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Can Artists Do More Than One Thing At Once? [Artist Branding Part 1]

Some boxes are bigger than others, but a brand is a box. Nonetheless, a lot of people. A lot of artists don’t like to be boxed in, but trust me.

You have to have a box in any relationship, think about it. This way and every single relationship you have with somebody there’s a brand at place and they primarily look at you. Do that brand. Your mother looks at you as son first and then you might be a rapper. Your fans will think of you, have a rapper first or whatever you do. They might have not even fit that your son, daughter, wife, whatever.

So when you look at somebody like Donald Glover, somebody who’s done all these different things. Acting rapping he’s done all these things. On a high level, even still she spent years in just writing first and he slowly slowly but surely started to amplify others. He focuses kind of individually on one at a time, and only now is he getting to the point where he’d do all the things and people can kind of just accept all of the things I want, and still I guarantee you when you talking to Fox, then I’m going to carry in the wrapper, they only care of him as far as a director and writer of a TV showing can they create success in that when you listen into one of his albums, you don’t really get it down, that you wrote Atlanta or any Of that other stuff, all you want at that time is you’ll, be the best rapper.

You can be create the better music for me right now so understanding. That is this understanding that you can brand and sell multiple things to the same people and once at least not in the beginning, at first fill this over here to that crowd, because the 30 rock probably was running a little bit different than his comedy crowd, which Is way different than his music crap, a lot of people listen to music, I’ve never seen or even heard of 30 rock one more quick example.

Little yachty in the article that I did about him and all his marketing and branding as routine even talked about how hey I got this here, and this is my brand right now. I start off with my image before I even came out with my music, but I understand that when I want to become an actor sometime in the future, is my brand at the moment doesn’t necessarily fit where I want to go? But for now this works because I’m showing to this particular crowd right now.

I don’t have to transfer until ready to sell to this crack by the way that often where this whole idea of a sellout comes from, because people just don’t understand that hey, I’m selling to somebody different right now and all these are really just being fitted to Really just point out one simple thing, but you create a brand. It makes you more attractive to certain opportunities, but it also can restrict and limit you from others and that’s not a problem.

Nobody can have it all, particularly it’s not at the same time. That’s it. Y’All know what to do hit that subscribe button.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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Branding Story Attributes and Elements – Session 2 Lecture 2: SMU101: Intro to Branding Unit

We need to familiarize ourselves with what these are and then relate them to the branding stories that we tell so some of these conventions are first a central premise. The central premise is the whole point of telling a story in the first place. Basic story, premises are things like power corrupts or bad people can be turned good or saving the world is worth the effort or even love.

Conquers everything premises tend to be easily identifiable universal human themes. A clean premise is when it’s easy to say what a story is about in just a few sentences when it comes to branding the premise, will always be an aspect of a brand’s promise or value without a premise, a story just doesn’t have a point. The second convention – strong three-dimensional characters after the premise has been nailed down the story.

Development process moves to developing strong, engaging and believable characters who an audience will come to care about in even Route 4 and branding a character can be a little character that you develop to represent the brand think about things like the Pillsbury Doughboy Ronald McDonald. The compare the market meerkats, the Green Giant, the Michelin Man in the PG, tipps monkey or a character can be a brand’s personality.

The cheekiness of John Smith lager the irreverence of tango, the elegance of Jaguar, the integrity of the body shop or the no-nonsense nacinda pendant newspaper. A third convention is something that I call the confined space and few things are as confined as a hundred and forty characters of a tweet or the standard. Five hundred to a thousand words of a blog post or sheet of a4 for a press release or three to five minutes of a YouTube article for a story to have a chance of making a point and has to eliminate all extraneous details.

Focus on one points and a character or a group of characters who has a good reason for existing a story that wanders around is aimless or unfolds into a series of unrelated circumstances will only confuse an audience with useless details. The fourth storytelling convention is having a protagonist. Traditionally in storytelling, a protagonist is someone who is on some sort of a quest or undergoes a transformation.

The role of the protagonist is to carry the audience through the story, which is why this is the most important character. The protagonist sees more clearly understands things sooner, makes the good guesses more often and takes the right path when everyone else says he’s crazy. Harrison Ford has made a career out of playing protagonists characters we or other characters initially may not like, but who ultimately changes for the better han Solo.

Decker from the Blade Runner Indiana Jones are all classic protagonists. Brending doesn’t have this kind of protagonist and branding the protagonist. Is the problem the need the requirement or want that your brand promises to solve for satisfy a brand protagonist in this light can either be explicitly or implicitly stated if Brent X wants to convey the convenience of international banking having branches all around the globe? I’m stressing this too globe-trotting explorers a business people, the inconvenience of not having such a bank is usually an explicitly stated protagonist.

Most service companies explicitly state the protagonist in their stories. Luxury beauty and fashion brands typically use an implicitly state. A protagonist Brand X will make you feel youthful what’s implicit is that its audience feels insecure about their gray, hairs or wrinkles or weight or whatever it is? They feel insecure about that and security is the implicitly stated protagonist. Think of these as the elephant in the room that no one wants to actually say is there.

Another story convention is called an antagonist. An antagonist is someone bent on stopping the hero or the protagonist of a story. Your antagonist s, –, are your main competitors. Few brands actually name their rivals in their stories. However, they’re usually clever clues in clues about their identity at aardvark. Our antagonist, unsurprisingly, were major labels. All we had to say was we listen and we learn and our audience knew exactly who we were talking about and how we were different.

Another story convention is called an arch. An arch is like a bridge. It gets you from point A to point B. Your story is about fulfilling a need or a problem or a desire. If your brand satisfies a problem, the arch is a person going from having a problem to understanding that your brand will solve that problem. If your brand is fashion-related, for instance, the arch is going from not knowing what to wear to the office party to seeing that dress, causing a stir.

Another arch is someone who is bored of all their article games in thinking that your article game is just what they need to relieve their boredom. Every story needs an arch. Another convention is conflict. Typically, a story needs conflict for branding. I say a story needs resolution. If the arch is the bridge resolution is the final destination, it’s the engagement with the brand, whether that engagement is a purchase or acquisition of certain services.

Well, this isn’t a story element. It’s the outcome. A branding story always aims for as a set of conventions. Each one of these seven has its role to play in conveying relevance and uniqueness to a brand story’s audience. So, to recap: the story is comprised of seven elements: a central premise, a three-dimensional character, a confined space, a protagonist and antagonist an arch and resolution. We will be exploring these in this lecture, as well as the following lectures within this unit.

Keeping these seven elements in mind in this lecture, we will be exploring two critical aspects of storytelling, developing an understanding of why storytelling establishes audience, connections and developing an understanding of strategic storytelling element. In addition to seven storytelling elements, strategic brand stories conveys six levels of meaning and I’ll briefly introduce what these are now.

The first is the attributes of a brand, in other words, what it is that makes a brand different and unique. The second level of meaning is the benefits of a brand. The third is a brand’s values. The fourth is a brand culture. For instance, a pehoe Apple has a culture about innovation. Jaguar has a culture of luxury and elegance Minnie’s ministry of sound has a culture of fun and hedonism. The fifth is the personality of a brand in the 6th level of meaning is understanding its audience through tone of voice vocabulary.

Images, music – in other words, all of the things that a brand story uses to convey, meaning. So, let’s spend some time exploring brand attributes brand attributes address specific aspects of a brand. In other words, they signify the basic nature of a brand. They are a bundle of features that highlight the physical and personality aspects of a brand attributes are developed through images, actions or presumptions.

They are a collection of characteristics, personality elements and associations that make a brand uniquely yours boiled-down. It’s what you bring to the table that no one else can attributes convey. Uniqueness attributes, convey uniqueness and distinctiveness. Attributes can also convey a brand’s value and its promise understanding your brand’s attributes helps you define the confined space. Your story must work with them.

You can think of this element as a filter filtering out everything that is extraneous to your brand story. To keep it on point. You can also think of it as a boundary or a frame for a conversation. Keeping your basic story focused and concise within a brown story. Attributes will always be the central premise. Specific attributes can also be the three-dimensional character, or sometimes even the protagonist, which one it is will depend on the story you want to tell and that story’s point the attribute you wish to tell a story about may also influence how you want to tell that story.

In other words, determine whether you’re confined space will be a short article, a blog post, a press release an image, a some of the form of communication. With your audience, understanding your brand’s, unique combination of attributes helps you establish it convey the following things: you are different. The clarity of the message you want to deliver to your brand story, the perception and audience has of your brand.

This perception should be heightened and strengthened, strengthened by every brand story. You tell or brand experience that you share two-way loyalty. Your end of the bargain is not wasting your audience’s time. Each and every story you tell or experience you share has to be meaningful and relevant to your audience. Your loyalty to your audience should, in the medium to long term, result in your audience being loyal to your brand.

To illustrate the point about Brown difference on the screen or two very popular brands, of coffee, keeping the concept of difference in mind. They are at the end of the day, both just cups of coffee and your opinion. What makes one different from the other, what Association do you have for each one of them think about the brand messages and their advertising, which one do you listen to and why? How does the branding messages for each influenced you do they do their messages influence? You spend a little bit of time thinking about this pause, the article here, if you want to spend a few minutes just thinking about these, your answers to these questions you’ll be answering similar questions these in the scenario and the template exercises that accompany this session brand Benefits are about what it is.

Your brand does if a brand exists to solve a problem than how exactly does it solve that problem in a way that no other brands can if it exists, to fill a void or a need or desire, then how does it fill this in a way that A similar brand can’t what positive experience action or outcome can your brand provide. This is another aspect that relates to the central premise, part of the story. It is also the arch that leads to a resolution.

Brand values explain how you can prove what you can do and why you can do it better than your competitors without a unique value proposition. Your brand lacks focus and leaves an audience confused. The more value that your Brown brings to the market into an audience. The stronger your brand can be. This needs to be something beyond a profit motive. Why are you passionate about what it is that you do? Brand values relates to the protagonist element of your storytelling.

Remember in branding the protagonist is the problem the needs requirement or want that your brand promises to solve or satisfying solving or fulfilling is its function and its value to get to the root of your brand’s value. Ask yourself these following questions: who are we? What do we stand for? What do we do for our audience? How does our audience see our brand and what do they think it stands for now enter your story’s protagonist who solely exists to answer just these questions, the central premise of your story solely exists to allow the protagonist to answer a specific question.

The penny has probably started to drop why this approach is more powerful, more effective than merely bombarding people with just the standard by this message and why we’re spending so much time in the first in this first lecture for this session, covering story to storytelling, hopefully, you’ve Begun to see the relevance between the seven storytelling conventions brand attributes and how strategically produced brand stories can use these to create associations about a brand that links to memory.

If not, don’t worry this, this is a theme that will be developing far more fully over the next couple of slides. So what is this thing? We call brand culture. Let me spend a little time answering that by outlining what creating a brand culture actually accomplishes, a brand culture creates a sense of community with this audience. It’s the shared aspect of storytelling and all of the elements that go with that story.

Each element speaks about your brand’s: they create associations that should mean something and stand for something. It’s the act of sharing, whether it’s experiences, knowledge time, advice, ideals, beliefs or things. All of this creates a culture or an environment. A brand culture creates an experience with its audience. It’s actually audience focused. It develops a sense of empathy. A brand lets its audience know that it understands what it is they want need or requires.

A brand culture also defines your brand’s ethos. It is the proof that you walk the talk. It’s the proof that your motivation isn’t all about the money that there is a genuine passion on your part for doing whatever it is that you do this aspect links to your stories, central premise. It can also be your story’s protagonist and also its character, which one will again depend on the story that you want to tell and the reason why you want to tell it okay, so what’s brand personality, all about then Brown personality is it’s a set of human Characteristics and attributes that are attributed to a brand name, it’s something to which an audience can relate to you at an emotional level, and this is the added value that our brand gains, apart from its functional benefits.

Think again, back to that Dyson example that I gave just like any other Hoover, but when you really start drilling down into it, it’s all about the lifestyle and actually not just owning a Dyson but having a Dyson home brand personality is a hundred percent about the Three-Dimensional character aspect of your storytelling: this is something we’ll be discussing in greater detail over the next few slides.

Why is having a brand personality? Important? It’s about establishing a perceptive difference in uniqueness, using personality archetypes gives your brand to personality and a story that everyone can understand and relate to both internally and externally to your business or your service. Art fork records personality was kind of like the older, older brother or sister. You want it to be when you group, when you grew older or a cool, older, cousin or a hip uncle most families have one of these.

Their tastes are a bit ahead of the times, but they’re unquestioned when they speak. Everyone listens to what they have to say. They don’t follow trends, they make the trends they had, that undefinable and unquantifiable it or x-factor, and yet they remain very grounded and very down to earth. They’re, not arrogance, which kind of makes them even cooler. They also like to share. It was the right character for the company and one that worked and still works incredibly well, once established, it was a brand personality that worked across cultures and geographies that cool family member personality is universal.

Considering the majority of record labels, don’t even have a brand personality. The fact that aardvark had won much last one that worked well, may the label stand out in a very positive way even more. It was no accident that the label attracts the audience that it does. We were very clear about who we were as a brand. What we had to offer and why we were passionate about the business that we were in our brand stories in character clearly delivered the message.

There are five basic dimensions of brand personality which you can see here on the screen, and I apologize again. This is part of the reason why I split this overall lecture into two halves. I’m heating you with rather a lot in this one so between you know, seven but storytelling elements, six levels of meaning, and now we have five personality dimensions in the table. You’ll see a dimension name like sincerity and the traits that are most often associated with that dimension.

In the case of sincerity, the traits most often associated with sincerity are dermis, disa, t, honesty, genuineness and cheerfulness. This is an area that has undergone extensive research for decades. Hence the identified traits associated associated with each one of these five dimensions. You are quite literally looking at the results of hundreds of millions of pounds worth of marketing research.

While this money and interest spent on brand personality, people make purchasing decisions based on any number of associations, they have with an individual brand and companies spend millions on advertising and marketing activities so that they can influence what those associations might be. Just as we each choose. Our friends, based on their personalities, brands, can elicit the same sort of response and consumers understanding your brand’s personality will transform how you approach an audience.

It’s also one of the fundamental foundations of creating a branding community. Let’s look at the first dimension sincerity. Consumers interpret sincere brands, is being down-to-earth, honest, wholesome and cheerful so using, I don’t know julia roberts as an example of a actor or actress brown, but the house sincerity associated with it sure some people will find julia roberts annoying, but most people find her endearing.

The kind of woman you could sit down with for a chinwag at the kitchen table next up is excitement. The most exciting brands are daring, spirited, imaginative and on the cutting edge of things not only are Burton Snowboards on the cutting edge of technology and performance. The products bearing the burden names are designed with their audience and minds, funky, graphics and for thinking designs make Burton a leader in their competitive industry.

Next up is competence, reliability, intelligence and success are the traits best associated with brands associated with competence. Even in these trying economic times, there are a few financial service firms that still manage to play well in in an audience’s mind, Ernst & Young is the stable, successful smart guy next door. Who can tell you how to transform your business? Sorry for the sirens? It’s just proven to be one of those days really.

Next up we have sophistication a brand that is sophisticated, is viewed as charming and fit for the upper classes. When it comes to esteem, in seemingly eternal longevity, the chanel brand is unequaled in good times and bad. This brand remains strong as a symbol of life lived in all the right places, doing all the right things last we have ruggedness. Interestingly, an audience picks up on this personality dimension quite well.

Rugged brands are seen as outdoors in tough. The North Face has built an empire by outfitting people who actually do Chris carry things outdoors as well as those who just want to look good now. In most cases, a brand only has one dimension. There are others like aardvark, who have more than one and I’ll explain how this works overall, aardvark mixed sincerity with excitement, both of these dimensions captured its brand personality.

Now, where things get a bit, tricky was defining a dimension for aardvarks different audiences aardvark, not only releases albums within staggeringly different music genres. It sells music to the public and to other companies, so taking the first part of that first selling, music to the public. We couldn’t brand our alternative rock releases, the same way that we branded our minimalist electronica releases that it just wouldn’t work.

