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Can Artists Do More Than One Thing At Once? [Artist Branding Part 1]

Some boxes are bigger than others, but a brand is a box. Nonetheless, a lot of people. A lot of artists don’t like to be boxed in, but trust me.

You have to have a box in any relationship, think about it. This way and every single relationship you have with somebody there’s a brand at place and they primarily look at you. Do that brand. Your mother looks at you as son first and then you might be a rapper. Your fans will think of you, have a rapper first or whatever you do. They might have not even fit that your son, daughter, wife, whatever.

So when you look at somebody like Donald Glover, somebody who’s done all these different things. Acting rapping he’s done all these things. On a high level, even still she spent years in just writing first and he slowly slowly but surely started to amplify others. He focuses kind of individually on one at a time, and only now is he getting to the point where he’d do all the things and people can kind of just accept all of the things I want, and still I guarantee you when you talking to Fox, then I’m going to carry in the wrapper, they only care of him as far as a director and writer of a TV showing can they create success in that when you listen into one of his albums, you don’t really get it down, that you wrote Atlanta or any Of that other stuff, all you want at that time is you’ll, be the best rapper.

You can be create the better music for me right now so understanding. That is this understanding that you can brand and sell multiple things to the same people and once at least not in the beginning, at first fill this over here to that crowd, because the 30 rock probably was running a little bit different than his comedy crowd, which Is way different than his music crap, a lot of people listen to music, I’ve never seen or even heard of 30 rock one more quick example.

Little yachty in the article that I did about him and all his marketing and branding as routine even talked about how hey I got this here, and this is my brand right now. I start off with my image before I even came out with my music, but I understand that when I want to become an actor sometime in the future, is my brand at the moment doesn’t necessarily fit where I want to go? But for now this works because I’m showing to this particular crowd right now.

I don’t have to transfer until ready to sell to this crack by the way that often where this whole idea of a sellout comes from, because people just don’t understand that hey, I’m selling to somebody different right now and all these are really just being fitted to Really just point out one simple thing, but you create a brand. It makes you more attractive to certain opportunities, but it also can restrict and limit you from others and that’s not a problem.

Nobody can have it all, particularly it’s not at the same time. That’s it. Y’All know what to do hit that subscribe button.

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Music Branding: The Brand Lie & The Truth Artists Should Know

What most people have wrong about branding and, lastly, the power of branding and how strong brands can cause people to lie to themselves and they kind of like it? So, let’s hop into this with two quick clips, let me introduce you my track pop out there piece by piece.

First, the melody. Okay, all right, if you don’t know the first person that was performing his name was Treme. If you’ve probably seen the article I’ve done on him and he’s basically a big deal, I’m talking a double platinum artist and he’s performing extremely popular songs in a time period where those songs were literally lighting up the charts. Now the second person is Joshua Bell, he’s essentially a classical music superstar, I’m talking about, but he doesn’t really lead a house for less than $ 75,000.

Not only that, but he was playing on a Stradivarius violin. Now one of my best friends is a classical violinist and Stradivarius violins are not cheap starting to thousands of dollars. The most expensive Stradivarius violin was sold for 16 million dollars. This alone kind of speaks to why a lot of newer artists who were just doing showcases in live performances have a hard time gaining fans from their performances alone.

Even these huge performers could barely get people’s attention, and this is what I call a branding problem. See marketing is about creating awareness, and people are aware of them because they’re walking by they see, then, actually, you know making music, but they aren’t aware of who they are. So, even if the people didn’t necessarily like that type of music, like you didn’t like classical music, if these people knew who these people were, they would at least stop for it a little bit.

There’s a lot of times. People will accept the subpar or trash performance from people that they already know and like if they go to their concert versus actually buying into it becoming a fan of somebody that they don’t know just from a random performance. Branding leads to a reputation that precedes you, and people actually rely on branding as a shortcut to how they process information. People have to be told that something is worth their time.

They have to be told. That is valuable, if not that some things don’t happen naturally, but in this world where so many things are coming at us, people are always trying to figure out how to decide what they spend their time on. They say pay attention because you’re paying in time when you give your attention to something that we all know the time is the most valuable asset right. So, no matter what trash for quality people do not get paid, what they’re worth they’re, either underpaid or overpaid, underrated or overrated.

Now, if you’re, overpaid and overrated congratulations, that means your brand is doing its job, because Brande is the reason that people overpay for things now the problem. A lot of people have especially creatives when they’re trying to create a brand is they think that branding is all about aesthetic and visual type things the logo, the name things like that? That’s really only a small piece of the pie.

So what exactly is a brand? A brand is to perception and expectations that people associate with the person or entity and to translate that into something a little bit more practical and understanding. The difference between marketing and branding marketing is about creating awareness and branding is about creating value. What you mean by that brand man if there were two cars and both of them looked exactly the same? One was a Toyota and one was a BMW which one would you choose? Bmw, you don’t need a second and think most people will choose the BMW and this example is so perfect because they both look the same once again.

Branding is not necessarily all about visual, but people have a set of expectations of what it means to have. A BMW, BMWs represent quality engineering and luxury, especially in comparison to a Toyota, and this is what I mean by creating value in one of the best ways to create value is to communicate values and attract people who value your values. This is one of the reasons that Chancellor wrapper fights off, accusations that he’s not independent Soviet merely not because being an independent rapper, really even matters that much it’s just because of the fact that he’s made it so ingrained as a part of his values and marketed That as a part of his brand, but bringing that value into question is a direct attack at his brand.

It’s like if everybody found out that Toyota’s were being built in the exact same factory by the exact same people of s, BMW with the exact same parts and engineers and all that stuff behind it. Bmws will be at risk and losing a lot of value. Even still BMWs branding has been set so deeply into people’s psychology at this point that their actions will still likely show preference towards BMW, regardless of if it was made in the same way as Toyota or not perfect example, have you ever seen those blind drink tests Where people are drinking like Pepsi at coca-cola and they don’t know which one and we all know coca-cola is like number one by far, but when they do the blind drink test, there has been instances where people will be like.

Oh no, I like the Pepsi, but they won’t know if they’re female just say that one number two. You would think that that type of experience will make a person say: oh snap and there’s another life, I’m just started drinking Pepsi for now on, but you could take that same person, never tell them that they chose Pepsi before and then put two sodas in front Of them and say that this one’s coca-cola that one’s Pepsi and then they would choose two coke.

That’s because of the branding. I’m not going to go super deep into why. But let’s just say that coca-cola has communicated the worth of their brand very well over time and don’t get me wrong. There’s people who have brand bias towards Pepsi and they would have the same kind of illogical results. That’s based on the brand versus where they how much they actually like the soda. It was like the one pair of Jordans that I had when I was a kid.

Jordans are not the best basketball shoes, but when I got him and I played in the game, I really felt like I was going to fly there right. There is 100 % brand. I know it sucks with people, but it’s not 100 % a quality conversations and everybody likes to think that they’re all about quality, but most people are usually only about quality in the areas that they choose to be experts at. But there’s too much stuff out in the world to be completely in to know about every single product and experience.

That’s why going back to those two clips of the artists I played at the beginning? It was all about branding, people were aware of them, but they didn’t know that these people were worth paying attention to once again. Marketing is about creating awareness and branding is about creating value, and you can communicate your values to create value, and once you have these values, people have a set of expectations when it comes to what the experience of your brand is like and that’s it for now.

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