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Why SoundCloud WON’T Die!!!

That’s the Homer anyway yeah artists like the leads and gives condolences if it sounds loud, our sixty underneath in get it’s great. So many other artists making comments.

But what I want to get across in this article is the fact that I do not believe SoundCloud is going to die, and I want to talk about how we should say about this situation so far. We got to think about why people even believe this earlier. This year, SoundCloud actually reported that they lost fifty two million dollars in 2015. It was kind of arming for a company that raised over under ninety million dollars and is ten years old.

They tried to frame it infamous people that don’t bad days or behind them. Until this week, when SoundCloud reported a 40 percent lay off that’s a lot of people, just gone no job now, there’s a more specific rumor that they only have enough money to get them to queue for basically they’re earning more money than they are speaking and are About to run out after rumor and in my mind, there’s two out number one: SoundCloud doesn’t have any money and they’re about to death.

Number two sound flower doesn’t have any money, but killing off forty percent of their staff will position them to be forgiven of their sins and saved by an angel. In other words, investors do understand the value of the assets that SoundCloud pad, which were the most part of the user base of the data, but they don’t want to hop on a sinking ship, so SoundCloud by cutting their employment. Cutting their cost in return increases their probability, even if that’s from like new negative fifty million to these negatives, 1 million even filled a healthier company, which increases investor comedy basically like when Ashley gets hurt in the rest of their career, depends on it.

They in turn around, like Adrian Peterson, came back and had a record-breaking season. Active ACL injury for is they’ll kind of fizzle out and only be a shell of what it used to be kind of like a Derrick Rose situation. These investors need to evaluate that. I strongly believe it is that second situation SoundCloud giving in a healthier position to be bought out or to increase investor confidence, because the value of their access is extremely that valuable.

Yes, yeah things like Apple, music, Spotify and tidal, who have increased the competition in that market, but really they still haven’t kind of touched completely on that court that balance loud has created. There is a little bit of goodwill of it. It’s out loud. Not only has a user base and some sort of revenue coming in also there are a lot more unique compared to the other streaming services, because they have this culture that is developed within this system and what they mean right now in the assembly line is how Artists are getting discovered, and this is so much extra there, which might be hard to argue to investors.

They just want to see their bottom line but, like I said, the data alone is very valuable. If I can say valuable, because I can put the number on it, I don’t know enough of the details, but what I can say if they aren’t required by some investors that allow them to act independently, they might just be acquired by some bigger companies that data Size Esquire than before, but is looking a little bit more bullish on them after they’re available for discount.

Once again, I know those other streaming. Services has created a lot of competition, but they really had it fully stepped over into South our market. Actually, an amazing title: Spotify those are really built: distribution networks that are geared a lot more towards curation for the consumer, we’re SoundCloud census. Birth has been more for being people who are uploading, the sound it’s a DJ, the person who has a podcast, an artist, a producer whatever so again, we’ll SoundCloud, I I don’t think so.

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Soundcloud Repost Networks? Real + Fake

So I want to make sure I cover those bases.

Number one is SoundCloud reposes networks. I’ve talked to people recently who had no idea what those were. So I want to first say I’m going to do this a little bit differently before I talk about it a little bit more extensively, I want everybody who’s reading and who has any kind of experience with these to kind of detail. Your personal experience in the comments below maybe some point out some good repost networks or repost pages that you’ve used, so other artists can use it at their resource that way.

People who don’t know about it or people who’ve just used it once or twice, can get the experience from different angles and make educated decisions by themselves based on reading these people’s experiences. The comments pre shade it that’s going to be super helpful and, of course, we also know there are scams out there and that’s another reason. It’s good for everybody to share the information, because some of these pages are trying to make a quick comment.

Definitely not all of them, but just thumbs and soul, to quickly define or to explain the brief postal network is basically you have your music on soundcloud and then you either have an individual reposted or you have a whole network of individuals reposted. Some people will do it just because they, like your stuff and some people will, you know, say, give me that money and a lot of people most of the times.

You probably want to pay them some form of money either right works anyway. That’s basically a short explanation for those who didn’t know what it was already everybody please make those comments and help each other out anyway, once again, as I said, I’ll, be doing things about specific tools and websites and all kind of resources throughout this series, I don’t Know how often I’ll do it, but that’s it stay tuned.

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Can Artists Do More Than One Thing At Once? [Artist Branding Part 1]

Some boxes are bigger than others, but a brand is a box. Nonetheless, a lot of people. A lot of artists don’t like to be boxed in, but trust me.