Alternative rockers, wanted, ruggedness and excitement. Minimalist electronica lovers wanted sincerity and sophistication with the Dasha competence. We reflected each tribes, dimension, preferences and all of our branding messages to each all the while making sure the overall look feel and style were congruent to the overall aardvark brand. In other words, we played with various aspects of the overall brand character and personality and tailored each to every genre of music that we released.

The fun was in developing an overall brand personality and character, an umbrella or master personality, as it were. That could enable us to do all of this. An additional layer of complication was licensing and selling our music Jude’s strategic business partners. Partnership deals with international music download providers, other record labels, other music publishers and people who rented our music for television, film and gaming game production companies was a large part of the overall business and it would have been really inappropriate to send another business.

The same kind of branding stories or have the same kind of branding character as those that we sent to the public when it came to our business partners. Competence was the defining personality dimension with a dash of excitement and sincerity, and if this sounds like having multiple personalities, it kind of is most entertainment. Companies do have multiple faces. We have to it’s all about understanding the wants and needs of the various tribes who make up our overall audience in what’s meaningful and relevant to each one of them.

If you go on to own or handle a company, that only requires one dimension, be very, very thankful and be very, very grateful. The point of the aardvark example is this understanding these characteristics for your brand’s, but, more specifically for your audience, support you in framing your strategic branding, storytelling, okay. So what is brand audience you’ve already done a bit of reading about this and you’ve heard it and wanted to the articles that you viewed already an audience is what we used to refer to as consumers or customers.

An audience is also composed of distinct, individual tribes. What we used to refer to as demographics, traditional marketers, still use the terms, consumers, customers and demographics? I don’t it kind of a lot of the kind of newer generation of marketers. They don’t either. Is that I’m not alone more and more marketing people have begun. Abandoning those old fashioned terms for audience and tribes, so why would we do that terms like consumer customer and demographics, dehumanize people? They turn living people into an abstraction and other that is reduced to use statistics or a percentage point they’re? Not us.

We can do horrible things to them like spamming in direct mail, because we no longer see them as being human. Like us, consumers, customer and demographics, traditional marketers, see them as just the life support systems for wallets purses or checking accounts. That’s all they’re worth audience and tribe’s is an affirmative view. People who think in these terms want to exchange experiences and yes, goods, products and services as well, but what we want to do these things in a more positive way, a way that isn’t reductionist.

We see audiences and tribes as humans they’re, one of us. They have thoughts and feelings and opinions and aspirations, as well as wallets purses and checking accounts. While they may all sound slightly hippie dippie a way to approach this kind of work. The rewards on many different levels makes the effort worth it. Audiences are loyal. Audiences can also advocate on your brand’s behalf numbers and statistics can’t advocate, and they never will before.

Listening to this last part of the lecture, I suggest that you refer back to your notes about the seven elements of a story which, just as a reminder, the central premise: the three-dimensional character, the confined space, the protagonist, the antagonist of the arch and the resolution, and Really understand what each one of these elements are and what they contribute to a story. I’d also suggest revisiting your notes about the six levels of meaning which, just in case you forgotten our brand attributes brand benefits, brand values, brand culture, brand personality and audience understand the relationships in the interactions between the seven story, elements and six levels of meaning.

You will need to relate what you learned in the first half of this lesson to the last bit of brand storytelling that we’re about to cover here. We will be building on that knowledge, which you will need in order to complete this scenario and the template exercises for this session. A good strategic brand story is also measurable. In other words, your brand’s story is the most important statement you can make to ensure it’s as powerful as it can be document your story and ask these three questions.

Number one. Is it relevant by relevant, I mean you can state what you think is important, but the only thing that matters is that it’s important to your audience make sure your language feels like it belongs to them. The second question: is it valuable by valuable I mean, does your brand story deliver real value to the lives of your audience if it isn’t immediately evident, go back and craft the statement, so it delivers the value third question: is it extendable and by extent extendable? I mean: can your brand story extend across your entire? Offering can it grow with you into the future, make sure that your story has enough depth and again think about the example that I gave for that umbrella personality for aardvark? That’s a good example of making something extendable here, I’m going to give you some storytelling secrets: have you ever read a corporate website, that’s so dry and so factual? It nearly puts you to sleep.

Conversely, have you read one of those about us page that was so painstakingly detailed? You know the ones that kind of say it started when I was born in a small town and college. I studied then, 10 years after that project we decided to, and it just goes on and on and on in my new detail, so much so that you’re utterly confused by the second paragraph. Another thing to keep in mind: that’s basically don’t do that.

Keep things nice clean and streamlines another secret. It’s a story! Writing have you accomplished something unimaginable overcome an impossible hardship over joy to find your passion tell your audience about it. These are evergreen ideas and emotions that will always resonate with your audience. It shows you’re genuine and it shows it again beyond a profit motive. You have a real passion for doing the thing that it is that you do challenge yourself to tell your anecdotes in two or three sentences to stay on course.

This is a topic will be going into far far more in depth than the whole kind of writing more effectively online course, but for now just kind of think about how you can put things in a very, very succinct way, some more storytelling secrets if you’re a New customer or new client met you in person. After reading your website, or blog with your, be a big disconnect between that and your real personality, showcase, your personality and unique style by telling your story in your own voice give your audience a glimpse into the kind of person or brand that you are this.

Should this will always show you and demonstrate your passion and the next one stumped on how to embrace your voice on paper risk? Looking like a crazy person and actually say out loud the story, you want to tell online even record it with your smartphone or one of those dictaphones transcribe it and then edit it just to round out the edges and make sure that everything is smooth. If you saw clothing, that’s primarily aimed towards professional twenty-something, women want to think about creating a blog or a blog series, at least that offers fashion advice and tips for dressing well at work or outfits that take you from the desk to drinks.

Afterwards, you get the idea, there’s kind of stories tell the stories your audience want in need to hear another little tip is um devote 30 minutes to getting to know your audience better. What are they reading? What do they comment most on? What are the biggest challenges? Craft blog posts addressing what you’ve learned and in doing so remember the personality dimensions, but also remember the six levels of meaning brand attributes, benefits, values, culture, personality and audience that wraps things up for this lecture.

I wish you all the best for your work on the scenarios in the template that accompany this session, and I will see you in the next session.


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Branding Messaging – Session 3 SMU101: Intro to Branding Unit

People in general don’t care about what you want to be. They simply walk through life and perceive things they don’t perceive you or your brand in a certain way, because they’re being difficult, they’re doing it because they’re humans and that’s what people do just like people make impressions on other people, so do companies.

It’s very tempting to try to be everything to everyone. You might make some sales in the short run by doing that, but in the long run you sacrifice the impression your brand makes on the collective consciousness of your potential customer base, but don’t panic just yet? There are things you can do to plant the seeds for how you want an audience to perceive your brand. That’s where brands messaging comes in by the end of this lecture, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of these two things.

The deeper understanding of what branding is all about and an understanding of how branding is the foundation for all commercial communication and marketing activity. In the second part, to this procession to lecture, we spent a significant amount of time covering the seven attributes that make a story and the six levels of meaning storytelling elements and levels of meaning have a direct impact on this lecture.

One of the first areas they have a direct correlation Jew is brand messaging continuity. Your brand messaging has to be congruent, in other words, the character of your brand, the personality of your brand, the protagonist, the bridge, the resolution, the attributes, the benefits, the value and the culture has to be consistent. In other words, these elements and levels of meaning have to have consistency without consistency, we saw the seeds of confusion in an audience’s mind and risk a negative impression of a brand brand message.

Consistency is an alignment of three factors who you are, who you say. You are and who an audience thinks you are in audiences, quite good at spotting gaps. So what’s an audience gap when companies say there’s something but act in a radically different way, for instance, a green company that gets caught illegally dumping waste. An example of this would be the Royal Caribbean cruise liner company, which got caught illegally dumping waste oil and hazardous chemicals in bays and along coastlines, in other words, an environment, environmentally sensitive and, in some cases protected areas.

Another example would be a reliable car model. That’s actually dangerous. The Toyota and General Motors scandals are classic examples of this. A last example would be a fair trade or ethical company that uses sweatshop labor. For instance, in 2007 the gap clothing company was caught using cheap child labor in India, which not only severely damaged the credibility of its ethical image. It prompted a fall in its stock market share price.

Your brand doesn’t even have to directly contradict it’s brown message to fall, afoul of your brand message itself and an audience’s perception of your brand. For instance, Walmart fell foul of public opinion when it was discovered that one of its suppliers use child labor and the manufacturing of goods for Walmart. In this instance, it was a Walmart. He used the child labor in the manufacturing of goods.

It was a supplier who provided goods to walmart. Nevertheless, Walmart’s reputation took a big hit, so it should come as no surprise that an audience perception gap can be incredibly harmful, make the relationship between who you are, who you say you are and how people perceive you as aligned and focused as possible. That’s what we mean by being brand congruent. We spent a little bit of time already talking about, what’s called the marketing mix and that’s where this particular slide comes into play all along the brand communication process, from concept to pitching marketing, to PR to social media.

To actually publishing contents, your message must be the same, or, to put it another way, the challenge that you’ll face is the perception that people will have of your brand. At the end of the day, perception is reality. One of the main things that we’re task but doing is to create the best perception through our brand messages, and by this I mean you want to do everything you can to create the best impression possible.

The seven storytelling elements and the six levels of meaning, in addition to continuity, will deliver your message about your brand’s values and its benefits this alongside ensuring there are no gaps, and your audience’s perception of your brand goes a long way towards creating the best possible impression. So, whenever the public hears your name or sees your product or sees your logo, they get a great image in their head and they create a great Association.

We try to create the best possible impression and branding just like we do in any facet of life to build credibility and Trust which are the building blocks to building relationships, and today it’s all about building relationships with the public. Failure to connect with your audience leads to well failure we’re faced with some pretty big challenges. We operate in a time of exchangeable products, the rise of social media, clutter, immature and rather brand skeptic audiences.

So for us, it’s all about finding new ways to get people engaged again in products, services and businesses, as well as advertising in a course in brands. This is a subject that will that the short article in the next slide will actually cover. It underlines the importance of why there’s been really annoying by this messages, but why they just don’t work and why strategic branded stories actually do.

Oh, Oh ha. Oh, Oh, integrated, brand communications for ibc for short, is a holistic communication strategy that integrates all of your audience. Contact activities to manage your most precious asset, your brand IBC integrates activities such as public relations, advertising Investor Relations, interactive media, social media reputation, management or internal communications. To manage a brand, it is central to the idea of managing a brand to optimize its value and communicate its benefits.

The next section of this lecture will go into how to approach and develop an IBC for now. Let me give you an overview. The starting place for any integrated brand communications is the business, not marketing or communications. More specifically, IBC starts with your business strategy, will be going into business strategy and a lot more depth in the brand management sessions. For now, you just need to be aware that I BC begins and ends with understanding the role of a brand within the businesses or organizations business model and determining how our brands can help grow and sustain that business or service.

However, this first means that we must view a brand as a financial asset and identify the key drivers of a brand’s value so that we can influence, control and measure these values through an integrated communications effort. Ibc brings strategy, finance and marketing communications together to manage the brand to optimize its value. It serves as a catalyst for uniting executive, financial and marketing management.

An ultimate ultimately helps to remove internal barriers that may have prevented an integrated communications effort. The first step in this process is start with understanding the role of brand in your business. We spend some time in the first two lectures discussing how brand is defined as a relationship that secures future earnings by developing means and a relationship with an audience. Given this, the starting point for any IBC program involves analyzing the role that brand plays or can play and securing greater loyalty across your business.

This step involves challenging long-held assumptions regarding the key drivers of any business. These assumptions can be beliefs like price is our only added value or ours is simply a commodity business or we can’t alienate our distribution partners or even or our brand plays no role. It’s just all about customer relationships. You get the general idea. The people responsible for brands need to re-examine these assumptions in the light of what is possible rather than what’s always been in the end, your brand can be your trump card, it can be your ace, king or queen.

It can also be a joker and we’re working together to help you avoid that. The second step is understand. The factors that contribute to brand value brand value, which is also referred to as brand equity, is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand’s name, symbol, experiences, perceptions and all of the other ephemera we’ve already covered, basically those things which either add to Or subtract from the perceived value provided by a product or a service understanding the assets which make up your brand.

Those seven storytelling elements in the six levels of meaning will better enable you to understand the value of your brand. You can actually measure aspects of your brand’s value through things like social media. You know things like likes and comments and shares. You can also measure it through a process called analytics things like how many unique visitors does your website or your blog get every day? Where do most of those visitors come from? How long do they stay on your website or blog all those sorts of questions? We’ve created an entire SME smu unit, all based on analytics what it is and how to do it? It’s basically that important a subject, but for now just know that there are ways and ways and means to measure your brand’s value and then, of course, there’s the most obvious value measure of a brand sales and profit.

So, once more step, two is to understand the factors that contribute to your brand’s value. The third step in this process is identify your key target audience. This is something we’ll be delving into far more deeply in such an eight once the rule of brand has been explored. The next critical step is to identify your key target audiences to prioritize this effort, it’s necessary to distinguish between targets that drive the success of the business and targets that simply contribute to it or influence its success.

In some cases, if you successfully influence your driving audience, the resulting business performance will be strong enough to motivate your contributing audiences to take notice and to respond, in other words, there’s two kind of people, their leaders and their followers. Who are the trendsetters in opinion formers in your industry? You are the most likely to be the first to engage with your new product or your new service.

These are the people you need to specifically address to begin with. Let them advocate your brand and convince those who trust their opinion to engage. The primary challenge is to design a brand strategy that connects with your driving audiences and an integrated Bryan communications plan to connect with your contributing audiences as kind of important. So I’m going to repeat that one again, the primary challenge is to design a brand strategy that connects with your driving audiences.

Those are the opinion formers and the thought, leaders within your sector or your industry, and an integrated brand communications plan to connect with your contributing audiences. Those are basically the people who listen to and follow the advice of opinion formers and thought leaders step. Four is all about framing your big idea. Big Ideas define a bronze, unique value; propositions, communicating sameness, it’s just a waste of valuable resources, communicating meaningful distinctiveness as a catalyst for growth.

Big Ideas stem from a clear understanding of an audience’s needs marketplace dynamics and your business strategies. Big Ideas match your brand’s unique benefits with the needs of your driving audience. Step 5 is assessing your big idea. Great big ideas satisfy four fundamental criteria. First criteria is relevant and by that I mean be relevant and connecting with an audience’s needs. Remember your central pop proposition, your character and your protagonist.

This is where they can come into play. The second criteria is differentiated by that I mean being differentiated and stand apart from competitive propositions. Remember things like your antagonist, your bridge and your resolution. Next, your big idea has to be credible in its believability and something that often gets overlooked. Your big any idea it needs to have stretch it needs to have the ability to stretch and grow with your business as it evolves relevance.

Difference and credibility are the three things you must continually assess and ensure each accurately reflect your brand relevant difference and credibility are the three things you must continually assess. You also have to ensure that each accurately reflects your brand. The sixth step is actually understanding how far you need to shift perceptions in order to own your big idea as they develop a loyal relationship with the brand audiences move, through almost a process of progressive involvement, with little to minimal kind of touch points in the beginning.

To actually becoming quite actively involved with your brand’s later on during that process, perceptions may develop that could hinder an audience’s ability to respond to your distinctive promise. These perception barriers must be overcome to convey your big idea. Some barriers are more difficult to surmount than others. If your barriers are awareness related and chances are, if you’re new to the market, that’s going to be your challenge.

Actually getting people aware that your brand even exists. If your barriers are actually awareness related, greater exposure to your message may be, all that’s actually need it to fix the problem. However, you, if you face questions about your credibility, you must actually change the way your audience thinks about your value. So here’s some common perception barriers that brands have faced. The first example is through a previous experience with the brand that was less than a quality experience.

This negative experience builds mistrust and closes an audience love to any new messages that you send. The second kind of barrier is a perception barrier. A company that purports to be a green company will attract a green, conscious audience if it’s found to not have green practices. This will undermine if not destroy the perception of that brand. Another kind of perception barrier is when something that’s branded as easy to do.

