a user base and some sort of revenue coming in also there are a lot more unique compared to the other streaming services, because they have this culture that is developed within this system and what they mean right now in the assembly line is how Artists are getting discovered, and this is so much extra there, which might be hard to argue to investors.

They just want to see their bottom line but, like I said, the data alone is very valuable. If I can say valuable, because I can put the number on it, I don’t know enough of the details, but what I can say if they aren’t required by some investors that allow them to act independently, they might just be acquired by some bigger companies that data Size Esquire than before, but is looking a little bit more bullish on them after they’re available for discount.

Once again, I know those other streaming. Services has created a lot of competition, but they really had it fully stepped over into South our market. Actually, an amazing title: Spotify those are really built: distribution networks that are geared a lot more towards curation for the consumer, we’re SoundCloud census. Birth has been more for being people who are uploading, the sound it’s a DJ, the person who has a podcast, an artist, a producer whatever so again, we’ll SoundCloud, I I don’t think so.

Will it drive and come this stronger than ever? That’s left anything that if you know what to do hit the subscribe button,


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Branding Your Plumbing Business through Social Media

This is potty. Talk, live recorded, live on Facebook every week, and now your host Richard Beynon, the million-dollar plumber here, will see what I want to show you know. Can we see that? Does that come up there? We go see that there we go, there’s a picture of his Facebook page and you see one of his trucks there look at that.

You went from you know. Old trucks bought new new trucks got to do branding everything’s on it. Look at that that is just that is pro okay, and I guys I want to have you recommend lance has gotten very, he does say probably about every morning or every other morning. At least you do some kind of you know. Facebook live with information and the tip of the day and that kind of stuff, hey guys check it out.

Just for look at me to just check out a brother. It’s a good stuff, alright, but I love to of how you take in the heart of being a community a voice in your community. You know a community leader you’re, not just selling plumbing right, all right. You know your community cheerleader all right. You love your community. You’re lifting up your community right and great great stuff yeah I mean when people see you, you loving the community they’re going to come in hordes, yeah and doing the lives has been.

It was freaky at first. I had a conversation about that this morning and it was freaky at first, but now I get on there. It’s just second nature. It’s just something I do is one of my daily routines and I it doesn’t matter what I’m teaching the person or I’m given a ton of information or not. I’m my face is there and they understand that I represent the plumbing here in Rock Springs and that that’s huge I mean I can go into parts out houses and their stores and be redneck.

So that’s that’s a big thing, and that is a big thing. That is so cool and I want you to get this. You know you’re, not a camera. You weren’t you’re, not loving the camera. Lancer you’re, not a guy, was looking at from the camera right. I mean you’re you’re a man’s man. I mean you must rather be you’re more comfortable, shooting bear which is cool. What what words of encouragement or wisdom do you have to provide? You know to the guys, look they’re, just saying hey, I can’t I can’t do that.

Facebook live stuff. Well, let’s say you just I mean you got overcome your fears, you’re always saying get comfortable and being uncomfortable and that’s what it is once you get to that point, then that comfort isn’t even a thought anymore. You’re just doing it because it comes a habit and – and I mean that’s, what makes great business leaders right is the ones that form these like this yeah. And that would be me what I’d say is just commit and forget yourself and just do what you got to do.

Do you staying consistent and that’s what you do really well Lance’s as you consistently do it? That’s the hard thing, a lot of people! Ok! Well I’ll do a live or two or whatever, and then they just disappear. The consistency is the tough part, but that’s how you’re getting recognized in your community is because you’re always out there, and I love how you can find any boys and guys you’ll find your voice right.

I know you’re Lance, you alluded to it that you were probably very uncomfortable the first few times and it takes a few times to kind of find your voice kind of how you know your thing. I like it. One has a thing I get an oh, hey, hey, hey plumbing pros, you know the way I came from the first time. I did this started doing this. I didn’t know what to say so. I just came out here something just stupid.

Really, you know out of just nerves of not knowing what to say. You know, we all find your vote. Your thing, your stick, your cool, you know, you’re thinking, all right and and then just speak, okay and that’s real and that endears you to your community again. It’s not about plumbing right, it’s not that you’re pushing plumbing. Of course, when you’re speaking you’re, you got your plumbing, so you know it’s asking a mountain plumbing right, but logoed out right, you’re, just loving the community, you know and sharing you know, words of wisdom or insight tips.

Plumbing tips, just to you know, be careful of that kind of stuff right, absolutely check out his Lance’s Facebook page. It’s a really good job go and follow. Follow Aspen Mountain it. What’s the exact Facebook page, is it Aspen Mountain plumbing, yeah, okay, yeah, so build you and there’s a link on my website as well? That’s something that I’ve tried to do is keep those two together perfect. You know for SEO purposes, Facebook’s, not much, but it’s the getting them to my lives that matters to where their get continuity and that that familiar face so yeah yeah.