You have to have a box in any relationship, think about it. This way and every single relationship you have with somebody there’s a brand at place and they primarily look at you. Do that brand. Your mother looks at you as son first and then you might be a rapper. Your fans will think of you, have a rapper first or whatever you do. They might have not even fit that your son, daughter, wife, whatever.

So when you look at somebody like Donald Glover, somebody who’s done all these different things. Acting rapping he’s done all these things. On a high level, even still she spent years in just writing first and he slowly slowly but surely started to amplify others. He focuses kind of individually on one at a time, and only now is he getting to the point where he’d do all the things and people can kind of just accept all of the things I want, and still I guarantee you when you talking to Fox, then I’m going to carry in the wrapper, they only care of him as far as a director and writer of a TV showing can they create success in that when you listen into one of his albums, you don’t really get it down, that you wrote Atlanta or any Of that other stuff, all you want at that time is you’ll, be the best rapper.

You can be create the better music for me right now so understanding. That is this understanding that you can brand and sell multiple things to the same people and once at least not in the beginning, at first fill this over here to that crowd, because the 30 rock probably was running a little bit different than his comedy crowd, which Is way different than his music crap, a lot of people listen to music, I’ve never seen or even heard of 30 rock one more quick example.

Little yachty in the article that I did about him and all his marketing and branding as routine even talked about how hey I got this here, and this is my brand right now. I start off with my image before I even came out with my music, but I understand that when I want to become an actor sometime in the future, is my brand at the moment doesn’t necessarily fit where I want to go? But for now this works because I’m showing to this particular crowd right now.

I don’t have to transfer until ready to sell to this crack by the way that often where this whole idea of a sellout comes from, because people just don’t understand that hey, I’m selling to somebody different right now and all these are really just being fitted to Really just point out one simple thing, but you create a brand. It makes you more attractive to certain opportunities, but it also can restrict and limit you from others and that’s not a problem.

Nobody can have it all, particularly it’s not at the same time. That’s it. Y’All know what to do hit that subscribe button.

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Determining Your Product: Music or Artist Brand [Digital Dash w/ Kohrey]

Now, for those of you who don’t know who I am I’m a digital marketer myself, I specialize in helping artists, like you, guys, get their songs heard through platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and a bunch of others. Now what I want to talk to you guys about today is a very important step in beginning your marketing campaigns, and that is determining what your product is now, if you’re treating your music career like a business, what you guys should be doing, you will know that Every single company pretty much determines what their end goal is, or what the end product is with every single marketing campaigns, and you guys should be doing the same pretty much.

The way I see is there are two major types of campaigns that you could be running and those are artist, centric campaigns and music central campaigns, I’m going to get a little bit deeper into the tools that you guys can pretty much figure out, which ones make The most sense for you and it’ll help you moving forward with determining what you should be doing in your marketing campaigns and which ones make the most sense for your immediate goals.

Now the first types of campaigns are typically referred to as music centric campaigns, and these are the ones in which your music is the star of the show, meaning that if you’re someone who has a strong single or a strong song that you really believe in then These are the types of marketing campaigns and marketing strategies that you’ll want to focus more so on because of this, it’s best to use when you have a song that you really believe is worth all the efforts and that you really believe can make a lasting impact That will actually help you in your career.

Thank you for artists. Like early on the weekend, when he first came out, he wasn’t really putting his face out there that much or really relying on his brand to build his fan base, but they were going more. So from people who really believed in the song, looking for targeted fans who were actually fans of the song and not just fans of everything else that the weekend still for so, if you’re running a music central campaign.

That means that your music is where all of your efforts should be going towards. You should be targeting all of your resources back to finding fans that wants to actually just listen to the song. I thought of everything else. So typically, what you’ll want to do is these types of campaigns? Look for things like playlists Spotify playlists are one of the best ways to find people who are just genuinely interested in the song, as they can’t really see other things about you without first going past, the song is so you’ll also want to figure out different ways To disseminate the songs within different audiences, maybe reaching out to different influences, are getting your songs placed into their campaigns and there product placements or figuring out creative ways that you can just build around the Tsongas so and the second types of campaigns are typically referred to.

As artist centric campaigns – and this is what you guys get to be the star of the show now in these campaigns, your brand should be the endgame and an appeal to all of your marketing campaigns and all of your marketing efforts. You should be trying to disseminate information and articles and content that relay your brand to your audience, so that you’re bringing in people who are like-minded and similar to you.