We’re easy to assemble is perceived to be difficult. A more subtle perception barrier happens if a brand’s message doesn’t convey conviction or if a bronze tone of voice doesn’t match the actual brand image. For instance, if I’m marketing a children’s book and aimed at nine to 11 year olds, but the branding language I use, is worthy of a PhD student, that’s not really going to instill a positive Association for the book cultural differences.

Now this is a big one. One of the most famous cases of this is when Chevrolet won’t de Nova in Latin America, nova or more accurately. No vah translates as no go in Spanish, not exactly the kind of message you want to send about a car. The seventh step in the ibc process is to build your message to shift perceptions, getting people to change the way they think about. Your brand is no easy task. It requires a communication effort that is capable of penetrating the formidable walls.

People erect as a protection against deadly information overload to make them take notice. You must deliver precisely targeted messages that rises above the clutter and compels them to alter their assumptions. This is more or less with that article. A few slides earlier actually addressed a compelling message that delivers a powerful big idea can generate communication success even with the most modest media budgets make sure the messages are right again.

This is a direct link to the lectures and lesson sessions too. Okay, there’s not many steps left the eighth step and the IPC process is to understand the role that each communication tool you use, helps to create and shift perceptions and can ultimately sustain your brand’s momentum. Once you have your strategic brand message, you have to pick the most appropriate delivery vehicle, the rest of the SMU course units.

They address different aspects of these delivery mediums things like from blogging to social media, to websites and, more as a general rule. Each progressive stage of your involvement with an audience requires more individualized communications to meet the needs of your audience again. Think about tribes and think about the example I use with aardvark records about the different tribes we communicated with and how it used a different mix of personality traits and approaches targeted to very specific tribes within an overall audience.

Social media, advertising and PR are powerful awareness building tools, they’re also helpful and instilling a sense of relevance. High touch, media things like print advertising, interactive media and adverts, they’re better for relevance and instilling a clear sense of differential value, direct interactions, things again like social media. Well, those are the most effective tools for shaping satisfaction and encouraging audience loyalty.

The challenge is to leverage the relative power if each medium to build an integrated solution that will work the best for your unique audience communication requirements. The ninth step is to measure your results. I’ve covered this a few slides back when I mentioned analytics among the other purposes of analytics. This will allow you to define a return on your investment in terms of time and if budgets actually allow money – and here we go we’re at the last step.

The last step and the ibc process is to revisit step 5, which is all about shifting perceptions and repeat the whole process. Over and over again, ibc is not a one-time, only thing it’s a process and it’s a process that requires fine-tuning tweaking and changing. This is because Browns don’t exist in some sort of time, vacuum external and internal forces, but they basically require that we continually revisit the process.

Ibc is also an organic process, one that can be fed, nurtured and made stronger through active involvement once you’ve measured. Your initial results returned to the program’s foundations and examine opportunities for enhancement, return to your messages and explore opportunities to make them even more compelling return to your media assumptions and determine, if you’re, reaching your targets. Other things you can do return to your your budgets and determine if you’ve, if you’ve allocated them as effectively as possible and finally return to your assessment tools and determine whether they’re generating the insight you need to grow and manage your branding program.

Okay. So it’s time to start wrapping things up for this lecture. Let’s look at what brand messaging isn’t the old marketing paradigm is dead, and by that I mean the old weight the old-fashioned way of marketing. It was one-way communication from some unknown, faceless entity to the public. It was one-to-one communication, was a very top-down approach and evolved. Huge huge budgets just enormous enormously big spend because of this, because it’s one-way communication.

It was a top-down approach, basically messages coming down from on high down to consumers and customers, who you know they. We really weren’t asked for it to have any kind of involvement or feedback the companies that did that was perceived to be kind of faceless corporate brands. Companies who engage in this style of marketing or typically and usually perceived to be ignoring their social responsibilities and they’re.

Also perceived to be quite arrogant, okay, so now that we’ve taken a look at what brands messaging, isn’t we’re going to take a look at what brand messaging actually is the new marketing paradigm is it’s about building relationships with an audience. It’s about one-to-many communication. It’s about two-way loyalty and respect. It’s also about honesty. Even if that honesty hurts it’s about communicating values, two-way dialogue, again, those are all important considerations in terms of building a community, especially community, around your brand.

It’s not only allowing but actively encouraging your audience’s commentary about your you and your brand, and it’s also a two-way growth process. Some of the best most innovative ideas that we actually had an aardvark actually came about through actively engaging with their audience listening to what they had to say and hearing their suggestions in their feedback branding. It’s about people, it’s about community, it’s about participation, it’s the shift from monologue to dialogue, and it has changed traditional media and marketing forever.

Okay, so I’ve been banding this term community about a little in our previous sessions together. It’s a term that I appreciate people can interpret differently. So what exactly do I mean when I say community? For me the three core components? The first component is a group having a shared consciousness, and by that I mean members, feel they kind of sort of knew. Each other, or they knew something about each other because they have a shared interest.

So an example of this would be people who drive Broncos, who else drives Broncos? Well guys like me and guys who like engines, and it could be that simple. The second component are rituals and traditions, and by this I mean the way in which the meaning of a community is reproduced within that group, and I know that’s a bit abstract, so i’m going to give you an example. An example of this would be people who drive sobs and my experience.

They are so passionate about their car. They really are sab acolytes, so an example would be. If you drew, you know, if you drove a saab, whenever you pass anyone else driving a slob, you either beep your horn or flash your lights you’re, giving an indication to kind of thumbs up you’re in the Saab club. The third component is a sense of moral responsibility, and by that I mean as a sense of duty to the community as a whole and then example of this would be.

We see another sob on the road we pull over and we help no matter what it is. It’s that really kind of deep connection. The last part of this wrap up is to highlight some of the most common brand messaging mistakes. First mistake: not speaking to audience values too often marketers create messaging around what they believe are the most important features of their product or the service. Instead of looking into what’s actually important to their audience.

Take the time to understand your audience and their values then align it to your messaging. Accordingly, one way to get insight into your audience’s values is to ask them to complete a short online survey using something like survey monkey. For instance, a small online design store that features. Recycle furniture might use an online survey to compare what customers to compare customers values. For example, the store may find out that will cost is important to its audience.

Family and safety are the two things their audience. Power actually values the most. The company can then shift its messaging from lowest cost to family-friendly furniture on a budget. The second mistake relying too heavily on buzzwords. Everyone wants to be part of a major trend, whether it’s being a big data company, a slow food, restaurant or a mom preneur. The problem with relying on these buzzwords to define you is that the more popular they become, the less impact they have people begin to just simply change these kind of buzz.

Where it’s out this doesn’t mean you can’t use popular category phrases, just use them sparingly and pair them with words that differentiate you and pack a unique punch, for example, natural skin care company. True kid does a great job of using the term sustainable in its company messaging, and it does it in a really subtle way that feels quite authentic. For instance, true kidner choose kids through their daily through their daily play and is paving the way to innovative sustainable body and hair care for the whole family, from babies to big kids.

Third mistake: failing to make your messages portable many companies rely on word-of-mouth to drive their business. Is your messaging portable enough for these customers to easily spread? The word one way to check is to try boiling your messaging down to just one or two sentences. Creating the same type of logline Hollywood users, to sum up a movie or TV plot, and by logline I mean there’s kind of strapped lines that we hear a young man or woman from different social classes fall in love aboard an ill-fated voyage at sea.

If you can’t tell your story and 50 words or less chances, are your audience won’t be able to either your log lines? You give people an idea of what you offer and provide some sort of hook to stimulate interest, for example, a boutique PR agency that specializes in launching hot emerging tech companies. Another one could be an accounting firm that deals exclusively with small business. Audio audits, once you’ve got your logline, go back to your marketing copy and make sure these these simple messages come through loud and clear.

You can also use the logline itself in your marketing materials. Remember the aardvark one! We listen and we learn another one was music. Unlimited simple memorable catching: you can also use these kind of log lines on your website and your social media properties and in conversations with your audience, both old and new. The fourth mistake is actually forgetting to excite. You know that sensation of arriving home after a short drive and not remembering any details of the actual journey, much of our life is spent in this kind of autopilot mode making decisions based on our habits, emotions and gut instincts.

It’s up to you to wake people up and to inspire them with your messaging, so infuse your language with as much excitement and energy as possible and use action verbs rather than a passive tone of voice. Here’s a great example of action orientated messaging from cleaning cleaning product company method, it’s time to clean, happy with biodegradable products that clean, like hack, smell like heaven and leave nothing nasty in their wake.

The final mistake is messaging by committee. When you fill a conference room with senior managers for a managing session, it’s not unusual for everyone to have a different opinion about what the company does accompanied by a strong need to be heard. The problem with this approach is that it often results in statements like this one. Our mission is to help innovative leaders in the CPG industry, increase the velocity of their business and drive engagement with their suit with their social communities to inspire meaningful change, yeah.

What the heck does that even mean this mission statement is likely suffering from something we call whiteboard Ida’s the inflammation that occurs when someone crimes everything from a whiteboard into one sentence. It may also have a case of groupthink in which fresh concepts surfaced by the team gets boiled down into familiar jargon. Out of the need for consult consensus, compare the clunky mission statement above to this simple powerful example from bristol-myers squibb, whose mission it is to, and I quote, to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail for serious diseases.

Your messaging shouldn’t sound like it was fused together in dr. Frankenstein’s lab, while it’s valuable to get multiple opinions, don’t fall into the trap of trying to please everyone in the room. Stay true to your audience’s values, be authentic and communicate in straightforward terms. All the best for your work on the scenario and the template that accompanies this session and I’ll see you again in session for


Online Marketing

HOW TO BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Marketing Tips for Businesses at a Mastermind

Soho Soho college basketball, hey Kelly, Garcia. We need an elevator we go. Insanity is Kelly here. Oh I’ve been telling you guys it’s my birthday, it’s that right yeah. I expect this to be a phenomenal conversation exploration in terms of what we’ve all learned together and how we can be supporting each other and really leveling up our game in our life and in our work in our communities and our families.

I didn’t even know I was supposed to talk about personal branding. No, I’m kidding, I’m teasing you so hello, everyone, I’m Brian, I’m very grateful to be here. Thank you to Kelly for organizing these amazing group of people. I basically spend all of my time thinking about branding and thinking about how we can you know. I have several different thesis, — iz, that I try to live my life by, and I do want to make this as interactive as possible, but I’ll just take him way up.

You know in terms of macro thinking, I think that we’re living in the best time to be alive as a human being, and I think that yeah we have things that are not going so well in the US and in the world. But if you think about 50 years ago or 100 years ago, the things that our great-grandparents were dealing with the Black Plague, you know starvation. I think that things are really really improving and I think that we as humans are good.

I mean we have the capacity every single day to hurt each other and at large we don’t, and so you know, my macro thesis is like. I think that we are great people and I think that we have are living in a very exciting opportunity with the technology age that we live in, and I think that creating a personal brand, if you want it, is the smartest self investment that you can make And so you know I work with.

I have a branding company I started at six years ago. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world Intel salesforce.Com, KPMG you’re, not European United Nations, as well as smaller companies startups entrepreneurs. Actually, one of my favorite clients is in the room right now Time Inc, which is a incredible biotech company traded on the Nasdaq solving Stage. Four pancreatic cancer in a non-toxic way.

And I think that you know all of us whether it’s our company or organization or our law firm or our book, or are just story of selfless giving thing. We all have a story to share, and I think that what’s exciting for me about that is you can actually monetize that now you know, and in the past it was either. You chose between working, a crappy job at the bank that you didn’t really like to make eighty five thousand dollars a year to pay for the apartment in the to kids school, and you were basically at a three or four out of ten happiness scale, because the Alternative was do what I love and don’t make any money.

I think it’s flipped, I think now it’s like you actually have a much much much better chance of making a lot of money doing what you love, because the variable that no one really thinks about is yeah. You have to the skill and the talent, but the thing that separates you and I is if we’re basically the same amount of talent and you love it you’re going to spend 18 hours a day doing it, I’m going to spend nine and you’re going to win And you should win, and so the variable is the time that we put into it right, and so that’s that’s how I think about why I care so much about branding.

Everyone has a story to tell whether you’re solving you know the most horrific disease or whether you’re you know trying to sell a pen. You know why and I’m fascinated with the why behind the story – and so I would actually be very curious since in the in the sake of interactivity, for this for this group to know if you have a personal brand, if you want a personal brand and what Kind of frustrations or questions or concerns do you have.

Maybe you want to sell more books right yeah? So what can like? How does that look? Maybe you want to get more speaking like we have a chance to just talk for a minute cuz. You know you wouldn’t stop talking to Thomas, but maybe you want to. Maybe you want more speaking engagements. Maybe you want your personal brand to be more aligned with you know, as known as an international speaker, that’s kind of that’s what I’m hoping to gather from you guys and gals like.

Where are you? What do you want, but I think it’s: how do i? How do I present myself to the world in a way that’s consistent with how I actually want to be spending my time right? If it’s, if it’s the purse, if it’s the professional brand, then it’s? How do I present myself in a way that attracts the people that I want to buy my stuff or attracts people that I want to pay attention to what I’m offering? Maybe I’m not selling anything right now? Maybe I’m offering free clinical trials for a treatment.

You know, and I want to spend, send more people there or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe it’s listen. I have a job and kind of like you know have it. I have a job in Ernst & Young, I’m a senior executive Alva, but I would also love to do more of this stuff. I’d also love to do more speaking. I would like to do more empowering the youth. How do I do that or you know, maybe not even how do I do that, but that’s where I’m at and then what I’d love to do is kind of context that, where you’re at and then maybe offer some tips, that I’ve been able to see that, Where they work for clients and individual influencers and cultural influencers and brands, so is that helpful if tomorrow woke up and all my financial needs were like met, I’m good for the next 20 30 40 50 years? How would I spend my days? What would I be doing, Who am I you know, and so in with that you we can start to really start thinking about.

Okay, then, to your point, Howard, how can I start to spend? How can I actually, if I had all the money in the world, how would I spend my days and then that’s step, one which is easy and then step two which is hard, which is why 99 % of the world doesn’t actually do this is now it’s Time to meet for me to actually start filling my days like that, it’s a very different thing right. So why don’t we just go around the room, really quick and just kind of like tell me where you’re at with that, and then I do want to do like if you have practical questions that you’re in your mind and that can kind of shape the way That I talked about this and now can you do what you want to do, not quite love and I’ll stay with it, even when I move to another job? Okay, so it’s almost like you want to create you like the way that I’m looking this is you want to basically create a personal brand for yourself that will lead you into that next opportunity.

So you have an opportunity to create a personal brand. You can basically create your own job right now, while you have the other job quietly on the side, that’s going to look almost exactly like what you want to have next. That would be my that’s like my quick take on what you can do, which is start writing articles right now about how you see it going because here’s what will happen – and maybe this is just the easiest instead of going around and like maybe I can just Like listen, then we can make any kind of like jam, but job.

Thank you. I know I know so so so I would say a couple different things for you right and, and is why don’t you start becoming a thought leader on this right now, there’s nothing holding you back from that right through articles put them on, LinkedIn put them on Medium here just going to happen, this one’s going to read one they’re going to have the job that you want they’re going to say, I want to hire her.

It’s pull marketing right. This is another kind of theme that I talk about. I guess I didn’t even really talk more, so doesn’t matter yeah. This is core it, so so pull marketing is. When people come to you. This is what happens to me. I have a man right here. His name is Mao say hide him out. Guys mouth follows me around during the day: okay and he films me and you guys, might all think Bryan you’re a narcissistic piece of great that and that’s what everybody thinks and that’s fine.

But here’s the thing that here’s the difference, what what I’m really doing right now is proving the future of personal branding. You know in a way that tests a theory on myself with my own money in my own energy. In my own time right, I actually think that what we’re doing right now and we’ll put this will make a cool article for Kelly Kelly will be happy that I’ll help her with her mastermind connect will put this on.

My YouTube page will put this on my Facebook page and, what’s going to end up happening is – and it’s happened already – I’ve closed literally tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars of business. Because someone said, I saw your article on YouTube and I want to know if you’ll come, make a six-part article series for the department for the dry cleaning Association of America about marketing.