It’s it’s! It’s a good play. It’s a good play!

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Social Media Content for Nonprofits 2: Branding your Nonprofit Organization

Okay, so come on a lot and Emily talk to give you a little context. First, it’s my clicker! You don’t get over there clean your lettuce. Interesting I dipped into is called the clip. That’s one more! So the question is: how can you be heard in cyberspace, given the turnout today, it’s clear that all of you know you need to be out there.

You need a social media strategy, so the question is, though, how can you make your voice be heard so about six weeks ago, Twitter pass the 1 billion tweets per week, there’s more than 1.3 million blogs, there’s at least 500 500 million Facebook users we’re not even Talking about Google+ yet and there’s more than 70 million linkedin users, with 10 million companies participating jessica Lee, so there’s lots of fridges.

It’s easy to put up a Twitter and Facebook account and that’s what organizations do it’s free, but many organizations still are doing one too many marketing or one-to-many communication, so they use social media more as a megaphone because they need to figure out how to make it More like a conversation, so what social media offers really is the power to tap into a network and what I’ve written up here is really the characteristics of a network and what they do.

Is they break down silos just like you’re coming here and chatting with one another you’ve no longer within your institutional walls and they create a multiplier effect? So if you wrote a great blog post or you get retweeted, that means one person tells five of their friends and those five friends tell another five friends and that’s called a multiplier effect, and it also means that whatever share can actually pass across the network really Quickly, that’s what gives it its viral power quick question, whether if you defeat slightly focus on what we will? Yes, if you sign up for ours, our handy-dandy stoja cook, you can get all these.

The PowerPoint and handouts online or India and what’s important for nonprofits, is, if you create an online community, it allows you to stay engaged with them and listen to them, and so it’s a way in which the walls of your organization can become permeable. As you start listening to them, you will, it will start shaping your organization and, as the organization listens to them, it will shape how you serve your communities.

The other really important point about a network is that it lets you share resources and knowledge openly and quickly. So in the past, nonprofits would have to even through email, send it out to email, but you can post something online and share your expertise and also, if you’re running an advocacy campaign, get that message out quickly. I’m going to turn it over to Cynthia. We have to start with the whole concept of granting to be successful in social media, and I think this is the place where most people really fall down.

If I look at particularly in the nonprofit arena, I see organizations struggling with the concept of who are they and how do you portray the organization? You know that you represent with a strong human personality that people can really connect with. So I mean, I think you know what happened here – we’re a little ahead. Japan here we just missed one. That’s right, you’re wrong: we did them Arthur’s my neck, all right! That’s not my problem.

I’m looking at my hand out just move it off for my slides, but ok, every organization has a personality and basically you just need to pick whether you are you know snarky and kind of mean-spirited. That’s smart provides I’m house, or are you kind and generous, we’re wearing mr. Rogers hurt whatever you are brand 101 says you say that over you say one thing say it over and over and over you transmit that personality in social media, not just in words, but In every article you post your community in every photograph.

I forget what the numbers are, but in terms of photography, the most looked at asset on social media is photography. I think it’s like seven to one in terms of words, so everyone your photographs, what you should be using a lot of should in some way shape or form relate back to who and what your organization is using stands for, and I keen are just so little Tip look at a bun look at other successful organizations for role models.

I mean that’s how I figure out what I like. What is really working? I’m constantly trolling the social media world for what kinds of sites, what kinds and blogs and communications are really successful, and then I look at them. I take them apart to try to figure out okay. How do we emulate what they’re doing and I’m sure that you, you obviously have the opportunity to do that? Quick question yeah we have.

You said the funds are that’s like 71 over words, article article is very high article and photography. I think photography, I’m not sure the most hair, the most, I think, on facebook, it’s probably photographs because they’re more of them in the most viewed photographs on facebook are women, but I hate it. Okay, um another little of brand pointers wanted to make not to belabor too much of this. You know in order to attract a following, you have to create an identity so that you know organizations have brands.

If you are an individual, you have a personal identity and a persona, and I want to talk a little bit about the use of your personalities and personas within your own community, because another thing that I’m seeing a lot in non-profit in the world nonprofit is that For having there is quite a bit of difficulty in putting a human face on the organization, so I would like to see more of you figure out main interesting.

You could say perky ways of communicating the brand of persona of your organization. This really so good arena to do it in basically, you know your personality of brand persona, whatever you want to call it, it equals who you are just on labor the point, but multiple personalities will will fracture your grand

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