Typically, these types of campaigns are usually article focused as you’re, finding a strong visual that represents you and your brand or represent you in your music in the best way and you’re trying to figure out how to get it out there or you’re working on viral content Strategies that help to push you out there and everything that defines you as an artist. These, in my opinion, are some of the most important marketing campaigns, as you can build a strong songs.

All that you want, but you’re not really a major artist or an artist with a strong fan base until you have fans that believe in you and your brand there’s no better way to get it out there than by focusing on your brand itself like. It was a product now, one of the best examples of an artist who running strong artist. Centric campaigns is six-nine every single one of his marketing efforts and our strategy is all playing directly back to him and not necessarily its music itself.

So you should be looking at as the same type of way you were to start. These shows you are the start of these campaigns. What things make sense and bringing people back to your story back to your brand and back to you as an overall artist outside of your music? So, just to recap, with you guys, the first thing that you should be doing in any marketing campaign is determining what your product is: use, your music, the product.

Are you going to be running music, central campaigns in which you’re getting your songs to Spotify playlist and to influence the articles or finding other creative ways that get your music out to the masses and outs of people who actually be fans of it? Or are you the product? Is your brand new product and you’re going to be running artists into your campaigns and what you start to figure out Barbara content strategies that push you your message and your brand out to people who relate to you and be genuine fans of everything that you have Going on and everything that you have planned for the future trust me guys, there’s really no right or wrong answer there, both campaigns that you’ll have to do at some point in time and they’re, both campaigns that are equally as important and can yield equally great results.

There was always guys if you feel, like you learned anything today, please like and share this article hit those post notifications as well as want you guys to miss anything once again. My name is Cobra and I’ll see y’all next time.

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How To Get Famous Doing Cover Songs On YouTube [7 Tips]

Before I get started. What are my people for those who are doubting? Yes, you can blow up and become big off of cover song. I have a legitimate career. I readed people from Nicky design to Tori Kelly, Andrea Chloe and Halle. I’m talking about. I love reading these people at the beginning.

As matter of fact, I was reading Justin Bieber on YouTube before he blew up back when everybody was saying. Why are you so talented you surf the world can’t wait. Til you blow I’m going yo girl, I’m your blog to the bathroom and I realized like. Do you suck? That’s not the point. Number one choose your quality. Yes, you can reporter, covering that you can do it. Mp3 playing and kind of lip sync or you can do a live unplugged.

You can do something in the studio. You can do just a raw straightforward in front of the camera singing and that, personally is my favorite, because it has that raw feeling and connections that allow people to feel like you not start, yes, you’re, just somebody in their room that I can root for it. I’m catching you before the world knows about you. That’s the biggest advantage of that one right. There number two consistency.

There’s no fancy way to say it to get attention over time to build a fanbase. You just have to stay consistent. You might not get you the initially, but eventually you’re, building up a catalog when people start to discover you and next thing you know they say. Oh my gosh. This person is amazing, so when you’re doing colors, don’t think about necessarily the first day the first week at the innovation plan to at least dedicate eight months, so you can give it that time to blow up and really start to feed and create his own loop Of audience generation and speaking of other generations, of course, you want to engage with the people who are engaging with you all people who are appreciating you think of them.

They have a quest, go with the request. It’s helpful to help you build a relationship with your fan base and puts. I hope that I didn’t put this on the list, whether your YouTube or Instagram YouTube. You should be doing full songs, probably for may be shortened to minute urgent and then on Instagram 15 to 30. Second clips will work better than doing a full minute number four new songs that are hot while there.

I the reason, because this is when there’s hot song, people are already searching for that song and it makes you more easy to find if I’m looking for bad news next thing, you know, I see it. Girl kills bed and Gucci color on the side of my screen, I didn’t like sleep on it, ketching popular songs and something that a lot of people use. So it’s not necessarily likely not going to have competition, and it’s so faster.

You can do that and turn around a new eyes on the bed. Five same songs that people don’t expect. You saying you know that high vary for different people. You think about people like Nikki heat. You have this writer who doing a lot of track or hard writing. Music covers of songs like the weekend baby job. It might be interesting for a little kid in singing being grown and will resolves that you get a lot of tension.