I have never heard of the dry cleaning Association of America. That’s pull marketing and that’s what you should do right pull marketing is, you know, push marketing is the old way it’s dead, knocking on the door, emailing, cold, emailing, cold, emailing, LinkedIn spam all day long. You know hey and then in some cases they even forget to change the word name to like your actual name. You know: hey name, you are a perfect person for my new business, I’m like yourself, you know, like you know, you didn’t change the name, Thomas bro.

You know, and so I think that you have a chance right now, start making articles start, putting up articles start thinking through start a podcast start a podcast right now, where you interview people that you think are doing it well, and this isn’t throwing your organization on The bus – this is just you simply offering another way of thinking about things. I would find the five to 10 to 15 to 20 top leaders right in your organ, your mood in your world that you respect and I would have them on your podcast they’re, going to share that podcast with all their network, which is by the way, the Right network for you to get yourself into that world, that’s what I would do! That’s how I would think about personal brand from your perspective, create your own job right now, while you still have an income, so start small, do one article and then and then real then read that article into a phone and uploaded as a podcast and then read That article on a article and upload it to a YouTube, I’m serious right start with the article start, the article, but here here’s the other thing that I think is important for everybody.

That’s thinking about this and any capacity distribute that content across all the places that people are paint like everyone says people buy from people they what they trust. But that’s not true because before I can trust you, I have to know you, people Bible do they know and people buy from people. They remember right. People buy from people, they trust I can’t buy. I trust him because I know him.

We see each other once a month for the last four years. I know him and he’s memorable, I know you and you’re memorable. I know you and you’re memorable. There are people that you know that are like what was that guy’s name again, and he did the thing what he does you, we all we’ve all been there right, you’re, never going to buy from that guy or that girl cuz. You came from more than name people buy from people, they know and are memorable, so you have to make people know you by putting your stuff out there, and you have to be memorable, your stuff being good and that’s just kind of a principle throughout all of It your story’s amazing, your story’s amazing.

Your stories like the stories are amazing, but now, where do they live? Because what happens with most of us? Is they don’t live anywhere? It’s the first time ever told this story. How long you guys on each other right? They don’t live anywhere, let them live in the world and just read what happens, pull marketing. It all comes to you. It all comes to you. It all comes to you. I don’t mark it at all.

I have so much business coming in right now. I don’t mark it at all content and we put it everywhere that makes sense for evil yeah. I can give you my best advice right now for free, so here here’s what I would think – and this is like the value. I think I think the value of why I’m here like hoping to do this for all of you right that there’s two different things that you said that we’re really interesting to me.

So I’m listening to every single word, you’re saying and my head’s going. The first thing is: maybe what you need is a Critias is a sales partner yeah, you know so there’s there. You know a lot of people struggle with this there’s art and there’s numbers, and it sounds like you’re an artist, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a saleswoman which is fine and the fact you’re identifying. That is already shows me that you’re like tapped into yourself and that you’re already one step closer to winning, because most people are naive to the fact that they suck at sales and then they so the soap.

But that’s like I don’t and, and, and you know, if you don’t want to do it, you’re not going to do it so like recognize, but there’s a couple there’s well, it depends if this is. If this is how yeah it’s self-aware, exactly if you, if you’re paying the bills with this, then yeah you suck at it like? So so you know, but here’s the thing there’s a couple different things. The first thing is find yourself, a partner that, like there are people out there, that I love to sell things.

I love it. There are people out there that love to sell things. They would be happy to sell your product if they believe in it right. That’s the first thing, but the second thing is: I think, that yours, the way that you just the energy that I got from you guys your I can tell you believe in your product. You tell me that you believe in your product. I can tell so that’s the that’s the part where 99 % of people fail, because they’re selling something they don’t actually believe in and it shocks me when I talk and I talk to senior level executives and I’m like.

What’s the deal your sales are going down and they’re, like, I don’t believe in this product and I’m like, but you make 1.8 million dollars a year to believe in this product and they’re like I don’t so you’re the money is actually not going to be enough To motivate you to sell the thing that you don’t believe in I’ve, seen it time and time again, what I will say is this you’re still in the push marketing mentality so you’re talking about you, you just gave me three ideas that I think that if you Execute a smart Facebook ad strategy you’ll make six figures in the next 12 months without selling anybody.

Here’s what you said to me. You said I want. I want to get into more corporations and I’m starting to do that for anyone. That’s trying to sell anything. A book anything trying to get your podcast in front of the right people Facebook’s ad platform right now. I don’t know how much of how much time you guys spend actually how many have ever run a Facebook ad campaign in this room, cool half of you.

How did it work? Yes, it worked. No, it’s! Okay, not really because artistic things perfect, so you haven’t sold so you haven’t been to sell. So let me tell you exactly what you should what you should do to sell your course or your conferences or you as a speaker or as a consultant. You can actually target so I I would create various pieces of content. If I were you, though, the woman that told you about the military opportunity, the veteran I would start I would.

I would do that. I would offer that I would record that I would put it up on my Facebook professional page and then I would target that same article too. So read this we’re doing this right here, this mastermind I’ll put it up. On my, I have a public page on Facebook will upload this article to that public page it’ll live there and it’ll get hundreds and hundreds of organic views, and that’s great.

Sometimes thousands and tens of thousands just depends, but I’m I’m more interested in taking control over the tools that exist. So what I could do is I could literally publish this article and boost this article. There’s a button that says boost post. That’s how you run a Facebook ad, if I’m talking in a way that you guys like what is this guy talk, it turns into response bad and I’m. I would focus it on every single military there’s a place that says interests.

I would put every single military group in the country in that interest box. Now, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to spend 21 dollars in it in front of 5 to 7,000 relevant military people in the US, and one of those 7,000 people is going to be like? Oh, I want to do that for me here. That’s number. One number two same idea with the corporation’s: you can actually target employees of the newspapers, employees of Ernst and Young you’re, going to show up in Kelley’s feed, imagine Kelly’s the Human Resources person or the person that’s in charge of bringing in outside speakers.

You can target that on Facebook and now, all of a sudden, your 30-minute corporate speech that you were going to do anyway is in front of 1,800 of the decision-makers across America in the corporate positions that you want to speak to anyway. No, I do the whole thing. I’d put the I’d put the whole thing up, so they know exactly what they’re getting no surprises. Here’s! What I do, here’s, what you’ll get do you want it or not? You’ve brought in 15 shitty speakers in a row.

Here’s the 30 minutes that you get with me right, you make. I see, people smiling like it’s really happening, that’s a huge thing for you and then the third thing is the middle school thing. You run an ad, you do the middle school thing. You do! The article take 30 minutes, 20 minutes 15 minutes up, and you run it against the principals and the teachers at every Middle School. In New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, you will get more invitations to speak, and your call to action is message me book me and it takes them to your direct message or to your website where you sell your stuff and that my friend will help you Build an actual business without having to sell anything right now on a camera and see who that starts to attract.

You can only be yourself now. If you don’t want to be out there, then that’s a different story, then you don’t, then you know I never tell. I actually don’t think most people should do the whole like filming all day. Every day thing. I think that’s it’s a ton of work. You have to be on all the time, but like it’s, my truth like I’m. Actually, this is this, is me, and so it works for me. If that’s not your truth, don’t do it, you know, and so the branding thing is weird I mean that’s, that’s your individual opinion, which is fine, but the the branding thing is like, even if, in order for you to do what you want to do, you have To have a brand in order for you to do what you want to do so if you think that it’s I want to be behind the scenes, then why don’t you turn the grapes of the your favorite wine into the lead character of all your content? I’m serious finally find the Malbec grape.

I don’t even know I mean I don’t know anything about wine, but like find the grape of your favorite wine and let that grape be the person that it’s like the ghost of Casper Casper mattresses is there. I don’t know the CEO of Casper mattress. Is this it’s a ghost so find them. So so let it be a grape for you and let that be the the thing that drives the entire brand. You can be the brains behind it, the architect, behind it, to make sure that we’re doing right by the world and we’re not used.

I agree with you like this is terrible right, but but the alternative is like you saying this is terrible, isn’t helping anything if it’s just you saying it’s terrible at a table for people, it’s a big thing. If you say this is terrible and here’s what I’m doing about it and I’m documenting that in the process, because what I can tell you is people will attract to that and you will start to a tree.

You will start to build your tribe right and then let your try like – and it’s like – and I would also even say here, are my beliefs. I think that I think there’s a lot of things that are going wrong in the world. I think we should start creating more thoughtful brands, and I want to start with these with these grapes and this wine and I’m going to show you the process of, and then you become almost a meta brand, meaning I’m going to show you the process of how You build a brand doing good, it doesn’t matter if it’s wine or bottles of water or tea or notebooks.

It’s the theme of building a brand doing good. That becomes your brand, you know, and so that and if that’s because that’s ultimately what you have deep down inside of you, whether it’s the wine or the Russian or whatever you see, there’s a lot of that. You want to mend so use that as the driving force behind the brand and document that brand and then people sort of said, oh he’s, the guy that did that whole.

Like you know the great thing, but what was more interesting and then the great thing was how he showed us every step of the way here, our employees, here’s how we treat them. Here’s what the grapes come. Here’s the fertilizer that we don’t use, here’s the organic soil, here’s the property, here’s my family business. You know what I mean, that’s how I’d think about it see so a couple different things.

You know this is maybe obvious or maybe not obvious. When I, when I first heard a coaching practice, what I did was, I did two different lists. The first was a list of my dream team clients and I would contact them and I would do I would send them in their house like flowers, and I would stalk them on Twitter see what they cared about and send. I sent one guy like a jersey that actually worked. The second thing is find the three or four or five or seven or eight clients.

You’ve had already asked them two questions. Number one: can you refer someone else to me number two, which most people don’t do, which is what else can I help you with, because you already have that trust and what what you’re going to find is they’re like. So you help me with my day-to-day planning. Now I’m ready to do X, I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me with that, and hopefully the answer is yes right.

It’s like I’m actually ready to share my story. I want to write my bio on LinkedIn and I don’t know how to do it yeah, I’m sure, and then all the sudden, you go back to your eight of their clients and say: hey. Have you thought about writing a bio on LinkedIn yeah? But I don’t know how you have eight more new. You have eight more hours for this week and then that that momentum continues to build and then before you know it, you have.

Six years later, you have like a digital service agency. That’s exactly my story. I started out coaching people on public speaking. I was a speechwriter for Bloomberg’s administration in New York City before I left to start my own thing, and so then that seemed like a really easy transferable skill. I went to San Francisco and I started coaching executives on public speaking. That was how I started.

I was a public speaking coach six years later, this we’re doing clients all over the world, so it builds up, but just focus. Some people are trying to network and meet new people and new people, but we have 8 to 10 to 20 people right for your face. The other thing I would say – and this is something that actually I will plug if Thomas the immense amount of credit for find one or two or three or five champions – people that believe in you so much that will do anything to bring you business.

That’s what he does for me find your champions Jesse I can guarantee you have them and take them out to dinner and say listen. I need your help. I believe in this so much. I know how much I’m benefiting. This is a real issue in our society and I need you to help me find business, no one’s going to say no to that cause that you’re doing it’s not like you’re trying to like build the plastic bottle company of America.

I know Vito would probably the CEO of that company and then one more quick thing that I know I know we’re moving on, but I would do all of it. Every single piece of content that you create from now on on any social media platform should say at the end of it. Contact me for a free consultation, everything and then you do a 15 minute consultation and you give them your absolute best stuff in 15 minutes and at 15 and here’s the key Jesse cut it off.

When you hit 15 they’re not going to want to stop when you hit – and I used to do this up 15 min – and there was ninety two minutes later and I was like – I just lost the you know at 15 – cut it off and then say: if You want to keep going with this. I have a 1 to 4 part package. I’m happy to talk about this is some of this is some of the idea of what you’ll receive working with me your best on 15, but every piece of social content says contact me for, and every single bio in every single social platform that you have booked Me for your free Pepsi collect it, connect it to a calendar or one of these.

You know automated apps, where you can update your calendar. So it’s it’s there’s, no friction. They can go in there here. The three days here: the 15 minutes boom 3:00 to 3:15. 4:40 and then all the sudden, this week you have 17 new fruit, 15 medical station, one or two of them turn into a client. There’s your nut for the next month or two and you keep and it’s just just keep being scrappy for as long as you can so a couple.

It’s a great point, there’s a couple things. I’d say the first thing is you can do one or two things you can if it sounds like, if Jesse is looking for more clients, I’m assuming you have time right. So if you have the time to do it, then do it if you’re in a place where you don’t have 15 minutes or you can’t take five hours out of your week and maybe that’s where you’re at I don’t know. I don’t know what your schedule looks like, but maybe you don’t have five hours to do that.

What you can do, then, is you can say, learn more about my services here. You send them to a page where you actually ask them to fill in information if they’re not interested, they won’t. They won’t take one second to fill out an intake form and that intake form can be. What is your biggest goal? How much are you willing to spend? You know what is your monthly investment range? What have you tried in the past that has do four or five questions that are pretty basic and if you can’t even take the time to fill that out, then I’m not going to waste, not even always 15 minutes with you.

I love your title. Your book, by the way, that’s great that’s a stanford project and I think you’re, a hundred percent right like you need to own your power. You know like don’t when I hear i’m going to go, get an MBA, i’m like oh you’re lost and then that’s my own opinion and i’m sorry. If I offend anyone here for that, but like I’m like, oh you don’t know what you want to do. That’s why I went to law.

I was like I’m going to law school like I want to be. I wanted to be the mayor of New York City and as a good seal you’re going to you go to law school. That’s why I would say last week I want to be the mayor of New York City and like didn’t. Well, I don’t let’s too many people you have to please with anyway, but I just man I just I really see, but but you go to Stanford and you say like this is my: this is my project for the year yeah, it’s the next book.

It’s the next documentary you you’re going to hire me to do this, for you and and also do your program and like, but you don’t need to destroy my insane anything. Do what you want by the distraction of the program for a year just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons? Not because you need a break or you know, I’m saying yep, that’s cool, so if it feels good for you good, for I just don’t want you to lose momentum.

Yeah you’re, amazing, I mean we’re going to be searching for voice, saves us time. You know. Buy me more water and the water shows up in the your house to you we’re just going to be a car is going to. We see things through audio as a time saver I can. I can Joey, you can drive your kids to school and listen to your podcast. You can take a shower and listen to your podcast. You can cook or you know, smash grapes and listen to a podcast, but you can’t read a article.

That’s why podcasts are going to win every single piece of content that you produce from now on has to be like, be an early user of our app or be the first to know when our app is ready and you collect the name in the email and Then three months from now, six months from now, you already have a thousand or 2,000 or 3,000 or 5,000 people, and in the meantime, what you can do is for the next every week for the next six months.

You set you, keep the people warm, you can’t collect her name and her name of my name and all of a sudden like six months from now is the first time I hear from you like who’s Dan right so every week you should do something for them. Surprise them send them is going on around learn any language. Duolingo really also do duolingo. Not yet. Oh, it’s dueling, sorry out there getting a lot of buzz, so you can do that because I have waste and YouTube.

I have already some good. You have some yet that I could promote my app, but the only thing that’s stopping me from ever. You know. Is this somebody’s going to steal my idea? No, you don’t need the patent it I mean. You know it’s nothing to steal your idea. Here’s the thing! Here’s there’s two there’s two big problems: everyone is this, I’m so happy that you’re saying that cuz everyone is so scared of everyone’s stealing their idea.

There’s two things to think about number one. Your idea doesn’t mean anything right now, because so she could. I can steal your idea now: do I have 80 hours a week to dedicate to actually building it? No, so I can’t study it second thing: is this the reason and the only reason that people are going to download your app is because number one they want to learn about flamingo, music and guitar, but number two and much much much more important? Why not going to buy your book and not the other hundred books out there, because I, like you and I, like you and you’re, a good dude and I’ve known you for like a year now and you’re a good dude and I’m going to support you.

So if I Spade 399 on your app, even if she steals your idea, I’m still giving you three I’ll give her for you, 99 I’ll, give you three ninety-nine and I’ll use the one, that’s better. So the reason that I’m so I I believe so much in the personal brand is because the only way for someone to like you is to know you people come, we were in Guatemala. Two weeks ago I was given the conference there. I had a hundred people come up to me.

I’ve been I’ve spent five days in my entire life in Guatemala. I had 100 people come up to me and say your articles are really helping me. I’m here today to meet you and I’m like from where, like oh, I took a bus to up from two hours from here to me and I’m just like Wow. This is like that was one of the times where I was like this is real. This is like, why listen? Why do you go to concerts of people? We’re not? I can buy your music online.

Why did we go to your concert? Because I liked you and the only way I like because we you’re married and like I knew you from her but like what about the people who don’t know you know, people thought 8 billion people out there that need that. You know that’s why. I really think that all of your content should start to go out there and connect to a mailing list, and then you take the time over the next three to six months to let people get to know you here.

I miss my wife, it’s Kelly and we’re here today in Brooklyn. This is where we look down that we live in Brooklyn and for those who don’t know about Brooklyn Brooklyn awesome, you just start educating people about the Flamingo scene in Brooklyn, start interviewing people and then every week you give some and then, by the time your app Drops everyone’s going to be like yo, this guy has been giving me so much value for the last six months.

I’m going to buy it and share it like people have it wrong. People are like here’s, my app buy it, I’m like who are you here’s my product, buy it here’s my speech by it. Here’s my book buy it I’ll, buy 25 of your books. Now that I heard the story, but if I don’t hear the story and since we can only do this with twelve people once a month, that was the past that was 15 years ago now. We can do this with millions of people every second of the day because of social media.

So that’s what I would say start building out lists now offering the value letting you know you do a weekly live call with your community. What questions do you have? What can I answer for you? I do that all the time I do live calls all the time and literally it’s. What can I help you with and guess what I sell at the end of that live, call, nothing and guess what happens. People hit me up and hey, can you can you consult my company? Hey? Can you like pull marketing? I never sell anything.

It just comes to me same thing with the app you wouldn’t have to sell the app you’ll put it up, and six thousand people you’ve been communicating with for last six months will download it so guys. Thank you so much for for the questions. I hope this was helpful if I can be helpful to you in the future, please, how do I get I’ll give you their

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5 ways to create a visually STRONG artist brand (part 4 of image series)

So starting off strong visual images are all about sticking out getting as much as attention as possible. In your environment, and you have to understand your environment to truly be able to do that I’ll go over that later, though, Calle West number one is being out of place when Kanye West first started hip hop was heavily a street where look right being educated.

As far as the look the preppy look College, look that Kanye West was known for the time was nowhere in sight. Kanye West was the first one. He popularized that and had the backpack. He created the backpack rapper, even the content. He was talking about that made him seem out of place. He was this different guy and then we look at him not that it was their choice to be born white, but the fact they were born white and they’re rappers, particularly in their side of rap, and brought them a lot of attention just because they were the Only white people at their time on that level, so it just made people look at it right in wonder.

Okay, who is that they easily were branded as that white person that you have two against the grain in the Western civilization, particularly with entertainers. You have women that are wearing less clothes, typically Janelle Moll day. She went the opposite direction by not only dressing down in sense of covering her body, but also having on a pence which is a little bit more of a masculine energy.

Typically, as far as what we associate a pen, so we associated with basis and power and all that kind of stuff, so brought her more attention when she did that in the first place. But then she combined it with what Jenna does also is, which is being out of time being at a time in the sense of using an old energy and oh look and also feeling your music often times which separates you from the current day.

People and they modernize it obviously, but they also really really strongly draw from and push the image of being old school like old, old school, not 90s, but you know back in the day. Y’All know talk about anyway, play up your character, so all these people have characters innocence and they play those up. But these people play into the extreme Lady Gaga Lady Gaga, particularly that one year when she was doing things like this meat, outfit and Eminem like you down here in the right like this woman is crazy.

She was really really really going to the extreme and getting maximum attention. If you remember that year, she like you, cannot turn on TV and not to hear about her or anything at least music related and then Nicki Minaj when she first came out well after a while, she came out, but she got to a certain point where she Was like, I want to get maximum attention and I want to be in the pop world and have so many people, not my name.

She started wearing these colorful outfits all this stuff, and just these bizarre things similar to Lady Gaga just to get attention and then Katy Perry did a very much so similar thing, except she did the characters and outfits kind of like Lady Gaga did, but then she Also did the colorful things with the blue wig as a theme during her California, love album and all that kind of stuff like she did very much so a similar thing, I’m sure you can recognize the similarities.

Little yachty. I did a article talking all about how he did this I’ll go check it out. You haven’t seen it, but he I go a lot deeper and number five is props right. Using props, Rory’s hat right here is a prop the way you know this is because he one has it on consistently and then he has it on. Even when he’s wearing this Jersey, this Jersey, is it necessarily a look that goes with that kind of hat typically, but he is so aware that this is his brand.

This is what make him makes him stick out, that he keeps it on no matter where he is because that creates his silhouette literally and he put a silhouette around him, but he doesn’t wear it as much this time. You would recognize Rory silhouette by itself. Regular hats, like the one kid cudi hairs on the bottom left, quit necessarily make you stick out, but the fact that this hat is something that people typically don’t typically don’t wear, at least on his side of music.

In the same way, the Hat the future wears is branded him as a strong visual. Those kind of things help out, and then you have a mean a with the bananas. I mean obviously they’re super random, but the fact that he hasn’t consistently I’m the strong visual brand. You see a banana and you’ll think of a meaning, particularly anything music related. He saw a new album cover and it had nothing but a banana now.

You would first thing you would think would be a meaning, at least if you do know him other than that is being consistent right, because all those things and everything that everybody did was all about being consistent. Only once you do it multiple times. The people start to really relate it to you. They see you do it one time and it’s just like how they’re doing some fun thing or how they’re trying to get attention, or it’s a little bizarre, that’s weird, but once you do it multiple times, people really brand it and stick to you.

I don’t learn rules to abide by them. I learned them to know when I’m breaking them, so this alludes to that sticking out thing. I said at the very beginning: you have to understand the rules of your environment to truly be able to take advantage of the rules and then break the rules to your advantage. So you get maximum attention. You have to really understand what people other people are doing to really stick out.

If you want to use a strong visual branch, so study the game and study what you see around you and that’ll help you get it done other than that. You know what to do subscribe have a great one.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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Nipsey Hussle’s 12 Tips To Build An INDEPENDENT Music Empire

So if you don’t know who Mickey Hustle is he’s that guy, that might, you might have heard of when he sold that hundred dollar mixtape and jay-z bought like a thousand copies of mixtape, but he also sold other copies of it.

So that’s just a real short snippet and how can somebody that’s not really super known, sell, hundred-dollar, copies of your victims, we’ll get into it and how he does it. Here’s his tips. Like I talked about, I was in the streets. I had money. I had spots and I sold all my jewelry sold my course and bought studio equipment and devoted myself to it, and I made a lot of music majority of stuff that was on bullets thing.

I don’t know he’s wanted to. I made before my deal number one commit he got rid of all his chains and sold all his stuff like he said just because he knew he was going in a new direction. He didn’t want to be on the streets. No more he’s committed to this music number one commit number two collaborate, so Kendrick, yg Don Kennedy Nancy else themselves. Those guys all collaborated a lot in the beginning of the careers particular with each other, because they were in the same areas, and you could take advantage of this too, because it allows you to build a fanbase, especially if you’re in the city.

So you can get the most out of the area that you’re in I got a few mentor that has put me on books and literature and all that big blob. France is one of them and so on. You know he told me about this book called contagious, contagious, oh yeah, so I got to the second chapter that you were just talking. My heart is this: restaurant owner in Philly started selling Philly cheesesteak $ 400 at his restaurant, and it just was like it set off all type of conversation.

Ever I was talking about extent on type of influential people came to him and just want to check out why $ 100, like Oh Burke, ain’t going bought one David Letterman bought one, you got lost type of expulsion, publicity could be anything became like a staple and Everybody start coming through supporting behind all the cheesesteak, so I put the book down and I was like anybody got without nobody did that with music you.

So this is how you came up with this hundred-dollar mixtape/album idea. Studying he also mentioned having that mentor, I suggest everybody give mentors helpful in career building an empire whatever you want to do. But study study study he’s looking for other information, a lot of people in the hip-hop game. Don’t study, he’s reading books and he’s actually using the information yeah. Sometimes I won’t even go back and get it though.

If his Waggoner know you like, I know, listen to it, why pay for higher you? So I’m like you know, I just want to test out what get offering it free. We do experiment right once again, like I said. Not only is he studying, but he experimented and tested those ideas out right. He not cuz, I’m, not only did he have a hundred dollar copy that came with merchan a free concert pass and things like that, but he offered it 999 copy.

That was just a streaming copy and he also had a free copy. He said you want to see what it did and that he paid attention, which is also going right into this right here. When I came back from our own world on Team C, I was like you know. I know what I fuckin with I’m like. I know what it is. It took me. Five six make sense to really catch it without, like I’m, no well, I know I know what it is that connected to so crashing.

All is with me trying to just saturate the thing with a project with the ability type of wraps any type of movie that they’ve connected to before. I think so. This is that experimenting and paying attention. He has six mixtapes. Obviously, you experimenting your own music, but then he paid attention to say: okay throughout this entire process of all these mixtapes, I’m starting to realize exactly what they fuck.

What about me? Because once you do that, then you have all the power you pay attention to the people. Now you can give the people what they want. I think is your job to distinguish us. So Brandon is about your difference. You’re right about it’s so much of differences. It ain’t about you know, what’s the same, you know exactly right, just like that process, so once he paid attention saw what they connect with now.

He knows what his differences are. He knows what other people like about him and he can give them more of that. So then they can give themselves more of them, and now he has these. This fan base. That’s growing, that’s tip number five from nipsey, but everybody right for you. Yet I know my philosophy on my business model. I need to be involved as a partner. I need to be an owner, I heard, and I know that we ain’t going to have combos.

If you don’t start like that and then step number six, it gets real heavy OOP seven when it comes to that ownership. That’s give something I don’t know, but when it comes to nipsey, he’s super strong on the ownership and we’ll see a little bit more on this litt later. I see nothing right right, but I’m at the table at every dissociation, I’m in control of everything to do with my brand. To me: that’s the power, that’s where the you know the side conversations aren’t in the new opportunity right.

So not only this being an owner mean you own, something because there’s been this additional benefit when it comes to the power. That, therefore, is you so when you want to think about ownership, if you don’t own you’re, not you don’t have the power for decision-making, you don’t have the power for the decision-making you’re not going to be in decision-making meetings in those meetings. That’s on the bigwigs! That’s when the people who really make those moves are meeting right.

So if you can’t be in that meeting, you’re not going to build relationships for the people who really make stuff happen. Yes, nice to deal with some kind of distributor or just your manager or a in our. But if you can’t have that meeting with the guy who runs, let’s just say Disney or some kind of huge company that might even just want to license up all your stuff and give you all these additional opportunities, then you’re missing out on opportunities, which is what Most artists do I’m not trading ownership of the only asset I have, which is my intellectual property.

That’s his music, it’s pretty much true for every artist. All they got is their music, don’t give it up not go anywhere else. Why you feel like man, you know what I need to. I need to put my own compound. May I just believe ownership yeah. You know I mean I believe in you know: um, invest in yourself when you make money, you know you can easily go a lot of places, but I just feel like you know, your foundation should be strong.

He’s super consistent with this, so he made his own compound his own, a recording studio like for recording studios worth in one studios. I hear like four session rooms, but when you do something like this, you have to invest in yourself when you own, then you want to invest, then own, more, invest own, more continue this cycle and this how you slowly but surely build an empire, and next thing You know you buy out the building, you are helping and put other people on.

That would really really having an empire is like data, so I know he’s really super into daddy. He had one conversation when he was talking about him using Ryan Leslie super phone app right, and this really really treks fan data is one thing you need to really collect fan data generally speaking, but this goes to the extent of it. You come up to Nick C and say you’re his number one fan. He could look at his phone in about 10 seconds figure out exactly if you are his number one fan or not, he could just see his data and say hey well.

Actually such-and-such in Tokyo is my number one fan your number 76, because it’s basing on how much you support him. How many shows you going to how much how many album you bought, and he has all that data at the tip of his fingers. This kind of stuff is great because, let’s just say, you had a thousand fans, if you had a thousand fans like a thousand like super super fanatical fans that bought every single thing you put out, even if he has a hundred thousand people like a, but only A thousand people buy everything he knows if he puts out something for $ 120, at least those thousand people are going to buy it.

I’m going to make a hundred twenty thousand dollars off those people at the very least no beginning change like we in control to extent you know. Without the internet we got um a global village that we could deliver content to in our saying and it’s in his worldwide, you could told you to say: you’re marching. You could build businesses. So if you’re not stuck on, you know being a fine jumping and being some type of socialite, you could look at the guy for what it is, and you know saying – and you know build something.

I rock slowly tip number 10 – ignore the bullshit. A lot of artists do not do this they’re huge on the fame, junkie, socialite lifestyle, and what happens is I was going to happen to a lot of them? Is what happened to people past generations, where the oh geez had these great stories of what was and who he used to hang with, but they’re, not on top anymore they’re right there for you, because they didn’t keep making the moves and they didn’t make the right Moves which was focusing on the money in addition to the art, as opposed to just saying, hey, I want to be seen that’s what a lot of people do ignore that same stuff.

If you’re telling me that all y’all gauging it sound scanning billboard, we don’t need y’all y’all, getting an eviction notice. What did she say my this is hey. I don’t care if I’m in your main media outlets, I don’t care if I’m on your radio stations. None of this stuff, in which he’s on another net, he’s only had like one radio, I’m song for real for real, and he doesn’t need that because he can get to his fans, which means he can get to his money.

If he gets his money he can build and then create more music and then get back to his fans and get more money. If you got your fantasy got your money, you don’t need anybody else. All that other stuff is an illusion. I swear how much you get paid are the writers. I wrote that I paid him type of salary to my employees at my business that got felonies and I can’t get jobs, no disrespect so who’s. The underachiever I own, my company own the asset of this whole industry, which is yo-yo masters yo, your intellectual property.

You know, send your publishing, so you know you your metrics and what you gauge in as achievement is actually like a peon or underboss we’re looking at it, because you know like I’m not in it for the fame. Everybody want to be seen and held at the highest regard. Obviously, but you know you can’t cash that out and can take that to the bank, where you can in other ways, but you know, what’s the asset, what do the labels do it, for they do it for the ownership they do it for the for the catalogue For the mailbox money, and so you know, I think if you up one, what’s what’s going on you’ll you’ll respect that you wouldn’t say do underachieving for that yeah.

For you see, I play longer clips with nipsey’s in the other articles because stuff he said, is so real, don’t think like a peon. What he’s referring to is a complexion magazine writer, saying hey this guy’s underachieving? They lit radium one of their top ten underachieving rappers and he’s like no. You measuring people offer this little media buzz and this you know this little Fame over here, but nah man I I can.

I could pay you if I wanted to. I could hire ten of you if I wanted to, because I’m over here, winning with what matters tainted action to the mailbox money. What he was saying with that part is record labels. They finish the mailbox money, which is that money when I wake up is in a new check, is in my mailbox and that just keeps happening he is happening, but most artists. They don’t focus on that.

That’s why we have all these past stories of artists being ripped off he’s saying now. He has both of those things. He has the art and he has the money and he’s going to stay, focusing on that. He doesn’t need to get complex to give him. My a okay, you know it’s just like a metaphor for being a long horn. You don’t judge it by one leg of the race cause. If you judge me by my first leg, you’d have been like you know.

If the biggest dude on the web, then, if you’re, judging by the second leg, you might be like nip didn’t drop out, I’m a disappointment. But if you judge you bought a third leg, you won’t be like nipple, independent moment, yeah way back and look at it. As a marathon buddy dude came from, you know, single house, family, a gangbanging environment, you know, saying, didn’t graduate high school and been through the bullshit.