I’ll necessarily recommend it. But if you’re also being interesting for a wrong woman or a teenager or grown man or whatever to be doing these new renditions of nursery rhymes or if you were doing these slow, sexy renditions of television show lean song kind of like a Jamie Foxx Bill. Brady Bunch he made that for alma mater here’s, a celery who was bringing a three very lovely girls, all of them a hair of gold like their mother er, responding like a song off the TV make it sound good enough to make love, even if the song Was bringing the free burial of the girls all of their venerable Noctem, bother seeing us Waurika number six take fast on the slow down or take slow song.

This beat them up or putting more beat and punch tool. When you change up the arrangement, it helps. You stick out more and it helps people to disassociate with this person’s are singing the song. I even sounds good, so we have a nice voice. It helps them get captured in your talent as a whole, often times just nice to people ears. That’s why a lot of times when people take the bass version of a song and slow it down and do it cool, see people.

Obviously this person so much that it it’s a thing but look. He was covered and you’ll always see that somewhere, another s7 get creative. This could be the most important of all of them, especially if you’re failing to really start getting some directions. You might have to do something really creative, create some kind of series possibly or get somebody involved. I don’t know if you get another person involved and they’re beatboxing with you or you’re, just singing songs, to your dad or with your dad there and reading his reaction or maybe you’re, going to every Starbucks Embassy and singing outside each Starbucks and create a series out Of that somebody does that I swear eventually, if there’s not like vulgar, songs or kind of corporate friendly type songs, they’ll, probably get signed or Starbucks or probably do some kind of sponsorship for because it will be getting incision for Starbucks.

All in all, you just have to look for different ways to entertain people, in addition to your views, there’s so many ways to get creative. You have to figure that out for themselves. I remember this one guy who can sing. He was kind of like a comedian too. He would do these singing reactions to stuff if I could find them I’ll put them in not whatever, but anyway, that’s it hotel bill y’all. What to do is dead, subscribe, good,

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How To Make Social Media Ads That Actually Work

Now this article was inspired because I noticed that a lot of musicians are really just wasting a lot of ad dollars by not really customizing their ad campaigns for the platforms that they’re making it in and oftentimes just taking regular content. They have like a music article and then running an ad using the entire music article, and the first thing that you want to keep in mind when you’re creating an ad is.

What is the goal that you have at the end of the day? Are you trying to drive music plays? Are you trying to drive overall awareness? What do you want the in behavior of the user to be? What do you consider a successful campaign to be so for this? I’m going to use three examples. None of these have been necessarily considered these huge viral campaigns where you might necessarily know about people in the first one I’m going to actually use an on a music example.

A few days ago, I was hit with this article on Instagram. This is also a metaphor for your car, so when you don’t put toyo tires on your car, you’re, basically doing this to choose 12 times, not spray juice. Now the first thing I actually saw scrolling down my feed was food that beautiful looking steak. You keep reading for a few seconds and then BAM. This cheese happens, obviously especially on a platform like Instagram you’re, going to catch a lot of people’s attention, using something as beautiful as a steak, some good-looking food, but this ended up being a type of commercial.

You can see that a lot of people got got when they talked about it in the comments. So why this commercial works, which is really important to remember and take note of, is the fact that, even though they had to stake in a transition to end up being entire commercial, it wasn’t like some straight spammy stuff. It made sense in the narrative of the actual story itself. The steak was ruined by cheese.

They were using it. As a metaphor to say your car is ruined. If you don’t have our tires, don’t put cheese on your car, I want to drive that point in because a lot of people call everything clickbait these days, but clickbait isn’t necessarily clickbait or at the very least, it’s not so much of an offence. If what you’re? Using or the content after, the click actually makes sense and it’s providing value at the end of the day.

But so the point is they were able to use something to capture people’s attention and then transition. When you have something as boring as tires right. A lot of you guys are working with music, or just everybody has different. These interesting brands but tires is pretty boring. How do you capture people’s attention? I never heard of toriel tires before this ad or saying this, but now I do. These type of campaigns are really to build awareness, they’re really not meant to drive some kind of specific clicks or behavior, or I personally wouldn’t use that type of AD to do that, but just getting people intrigued and captured by what it is, and maybe a lot Of people might even send it, so they can get somebody else, whether I actually end up saying it to my sister, because I know she likes food and I knew she would be thrown off by the ad your transition.

Or so so you got to pay attention to, and all these ads are the structures. You have something quick that brings in the attention and you use that somehow to lead to another narrative that makes sense for whatever you want to do, or at least want them to know and because you’re, using this type of AD to drive awareness with a lot Of people not necessarily know you already, this is one of the type of ads.