So what you say here is hey. This is everything if you put him in a nutshell: it’s a marathon. It’s a long game because building an empire is a long name: xjz, eggs, P, Diddy, P, Diddy literally start running marathons because he’s obsessed with the idea of a marathon because he knows he’s playing a long game right, it’s a marathon, so it doesn’t matter about the Ups and downs they they will affect you in the time being, but really, if you know, you’re playing a long game that helps you not get caught up in some of that BS when I said ignore to be this right, keep that in mind that’s number 12 And now we’re going to go out with a quote from Nick C on a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.

That just means hey, don’t waste. Your time on is BS point blank subscribe. If it was helpful, I want to go out with a quick article. I’m just of nimshi talkin about some other stuff because I still think it’s so dope is unhelpful.

My favorite musician as of right now.


Online Marketing

The Basics of Starting and Managing a Business What You Need To Learn

There are many people who are in this hurry. I want to make money, I’m going to do this. I want to knock it out and they don’t learn the basics and I’m going to lay em out step by step. These will work for it any business, because the basics of business don’t change they just don’t they really don’t hey. This is Glendon Cameron with hustlers kungfu, the launch pad for baby hustlers, if you’re looking to make some extra money.

If you’re looking to get your hustle on, if you’re looking to build a business, you’re in the right place be sure to subscribe, because there’s a lot of great information here for you and who knows, if you are that super hustler, you can actually start making some Money today, let’s just jump into this wonderful content. Today I got a few things I want to share with you, so many people are deluded that they have no experience.

No resources, no connections, nothing and that they’re going to start creating significant money. You could create some money, let’s be clear about that. You can go on eBay, you can do Craigslist, you could do Amazon. You can make some money. You can get an app. You can make some money, you could do YouTube and make some money, but can you make enough money to live on and I’m going to talk about why that doesn’t work out for many people and it’s not hard to understand once you know what’s going on, but Many folks have this thirst of wanting to create these businesses and not learn the basics, not really pay attention to the things that you got to do alright, so just checking make sure there’s no big ol echo.

So the first basic is: let’s just you really that one we’re going to talk about just selling a product. You have a product or service you’re in the sales business, and many people will do things like. I have this LLC course that I’m going to get into and for those of you who are interested in the stuff stay toward the end, because I’ll break that down that if they can create an LLC with no assets, no business, no money that somehow they’re a Businessperson and you, you have a lot of this stuff going on on Facebook, that you went ahead and you create the business card now of a sudden, you’re, a business person until you start making some money until you get things rolling.

You may look like a business person, but you’re not, and I know that’s really harmful and that’s very hurtful and many people don’t like that. But what’s going to happen is if you’re calling yourself a business person when you’re not making any money, you don’t have any employees, you know what your product is. You don’t know any of this stuff that you tend to pollute the pool of business people and then the real business people are like.

I don’t want to hang out with them, but because so many people are so sensitive that they will not deal with the truth. That, obviously, you’ve got these conversations about who’s, an entrepreneur, who’s, not an entrepreneur and it’s creating a really unfocused conversation. You’Ve got people fighting over who’s, real who’s, not and they’re, not talking about how to really make money. So the first basic is, you have to have a product, you have to have a service and you have to start making some money until you do those things.

It is just mental masturbation you’re just playing around and there’s some people who have been playing around for years. They’Ve been talking about you know: they’ve got their business card, they’ve got these things and they’re like I’m a business person, and then they will fight you tooth-and-nail. If you say they’re, not while they’re, not working that hard to grow their business, now, second thing cash flow until you get some cash flow, and this is one of the reasons that I’ve talked a lot of smack about a lot of these.

While I didn’t go the periscope, I didn’t go the meerkat, I didn’t start doing stuff with vine. Those things I think periscope is still around. I don’t know about meerkat, I know vines gone and some other apps. They are wonderful. They they build these big communities really quickly, but they don’t make any money and the whole thing is create this business to get acquired. So if you want to be a successful businessperson hear me and hear me now: focus on making some money and developing cash flow.

Forget about the logo forget about the app forget about hanging out with this thing forget about clickfunnels, forget about that stuff focus on making some money, not a lot of money. But can I put this thing out my product, my service, whatever it is, and can I make money now we’re going to get to direct response if you are and I’m explaining what that is in a minute, if you are putting out a product – and you say, Look, I’ve got hey, we’ve got visual aids.

I got this iPhone right and I’m going to put this out. It didn’t focus, but I’m going to put this iPhone out the most sell it and I’m going to ask you for 60 bucks, that’s called making a direct offer. It can either be through a Craigslist posting, an ebay posting. Putting on your Facebook page. You can send that out in the DMS you like, I want 60 bucks for this. That’S making the offer and what response you get is direct response.

That is the fastest is the easiest way for someone with no experience to make money fastest way. If you go to your grandmother’s house or granddad’s house and like hey I’ll, clean out your basement, if you let me have everything down there, that you really don’t want, and you just start going to Grandma granddad’s house every day, putting that stuff up selling it every Day, five days a week, you make some money.

Direct response is the best way to go. When you have no experience, you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t know who you are, and you don’t know what your passion is best way to go pick some and just start making offers and collecting money. And I think that is one of the things that many people don’t want to do because it’s your selling, I don’t want to be a salesperson. I just want to put it out.

I don’t want to talk to anybody and if they want it, that’s cool and if they don’t want it, that’s cool and was that how you got your husband, a wife. Was that how you got that job promotion? Is that how you bought your car? Is that how you got your house? Is that how you graduated from college it that whole I’m just going to sit back and be real cool and chill and let it come to me know billion dollar fortune has ever been that built.

That way. No new nation has ever been established that way. No really substantial relationship has been established. That way, nothing has been established that way. So why do you think you’re going to make a lot of money by trying to do that seriously? Why why? Where does this come from? I’M just confused because you can get some responses, but you do not get the fast and vigorous response that you would get if you would just stop playing the games.

That’S all I’m saying I mean seriously. That is really what I’m saying, because if you want to turn up the heat on your income, you must be very direct. You must have intent, you must be actively going after it. There is no namby-pamby just waiting and seeing what’s going to happen stuff, it is intentional. It is vigorous and you’re really putting in a lot of effort to turn on the heat of your income.

It just doesn’t happen and that’s how many people are building businesses today. Kind of like I’m just going to put this out there, I’m going to build a lot of content and I’ll talk about content marketing in another article, because that is a whole different animal, because until you get the direct response thing down, your content, marketing is going To be whack, so you can’t content mark it until you know your customer until you know what’s wrong with your product, and you know what’s right with your product, you can even do good content until you get that direct Spahn stuff down.

So while I am over here, I’m going to be seeing, what’s going on, say hello to the folks in the chatroom. This is a live stream. What’S up Raquel, what’s up Monica, what’s up Adam lamode, what’s up gothic angel kennels when you get your in and number let’s, let’s do this, because this is one of the things well address: gothic angel kennels! Are you making money? Do you have cash flow until you start making money till you figure out your products? You get some direct response stuff going forget about that.

That’S easy! You could set up an LLC. You get your a ein in an hour. If you know what you’re doing. That’S not the hard part. What’S up Roosevelt, what’s up David, it’s a Sony, rug, it collars! What’S up, this is very good advice. What’S up everyone, the Internet is a tool, only learn how the cell will found 8. You 100 % correct tiger shark. I wish I could stay for this, I’m going to let it render what’s up Pharaoh.

What were the steps you took to learn to build websites and online marketing? There’S too much noise out there? How can that make sense of that, and where do I start, I’m using WordPress and the host gator alone? Second, let me get rid of some stuff and I’m going to answer that question. Let me get back to here. Ok, I learned how to do this stuff that I’m telling you from selling junk the things that I’ve said in the beginning of the stream about direct response.

I’M going to walk you through the whole process. I used to sell office furniture then for the longest career. This actually had just about two years I’ll be doing this longer than I did the storage auction business. Every day I was in the marketplace. I was looking at what people were buying. I was looking would guess my competitors trying to get units for good prices and when you buy a storage unit I mean you, don’t know what you’re getting you have to learn how to research marketplaces very very quickly.

So how did I learn the skills to come on YouTube to set up a blog with no training in blogging, no training with YouTube, no training with any of this stuff, because I made a lot of mistakes. Is I had years and years of training of direct response marketing everyday? I was writing an ad for Craigslist. Every day I was selling something every day I was writing copy for ebay every day. I was writing copy for Amazon every day.

For years I was putting stuff out in the marketplace to sell it. So when I came to YouTube in the world of blogging, I did not come in with this I’m going to put this out and as people are going to come to it, I inherently knew that people were not going to read my blog if they had no Interest I inherited it was going to be very hard to get attention and inherently knew that I had to make creative and interesting articles for people to read it.

Many people don’t come in with that mindset and then, when these things don’t happen, they all butthurt and mad and saying everything’s a scam and nobody wants to help them. It is the foundation to making money is not there, so it isn’t about. WordPress is a tool. Shopify is a tool: YouTube is a tool. Facebook is a tool and you got somebody that could take this cell phone and start making money because they have making money skill sets.

Then you have someone who can have this office all of these computers and stuff and go out of business in a week because they have nutty skills. So what you need to do is to learn basic marketing, basic sales skills and then everything else will fall into place and it’s not it’s not simple. I don’t want to say it’s simple. I want to say that it’s doable so forget about WordPress. Think about this, and I think I will be able to show you this in a minute because I’m going to get rid of some stuff, but all right that one away, so that’s not going to work.

Let me put that in there I was getting how to get rid of too many things. I’M going to see. If I could show you some and I’m also going to go back to the chat room. What’S up deshaun, what’s up Ryan, what’s life is good trade miles well going on just entered the auto sales industry and not advise anyone to learn sales if they want to own their own business, it’s basically a business in a business with products that one tray miles Hold on hold on a second, it’s something else, I’m not to start doing.

I want you to do this. Tray from your you’ll have to do this to me from your YouTube message board. Send me your real name and address and your shirt size, and I will send you a hustle camp t-shirt because that’s one of the best comments I have seen for people who’ve got questions and stuff. You can go ahead and get to my talk to my assistant. Patty, there’s her email address and there’s her phone number.

If you got any questions because a lot of people try to get at me and the DMS and stuff tray I’ll be looking for your stuff, and I will send you a hustle camp t-shirt once again. Real name address – and you know, put your comment in the message and a shirt size, and I will hook you up because that that’s really it that’s the thing and I’ve said that several times, because if you’re doing direct sales, you have a business because you got To find the customer, you got to serve the customer having a commission sales job is some of the best starting having your own business type training.

There is without actually having the business because I would think when I saw the office furniture and I was a commissioned sales person, it’s if you don’t make any sales, you don’t need. That’S the business owner. If you don’t sell something, you don’t run your business correctly. You don’t eat, you, don’t have money, you don’t pay, your employees is so you have to be successful and you have to have results or the needle doesn’t move.

No money comes in every bad stuff starts to happen and that’s being a self-employed person or a business owner, and I think more for the self-employed person, because, if you’re a business owner, you feel systems and processes where you don’t have to be there and you can Leave your business and still get income, so a business owner is radically different than the self-employed person, because money still comes in whether they’re, active or not.

Most of us are self-employed because, if you’re a true business owner, you could go to Europe for a year and come back and your money’s fine and that’s that’s the real but great answer tre. I appreciate that Mary Holmes first time, reading learning the hustle can. I have a t-shirt to FEMA, no married, no married. No, let me let me explain something. Let me explain something to you. Trey gave what I call great content.

He gave a great answer. He gave something that was stupid and it’s rooted. In fact, he got the t-shirt because he gave a great answer: you’re not going to get a t-shirt. If you just want one and like I said I may just do one or two t-shirts per stream and Trey’s got the first one. So the comment has to be of substance. It has to be real because if you go out and talk to any business person, they’ll tell you being a commissioned.

Sales person is the best training for starting a business. Oh no Mary! You can’t have a shirt. What’S up creative Pig quality because Mary, you didn’t provide value, and this is a good lesson for Mary Trey provided value Trey, provided something that is anyone that can use that four years from now someone coming here to read this stream will still get value. So, congratulations right now we’re going to get down to I’m going to put this up here because I know some people will have questions and stuff, and this is the person that you direct your questions to now.

Another basic is to realize you are in sales. You have to realize that you are in sales. Many people don’t realize that they’re in sales they’re just kind of like I’m hustling man – you are a sales person say this silently I am a sales person. I have a product service, that’s going to make lots of people that I serve better, I’m going to save them. Time say the money I’m going to make them happy and give them comfort them and give them luxury.

You got come at it like that. Just I’m out here you know getting loading it that that’s just willfully insufficient, woefully insufficient. So another basic is you have to ask for the money. Now I had someone talking some smack daddy smack about my you know the fact. For some reason, the fat cats LLC article is getting a lot of traction. Now they got a lot of new people coming in, and you know someone said something about me: raising the price of the course and I’ll put that out.

There notice, I didn’t say anything about raising the price of the course I’m in a new place, call it my foosh wing or what everyone got. My courses are for the people who need them, which means I don’t have to do a lot of hype. I’M going to put them out there they’re not going to have these super sexy names because they don’t have that so essentially, I’m rearranging hustle camp. If you want to be a member of hustle camp, which is probably going to take a year for you to go through it once we get it all set up, it’s going to give you these steps of one manager money correctly.

You got to manage your money correctly before you make more or you will mess that up and I’m not going to be kind. I’M not going to be gentle. I had a situation in hustle camp where someone said I was wrong and this is what I gave a very harsh answer because of me, your di, if you were in basic and the person challenged what I knew to be true and the thing is, there’s a Difference between studying the customer and being a customer, I was the customer and it sounds like a slight nuance, but it’s very very important and it was just about all of those sales transactions just sitting there.

Looking at customers dialoguing with customers over years and years and years right, so this person challenged what I knew to be true based upon they didn’t like my answer and the person. That’S for a refund got their money back and I win the group and, I said hey, you know we had this situation. Anyone else want to leave I’ll, give you the money back to day. She was only when they left because being successful, it’s not fast and it’s not easy and part of some of the things I was guilty for, and I apologize that for is.

I didn’t really to the nitty-gritty to details on how hard this really is and there’s a lot of people out there who have this false notion that they’re, somehow going to become very successful financially with little work, a little effort, and it’s just not going to happen. It’S just not going to happen, but you got people with like a so essentially hustle camp is going to give you the tools to be long-term.

Successful. It’S going to be hard! It’S going to take time you’re going to have to work, but you go through that experience. It’S going to serve you for the rest of your life. So how valuable is that and links below? If you want to be part of the experience or I’ll talk about something else in a minute, if you don’t have the money, do not put yourself in debt to get any of my courses, don’t do that what you do.

Is you read this blog? You look at some of the free content, the Craigslist stuff, to resell stuff. You go to Grandma, you go to granddad, you do that stuff and then you earn the money to buy hustle camp which, right now you see the four nine five nine. I move. The price up and you because if you earn the money to buy hustle camp, you mean that means it’s valuable to you and if it’s valuable to you, you will do better.

There’S someone that if I put it out at a low price and just sold it to a bunch of people just to get those gains and they get those dollars see, I want people to be successful and me taking you and blowing sweet nothings up your rear. It’S not going to help you be successful. It’S not going to help you get what you need to be, so I would rather take thirty forty fifty a hundred people through the experience and have people become really successful, the end to say like wow.

I got this big Facebook group or wow. I’Ve got all of this other stuff going on. That’S really not helping people, because I am NOT into participation trophies. I am NOT into trying to make you feel better about yourself. I am trying to give you information that will make you a better person, the more successful person. That’S just going to be hard. It’S just going to be hard, so that’s where I’m at and people just don’t really get into that.

So there’s a lot of free information here on the blog that you can earn the money to get in the hustle camp. Don’T put yourself in debt, don’t take out any loan. We’Ll do that stuff, and you know it’s just amazing and, like I said, if you got any questions, this is how you get your questions answered. I’M just saying ideal. Lady entertainment presents awesome, Trey Erica Williams. Thank you. I’Ve been getting cussed out lately, lamode, you sell every day your your kids, your wife, everyone being in control, resolving their problem, convincing them, Roosevelt Davis Clinton.

This is what they are. Selling people right now be more specific on that. Are they selling them the realness of being an entrepreneur? Are they selling them pipe dreams and what I call a laptop lifestyle, the N MinC my wife and I found out how to get internet access to rural America, and our success so far has been great. We’Re are forecasting 25k per month by December 2017, where the mouth has been the key of our success.

Well, okay, let’s go with that to the M and I NC these folks don’t have internet. You found out the way to deliver that Internet at the price. They’Re willing to pay you solve the problem, that’s business. You found a group of people, that’s a basic who have a problem: hey. They can’t get high-speed Internet we’re going to get it to them and boom the Inman. I wouldn’t be surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised at all because culturally, that isn’t how a lot of us think.

So you know once again. Congratulations! That’S wonderful! That that’s awesome, because there are many businesses out there that you don’t know about these folks are not online they’re, not showing you. Their bank accounts they’re, not showing you their checking accounts and you’ve got folks out there doing a million two million ten million 20 million 30 million a month, they’re not on YouTube of Facebook, because they know that if they put out there what they’re doing they’re going To get attached, they don’t, but that was some really really positive stuff, because the thing is to the in MinC: how hard was it for you? The bill, your internet service? How hard was that? Because the thing is this is what people need to know.

That’S what I’m doing the basics? This is what we’re we’re not getting into all of the top level strategies of you know. Upsells. You got people talking about. Upsells click funnels all this other stuff. They still haven’t made their first dollar online. They just want. I just want to have that knowledge Glenda. So when it’s written I’m ready, so I’m ready when it happens. No, it’s never going to happen because you’re not doing the things that make it happen that that’s just one of the craziest things that I see all over.

The Internet’s it’s amazing now here’s something else too. You must understand it’s going to be longer and much harder than you think it would be or should be. There are these false expectations and all right going back to the N. I see it took you one month and only six hours of research. Now I’m going to ask you another question: why? What is your background? Because one of the things that we do at hustle camp we get a little deeper, because I could be wrong.

You may have a technical background or not. What’S up Nigel, what’s up Roosevelt and say that this this is the reason for the changing in the messaging is to get people. Ah, let’s see that was interesting. It wasn’t supposed to be doing all that, but we will have to go here because I think my other cameras, I think the battery died, see I’m getting better at this stuff. I made preparations for using the other camera to transition to this one.

So we will just let that one go okay information system, so I’m not trying to be offensive. What’S that, what’s going on art, you’re a nerd you’re, a technical person, you’re logical, you know it’s either binary or not right. So you already had an emotional and mental environment in tech. Think about that because here’s another thing that happens with people who want to start businesses – and this is not to marginalize anyone working at McDonald’s or some other kind of job.

But if you’re working at McDonald’s, you’re working at Whole Foods you’re working at Starbucks – and you have no technical training, you have no special skills. You’Ll have no creative skills. It’S going to be real hard for you to build something, because not only do you have to build some, you have to learn how to build it, whereas you had someone like the MN, I see who already had a huge technical background.

There were some things when they were putting together this internet service. He didn’t have to ask cuz. He already knew – and this is one of the things like I may talk about it – some in the future and hustle cantwell on YouTube, because part of hustle camp is the foundation of wealth. Essentially, if you want your grandkids to be well off, you need to start now, because typically, the first generation gets something.

The second generation makes the money and then the third generation can ball out. That’S having expectations, that’s being somewhat generous toward the future, but a lot of people don’t get that because it’s all about that immediate gratification. You know going back to another basic of you have to understand. This is going to take longer than you think. It’S going to be harder, it’s going to be rougher, it’s going to be bigger, it’s going to be bad or it’s going to be deafer and you have to put your head down and work and that’s a problem for many people, because it’s like look Linden.

I’Ve been working for a month. I don’t see no money, this YouTube blog. You read me on. I work for five months, full time full time there wasn’t making no money just to get it going and we’re not tell people that they’re like well. I see youtubers Shaggy Z or I see Dana Dana on Instagram and I see so-and-so on Facebook and they didn’t do that. Well, they got more talent than you do. How about that cache me outside how about that? They there’s this just a reality.

There are people who have more talent than you. You cannot put yourself in the same vein as a LeBron or a Michael Jordan or a Venus or a Tom Brady or you can’t. But this is what people do they look, it’s like, he did it or she did it, so I should be to do it. No, there are some people were just more talented than you are. I know it sucks, but it’s the Ritz, the reality of life and I grew up in the environment where there was first place.

It was second place. It was third place, it was fourth place and after that a fourth place ribbon nothing. Then it got rid of the fourth place ribbon and just went the third. So it’s not one number one number two number three and you lost and you had to suck it up and there’s a lot of people who weren’t unable to suck up anything without becoming emotionally unstable and losing it and cut some people out and trolling.

And sending me nasty grams like linen you, you ain’t helping! Nobody you got money, you doing all this stuff, you should reach out dude or do that to say that I’ve helped more people than you have and until you helped a thousand people, that’s what that estimated start. Businesses, you’re really just talking that smack daddy smack smack to make yourself feel better for being having low expectations of yourself and not executing that’s really what it is.

I mean this is the whole thing, because you know when I started this YouTube blog. There was a written plan, I mean I love these legal pads. I rolled it down what I want to accomplish and there was a realistic timeline. I did not expect to make money from writing for two years. I beat my goal by 13 months. I had the 24 month goal. I had a $ 50,000 target and I achieved that in some in 11 months, but I was prepared to work two years I wasn’t going to give up after the first year.

If I didn’t hit my 50, I wasn’t going to give up at mom’s 16. I had a dedicated plan. That’S when I hear these people, I don’t have long-run plans, I don’t write stuff down. I have no goals, I just kind of like you know. I just kind of go with the flow. No monumental achievement and humanity has ever been built with that kind of process. Nothing nothing, zero, zilch, but for some reason there, because it’s easy and it appeals to your fragile egos.

So you just got to deal with that. Gothic angels, just that’s true on the give of the way free, I put free dog up and no one wants it in a small price. Then they all call. That’S really it’s about value. Is this really about value? So those are just some of the basics, because you have so many people out here who are kind of playing around hoping to make money, and it’s just it’s just not going to happen.

It’S just it’s. It’S just totally, not going to happen. What’S up doc Donny k? Now, here’s going to be some that’s going to really get bigger people triggered to use with Erica just put in there when you start your business, your business needs more money than you do, and this means in plain English, that you must have another source of income. So all of your business income can go back into the business.

I know that’s hard. I know you’ve been told that you can do it all. I know I know what’s that song by ti whatever you want, you can have whatever you want. You can start the business quit your job, make a lot of money and not work that hard and have plenty of free time. Those are all there’s some nuts to call it’s like Moby, Dick, that’s called fiction. I know people will push back on me because ask yourself this everyone that you know personally, that you appreciate that has success.

How long did it take them? How many people do you know that were literally overnight successes, the deacon in your church, the guy who owns the drugstore, the guy that owns a lot of property in your time, your town? How many of these folks got that like overnight? So you need to start making some decisions about. Do you want to be successful long term, which means you may work very hard for two to five years and not make a lot of money on the personal side, but your business.

I knew someone whose business was doing two million a month and he was living on a hundred K a year. He could afford more money out that business, but he understood that if he did, that can see your business cash flow to your business is oxygen. So if you needed, let’s say you’re in the hospital right and someone cranks down your oxygen, 50 % you’re still alive, you’re, just you’re breathing like but you’re still alive, but you labor breathing.

But then they crank up the oxygen to 70 % you’re a little bit better. Then they crank it up to a hundred percent you’re fine, you’re healing you’re getting better. This is what people do on their business. They crank down the cash flow, the oxygen to 10 % 20 % and wonder why their business isn’t growing and then a sucker dies, because you starve your business of something very important that it needs and people do this all the time because they like yoga.

I got ta go on this trip. I couldn’t I got ta do this. I got ta. Do this, I’m going it you don’t have to you want to so put in your mind that building your business is look you’re. Looking at two to five years now, I’ve said this before I’ve said this on several articles and it’ll be even more emphatic on that, because so many people are trying to hack around it or trying to you know, do what I do when before I came to Youtube I had a decade of business experience before I came to YouTube a decade and a lot of 12 hour 18-hour days and then to me YouTube was easy because I was working eight to twelve hour days.

It was easy because my perspective for hard work was so different than the average person, because someone was just like you know, because, like Sunday’s a workday for me and how it worked Sunday, how come you know you’re getting taken 2-3 days off? I don’t need two or three days off for what this charges me up. This is fun, so I don’t need to take a vacation for some of my love. If you got to take a vacation to recharge, you got to get away.

Maybe you don’t like that thing which is cool, take that vacation, but if you’re working in the business you’re doing some stuff, you need to do you kinda, don’t want to take vacations. You can. I have to force myself to go places. I have to set stuff up like this week. I was at YouTube was here in Atlanta and it was really good. It was really good. I learned a lot of stuff made a lot of cool people and I was there two days I could have been there.

Saturday, but you know it was YouTube Korea today and I really it was more for newbies, so I didn’t go, but it’s going to take time and investment. An energy baby is for real and I’m like I love this, keep saying that until it like sinks in let’s see. Well, we got a bunch of comments here. Let me jump up into this. Put that there all right so we’re. Where are we? Let’S go back? Donny K, good stuff Pharoah, the journey to a thousand miles starts with one step at a time it’s best to learn to enjoy the process of getting to the destination.

It’S just the icing on the cake and you got a mochi cause up in there too. That’S pretty cool the M and I see we paid to have a business plan prepared. The goal was 10 K per month. In 12 months we hit 15k per month in 10 months. That sounds really familiar like something I did the lavish where’s the free Crixus training. They get the initial startup money. I was given a lengthy call or buy links. I need to work to that.

First go to the lab at tre lavish. I was calling you d lavish another one. Tre lavish go to the beginning of the blog and there’s a little search bar and look at all of the Craigslist articles. That’S like 30 of them! So that’s where you get your free training or you can save yourself a lot of time and go to the links below the article and buy the $ 5 ebook. So you could pick Lamar Williams. I spending you’re just learning the market grooming.

My mindset I’m in my third year and I just started to catch traffic and make enough where I can live off and reinvest once again. Lamar is proving my point. I mean you know I’m trying to become like the anti internet. Marketer and it’s you know, stop appealing to your basic instincts. They use persuasion, influence tactics because, at the end of the day, the truth deals with us all and, and we can’t escape it daanyik a mill.

Drifting is one of the reasons of failure all day long. This is why I had a lot of mad set stuff on this blog, fantastic mr. Vic good afternoon. Do you have a course about how to build business and corporate credit? No, I have a personal credit course and I’m going to tell you something and I will turn that into a Segway, real quick. You need to work on your personal credit before you work on your business credit years ago and I’ll make this quick.

I had a really nice paid X and I had a Home Depot credit card with 100k limit, no personal guarantee, knowing just off my iin and off my LIC LLC those days of God, everybody that’s going to give you significant credit. It’S going to run off your FICO score and the only difference is they’ll they’ll check your FICO score, but it will not be on your personal credit report. It will be on your business credit reports, so you need good credit on the personal side to really maximize your business credit yeah, you can get a Staples card or you could get what’s called 30-day net 60-day net.

This is when the supplier says hey. You know you you make rings, will give you steel or good. You know for 30, you know, will give you 30 days to pass. That’S not as risky as $ 100,000. Unsecured credit card you’re, not getting that kind of stuff without a high FICO score. It ain’t happening, I’m just letting you know he used to happen, and some people can still kind of pushed the envelope with kind of like a marginal credit score, but you still need to be six.

Eighty, six, nine still just to get decent stuff. You’Ll have a higher interest rate, but you can still get it so work on that because you you, you got ta straighten out your personal and you’ve got child support thing. I little tell you’ve got child support stuff on your credit, poor. That will kill a lot of things. If you got that kind of stuff going on, you would have to get that clear, low and get that off or it will prevent you from getting a lot of stuff.

Mister are vos Sheila’s. I love how honest and realistic you are with the people. Thank you for bro, no problem, no problem. What’S up good Brian, what’s up bro Savelle to build my business to be full profit, while I work part time took three years at full-time profits to live alone business and takes a lot of work, almost any business yeah, you know you if you, if you’re taking The money out of the business you’re going to start the business, the M and I see you have to put every dime back into your business.

When you start no doubt yeah you’re going to have to do that for two or three years or depending on where you want to be because here’s something else to that, we’ll talk about in hustle camera, I have what’s called my basic living expenses. I picked a number and that’s all I live on. Even I don’t care if more money comes in. That’S all I live on and you have to do that because if you consistently adjust your lifestyle, as your income goes up, you’re going to be in the world of hurt when your income goes down because luxury wants luxuries, wants tasted become necessities.

So you’re going to be mad that you can’t live how you want to live when you never sat down and said, look this: this is what I’m going to live on. This is my lifestyle money. So if I got let’s say two million dollars a year more money, my lifestyle really wouldn’t change a lot. A few things would change, but they be small they’d, be more on the personal side, nothing really crazy. I wouldn’t like quit doing what I’m doing and then like that now, if I got ten million there would be significant changes because that’s a huge chunk of money.

Now, if I got fifty million, there would be some more changes, but the income would have to go way up for me to make these lifestyle changes and that, with those kind of numbers, this type of stuff, I want to be paying cash. So, even if the income went down, lifestyle doesn’t change, but what’s happening is you’ve got a lot of people who are doing these tactics, who are doing black hat tactics on the internet and they’re, making a lot of money and they’re developing these voracious appetites for a Certain kind of lifestyle and then when YouTube or Google do what they do there in the world of hurt.

Your Branson bear I’m learning so much for 30 days to 2,500. Oh, that’s why I thanks good bran, your money. That’S why I raised the price I included. 30 days to 2,500 and hustle camp and hustle in 30 days to 2,500 was selling for $ 2.99 on its own. So, instead of folding that in to hustle camp and keeping the price at hustle camp price, then pissing off everybody who recently bought 30 days to 2500.

I just raised the price because 30 days was sudden. I actually raised the price of 30 day. So, what’s up G Adams Cabrera I faced a possibility on taking FedEx as a client. That’S a wonderful! That’S a wonderful thing, a brand. That really is the MN. I see we got lucky as we were the rare unicorn Network sprinting from day one, because the demand was already there all right. Take the luck out of there.

Let’S go back to what you said. You said you paid. Let’S be real clear. You paid to have a business plan created, which means you spent some bread on the proposal. You didn’t quit your job and you’ve reinvested. Every penny that ate luck, that’s called business management. That’S not luck! Luck had nothing to do with it. When I wrote my first book making money A to Z, was self storage unit auctions.

Many people said I got lucky so I spent 10 years in the storage auction business. I wrote a book 14 months for the shows came out. I created a YouTube blog with 200 some articles before the show’s came out. I created a blog how it? How does that luck? Luck is if I’m walking down the street and well there’s a hundred bucks, that’s luck or I’m driving down to 80 500 400 and the winning lottery ticket blows in my window.

That’S luck! All that other stuff is called execution. Never call your accomplish! The accomplishments! Luck! Get rid of you know if you’re talking to normal people, yeah throw you I got lucky, so they can feel better about themselves and not attack you. If you want to go that way, yeah, but no, you did not get lucky. This was an intentional plan that you studied the market, you execute it and you won.

That’S what happened if you want, if you want Amex, also with Amex, if you get to the exposure limit they’re going to ask you for a lot of financial documents, and if you don’t give them those documents, they will close all of your Amex products. Eric wins. We have to reinvest in my paying company three months in a row best decision ever. I had a lot of credit at that time and you know for the record.

I am NOT like Dave Ramsey. I love Dave Ramsey. I think he offers a lot of great services and helps people, but I disagree with him on the business side, because if you got a job – and you got like say $ 50,000 for personal credit – and you have a business that has real cash flow, don’t do This, if your business doesn’t have cash flow, and you can float yourself a $ 10,000 loan or $ 20,000 loan and make sales and then pay that credit card off do it, but you need to have cash flow.