I would recommend doing like a Facebook ad campaign and actually paying for it, because it has the ability to stop people in their tracks for just enough time to get informed of you number two. The second day I was actually just an Instagram post, so I’m going to go ahead and start and say this type of ad is not to build a fanbase or bring in new followers. This is to engage and direct your fans, your current fans, to a specific action, a lot of people, just post, hay now available on Amazon or now available on Spotify, all of those types of things.

What this person did a blacksmith, he actually engaged and entertained. The fan base and even made them laugh a little bit around what he wanted them to know, and they provided a single call of action, which is basically going Amazon, Prime, if you got it and listen to the music. Once again, this type of head is not to build a fanbase, it’s to inform your current fan base and then lead them to a specific action.

Doing things like this allows you to constantly inform them when you can always have the regular post hey. This is available here on Spotify, but now I’m going to entertain you this time and then once again, let you know it’s available on Spotify and then I might do something else. So you can come up with a lot of creative ideas that are small. They don’t even have to be funny, but just something where you give them value in addition to the information itself and then hit them with the fact that you want them to know something and then direct them to the action number three.

So number three is my favorite, because not only definitely utilize influencer marketing, but it does it right – is going to think of it too much as an ad. It’s straight up or gank they’re listening to music as they get ready, which a lot of girls and just people in general do so it’s them being their natural selves and then they’re interacting with each other and they’re, interacting with the article just looking like they’re having Fun because of the song like they like this song, but they actually know this song that’s way different than a lot of these other acts.

You see, oh well, I don’t have any personal insight on the first two eggs, but I tell you from this alert. One is the song in this article is called mozzie by artist named Joanie in and then shown here had an additional fifty thousand plays in a very short period of time on that song after it was posted. Now the track has about five hundred twenty two thousand plays on soundcloud, or maybe it’s five hundred eighty-seven thousand, I can’t remember also, which is most important.

Joni Ann said about five hundred of those people will end up following him on Instagram and they really stick with them and stay active five hundred legitimate fans. It’s a nice amount coming from one Instagram post. He hasn’t even maximize the use of that particular clip or push the song really heavily. Yet a lot of people will talk about hey use, influences to reach out to influencers pay them for an ad, but it still depends on what they do when they promote your song.

With a lot of these losses, they’re going to want creative control just make sure that they’re doing something creative instead of just posting. So two quick tips, especially if you’re doing an Instagram hat. If you can make a article that actually gets people’s attention and maybe even you can make sense or be funny or intriguing or even confusing, without the sound at all, then you’re doing yourself a great service because hey a lot of times, people don’t have time to Click the sound also a lot of times, people just can’t because they’re in a certain place, but if you can get that message out and make them laugh, that could be a pretty effective article, especially for awareness and then, of course, when they turn to sound on.

Hopefully, the article is just that much better or explains what they didn’t get but got intrigued by before. Turning the sound on and then the second tip is a be testing, as you notice, I did not say, hey dude this one only do this one. I always talk about experimentation. A lot of people will tell you that articles do better on social media, then text ad. But I say you test that for yourself, because it all depends on your goals.

What a lot of people get confused by is they’ll, see a bigger reach or they’ll see bigger numbers as far as reades when it comes to the articles, but it just means people might never saw the article, but it doesn’t mean much good. They like the beatty or anything like that, so you might just want to use that as awareness just like the first article, because a lot of times what you might find in my experience with text is, you will have more clicks and better drive people to specific Behaviors, even you don’t have a good article ad and itself or even just good copy.

Where you’re writing your text ad. We can do a article about how you use language in your ads later, but for now that’s it y’all know what to do. Hey Dad subscribe button

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Music Branding: The Brand Lie & The Truth Artists Should Know

What most people have wrong about branding and, lastly, the power of branding and how strong brands can cause people to lie to themselves and they kind of like it? So, let’s hop into this with two quick clips, let me introduce you my track pop out there piece by piece.

First, the melody. Okay, all right, if you don’t know the first person that was performing his name was Treme. If you’ve probably seen the article I’ve done on him and he’s basically a big deal, I’m talking a double platinum artist and he’s performing extremely popular songs in a time period where those songs were literally lighting up the charts. Now the second person is Joshua Bell, he’s essentially a classical music superstar, I’m talking about, but he doesn’t really lead a house for less than $ 75,000.