You need get back to that. First part of direct-response making money that you can do that, and I can tell you from experience your credit limits will like grow like crazy. You drop in 10 20 grand a month on your credit card and paying it off every month around. That’S it. You used to be like 3 months now, it’s like 6 to 9 months, but you do that for 9 months or a year they will just like go crazy on your credit limit.

What are some of the basics of starting I’m just giving you the basics, see! Here’S the thing, because these things are not sexy, people don’t think they’re the basics. Direct-Response you’re selling asks for the money we haven’t even got to the manage of the stuff management stuff, we’re still on the things to get started to get that money. Everybody wants something. That’S sexy because here’s the thing you know what what’s managing a business is making your employees and your customers happy that’s managing.

If you can manage that, you will become rich because it’s hard. So let’s see where we with this, because there was a C okay. That’S weird, I don’t know where we are hold on a second actually turn that off so we’re at 45 minutes. Okay, I got a few more things to say that I’m going to bounce make sure that yeah, I forget the guys name at the Y Combinator. Essentially, they give everybody 20 G’s and the best company wins Corey Roberts, serious question new subscriber love.

The mindset that you have, however, is this really life right now, look! Okay! Even when I was doing the webinars and stuff. I never did that fake live stuff where no no, this. This is really I you know what I know where Corey gets this from there’s there’s these programs there’s these automatic webinar programs where they’ll tell you that it’s live. You pick a time you show up, and then you ask a question.

You get some weird response or you you just know, something’s off, but yeah that I never did that. Even when I had the old Facebook group, I said: don’t do that if you’re going to do that, tell people that’s recorded if your society is good, they’ll still read it do not fake that it’s live. I love you blending because you teach us to success. It’S mostly hard work is this strategy could brand? It really is because the thing is, if you look at it from a to the 3 to 5 years standpoint, that’s more doable, but you know you’re going to go from broke-dick, Danny and 90 days to the man that that’s unrealistic, sure they holiday giggling and any Tips for a new blogger on wordpress, no, the main name, but I have like 30 followers looking to monetize.

Everyone is talking about email list to make money. It’S a lifestyle blog. Realistically, you got another two years of work: you’re not going to make any money with 30 plus followers. I would say: build your blog right every day and find your direction GM’s, iPhone and iPad with services. A good ideal for a side. Hustle depends on where you live, but it can be. I think the markets getting a little flooded, Corey Roberts, I’m glad you’re laughing no disrespect you gave me hope.

I understand no, I’m not disrespect. I know where you get that from because there’s a lot of fakeness online, you have people who do this every day that they are doing, live and they’re not really live, Maddi ghosts. I’Ve made about 70 K trading stocks from thinking upon a condo and renting I’m looking and getting an LLC in the end, then we’re also catching them on Bitcoin stock out next week, Maddie girls.

I got a bit of question. What’S your long-term plan, what are you looking to do because, let’s just squawk through what you’re saying you, take your 70 K and put some other money? Listen, you got 122 buy one condo and you buy it in a good place. So you park $ 120,000 in this one condo and make rental income of 12 1500 a month, so you get 14 grand at 18,000 a month which ain’t bad, but what else you going to going on cuz, it sounds like.

Oh, some parts of your plan are missing: Timmy P, best advice for a trucking company with 30k debt bringing in 12 km of and my personal expenses are 4 K a month, keep doing what you’re doing and keep stacking. And then, when you get to 50 to 60 K in the bank, that’s not going to be set aside for taxes. You can look into either hiring another driver buying another truck or something like that and, like I said, your debt is tax deductible.

So I’m not really worried about that, because the thing is, if you’re, making 12 with one truck, I’m assuming cuz, you didn’t have any trucks you have, but for you to make more money you and you need more trucks. You need more drivers. Sure I mean you got a long way to go, because I I can’t really get into that. I can show. I can’t show it to you, but my first year on YouTube, I think I got 20,000 views, my first full 12 months.

I mean I started making money long before I got views a lot of views cuz, you know my conversion rate was really good, but yeah. You got some work to do. Starscream 15:40 I’ve been given an opportunity to buy business for 20,000 K that has a it. Has 40 to 50 K profits per year, but I have no experience in that field or business experience. Would you recommend I buy it? No! No! Keep your 20 grand and do this.

It’S like look! What I’ll do for a year is I’ll work for you as an employee. You don’t have to pay me any money and I’ll learn the business, because that that’s just a recipe for disaster and you’ll see online where the business owner will stay on for a while, but see once he sold that business and got that bread he’s going to Become disinterested, it won’t be around that’s just for the profits, and I would I would pass on that because the big thing is, you have no experience in that field.

So there’s so many things that you have to learn. You’Ve got, and I don’t know if that’s all the money you have but there’s some more things you need to think about gothic angel Kindle. So I want to start on Amazon. Do you think one or two practice the way to go is just flooded with all kinds of stuff. Once again, direct marketing find out who your marketplace is. That’S going to help you with your product selection, your brand, can you still use a bee Bay and Craigslist to bootstrap your startup all day long Starck screen 15.

4. It’S a locksmithing business, but I would be the only employee pass. Keep your 20 grand pass! You would have to learn how to be a locksmith. Locksmiths have to be on call. No, no, no. No, this just passed cuz. They are even interested in locksmithing. Roosevelt YouTube has changed the advertisement by saying not suitable to all advertisers, not to pay for YouTube. Is where your thoughts, I don’t know, I’m not putting ass.

On my new articles, I I made a decision. I don’t know three four months ago where I was just. I was going to do me. I was going to do what I want to do. I know talking to some people. You know why Kanye West voice, talking to you like it’s just you me. A lot of people are not going to dig this message in it and that’s cool, that’s really cool. But the thing is, I noticed the right message. I know it will help the people who it’s meant for because that’s where I’m at like, if you would come to this blog and use, I’m not feeling that guy, I ain’t for you, that’s just how it is so, I’m creating more of the original type content That was created, I’m not putting the ads on the articles, because people will advertise their stuff on my articles against my stuff.

So I don’t really think about that. I’Ve completely pulled myself away from normal YouTube tactics because I didn’t start this blog in a normal YouTube way. So why start now? I’Ve got enough, you’ll be seeing all kind of stuff just kind of like what I was doing with you know the better quality camera, because I didn’t bring my I got like what do you call that thing where you can? I got an extension cord where I can plug it into the camera.

I didn’t bring it and I knew that battery was going to die. So that’s why I set up the logic cam here. So when that sucker died. That means I switched over. The goal is a better quality, better content, and just do it my way, because you know I’m in my happy place again, so I don’t really subscribe to a lot of YouTube stuff. It’S just it’s not made me the most money. So don’t really put a lot of advertising that I think if you’re going to start a YouTube blog, you need to start something that’s going to make you happy something that you can do day after day, some that you have a lot of fun with otherwise you’re Going to get burned out on that YouTube event, it was a lady talking about that and she’s been doing this for a while and she’s just literally burnt out, and she doesn’t know what to do.

You know we’re kind of giving us some suggestions. So if you create some that you just really don’t like just to get that brand, it’s going to bite you and it’s going to bite you in the butt man. It’S really going to be not what you think that you’ll see the money, and that would be nice, but at some point there has to be an emotional fulfillment. You have to get somewhat of a high doing what you’re doing you know like.

I said: I’m changed a lot of stuff, okay, so that went off some, probably what I’m going to do on this. It’S like a part two I’ll, probably do that, because I didn’t really get into the management, because one of the things I’m doing in hustle camp is I’m giving you a progressive and logical blueprint and you’re going off my experience like okay. Let’S say you really give a management money, you probably don’t need the first part.

That’S why I have multiple tracks going on, but my life was a disaster and it wasn’t because I wasn’t like blowing my money on crazy stuff. I never had any kind of dependency or addictions or anything. I wasn’t doing that it’s just, but I still wasn’t manage my money properly. I didn’t operate my personal side like a business account and I’m giving you that progression that makes sense and telling you it’s going to take some time.

It’S going to take a little time, and that way you can start getting that stuff together. So when you get your business idea of your business thing going, then you don’t take two to ten to 20 to 30 steps back, because you can’t manage your money. Look at the number of athletes who went from being in college to multimillionaires who ended up, broke and part of it. Isn’T they weren’t bad people and they had nothing to do with it? They had no one in their life to say look.

This is how you do you. This is what you do with a million dollars. This is what you do with ten million dollars. This is what you do you go out and get yourself a disability policy. They don’t have anyone to tell them that stuff and they were just figuring it out along the way by themselves, and it’s pretty sad I mean it’s like really really sad, so yeah you just put your YouTube blog for you. Roosevelt GA is preparing and reselling home appliances, mainly washer, dryer and refrigerator for a side hustle on sale through Craigslist.

We are, in my opinion, just my opinion, we’re in the recession and it’s a recession moves that business you’re talking about G annum. G Adams is going to boom starscream yeah, I’m interested, but I’m in a tight spot to do it and I’m one year away from a degree in chemistry. Thanks for the advice, yeah get that chemistry degree. Trust me on that angel Morales, hi buddy. How long how you doing I want to start a YouTube blog about my experience with my custody bout to the courts with my narcissistic baby mothers.

How will that accomplish this? I’M going to give you some advice that probably on here don’t do that that niche is rooted in pain and it’s going to I mean I know what why you want to you want to help people I get that, but you could really injure yourself and you Can injure your kid, I would suggest pick something else. That’S just my opinion. That’S just my opinion. Fer. You rather buy the business taking a couple years to profit.

There are so many pitfalls. You were encounter. I’Ve been working on my business in my spare time for 3 years and that’s that’s one of the big things for a lot of people. When I was doing strictly storage auctions, I have the guys name was Morris and he got in early and he was in because I actually gave them the storage talking group since I’m not doing storage auction. So I’m going to keep the group, so I just gave it to the people who are doing storage auctions and he sent me a message.

He said I just got laid off and I’m not worried. Thanks to you I’ll just expand my business I’ll be fine. You know I’m not going to miss my mortgage, I’m not going to miss any car payments. I appreciate that see now. That’S the kind of stuff I like, but the thing is: if you get people who don’t execute that story’s never going to happen Morris executed, I gave him like 10 % – maybe 20 % – and he did the other 90 80 percent.

And that’s where the lots of stuff falls down and that’s kind of you know the things that I want more of so for those of you who were interested in hustle camp or you have some questions because now I have a better system because there’s so many Ways that people come at me through Facebook themes, instagramming also the player I just can’t handle that. So we’ve got a question about hustle camp or any course just go ahead and hit pati at V school for hustlers dot-com or you can send her a text.

You know you can either call us in the text and she’ll get back to you and for those of you who want to be part of hustle camp, we’re going to be entering to the well foundation process in a few days. And what that is is to get wealthy. It’S not overnight thing. It probably won’t happen in your generation, but if you’ve got kids, you got you know grandkids. If you want to set the stage for them to not struggle like you did or also and you’ll be comfortable, you know you’ll start making money, but for the real multiples to happen, you have to learn how to teach your kids, how to manage money and build Businesses and that’s what I call the wealth foundation staff.

Any of those thing we’re going to talk about that and we’re going to talk about how to start a business with $ 10,000. We’Re going to talk about how to store business for 50,000, plus some more stuff. Cuz someone asked about the business credit in the LLC and then that’s some Ament to bring up I’m going to do fat cats for fat cat profits. How LLC’s make you bank part two, but I’m going to do it through hustle camp.

So if you are in hustle camp, you will get that very soon, because it doesn’t make sense to tell you how to do this LLC stuff when you’re not making any bread. It’S just like you. You got all of these bullets, but no gun just its value, but I think that’s giving the LLC and stuff before you establish cash flow revenues, some kind of multiple streams, ain’t. Something is just putting the cart before the horse and that’s why and this isn’t one other thing.

So it’s like. I know a lot of people want it. I can reopen it up, people will buy it, but it’s not appropriately positioned for you to get maximum success. If I do that, but if you go through hustle camp – and you learn this stuff and you put together these businesses, then with the fat-cat secrets, makes way more sense and that’s how I’m going to do it so for everybody who’s already in hustle camp, all those Folks who got in early, I know they’re going to be loving it because I’m going to continue to add more training.

That makes sense, I’m not just going to put stuff in there. I get people every week who said hey. Could you do a course on that? I’M like no, I don’t have an audience for that, so I’m not going to a course on that, but this is going to be very, very special. So if you wan na be part of the experience, while I am here, let me see, let me cuz, I don’t really. I know I changed it and this weekend you know I’ve got some consulting clients working on branding, which is real hard.

We’Ll talk about that. A little later, but I will tell you exactly what the price is and I’ll even tell you what’s in there too. Okay, I raised to the 519. I knew I had to be more factual hold on a second. Let me do something for those of you who are still here, because I know a lot of people left like. Oh lord, you trying to sell something. I’M out, I’m only here for the free information, that’s cool, then the love.

So let’s get rid of that shot and let’s get rid of that shot. Then I’ll show you there we go. What’S that’s I’ll pop back in here for a second and then we’ll show you in a second what you get because part of this is explaining some things to you and that’s very important, because people like you know I will send this for me, man what we Doing how we doing this and then and I’ve loaded it up with a lot of stuff that makes sense: okay boom there we go so I’m in there.

Okay, what I did – and you know it’s 600 bucks – and I will tell you the price – is going to go up at some point. I’M not going to tell you when cuz it’s based upon when I make moves, and I don’t know what I’m making these moves. So I’m not oh, it’s going to go up the end and mom best get in there, while you can but you’re going to get disruptive money, personal which goes with how to manage your money.

How they’ll never be broke again? How to manage your money? The $ 25.00 hustle, which is a quick way to make money with a little small investment. I got some live streams in there. For you, that’s an essential steps to hustling becoming the boss, the Craigslist marketing course hustle camp. This is really the money. Epik resell a path to better flipping profits in 30 days to 2500. So why did I do this? I put stuff in there because I don’t know how you’re coming in or you broke dick Danny or you a seasoned entrepreneur.

So essentially, anyone can take hustle camp and find the place to start and start working on some stuff, while other things are being developed because it’s going to let’s say pop out of here, because this is a bundle. So you get a bunch of courses in this and then we will go into. I have that where you can even see it nope yeah, okay, I didn’t put anything on it. So essentially this is going to be built out.

It’S really nothing in there, because everything is running in the facebook group and probably before the end of the month, we’re going to take those courses. Those prompts the steps and put them here so you’ll have them, because I had to create a container where to put this stuff, because one of the things that I did was I just let this thing develop. I didn’t force it and now we have a better orientation to how this thing’s going to go.

So let me check the comments all right, so let’s get back to that. So go back again and that’s what you get so that’s the thing. So I can tell you once we get into cuz, there’s probably going to be zero to a hundred thousand, which is going to be a manual some things you need to do to do that. That’Ll be part of hustle camp. All training for the next year are going to be things that make sense for hustle camp and you getting a better business, a better lifestyle, better credit on stuff, all that’s going through hustle camp.

So once we get to filling out the web development through entrepreneurship tab. It’S going to be crazy and it’s going to take time, I’m not going to be able to do this in a weekend. I’M not going to be able to do this in a month. I fully expect it to take a year to build hustle camp out the way that I want to, and you know in the beginning, I was just putting it out there cuz I was going to like let it feel out instead of just kind of forcing it Now I know exactly where we want to go, how I want to do it so everything that will be in hustle camp.

It’S going to be for building wealth development through entrepreneurship, and the first thing is: you need to learn how to hustle before you get the business, then, once you learn how to hustle make some money get out of the debt trap, get out of the trap of Being normal get out of the trap of living like everyone now, let’s get out of the trap of having car payments, then you position yourself to start a business that benefits you now benefits your kids benefits your grandkids, but you know if we don’t take these steps.

It’S just not going to happen, so that’s. How are we going to do so once again appreciate y’all coming out here on the Sunday and I’m just going to end on this note or anyone has any questions. This is where you go also be sure to subscribe and share this article with people you care about. You sure. Do all that appreciate that. So, with that I am out, I will catch you guys.

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