Not only that, but he was playing on a Stradivarius violin. Now one of my best friends is a classical violinist and Stradivarius violins are not cheap starting to thousands of dollars. The most expensive Stradivarius violin was sold for 16 million dollars. This alone kind of speaks to why a lot of newer artists who were just doing showcases in live performances have a hard time gaining fans from their performances alone.

Even these huge performers could barely get people’s attention, and this is what I call a branding problem. See marketing is about creating awareness, and people are aware of them because they’re walking by they see, then, actually, you know making music, but they aren’t aware of who they are. So, even if the people didn’t necessarily like that type of music, like you didn’t like classical music, if these people knew who these people were, they would at least stop for it a little bit.

There’s a lot of times. People will accept the subpar or trash performance from people that they already know and like if they go to their concert versus actually buying into it becoming a fan of somebody that they don’t know just from a random performance. Branding leads to a reputation that precedes you, and people actually rely on branding as a shortcut to how they process information. People have to be told that something is worth their time.

They have to be told. That is valuable, if not that some things don’t happen naturally, but in this world where so many things are coming at us, people are always trying to figure out how to decide what they spend their time on. They say pay attention because you’re paying in time when you give your attention to something that we all know the time is the most valuable asset right. So, no matter what trash for quality people do not get paid, what they’re worth they’re, either underpaid or overpaid, underrated or overrated.

Now, if you’re, overpaid and overrated congratulations, that means your brand is doing its job, because Brande is the reason that people overpay for things now the problem. A lot of people have especially creatives when they’re trying to create a brand is they think that branding is all about aesthetic and visual type things the logo, the name things like that? That’s really only a small piece of the pie.

So what exactly is a brand? A brand is to perception and expectations that people associate with the person or entity and to translate that into something a little bit more practical and understanding. The difference between marketing and branding marketing is about creating awareness and branding is about creating value. What you mean by that brand man if there were two cars and both of them looked exactly the same? One was a Toyota and one was a BMW which one would you choose? Bmw, you don’t need a second and think most people will choose the BMW and this example is so perfect because they both look the same once again.

Branding is not necessarily all about visual, but people have a set of expectations of what it means to have. A BMW, BMWs represent quality engineering and luxury, especially in comparison to a Toyota, and this is what I mean by creating value in one of the best ways to create value is to communicate values and attract people who value your values. This is one of the reasons that Chancellor wrapper fights off, accusations that he’s not independent Soviet merely not because being an independent rapper, really even matters that much it’s just because of the fact that he’s made it so ingrained as a part of his values and marketed That as a part of his brand, but bringing that value into question is a direct attack at his brand.

It’s like if everybody found out that Toyota’s were being built in the exact same factory by the exact same people of s, BMW with the exact same parts and engineers and all that stuff behind it. Bmws will be at risk and losing a lot of value. Even still BMWs branding has been set so deeply into people’s psychology at this point that their actions will still likely show preference towards BMW, regardless of if it was made in the same way as Toyota or not perfect example, have you ever seen those blind drink tests Where people are drinking like Pepsi at coca-cola and they don’t know which one and we all know coca-cola is like number one by far, but when they do the blind drink test, there has been instances where people will be like.

Oh no, I like the Pepsi, but they won’t know if they’re female just say that one number two. You would think that that type of experience will make a person say: oh snap and there’s another life, I’m just started drinking Pepsi for now on, but you could take that same person, never tell them that they chose Pepsi before and then put two sodas in front Of them and say that this one’s coca-cola that one’s Pepsi and then they would choose two coke.

That’s because of the branding. I’m not going to go super deep into why. But let’s just say that coca-cola has communicated the worth of their brand very well over time and don’t get me wrong. There’s people who have brand bias towards Pepsi and they would have the same kind of illogical results. That’s based on the brand versus where they how much they actually like the soda. It was like the one pair of Jordans that I had when I was a kid.

Jordans are not the best basketball shoes, but when I got him and I played in the game, I really felt like I was going to fly there right. There is 100 % brand. I know it sucks with people, but it’s not 100 % a quality conversations and everybody likes to think that they’re all about quality, but most people are usually only about quality in the areas that they choose to be experts at. But there’s too much stuff out in the world to be completely in to know about every single product and experience.

That’s why going back to those two clips of the artists I played at the beginning? It was all about branding, people were aware of them, but they didn’t know that these people were worth paying attention to once again. Marketing is about creating awareness and branding is about creating value, and you can communicate your values to create value, and once you have these values, people have a set of expectations when it comes to what the experience of your brand is like and that’s it for now.

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